The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 5, 1931 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1931
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

HAW TO SEE COOPER BURIAL ]U*ves Capital for Funeral; ; Tq Discuss Postoffice in .Mason City. By Staff Corespondent. WASHINGTON, March --^Representative GUbert.N. Haugen went today to Racine, WJ*., where ha will attend, the funeral of former Representative Henry Allen Cooper as a member of the house cotamit- tee, designated ty Speaker.' Longworth. . . . · V Haugen expects to go directly home' from there' and .will be tn .Mason.' City within the next fe* days in response to requests fropi leaders there-that he call to discups the Mason City postofflee construction project with them. Michigan Farm Couple . Has 75th Anniversary SHERIDAN, c Mioh., March'S. UP) --Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanohett) . residing on a farm in BushijeU township, today celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary. · Mr.'Hanchett is 97, his wife is 81. ,"We have been'happy for 75 years an d never followed any rules. Rules can't . make a happy marriage/' they" said. BRONCHITIS ^J A ^^ MASON Clfy GLOBE-GAZBTTB Bishop Longley Arrives to Confirm Large Class '· . « f »-»rt A .1 1 _ » -- ^ ¥ "^ ~ Confirmation for 28 Adults to Be Held at Episcopal Church Thursday. The RL R*y, Harry S. LongUy, D. D., bishop of low*, w}U copfirm a class of 28 adult* in St. John's Episcopal church Thursday evening a t 8 o'clock. " · · · - - . This is the first class to be confirmed in new church. Because ?f the' Lenten season, the sirvice will be very simple consisting chiefly of the confirmation service. itself. The group wiich will be confihned are the adults of a class of approximately CO who have been receiving: confirmation instruction for thf past several weeks. Thin is not oaly the first class to be confirmed in the .new church but U by far {he largest class ever , confirmed in the history of the local parlifi. .The second cdpjHnnatlon service will take place on Sunday, May 3l. for the next two nights, March 6 and 13. arrived in Maioh _ . . , Cjty Thursday rijornlrtg and has spent the day In conference with church leaders here.. .. i- ifer.- jrriaayf---- Bishop' VAPOfftf MIUIQh JARS USED YEARLY Two Beantifnl GOLD FISH In green ghkw aquarium, nith rainbow «tip« and ·teweed cmnpleto-*-' F R E E ! with ererjr 50c tube of Ny-Denta Toothpaste Friday and Saturday March 6-7 5 S. Federal Ave. Mason City PERU REVOLTERS GIVEN DEMANDS Arequipa Junta May Select New President 4hd Four Cabinet Men. IJMA, Peru, liarph 5. (JP--fhp provisional government of Dr. Rt- cardo Leonclo todiy accepted insurgent demands for leadership Ih organizing ii new government. : Dr. Eliaa, who this week mle^ deeded Lieut. Col. Luis,M. Sahche* Cerrq as provisional head Ot ttid government, vwlrfea David ' . Otiampo, leader of 'tliS Irisilrgeh't Arequipa junta, of the wHlingnesi tif the Lima Junta .tKat he natal the pfesldeht of the new prov!Si6ni»l government and four portfolios In the aey ministry. This development, which virtually marks the third £tiang In the gdv* emment. within the last seven months, followed the arrival by alri plane yesterday of emiisirtes of the ·" the Lima junta UPROBERS TRACE LAND PURCHASES : ' (ConU.nfd Frota Face 11. on I thU 'Rockefeller -fund totals $60, 017..; Most of the others are privati donations. : Account! Divided . Altho the university accounts an divided ito ft do'teD. subjects, onion e checking; account is maintain ei at,the bank, Cobb said. Vouchers are allocated to the proper division and gild from 'the general chicking account. -' Cobb told of a petty cash fund b; which the hospital pays escorts lo patents, said by Kellehiir to tola more than $50,000 annually. The Auditor was asked to look up ret prds' of this fund. \ A . statement by Cobb that the university: has repaid nearly ail p the $243,000 borrowed to build the dormitory additions, from fiitiifi earain'ga brot questions from Sen ator Dpran as to reported .commls leader. The action of marked one more" Instance where, Jii the long struggle between the Limn, the Metropolis, and Arequipa, rep* resenting the provinces, Areduipn imposed Ita will upon the capital. Officers Seize Stills jmdl,05,0,Gallonso£ - -CARROLl.', March 5. officers and Sheriff Frank Buchhqit last night raided the farm of Ffaity ffephl, .near TeMpieton, and selifid 1,050 gaUcjns' of whisky arid arrest^ ed.Nephl and Joe" Iflbeek. Twij stills o? 250 gallons capacity each wefe takia by the raider*. Nephl and IHlSedk will b'e takeri to Tort Dodge for arraignment before he United States commissioner. Hospital Gift Is Received DEC0RAH, March 5.