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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, February 16, 1818
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Utti wbmI ,T that t th coars of mj tkrnmtitmt on this (?t,efV bU ai'prscUcii bow going an in thi city, I spok lot the atizenca.nt th surcmtenani, Pfekstty, tn sxnSsarited ternaarrmij r . i - iz rvr - :r.;4 tkl Out Officer hat 3si particularly vTgiUntand active la brmgin J ..those tt.cWr.ed in Umm lottery to PanWK 'meet's "Out ha bet procured two or three to b ',, - . v, V - Vi - .T Snrv. and ha MM UU Means f ciaiing or tn.mor to lusceav turn th ptwctic. ' Tha treat &atw n. meet with; It w jjrocarinjf person to come fcr - mA "ma .ItMlML althonsfc tOWWOf POOT MO PU pon.ll testify to tn fcr it wat not for the 'fdiicUik lhj see ar wPI?""," - 7 theT AobU wear by poito4t C001IMB former. ' Bat Ut those gmtor effeoder who JiiraWtr''i6M by fr tb bTT - Vent of li profit to proeoro th Imurance Coring tfco hy, lato't nsibtko over the . took to Ipeaa, let uwm m whcbn - fmtZmt: I a mtorwied that tit soma of the ;!ininrnceoBcT a penny premium a taken Jtom the !owfi H outomori, - This prao - . Ua, repeat it, b flajraeaful to our city. . Vlib.Wa should not have been dent oo tha tubject till thi tint, but should bar at - : ietmptad U awaken' public attintioa to tha late ' ary xtrWdlBary eon J act af tba corporatioa, bndw bot been informed (hat it wai ia eosrtttn - " jjlation to mtroduca torn ordinance rvrtiii ' that would probably meat Ue approbation oftb cOiaaoa.V'Pf lata bowaTrr, w r nothing DtsreaflL Wa Wara JtU4 that the to ' law wa repeal beeans & mmime haft. L - .L m - ' t z & l WIIM H IM WI HI tf mm that it waa'aot iateaxled to rtir tin U law; b - V aa tka waa tW 4fcet f ta rraaaj. ft avie . jaaaat to ia4rodawa am eadanaoa wtaoh OamUi afiord the dwiei I refaf aVeaa Oaia grievoaa 'aance, withoat the obaaxisvi fTeriair af paj - .la tbe hope that tan in, weaaakto ' aythiof farther at thit tiaaa. Already are awpapefa abroad hegi iitg to rkhcnle ercor - poratioa fcr giTinc tha bop the frttJtm f 0kt " Tfaia eubject baa' kupired the bom of a cor respondent to aing in the fcUowing toochiaj atralna: ' "'. j " , ' .. ' ; v , JUW'Yaik, 16th Feb! 1818.' fib. Editor,. , The followiof itanzai forced tbaatielret isle my noddle tbb BMraiof. Hare they any mean inf, any point? If yoa can point them the right way, do to, Mr. Celamaa, and oblige BIPED. 8ome yean ao, We all do know, ' Our fa then thought it rode, ' When aome one said, .. That they obey'd Tbe twiuiah multitude. " But now the hogr, Jbo rrunting Oogi, A rotce wey oiti ,i ( ' la tntneil crave, . And rale ht erVy itreet - 1 Te two - lefg'd crowd, , ; i Comerroat more load, 1 - ' And break this aVewn, yoke ; ' Come, drown hog - noiae, ; ' .': Ye Taokee boye, - . la torfralvm iock. j ..' . Our ptoplt, wiae - . . . Withargufeyee, , " ; Than bng nuit be more ttupiJ, , ' I think, ' I row , . If they will bow " To rulen to fuadrvpti. ' ' Xmiter - Dcryln looking into the almanac for 'the carrent year (1818) an error appears in assarting the SXJ of March to be Eastcr - Day Tlu Mil nftWa TmMAnAl f"!Kiir h. ft t ha f!nm. - f i " - i v Boo Prayer - Oook,) is, that Eaiter - Day, on Which the rest drpend, b always the first Sun - Say after the full moon which hippeni upon or next after the Cist March, and if tbe full moon haDD.ns noon a Sunday. Euter - Day is the Sun - day ajttr.n . Now H happens that the full moon really . falling on the S3 1, the 29th willconie - quentiy be the true Easter - Day, and all the cal r - - . culations made from tbe abore data must be false and erroneous.. Jtfr. Stmaten'f btnrfit'SoWuag more is ever necessary to Induce every friend to the theatre to honor this occasion with his pretence, than simply to publkh that it has arrived ; bat even tail has hardly yet been dooe, and it will be but a few boars after this paper is pnt to press before the curtain draws up. Ben'fiU ought to be an Bounced, ae is the custom in Loodoa and Dublht, two or three weeks previous to the night detigna - ted.thaf performers of merit may have the advantage to which their high standing in the profession entitles (hem Hot tboogh Mr. Simpoo on this occasion has not don justice to himself by having made it extensive) known that his benefit is this evening, yet he bas, at least, aflorded evidence of his perfect impartiality, by omitting t to take the advantage, to this particular, which his situation as acting manager gives him, bat place bimseif ona Uvol with the meanest performer in the company. This, however, is not mentioned any thing extraordinary in him, for bis mild and gentlemanly dejx r meat on all occasions and towards every one with whom be baa private or professional inltrcourte 'is toe well known and too habitual to reader particular observation Mscesary. Never, therefore, was a manager regarded with more esteem by the com pany nnder his direction or oue who enjoyed a , greater share of the