The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1913
Page 6
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THE PEG-TOP FAVORED BY THE YOUNG MIS: TOO many, of the new frocks I long: straight skirt or the one Witt-two or,three straight overskirts or -'fioonces, tae. peg-top and otiier, tracef ul!y drapel; models are as modSsh *»~ever. The pes-top is. becoming to Seirly-every-Sgcre.- and tere-ts= sorne- tWag-'-very : smart in_ its fipl^tije young girl These jiew draperies in less exaggerated forms ere especially:, becoming-as the, slender Sgure carries .them -vreu. and they lend grace. : -Qorduroj-s-and.velvets are itsore pop- xjlar 5ust: now than they have been for , season.- "The softer velveteens. TfeLvets-aud corduroys are espe- ; Smoke gray corduroy v.-as vifei. with 7950, :effectively trimmed with rose colored bone buttons anfl a rose colored velvet belt, collar" aad -·. To'copy tais model in size- 1G it requires. 4. yards of 42 inch Velveteec with- fs ol 'a yard !of contrasting material for trimming;. . - ; · ' · ,". ··'-" 7953 Is effective fashioned of cobalt blue poplin sashed" in Rornan .stripes, j The collar and cuSs effectively repeat } the "scarlet in the sash. A bit of drapery on each side of the skirt adds to its attractiveness. : .Four and one-.eighth yards of 42 inch material are required to make this design In size IS. No. 79DO--sizes 14. 16. 17 and IS. 2Co. 7963--sizes 16. 17 and IS. Each pattern 15 cents. ^To obtain either pattern illustrated fill ·ouf^thli'c'oupon :aad 'enclose 15 cents ia of . pattern acd size, meashrlns over the fca«st-'part of.tbe bust. Address Pattern 'JDipaltinent. care- of thjs pajJen.- :-·;,. 3 *;·". I- H Xo S'Ze ---1 j«.{JhriBtmas day in Ditmarsn.fhfe'. l ektile get an extra allowance of; - i fodder. : T-fie -eats ? andr : dpgs,:tbo;f .g'et Dttfir= meals. At ames^the cattle j «r« admitted to thehigher joys 1 to'.the extent that.a ' tie .trougii " : oa.has :.snggesieoithat a certain- time ;set;apart eacli: Suiiday sEa'l be.. r dev6ted; to" readiag^reltli a^purpose. ·3sot jest-a book picked-up-at random, and another on "quite. a "differeat; topic ·vr£en : taai~Is"-nnl3iied- 'At;ihe : end-of ;wi]iter .little, definite,.inentffl. advaiict TEese candles for^tiie one that goes out first ·Will die first." : ·'": ---^.··^v-"rF -;·;·;. v * ' -. _ ,,, *' ; " " · ^ V ~i ·"- "t. \f ' y^ those born on ChrlstmSs ]3ay: nave ' eT0b' of; one..-country, :or : :tp.-a -painter .aadr his pictures,: or. to r any ; v definite, subject that attracts you, and 7 read-on tat saBject;for; even .one OF two. hoars '.eac'h SifnSay. ;: · : In' three months ;triere iis definite m.entar.Tesults..;: '.i i 'after-dinner dish'es rmiist ..not;. ace. f --They'inHsfc "be- tea minutes before mid- niflit; /when, the- young folks take them outside to ,a -well and -wash them, for tttJthe S-water they can; at midnight, see the."faies of their future lovers and iweethearts. .-·_·-..-.. - : - - - - -·.·:.·· "'-"- '-_-.-. " ' ' . : : * * * X£2£-l£neel in the stall at mid- .nignt on .Christmas, says English ;.;;·: tMtdition. They kneel as ii in idoratipn of, the Nativity. : " Christmas draws near every ·· Breach family in easy circuin- ·- stances sends for a cask of isiae 4sii lays in.a. 6tock of southern fruit Those -who have been enemies .pardon etch other; marriages are fixed;,' mar- i$e% pairs -who have been separated are reunited.\ : · : - ' . ' . - ' . , - . * - - * ; . . " * . POPULAIt saying in Spain for Christmas day is "the bird of "--'--.. da-wiiing singetb. all night long to fjigblen away all evfl things." '..":- - ... - * *·- »- G HRISTMAS celebrations in ilesico begin December 17 and continue ' . · - - . nntil Etecember 2-i. Each night a festival is held, nine in all, an invitation being sent oiit to these "posadas." "Posada" means "Inn," typifying the day tne holy travelers, Joseph, and Mary, sought ia vain for rest and shel ter, * * * T j3 yoaag Armenians, on Christ mas day. pay "hand-kissing" Tis- its tx their elders. .