The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 16, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Monday, February 16, 1818
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HO i'iiibi g'.'knG & CO. 7 . - , . feb 16 Ho. ox rwH', F' rSijB - 100 bbU Richmond (Mayo mills) Hour, in atore, br aaleby - . v. - rtRttWOLDS & COATES, 86 South - street. feblo ryCoUHwid lOBACCOr - JOO bWi. "per LZtZooim, maiiuPd Tobacco, .' 7a:J rrn the. ichr fltlvidere, and for sal , IUUUHtl WALSH ft GALLAGHER, i. , . 66 South - street feb 16 .irirrHEAT TAU. wu bushels N. rVV Wheat, in bags ' SO bbls. Tar, afloat and for sale by . " ; V r. fc;. W, DAVENPORT CO. feb 16 ' " - - . - - v . , .... io - . f lr " l.w .nra iv a. Gonverneur neit door to Water - street. It ha. four loon; besides a targe cellar end feb 16, . i 1 UVellt - 1 " " veto SALE. . t .;tMa4 house and lot No. I nai i" '"Z .r L. ,, - iu. ItUGrecnwicn streei. " J" T..Y for parti - gtreet Can be - viewe a, uw. calars apply at No. 62 Front - slreet febjo lw ar nT YeterdV tbrenoon, a small green ' I J leather Pouch, containing about ninety dollars in note of the diiterent osnis in una citr. . The finder wiU be suitably rewarded and receive the thanks of tlewner, by retur ning the tame with iU contenU to 89 South - et ; leo so T - .. . - . T. : INTERESTING NOVEL. - r - n5ARV'(.I.A. or a mother's marriage; a no K ..i h the author of " The Romance the Pyreunes" Santo Sebastiano" Forest of JMoiitkioano" ana uniuci m S vols, orice 3 dollars. J ust rer ved Tad for sal. by W.B. GILLEY. feb 10 ' 92 Broadwray. IN CHANCERY. . Sit ftWVw - York.ti. IN nunuance of a decretal order of this honora hie court, will be sold at public auction,, at the . Tnniin . - Houm in the .citv of New - York. .Hrh iiirectianof the subtcriber, at one of i h maiieri of this court, on Saturday, the four twoth day of February next, at twelve o'clock At Boon, all that certaiu house and lot of ground, situate on the westerly side of Nassau - street, in (,. tl rrl ward of Ute cilf ol ixew - iora, ana known as number 51, bounded as follows : easterly in front by Nassau - street, westerly in the rear Dy pmpeny ueiooein to mi. naat uuu, northerly bv M nr. noflKBintoirs I nrrra, nau eoutherly by properly of Mr. Elizabeth Giroo court, containitis iu breadth iu front anil rear twenty five feet, in length on toe northerly side one hundred and twelve fcet four inches, and on the southerly side one hundred and ten feet ten inches, be the sane more or Iris ; together with all and siosrular the hereditaments and appurtc nances thereunto belonging. Dated the iid day ol January, lem. . RICHARD I. WELLS, Master in Chancery. Notk The terms of the sale will he as fol lows : 10 per cent on the day of sale. 15 per cent on the first day of May nest, at w hich tiin a deed will be executed and possession given J the residue to be paid in seven years, with interest heJf yearly, secured by a bond aod mortgage on the premises the house to be insured by the purchaser from the said first day of May until the purchase meney and interest thereon is paid, and the policy to be transferred to the mortgagee. or further particulars apply atute mailer's or - fice. No. 60 fine - street ' Jan23d3w t i'be sale of the above property is poMponed watd Thursday, the 9th day of Obruaiy, instant, at hlfpast It o'clock, at the same place. Dated .February. 14. - . " RICHARD I. WELLS.. r fcb 16dta ' M iter in Chaacery, AfU. MJiUA.M HUOK.r.R, o. 20 lr - L f T " corner, of Fulton - streeL Ne w - Tot k, bar iu; received a large supply of the real JAPAN Bl.AUklU, of Lrar il Martin, 97 Hh Hoi bom, Loudoo, effort the same, in wholetale or retail, for exportatioo, or home consumption, on terms the most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. ; . 4 This Inestimable comporition, with half the u saal labor, produces a snost brilliant Jet black. folly equal to the highest japan varnuh; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather t it will not soil the finest linen ; is perfectly free from any unpleasaut smell; sjjd will retain its virtues in any climate. ' As an incontrovertible proof of the superior II f.u:. 