affections of the audience. and who, indeed, tool: more unwearied pains to deserve it To their gratification, it may with trvthbeeaid, be devote every boar of a labori - 00 life, with little regard to health or comfort, nor thinks any thing dona while any thing re - aaioa to 4ov - .4t an actcr, where shall we look in thacosartrv for on wise personam sochnva - tit ty of characters, trsg - dy, cwneijv and farce, and acnui hxaaei to E ia all t To render the ocwanea worthy tbe rtrotmge fit public, be hat Mleclad his rJm far th - Min:Ua "r lU south i TJlwwproOactooqail - v - arujy wn - j tteqtaiiliafdayw - r t ocar, Un5 valua thai thair recaplioa b Juy wffarOc - aa.eritarioa of tha taito aadJodF awSaMM 4banekalf tha Mr"Ha - Faaawiw, which, tbooi a arduous aodartakios, fa, ' wa ara panuadaJ, ao ora thaa Vtn. . Barnaa' pow - .n ara1 fiillr eoual to, aod prpmim high fra - U5eatkai toOTery paraaa of rafio - d SoteUact ; aod Tht Enter fiff, a malo drama, by Dlamood. poMctains' aa unoraal ahara of incident, with a - ada of bufUa and Uj baiinaai to keep ooa - rtutly aHra (bo attoaQoo j and whicn wui do on - commonly well tvareatoiod in the partarmance. We are pleated to bear that,' (although the ttntH i hardly aanointetd yet,) that the box ihitt nromitea a crowded and a faabiooable hoaat., . ' - . - !; - The lT!atar) of Maryland hare appointed Lather Martin, Eaq, Attoroey - Geaeral of lliat atato.":"."' i. ' " . . . ? Fr llJUmim Daily Adctrtiter of SotmrJoj. la th House of AesraibW. onThartday.'Mr. reward i. alipr inrcrb of Kme leneth apoa tbe uhiret ravr oolice that he itin - iKled to Introduce nil lor roe itoivtbi u ciw - Ih'rtate. ' ' Th rrfnaWvVr tf the cUt m umit in the dit - catuoo of tae biM for tberr&rf of Eunice Cba nan. ' - ' ArTOLVTMSJiVS, Br the Hoaerehle the Conani of Anpxeat. Friday Fthrmmj li. ' ShERlFl. Wlrrmnv JrAk .VbM - . " rapt Nt mil Gmw Ctoiiu Caftw OiiMa Etnka Bane Columbia Joho ktBf. CMnlMd - Vv &errt. IVan Jabca Smniw.. I wt - Uitin AAttmt. FWUu - J M Ca - ffl Oswii Narfuwiri .Ukra. Olafi iaaae Hk. faaw rVxr Waring. . . . Qoueaa - J athan Howard. xt loam Brvesc. tSnawi llriirT Perine. fuavteca Jaart Bmbte, Juu. SraweeaST Ibm Kirg - jicMhrnr Ahm. Htytrr. . TcdinJU - Ja'tah flrevrs, Jun faisna David Hammond. Tnca Male Forman. , time Caarfca Bravn. . k. v I. . Mer Jinopor tappni, juu. eik, ArHSapbrr Tappeti, rctigroVtl. Schroectady H. Yates, Jun. Mayor. Hdsos - Robert Jenkins, Mayor. ' Albany Elisha Jenkins. Mayor. Tmv .Albart Pauldimr. Maror. vice New York John Fleming - , Edmund Wilkes, Rowtand Reyonkt. ftobrrt EmmrU, aod Urn Ovmclon. Public Notaries. Saratora Zetote Wilton, of Waterford. In spector of Beef and Pork. KensselMr - - Jauiealteed,oiiensinDurEnl roo - lic Notary, Onoodara Victorv Birdseye, Master in Chancer and Justice of the Peace. Dutchess Cyrenus Crosby, superceded as a Commissioner for Loaning; Money. Robert Johnston, of Putnam County, resignea as a commissioner for loaaitig money. Frm tht JfetimuU biltUigenctr, F tb. II, Tbe boose of representatives begin to profeed i'Xreditlo - lr - In k wwm of ye - UrcUy, thj ave Iba eoup - de - grate to the resolution offered by Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky, early in the ses sion, for proridiug for the widows of regular aol - tJfesaJjJlfJin battle : for donations of land to the tiooal military academies; for organizing a corps ofiuralidst for reducing tbe peace establishment to 8000 men ; and for giving n small addi - tonal compensation to the ouicer ot the army. It is not a subject of regret, perhaps, that these propositions were not debated, since their fat eemed to bar been foreseen yesterday, even by the mover ; and the disposal of them has cleared the wav for other topics of great importance, be fore tbn house ; anions which, besiae Dasiuess of course and incidental business, may be men tioned the uniform bankrupt bill ; the expatria tion hill; the Georgia claim for militia services; tha Massachusetts claim for do 5 the report on internal improvements; tbe judiciary tubject the bill to provide fot the pnui'hment of crimes against the United States ; the bill fcr theorga - uizstlon of the militia ; the qmstion respecting the disputed seats of members, who held offices nine their election, and a long list of et - ceteras. From the .Vational IntelligtnctrFtb. 