Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 15, 1937 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1937
Page 2
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·T TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 15 · 1937 plained that the increase, as well HS those for other institutions, is necessary because of rising costs of material and supplies and gains in enrollment. Some of the increase, it was stated, will go into salaries. Iowa State college came in for H $220,000 suggested increase and tiie State Teachers' college, ?57,000. ' HOSPITALS -- T h e governor set the stage recently for requested increases for state hospitals for the insane when he met with the control Aboard, discussed .the problem with physicians,' and said he believed the /institutions were crowded and understaffed and that physicians in charge were underpaid. In the budget bill he recommended a $35,788 increase for the hospital at Clarinda; $35,368 additional for' the hospital at Mount Pleasant; $32,731 additional for the Independence hospital; and a $19,769 increase- for the hospital at Cherokee. The school for feeble minded at ' Glenwood was down for a $27,067 increase. 'A boost of $55,271 was necessary for the hospital at Woodward, the comptroller said, because of an expected increase in patients. Similarly, he stated, an expected increase in patients at the Oakdale sanatorium merited the ?37,693 proposed boost. · D E P A R T M E N T S -- T h e suggested $38,000 increase for the department of agriculture, it was stated, would provide for additional inspectors. The executive council increase was explained as necessary because of increased costs ot supplies. That for the national guard to restore armory rent to levels of four and six years ago. The department of justice will need appropriation for state police radio maintenance^ the comptroller said. MATCHING--S o m e increases were suggested in order to obtain .federal government appropriations as matching funds, it' was stated. They included $50,000 for venereal disease control, $15,000 for child health, and an increase for vocational education. TAXES--Revenues which make up the general fund include state property taxes, which last year amounted to about $9,000,000, and insurance, inheritance, and cigarette taxes and other special fees and taxes. Th following table shows the salary increases and the salary asked for 21 state officials in the budget bill: Increase Salary . Asked Tax board members (3) $ 500 $4,500 Comptroller 500 5,000 Control board Two members 150 4,000 One member 400 4,000 Custodian _,- 400 2,400 Fare/marshal .' 372 3,000 - .Historical curator.. -600 - - 3,OGO. Insurance comiss'r 1,000 5,000 Labor commissioner BOO 3,600 Adjutant general 300 3,300 Parole board One member 300 3,300 Two members 210 2,900 Ry. commision'rs (3) 200 4,000 Supreme court clerk 273 3,400 Vocational education Director 300 3,600 Total increases $7,865 lowan, Hunted for More Than 4 Years, Is Caught at Farm DES MOINES, (fP--More than four years of eluding police were at an end Monday for Charles Logsdon, 36, who escaped from the state stone quarry near Croton, Iowa, Aug. 1, 1932, after serving two years of a 10 year term. The convict was arrested Sunday by three state agents at a farm house two miles south 'of Des Moines on the Indianola road. W. W. Akers, head of the state bureau of investigation, said that since Logsdon escaped he had lived most of the time in Des Moines,: had married and had two children. 75,000 RETURN TO CMC PLANTS Officials Plan to Have All Employes Back at Work m Next Few Days. DETROIT, If?)