·j;-r-:Strange -Human.: _ ·4-The.-'Chinese "get-a Te'ry' palatable : food- from : - -the chrysalis- pf-' ta£ /silk worm-' The pobr'femove tfaerenvelope, jroil the chrysalis and eat it -with salt and pepper. In the homes of wealth, lowever, the chrysalis is fried in lard, butter or oil, and mixed with the yolk of an- egg. But the strangest of all food is the larvae of a certain fly, common ia California and known as :he Ephydra. The fiies are -washed on the shore in windrows and can be collected in bushel baskets. The Indians gather them, dry them and grow fat on them. Comb With Removable. Teeth. A comb having teeth tEat can be removed and replaced in case of breakage is a novelty on the market. It consist of a back and filler strip, and 4~ teeth, any or all o* which may be taken out and replaced through the back when the Slier strip is removed. This is done by laying the comb on a hot plate for a few minutes, when the expansion of the rubber loosens the Strip. . : Thimbles Centuries Old- Taimbies have been known for many centuries. Some specimens unearthed by archaeologists are knov.'n to be 2,500 years old. They are of bronze, and taeir outer surfaces show the familiar indentations for engaging the head of the needle. Tbese thimbles are almost exactly like those of our day. except that they have no tops with which to cover the end of the finger. T O learn tie-qualities of aer futnrs husband the Roasianiaa girl, on : - Christmas eTe, partially disrobes loosens her hair, bandages ner eyes *d braving the cold- goes into the courtyard, -where sae commences to i count the stakes in the hedge. "Svaea *be reaebes- Uie mats one ene binds It witt-ribbon or -wi^k ^threads of hair aad^re^jii^^.lbethQHse. The next day sfcB examiiies tfee-slakej if it is upright j jssd sou2d,- : her.5istsDarid young. 1 stress and bandsomej if riieat, her bus- j band will be okTaaS ugly. C HRISTMAS seems to harre been first obserred between ISO-ISO ; -i A.- o. · . ' · " · - ..-. * * » T HE custom of making- gifts at -Cimstmas is. -ssidest epread in Germany, where even casual ac- qarlntances express their regard for ·ach other by maMug Email presents. To Keep Ice, "When it is desirable to keep ice in the sickroom, this will be found a very "good plan: Get a large, wide-mouthed jar, tie a piece of coarse flannel over it, making it loose aad bag-like ia the center. Now put the ice ia this bag and cover it with another piece . of Sannel, folded three or four times. It will keep better this way than by any other method. When you require, to break it, use a coarse darning needle or a,fine knitting needle, giving it a geatle tap with a hammer. In the Pennsylvania State Capitol at Harrisburg · ·" · ·' ' V-.'- ' : - · · ' - -· . , The IS fenbus mural paintings which adorn the walls of the Governors Room at ^^arfisbiurg are now for the first time to be reproduced in color. Heretofore $ie^pnly obtainable copies were carbon photographs at $7.50 each. Recently improved methods in the making of color printing plates direct from/trie Walls now make possible their reproduction in color.. The expense of reproducing these pictures is very great, and but for the ·willing- ness of the PUBLIC LEDGER to assume this expense these wonderful pictures might long have remained beyond the reach of the public to be momentarily enjoyed only by the few who might have - occasion to see the originals when "doing" the Gapitol at Harrisburg. "· ' Six of these