14. The proj - resa of the petty war atrainst the Seminole tribe of Indians, ii not such as to STratify either the friends of humanity, or the friends of economy in public expenditures. We have seen that a brigade of militia was called fur, ar.d ordered out by the Governor of Georgia, to mareh to the Indian country. It march is delayed, by the necessity of first organizing this raw force; it ia impeded after wards by rarinus obsUcles,among which is the deficiency of supplies and of the means of transportation ; and now, we learn, before it had arrived within reach of an enemy, the mi - litia - men composing tlic briiraJe are returning; home, their three months' time of service hav ine? expired ! Another brigade bad been pre viously ordered out, and is on it way to the frontier t and, before it can be employed, it is probable, its time ol service will also have ex. pi red. Thus it frequently happens, when mi itia are called out for short terms of service, thai to march ami countermarch as the only service they perform, In expressing our regret at these facts, we do not certainly undertake to say how tbe evil could have been avoided, or that it wa avoid able. Gen. Gaines, no doubt, found the bos - tile Indians in greater force than be had anticipate: and, m receiving bis representa tions, it was found necessary not only to clothe him with authority to make these extensive requisitions, but also to order forth a thousand men from 1 ennessee. It rive us pleasure to be able to state, that there is nn room for the m - imation we have een in a Georgia paper, that the general go vernment baa neglected to furnish Uje neces sary funds to aid the operation ot Uie forc - j emplo) ed against the Indians. The Depart ment of War, we hare informed ourselves, has sent to thit quarter upward of thirty thousand dollar for the quarter masters' department ; of sixty thousand for thepsy department; and of a hundred thousand dollars for the cont ac tor's department Ample remittances will, no toubt, be made to meet the current expense of the campaign, to soon u the military appro - lrtalion bill fur 1818 is paesed - Meanwtme, we passage of t hat act has been delayed by the ouagreeing vo;e of the two bouses of Con gress, on a parti - .ular clause of tbe bill. The difference is not yet reconciled. One louse h already resolved to adhere to it rround ir the Senate f llow iu example, the whole bill is rejected, and roust be originated aV s" - We aliall, in our next, place before our reader the reaWing (f the committee of coo - terence ot each lloue on thu question. - On Wednesday la, the senat were engaged ro roamirnBg me propotiuon introduced ly Mr. Dickersoa, for to amandin; tii ooottitutioo, that trie Severn! rtates should be districted for tha 1'"?' o(elt". ""eudeot and VKe - presideat, 'and rerresentalivM to cvngreat. The kmand - 1 seta was advocated by Kf. Dickanoo aao . Macon, and opposed by Mr. Barbour aoa air. Da - rett. Tha question wa finally postponed to Waanesda naat. Tht) di - caiaioa - was ably conducted, on both ides, aadlh ereatis jt doubtful. On Thursday tbe bill proeidlog for (ha survival revolutionary officers and soldier Wa reru - aaed, "wriena moUon war mao oy ot r - raroou r for it indefinite postponement, ina ueoaia growios Wit of this motion, and involving the principles aod detail of tha bill, continued during tbn whole of that and Friday's sittings; and displayed onosual powers of argument and elo - nuance. The bill wa advocated by Messrs. Goldsborougb, Daggett, Kiog, Vorril. thiUen. den, Haggles, Leake, Fromentin and Van Dyke, and oPDosed bv Messrs. Barbour, Macon and Smith.. ... : f ; Tha motion for indefinite postponement was, Una dav. finally neeatived ayes 30, noes 3. Tbe details of the bill will probably give rise to much further debate, as a variety ot opinions ara understood to be - entertained concerning them. , . CONGRESS. . "IS SENATE February 18. Mr. Campbell, from the manager, on the part of the Senate, of the conference upon the diia - greeing vote of tb two Houses ou the Senate's amendment to tbe military appropriation bill, made a report embracing a detail of the proceed ing of the conference, ana oi lueiruwuiiuy w mrmm ,h m.,hm - t . Brhich rCDOrt WHS Kad. ' The Senate then resumed the consideration of the bill providing for tbe surviving otneers, oi - diera, Ac of tha revolutionary army; with the amendments reported thereto by the committee on military affair; and J , The question recurring on the motion made some day ago by Mr. Barbour to postpone the bill to J uly next (to reject it,) , A debate aroise oa the merits of the biu, which continued until a late hour ; when The Senate adjourned." - : ' HOUSE Of REPRESENTATIVES. Thunrf.iv. February 12. Mr. Lowndes from the committee of conference on tbe disagreeing votes of the two Houses on that part of the general military appropriation hill which resoects extra par to officer of hrevjtt rank when on leuurate Service, made a detailed report, stating the view oi inecoromu tee of this House adverse to that appropriation nt h innnHih bv whkh thecooferees on the part oflhe Senate sustained their preference of Houses parted without being able to come to an agreement, each retaining its own opinion. After the reading oflhe report, Mr. Lowndes, remarking that tba views taken ol tbe tubject by the committee rendered unnecessary the attempt to elucidate it by any farther remark from himself, moved thnt this House do naTi - re to it disagreement to the amendment of the Senate which proposes an appropriation for the brevet extra lir. Mercer, suggesting that the length of the nAri Miiiu - h bi