--Factory whistles called approximately 75,000 em- ployes back, to work Monday in General Motors plants .reopening throughout the nation following settlement of the six-week strike. Within a few days the corpora- lion expects to have all of the 135,000 who were idle at the peak of the strike again at their work benches and office desks. The back-to-work movement started Saturday with the return of 3,001) men at Flint, Mich. ·, The Chevrolet Motor company, the largest producing division of the corporation, ordered 40,000 workers to report today to p l a n t s in Detroit, Bay City, Flint and Saginaw, Mich.; Toledo, Ohio and Muncie, Ind. Many Plants Open. The big Buick p l a n t at Flint summoned 12,500 of its 16,001: workers. It plans to have the f u l l force on duty by the middle ot the \yeek. . The group .which resumed work at Flint Saturday was employed in one unit of the Fisher body plant No. 1--one o f - t h e three occupied by sit down strikers. The unit occupied by the strikers will resume operations later in the week. The large Chevrolet motor assembly plant at Flint, in which the last of the sit-down strikers started, is among those reopening Monday. The Fisher No. 2 p l a n t , where the most serious of the strike disorders at Flint occurred, will reopen Tuesday 'with 1,000 men on duty. Not All Workers Back. Virtually all of the 43,000 General Motors employes in Flint, which became the strike "capital," are expected to be working by the week-end. The Oldsmobile plant at Lansing, Mich., the Pontiac factory at Pontiac; Cadillac and Ternstedt at Detroit- and Fisher Body at Cleveland also were reopening Monday. The Fleetwood and stamping plants in Detroit also "11 resume operations Tuesday. TWO HELD FOR EASTERN POLICE Detroit Men Arrested Here Wanted for Robbery in Pennsylvania. Hugh Hollowell and Chester Johnson, both giving Detroit, Mich.; as their addresses, were held by Mason City police Monday awaiting orders from Detroit and Pennsylvania police regarding the disposition ofHhe men wanted in both Michigan and Pennsyl- A'ania. The men confessed to have stolen a car from a service driveway where new cars, are stored in Detroit a week ago last Thursday. They were arrested at 2:30 o'clock Sunday .morning at Seventh street jand South Federal avenue by Officer Ray Follelt. The inen had driven the car .1,100 miles. , ' , . Upon informing Detroit police of the seizure, Police Chief Harold Wolfe was informed that the two men were wanted in Butler, Pa., where they were alleged to have beaten and robbed a man of $47. The two men said they would waive extradition papers to Detroit but not to Pennsylvania. Johnson has served time at Fort Madison and is. wanted · at his former home at Spencer on a charge of forgery. Hollowell -has served time in Michigan, according to officers. C h a r l e s Ranck, Wilmington, Del., who said he had obtained a ride with the men as a hitchhiker, was also held by officers until his story could be checked. would make Edward an allowance out of the royal family's private income of $75,OOC to $100,000 a year. 2. Edward would reduce the price of $750,000 he was reported demanding for Sandringham house to a figure which Queen Mother Mary and King George might meet. ED WARD SPURNS PLEA FOR DELAY Gives Determined "No" to Family's Request for Later Wedding. LONDON, (fP)--Former King j Edward VIII was understood Monday lo have answered.his royal family's plea to delay his wedding to Wallis Simpson with a determined "noi" The exiled Duke of Windsor's "irrevocable" decision to wed the woman for whose love he renounced his throne was brought to his mother and his sovereign- bbrother Sunday by the Princess Royal, the family's emissary to ~ ' - - - castle, near NINE MEASURES PASSED MONDAY BY IOWA HOUSE Constitutional Amendment to Revise Judiciary Proposed. DES MOINE_S, (.T)--Speeding along in high gear, the" Iowa house of representatives Monday passed nine legislative measures and a resolution providing for a constitutional amendment to revise judicial procedure. Further action between the house and senate in v unifyinjt the mortgage moratorium