1.1 v.: i . . . HWUEIIIC IH tllM lia.KIU, IL II iU 1100a lltB IMI and romoianded the most ettensive sale La all quarters of the globe, for upwards of half a cen tury, t Feb 16 30.000 DOLLAR. PftlZK " HE first drawn number tomorrow mornine, J - at 10 o'clock, in the Medical Science Lot - terv fa entilUH tn f fu r.niiil n r( ni nnn s v,wv uuimr priw ! noaimg. . - : frites yet in the wheel. Piwvdi ... tou,uoo i i price ol yj.oo : u 10,00a a ao loco . And a Dumber of 5oo, 2oo, loo, kc. For these prixei applii attons mttit he made at - TrulT I.UI'kV Office. No 1"? RrnaHa. Where No. 3JtO, which drew the treat prixe iwVvv nvvuiu NIIU IIIIIUCTMltlCiy pttlO, urn the highest prise ever drawn inmerica. , Teh 10 - - i TUlH TX . JHOVHr - i AD DOLLARS. The first drawn number to - morro at ten o'clock, at Union Uotel, in William - street, in thf Medical Science lot tery, No. 4, will be entitled to the cani - 'alpme of $30,000. n iew iicxecs may w VI nau ln" uaT a( v .me rate or rjo, If - i remain unsold U - iair:w., thv imL b,; aJvaiicoil in tn - A t w chiinces may be obtained, amon wUch "' "6U i ue iucy lottery of fice of , t . JUDAH tt LAZ4RU3i xvrk ''iJ VaI Maideo - t,ane. here have been sold in former lotteries most of the highest prises. . Prue hi former lotteries, foreign bank notes, and approved promissory notes, will be received inpayment for tickets. A correct check book is kept at the lucky lottery office, which may be examined at all times n of expence. Cash advanced for prises as CH AWL3. 4 truFses cot'd nnd fringed Cloth kj cnawiv, handsomely assorted, received per "CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, JiaM 7 South - irtreet. HOPS. 2 bales for sxle at 6 outh - t. , by CAMBRELENG ti PE VRoON feb 12 1 fH LiNEN. ioies4 4 InshLim - a, rbr feh 13' W A S.CRAIG. r ii2,,1r - hoxr.s fret JTurkey t - ul'd Figs, .eceivcd. - nnd tot late tj . ' sauoy 2 - ,Tf7 ' tLECANTMAkSElLLE ilJlLT9 AND Jjj GOUNTERrAnto - - njanemea ui.u from5 4tol6 - 4 . . - . v .Counterpaoea fio 9 - 4 to 15 - 4 r - ' Whita, Lbibtf and blue and while bed lace Green wors'ed Cords and Tassels ' Fine Linen Bed Ticks ' - - fi... furniture Chmlses and Dimity Merino Hdkfs. and Shawls, a large aaortment ELpsant Ions scarlet and while Aleriuo and Cashmere Shawls t q.a rmn fiirured and black, raw silk Eh a Soperfiae black Wouibaiines, superior black Italian crapes . , White Cotton Velvet for Painting on Cane Umbrellas, Irish Linen and Diaper Duniask Table Clot lis from 5 - 4 to 20 - 4 nd Russia biieeliiies Eleeant embroiderd and ribbed white Silk - . . r I I . . I . L - Hose. JUfi rrceuru biiu iw me iv GARDINER ft VAN ANTWERP, No. 169 Broadway, next to the corner of Courllaudt - street. feb 14 4t - ; ' ' . s ON OON MUSTARD. 40 boxes first qua. Li lity fresh Londoq Mustard, in boxes of 6 do - tea each. or sale ny .. , . 4 TUCKER & LAURIES, feb 14 ' J9 South - street. 'J lWl.Sfc Kirst quality loudon Seine Also, ' S and 3 thread India Twine, in quantities to suit purchasers, lor sale ny . . . CEBttA & CUMING, feb 14 76 I'earl - streeL TJAi'S, TEAS, fcc14 casis Men's HaU, J. just received from on board the brig I ac tor, from Havre, entitled to drawoack. . IN STORE. 9 chests of tmperial Tea, Huntress' cargo, of a superior qualify. Also, - 60 casks ol French Yellow Ochrei For sale by , HbNRY COWIitU, feb 14 lw ' M9I Front, corner ofFultoo - st f IN 20 btls 1st proof country gin, in band - Jk some new barrels - For sale by . i JACKSON 4c WOOLLEY, Feb 14 2t , . ' ' 75 Wall - st. ! COAL AFLOAT. ;. chaldron of Liverpool new pit coal is 1 JJ now .landing from en board the ship Nestor, lying at Murray's wharf, east side Coffee House slip. These coal will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, and Information may be had by auolvinar on board of the ship, or at the coal - yard, No. 274 Front - street. For sale by ret) 14 bt A. rivAscn.. I AM AIC A RUM. 15 hhds fine old Jamaica I Rum. just received and lor sale by feb 14 R. CRUMP, 80 Piae - street. : CjUEETlNtiS. lOOps. Russia Sheetings, of WJ sup. quality, for sale bv HURD & SEWALL, feh 14 1 65 ijouth - strcet. LLAXStfcD lachsas Fluxseed, kinding this day from schr. Ranger, from Norfolk, for . nVTi'nlTvL'1 f. ' sale bv feb 14 94 Coffee House Slip. iTOLAJSKS tt BUM. 82 cask first qua! IT 1. itv Deir.arara molasses 4 puncheons rum lauding1 from the brig AineUiyst, east aide steam - boat wnai i, pier no. 21 for sale by . . . GEORGE ICY, feb 2 1 No. 4 Kulton - slip r1ANDLES COHCVes eastern mould candles W jiut received, lor sale oy Icon - i . Ji' iatwnm. oj oouin - n. lUi I O.N. ol iiait - s f rune L', lur sale W at bH aoUUi - slreet, ny Jantf WALSH tc GALLAGHER. 0 0 FLOUR. DOO bblssuperf. ) - 86 kalfhblsdo ) Flour, UnJing Ibis day tt bbUnne . Front schr Adeline from Alexandria, and Mar. garet - Ann free Petersburg. For sale by Feb 7 1 1 - .' 92 Coffee House slip. ITVJIl riALE at the U( : No. 48 Maiden - Lane Upholstery Wareuouw, e : 450 feather beds ; hair, wool, moss and flock mattrasses, of all sixes. 