in nmi0nt a due cofflpreheo - sion of the force and scope of iu reasoning by hearing it once read, therefore moved that the report Tie on the table and be printed ; winch mo tion wa agreed to. HK. JUH?l5U.V.y liw. - a. , The House then resolved itself into a com mittee of the whole, Mr. Desha m the chair, on the following resolutions, submitted by Mr Johnson, ofKy. at an early period oi uie sessions, and now for thr first time taken up : 1. Resolved. That It is expedient to pro vide by law, for the widow of soldiers of the egular army, who were killed in battle, or died in the service, during the late war with Great Britain. '.. Resolved. That it i expedient to provide by law. for the disbanded and deranged offi cers of the army of the United State, who served in the late war against Great Britain, by donation in land, viz : to a major general, colonel and lieutenant colonel, 960, major 800 acre ; captain 640 acres ; and subaltera, 480 acre. 3. Resolved, That it is expedient to eta - iarf acade mies, vu : one in the vicinity born, in South Carolina s one in the vicinity of Newport, Kentucky ; and one in the vicinity of Harper t Ferry, in Virginia ; one third ot the cadet to be the ion of the officer and soldiers of the late army, who died in the service of the United States m the late war. 4. Resolved, That it is expedient to esla blish by law an additional national armory, to be located on the western waters. 5. Resolved, That it it expedient to organ ice by law a corps of invalids, to be composed of one thousaud men. 6. Resolved. That it i expedient to pro vide by law, for the repeal of so much of the act of Congress of the bth of July, 1812, as au thorizes additional pay and emoluments to brevet rank, in the army of the United State. 7. Resolved. That the military peace esta blishment of the United State shall consist of eignt thousand men, including the corps of invalids, pov kled Uiat the corps of engineers the general staff and the ordnance deparment, shall be retained at at present established. Provided also, that no part of the army shall be disbanded, in consequenoe of said feduc - but the tame shall be eHVcted by permitting vacancies, w nicy occur, to remain. 8. Resolved, That it is expedient to provide by law, for one additional ration, for each of the commissioned officers of the army of the United States 9. Resolved, That the Committee on Uie subject of military affairs, he instructed tore - port bills, embracing tue objects ot the forego ing resolutions. No debate took place on these resolution, but the question was successively taken on tnem, They were all rejected, except the 4th, hicli was passed over, (on account of information on that tubiect havin? been called for from Uie military department and the 6th, whii'D. wa agreed to, by as large a majority as mere vu ior rejecting ail me otner. The following resolution had also been refer red to Uie same cpmmittee, on motion of Mr. VTaiker, ot North Carolina. Resolved, That it i expedient to provide by law, uiat all minor who were reguUrlv enlist ed ia the late or present army of the United States, and who served twelve month and up wards, and having been noi.orably d schargsil. snail oe entitled to an adequate bounty ot land, or - a commutation for such bounty in money, rejected There hail been referred to the tame com mit b - e, on motion of Mr. Comstock, of N Yo - k, resolution, that it it expedient to allow a pension to officers of Uie present army who were wounded in Uie aervice during the late war. - 1'his motion waa also rejected by a large majority. The committee then rose and reported it proceeding to the House. 1 be question being on concurrence in these several votes - Mr. Johnson, in a speech of half an hour, en tered In protest against the several decision of 'he House. 1 The votes in committee of the whole were then severally concurred in. When the ixtli resolve wa under conside ration, Mr. Robertson, of Lou. moved to amend it by adding to it a proposition to this effect s that the military committee be instructed to enquire into the expediency of educating at Uie Military School oflhe United States, the eons of all officers, non - commissioned officers or privates, who have fallen in fighting for their country. The amendment was negatived, not, it is believed, from an objection to the princi ple it embraced, but to it introduction ia thi manner. After the whole oftne resolution had been iawot'MiaVtB 6b rarrcd to'tiTeMiU - committee, to bring in a bill ? AlrBoberlson renewea, in a ' the proposition - be had fialed jut now m car - r v in u; oy war u wwrwmiT - f . ' i i... I ... Ilnuce adioumed tlUl li crew laic, - j - . - . .i m St Without coming vu a v" rhrnarv 13. . .. . - u. r.kninn nf wtrnni the committee on i ml - i:o Mnnrtd a bill revealing to mncb oflhe act of July 6, 1812, as allows extra pay mnlnmnl la brevet rank 1 .which venation on the course it should lake, and afjer ice dociduig against a commitment, but wnicti uecuwo .111; was reconsidered and r evened was committed to a committee oflhe whole houae. , ',. On motion of Mr. J. S. Smith, the secretary of the treasury was rcqueited to lay before he Uiu a afatarnVnt nf tha number of. tons ofbar iron, irou in pigs, and cast aod rolled iron, that . . .... .. I I - ... 