The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 16, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1818
Page 4
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J y itv, ft" - r, . . i 0 si - i r r t f ' " t t .. IN UA.CEKYi - iSv : . ' Malt of ST tw Yfk. $$. - , f!f pursuance of decretal order of this hooo - JribWrooil, will be sold t pwhlic SDctkwi, at the lunune toue iioee, in iu cuy ne I or, smder th mreclion of tl ubtribev. at 'one el tV eH! r W thi court, Wednesday,' the )S'h day ol February nt, at 12 o'clock, oooo, " All lLt certain lot of ground, iitsute ia the eeveutA .d ot tho city of New - York I hounded northerly in front by Division - stroit, soutberty ia the rear by a lot of ground telongior to Daniel vwniu, weiwnj oj Jul .01 grouno ociooginr fu Ann Elder, and easterly by a lot of ground "belonging to Cornelius Pollicmui 1 containing in tireatltb in front and rear, each twenty six Met, . lad in length oo each aide, sixty three feat six inches . aid the use of a gaaway of eigbt feet wide, .leading frcuM tbe said M into tlanau - Stroet, ia cornm jo with tbe proprietor of the lot ..ot ground adjoining theiaid gangway; with the pprtenaoce. Hated Jan. 37, in 18. . m - . JAMES A. HAMILTON , , Jan 27 2awlFl0dts - MaMer ia Chancery '' '.i .. - 'M CHANGERS'. - 'r . ! . .1 . etwt if Jfc - Torku. IN purtMDC of a decretal order of thi honor - ' 'Able court of chancery, bearing date tin nine - . trend) day of January, ii.etaat, will be aoid at Siblic a action, at the routine Loffee House, ia ft city of New - York, noderthe directi'Hs of the tu'MH - rilier, at ooe of toe master of this court, 0 the seventeenth day of February next at 18 ' o'clock at noon all that certain lot of ground, - situate ia the 81b ward of tbe city of Ne w - York, aad known and distinguished on a map or chart .. of rroond iaf of Aalhony Bowrosan, . made by : Charles Low, city urveyor, or by lot number . 40 1,. bounded westerly in troot by Sullivan - s treet, euterfy in tbe rear bvaroaud now or late in the oaeion of Hoklea and other, northerly by lot So. 400, lately told to Dutoareit anil Johnon, and foaltierle or lot No. 404. now or late belonir. v ing to th oid Anthony Bowroian, enntaiutng in brvadth ki front and rear,' each twenty five leet, and in length on each tide, one hondrod feet, with u anptiruoaacea. iwa January ttsth, ti. ! .. , JAMES A. HAMILTON, ..'. Matter ia Chancery. Jant7taw8FhdU ' ' ' ' ' : v v IN .CHANCr.KY. ' ' State of New - York. m. , - IN ptmaance of a decretal orderofthit honorable coart, wilt b told at puhlie auction, at the Tontine Coflee Hnote. in the city of New. York, anaer toe airer.non di we txiitrnoer, at ooe 01 ' the matter of thi court, on Friday, the 7h iia atant, at 12 o'clock, noon All ttioe four certain k)Uof lnd, tituate in the ninth ward of tle rity of New - York, beirg part ol the ejtate ofjobh So - taeundycar, iara ot ute taut city, aeceateu, anc deeifimted ia a certain nap of the tftiJ ettate, Made by yVilliam BriuVre. in Noreinher. 1808, ky Jolt No. 8 and 8, rod leUert I and U. . 't he laid lota, taken titlltrr, aro boundnl wrtterly id ironi oy nuaauo uiver, aodcootato twenty a cretU'fToimd, more or leta, with the appurte' oaacea. Dated Feb 6ih, I8IH. JAMES A. HAMILTON, v. - . Mailer in Chancery. - Not. For particalara. enouire at the Mat - tor' Office, No, 3 Law BnihiiuKif whtre a map vu uie uremipe may oe leiui. . i , - ; frh S lawCwJrdU , ' ?" . ;y..,,,A - v. - U CHAACEKV. i .', , i.; ,' . 4 - - Etate ot New - York, . . . J.V porsuaoce of a JecmtMoedcr M (hit honorable court, will h sold al palJu naction, at the Tontiiie Oiflee IJoete, ia tbe city of e - York, under the direction of the tutcriher, as one of tbe roaster ui' Hii court, on Friday, the 21th in - stajit. at ,18 o'clock at boon - ali tUoe three certain lott of land, sitaate in the troth ward of the city ofN. York, and dirtinguitlied on a certain mapef the estate, fate of James Uelancy, Ftq made by trt Bancker, by lott No. til hundred and Aiten,tis hundred and "ixteen, and i bun dmlaod PTenteen. bounded weterl) by Second street, and cootniiung each 26 (Vet in bnadlh, and one hundred feot in depth, mreor kit, witlt the apparteoaacen. Dated Fro. 6. 1818 ;.r . . JAMES A. HAMILTON, , Master in Chancery. - fV lewtwfrdtt s - ; . , , . AlaC.iM'tol Clim ei ueid or Hh; Hle . .... of Jlew - IOfk, atth cite of Albany " on the tenth i.'a? of January, in the : .. ! - x - ir r - jeasor our uorii nea utottMOft Lu::urea ana tignieeo, rreseat," .? - ' ' The Honorable Jamei Kent, Erquire, - ' " Uiancelior. i : ; William Seger, . ' , , , . George Choomrrf, Alexander O lennie. John Cap - per, William Henlock and John Ritcher . rraipearingto the rat inaction of thit couit, by the su&Usit ef William N. Dyckman, ju - nior, the toddler fur the complainant, and the affidavit of the Complainant, tnat proceta of ub - oo) ia h is been regularly iuued, requiring the de - iet'laRts Alexander Ulennie, John Capper, Wil liam ilenlock and John Ritcher, to appear to tut answer the amended bill of complaint in thi Cause, and that neither of the laid defendant Ab - saader Clennie, John Capper, William Hen - lock nod John Ritcher, ha appeared, according to the ruiet ot wis coort i aixl mat ine said ne - feadantt Alesaoder Glennie, John Capper, William Ilenlock and Jolin Ritcher, rende wilhoat this state, to wit, in the' city of London, in the kingdom of Great Britain - It is therefore, on motion of Mr. Munro, rf Counsel for the Complainant, ordeied. that each of the said dVfcndanrs, Alesaader Glennic, John