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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, December 10, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL XIL No. 60. Gettysburg, Pa^, Wednesday, Decembe- 10th. 1913. Prict l»o [» ,v . t' * ft' *· »? * ; -, I .: .i - J i, -" V -' · -* * , 1. ' IMMMMMM "I- -. i% I -' *' Christinas N e c k t i e s ECKERTS STORE, "On the Square- TO PLACE ARCH t «R_AVENUE Massachusetts to Consider Spending $30,080 on Memorial at Gettysburg. Arch over Hsncock Avenue is Proposed. I Having in mind the erection of a ; memorial arch over the entrance to | Hancock avenue at the Taneytovra j road, commissioners from Massachusetts visited Gettysburg to-day. The state has no monument here and the plan to secure an appropriaiioi from $30,000 to $50,000 with the memorial arch as the most favored design. KILLED IN HIS BUSY DAYS IN OWN feHST MILL! TOWN Frank Welk Meets Tragic Death in his Grist Mill Hear Littlestown. Caught in Machinery. Had Both Legs Broken. Frank We!k, -who operated a grist mill a short distance beloiv Littles-; church has decided to place a roof of fown on the Baltimore pike, was kill-j t jj e j,est black Bangor slate on the ed Tuesday evening when he v.-as j church, replacing the present wooden caught in the machinery, sustaining 1 roo f United Brethren Church Gets Hew Heating System. College Congregation wiH Put on Slate Roof. Episcopal Parish House. council of the College Lutheran h is in a v e r - state ol - VETERAN DIES FROM EXPOSURE Joseph Dewald, a Veteran of the Civil War, Dies in a Barn Hear East Berlin, from Exposure and Exhaustion. i it is injuries from which he died two hours j repair. The new roof will tost in the day. ion of I later. - neighborhood of SSOO. It ib the inten-' exhs k was alone 5n the at eighborhood of $800. tion of the council to have Joseph Dewald, eighty-four years old, a veteran of the Civil War, died Tuesday at 11 a. m., in the bam of James Altland, near East Berlin, where he had sought shelter last Fri- Death was due to exposure and 1 exhaustion. Albert Altland, a son of the work' James, on going to visit the veteran, A^/'AI TFR*S THFATRF ColonelE. O. Skelton and Rafph Vf X^JLi i. JLuIA. tj L L J.I^f/*m. X IA..LJ - ,^^ m - rnm *» m h^ ,,,- rho «xr,=c_ LUBIX SELIG YITAGRAPH "THE TIGER" YITAGRAPH DRAMATIC The trainer kills his wife. The beast, smarting under its masters abase, serves, in the hands of the girl's father, to wreak veangeance upon him. Charles Kent and Anita SEcv»ar"c sustain the dramatic situations -with great power. SPELL OF THE PRIMEVAL - SELIG A fine little Romantic play. 'POKER ?AID" LUBIX COMEDY A rube is fleeced, but wins oru Beautifully ·'TEIIS ISN'T JOHN LUBES'COMEDY A real iarce. But John Laughs Last. THE GARDEN" AUDITORIUM SKATING to-night- Steam heated. GRAXD DAXCE l COLLEGE ORCHESTRA. Thursday December 11. Dire say the Best Dance Floor to be found anywhere. Admission Ladies lOe. Gentleman 25c. Evervbodv Welcome -Join the crowd for this grand affair. 8 to 11.33 Adam's Cram, members of the "Mass- the time of the accident. He had stoop- j j O ne at the earliest possible date so j at 9 a. m. Tuesday, found him be- ed down to pick up some corn cobs on j ^ t ; t may be in place before the numbed by the cold, weak and semi- the floor when Ms clothing was caught achusetts Commission 01 -he placing *}' 2 bo *" c on * e main shaft. His coat of a memorial on the battlefieJa or Gettysburg by the state in honor of the sons of Massachusetts who fell in that battle", arrived in Gettysburg on Tuesday evening with Colonel Lewis E. Beitler to go over the local situation wi'th reference to the selection of a site for the proposed Massachusetts memorial here. The commission was authorized by "as torn from his body and he was wound about the shar^. Both his legs were broken and he sustained very severe internal injuries. Some one passing by at the time heard Mr. Welk's cries for help and, rushing in, they succeeded in stopping heavy snows of the v. inter come. The new . parsonage on Springs avenue is conscious. Altland hurried to the Farmers' ho- LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS ,-,----- f Correspondents send in Muy (teas of Interesting News f row their Respective Towns, and Many Brief Hems. ARENDTSVILLE Arendtsville--A number of our patrons and the teachers of our schools met on Friday evening and organized a Home School Association- The following