1 - . .H.MI'lll. has bean imported into ino u. oiau; fmia m.hut rnnnlri. from tha first of May, 1 8 12, to the first of May, 1817, and if any, what quantity bas been exporteu uunng iuc f riod. Mr. HarrUon rose, according to notice yester - i l.iv. in hnn in a bill to ex t.,,l hlf.nav nentions for five rears, to the wi dow of soldiers who died in the public service daring the late war. . Th. Imvi Hiked waa riren. bv a vote of 55 52, and a committee appointed tb prepare a bill accoraingiy, , . ThuhnuM took no tha renort of the conferee on th part of this house, on the subject of the disagreeing vote 01 tna two nouses; ami n mitinn at Mr. i.ArnrtfiL trie nouse resoiv ed to adhere to its disagreement to said aniend - meut. r.rwr.RAr. bankrupt bill. TK. Wr.ii.. ,kM am hmIim nf Mr. Iforjkinsoa. resolved itself into a committee of the whole, Mr. smitn or no. m tne cnair, 00 m om u - stabluh an uniform system of bankruptcy throughout tha U. State. ' ' Tha reading of this .bill (which contains fiifty - fx )l a niM 1 ArruniFfl tha Kmaif(lcr avaM Bnaav awstaw g,vtgtmr J of the sitting ; after tha reading was finished ; Tbecammittet rose, ootamea leave 10 sit - gain; and The home adjourned to Monday. Frm th Savannah Rtjrubliean, Feb 4. We have intelligence from Hartford, Geo. to the 29th ult. Tbe army under the command of General Glasscock bad returned touaruorairom the Flint river, and were on their way home, their term of service having expired. The hos - tue Indian were very trouoiesome 10 uieirouucr inhabitants, and great fears are entertained for ... . - . 1 1 . . h r . : inesecnmv 01 weir persons ana progeny no force except about seventy men in a fort, in a situation not calculated to resist an enemy, be tween them and the savages, itwat impossible to procure baggage waggon at any price to enter the nation, the roads being impassable. Pack - horses that were obtained could not penetrate into the country, owing to the badness of the roads. In constauence of which, the troop under the command of Gen. Glasscock suffered much far tbe want of provisions, which they bore with great fortitnde, being yeryfoflen for days without any uung 10 eat. From the Columbian, Feb. 14. From a highly valued correspondent, we learn, that "The agent of Uie Sooth American patriots has presented a long remonstrance to our government, on the violence done them at Ame lia bland." The agent waa received with great politeness by the president and secretary of state, which indicate a new leehng, lor when Aguirr presented hi credentials from Bueuot Arret, his recepuon was very dinerent. Com modore Aury complain of all his private property being taken from bim at Amelia." NASHVILLE, Jan. 24. Gn. Jackson left this place on the 22d inst for Fort Scott, to take command of th army in tended to subdue the Seminole Indians, Ac The foUowinameJ officers compose the gene - general A. P. Hayne, hospital surgeon J. C. Vronaugh, aids do camp, capt. Glawcll and It. uadsden. Lieut. Lambert assistant adjutant reneftl. Dr. Flournoy, assist surgeon, and W. S. Fulton, esq. secretary, bare been attached to the staff on this occasion. The thousand mounted vol an teen required of W - i . , . b i cunence are oruereu to rendezvous at Fayetteville on the 31st inst. Tbe first will be remmanded by col. R. II. Dyer, liaut cols. Gibson and Mitchell, majors Jetton and Lewis. The 2d regiment, by col. Thomas Williamcon, ueut. colonels uiiott and Phillips, majors Martin aod Ellis. A handsome company commanded by cant, Dunlap, composed of young men of Nashville and its vicinity, accompany the major gen. a hii uie guard. J he promptitude with which they equipped tnemseives lor service it highly com mendable. FROM OOK CORRESrORDEBT, Office of tbe Charleston Courier, ) Monday, Feb. 9. ) Report of actual sales for wek nait. Cotton Sra Island, 55 a 56 cents per lb. short iiapie, jz i - z a an rents Rice prime, 6 1 - 2 second quality fC. Flour Camden. fsuD.1 12 1 Philadelphia 12 Dry Goods. Ai usual, during the race week, but little business has been done in this descrip Uon of property : but from the number ol coun try dealers in town, much is anticipated in the course of (lie coming week. Groceries. Sugars are heavy and dull ; some considerable sales however have been affected at prices a shade below our quotations. Molasses has also declined since our last. Coffee continues nearly at last week's prices.. A few pipes of L. P. Madeira, at public sale, averaged $3 1 - 2 per ganon. Cotton. Sales continue very heavy, and the article has experienced a trifling declension in price since our last Some sales however, have ueen eueciea at ourquoiauors. kice is (till on the rite