redemption measure was deferred u n t i l the senate swings into action later today. A defect found at the last minute Friday before the weekend recess necessitated f u r t h e r revision of the measure by a conference committee. In addition to acting speedily on adoption of the ten proposals before it, the house received numerous new bills, increasing ils file to 191. Asked Exemption. The - latest proposal received dealing with tax m a t t e r s - w a s H. F. 190 by Representative Ed R, Brown (R) of Des .Moines, by which the present 2 per cent sales fax would be continued but with the exemption of bread and milk. It provides also for a system ot lax tokens of one-fiflh of a cent each. One token would be levied under the sales tax upon a pur- , Edward at Enzesfeld Vienna. ASKS RECONSIDERATION DES MOINES, (£)--Repre- sentative E. \V. Scott (R) of .Lake View, filed with the Iowa house Monday a motion to reconsider the vote by which a resolution protesting Presi- d e n t Roosevelt : s court reorganization proposals failed to pass. The resolution was defeated 50 to 51 last week. Despite t h i s sister's f a i l u r e to Br ° v shake Windsor's determination to P eclll( ^ -.»-. r-.-___. . ,, , Gxnmni chase of between 6 cents and 9 cents, with the rate graduated up lo $1 upon which 2 per cent would be paid. Brown's proposal was the first arch's troubled financial affairs. While the amount of money which King George VI, as head of $?,· an amendment Pi-epai-ed bj the familyf offered his brother, or Senalor . L - H. Doran (R) ofBoone the sum Edward asked to allow him 13 maintain the royal dignity in exile probably will never be definitely knowri, it was believed a two point amicable agreement had been reached. 1. King George, it was thought, e A complete new line . . . with new styling . . . new efficiency . . . new economy! Just received' from the manufacturer that is now producing ]6,697 refrigerators for the U. S. Public Works Administration's Housing Division to meet economy requirements in slum clearance and low rent housing projects ... the largest single order for refrigerators ever placed! IT'S 10-YEAR ECONOMY THAT COUNTS. Van Ness MASON CITV, IOWA Dealers for Clc_ar Lake, Manly and Nnra Spi'ln . in t h e house to xempt foodstuffs from the sales ax but other members of that marry Mrs. Simpson a t t h e first i t , , opportunity, she was believed to , \ · - .,? U \ el V membel ; s ^ that have met with more success in bod /. ""^ated attemptswould -be clearing u p ; t h e self-exiled mon- TM a ?,f to: include other ; .necessitics arch's troubled financial affairs. ^ der ' the exemption.-provisions. , . There was also on file in the sen- te, an amendment prepared by Globe-Gazette Radio News and Time-Table KGLO Mason City Globe-Gazette illasan City, low* (1210 Kilocycles) MONDAY NIGHT 6:00 News, People's Gas and Electric 6:05 Rudolph Friml, Jr.'s Orch. 6:15 Sports Review, Decker Bros. 6:30 Dinner Hour 6:45 Diamond City News 7:00 News, Currie-Van Ness 7:05 Supper Dance Melodies 7:30 Sons of the Pioneers 7:45 Kay Kyser's Orchestra 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 8:05 C. L. Pine Loan Co. presents Dick Leibert at the Organ 8:20 Sing and Dance 8:30 Radio Night Club 9:00 News, Highway Oil Co. 9:05 Green Bros. Orchestra 9:30 Huck Shaffer's Orchestra 10:00 News, First National Bank 10:05 Melodeers 10:15 Slumber Hour 10:30 Swing Time 11:00 News, Abel and Sons 11:15 Good Night WHO NBC Red Network Oca Miuues, Iowa Central standard Tim* (1UOO Kilocycles) TUESDAY, FEB. 16 0 another sales tax' bill, which I'ould be more far reaching in [ranting exemptions. Adopt Amendment. Without debate the house idopted the constitutional amendment which passed the forty-sixth leneral assembly and will go to 1 vote of the people in 1938 if the -enate concurs in house action today. The proposal provides that 9 n( 2 jurors