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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1818
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JJ4 V - V f?: ILL .HJJ JjLUiiJ - ; NUMBER 4892 MONDAY, HACK AT THE SHlP - YARD. Of ', A SLOOP, bow building of Um best rff i :.t. inn imw timhera afliv 2caJt bewt end cadar l notions, plank fcjTwwS eak, built oo purpos - for U All - ly trade' ' ' ' 7 A 8L0OP of 50 tons, calculated for f tny trade wherl dUpatch Isurthett, V Jny draft of water a reqmred, J - aBBBaaaaaMMP ' e vyvii C Ik af Ifl Irtlll. - A periagraBLHwnxjv, V"" - f wiH draw bet little water, with Ue - - i Iboard through the centre, of - or keel, and w expected U tad very mst , " . - - ii ' Al, SHIP of 360 tens cu 1for iLiverpoolnr Lcmdon ltas (that V 2bfcihtdoth.pcler.) . .. u j .Jink : Also, timber ' f cprf ujuu - w i - ftita II - : v... t rtiakl or Charier. jJTv A Nf pilot boat built SCHOONER, tf 3 V - ..r sen tnm burthen, built in the bet m'anoeri copptf - feittnad, ' i - complete ordrrto rwcaiva a cargo w every ropn - i lppl on board at Barlirir - liS or to iM.wtQ' ' . 88South - t. rr &air. t'ratht tr Charter, a w nllat hMt built tchocner. 120 hurt Kn. bniit in the best manner. TriT..ti4al cntmer faatened t a vert fat Miliar renci, aim miy jmeine Api'ly oa board at burling dip, or to j.rf la - . 86SonUt - at For freight er Ctutritr, rffv ' The Cut sailing iubatanbal icbooner " "SETSF.Y. capt. Turner, one year old, will itaw ahont W bbls. it In complete order nrn ov3 re can b enat Dover - it '. wharf. H,o ? " - ' COODHUE ft ca Jan 22 1 " 44 South - rt. Thi. nW and fait lailiazbriz FAME, - buili of the best wooed timber, and 4 ..,,i,.n nut inrsther. Her rizinz - and ! re of excellent quality. , This vessel i wej! ralcutalrd (or a louthero pnekot, haviiir hatid - toae accommoditiooir For terno, and a view f herioreatory, apply to ; (IRISWOLDS & COATES, " Jan 93 ' ' 68 9oulh - t. 'f ITheTer - fastaili?loop PAKG0N, tl burthen 'C6 tons - built at Aliddletown, Couoecticutt t tha beet Bateriab; bat made one voyage to the Wait Indie, U one year old and can be tent to tea immediately For term, and a view of her inTntow, apply to - - CtUSWOLUa ef COAJES, Jan 23 C8 Soutli - et. CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bale cnitine of BaOai, Uuckipore, Chittabully, Callipatty and Putka. , ' Coiai, Chaudpore, Comocoily, Johanna and JL,uckijore.. , , , . .' j . Sanurth Jellalpore and Mow.: ' Oieckt (iillnlu, Romals c ler tle by : - CHS. L. OUDEN and ABRM OODEN, ' : nw9 ' ' - - '' ' Wafhinrton lreet. ' yiRAlTS Bft.AiU. tUtM Pipe Cctte Urandv, eoUUed to deben - for .ale by , ioqDZS ABRM. OGDEX, L17 .' Waihinrton - rtreet. OLDTOBAOCO. 30 hbds. oia Kichuionu tobacco, will be landed tomorrow from - theaebooncr Hero, from Richmond. For ale jt i , ttOUERT giuxspib, W. ' t 10k IV.nt.4aaa FOR SALE, the cargo of tt hij Crinc. cp tain Humphrey, from Calcutta, nnd Undine at the foot of Liberty - itreet, coniutingoi Eatt India Scgar Cotton : V . Ginger: BlnckTIn ' ' Gam Shellack ' 1 Gam Copal ! ' '" OoatSktnaofa Inixeaue . - - - ' Seine Twine and Gunny t . - Alto for tale, India Mnslint of almoit every Jetcriptioo. - ' - ' Abo. a vroall quantity of Rattans, and Odorof Rotei. For tal tjr ' " ,jan7 ROBERT I.EyOX. TOBACCO. 20 hhdt.tobocco, will be Und - ed tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Petersburg Fir le by ROBERT tilLLESPlE, ' ianlfi . . H2 Front - strcet. t COTION iNew crop, prime, MiiJahle lor asanratariiu(, will he sold in parcels to accommodate purchasers. Also, a few balee of old crop. - . - Esquire 143 Pearl - etre, up stairs. ' ,pn 8 M01ASbF 29 hints. MwlnMes, of superior oealitv. Ivini at Dover treet whhrf for sale b? r: t C. IV. DAVENPORT & CO. Jan'C PLOUlt, COTTON, kc 850 bbls Philadelphia flour . . . : . : 21 bales upland cotton, new crop - 6 do New - Orleans do do "' 5 tons lifjnumvitas " 1 , . 