were elected as officers: Prof. Roy D- Knouse, president; Mrs. A. I. Weidner, vice president; Mrs. Allen R. Trostel, secretary; Mrs. Emory E. Sheely, treasurer. Matthew M. Hughes, of this town, purchased Andrew Flickinger's pro- nearing completion and will be ready te! and telephoned for Justice of the j perty near this place, 20 acres with for occupancy before Christmas. j Peace W. S. K. Brown, for the pur- j improvements, on private terms. Mr. An improvement that is expected to · pose of having Dewald taken to the mean much to the members of the \ York county almshouse. Arrangements United Brethren Church and Sunday j were made to take him there and Mr. School is in course of installa'iion. A j Altland, Mr. Brown and Constable W. complete steam heatrng plant is being A. Wagner went to the Altland barn they extricated him from his position and took him to bis home. A physician the legislature of that state and ap- was summoned bat it v.-as at once seen the engine. With the help of neighbors installed that will heat the entire' shortly after 11 o'clock. When they MUSIC BY THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA EACH EVENING P H O T O P L A Y LUBLX ESSAXAY SELIG AX EXCLUSIVE PATTERX ^Lubin Comedy The haberdasher when he sells a vest, claim? thac it is an exclusive pattern. btit it happens thac there are .more like ir when a tramp steals it from oil ihe clothes iine. rAXAMAHATIXDUSXRY - Lubin TU'O TOO MAX Y Selig Comedy Bacaelor Webster. -Alien he^ets a running start. i»verdoes_the matter and sets ensa^e-l to two ^i-"5 J at the same time- "With KATHLYX TYTLLIAMS UOXXIEOFTHE UILL-i -. Essanay Tvri men ji'alou^ of es.-h t-ii:er are guniiins for each other and the girl tries to help tn^ n-an of" her .-I-oae. A story of die We=t. .Shew-starts'6-3(F:.-- i - - " Admission.. 5c to all. " pointed bj- the governor. In addition to Cclcnel Skelton and Mr. Cram, the other member is Augustus J. Hoict- An appropriation for preliminary expenses has been made and the commission is expected to make their report at the next session of the Massachu- -- I setts State Legislature in January {when it is expected that an appropriation will be authorized and a commission appointed to go ahead with j the work- Mr. Cram, one of the members vrho. was here to-day, is the architect who will draw up "the plans for the memorial. - that nothing cosld be done to save his life and all efforts were directed to make the remaining moments of his jv^e of the church property. life as comfortable as possible. Mr. Welfc is survived by his wife and one daughter, "Mrs. Samuel Harmon, of near Tanevtown. PARTY AND DANCE McGlaughiin Home Scene of Affair on Wednesdav. Social For Your Christmas Clothes While here The commissioners and Colonel Beitler stopped at the Eagle Hotel- They left at 2:55 this afternoon for Washington where they will lay their desires before the proper oScials cf the War Department in the hope that~their selection of a site may be ratified. The design of the monument cannot come up for Approval until it has been drawn up. tiougti the general plan of having an archway advanced. A party and dance v.-as given at the home of Curtin McGlaughiin on Wednesday evening--Those present; ilr. and Mrs. Cnrtin McGlaughiin, Mr. and Mrs- Charles Musselman, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Slonaker, Mrr and Mrs. Joel McGlaughlin, Miss.cS Ruth Kane. Grace Baltzley. Mas Stover. Bertha Staraer. Teddie McGlaugTSin, Esther RiggeaL ' Bertha Keller. Faith--Bahadey r Hilda .1. Nancy IfcGlaughlin, Esther Bittinger, Anna McGlaughiin. Helen Sump, Alice Rebert. Helen McGIacgh- chureh building. The old hot air fur-j arrived they found Dewald had died, nace is about -.vorn out and the nev.-j Dewald has no known place of resi- systezn vrlli replace it- The entire cel-Jdence, but is well known in the vicin- lar is being excavated and concrete icy of East Berlin, where he has ap- will be laid, adding not a little to the' peared at intervals. On Friday he |v.