5 bales rose and point blankets. JUST OPENED, . Cheap elegant paper hanging, sattin paper and bordering. Rich white cotton fringes, by the groce or dozen. ' Tassels and cords for blinds 300 set of window blinds ' J 56 easy chairs at $15 each , ' " v S2 Grecian sophaa . . First quality iloo's and foot bencbes ,. Loose seats for parlour chairs . 7 Rooms and cabins I'urnithed Chairs and so IT is stuffed and repaired 4000 wt of fathers, hair and moss by the cwt 400 cot bedstead, with a large auorlmeut of upholstery goods. Orders for the spring wilt be thaiutlutly received and punctually attended to, Two journeymen and two apprentices wanted at the above business. N. B. The house and lot No. 51 Roje - street, Cr sale 4 houses and lots in Court - street, AI bauy, and 8 farms in Goshen, Orange county Indupatable titles can be given to the purchas ers. A. oKfJAU. Feb 9 lw PAPER. TI & J. SWORDS having recently become L . agents for the Third River Paper Mill, owned and conducted by Messrs. Morris and Kingsland, respectfully inform the pehlir generally and the trade in particular, ithat they havr now on hand a quantity of the various kinds of paper manniaciured at this mill, consisting oi r ine royal ana medium coiourea, Pine medium printing and blotting, Superfine writiae derav and foolscap Superfine extra folio and quarto post, plain and qpi - pressed. the above iiapera are all of the first quality , ana are ottered at a reduced price, eimer tor cash or approved notes, at a reasonable credit. I i - i : i I . : a f : .U vuii.iam luuitiirv will DC m;rirrii, w iuiiiimi 'mall or extensive orders. Gentlemen who have b en in the habit of receiving paper trom this mill are invited to continue their patronage at the new Bg.'nrj. ien i IjlLOUR. 123 barrels Kirhmond superfine B Flour, mst recervefl and for sale bv . BOOKMAN & JOHN.VTON, feb 1? 57 South - etreet. OODHUEii CO. No. 44 South street, offer KJ for sale, 150 bales of Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of tfaitaa. chowdnzaries. cos sas. emcrties Gurralis, blue gurrabs, entitled to drawback Liong Cloths, mamoody, uiull mulls Sannas, aawns and seersuckers Randannoes and lungee audy silk hdkfs Lotchee aod madras patt rn hdkfs 10 pipes Catalonia wine, - entitled to draw - madeira wine - . oaca iu casts I uraey red wine 174 boxes swret oil, 12 bottles each - ' 1 1 cases Italian letter paper 250 bags corks, 7 case fur hats 45 ceroons prruvian bank, 6 caski senna & cases gum tragagjinth - - 1 case Turkey opium 60 boxes Russia window gja 15 bales Russia fentbers, 15 do do down SSO bolts Russia duck, 1st and 2d quality 40 pigs block tin; copper bolts assorted . Spelter, gunny bags 140 hkds. first onalitv MuscovadaSasar, enti tled to drawback. ' Ieb4 DRY GOODS S eases ihepard's super blue and black cloths - 4 cases 9 - 8 cainbricki t 2 do cotton hosiery - 1 da checked hdkl. last landed from the Hercules, and for sale by . v. - ., - . HURD K 5KWALU, - - ' - f - - 65 South - street. . , . Also received by late arrivals, - i - . ' 8 cases fine bins and black London. ktb'" 10 do japanned and pUtedhats . . . . - , 4 do men's super Londeu do, ; 4 " t Jjatt Cargo or'Tiif! ship ttxix FRdcAL - , CUTTA AND TRANQUEBAR. - v T0 be sold at auction, on Friday,, 20th inst. v at Bo - ton, tha following articles just imported in the slup Pekin - 1509 bag douUe boilM rudnaghore and white . nenares sugar ' 774 bale cotton, of superior quality - i 3V00 bags best patna rire 50 cases indigo, first quality 2000 pieces madrass blue clotlis 2000 pieces do checks 15000 Madrass and 15000 Calcutta goat skins to Dales sumower 70 bags fh:ih sago 18 pieces large ivory , 1.S8 bags tumeric ' 2500 gunny bags ' 4'JO pieces red wood. For further particular, npply to SAML. G. PERKINS it CO. - India Wharf, or to ' BRYANT It ST URGES, feb13 5t '' Central Wharf. E.VJP, LEAD, PAINTS, 61c, Riutiu hem p, in lots to suit purchasers 80 roll sheet lead, 31 - 2 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 tons pig lead 1 50 bales India twine . English sail and seine twine 3 casks Prussian blue, 5 casks Vermillion ' - 3 hhds verdigris .' 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry. white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by , PETER SCHERMERIIORN & SONS, 243 Water - strcet Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 5500 w. Cables and cordage, of all sixes, best quality, with the usual assortmeut of ship chaudlery. Feb 11 tf 13 ID let ts, just received per ship Nestor, from urerpool, lor sale at twoonee House - slip, Dy LA1DLAW, GiRAULT tc CO. feb 11 lOt SN.UsURGS ii PAPER. 