15 tubs German steel " . 2 pipee red port wine ' 11 hhds , lo do d . , 5 hhds white do do . . ,3 qr. casks do do do,V ' ' '' 1 khd .Madeira wine. . 11 qr. casks do do 37 boxes superior claret (1 doz. each) An invoice of lce veils, cotton Uce, &C An invoice of Dutch tovs fiir sale by , - ROBERT GILLESPIE, janT 112 Front street . TRil uuivnir 'pWESTY five pipe Cette Brandy, for talc , ... : ABR. OGDEN, Jan 0 IVnthinrtnntrvst 4ATIME.OIU HAl'KILir l.Ki nr V V. and 200 half no Hr Mk. Wi. cask , h 1r fJ?' 'nd 80 bM do sweet do very old 158 doColmraarrin ... ( 300 hiir chests Sweet Od, 50 bettis each' ' 100 boxes do do lie bottles ech 50 bales Italian fnobcap and letter Paper 30 do Gatette do large siie , 9 cases Fe I Hats J 5 caws Liquorice Paste ' I box OM rich Feathers, 1 dp Chip Hats 3 do M.innain Hakes - ' Mart le Slabs, veined and statnRry, anort - ed ixc'S, tor pier tables tic. - A few luxes ery superior Amboviea and - - Olive ( 500 Marble Mortars, from I0 to.54inch 10 bbls Furs, coiuiiling "f t . Wild Cat. Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skins . v Gonny Bacs fce For sale by CM AS. L.nODE.N.aad , - ABR. OGDEN, JalS. . . Va,l.inet,lrrl. Q lT - 2'pKSILVER.'8o,000 lb. Quicksilver J21 . L.RG GRI3WOLD, " W Sonth - ftrrel ATICAIIar 11 n , - wiuu.iu.niMn.. "tojs iSicsragua Wood of very rood ,w Eijoumrifa For ssleby ' . ' L' Jtai ,, - TUCKER ft HURIES. ; UPLAND COTTON I J, bales prime Upland Cotton, landing and for sale by j tr. . ; ' - . 8AU!. ALLET, '. . .,. ; - ' ' - - 98 Pinenrtreet 1 ,.s :: . is STORE, - 42 bales Sea Island Cptton, fbr tale at above. . I.N kM .3, tlx - . - 4 urn Utsrutaa bturting aaxl I i Sheetiae Linens, lor iat on reatonable ' G.O.&8. HOW LAND, .'.r Jan t7 '17 WaiibsnKton street tT. CROIX SUGAR 18 bWs. landing, and k!5 Ar sUt at 55 Fine - ' Jan H tiKURUE W. TALUUf. f - X CU P MILL SAWa, Ue. ASM ALL invok of X cot Mill and Pit Saws, ti. 3. aiidC. S. fjrisle by . - ; . 2 ,AJiDER0S k SHEARER,; r ;, , . , , r; - , . 131 Water - street ' ' .' ,' Who have in Store, , , Hnnd, rippin; and dove laiHiaw, btais and ' ironbaclfs ' , V - . - r Cast 8tel ChinseN and Gotisjee ' '''''" " Morlke Chi' sels and lra"jiTtr Knives - ! ' PatMtl Carolina il Virginia Hoes, No. 1 S34 WrooRht liaila, 4d. 60, 8.1, lOd, li Si 20d - Bran and copper wire, of all sites ,(,", : Kqlled,an4 Sheet Bra's Brass Pans' ,.! ' Loudttn pins Nov 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5,. Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo ( the country trade . ... ; . , Engravers! Copper, in plates of all sizes. jsn 12 If O PS 5 rfi'ir t b - ln Hoiw, jint r eved tor talc CAMBRELLNG ti PEARSON, o : leli 3 67 South - street. ' Ar - Altl'WEiN'lS WANTED. SINGLE gentlemsn wishes to rent, in or ' aenr Wail street, in a genteel private fami Ir, a Bed Room and Parlour, without board ; furnished rooms woold he preferred. The quiet' and neatness tofthe house, as well as tlie resprc - taniiuy oi the nrcupnt, are particularly required. A line directed to J. C left ntlhis rtfice, mentioning terms aitd situation, will be duly at - tnt:ei to. jmiTu 1 m" 1" , ItiUM ynvE UO lt on board the ship Mt toriair, lortaie cy ,. r , t Jau 26 TROKES, DAVIDSON Co. I irtlMONU FLOUR. 101 bar - els surier - JLV fine landing from the stoop Atlantic, for sale bv TKOKE - , DAVIDSON & CO. Febr fen vfiiKu CO7UA. KtJJ bales very prims onlsnd Cotton, in store, ana lor pa lain lots lo suit purchaser, by : . UK.IS W OLDS & CUATfcS, , Jan 23 : . 