-- A check 'or $5XX) has oeen received by tht Decorah hoHpItal tfiliteeS from Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reeves of Chicago, The check was a donation toward he -new addition recently Added id the Dacorih hospital. BUY RCA RADIOTRONS VANCE Music Co. TUBES TESTED FREE VflS RADIOTRONS Tubes tested Free Ctime - Vati Ness Go. sioiia. on laundry and cleaning froti Students at ddrmitories.' . Receives Commission pobb testified that the university rtcetves 15 per cent from cleaning firms for such work. Us wM unable to say whe.the'r the contracts prohibited^ certain firms from obtaining dormitory business.' The questioning then skipped to the issilance of bonds by the ath- Jetlo. bpdrd for th« field house and stadium.' Tije auditor sttld the unl-- versity gave' $50,000- toward .the field bouse and Installed sewera at the staUium, the. rehmlnd^r of the cost facing paid /com athletic profits. jie iaid the title to beta structures la in. the state's name, . An "interatpartmetit - accounting Sy*ttm' tor supplies was fcxpUinW by Cobb izfttoUfyiag that there Is no provistaii for Belling, university material: to thi public.; Representative tiyron a. Allen of Pocahontas co.unty waa the only member of the investigating- committee absent today. Receipt of. each installment of the Rockefeller medical funds was gone into this ift«niDoii by, Keiteher. "Is there any question but that the money was delivered?" interrupted SenAtor Bsird, "No; but I am trying to trace it,' KeJIeher said. "6ut : why prolopg this miilery?' aak'ed the senator. K4lleher continued his examina* tlon of Cobb about letters and accompanying checking/), Time to Change Radio Tubes? Your set c»n wtirtt only ta Wl **'tl* tubes! T»Jt« yout r»d| 0 tubes out to!»y ^"! 4 hlv " Mur tkdia i "»«««rU«t them. Replace worn-out tube* with new RCA Jtadlotrotti. All at once i the best way. RCA RADIOTRON CO., Hlrti,on,N.J. ROBINSON AND RASKOB OPPOSED I WORN-OUT TUii [ ctnj R C A R A D I O T R O N S T H I HIAKT Of Y O U « X A B i O , R C A RADIOTRONS Distributed By L. P. Courshon Company Mason City, Iowa R C A RADIOTRONS Sold Bj Peoples Gas Electric Co, "Fo* Hotter Appliance*" Op*a Evealag* move Is in .the public. Interest and ecohdhilCiilljrsound.- "The Jefferson doctrine of States 1 right* is that 'tfife.' sovefeigety Of each, state ia guaranteed under the con^titutJon," he said.. . . Raskob said there were too many "sumptuary laws" and too - little "thot of the golden rule." "We should endeavor to Instill in society a true sense of right and wrong, 1 " he said, adding "J4ws not respected by honorable men are hot respectable." ; . Raskob urged annual -meetings of the national committee, and proposed creation of an advisory committee. . · ' · Attacks Republicans. · Turning to an attack on the present republican, leadership; Raskob assailed existing economic conditions. He then pointed out,- however^ "the folly of taxing the rich to help t h e poor." · ' . . . . . "Any attempt to Induce labor, to shackle capital or to lead capital to destroy 1 ' was a mistake, he argued.. . , . . · . . . · . , "Our standards of Jtvlhg must be contlnuouBly improved If 'we are to have continued prospeHty.-he said, "The dimocr'atlc party thru na- tipnai and state Jegislatufea can do much toward bringing aboiit the five day week by adopting it for government work." . Raakob said the capital and labor are dependent on each other. It waa to the advantage of capital to pay aa large wages as possible to ifl- crease the consumption power. · Women Offer Control. Nelll* Tayloe' Rosa, vi«« chairman in charge of the women's dlvUion, told the committee that in the,unfixed alignment of million* of women voter's, "lies the greatest If not the only opportunity the democratic party has of reversing the minority position it has so long held, to that of a decisive secure majority." Reviewing work of her branch, Mrs. Ross said the headquarters were now "In direct contact with women worker* In about two-thirds of the counties of the natlbh." MAECH 5 1931 2 CENT DROP IN GASOLINE PRICES Kerosene and Naphtha Also Show Reduction by Local Companies A reduction of 2 cents a gallon In the retail prices of gasoline, kero sene .and : naphtha was announced Thursday morning by the Standard Oil company of Indiana and .flu other principal oil companies operating in Mason City and North Iowa. . . T h% ? cut of 2 cents a gallon on gasoline is effective ihrubut the 10- State ; middle western territory ii Which, the Standard Oil company Operates and Accompanies another draattc cut In the posted prices