1 bale Osna - V burrs, and 1 do Italian Paper, for sale at 76 Pearl - street feb 11 CEBRA & CUMING. TAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Frout - street, offers fj for sale 60 tons clean St. Petcnburg hemp - Rusia duck 1 6000 lbs. green coffee in bbds. entitled lo drawback Roll brimstone, German steel ,' ' do Writing and wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould candles do 1 case Leghorn hats do 2 cases cholets do 1 case plalillas Feb 10 T AM AIC A RU1 At FLOUR. 15 puncheons t 4lh and 5th proof Jamaica rum, of supe rior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore (Howard - street) Dour, landing aod for tale by K. UnU VI t , Feb 9 tobacco, corrov, VLOUtl A.YD WHEAT. IjWTY - EIGIIT hhds prime Kentucky tobacco 26 bales prime new crop N. Orleans cotton 123 bids flour, and 75 bushels wheat Received per briff Thomas, from New - Or leansfor sale at no. H7 Coflee - hoiise - slip, by LAIDLAW, GIKAULT tt CO. W ho have in Store, 1 case French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine black cloth ; 2 cases Madrass Pulicate Hdkfs; and 1 do imitation French cambrics Feb 11 lOt CAN I ON CRAPES. Fresh supply Canton Crapes for sale by ' " - MARCH it LOW, 210 Ilroadway. feb 11 VASalJUEHKS, AVi TT IJYETTS AMD CASSLVKTTS. 4 FEW cases blues, blacki and mixtures, of LJk. various lunns, nanaiactvrcd lor a wiattMtM . . . . . . . market, will be sold low for cash or approved parrr . . .'. . ' ... Also, ai renucca prices, several cases 01 oiue, black and mixed broadcloths, smoni which are some of Wolcoit's superfines, at the UU,1. t - UirAiTI I '3 Ware - House, 148 Pearl - street. ' feb 11 ritOBACCOA RICE. J00 quintals first qua - A. lity Spanish Tobacco 44 tierces prime Rice, per schr. South Caroli na, for sale by JONES & MEGRATH, feb 1 1 i3 south - street. HULL hi BOW ME have just received by the Lorenzo, from London, - JJixon's Antihiiious Pills Hickman's Pills forth gravel, tc. Cbing's Worm Destroying Lotenget Roach's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Ilaywsrd'sTolu litenges Hen'ry's Calcin'd Magnein, And a treneral assortment ol British Patent Mdii iues of repute, not mentioned above ; war ranted g nuine, and lorsale at Jan 4 1m 140 rean - sireei. Oil SALK, the LOP n tlie north side of 1 Cliff - stieet, adjoining those in Beekman - st. Applvto R. IL L. MURRAY, 'eb ij ot 313 rean - sfixf t. T RANDY, FLOUR, FLAXSEED Ai RAl - X9 Sls 20 pipes braudr, best Bordeaux 950 bbls. Baltimore Heward - street flour 64 casks rough flaxseed, and - 400 boxes fresh blown raisins, for sale by ply to - GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 7 130 Water - street. FLOUR and TOBACCO. 600 bbls. Rich niond suim. Flour 29 hhds old and new Tobacco, 120 keirs manufactured d 6 4i 8 hands to the lb. For sale at 106 F.ont street. feb 13 1 ROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. i u.ium aoa r iria uloj imus, O 10 bales superfine sponges . IlSt Vi. Lj J D 4 I.LM. .lit, tV . 34 do paper mills raes. For sale by JNO. M'CRACKA.V, feb 13 3t 82 1 - 2 Peari - strett. BOLTIMi CLOTHS. A LARGE assortment of lwarranted bolting ii. ctotns, lor sale riv JNO. M'CRACKAN, Feb 13 3t 82 1 - 2 Fearl - st. 1 RON 72 tons Eoglub iron, well assorted, now landing from brig Thomas, and will be sold reasonably from the wharf, by G. G. St S. IIOiVLAMJ,' Feb 13 ' 77 Washingtnn - st. "XEEU bKJNl 6 - bales hist quality lorsale XJ by . sauu, feb 7 93 Pine - street. BLUE NANKlSS - atNiO PS. for al by - HURD SEW ALL, feb 11 65 South - street. 50 RUM, Ac. puncheons Jamaica Rum, just arrived and landing trom the ring Liavid Kicnards, iron Falmouth, (Jam.) aod for sale by a. u. uvt r, 69 Washington - street. Who has for sale in store, L. P.TeneriCe Wine, fPasley brand) inqear - ter casks, imported July, 1816 Do do in hhds. and qr.'catks, do Anguit do Do do in pipes, hbds. and qr. casks, do September da " 30 pipes, 100 hhds and 230 qr. casks do entitled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine,hip'd i i 1813, IrcmtbeCape ol Good Hnpe, and euU - tled to debenture Port an J old Lisbon'wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of eUret wme I3i do grave vine and ene cask carqVire. febrtf wff h " bord ot the schr. THREE BRO - lgidTHERS. Foster, master, which will meet with "immediate dispatch. For freight, 1 . 