may return verdicts in civil cases. Each of the other measures approved on passage were adopted by top-heavy votes and with little discussion. They were: S. F. 50--Legalizing a $17,000 bond issue for construction of a consolidated school at Smithland (Woodbury county) ,89 to 0.) H. F. 32--Permitting special charter cities to vote on granting or renewing utility franchises. (93 to 0.) H. F. 173--Providing that new mines cannot be opened without licensing by district mine inspector. (73 to 13.) H. F. 25--Applying lo barbering, those penalties now applied to violations of the practice of cosmetology. (83 to SO H. F. 33--Legalizing- $67,000 bond issue by cily of M i l i o r d for construction of an electric l i c h t p l a n t . (8K to 0.) Must Gel Order. S. F. 71--Providing that guardians of veterans must apply to court for order in m a k i n g investments. (87 to 0.) H. F. 89--Adding thefts from buildings under construction to the statute applying lo larceny in the nighttime. (85 to 0.) H. F. 10G--Providing for the lise pf school buses for extracurricular activities such as basketball tourneys. (93 to 0 ) H. F. 128--Simplifying the taking of the school census to include the blind and feeble minded between the ages of 5 and 35. (94 to p.) Sponsors of the homestead IHX moratorium . b i l l scheduled to come before the Iowa house Monday postponed consideration of the measure until Tuesday to permit the attorney general's office to s t u d y some of its provisions. The bill, written by Representative Robert Blue (R) of Eagle Grove and others, would hold up i s s u a n c e ' o f lax deeds on homesteads sold for taxes u n t i l 1839. Blue explained he wished the attorney general's office to examine the proposal and obtained consent of the chamber to make debate on the bill a special order of business for Tuesday morning. Postpone Consideration. In its morning session the house also decided to postpone consideration ot a proposal to change joint house and senate rules. The change would prevent n bill which had passed one house and received n committee report in another from going to sifting committee. The lower chamber received six new proposals, i n c l u d i n g one pro viding for the election of all 6:00 Sunup Serenade. 7:00 News; Mason City Fur Shoppe 7:05 Alarm Clock Hour 7:45 Merkel's Musical Clock 8:00 Lyons' Musical Breakfast 8:15 Musical Clock 8:30 Mier Wolfs Melody Time 9:00 Voice of Damon's 9:30 Jack Sprat's Food Stores, Time an* Tunes. 9:45 Tyler Ryan's Musical Clock 10:00 Opening Markets and News 10:15 Concert Hall of the Air 10:30 Devotional Service, Sev. A. : S. Carlson, Congregational church. 10:45 Organ Reveries 11:00 Worth Iowa News, Skelgas 11:10 World Bookwoman 11:15 Sons of the Pioneers 11:30 American Family Robinson 11:45 This and That 12:00 Mid Day Revue 12:30 Globe-Gazette News and Markets 12:45 Mid-Day Revue 12:55 Chapman's Musical Miniature 3:00 Iowa Farm Flashes 1:00 Mid-Day Revue, Cent. 1:30 Luncheon Dance 2:00 Mailbag 3:00 Afternoon Show 4:00 Reading the Globe-Gazette 4:15 Tea Time Tunes 4:30 Home Folks Frolic 4:45 Mason City Public Schools 5:00 Globe-Gazette News 5:05, New-Records Fijom : Vances 5:15 Phil tavant ; and' ; His Orch. 5:30 Results, from the Want Ads 5:35 Hosario Bourdon's Orch. C:00 News, P. G. and E. .6:05 Rudolph Friml Jr.'s Orch. 6:15 Sports Review, Decker Bros. G:30 Dinner Hour 7:00 News, Currie-Van Ness 7:05 Supper Dance Melodies 7:25 Review .of the Markets 7:30 Sons of the Pioneers 7:45 King's Men 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 8:05 Five Minute Myslery; United Home Bank 8:10 Dance and Sing 8:30 Radio Night Club 9:00 News, Highway Oil Co. 9:05 Green Bros. Orch. 9:3fl Evening Dance Parade 10:00 News, First National Bank 10:05 Melodeers 10:15 Slumber Hour 10:30 Swing Time 11:00 News, Pritchard Motor Co. 11:15 Goodnight . B:00 (1:15 G:30 