Capper, William Hcidork and John Ritcher, caue kit aptearance to he entere J and his answer filed to the said ameodtrl hill of complaint within nine . Months from thit date, and in default thereof, ( that the taid amended bill of comprint be taken procoefenoagainitthemto tlie er.d that tucb decree may be thereupon made at shall be just. Aad it is further ordered that within twenty dayt from thit dty a copy of this order be published ia a least two of the pablic newipapen prinleJ ia thit state, and be continued tlie rein lor tbe term pf eight weeks tuccessirsly, once iu each ol ins saui wee i. A cojry, ' ISAAC L. KIP, Jan 23 lawCw Airittant Regittr . At a court of ibauceiy held lorbia itatt V. ' of New - York, at the city of Albany, oa ' the twenty seventhday of December, in ' .' tear of our Lord one thousand eight uuacrea aau seveoieen, . rkuxsT, . ; , The UaoorabJe James Kent, Chancel . cellor. . Gerard Beekmaa, 1 ... ' rs. J base B. Cox. and Come - 1 aetia, hit wifi, and the) Globe Insurance Com pa - 1 ) ' IT appeariog by affidavit, to the satisfaction of thit coerL that process of subpoena to appear and answer in tint aoove cause, ban ncen regularly issued asainrt tbe above niaoed deJendants. Isaac B Cox and Cornelia, Tois wife, aad tlie sjriooe insurancs inmpany, rul mat Che sasl defendant, Isaac S. Cox, couid not, upon diligent search and enquiry, made intermediate the teste mm! return ot Uiaeai.l solirxcn, be found sritUn this state, to be served therewith. And it further nrpeanne by the said affidavit, that !he Said defendant, Isaae B. Cox, is now within the United States, either in the st vof Kentucky or in the state of Virginia on motion of Dm id Codwiir, Esquire, lK itar ftr tl.i compliunaiit, rt is ordered that Ihsuid defendant, Isaac H. Co. cause In aopearwetobo entered and tutia - twer to be 6 In! in thi came, within roar mn..k. from tbe dale of tbit order, or ia d' fault thereof that the com; Jaismnt hill of complaint be lake pro - cooieiso against bins. Ao1 it is further otderea, uat a copy of this order be pob - luhed within twenty day frcm the date of thi order, 10 ooe or more of tl pnlilic nesiiaipert printed 14 thi state, for eight rttks swxeitive - ly, once ai least in every wcx. " A Copy. h , ' I3AAC L. KIP, doe 31 lw8w - ' Armistaut Remitter. PIANO FORTE FOR St t.V A EW and failiioaable instilment, made by 2X. ooe of tbe best London manufacturers, and ie romplete order, will be told cheap, as the owner wishes to leave the city. Enquire at 32 wxu - A. - ct, turner si oroaa way, Jia 31 I JLl a coort of Chance bel for the, State of JVCW - I - OTK,ai HlBCIiy Ol rfinnnjy vb tl.irfi.Hi ita nf lMnhr. .lathe Ti r vl - V J c - ...... J . kalMut AMD ' , eventeen.'; .t r - ., - . - .. vjL' - I - ''Ji.'", ' Pretnt - rThe Udoorable James Een Etqoire, Chancellor. - . v ' NaUuorel Peudletott,! T appearing baffida - . r. f I fit to the tathfacUon HearyC. Hawley of tbitcoart, thatproten J oftubpaeoa to appear and anawer mi the above eaate'batb been regalarly maed agaiotttbe above named defendant, Henry C Hawley, bet that te taid defendant could aot, upon diligent tearch and eoquiry made, in - tereaediate the tette aad return ot the Mid tub - poena, be found to be ered therewith And it urtber appearing by tlie taid affidavit, that the taid defendant ha abconded front hit reaideoce, and gone into the. etate of rennrylvania, or the atate of Oliio, where be waa at the time tuch enquiry wa made On iaioo of Nathaniel Fendieton, Enquire, tbe ctmplainant ia oerton. it ia ordered that tbe laid defendant, Hen ry Cllawley, docaote bit appearance to be entered, and hit antwer to be fiitd to tbe complainant bill of complaint in this cause, within four months iron the date ot tmt order, or in rie fault thereof, that the complainants bill of com plaint be taken pro - con (eio azaintt him. And it it further ordered that a cop? of this order be nnnnineu, wiiniD iweuiy oaytirom uieaaieoi tbit order, in one or more of the public newtpa pert printed in wit sute. lor eicht weeks tuc cettively, once at least in every week. n wij . t , iuaavi u. air, Jan 49 Sawgw Aitittant Reaiuer . " 'i'e the honorable the fudse and a - . sittant lattice of the court of - . common pleas in and for the couo tvofOieutte , f. The petition of John Duer,, of the town of Go ht,n, in the county of Orange respectfully snrwein THAT your petitioner it seized infeetimple at tenant in common, toeether with tlie ? vral partiet herein after named, of eijht ecpial undivided forty eighth part, the whole into forty eight cquul parts to be divided, of in and to ali tliat certain lot, tract, piece or pnrcel of land, ituafe, lying .Mid being in the village ol Nw - hure;h, in the said county of Orange ; hounded on tlie north by tlie street called the eieht rod ureet, on ine can ny ine tlu.tion nvcr, on tlie pouth by fnndt formerly brhmgiag to Hiram We'ler arid t,eorgi; .Mont II, and on thi wet by mnnt mrnicriy tci(.nsing to I nomas Ciitdcn containing, as i mrrtof eJ. tiro acres of land. And your pctt' Inrthrr theweth, that John Riitheri'urd, of the state of New - Jcrtey, it alto eiz d aj alorciud, of (Our other equal, unditided fnrhr :iglith partt of the mine., , . , That - iiiaimah Rubinf si, . at present, as your petitioner is informed ani l)i!ieve, a retident in trmt part of the kingdom of Great Britain called EngUnd, is alo seised at nfurctaid, of four other equal undivided forty ej'hib partt oftheiaroe. That John Steven, of the itatu of New - Jerey, is aiso seized a aforesaid, or two other euual uo that