68 ?outh - t 0K hundred bble. Bristol Spaniih Browu, 20 do White Lcai, With a general assortment of Paints, dry and ground, for sale by ' - - ' IIU'LLY wu.u, , 192 Front and tor.ier of Fnlton - street. JnoS3 ' ' . PLASTER OF, PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of x js. pans, in oarrris. su:iaoie inr inn souinern mhrk'ft. Orders left with' Wnlt r Neisen, No. 174 Ffontstreef, corner - of Burling - s'ip,. will be promptiyattendedto ' JOHN BIERS, r ooi ci narrisoa - sireei, crm - uiver. - Jan19 tf ' "'. ' ' ' ' ; IRON HOLLOW WARE. . ... , VN ftKortment of the above article consuming of pots kettles' bake pans sralilles. UU - let, baeons tpidors. tea ketjies kc. per ton or CEBRA ft CuMING, , Jan 30 . .. ' - 70 Tearl - sr. GOALS JaO icaaldroas coarso ., Liverpool (Coals an board ship Nator, at MarrayS wharf for sal by 1h . - , .., : G. G. it 8, HOWLinrsir, Feb 5 77 W'ahin(rton - H. fRISII MARKET TpB ACCO 58 hhds. of I fineonalitv. lnndinz from achooners Hero and Sally Ann, from Richmond, for side by ' Jan 16 1 "A V. 9t C. II. slip. tJ hhds molassea, rood qualitv, at Teck - flip, for sale, by . Jao3l R. k C. W. DAVEITRT;Cl. Xfh Hl.Xh' warranted American lVIIw eJl" Monld Candles, of different sizes from "kinship's factory, ChnrVM'm, Man. For tale by RIPLEY A WELD. 192 Front corner of Fulton - street. Jan ?8 . ' . fUSCOV A UO SUGAR. 161 hhds. Hava - ivl na Mosrovudo Suenr. of superior quality, landing from brie Boxer, from Havana, at Jones wnarr lor sare y . uuuutiuh k vu. jan 21 - 44 South - street. . TTtLdUR RICE. loTnTsrSuMran"Flonr, r and 100 tierces nf Prime New Rke, now landing from the res from Richmond, and 1 elearaph, Irons t Tiarleton, lor s ilo ny . DIV1E BETH UN E 1 CO. Jan 15 ' 92 Cofle - Houe - slip i - HIDES. FOUR hondred Hides landing this day from Perseverance, and will be M low from tlie wharf. Apply to JOSF.PH OSBORN. Jan 9 28 Souih - streel. L LOUR. - 100. bbls Myos Mills landing r fromtrJir. , at Peck - slip. ' s LN STORE, 100 bbls Richmond Mills 334 do Petersburg (Stokes and Smi'h's brand) For tale by ' . GR1SWOLD3 ft COATES, an 12 eg South - street. 1A HERRINGS. 17l7 2? UN HerringsnowUad. ing and for sale by CAM BRELENG k PEARSON, ' Jan 22 ' 67 South - street. l ADEIRA WINE. A quantity of choice L. P.. Madeira Wine, for sale bv R. ft C. W. 1MEVNPOKT ft CU, Jan 19 ' J - , . . 0 VIRUISl.i tOHAVCO it fOUli. O tf hhds old Virginia tobacco . , ; . 55 .do new crop do do .. . C6 bbls fine dour . ' v ,'( . 15 do miildUng do. For sale by - ' VASQUEo', MEURON ft CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 WafhlnMon - st. " ' QULRC1THON BAKK. . FIFTY hhils. and boxes of very fine quality, for sale by . ' G. G. ft S. ROWLAND, Jan 28 . 7' Wasliine ton - street r UM. 20 hhd. Molasses Rum, first proof, JL1. for sale by JACKSON WOOLLEr, jan 12 GERMAN S TEEL, UKIMSTOE. 155 boxes Steel :.. r., . . 129 boxes rob. brimstone . i 1 case Leghorn hate . 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper - . 3 bases chollrta " 53 boxes mould candles . 30 do eosp. - entitled to debenture Foe tale by . JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. - if Friint - etreet jan 13 II EMP K DUCK KJ tons M. Petersburgh J.JL. Cmn tlemp. : V bU bnlis BrstquaKty RatsiaDnck " - ' ' ' For tale by f JAMES IT WOLF, Jenr. jan 8 " '.i ii 67 front - street. '1 V) il Hr' V.' TOMBAZETT9 8t COTTOW JLJ Botnbazetts - 1 I . . 34 bales Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. Unding knd for ae oy , bAUU ALLET, ' ' ' v' s - '' ' D8 Pme - ttreeC Iw S - roa 10 bales Sea Island. " Armlv as aoore. - ' 'lart 24' - t ! . . - . .V 1 rilOUACCO, FLOUH, 4c rbO biui. oli s . ... : ' . ' r - r - "i - qoajiiy, nuaptea to um irwn market , - w ao new iio part very prune . 