fi:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 B:00 li:lS !1:00 3:15 9:30 3:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 2:30 2:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:15 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 4:55 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 (i:15 S:30 6:40 5:45 7:00 7:;io R:(H1 R:30 9:30 3:45 0:00 0:15 0:,TO 0:35 0:45 1:OP 1:30 county supervisors "at large" instead of on a district basis. Another would prevent the state tax board from making changes in assessed valuations after September first in the yeai the assessment was made, Al present, reductions may be made any time within five years. The house started work' at 10 a. p.i., but the senate did not convene u n t i l 1:30 p. m. MINERS ACT TO OUSTW. GREEN WASHINGTON, (/P)--The United Mine Workers' policy committee directed the union officers Monday to expel William Green, president o£ the American Federation of Labor, from the union. In a resolution, the committee found Green guilty of "treason* and 'a "betrayal o£ labor, its principles and its ideals." The miners union is affiliated with the committee ,Tor industrial organization which is seeking to bring all workers in each large industry into one big union. Such a policy is opposed to traditional A. F. oE L. craft unionization. Last year the A. F. of L. suspended the miners union and nine others for "insurrection." Green has been a member of the U n i t e d Mine Workers foi about 40 years and for many years was secretary-treasurer. The miners' committee assailed Green particularly for his activities in connection with the recent General Motors strike. Both Green and John P. Frey president of the A. F. of L. Meta. Trades department, "did everything in their power to assist General Motors in their effort to divide, destroy and render impoten the United Automobile Workers,' Its resolution said. The United Automobile Workers which called the strike is affiliated with the committee foi industrial organization. John L. Lewis, president of the Mine Workers, is chairman of th C. I. O. Tuesday, Feb. 18, . Mornin? Devotion Sing. Neighbor, Sing Musical ClocK- Farm News Almanac oC the Air Cliore Gang News Musical Fashion Nolcs Gene and Glenn Musical Clock Morning Melodies Hymns of All Churches Belly and Bob Today's Children. NBC David Harum. NBC Baekstajje Wire. NBC Monllcello Party Line Organ Melodies Kilty Keene. Inc. The Story of Mary Marlin. NBC National Farm and Home Hour, NBC Commercial Program News Broadcast Girl in a Million Musical Almanac Market 'Report Judy find Jane Peppsr Young's Family, WBC Ma Perkins, NBC Vie and Sade. NBC The O'Neills NBC Hits and Encores Men ot the West. NBC Way Down Epst The Guiding iiaht. NBC While the Clly Sleeps, NBC Houseboat Hannah Hello Peggy Revue Bulletins Pop Concert National Defense Week Jack Armstrong Sunset Corners Opry Amos 'n* Andy Vocal Varieties. NBC News Snorts News · Diamond City News Leo Reisman's .Orchestra, NBC Wayne Kin E . NBC Vox Pop, NBC Fred Astairc. NBC Hollywood Gossip, NBC Carol Weeirian, Soprano. NBC The World Daticcs News The Mansion of Dreams' French Casino Orchestra. NBC American !.egion Alixiifary Chez Parce Orchestra. NBC Casino Parisiecne Orchestra, NBC WCCO Columbia Broadcasting System Minneapolis-St. Faut Central Standard TJm» (810 Kilocycles) Tuesday, Feb. IK. 6:15 Tiiife Signals f:4; Oshkosh Boys 7:00 Air Almanac 7:15 Junior Broadcasters CIuli n Musical Chimes Time Signals 8:45 Gene and Glenn n Betty and Bob 5 Modern Cinderella J»::iO Betty Crocker; Hymns 9:4.1 John K. Watkins 0:00 Organ 0:15 Jean Abbey n:30 Bic Sister 0:45 Homemakcr's Exchange i:no The Gumps ' .1;I5 Gctwceti the Bookend* 1:30 Kitty Keene IMS Ma Perkins 2;00 Berch and Warntnv 2:15 Hugh As pin wall 2:30 Hope Alden's Romance 2:45 Aunt Jenny 1:00 Calendar Notes 1;I5 School of the Air 1:45 Myrt and Marge 2:00 