Robert L. Livif t,'itoo, ol the county ol Colnmhla. in tiiii tlnte. and Mnrcurat. hi wife. in tbe right of tlie said Margaret, are alro leiseri aafo - ead,of ooe other euual uodivided fortr eighth part thereof. And Edward P. Livinrlon. of the aid counly ufCclumlrfi., and Elitabcth, hit wife, in the riirlit of the taid Elizabeth, are' also teized at ainri'taid, or one other eoual undivided lortv eighth part thereof. Aud that Comeijji l.lvirgston, of the city of - lew - 1 cm, remr v nn orugn Livingston, at pre - ent, a your. petitimerU informed and believe, a nideutin rome part of the kingdom of Great Britain, and Peter Kane, ef the state cfNew - Jer - 'ey, by virtue of ao act of the lesisla'ure of the state, vr tirg Fn them, at trustee, the estate of reter Van lirtigh Livingston. dece.aed, are also cited a aforesaid, of four other equal undivided forty eighth mrt thereof. And tn - it Alexander Kohenson, of the city of New - York, and France, his wile, in the rkht ol the said Krancet, are aUo seized n aforetnid, Ot the remaining twenty lour equal undivided loity eighth part tnereof. - , Ana your rciitioner further sheweth, tliat he is tlesiroiM to have Partition made of ill and lingular the said above described premises, among the aakl several owners or proprietor ot me same, accord n to tlieir several ana respective ritrl ts of. in and 'o the same. Wherefore your pitiii u:er pray that the laid rprefniiet niay ne ulvhh - ,1 iuMl4irn.i owners or proprietors, acccrdinr to their said several and resjieciive ngritt, hy commissioners to be appointed tr this honorable court, in rur - tunnraofth direction of the act. entitled " An act for tbe pnrtition of lands." And your petitioner, at in daty bound, thai! ever prav, kc. JOHN OUER. To John Rutherford, Susannah Robinson, John Steven, Robert L. Livingston and Margaret hi wife, Klwurd P. Livingston and Elizabeth hit wife, Cornelia Livingxton, Peter Van Burgh Livingston, Peter Kane, Alexander Robertson and France his wife. Y on will lie pleated to take notice that a Peti tion of which the preceding it a copy, will he presented to tbe honorable the Judge! and Asisianl Justice of the Court of Common plea, in and for ttr. county of Orange, on the lat Monday ol May next, to be held at the court house in Go shen, in and for the taid county of Orange, at ten o'cterk in the forenoon of that day, or at toon thereafter at counsel can be beard, and an appli c ti. mi will thereupon be made for the appoint ment ol commissioners to make rartition ol the Premises with the appurtenances in the taid Peti tion mentioned and described, according to the prayer pf the taid Petition, and the direction of an act of the Legislature of the State of New - York, entitled "an act for the parti lion of lanut." uaiea January iu, ihih. - . JOHN DUER Alexander Dticr, attorney for petitioner. Feb 12 dtlMonMay trensury Deportment, 11th June. lbK. ftr NOTICE is hereby riven, that at a meet ing ot hie iommiMiooers of the linking f unit, field on the 14h day of March, 1817, it wa de - lerm neo tnat tne provision 01 the act entitled ' Ao act to provide for the redemption of the public debt," paired on the 3d day of March, 1817. ihould be carried into effect as far at tbe tame might be practicable j and that, in pursu ance oi ine raid resolution, iynde satiin, rain ier 01 inc outre 01 discount and deposit at iew York, ha been appointed asent. under the n - periotendnnce of tlie secretary of the treasury, to make purchases of stock of the United State within the limits preschlied bv law; and to whom all penons disirou 01 disposing or their stock will make application WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, Secretary of the Treasury, Omre of Discount and Deposit, ) New - York. June It, 1817. I subar riher is ready In receive proposals and to trat witn any person lor the purchase ot I ended Debt of tiie United States within the limits pre scribed by the act above referred to. LYNDE CATL1N, Cashier. Jcl7dlJI ftlawtf ' . NEW BOOKS RECENTLY published and for sale by KIRK tl MERt' 22U l - frect. ansftnttr of tbe President's Tour, n ad during tbe summer or 1817, tlrogh the n I th eastern and tooth - western department ofllesiion, tc.sVo. ; lrd Amherst's Lmbay - t'ChmaY the Memoir of Claudius Buchanan ; M?odetille, a novel, by Wa, bod sh) ; Letter from the uape or uood Hoi. bein a reply fe Dr. - Warden s Letters ; Kmsht of bt John, by Miss Porter ; Bingtcv' vielal Knowledge 1 Uoce 00 t rait J ree, wiui 900 engruvings ; Purify of Heart, or woman as roctnouid oe, a novel, oy ea 01a true 01 twenty years. . . , - . . sen o T BROWN, stone teal engraver and jewel - ler. No. 160 Broad war. . ; 1 - Coata of arms, crests, cyphers, tie. engraved on vim. A handsome aswitmeut of fine gold seals, chain, and other jewellery. Li He,' srU engrsved with coats of arm, rawioa, ana lanry device.. Diamonds amethysts. crvrtaK. Lc. booht tu i iwn vr cm luanv rorrn. 1 . . ' - - Bnrs of bersUrr keot with nnvvili nil fx), 000 aauifs. - Jan ? 