pictures, reproduced in all their wonderful coloring, in sizes suitable for framing, will be issued as a Supplement to the , . . . . . ,, rone. Independence· Square^ PHladelpliia. TWO CENTS / '"'"": U^: ; " " ^ J\: --^^-':^ 1% v ' ^ - - :"--:, 5 li · . SUNDAY, FIVE CENTS - : - First Thing in-the ffilorning Since 1836 , ^ Agent for Gettysbnrg. Pa. P. W. STALLSMITH . - ! i Western Maryland Lines TRY THE SHORT ROUTE TO ills burgh hicago Leave Gettysbarg 10:28 A. M-, con- ncclln5 wilh Chicago Limited at Hisrhfit-ld. Arrive at Pittsburgh 8:05 P. j I j c M_ and Chicago S:10 o'clock next 1 ! norning. i ?5loccm train of through sleepers. : I observation and club cars and coaches j sttached- j I will be m my room on the j ' THIS STOVE HAS BECOME-FAMOUS for if; heating quality with a small consumption of coal. la addition to this, which is the essential, reqiurement of any heater, it is especially noted for its Ij attractive appearance. VvTe will" |. i take T.leasure in shoving it and -JLS full merit at our EFr J-J. A -TZl - I U l i t \vharrrccra. H.T. Maring f ..]; Ilca-lini: frpi.^liE station 5:5 b;i!! ng lor j-.crlr f"Ct3ij5C«i iy Sirawsracker Co. il When You Bay a Sfteff Piano Yon ^2t-an instrdmeat-'inti irriich is Ti3lD all'that the skill and cs- _rie^ce Thar 71 years can ~ive yon. The career of the Stleff Piano is one of uniatern-.pted honor. Honor becaosi of excellence--anil honor. with s-,"?ess- It i a piano known io c-ur Father.? and Granu-fatbersi and from the first it has been sought after, honoreJ and esteemed, ami slwavs because-. . . IT TS"TiTE-BE3T--INVESTIGATE. SEE THE'SnEFP--HbAR m Satisfv j-Dursclf as to where yenr piano inonej wjll i.'sia; ihc"ntS3O» Stieff Flayer Pianos - f ; · i .V TT« *.ri!l mail it to yon, free; or cali and s 11 EVERY Pf AXO FULLY GUARANTEED. WHY NOT OWN A GOr.p - ' -3IKDAL STIEFF ^r m °^;i^±iDomesti C GasEngines, Spraying Outfits Store J ' on second floor, every ii Had Lost Place. Gertrude, aged three, sat in her high chair at the dinner table turning about in her fingers a small ear of cora from which she had been nibbling a row at a time. Suddenly she burst into tears. "What is the | matter, dear?"" asked her mother. "I've lost my place!" sobbed the little one.--The Delineator. Wednesday afternoon froi)2 ]^Ja.y 12.30 to 8 o'clock, | : iiere I will do Siting, or I ·mVi fsUl OK = you irs yourihome, at yonr cpiiTor»:c:«-e. ] on any Thursday, jipon receipt of p« car3. Please'call and see 'the Spirdi corsets and corset accessories. ANNA C. MYERS, Now Oxford, Pa. Spirella Coreetierre. REMWES4U DESIRE FOR DRINIC- 812 N.BROAD Sr,pHitAOELPH!A.PA ; Electric or Power Macfiines Reading Standard Motorcycled 1 ' · ' . ' ' . ... - - .,,:--, - . . . - - . , · } are some .f the mechanical deviovs f«r which 1 holil the ajrcncr. T.shalJ.l)C,g3 : ad. j !· demonstrate any one os them io proj-pcotivc pnrchnsers, r ' --Old pianos taken in exchange. Onr pnc^s are rightj onr terms yon. - .. " S t i e f f P i a n o W a r e r o o m s M T.ONG, :;30 West-A*ar';et Strict ' 'YORK. PA. Gettysburg Auto Tire Repair --42 W. HIGH ST REET- TUBES A SPECIALTY ,, With modern steam etinipment. lam j;rcp '.red to do general ."repair work I am prepared to do any manner of Repair Work at my: Moxr-onts, secrioRS and retreading. _If the hole is not longer than t,itu! Jt can Cabinet and Machine Shop, or all kinds of New erepai Work mads Io order. 1 W. M. United Telephone O N O V E R Cor. Middle and Stratton Streets ?atiafaction guarantfed. TWELVE PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE ^omforlab'c. Ji li; e and-Pow rfnl. Try ii. Tor. -s an.rBji.tlofield trips n ppecia'tj Local Phone 117 X C.A.STONER, prop. fSiEWSPAPERl

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