Markets; Police 2:15 News; Stocks ^;30 Safety Council ' 2:45 Concert Halt 3:00 Ladies First 3:30 Musical 3:45 Hello Pcgfiy 4:00 North Star School 4:15 Science Service 4:3f) Schedule; Livestock 4;4." Wilderness Road S:(10 Del Casino 5:15 Front PaRe Parade 3:30 Jack Armstrong ·V45 Renfrew of the Mounlecl fi:00 Easy Aces H:l," Wonders of the Heaven* fi:3il Alexander WoollcolL R:-*.T Boakc Carter S:00 Hammerslcin Music Hall 7;nn Al Joison R:OO Al Pcarcc ,-intl His Cans R:30 Jack Oakio's Collcco 9:30 Poly Follies 10:00 Poetic Melodies 10:15 New-slime 10:30 Rollio Johnson: Reports 10:45 Frank Gordon's Orchestra 11:00 Henry Halstead's Orchestra 11:30 Benny Meroff's Orchestra 11:45 Happy Felton's Orchestra WOI Iowa State College Sfalion Ames, Iowa (640 Kilocycles) RADIO RAMBLER GEORGE GIVOT AND CLIFF EDWARDS GO TO COLLEGE George Glvot, radio's famous "Grik Hambassador of Good Will," and Cliff "Ain't Gonna Rain No More" Edwards, will be the star "Visiting Performers" on "Jack Oaltie's College" broadcast over WCCO Tuesday from 8:30 to 9:30 p. m. Givol--that remarkable Greek dialect purveyor who has never been in Greece and famous proprietor of that elaborate restau- snt, "Acropolis No. 7," complete from red plush carpels to a heavy mortgage -- will address Oakic's nationwide students on "Harr You Lak Dot" and "Hexstroadnry Uss of Hinglish." Cliff Edwards will sing about the birdies and a lot of new flora and fauna" he has discovered in a group of fresh bal"ads. He will be heard with jeorgle Stoll's orchestra. Shaw n n d Lee ; will also be featured on the program. From the east coast Benny Goodman's band will join the melody parade with choral units f r o m a well known college, to be announced at an early date. * * * IOWA CITY--Seleclion of Ihe University of Iowa as the featured institution for a half-hour national radin program with students contributing alt features, has been announced by NBC oficlals. The program, one of a. weekly series sponsored by a motor company, -will go on the air at ,1:30 p. m. March 12, with .John Hclil .Ir. as master of ceremonies. · Alumni clubs in all sections of the c o u n f r y will plan meetings on the evening of the broadcast. H is the first time that Ihe university has been featured on a croasl-to-coast hookup. * * v JLKA CHASE GUEST AT "MUSIC HALL" Ilka Chase, distinguished young ·\clress; George Kasely, young Mtropolitan opera tenor, and Willie Morris, well-known radio songstress, will be guest-stars on .he "Hammerstein Music Hall" Jroadca^t over WCCO Tuesday *rom 7 to 7:30 p. m. Miss Chase, . who is currently appearing on Broadway in "The Women," has appeared in such stage successes as "Animal Kingdom," "Forsaking All Others" and "Revenge With Music." In pictures she has played in "The Lady Consents" and "Soak the Rich." For Hammerstein listeners she will read a poem. * * * . Bright, gay comedy and music originating in the mythical "Cafe Trocatlero" with Al Jolson as master-of-ceremonles and singing star will be .featured on Tuesday over WCCO network, from 7:30 to 8 p. m. In the supporting company will be founti Martha Rayc, Hollywood's most raucous singing: lady; Sid Silvers, presenting his distinctive comedy, and the music of Victor Young and his orchestra, .lolson will be heard in p o p u l a r SOURS, old and nciv, and n. guest star for the evening is promised. WMT NBC Blue Network Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa- Central Standard Time (COO Kilocycles) fi:-I.T Servirc Reports 7:00 Mnlin*--F. J. Wilkinson 7:20 News Nolcs 7:3l) The Mu.-iic Sliop a:0.i News nf the Hour 8:0.1 Music Shop-^conlinLieH 8:50 Service Reports 3;00 Neu'3 of the Hour fl:us -Father Abraham"-- Iluth Calvin 9:30 Service Report,*; 10:00 News of the Hour 10:05 The Homemakers 10:30 Service Reports 11:00 News of the Hour 11:05 Murtcalc 11:30 Rhyme and 1 Rhyllim 11:50 State Police Bulletins 12:15 Service Reports 12:40 News Summary 12:50 "Why Eal Lamb?"