1. I IT - I i . Tj ajipiy wi vuiuu, i vxiitrc iiouio - kiip, weal iiue, or to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 14 No. 130 Water - sL . The New - York built ship NESTOH, .iifywill take a freight for the East - Indies. Should one not offer within a few days, khe will then be put up for Liverpool and dispatched immediately Apply on board the ship at Murrays - wharf, Coflce - liouse slip, or to CHARLES HALL, Feb 13 3t 1 Beaver - st. for Alexandria, UtuTriovn and ff luimgion Ctlu. The schooner ADELINE, Edward Rummey, master, lay in? east side Cot - fce llouse - blip, now loading. For freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to DIVIE UETHUNE&CO. feh 12 92 Coffee House - slip. Fur H ihnmglon, JV. C. The schr UNIUN, Epbraim Ucunelt, i master, will bo ready lo take in to - inor - rw. r or Ireight or passage, apply ou beau, west side Fly - market wharf, or to JONES St MEGRATH, Feb 10 83 South - street For LltEKfOOL. vKl Tna hiP DRAPER, Adanm master, AsiLhavm? bercargo ail engaged, will post, lively sail on Tuesday next, wind aud weather permitting. Two cabin passengers more can be accommodated. Apply to the captain on board, at 1 ly - Market wharf, or to U. W. ROGERS CO. Feb 9 235 Pearl - st For Norfolk or Baltimore, The fine staunch new sloop REGU LATOR. Wo. Sowle. master. For freight apply to GEO. M. WILSON, r eo 7 1JU waicr - si. For CITY POlJfT, (Fn.) ' The brig EUNICE, captain How, will sail in a few days, and will take heavy freight at a low rate. A pply on board at 1 luc - it. wharf, or to CAMBRELENG PEARSON, Feb 6 67 Sonlh - st. liA ue iai lauing I' nwncr ijuuim, Napirr, master, being nearly loaded, I. 1. r . . ,. 1 . , Allfl TIT will sail the first wind for the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Burhng - slip, or to . . b. ALLEY, Feb 3 9:t l'uie - st. rur MATAAZAD, (Cuba.) n nrt trrr u'ili titke what freight may offer this week - For terms apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jim. , ... 57 Front - street For FREIGHT or CAARTF.H, The brig SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. then 156 tons, a staunch good vessel, lately repaired. Apply as above. feb 2 For OFOHJO, The srhr. BETSEY, capt. Turner, slit burthen 97 tons, a substantial pood vessel, only one vear old, having a part of her cargo engaged. For freight of the remainder, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. j .n 31 - 44 South street. For LOAJ)0D.KHY. kt Th. fin. feit ttilinv hin FOSTER. &.52n. Moran, master, having 7 - 8lhs of her cargo ready to go on board, will be despatched without delay, t or ireigni 01 uu 10 aw uercos seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to " Jan 20 W. It S. CHAlli. w - M The brig e'IDNEY, Crispin, 156 tons, iHi staunch good vessel, lately put in good order lor a vnyff w' "rr'r 1A MES D1 WOLK, junr. Feb 13 57 Front - st ForHAFA.VA, The brig ABEONA,. George Gray, master, a staunch good vessel, burthen about 1000 bbls ; to sail on or before the 25 Ih inst For freight or passage, applv to JAMES D'WOLF, junr. Feb 13 57 Front - st For SAFAA AAH, The fast sailing, regular packet schr, MILO, Beetle, master; to sail positive ly 011 Tuesday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Murray's whan, or to BOGERT ft KNEELAND, Feb 13 3t No. 70 South - street BOMBAZETJS. FEW bales black bombaxettt, just received il per ship Nestor, and for sale by DANIEL OAKEY, Feb 10 lw No. 51 William - si. DRAFT 00 savannah, payable in 20 days, Xi. Iorsi37o. tor sale ay 1 acif urn jl JACKSON 0: WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - strrct feh 10 .A - HUE LEAD GROUND IN OIL. VV 400 kegs, of 2Ulb each, White Iead, ground in oil, just received per ship William, lor saie oy TUCKER ft L4URIES, feh 10 29 South - street aJILKd, tic. o cases pongees, 2 do twilled O sarsoets 1 do col'd sattins, entitled to debenture also 3 bales col'd cassimere shawls For sale by CAMBRELENG fc PEARSON, Feb 6 . 'rJ 67 South - st. ITU T by feb II 'KOODHUE ifcCO. . 44 South street Cs LASaW ARE, Aic - 4 boxes assorted glass, f consisting of . Largs sited Window Glass Dei asters. Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, fcc. 2 boxes Fowling Pieces, Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam) oir HAID. A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture 5 ceroons nrst quality lodigo, and 2 bbli White Lead . For sale by . , J. C. ZIMMERMAN, feb 7 Ira 72 Washington - street. OPIRifi OF TURPENTINE and NAlLs O Scsuki Spirits of furpeotiae 6 do ItM Wrought Nails . 3dolOd'Cut do 2 do 6d do do 2 do 4d do 'do Joit received rd for sale by BARBARIN, STANTON & CO. feb 12 lw . 