3m t" '' Tethe honorable tbe Jsdges and auistant A .VK r - jMticstofthevourt at common pkasm ' - - iff ' .aud lor (he coaoly of Orange - . rpiJC pelitioa of George JJ. Wkkkm of the X ; towa n Gosben. - in tbe county of Oraoze, rrspectfulljr tlieweth - That joar petitioner i teiztd in lee simple as tenant in common oi one equal uouivided moietv. or hair pa it 01 an mat certain tract, piece or parcel of land, slteate, ly - ..J 1 j .1 . . f iv...b:.L. , : .1 . mil uiu mine in uir ivwn tu ?, KririLB. in Uic county of Orange, known and dittinguished al tot nuciber two, in the subdivision 01 great moun tain lot number fourteen, in the palci.t of Cheese cocks, containing two hundred and sixteen acre of land, or thereabout. . And vouriietitioner fur ther sheweth, that he is seized at aroretaid of ooe equal undivided moiety or hair part ct all that certain other lot. tract, piece or parcel of land, itente, lying and being in the said town of War - wicb, and Known and distinguished a lot numne three, in the laid subdivision of great mounts in lot number fourteen, in the raid patent of Cheese' cocks, containing two hundred and thirty acres of land or thereabout. ' And yonr petitioner fur' tber tlieweth. that tome person or person, to your iriiuoner unaoown, is or nrp cizea mom - raid, of the remaining eiiUal undivided moiety or hair part of each of the above - mentioned and de tciihed lot, piece or parcels ol land. And your petitioner further ahewetb, that he 1 demons to have partition made of the aroresaid' laud tene ment and hereditaments, bet vreen your petition er nod the said person er perrons unknown m a - foresaid, according to thi several and respective riftM 01 (he several parties aioretaio, 01, in, ana to tbe same.' Wherelbre your petitioner pray, that all and singular, the said lands, tenement and hereditaments, togeiner wnn tne rigms members, privileges aad appurtenance tueretia to belonging or in any wise appertaining, may be divided by canmiioners, to be appointed by this honorable court, in pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled an act for tbe partition 01 huiMs. And your petitioner tnau ever pray, f . lx . .. .I ..... I . i L . . . kc, 1'ttien una uiiu uay ui r ruiuoij, one uiuu and eight hundred nnd eighteen . GEOR(?E D. W1CKHAM. John and Ales'r Doer. Atl'ies. Be pleased to take notice that a petition, of winch tne aoove is a copy, win oe preteni - ed to the jodge and assistant justice of tbe court 01 common pies in ana lor inc couniy of Orange, at the court house in Gosben, 00 the last Monday of May next, at ten o'clock, in tlie forenoon of that day, or 01 toon thereafter as counsel con be beard And an ap plicattun will thereupon be made to the said court for the appointment or commissioners, to make partiiion of the lands, tenements and hereditament above described, with the appurtenance. Recording to the prayer of the laid petition, ana in cursuance of the act eutitled an act for the partition 0' lands. Dated 6tb February, 1818. We are. Aic. JNO. h AtEX. DUER, Att'ies for the above named petitioner. To the person or pernios unknown, - interested in the above described iandt, or whomsoever else it may concern. feb I4law tIM in My AOTICE ft5 - The nhcriber intend to apply to the legislature of this ttate, at th present Ksiioa, for an act to inconorate themselves and their aii) - ciateaby tbe name of " The New - York Benevolent Society." ' . New - York, 5Uth January, IB1H B. Gardenier, I W. Patterson John W. Forties, I Abraham Stajig' James Turk, . taiul. B.Rontainc. Jan SO Iuw6iv To the Cxlmauo ,v - i urk ZERAH HAWLKY rhvtnlan au! Dentist, would inform the inhuhituut of New - York, that he hat taken on office M No. 3 - 'l Peart - siretl. where be will tit 1 art. Wean, JUt,Ju mid tel i in the most approved m.mnrr. He will slso prevent any irrriulanty of Ine tecrwlary i i th. if application i made to him rti sk&od. He flatters himself, from the experience be has hid in his profession, that be (hall be able to give gcnerid tatifiction. I r or character ttiepnniic are referred tonir. Geo. P. Iiipmaii, merchant, No. 63 South - t'.reet, and Doctor A. Ives, No. "Zti Pearl - ilrcet. Whim it may concern, ffr - Thi certitie. that Dr. Zerah Hawley is a reeulnr bred phvaiciau, and in enod standing with bit brethren in this place : that he lias paid particular attention to lbn art ul Vtnlitlry, lias studied tlie best European work on the siihject. and hat given very good satitrartion in tins branca lo hi rn.tmers. who are Derons of the first re tpectabilfly in Oii city. . VVe therefore, wh tire conlUu m e, recommend Dr. Hawley to tbe ri'izensol New - lore, asadentitl. . Eneas Munson I Eli Ives Nathan Smith I Jonathan Kmzlit. Protestors of the Medical Institution of Y ale Gil - College New - Haven, Jan 22, 1018; feb 3 , BUSBY'S PATENT VAVIGAm.B RAFT BOATS, ASTD FI.OATIRO T1DR MILL. THE Naviirable Raft - Boat is shaped like the common horse - boat : is formed of a caiine of (nuared pine timber, pitched and filled in solid witn round log, unitrippeu 01 ban 1 ine wnoie fixed together with live - oak pins, andiron loir. at the angles, it it propelled oy a waier wneei, with upright buekeli, optmling within gullrr or racvay, at in millt. - The coat it one iourtb of that of ordinary bone - bouts, including all tbe machinery. TUreisn great ituface of deck, which may. be covered with frame work, to re. ceive passenger and freight : and only half tbe number ofborset used on board boats of equal dimensions, are necessary lo carry this rapidly through tie water. The Navigable Raft - Boat is instantaneously translormed into a powerlull tide - mill, ny cast - ins anchor, and affixim: a moveable hopper mouth or flare, to each end of the raceway, and may be profitably employed in that capacity, when not 10 use a a conveyance. ' PaMi Atmi rnna - . f k4 - t ntinai tf ft 1 a nan f . an SCI FUIII WV SJ I 1UW Ul V y lUa ' I t Mt'VT - llj'Vttf which is peculiarly filled to all the American wa ter, are invited to iew a model, at the office of V. A. BueHY, Architect and Engineer, S Law Buildins. Nsn - treet, New - York. P. S A Navigable Raft - Boat may foe boilt complete in a mouth, including au the macbinery. (rj The elitor of tlio Boston Palladium, Albany Argus, PtiiladHphia Freeman' Journal and Democratic Pres, Bait'" ire Gazette, Charleston Courier, and Rich od Euquirer, are requested to insert tlie ab44 twice a week for on mootii, ami wrwaru uteiraccounu 10 tne aoverit . r. r :eb ISlf LO'iH fVR HAL A A TAVCT)OJ. BY order of the last will - of Peter Stoyvrr - sant, Esq. deceased, will be sold st auction on Tuesday the 17th imt at the T. C. II. at 12 o ctovk, BY BLEECKEH& BIBBY, Five valuable lots of ground frontinr the enrt side of Bowary - urMs adjoining th sotth nd of Delaucy.ttrt Five lots on the wet side of Christie - street and adjoining the south side of Delancey - street Five lots on the south ride of Uclancey'Street, between th bowery - lane and Christie - street. Th term of als art fifty d 1 - lars on each lot, to be paid on the day of ale s one third of the residue on tho 1st of May ; the remainder, if required, in two eqnrj aanaal cay menL, with interest annually - A map oi tbe premises may be seen at the auctioneer otace, Tontine Coif House. 07 The buildings are lo he removed by the present tenants by the 10th of May next, - when th purchaert will nave possession. Feb 7 fit ' PRIVATE LODGINGS. A GENTLEMAN and LADY of the highest lx. respectahihty with to obtain board and lodging in a pleasant situation, and respectable family, whre there are no oilier boarders. Their express obrect in (Ins advertisement is to meet with lodgings trAere no other botrjrrt trill be laurel. ii is pmnnueu ini nppon limy migm he fieaeficially embraced hy tome familywho have never been in tbe habit of taking boarders, but who from a wish to enhance their income and a desire forcomlortable (ociety might not have an objection to take t steady respectable person for a permanency, 1 1 they could be arcom - moda'ed with a separate sitting room, it would be an additional recommendation, and to save tmuruVf if tech Muring tan be obtained, 1,000 dollars per anenm wili he givee. A line addressed to B. Z. and le.l at thu office, will be arteed - edlo. , - - .febltet - PATEJtT ELASTIC RAZOR STROPS EORGE SANDERS. Istelf from Indon, X once more add.XMes tbe public, thanks litem for past fiivon, and one mors Venture; to Aeommend his stroiii m ooe of the mot comiart - girint contrivances that, ever blest the chin of nan. He will instruct an? stlf - shavinr gentle man in the oe of it, and when two possessed of the secret and a box of compoMoon, he may say with the poet of nature, M To thave - - to leep perchance to dream while in tne operation and who would bear the twenki and act of barber base 1 who would treat and sweat under a loathome beard, or a dull razor Bsc, when he might hi quietus make with a timple Sanoder'e strop?" Come then to his manufactory at tlie corner of r.eed - ttreet and B roadway, ana mere yon will find the subscriber always ready lo re ceive the command of his customers." dec5 tf - - "" ' WHEATON'S TCU OINTMENT. rpHE long and successful ue of this oiiitrecnt x n tuuicicni reconiiiiemjauuu u been found to be a pleasant, tafe and rortain re medr for ttmt diiaereeable diseate in all ill tta es. It is for sale in the city of New York, byl . A. h Wi R, Post, No. 41 William - street 1 I. it T. Clark. No. 85 Maiden - Lane t It - II Schieff. lin tl Co. No. 193 I'tarl street Law rence ii Kecne. No. 195 Pearl - street 1 Jloll Bowne, 140 Pearl itreet R. t L. Murray, 313 rearl - itreet ; J. JY1. Uradaunt, 314 rean - tireci ; John Penfbrd, No. 4 Fletclicr - strect Uuryee Poe. in Pearl - streets John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich street: John P. Fisher, 106 Broad - wav s Walter & Seaman, corner of Chamber - ! and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street 1 and ia short it may be procured at most of the Drug Store in this city AUo in Philadelphia, of 8. Witlierell t Sons 1 Geonre lluriell . North & Ro gers, and almost al the druggists iu the principal townt in tbe United States. LIKEWUK. WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above placet. jan v? bm THE LAST NOTICE. To those who are owinir arrears of taxes to the corporation of the city and county or New - York : (fr - The time limited for tbe payment thereof expired 00 the 1st intt. and 1 am now engagen in makine a return of inch property at remains delinquent, preparatory to the adverticementanii sale (hereof forthe payment of taid Taxet, and inch other turn at may be required to meet the expense of tuch tale, which will take place when completed. . 1 am directed to receive an arrears wnitinmay be offered, prior to the completion of the above - named return and will attud at this office daily from 10 to X o'clock, until that period. T. W. GILBERT. Collector. Collector'i Office, No. City Hall, ) January la, latu. ) JaalS 1m CUlWGK.iI'10Sr FHOtEHfi. TO be old at public auction on Friday the 0th February. 