--Prof. F. J. Beard 1:00 Carl Nebbe's Orchestra 1:30 Service Reports 2:00 New.* 1 of the Hour 2:05 Organ Recital--Howard Chase 2::w Child Study Club 3:00 News of the Hour H:O.S Mastcnvork ^:30 The Magazine R a c k -- R u t h G a l v i n 4;0fl;e University 4:4.~ News Summary 5:00 Dcloil High School Band 5:30 Sinn O/f Jack B o n n y is p l a n n i n g a novel stunl to prove to Fred Allen" that not only is he himself a capable musician but that he is constantly in the company of musical authorities. He is organizing his own band for a forthcoming Sunday night program. He will fiddle, Charlie Butterworth will play the oboe, Fred Astaire will tootle the piccolo and Andy Dcvine will preside at the traps. Helen Hayes* Broadway show, "Victoria Rcgina," was the only New York dramatic hit which did not have a matinee on Lincoln's birthday. Helen has R regular "Bambi" rehearsal Friday al- ternoons n n d refused -to pass up the practice session at the mici'o- 1 phone. Tuesday, Feb. 18. 5:30 Tull Corn Time G:l5 Albert Mills Program fi:30 Family Altar 7:00 Newatimc 7:10 Musical Clock 8:00 Tim Brady and His R o n n d u p R:;;o Frank Vnclkcr, Ors.inist R:.*)ll Women tn the News H:.")."i Pofico Btnller 0:00 MoL't\hiR Ne\VHC.i5l SJ:L'i Louise Hatlihway fl::m lUnrriapft Clinic fl:4r Alajtic Kitchen 10:1111 Markets Ift:03 Melody Moiml*mrrr.«: HV.I5 Lou Webb al Ihe Orcfm 10;,to Vic and Sadn 10:45 Edward MacHliRh 11:00 Slories From Life 11:05 Morn in p Matinee 11:15 Lou Webb at the Organ 11:30 WMT German Band 11:45 Noonday Newscast 11:35 Cedar Valtey Hillbillies 12:10 Question Man 12:40 Voice o( Iowa 12:30 Market!; 12:35 Cedar Valley Hillbillies 12:45 Joe Doakex 12:50 A\ml Fanny 12:3a Iowa Cornhuskers 1 :OS Many Happy Returns 1:10 Iowa Cornhuskcrs 1:15 WMT German Band 1:30 Bill Brown "The Movie Man" 1:45 Commercial Program 2:00 I/.zy on the Air 2:f^ I!. S. Maiine Bjmd 2::iO Sum my Kayn's Orchestra 3:0(1 Bill Lewis, Organist 3:15 Reporter of Odd Facts 3:20 Tun PS 3:30 Mm'lowfi ;niri T,yon 3:4.7 Youn£ Hickory 4:00 Your Heallh 4:30 Frrslic.^l Thing In Town 4:45 Gnlo Pane r»:00 Cozy Cornnrs 5:1.1 Tea Timer Tunr,« S:.10 Kvcnlnp Ncur=cail 5:4. r i Orphan Annie G:tK Easy ACCK fi:J5 Original Jesters R:30 Frank Voelker, Organist (I:*) Final Edition 6:45 Al Donahue's Orchestra 7:00 Loff CabEn Dude Ranch 7:30 Edgar A. Guest 8:00 Ben Bcmic 0:30 Husbands and Wives 9:00, Band 0:30 Cab Galloway 10:00 Band 10:15 Newstime 10:30 Howard Kramer 10:45 Freddy Martin's Orchestra 11:00 Horace Heldt Orchestra 11:30 Red Norvo's Orchestra 12:00 Sign OH Beetle ;ind Bottle, Phil Baker's prize stooges, have also beet .signed for t h e movie w h i c h Phi w i l l ni»(cc this summer. The plo concern's newspapermen. FIGURES PROVE DESOTO GIVES GREATEST VALUE OF ANY CAR! ITS SMARTNESS is readily seen... but compare price, safety, economy and value with any ear. CUTS UPKEEP COSTS. Road tests prove the new De goto will save you money on gas and oil. SEATS SIX PEOPLE ... no crowding. Chair height seats. 87 Value Features. 20% more luggage space- SAFETY I N T E R I O R . Nothing to rbump, catch or tear. Safety-Steel Body. One-piece steel top. HYDRAULIC BRAKES... self-equalizing . . . always give you smooth, sure stops without Bwerying. AND LOOK AT ALL THESE EXTRA-VALUE FEATURES {$ 14 Live Rubber "Float" Body Mountings End Vibration and Road Rumble. @ Entirely New 93 H.P. "Economy Engine". Greater Performance ... More Mileage. A First Completely Sound-Proofed Car. Talk in a Whisper at Road Speeds and Be Heard. Q "City Ride" on Roughest Roads ...with 4 New Aero-Hydraulic Shack-Absorbers. 0 Easy to Buy! New lower Prices! w Ask about the Official Commercial Credit Company Plan. NOW PRICED THUJWEST PROluCfOFCHRrSLERCORP, 10 Fourth St. N. E. Mason City, Iowa

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