17 Fulton - slip. MARBLE FOR BUJLDIJfQ, tc. fTI II E proprietors of the southern marble qua JL ne, near King's - Bridge, give notice, teal ther have on band, and are rrceiviog, at the Auj "t - butgt JiaroJt ana ltme - 1 ere, 1001 01 . . . .... . m . . r . Beach - street on the Hud. - oa nvcr,au extensiva stock of marble lor building, of the folio wiog d - scriirtions, vix 1 , Ashlar sloping WaUrtable fteps Platforsot Sills Lintels Arches Foundation Stoae Cbimnry - Piecee Facings Colossus Also Lime of the best quality. ITT A constant innnlr of the sbore materials asav be calculated apoo; and those desirous ol purchasing or making nrgment, will apply , j Ztt. LUDLOW, FebU lsa ' At lara. I 1 A M03T DARING ROBBERY. V - Xj - - ON Monday, between the hours of t aod 3 , o'clock, the ohVe ef the subscribers, in 3tate - street, was entered by false keys, (while we were absent to dinner) and ao iron chest o pened, containing bank bills and other valuable papers, taken therefrom. . We can recollect the following, vix 1 - - A Post Note on the Mechanics' Bank of Baltimore, for $500, on demand, dated July 4, 1817, and No. X payable to Fisher Ames, or order The word 14 order" was erased, aud bearer" substituted. ' Tsvo $100 Bills on the bank of North - Caroh na. About 4900 in Sfelem, Beverly, Marble. head, Newburypott. Lvnn, and Havrehill bank bills. From 3 lo 1000 iu current bank bills. A check lor $230 62, signed by John Dodge, of salem. - A quantity of New - York Bank Bills some old II alio well aud Augusta bank bills, aud some of the Penobscot bank Abo, a small leather hag, containing gold, among tvhich was a liht doubloon Also, 420 Spanish dollars. CO A person of middle stature, with a Scotch plaid cloaK, w:ui seen about half past 2 o'clock, opening the oflQce. , 5U0 Dollars reward will be given for the re covery of the property, or a geuerous reward for any part ol the property or the detection of the thief; and all persons are invited tn use their endeavours to bring to light this most daring and high banded villainy. WYMAN it STONE, No. 76 State - street, Ho ton. CT3 The publishers of the New - York Evening Post and Herald; Philadelphia Gaxette ; Baltimore Federal Republican ; National Intelligencer, and Richmond Enquirer, are requested to publish the above three times in their rcipec - tivc papers, and forward a paper containing it, with their lull, as above. Feb 14 D&C3t Jill The new brick Store no. 62 Stone st Apply to T.&J. SWORDd Feb 14 A COUNTING ROOM To LET. I PLEASANT Counting Room on the lower . floor of the store No. il'J Soulli - sti cel. Ap ply at No. tOSouth - strcrt d - M 14 ST. JOHN'S HALL, No. 8 Frankfort - street gL WILL be sold at public auction by FJoff - V - njl'man Hi Glaos, on I uesday the 17th nut. at 12 o'clock in the CoffceHouse luiormation asto the property, title and terms of tale may be had ty applying to Cornelius Uogert, 10. 14 ccuar - street. This propertv will be peremptorily sold on the day above mentioned to rl.xe the, but on eligible terms for the purchaser. fel7dts TO LET, The three story brick dwelling, 27 Nor folk - street Enquire of COX & JbONTAUDEv IbKT, - Feb 13 96 VTalM. 'Jt l.KT, The bouse No. 4!15 Broadway, to which is ail Hched coachhouse, enrdi 11. pumii. titteiu und bath nouse, all in excellent order and at pre sent occupied bv Ahin. Hell. Possession given on or bcfoie the 1st of May nest. Enquire 0 the premises, or of 8. B. MUNN, ' lei) 13 lw Z'.u l ean - sireei. TO htT, From the 1st of May next, the lower counting room of No 54 South street. AL.00, The upper counting room, No. 71 SoubVit. Apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. lei) 13 01 1 ronwren - STORKS TO l.F.'l The four slorv fire proof Store, No. 92 R,.i,ii. street, next to the corner of Fulton - street and near the Ferry , at present occupied by Messrs l ownsenoai wime. The four storv fire proof Store No. 91 South street, adjoining the above, at present occupied by Mr. 1 nomas s. 1 nwnsciui, ALSO. The store. No. 213 Front sfreet, next to the corner of Crane - wharf, now occupied by Messrs moil e iieuuioim. The four story tire proof store No. 24 1 A aler street, nenrrecu sun Anpiy so PETER SCHERMERIIORN & SONS. Feb 14 fit No. 243 Water - street. LOTTKItY NOTICE! ROBERT WAITE, Junr. advises those of I is customers, who have not chnnces in the present LotUery to ohtniu litem immediately, as there will be no drawius until Tuesday next. (he day on which the first drawn number will be entitled to 3U,uuu aonars. Robert Waite. Junr. has already sold and paid more prises in thepresent lottery, than any other vender of tickets in Broadway. Should the ca pital prise be sold by him, he will pay the cash for it the moment it is drawn, aod will not dis close the name of the bolder. Present state of the wheel. 