for crude olL .This brings the price of, high test gasoline to li»4 and the regular to "W In Mason City, it was slated, In general the effect of the ae- aoh is to bring both crude.oil and retail prices to the lowest in many years. The price ir, crude oil, it wa learned from a Standard Oil coni- *ny executive, resulted frorii cuts y other purchaaers.ihe new prices losted by the, company for mid- dontinent crude range froiii }3 cents ft barrel for crude below 29 gravity :p 67 cents for crude of lo anti above. . , KNIFE WOUNDS ENDANGER HAND Police Find Man on Street Seriously Injured in Slashing Scrap. With an arm slashed by a knife until the use of hla right hand-is endangered, Joe Peters, B30 Fifteenlh street southeast, was picked up by police near the, corner of Jackson avenue and Sixth street southwest abOut'l:30 o'clock Thursday morning. . . . . ' . ; , Physicians at Park hospital where the man was taken Thursday said the- use of the hand could be saved. Peters mlderwent an operation at the hospital. to repair the qamage done hi.S arm. Peters had given a man a fib bill :o purchase a'bottle of liquor when he man seised the bill and began 6 run, according to the story police ecounted Thursday morning. Peter? 'an after the man and thinking he lad overtaken · him struck at him and received the knife wouad. Police are working on the case. MELTING SNOW FALLS IN IOWA Parts of State Get Relief From Long Winter Dry Spell. ·DBS M.OINES, March 5. (3 Jelling snow fell over some of Iowa Odfcy,. affording temporary relief rom the long winter dry spell. It brot a rise In temperatures in onie localities, with; the mercury overing around the freezing point. Muscatiae reported, a mark of 32, rise of 12 degrees since last night, nd pttumwa,. reported 34. Ch'arles- D. Reed, government eather-observer, said the snowfall ould not be cons'tdered as In any cay breaking the .drought, altho le moisture came at an opportune ime for »iirface /· soils. "It will take several heavy raiiis t frequent intervals t6 pro/vide suf- cleat moisture for the auBsoll;" he aid. Two inches ^f anow f?H at Creson during the night h and occasional now flurries cottUhiied to fall this morning. The northern portion of the state ad. not received snow this morh- ng, altho skies were clou'dy and hreatenlng. Temperatures in that eglon were dropping. Neither Es- heryllle nor Mason City reported now- while Fort Dodge reported nly flurries. · Steady light snow was falling at ouncil Bluffs, Bobne and Cedar laplda. · Women Drivers Have but 8 Per Cent of Accidents BOSTON, March 5. (JP~~Women eem to be careful motorists. Official figures are that women serators, representing 20 per cent * the state's total, were involved in pir cent of accidents last year. IN DAY'S NEWS Citing an "intolerable .situation, due to the administration policy In reference to appointments," five" of the eight member* of the department of philosophy at- the University of Chicago have resigned to assume chairs in eastern universities. The entire- campus Is seething with rumors of similar gestures on the part of other members of the'faculty as a protest against the policies of R o b e r t Maynard Hutching, youthful president, above, who Instituted a, vigorous regime. · FIRST DEGREE IS NOT CONSIDERED Judge Limits Instruction to Jury in Bridge Slaying. KANSAS CITY, March 5. Iff)-Prosecution attorneys in conference with Judge Ralph L. Latshaw today said he had ruled tentatively against a first degree murder Instruction to the' jury' in the trial of Mrs. Myrtle A. Bennett, accused bridge game slayer. Under this ruling possible verdicts would be second degree murder, manslaughter, acquittal or acquittal thru verdicts of justifiable or excusable homicide. Arguments over the "contents til lie jury instructions began with .he opening of court today and'cbu- inued until the noon recess. De- ense counsel offers seventy suggested instructions. ASSAULT WAS NOT .. CAUSE OE DEATH (CkBUAtted from r*(e 1). minimization of shock as a death factor. May Suffer Shock. The prosecutor developed that an unconscious person may suffer shock. The state holds KIrkland slugged, the girl Into unconscious- less during a liquor party at a Gary lome last November, and that he and four other youths assaulted her while she was in a coma. Springer-asserted over the objection of the prosecution that the 18 ^ear old girl was not Innocent. Caroyn. Braves and Mrs. Myrrell demons, sisters of Arlene. fought to restrain their tears while the- aged 'ather slowly shook his head. Kirk- and at his counsel table stared straight. ahead, indicating by no sign.the significance of the question and