prime parcel brio; 16 1 - 2 very readily. Flour na advanced a little, and it expecttd to sustain it present price. Freight scarce 3 4d per lb. can only be ob tained ior cotton in r.ncland. MARHltD, On the 91h ini. at Berlin, (Con.) Mr. Henry Upson, of the house of Wells G Upnon. of this city, to Mr. Arabella Upson, of Suifield. Last evening, by the Rev'd. Mr. Lyell. Mr. Georg Brooks, to Miss Ann M. Jacot, both of Wis city. On the 3d of February, inst the Revd. Hol - loway Whirfield Hunt, of Hunterdon county, to Miss Maria Harm, of Morris county, both of M. Jersey. IVLKIXQ POST MARINE, LIST. CLEARED, Ship Foster, Moran, . Londonderry W.fcS. Craig. Brig Caroline, Monro, Cuba Ja.D'Woir. Jr. Schr, Gudgeon, Andrews, . Santa .Martha E. Malibran. Sloop Attrea. Pryer, Richmond kOARklYALSTHlSFOREMJOJ. The Powlet - Uook steam ferry - boat Jersey, in crossing to New - York, this morning, got entangled in the ice, and was Carried ashore on tbe point of Governor's Island. She will probably get off next flood. She had on board about 30 passenger, 5 of whom were taken off by a small boat ; but she is now so completely surrounded with ice, at to render it impouiU lo get nigh her. . . . , - . 1 - ' Th brig Morris, botmd to Virginia, attempted to go to tea this morning, but was compelled to return os account of the ice. Kntirin" from below tha Karr'awi thit morn ing..? Signals, 1 snip, 1 brig,nd a'fieetof tcbrs. Sthr. Fair Trader; psboro, ha ainveo oa - vaonab from this port. r ' " ARRIVED JJIST ErEXUtG. British ship Thoma Wilson, lliompioo, 60 days from Port Glasgow, with dry goods, .glass nioaL to March it Benson,. Laailaw, fcuault f At. Dunham &. Auchiucloss, Al hompwn, M "is, AZ I O. J van, J Taylor U Sons, Pcttcrtoa & Brothers, A D.J - .. v. .,!ell C Younir. F. Allen, M Galbreath, U pstseiiger. and to order. 17 pat - tevger. bpoUe, tnineciyat, unt ...., - f per! 30 day from Charleston. Cat. 4J, long. A C altera i'i,iuii. fmm Charleston, for Lirer - iwol. ffbe Tlromas Wilson has been blown off the coast three times In attempting to get up towards Etnten Islaad was driven out oi lueciinn - nel by the ice, and tat ashore on the West Bank, where she now lies safe, and it it supposed will bate to lighten iiefore she can be got off Tbe pasirngen and letter bag were brought up yesterday 1 ' 1 ' ' . ' ' , ; ' Sclir Belvidere, Johnson, 9 days from Petersburg, with ' flour, tobacco and cotton, to Walsh li Callaffher, A Davie, J Robirwon, Page Jr. Triplett Wilson A Thomsoo. J, and C oeguine, and the master. Left the Roads on fiiimlv. in en with a sch. uncertain where bound About 20 miles to the southward of Sndv Hook, snoke a brie from N. Carolina for $ York, standing off ' on account of thick wet - ther. Saturday evening, aoutn oi tne nign - land spoke a ach 8 days from Georgetown for N York On Friday, Off Egg Harbour, spoke sell Huntrcst, Avery, 6 days from Little York for N York. After being 24 hours out, the Belvidere put back to Smith's Island, and anchor - . . aa .n. at. ed in co. with sch President, tseaoie, o uays from N York for Fredericksburg, and a sloop from an eastern port. Schr Hope and P il!v. Snow, 10 days from Wil mine - ton. S. C. with flaxseed, cotton and tar, to E & H Arerill, G. Gibbs, Fitch, Goodwin at Co and Ralhbooe A Downer. 9 days since, lat 26. Ions 76. spoke sloop femart. Smith, V days from NYork.Tor VVathinaton, N - C. spiting bit bowrorit in the gale of the 31st bailed in co withxhr Morris, of New Haven, bound to Washington, N C. Brig tutaoetb, tears, ior 11 I OTK IHJU1JI. Schr Salem. York. 21 day from St Jago dt Cuba, wilb coffee, lugar and molnsset, to G fc. S Howlaod. Left Jad 21st, ship Blooming Rose for N York, waiting cargo brig Eliia, Greely, for Portland, in 10 day ; ting wnaries r awceu, L,nase. ior nuneans in iui run i uuic, tiooe, for do uncert t TheUs, Macey, for Bostoo in 10: Lady of tbe Lake, Crowell, Baltimore; Holbrook, for N Orleans, ready ; Aon Maria, fiodell. Ualtuncer: weas e. btauora. vnanes ton; Franklin, Russel, Ballimorc, 5th Februa ry; Speedwell, Williams, of itiarDieneaa; sioo Ann. Jones, for Wilminzton. (Del 1 in 10 ; slooi Hojie, Emery, for Boston in 10; scbr Shelby, winsiow, ior rroviaence in io. Sloop Regulator, Smith, 25 dayt from New hern, with naval atoret. to Wariar St Kimlierly Oa the 3ist Jan experienced a severe gale, lost boat, sprung aleak, and was obliged to throw o - ver deck load. Febl, fell fa with tbe British brig Morton, Simnnet, 3 dayt from New York lor D marara, in a sinking condiUon, having been struck with a heavy sea while scudding during the gale, which knocked on ner ruauer una tian ed her wooden ends Tbe crew were about de serting her as the Regulator Came up and took tnem on board. Sloop Cordelia. Cook. 24 dayt from Wash ington, N. C. with naval stores, to Beekmau, Bray & Co. and John Barker. Sailed from tht Bar on the 27th Jan 30th. lat 37. long 74 24, took Uie gale, and was obliged to throw Uie deck load overboard, lost gib and put back to Dciicocke 2d inst. fell in with sloop Unity, Wrurht. oiT.hathiim.from N York - for Edenton, had been di - masted iu the gale and lost ail soars, tails. &c. and towed her into Ocricocke. Jan. 30, spoke sell. Zembuca, of Boston, for ' .v. . as . I a Norfolk spoke her again on tne za insi. naa shipped at sea, lost her fore boom, sprung a - ft - ak. &Ci .and was making for nearest port reb. a, 25 rrmewrth w Cape Hatteras, spoke sloop . Agent, 10 days from Boston for Ocri cocke. .Sailed from the Bar, 3d time on the "th inst. in co with sch Leander, Dean, for N. York. Left sch Charles - Uays, and sch Eagle, tor lew - York. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Freeman's Journal, 5 Philadelphia, Feb. 15. - $ - A ship entered tbe Capes on Thursday last and stood up the Bay name, Sic. unknown. The brig Lovely Lydia, Hodgdon, from St Uorauigo, arrived at Old Kiln floaus on Thursday last. Ship Bingham remained at her anchorage on Thursday, all well. Our river is slill fast closed with ice, presenting one solid sheet to the Jerey shore. CmaieiTos, Feb 7. Arrived, Dt itish ship Harmony, Prince, Greenock 60 dayt : Ship Pierte - Manning, Pratt, Havana 7 days. Left, ship Commerce, , N York, arrived 2jd Jan ; brig Oswego, from Cad a, with fri ers) and priests ; just arrived, - the American brig Bee, M'Gormic, 26 days from New Yoi k In sight of the Mora, spoke Uie American brig Olive Branch, of Bristol. K. I. 41 days from Nantz, for Havana, the head of ber mainmast carried away. . Brig Minei va, Tyler, N York 1 1 days. Schr Hamlet, - Pearson, Richmond 20 days Cleared Uritish ship Hamilton, Bathgate, Liverpool. Went to aea yesterday, ships Caledonia, Noyet, liverpool ; Favorite, Kcnnard, Cowe and a market i brig Shepherdess, Lines, Bor deaux ; sloop Eagle, Wright, N York. rcu, n.rriveu on Saturday, biitish brig William, Council. Liverpool. ui uaj. log ou iroa w aienoro. Brilifh brig Young - Haliaay, Benn, Liverpool 49 days. On the 2Jtb Jan. lat 27. 35, lone. 52, 51, spoke Bntith brig John, from Uie Hagie bound to this port, sailed from Liverpool 20th Dec in company with ship Ceres, Forsyth, lor this port, which vessel had tailed Dreviouilv anil ci l ;n r II.'. i " ' put back. Brig Mary, (3f Salem) Archer, Havana, 14 dayt. Danish bng Jane, Harms, Hamburg 60 dayt. Jan. 23, spoke schr. William, from Portsmouth, N. H. bound to Porto Rico. Sailed ia co. wiih the ship Krone, for this port. Left at Hamburg ship Johan H Henricks, Harms, to sail for thi port in 8 days. Brig Pitcrim. Delano, St lifrre ( Mrt 1? days. A new governor arrived froui France at St. P. oo the 20tb January. Market very had for American produce, excepting beef and fi.h, the former was 117 per bbl. and th latter S7 Der quintal. Left eo American vessels. ' &cbr. SiUllite, fciaitn, Havana, 14 days. Below. BritiebttiiD, Jane, from Greenock : and Nirr, from Barbados. - Cleared, ship Prioce - Madoc. Holden. Cowe and a market. . - Scbr. Mary, Gould, New York. Sivahiah, Feb. 3 Arrived sch." Tattler. Harding, Roaton 15 das Spoke on Uie 29th. ult. 15 miles north of Cape Halt rass, Uie sloop ituntress. from n. York bound to Savannah. Tb Tattler hat experienced very severe wea - tner on ner passage. Mosilz. Dec. 15. Arrived brur Coral Scud. der, Boston ; sch Romeo, Hedge, do ; ship Gen llano, m. Meal, Italliniore brig Savannah Packet, Fowler, NYork Dec. 16. Ar sloop Yankee, Summer. Vew - York j brigs Cincinnati!, Madge, Baltimore t Sumatra, Fenniston, Liverpool. Jan b Ar cl Ann, Clark, Philadelphia. Jan 9 TLere i a brij from Wilm:n?ton. N C name not known, aground at Mobile Point in a short passage,.,. r. . , t - . ji . T.w - UfcUORD, Feh. 7 - Arrirrd,. brig Wm. Tbacher. l acker. 8 dav frm th'.i of Patagonia, with a full cargo of ks risphtot oilw Jaa8.let2.b3, N long 34, W .kt ship wafotrgron. urace, w dyv front Salem lor l et - P.irn v I n J. firntiam lleuvci, v. fetiiune y - - r, 7," Mtna, Markie, Miln& Co. P. Ofuham t Co. P. Haltrkk It Co, Key. Dr Masoo, r Irvin, J Miii...nii li r f.r,UtT. M'Lca U Co. ft. ll - . J . . . . . . . - f . C 11 l.nnhirL K iiafnbuco. 'Jan $3l!s W 4T, long CC, brig Irii, Mayhetv, 12 days Iron) Boston for K Orleans. ' HOLME'S llOLE, Feb. 8. Arrived, iloop Henry, Dtlaho, 24 hours from New - York, tot Bostoo. THEATRE. - For the Benefit of Mr. Simpson. Thit evening, Feb. 16. UH8, .willtw picseuted, for the 6rst time in New - York, . THL GOOD NATURED ' MAX.. Lofty, v - " ' ' Mr. Siinptoa Between the play and entertainment Mr. Burnet - will ting the favorite cong ot llnrd Times, or Uie year 1672, and Mrs. Barnes will t cite Collii ' Odu on the Passions. To which will he added, the urtlo drama of the BKOhXtf SWORD. .; . Estevan, Mr. Simpson TRIAL OF THE COLUMBIAN BTKAM ENGINE,, AT FA11X - MOUNT WATER., WORKS. ; t v . ... ,. - , , V rjjr" Sir 1 have the pleasure to inform you, that ia the trial of Mr. Oliver Evans's engine at ' Fair - Mount, on the 28th and 27th inst that r 1 thing occurred to prevent its full performance during Uie 20 hour it was in operation. ' - Annexed uilte remit of tlu trial. - . . Tha reservoir below Uie wall it 58 inches deep, From which it Ceductsd 91 - . ,, ; , inches of water, which'was " ! ,. " , , . in Uie f eserroir at tha time s ' ,l . .piimpmg began, , ',c. r 91f i - - .4S 1 - 2 inches ' ' at'j919 gallons per inch is 1.257.07 lgal. . The water above Ui wall ... . . ' pumped was 63 inches at 27,033 gallont per inch, - . 