20 do old RaDoahannork do . t50 kegs RichsiooU manufactured do, sweet tceaieu anu common 250 bbls Richmond saperAne flour i 54 bales prime upland colbMs, - - , 120 pieces Holland duck i - ,., , 200 ke Dutch herriDft , ' 'r ! xueasuauum . , , 0 60 do dry white lead , '25 do claret . . . 40 crates earthenware, ueorted 21 casks muttard " v , " ,J. , , , .. 3 butts best London porter , ' ' ' '; ' 5 puncheons rabbit skins , ., j - 1' '. 500 reams medium printing - paper ' ,600 do . cap, no. laedS 30 gross prew papers, kc, for rale by WALSH ti GALLAGHEK . Feb . . - , .i S6 South - street. Gl LASSWAKE lo.. hhds. Li. Glassware I comistineof Wiea aadTomblen. tor tale Jan2 ( , ' . ... , , Washiugton - st. - flVNO cums changeable ryuchtwi, lor tale - avi by .' A; 1, MARCH ft LOW, Jaa2l 210 Broadway. ; DOMESTIC c 0 1 HKR WARs'S rpHE tunacribert keep, cnnitantly on hand an a. extensive aisortmentor the following goods iz : ''. .: t. . ' - .. ... : Dutch and English Gunny Bas,ftc. .', Popes Ileadv Crumb Brashet . , Brooms '. . Duster, or Counter B ruches - - Hearth Brarhtt, fad - ey and common . Head, do do 'do ' Cloth . do do do Weavers do ' ' ' White Wash do ; " Shoe ft Scrubbing do Paint Brushet and Sash Tools ' Clamps, 4,7, 8 row . Furniture Brushes . ' Hone do - - ' Bed Cords, Clothes Line Sash Cords,. Trace Rone v Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Bellows fancy . and common . - , ., . Do for Biacksmitiis , Hall knr) Entry MaU rai:i ami I uos . Whl - Barrowi Fine Wire Sieves 1 Do Hair do Whips of every dfc - K.nuon . " Seine, sewing, wrapping, hairing and ball I'wme"; . ' . Fish Lire.s Shoe & Sadlers Thread ; Dearborn's Bullan cca ' ' Which they will sell ivhi'ea or retail on liberal terms. CEBKA i. CUMING, eh7 76 Pearl - street 1POUR tbouaud tinnny bugs for sale by 1 ' ' CEBRA CUMING, Jan 23 '76 Pearl - street RICHMOND FLOUR. 800 barrels Uic.V mond superfine Flour for sale bv '.; , N. LAWRENCE, 17a ruitou - tt. or 27 uid - slip. STATIONARY. Sen ea Englisli Utter and Writing Paper, for vale low, by. .,,,. MUH.U it SC.VV ALL. - feb 1 1 , . - ro1h - rref? i The 3 stow House. No. 44 Nauan - at. I from IstMav next. - Anph t - GEO. DUMMER ft CO. fe)4 tf i 112 Broadwav. The spacious .1 ktorv brick HOUSE, No 129 Chamber - street, having every conve nience for a large family, and a w. II of excel lent water in the yard. - Its proximity to We oMore latel omened, rivet a view nf Hudson - street from the rear of the house, and renders tlie situation airy ai'd pleasant. For terms ap ply to JOHN B. MURR Y & SON, feb6 1U Fearl - street OTO LET, This two new and eleeantlv finished time story houses No. 10 and 12 broad - street. 1'hese bouses are built in the modern style and finished in the very best manner, and from the very desirable situation, both as to pleasantness and for business, it is tlwught that they are not surpassed, il equalled, by any offered to be let in thit city. Tha apartments for stores in those buildings are so coHilracled as to he entirely dis tinct Imm the dwelling apartments which con taint tftren rooms and pantries, kitchen, ftc. ex eluded. Every convenience for families of re r. tahililv is afforded in them. Persons desi rout of such situations are invited to view them at any honr.frnm7to 5 o'clock, except Sundays. The dwelling nnd storet will be let separate or together. AppiyaioS urondway, orw , 141 Front - street. ' ALSO TO LET, . Tliat bew two story brick house No. 8 New ttreef.nieh t - Wall - street possession 1st May. Also, house xi sourtiandi - gooa or tier and fit for n genteel family ; it peine now in pot session of D. O. Hubbard, Esq Possession 1st May. " Also, a good two story bouse at Greenwich, now in occupancy of Geo. Lindsay, Esq. Also, bouse ivo o Cherry - street, tuned lora boarding house, and the lower front room for a store. Ami House and two acres of ground, near Manhat - tanville, having garden, ftc. Apply as above. feb 10 If " , OFMoh TO LET. A pleasantly situated and spacious Office, 331 f earl - street, a lew doors above Peck - sltp Apply to R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Feb 12 . 