1818. at the City Hull. 12 oMotk, . I be highly valuable ARM now occupied by Mr. William A. Hardonbrook. about 5 mile from the city, containing together nearly Otty a - cres of land. It will be told in lott from 5 tu 10 acre each, tituated on tbe 6th, 7th, 8th. 9th, & 10th avenues ; on the latter ttand tbe dwelling house and out buildings, but a short distance from the Hudson River. This property is worthy the attention of thpte vho wish to iKsset handsome country teatt 1 at if continuity to the city, commanding view of flu? nudt n, retired situation, ana choice quality ofanmeofthe ground, tcgether with na ample supply ol wood, render it one of the most desira ble objects 01 purchase. ' A map of the premise may be seen, and fur ther particulars known, at tbe Comptroller Of fioe, Vitv Hall.' Jan 6 dts TANNERY FOR SALE. rTO he okl at public auction, on Wednesday, .1 the IHth day of February next, in the area of the Exchange Coffee Home, in the .town of Boston, at IX o'clock at noon, All the real estate belonginc to tbe Ilampshice leather Manufactory, situate in the town of Northampton, in tbe state of Massachusetts The estate will be sold in four lot, vis s . Lot No. containing about 31 acaes of land, nenr the centre of the town of Northampton, en wnirn 1 erected m loose extensive ana valuable baildinc lately occuiiied by the corporation to tmmiiuz At laataer, wilJ, snI 300 vats, tome of which are very large tad part of them uader cover, in which leather may be handled daring in winter j it rs presumed tne re is not in tbe state to extensive and valuable ao establishment for carrying on tlie tanning businrs as this A particular description of tlie buildings and ori viledgei would take ap too much room for an advertisement. Lot No. S cootaim about 3 acret. situate on the north tide ol the county road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling hou ses, witn convenient out bindings, is on high ground, and considered a very delightful situation. Lot No. 3, containing about foor acre of land. tituate on the easterly tide of Mill River, about two miles from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings increon. . Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which it erected a bark mill and bark sheds, si tuate near Edward' tavern, about 6 miles Irom Northampton, on the Albany load. ' Aay person having an inclination to narchate all or any part of the foregoing property, are in vited to examine it. The Corporation Pledge tiiemtetve to sell to tne highest bidder, being de - irrmineu to ciose weir concerns. Any iniorma - tion respecting the estate maybe obtained on application to JOSIAH DWIGHT. Etouire. at iioriuampion, or fan 14 India - street, Boston - CORPORATION PHUft.ttTY. TO be sold at public auction on Friday the 20th inst. at the City - Hall, at llo'clock - 9 Lots of Ground on the westerly side of Col - lect - tt. between Anthonvand Leonard - tt. 13 Lott nn the easterly tide of Collect - it. be tween Antnony and Lonarrt - tl. 7 Lot n the easterly tide of Collect - it. ha. tween Leonard and Franklin - tt. 1 Lot on the westerly tide of Leonard - it between Collect and Oranre - tt. ALSO, 6 Cellars under Catharine market, for 3 years from ltt May next. The upper part of the Watchhouse in El - dridge, late 1 hird - t. for 3 years from 1st May The upper part o( the Wntchboase ia Spring. st. for I year (mm tbe 1st May. The ferry at Manhattanville for 1 Tear. A map of the Collect lots may be seen and par ticulars Known at tne lomptroller1! Orlice, City seo ctoi ALPINE SOAP. ffc5 The tubfcribert offer tlie g nUemen of this city their Alpine Soap, which only needs a trial to prove its. excellent qualities, in rendering the operation of ihaving easy , it it poeeil with many good and useful qualities ; it soften the beard, prevent chopping, and gives that com mit and pleasing satisfaction insbaviog n not to fail to recommend it to general use and to merit tbe approbation of a geneious public. The luhncriber d not wish to enter into a long detail of thi valuable soap, but . I. - . I : . . . l. i r 1 ui' j rouuiu ii u ju'ivi ni geuuine oap. Jut received, an sortment of the celebrated pntent Penetrating Hair Brushes, lancy articles, ' 1 N. SMITH DAVIE? CO. 1G3 Broadway, nearly opposite City Hotel.. Who always keen as eehero.1 and as rood an at sortment ot articles ia their tine at any store in thit city. , N B. Plcae to observe that all tl articles made by N. Smith Daviet tc Co. wilt have their name on in copperplate or type. feb 7 (T0LA?SE3 tl COFFEE 90 Lbd. i - Vj. na Molasses new crop - s nnd. on uoOte Landinc at Old - slio from Brie Carnliite. and for sale by JA.ME3 D'WOLf. Jr. eoz 67 Front - ttresL fQ31TCIUlSELj!S'E. rv - 1, "r fv : . , f. "fo r p ri'i r; k i) e l - p H J a . Th POaT CHAISE, with every convenience 'for Passenger and their baggagr (fhrosigh in ooe dayl will leave the Post Chaise Office, 1 18 Broad way, opposite the City Hotel very day f,i?un. Ann rnten at ': o'clock in the moruio?. by way of Newark, and arrive tbe sain day at Phi ladelphia. - i ., , The MAIL PILOT, in dppositioa to th Mail Coach, with superior accommodation foi Pa - tenger and baggage, will leave the inroe plai eevery day (Sunday excepted) at half pott I o'clock P.M. will proceed before theMail, and not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous Post Offices on th road, but every accommodation provided forthe traveller aad arrive some no neiore tne - man at i - ouaoei nhia. fare 7 dollar! . "' fj - All good and baggage at tbe risque of tne owner. . . JOiTW N. CUMMIXG, Ifswark: : i ' JOHN GULICK it SONS. Princeton, STOCKTON hi HOWELL, Philadelphia JV, D. trprrnrt sent lo any pari of the Uniltd Siatn off I'. tu. jan zo i POST COACH LINE or PHILADELPHIA . . WAT or ruWLM - HpO ,i A ITS POMTAH'r TO PASSBKCtUS. No corseclion with the oot chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION REVtVfctf. - ANEW Line of Pott Coaches with every coo - tenienre for nasaefmr and baeirase. on Springs THROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Pott Coach wiff start from the Coach of fice, old No. 1 Court! and - itreet, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, by way or netvark, new - uruniwick, rrince - ton, J renton and Bristol, and arrive at rtiiiadet - phia the same evening. ' The Steam Boat Lint INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every morning (Sun days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, - from th north side of the battery, lodge at Kingiton, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine "' United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, ou springs. The U. B. mail coach still start l rum the coacb office, old no. I tjonrttandt - tlreet, Ww York, every day nt 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only d pAHenger admitted. - For seats in the a hove named Lines, apply to TIIOS. WHITFIELD, at tbe old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old Tin. vourtlandt - sfieet, the second onice irom Broadwav, New - York ; to ISAAC BROWN. No. I Washineton - stret; or to A. T.GOOD RICH & CO. No 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar - street, New - York. (tAII goods sind imgsage at the nk o: ifc j owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS at UU. N. B Expreuc sent to any prfrt of the Con tinent, by .THOMAS WH.ITPIELD. Jan tt V. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, Wl i rS A tiUAKP. (t7 The public are assured that this line is euual to any in the U. S. for the convenience and comfort of the traveller. With the addition of the gnaiU, tbe passenger may rut secure at to bit baggage and person J safety the coach never being h - ft whilst changing at tbe post offices, without a person oo th box. The wit mail Is put ia separate baga and changed in the European tyle. .i ." The U 6. Mail Coocb trill ttart from tbe coacb office, old No. 1 Courtland - tteet, New - York every day at X o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia nextmorninz at 0 o'clock i ocJv 6 passengers admitted in this coach. for seats apply to THUS. WHITFIELD, at the old Coarh and Stage Office, old No 1, Wood office from Broadway in Courtlnndt - street, or to A. T. GOODKICH ft Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. N. B. All roods and basraee at the ruk of the owners. I J. LYON ft SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GULICK ft CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, PbUadelphia. Expresses teat to any part of the Continent by jan 20 TH03. WHITFIELD. WANTED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on a lady mid one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, tc. may hear of a good and permanent place, by applying immediately at No. 64 Greenwich - it jan 2d - FOR SALE, tor A term of years, a healthy, active and very cupabl negro wench - will be disposed of cheap, as it it her own de - tire Lnqurr at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 If - Mas in A LL tbe Sons, Duetts, a sung by Mr. Phi - XX lipps at the New - York Theatre, for sale at Wj. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, no. ree tisoadway. Behold ia bis soil expressive face , ' Tho love is warm awhile ' 'Til but fancy' sketch' .. - I there a heart that never lov'd In vain roar that bewro lost quite drplor My early day what joys wa thin Love's young ilreans ' Thii blooming rose at early dawn Robin Adair - Beautiful Maid ' ' ' Let same sound the trumpet Had la heart Evsmco's Bower Dear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain wa never ee ' Said a Snide to a tear Sigh not for love V My heart with tor i heatintr - The celebrated serenade of LUlacome down Bird Duett (tome" l - l - .L 4 - r lura wreain. With a large assortment of new movie, dec 24 , 600 COPIES OF WRIGHT A HAWEIS. A TREATISE on, That being Born Again, without which no man can be saved; hy Samuel Wright, L. D. ; to which is added, the Communicant' Spirit! Companion, r an van - fehcal preparation for the Lord's Supper, by the Levd. Thomat Hawci. 600coiies of this work iu sheet, or by th ingl ooe. bound, for sale by r i . n a - . v. n i i i Z.CVO, Circulating Library, 138 Fulton street Jan IS Im TjlOlt SALF - A case of very wperior PisJ m. tois,4iair irrjrper, tnane oy uecevrith Loudon. A Riffle Gun with Sword bsyonet. - Also, two doten mshorrxnv Chair frames newkt London pattern, Vx be een at ' - ' i LAW ft BUTLER, - frb 12 - - 127 Broadway. ' CO I lo.v K AAA. the CuMMIsolON COM PAN T. 148 Peert - rtreef. bare now for sale, most Not. of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 t . ' J ROb KOY. KIRK fc MERC FIN hav just received and put to pe - Rob Roy. a novel. h tbe aa - thoref Waverly, Cur Matinerin;. Talj of my Uudlord, ftc. ic - t ' ; . ' jr r....rrirvii - e',vi. 1 - rsj rTT.,lr'jT I dimiaiBS aufjl.r keoti ion In dislifl - BUk w. een Ctiioei that differ. TWTOll HORN F,:fcrr,rrtL X of the dty oflrtoM member of th Ami. 3 M - OsurythereTa 1 to reat some oreevatinllT rah, indiscriminate, and Moras fled use trc bWr lp tiv of in&aita M,i:. r 1 ana ar. annusilly Bercarialixed out of ence. The diaeaw we haw viewer., i!. lal results chiefly to Miwtv!? WhSi hat a young man, the hopes of bit coimtA.i the dafliug of til iwcntsjloiild N 7; way from aH the prcpect and eujoysnenUa, t by th roosef).ence ofone, wgxaVdmli:''fc and I by k di.a uotiniu ownV.Ce fetTSla whkh only proves o from neglect or TumI! treatmenCWs A gentlemar. (lati Dr jK? UentJ hour rwfecfly hear.y;nVd weU; 'J underpbysHiausof genet J practko, ,i, .Z and repeatedly i&livaWd when tSlJFfr Dr. U. (by gentlemnef thi city) tot!!1 wre carious, and hi Seth droppjn : W rS? bis