1,70698 do. f Gallons pamped in 20 hours, 2,903,669 If Uie calculation at - the tame ratio of puropin;' extended - ; ' , , to 24 hour, the quantity would be additional, 692,732 Together 3,556,401 gal . . ' 10 cords of oak wood was consumed in the 20 hours pumping. .... ... .... . The pumping as abore calculated gives an tx - refsof 66, 4C I gallons over tk tipulald qoan - tily as per contract, or between 22 and 23 mi - nut work. . 1 T he pumping below the wall averaged 5 inch . 6 - 8 and 1 - 16 per hoar. 20 bonrrtlo. - 5 inches 4 - 8 and 1 - 16 nearly. The engine raised per hour 18,183 1 - 2 gallons nearly. Do", per minute 2,4(59 2 - 3, do. ' v Allowing th engine to lift 100 gallons each stroke, tha average work ior was nearly 24 3 - 4 . strokes per minute, . With rpct your humble servant, (Signed) FREDERICK GRAFF, , Saperinlendant of tha watsr - workt. Joseph S. Lewis, Eiq. chairman of lb water ing committee. v : .j ; . December 1,1817. The height of Uie reservoir above the Schuylkill, (from which th water wa pumped,) it 9 feet. . In Watering Committee, - 1 ' December 4, 1817. J - The committee appointed lo cooler with Oliver Evans, respecting the steam - engine at Fair - Mount, report, Uiat at their request tb engine bas been put In operation, and after a trial oi 20 hours working, without interruption, during which performance uier was ueuvereu inio in reservoir. 2.963.615 gallons, they ar satisfied the is capable ol delivering upwards of 3,500,000 gallons m 24 hour, and nave no ntsitatioa in recommending to Uie Watering Commitlaa, 10 receive ber on the uran tpecidad in tbe contract. (Signed) JOHN MOORK, JOHN M'CAULEY, JCommilU. JONAS PRFjSTON, ) . Fk tracts front tbe minntet of tha Watering Com - " Biittea. JOSHUA ALLEN, City Clerk. EJiton throughout Uie United Stabs, are requested to insert the above. Feb 16 It tutpnttmnil qf the rut. . I - The public are informed that th next meeting of the Forum is postponed to Friday evening, th 27th inst. when the following ques tion will be discussed : " Ooght the tniadi of women to be cultivated by tb studies as those of men.'" Fbl6St CO ilLLtO.M PAR I Its. The manarer eive notice that - the next Cotillion Party will be at tb City Hotel, .on Thursday Iveuing next, the 19th instant , fob 16 4t tor Kng'and, ria liahfax, NpM - coM - rrT f jH.r fnr him Rnlannir naisttv'a oacket Grac (for Falmouth, via Halifax, Novo - Scotia) wui be received at the poslolnce tul weunesuay afternoon, the 4th of March. . - ; T. W. MOORbTAgeni.. Feb 16 - ' 1 ' , - NO 1 ICE. 07" The co - partnership heretofore exiting between the f utcritx - rt, under the firm of T, M. Si A. 1. Huntington, it thit day dissolved !? maiual consent 1'he concern of said firm wil be settled by Thomas M Huntington, atNo.W Peatl - street. THOMAS M. HUNTINGTON, ALFRED J. HUNTINGTON. T New - York, 10th Ftb. 1313. i Thomas M. HckTiaoToH will continae the business on bis own account, and ha on hand a general assortment of hardware, cutlery, Ate which he offer for sale on accommodating tern. febl6d1wc3w FOR GAIAVAY, t4i Th brig H.NN4 If, O. Hicks, tr - tJ4.. . - .ll.nt .ATAimiiiuhlkM fbr passenger, and i two Uiird loaded ; cad tak ICAkk.l. ... r..: - kf In ...In. K. Imnmluil application to the captain on board, or to' , THOS. DENNISON, ' Feb 16 40 South - st. For Hale. VergW or CAtwIer, Th fast sailing schr GERTUX'DE, Brit ton. master, lust returned from fort au I rince, and it oow in readiotw to prorseda - ain immediMely. Thi cboootr it oo year oli, 143 tons burthen, and in th bast conditio". Sh has handsome arcommoUaUoos lor passea ger. or terms apply to Fb 16 lirllSWULUS H Clf 4 I aw. I UeCOV tDO SUGAR 18 bads.M i I vado Sugar, for sale by feh 16 G. V. TALBOT, 55 Piue - street TO R(X)T t SHOEJdAKttai. CALFSKINS, Seal Skins, Cordovan, , thsbest quality Crop soles and ranges, I Ijong & abort boot legs, J For sale by . ELLIS & FLF.CKNER, FeK 10 1w - 50 Fulton - ft CHAMPAIGN WLE,olayery superior - lity, In boxes or one direa escl f - r sate oy ELLIS li FLF.CKNER, feb16Iw - No. 2fl Fulton - itreet C ANTON GOODS. A few cases black sen colored Crapes ' ' , - Fringed and plain Hdkfs jnst received, for sale by S"A.MUEL WILLLAMS, feb IS 3t . Nb. 123 Pewl - rtieet STAVES 30 M. rrrel staves, N. R 10 M. pipe staves d '. . 30 M. dressed R. O. hbd . . r 300,000 cf nf Kinder book boards . 150,000 do Albany boards ' . 100,000 do - ranlling ..; ', .y 80,000 ils 1 - 4 irik. Far sal by. . . W. B. PARSONS, Feb IS it, K 104 C2ar - t. Albany Barns - n

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