85 Peck - slip.' fJtHJAHLk tUOfh.UT)L fOH H.1L&. Will bo sold at public auction on the iiiliSth. Feb. if not previously disposed of at private sale, that well known and valuable property, situated on the turnpike road, about 3 - 4 of a mile from Brooklya ft - nr. commanding a beautiful view of the aavy - yard and Wallabout bay It contains about nine acres of land, ia the highest state of cultivation, having asparagus beds which produce $300 per annum ; with lie - tween 50 and 60 Eogtish cherry' trees ia full bearing. There are on the premises two houses and a store. The boitse, at present occupied by the subscriber, is large and very commodious aud in sufficient good order for the reception of any family. 1'he barn it conveniently situated, and in excellent repair. There are likewise sa - veral beautiful building lots.: . Persons desirous of purchasing are requested to call on the substriber,' when tbey ean examine the rendition of the property, , FebU . TEUNT3 I. JOHNSON. U.I1S1 To let and possession first of May next, the lour story fire proof store, Ne. 34 South - et. between Coeetiet and Old sJipe. EsHinire ot the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 43 Chnmber - ttrett. feiiiiti - - a. i t - rtAn.. fOK S ihk. Three rears nnexDircd lease, from 1st of May next, of that eligible aitustiost no. 154 Greenwich, corner of Cosirtiand - atrect, oeing well calculated, for ' a" respectsble boarding boue, and baa been occupied as such for ser ral years 1 it threestory well finished baild. ing Enquire at the premUes. . , , : c & 12 Iw tJi !JWa ra t ui . 4.Wk r - ran SALR. '' IrfTW iti i ( - . i! ... . iitvrin The u. two storr frame House and Lot tnf .und No. 73 Broome street, the corner of MiZatetli - street, with a stable in the rear; ' 'ALS0, a modern three story brick House and Int handsomely situated within the viU lage tof NevilMirghA the house is large and ocHutxlious and well calculated from itt r - tired, healthy and elevated situation (having a fine iof the river and the adjacent country) foe a dmily who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. ' Price low and possession gl. en tli. first of May next. i ALSO for Sale or to lease, 5 avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - streets. - ' ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 15 buildkiglots fronting on the First Avenue and First street. For further particulars, apply to . r. . , ,, . CORNS.' DU B01S,' ; j'an 80 lm - 1 ' . ' '36 Frontf - street." i At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March next, tlie FARM bclongine to the ustate of the late Dr. Iiaac Ledyard, moated one mile south of i be tillage of Newtown) Lone Island. The Williamshureh turnpike runs thsough the Farm, on one tide of which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The farm contains about 160 acres 15 oi which it a fine. Wood Lot, with two apple orchards one old, tlie other just bee in - nine to bear well, and a mutable proportion of gooa salt meadow. J he Mansion tioese is large and roavenient, lour rooms on each floor, with a eou kitchen and cellars; attached is a Inrije barn, crib, hen bouse, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, kc. court yard and garden contain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus bed, ratpbernet and currants. Also A V ARM adioinins the above, contain - ins; about sixty acres ; attached to which it aae - qua! proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within lets than a mile of uio" mini, coninioing len acres, wim a mim - hoose, barn, well, garden, ftc. JWkewie A Lot of Land. Ivms at bprinGeld, south of the village of Jamaica, containing between fbur and five acres, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable foriencing. 