friends declared he could ik pKJ ? ! two month longer. r Thoiuand Vri r',, know with what eas i F.f . i - - vimcu i r cate the severest cases, and confirm tll'Z - tutio.. TteDoctor' p!a tLCuffl ce.ary to guard the public r rains t th r!!.: tuereury, ami ower ratal dettuiooji, held tw " Person. ' thffnn . w.rtiw rate disorder, or suspecting latent DoLI admonished not to tamper with ttWZ.f' o tamper with rr7 tion, or conceal ry others bavins; the remain of ao old ca, .ii .rr et compJainU of a delirnt. .... - 71 im vwh iiuiHiriuca ot ina nuwvr. .n , - seg. ihould remember posterity, and' do rone cafcuatcd to ptreKur?''J$c' ' let me claim your senoti atteitiocriWj.! a tiinerflcial cure u no cum at n, - ..TTlr.'' ut.i. wdicaJlytloneyou wHI ctrtafalyW. the disorder break out again with redouhZrf Iijmity,at some future iriodTKrWMht. be (bo ate for rcaiedv. i.,Ukr" T'tt th itreetj siiaerahle, nutilnteJbeinwXis even a Lit of nose on their face . TakeJ.Sr"' 1 beseech you. - - , ut. n s. character for skill and stubborn miL practice foTears past, exclusively to tijewrcal , diseaH'i of the blood systmey may tafelvcai ; culateos , Ihe mel derided' rtnnJ&TgSt, c GlecU eradiratedlntrre or three 'yeethX Stricture removed without nonrL.. . . "r? er instrument and all debilities i Jikewfl Tm old uh cratioM, fistula', fee." ' ."KewM. H A plurality ofotnee are prorided, and to thi, atwl that patients are not expoted toeadi othei. obwrvatio. Open till half past 9 ia ttetvenin All prisons concerned are invito k. .. calling, wnI tpeakinr withpr.H. wtfeft h ttll of cost. . - And here tlie Doctor cannot aroid til sxprcsaoa of tmUtude for inM,. - M.. SSSSTS - S1 5,,be ertnceGtii v'."" nj j long given bin br a judicioui public. ." T" "J N. B. All lct.ters must be port paid.' 0 ' - ' 5 Dr. Itiu - han.. r Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 U ' '. . - " D.metl EVANS fllwarlM tain Diae. iM. . . kWr)! wi Lsiiuifr m trrw ally acknowledged ia thi ftty ; hi mode of treatmeat perieciiy mrid, lafe, ex i - uuuuv. ana mi cnargc . reasoaabi. la erv irtanc h warrant a cur. d will retnratheiiaTirh ves v 1 I dei not perform agroMkt ' Ihe .trictest lecrecy always obserrerl.' 4 There are many person in this rJr .j - ciruty, lalmnng sidwnrign chrooJC ditease. - such at cancers, old inveterate aJcer, octoiui or king evil, nitoJaa, diwasei of the arethrs, - bladderejid kidueSf ord comriicated compiait4 ofa.Certais Batar. bsUetw and Othai - ehatm. tion, rbeiJstim, Ac. which they consider inc - bospitalt in curope ix years, under Mote of the - . . T. - a JT . - 1 Bnt urgons ana rnysiciaii tn the world, and made those obstinate dtieatet hi constant ttad for 30 years. Oct 12 Kr WHEATON k DA Vis, Fancy Chair Manufacturer; No. 153 Felton - tret, opposite St Pauls Church, onsr tor sale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of CurM Maple, plain painted and ornament - , ed in gold lc broott!, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balk, Keck, ing, Sewing, and Coaversa ti - jo Chairs. Sofas. Settees. . Loungers, Music Stools, c7 , . ' Orders irom aay part of thecontuebtexecuted with ueatnev and dispatch. . .. Uhi Uhair repaired, paiated and ornamented, oct 13 . - , (CT The subscriber bavin; recently ntnroed from England with an important Improvement on the artificial spring LEU, b takes this method of informing bis sVieod and th public, that all thot who ar ro unfortunate a to be La want of a leg, or arm, Iat can b acoootmadated by ip - plyuig at No. 77 Birtl - y - stx. i, New - York. - Jan 22 - - - WM. TURVI5. 1 Olid mi (i ii lyrj: LEPS ITCH OrXTJSENT, r WARRANTED an iamthble remedy at oqe application, may be used with perfect safety ou infants a week old, not contauvng a particle ol mercury fit any dangerooe ingredient whatever, and not Accompanied with IhStf offeo - siv smell which attend lb application of other - remedies. ' ' ' Tho above medicines are prepared aad sold at LECS Medicine Stoc, No. 46 Maidcn - LaiM, nd told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton aud Water - streets. . ' - . ' ' Druggists and country tor - keepers topplied oo liberal terms. - . r Ja29 r D LYNCH, June, having made arrangeuitati . with a respectable bou in Madeira, to b supplied with a proportion of th wine nf the Parishes of St. Antonio and Caaa de Lobos, "OS venalty acknowledged to pduce the best Madeira in the Island) ha opened a wine ttnre, at No. 40 William - street, where he will receive orders for thit wine, from gtatlemen wiihing to lie. np a 'tuck for their own use ; and (by the agreement with the house in Madeira) If the wine, arrival, he aot approved by D. L. Jr. it is aot to be scat to th parties ordering it ' D. L. Jr. hs take o great pain to proeir from various piece in the United Stat aad tM West Indie, the beat Madeira, that wa to bo purchased, in the wood, Aad old bolUed sre, ( very superior qaality,from private stocks, whictj he now offers for sale, lie wiH coostatlly keep, r.a hand no assortment of the choicest wine and . liquors selected xilh car by himself, and dj tell rorm whkh be caaoot WARRANT PLRf at IMPORTED. Jan 1 l i NEW - YORK t PRINTED AfD PUBUSHZD X1CHAKL BURXHAM k CO. . . No. 42 Piua - tTAksrr. rr ?oXi .....V...U, wi in tin City, nntm 1804, guarantee to patwnt that deUcacy and - ! crecy liitherfo unknown, and hnvin - t.Z Jv rabie, iney can cenainij o cured (in generals by arplvinj at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9 - r ck - sfip, bavtos practised in itvW. V. - t i J

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