3o,ooo dollars I 3 of 1, 000 dollars dollars 01 000 aoisr rs 3.000 dollars o 01 zoo uuimrs 3o of loo Dollars. Besides the usual proportion of smaller prises. A few Tickets and Niare, lor sale ny 330J5roatlway; feb 14 2t 30.000 DOLLARS! S 1 TEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 4, IV I now drawing 5 times a week. The tint drawn number at 40 o'clock next Tuesday morning, will be entitled to Urn grand capital pnae of 50,000. 146JH'oJiuVvay: Anticipate lbs pleasure of distributing the above rich prize in shares of tickets to the widow, the orphan, and those in adversity, whom Fortune balhnot hitherto eoliveued with her smiles. A few warranted undrawn tickets and shares may be obtained, if applied for' soon, for which prise tickets aud foreign bank notes wdl be re ceived at par. rso is xi 1 HIE next number to be drawn, which will be I - n, 1 : t I r u..j.. on 1 aeiHjnv niuruiiic, 1 iiit - u v, mvuu.ii will he en tilled to the cnpuni pnre 01 THIRTY 1HOUSAJYD The manneers have consented to this arranee ment in !rder to accommoilate those who have not auoDlied themselves with chnnces for the a - bore splendid prise 1 a iew wnoie ucsca, uivc, ouartees a Ml eignms, warraniea unurawu, yet be obtained at Lottery and Exchange UflVce, Wo. 54 ilaiden lanv. Where base been sold the Highest Fkwtmg Prise yet drawn, vis. 16.897, fooo. - The following are the prises now remaining in the wheels, fix. - . ' 01 3o,ooo eoliars 1 1 1,000 eoiiars of lo,ooo dollars I 1 of l,oo4 dollars of 3,000 dollars I t of 1,000 dollars Several of 5ks 2oo, loo, &c. , G. ft R. W ATI E will advance tbecssb for all prists as soon as drawn. . feb 14 21 PURITY OF HEART, or a Woman as sbe should be; as interesting tale, by an old wife of twenty years, price Si 1 - 2 cents, just published and for sale by COLLINS HANNAT, Feb 13 i ' , JtJO Pearl st. the of of jrj.,t: - ' BYJ.P DIETERICttwV . AT PRIVATE SALE, : 5000 arres of. land, in Wood County. (Va.) within 10 miles of Marietta, end 5 wiles ire in the Ohio River. I2U0 do in the town of Plaftsburgli, Clintou County, New - York. 400 do; in tike County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent isnpso - ved farm ol 200 ucreson tlie Co.tuctoii turnpike road. The two last will l.e exchanged forfro - perty in the city M New - York, or lor rnerchan d;ze. Aply at the auction room. - '; . - . r - " .NOTICE. . ' . Tt 07" The subscribers havirtr entered into'parl' nersliip, the STOeK 4z EXCHANGE BUSINESS heretofore couducti d by R. H. N r.VINS will be continued under the firoicf KLVIAb h TOVVNSEND. ' RUSSELL II. NEVINa, " feh 3 ELIHU TOWNSEM). NOTICE - . ... KJ'Thc citizens are .requested to be particu lar iu causing the snow aud ice on the siJr walks and gutters to be cleared eft, and when it cm, not te done without injuiy to the pavement, to be ' itrewed with sand oruihes, in conio:mity to an ordinance of the corporation in such case made and provided As their safety and ccmforl materially depeuds upon their attention iu this par - ticnlar, it is presumed that the law on this sub ject wilLbe strictly complieJ with.. : J .N O. ircow , street iommusioncr Street Cons. Office j Feb - 3,1 Feb. IS 18. TAKE NO l it r . 05" All persons biiving denmrids against, aria those indebted to the estate ot William RoeVrs, deceased, are requested to rr.ll upon 1'HOMAS ' MASTERS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall - street. Da ted Jau. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, EgnctHfii..' Jan 21 dim KultrytanHocitlif ( vnccrl. ' . 07" The cuiuuiitiee ol U.Lutetpean Society having resolied lo give asecind conceit on the Mtliin - t. at the City Hotel, each memlier will be entitled to six tickets, by apph iig to the secretary at No. 20C Broadway, on' or before the , 21st inMaiit. By i rder, feb 9 t24 JOSEPH KNfGIIT, Sec'ry. '1 he assignees of the estate of Mrs Sid. ney Hewitt, (in order to give tint. - for all her creditors to come in and parti' ipate in the funds provided for tliem.) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the lst of March ensuing ' Feh 2 lm ... ll.MO.y BANE, idlhTVl.ruarv. M18. ' (gy '1 he stockholders are r quested to attend at Hie banking house. No 17 V'ah - street, on '1 hursday, tlie 12th day of March next, to elect eleven directors lor the ensuing year. Tjve pull will open nt ten o'clock and shut at two. The transfer books will be shut from 1st until 13th March. , - . By order of the board of directors, feb 101m JOHN LOW, Cntljer. CORTOKAIION Nlllcl.. , - . tt7" Application having been made to (he cnipornlion lor opening and extending OUier - stn et iroju tsancKer - sceci 10 wnatnam - square Notice is thercforHeiventoall persons iutcreit - ed therein, that they shew cause, 1; uny thryhave, why said street should m t be imeoed and impru - veil, agreeably to the prayei of the petitioneis. ' 1 lie ohiectinns to be uiauc iu writing en or be fore the 10th inst, . . 