-ent to the Altland farm, which is All the interior work at the parish not occupied and slept in "the barn. He house of the Church of the Prince of was not a well man at that time. AI- Peace has been completed with the bert Altland, who lives about a half exception of the paintipg and the ( mile a-svay,\ knowing the old soldier building will soon be ready for actual was sick in the barn, stopped in to see occupancy. The Rev. Leroy F. Baker,' him, and made the discovery that he general missionary of the Harrisburg was dying- Diocese, vrill preach the sermon at the j service at 7:30 this evening. All are EDWARD H. SINCELL JR. invited. The true Cnristmas spirit was man- Graduate of Last Year's Senior Class ifested in act-on taken this week by! at College Died at Oakland. the orScial board of St. James Luther- J an Sunday School when thev decided'. Edward H. Sincell Jr., a graduate to do away with the annual treat to, of Gettysburg College last June, died the senior and adult denartments and, at ^s home in Oakland, Md., this give each class the money instead,' morning after an illness of several frith the suggestion that the money be vreeks from typoid fever. He would used Jn the purchase of things needed ..have been twenty two years by poor families. All the preparations J December 23. ^ lif» vex t^aan Tryirsrta -F^vj-"*-f-T* "K*»-ro''n~ -ts-Vfi/*li · -L XI6 IZS*VS OI lughes will plant it in fruit trees. Howard Walter had the water piped o his house and added a bath tub and other modern conveniences. Samuel Jacobs had" the buildings at lis home place nicely painted. Jacob H. Wierman spent several days with relatives in York Springs ast week. Dr. Leroy Merriman exhibited a unch of ripe raspberries in the post ofnce last week. Dandelions and ox- eyed daisies were in bloom. The grain fields make a good appearance and the awns look as fresh and green as in the month of June. CTTT , the leading taller, -vvip \ TIRED OF LIFE . ycu tha most saiisfsczicn. Our: stock of TTiraer fabrics -is - e::c=piion- J cITy fine :n cheviots ~nd ~crs:£ds of rues,. t ck:r;r patterns and vrenves. be I In. Mae McGlaugnlin, Alma. Slonaker. ! Maria McGlaughiin^" --Messrs. Robert Bakzley. Dale Kaae.-Ciair Hartman, Floyd HartmaR. ,Ira -Minter. Harry Lower- Clyde Geyer_ Glen Riggeal. ! Merrin F. Rebert Said "he Did not Care for Lifter in commenting- on the recent death Mcrvin F. Rebert the Waynesboro The Quality Shop! of Record says: A Waycesooro ma 10 knew Reb- j ert for many years, having been a "WTLL rr?_ SELIG^IAT'J t ncLTn^' 1 ^!^-*- /-.*" li^o --^-.i- ^*-,-n r*mo rvi»r The Cash Tailor aiHH HHinmMUHHniIlH:UIHHH!HI!HII5l!llHIIII»HIHHnHHlHHIIiniIIII!HlI " F I L M S . C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer _ oar entire stock is of the star dard E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the Sevelopinent of films. Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention- H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E J. H. ITCBER, Druggist. (neighbor of his for some time, mei Shim recently in Gettysburg. Rebert [had not engaged in conversation with ' iiim for several years but on the day j referred to he called to him and talk- H j ed at length with him. Among other ^ | things, Reberc said: ''I'm not feeling well. I can't eat and I don't sleep well. I don't care any more -whether I live or not.'' THERE EVERY DAY = ! Pupils Perfect in Attendance during the Third Month. f Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These, the underlying featares which radiate \-is"ily Ihron^h all oar "cloths and characterize them smart. , J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. The following pupils attended the Biglerville Grammar School every day during the month which ended Dec. S: Esta Slaybaugh, Blanche Slaybauga. Hazel Deatrick. Eva Fohl, Anna Groupe, Marie Bowers, Belva Fohl, Isabella Schlosser, Muriai Oyler, Margaret Stahl, Ora Stonesifer, Mary Fioto, Margaret Bacher. Carl Slaybaugh, Howard Bowers, Russell Cook, George Walter, Biake Fohl, Lloyd Kieinfelter. There -were seven cases of tardiness- have for'the bazaar is to be held Friday and Saturday in old of Tns^eafK"-was receded here -with sincere regret by scores" 1 of the social rooms by the Young Ladies' , his 5 college and in town. "He Guild. The proceeds will be used for haii spent a'year in Prep - and -four the building fund and for charity- After the usual - n:id-week prayer! Peter MusselinaiV Glair Rebert. Biain McGlaughiin. Carl- McCleaf. Lu-^er Baltzley, Raymond Baltzley, John 3altzley. Earl Kump. Dorsey Rebert. Orney Sebert. Paul Rebert, Paul Kane, Robert Bcyo. Ross Boyd, Clarence · Rebert- Robert Shultz, Mert Shultz, Zraest Shultz. Calvin Musselman, Daniel Muselman, Laurence Baltzley, Leonard Musseiman, Emory Baltzley, John Keller, Paul Mondorff, Charles Slonaker, Jacob Starner, Ray Bitting- sr. Dale Bittinger, LloVd McGlaugnlin, | v ** *^ ' * QOT-V7 Laarence McGlaughiin. [years in college daring^which time he endeared Thinisetffto-- many Get- sen-ice la the Methodist church this, 'cysburg people. He was a general evening ncniinatior.s will be made for favorite at college Tvhere he had .an the orScers cf the Sunday School dur-i anusual number of friends. "He was a t l . . . . . " . TT« . * _ · "it * TT»T»i"»O"» 1 -' rvF ·f'VlO ^inr»!