reply. BUILDS STRENGTH TO FIGHT COLDS SAFE FOR. ALL THE FAMILY Expert Greasing C o m p l e t e Greasing With High Pressure lubricating System. at Highway Super Station Here is efficiency at your command, witli quick service that is thorough. Let us demonstrate that we can give you a Greasing Job that will please you 100 per cent. Poor lubrication will eventually mean expensive repair bills ... so get a good grease job , ... at the Highway. HIGHWAY OIL COMPANY 1801 Fourth Street 8. W. STATE ATTACKS SCHROEDERTALE Surprise Witness Puts Doubt on Defense of Former Cfarion Man. INDIANAPOLIS, March 5. OT-The state today neared the end of its evidence against Harold Herbert SchroGder, Mobile, Ala., formerly of Clarion, Iowa, on trial for the killing of an unidentified man whose body was found in Schroeder's burning automobile near here last May 31. Testimony by former local police officers who were active In the arrest and questioning'of the Mobile man will end the state's case, attorneys said. The prosecution produced a surprise witnesse yesterday to attack Schroeder's contention that an unknown hitch-bicker he picked up in his automobile suffered a broken neck when the machjne left the road between Marshall and.Martinsvilie, Dl., and that fearing he would b« accused of murder, he drove back almost to Indianapolis and set fire to the body. Carl Louderback, Indianapolis, told the jury that part of the national road is level and has .no ditches on the sides, but instead has a grading five feet wide provlding'a "subroad" not more than 12 inches lower than the pavement. He said he had run off the pavement "as al\ experiment" going 40 miles an hour and experienced no great jar' and had no trouble stopping his car. Ira M. Holmes, defense attorney, asked ''did you ever go to sleep and drive off the road?" and received a negative answer. Schroeder claimed his accident occurred when he dropped off to sleep while driving. Record Number Will Teach During Summer IOWA CITY, March 5.--Two hundred eighty-six men and women", constituting the largest summer faculty ever assembled here, will teach a total of about 900 courses during the University of Iowa summer session. The staff members include 68 professors of full rank and 54 visiting professors from other Institutions in many states. Date of the first term's-opening is June 8. The second term's five weeks period will close Aug. 20. PALACE STABTiNQ SATUKDAJf IN THE RADIO WORLD By O. B. BtJXTERFlEUD Associated Press Radio Editor (Time is central standard thruout! NEW YORK, March 5. UP)--Dr. Julius Klein, assistant secretary of commerce, is off the air for a vacation until April 12. A broadcast from the fifth annual luncheon of the drama study club of New York is to be made from 12:30 to 1:30 p. m. March 13 by the WABC chain. THURSDAY The three doctors from Chicago to the WABC setup at 3 p. m. Dancing, melodies by -Larry Funk's orchestra, WEAF · and others at 3:30. The B. A. Rolfe orchestra hour WEAF hookup at 9. Echoe of the opsra with Elsie Baker, contralto, WJZ chain at 9. Toscha Seide! and concert orchestra, WABC stations at 9:30. Music Contests to Be Held in 39 Towns IOWA CITY, March 5^ district music ; contests under the.' direction of the Iowa High -'School music association, . will . be held March/26, 27' and" 28 in 39. towns in the state, 1 Prof. Charles B. Righter of the school of music of the University of Iowa has announced. The winners in these contests will meet in -six district contests, .April 9, 10 and ll.-The state festival will be held here, May 7, 8 and 9. 'The contests include 31 events, including one new event, for marching bands. Judges have not yet been announced. HOT Mums* YIELDS... to a "counter-imtant" Thou«K relief !· frequent with one application. Mu*te»le i* xno*t effective ·wnen applied once an hoar for 5 hours-. Gomp anson is the best way to arrive at Values When fine % carats are selling for less, Blanchard will be selling them. This Blue White 14 carat in one of our artistically d e s i g n e d mountings. Credit is secondary to the sale of good merchandise at fair price at WATCHES DIAMONDS 3 WEST STATE 2 PORTABLE SELF- DRAINING TUBS AND STAND: VALUE with each Model E-54 and G*-54 Porcelain Tub Improved Electric Washer THIS OFFER IS AVAILABLE ONLY DURING MARCH! A NEW VOSS FOR $59.95 You : can now buy a genuine VOSS at this amazingly .low price. It incorporates all Voss features including Porcelain Tub and the exclusive Floating Agitator. With Tubs and Stand--$70.20. Convenient Terms CURRIE-VAN NESS CO. "Maintained By MerW 11 N. Federal Ave. Phone 17

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