1 By order, '. - ' 1 JOHN M'COMB. Street Commissioner. Street Commissioner's Office, - , lOlli Feb. 1818. fetll rr It is narttculai'lv reciucslcd. that the gentleman who borrowed a Field ilook, of the subdivision ot ireat Lot io, 4, in tiir iiamen - burgh patent, would return it tothe subscrn beratNo. 2Gi ecnuich.str 'Ct, ' feb 11 lw JOHN It. LIVINGSTON. ' . NOilCE. Or - To avoid niiktnkts which occur, by reason of a similarity in firms, L. A - .VM. W, D'FOREST will hereafter do l usiness under tlie firm of D'r OttEST A SON. J feb II Iwt MO TICK. fjr All perroos having claims against the es - lateof CapL William Taylor, deceased ate dc - sind to prewnt them In the subscriber lor set tlement, and those indebted to said estate are re quested to make payment without delay. Jli'ltB JVl'ISKIUt., feb 12 lm Administrator. TO THIs. tVBUC. ; fij G. SAUNDERS, maker aud vender of rawr - strops, having lost his all by the late fire,, and himself, wile and child having narrowly es - capeJ with their lives, by the advice of several of his friends and customers, has opened a sub - . scnpUon at the following places, to give the nu mane and charitably disposed an opportunity of assisting him in his distress, vit : at Hyde il N evens', corner ol Broadway and Maidtn - lane J Priori: Dunuing's, No. Ill Water - street; and at Megary's book - itore, No. 20 Wall - street; where donations, however trilling, wiU be thank - . fully received. . - i , - Feb 14 G. SAUNDERS., - frT - 'The creditors 01 the estate of David Hun - ' tington, bookseller, are requested to meet at Hoiigkinson's, corner 01 1 uiton and nassau - sf. Monday evening next, at 7 o'clock, on busi ness of importance feb M2t NOTICE. ftr The copartnership heretofore existing be tween the subscribers, under the firm of N. 8." Davies A Co. is bbis day dissolved by mutual con sent. The debts due and daunt agaiust said Grin will be settled by N. S. Davies. . . . , N. 3. DAVIEs, t , A. W. TRAPPAN, ., - The business will in future be i - onducid by. N. Smith Davies, under the firm of N. Smith D' ies At Co. ieb 14 ROB ROY, frr - Bv the celebrated author of Waverhr, Cuy Mannering. Antiquary, Tales of My Laudlord, A:c. Ac. which has long been anxiously expected, will be published early next week, and the subscribers to tlie CIRCULATING LIBRARY, No. 124 Broadway , corner of Cedar - strett, will be liberally supplied, with that, and every oth er interesting new work. Several naie laieij arrived from London. ieo i Krrni.r rtv RETAIL.' THE subscriber, in addition to his former extensive varieiv, has jurt opened an assort - ... - r r.(n interior ooallly, winch be has issst received from an eminent Needle Mane - ficturer in England, on terms which enables him to warrant tliem lo bis customers, consist in or ttiperfine gold eyed needles 1 ' . . - Imperial eensf Sharps, j . - . . , Imperial silver eyea howwoi . .warira irow liuiiial silver eyed bluids f No. 1 to 12. Imperial darners and - , . Mu - kimie's saddler's blunts. J No Cains will be spared by the - subscriber to keen at all times as complete an assortment of above articles as any in the city, and his customers may be assured that aooe but best nee dles will be kept by him. Also, an assortment rich clasps for ridicules. n. 011111 rn.tiiiion. ' Successor to Mr. N. Smith. At bis wholesale and retail perfume manufac tory, sign of the Golden Rose, No. 149 Broadway. feb tf BWOMFIELD & FRAZEK'S PA TEXT. THE publio are invited to call at No. 38 Ma'iden - Iane. and examine au open store just conrtrnctcd by the subscribers, after a model imported from Amsterdam, with rmpruvemeua their own, aud now fey the first base made in the United States. This patent combines all the ronveniences and comforts of an open fire place, with all the ad vantages of a close stove ; aooru - . t the chf ip heat 01 the latter aoau. time the hau - lsome and pleasant appearance 01 the former. For bed chambers they are uupa - rallelled by any invention yet seen in this coun - S. 1 BLOOMFIELDkFRAiJER. Feb 12 tf 1 ' if I! 1.1 - Hi : f m M . V . it ' is 'y e) . .v .. f

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