«3 ^VlT -y*»^i -f I-I.I-T-* ·? yr-- ing the coming year- The election will be held next Wednesday e\ ening. the newly elected officers assuming their duties the first of the vear. membef- of the Sigma Chi fraternity- He leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs- Edward H. Sincell. \vho have visited here frequently, and one brother Mil- j ton Sincell who also attended college ADDRESS PLEASED nere. Mr. Duncan Addressed ClsarSeld Elks! FOR NEW CHURCH on Sunda-v. its account oi tne Elks memorial | Aspers May Get a Lutheran To Hold Meeting. Church. FIGHTING 1OCK JAW Make Fight for Life of Wenksville Tetanus "Victim. Tweniy-fi\ e thousand more units of tetanus antitoxin "were given Tuesday morning to Harry Smith, of Wenks- .-ille, the tetanus victim at the Harrisburg: Hospital, -who TJOXT has 100,000 jnits in his veins. Physicians at the ,ervice held at CiearSeld, the Daily! A public meeting will be held on ! Public Spirit of that place said of: Thursday evening fn Locust Grove Charles S- Duncan, Esq. in part as School, at Bendersville Station, for follows: ''Charles S- Duncan, of Get- j tne purpose of discussing the forraa- rysburg Lodge. Xo. 1045. was the ( tion of a congregation, the selection of orator of the day. Bro. Duncan, w h o ' a site and the building of a Lutheran is one of the leaders of the Adams' church at Aspers- Rev. George 31. county Bar. is a finished orator and ! Diffenderfer, D. D.. of Carlisle, secre- his effort delighted all his hearers. His j tary of the Board of Church Exten- nospital are making every effort to save the life of the man and they say ne is showing some Improvement since the McSHERRYSTOWN McSherrystown -- Dr. V. H. Lilly -rho has been confined to his bed for he past two weeks suffering from grippe, is greatly improved. A. J. Brady had a severe attack of cute indigestion on Saturday evening. The graduates of St. Mary's Parochial School have organized an^AIont- ai Society- The new- organization starts -with 24 members. Sarto, the six-year-old son. of Mr_ and Mrs. Calvin Young, underwent an operation for the removal of his ton- ails and-adeiioids on Satarday'evening. Dr. Edward Meisenhelder, Jr., of the York Hospital staff, performed the .operation- _ - -' St.- Mary V Dramatic Society is now rehearsing" a ^western drama' entitled "The Frozen, Trail", under the direc- don of Rev. Fr. McGee. The play will be given about the- second _week in A reception of the Sodality was held ·n St. Mary's church Monday evening when 48 boys and girls were received into membership- Rev. Fr. Killian, of the Paradise Orphanage, delivered ax address and received the nevr members- remarks throughout were listened to.sion. address the meeting. Rev. antitoxin has been given ! t Re e ] ect _ with the closest attention and no ad- Joseph Arnold, pastor of the Lnther- dress in the experience of these mem- an church at Bendersville. will alsc orial services ever elicited more uni-jbe present. A cordial invitation is ex- versal expression of approval or pre- ! tended to 'chc people of the community sented the cause of iJikdom in such to be present at the meeting. plain, understandable language to , those of his hearers who were not of j MEETINGS him. Smith has been in the hospital! '-Bro. Duncan is an able eloquent, !R , .... T =dTi° last. Frir'sv -nri»r, Tio TL-TMr thorp i ,, , , v-,, , ,. . - t , Bendersville Temperan since last Friday, -when he -event there with his jaws rigid. Elk and made a whole host ce Union will Meet on Thursday Evening. CHRISTMAS EXERCISES j County Sunday Schools I Christinas E to Have j of friends by his genial personality j j and good fellowship during his stay] The fourth educational meeting for in Clearfield." ; Butler township and Bigierville bor: oagh teachers will be held at Bender's SEVEN STARS Seven Stars--Mrs. William Wentz ind daughter. Mrs. Roy Wentz and son, and Mrs. David Ervin, of Gettysburg, spent a day at the home of W. I. Settle. :. A. J. Shank and family spent Sunday in Gettysburg- Mrs. Martha Hamilton, who has been spending 'ehe summer here, has gone to Reading where she will spend .he winter with her son, Robert Hamilton. Invitations are being sent out for he wedding of Miss Ruth Ball to John Rebert, of McEnightstown, December IS. Mrs. John Stoner was dsitor at Fairfield. a week-end SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS flay from Harold Bell Wright's Book Coming to Gettysburg. D". A. R. MEETING 'Church school house. December 1~2. ] The following program has been pre- NOT SO MANY Several Books, not Several Hundred, ·were Given to Library. Fairplay Sunday School will hold its j Daughters of the American Resolution P° pared: " shali be done with For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you, I The report coming from York Conn- jty that Dr. Granvfile had presented ] several hundred books to the Sieling | library was largely exaggerated- Dr. JGranville says that he gave some \ books concerning the college but they 'twere only about a half dozen in number. Christmas entertainment Sunday j evening, December 14, at 7:30. Ex-ery-; body welcome. Pitzer's Sunday School will hold its j annual Christmas entertainment on Hold Monthly Meeting. . ] Attitude oi the Teacher toward tne The Gettysburg Chapter D. A. R.,' Pupils," Miss Raffensperger; "The In- ..eld their regular monthly meeting fJuer.ce of the Home on the Pupils' 7 , with a verv good attendance. It was JI»ss Longsdorf; Current tvents, * - O _ _ _ * - · · · - i-»- HUSBAND ARRESTED ! Charged with Pointing a Gun I Wife. at his FreshJJaily CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N the house at the point of a gun. Ambrose Heller, of Goodyears Sta- jtion, was arrested by Constable Jerome Kauffman of Carlisle at Heller's home charged with assault. It is alleged that Heller drove his wife out of annual v^nnstmas entertainment on,"'-" -- --- * ·,-. _- TwssdBT evening, December 16. Dr. A. j decided that the annual colonial tea , -*iss Face. E. Wagner, of the College Church, will be giver. Feb. 21st, as the twenty sec- j _ _ _ _ J TX""-- .-- i..--.. .*·»··" jvw»*-- lUo»T r******'* t o l * ^ f\TI Bendersville W.C. T U. deliver the address. NEW DIRECTOR Gettysburg National Bank Has Director on its Board. Newr ond. Washington's falls on' meet at the home of Mrs. Ruth Wai- evening, December Sunday. The subject for the prize es- ' hay. Thursday say ba^ beer, selected and sent to Prof. J llth. Josiah W. Prickett, of Menallen township, was o«i Tuesday sworn in as a member of the board of directors of the Gettysburg Na"aonal Bank, Mr. Prickett succeeds J. P. Bigham who has moved to Altoona. Bi-rgoon. "Education in Colonial I Days". The judges chosen are Rev. F. j CARRIER EXAMINATION I E. Taylor, Dr. W. A. Granviile and ; Prof. Richard S. Kirby. ALL millinery at half price. Mrs. D. J. Riele, Basement First National Bank.--advertisement 1 COMING EVENTS Rural Carrier Examination here Next Month. For Idaville Route- 2s o modern writer of fiction can claim as many readers as Harold BeH Wright, his books having sold into the millions. The most popular of the Wright novels, The Shepherd of the Hills-" has been made into a play by Mr. Wright, with the assistance of Elsbery W. Reynolds. The first presentation of "The Shepherd of the Hills" in this city will be given at Walter's Theatre. Friday evening, December 19. The story has been so widely_read ;hat a resume of it is practically unnecessary- It is a story of the Ozark mountains and of a people that live wholesome, clean lives, who do big things in a matter-of-fact manner. It is a play that makes its auditor a better man or woman for having seen it,--advertisement Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburg | ty^burg on January 10 for rural mail r _ juu. -«.* MM *^VAV« +-i ft Tr3rT»-i 11 A »irtc» H r or*i/»a for Coming Weeks. Dec, 12-13--Bazaar. St. James Lutheran church. j · Dec. 19~-"The Shepherd of the Hills". I SEE ad of Harry Miller's sale or. An examination will be held in Get- i REDUCTION sale: off trimmed hats and fancies. Miss Hollebaugh, Baltimore street.--advertisement 1 carrier from the Idaville post office. All Adams County residents are eligible. BIG reductions in a fine line of ladies' and girls' coats. 50ct aluminum Walter's Theatre. _ sauce pans SO cts. Thomas Brothers, another page.--advertisement 1 · ttiglerville.--advertisement 1 IFWSPA.PK

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