1 he above lands wi I be all reeularlv surveyed. and maps of the same exhibited tome timcpro - viout to, and at the lile, and dUposed of by the acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively.' rosretsion given on iHcOrstoi April. For further ptrticulart, apply at 49 Dey - street jau 8 tdt ... j ; - . , . HL.lL HlSisi Tk. Urt M LA.. The. eleeant' and convenient three - story tiricic bouro and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coach house and stable fronting on Ba - ard - strcet, and .joining the rear of the before mentioned lot, . lor further particulars enquire ai jr wan, comer or William - itreet. Jau 29 tf iiJ A pltasant und convenient Connfinr h(iui in store No. 29 South street, from 1st May next. AppJv to TUCKER & LAURIE'S. feb 3 ( , ' TO LET, . , sin. II ' A I a ret; convenient modern built house. Conch house and improvements, (with or without an .extensive kitchen sanlen and back lot) from the first of May next'; situated on the corner of th ni Avenue and First - tUwt, near the cor iet of Norm and Allen - streets, and 'about one mile froax the City Hall. The situation is elevated and benbhy, and in every rfrxs:t suitable torn ttaU'l r. fca w a ataetjs a weU of laoet excellent wnier. Ai piy so CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Fehtf No. 36 Front street, n TO LET. u. Two neal, no w . ACSxtToUwiKi IPf t liiey are finished in handsome sti le with cisterns in the yards, and every other conveni ence to render them pleasant and desirable t ue - ments. Adjoining the ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant lots which will also be let for a garden to the person or per sons who shall hire the bouses. Apply to 1 JAMES KNOX, at tbo ball - alley ; or at hit bouse, 25 Orchard - street. . Feb 9 tf v , TV LET, The house. No. 60 Wall - street, at pre sent occupied by K. li. xvevins. Alto, The House, No. 56 Wall - street, occupied by the Firemen Insurance Company. Apply to E. II. PENDLETON, 60 Wall - st. or to JONES ft CLINCH, fehlOtf Coffee House slip. iU l.Ki, From 1st of May, two genteel 3 story brK lt houses. No. 491 and 492 Greenwich - street, with (or wiUiont) ttabiet in the rear 1 occupied at present by Mr. George Coggill and Mr. Joel West. Also, a small 3 story brick bouse, No. 118 Fly Market, near the oxner of Pearl street Also, a convenient dwelling house, (occupied by Rnht Adrain, Esq ) and stable, with a very good garden, fronting Love Lane. Bloomingdale road Enquire No. 496 Greenwich - street. : fob 6 tf - ' ' REAL EVI ATK. The subscriber offers for sale that elegant three story brick house and lot so - pleasantly situated m Murray - street being the corner of Murray and Chapel - streets. The situation of the a - bove property it too well known to require a particular inscription. Person wishing to purchase are invited to call and view for thtmsefves. The house may he viewed any afternoon af ter three o'clock. The property nt present rents for twelve hundred dollars per annum. Possession to be given 1st Mny, 1819. If not sold at prigate sale, will be offered lor sle at auction, on the 16th iost. Any furtherparti - ulsrs my be known by applying to JOHN LI YiBEROER, Baker, Greenwich, corner of Herring and Asa - t - streets. - fb 5 1 16 WBE IAA Two convenient rooms in the basement of No. 44 Pine - street, suitable lor offices or count ing rooms. Inquire of l. S. JON to, . - ' reb6tf ' 44 Pine - etse t' J'O LET. House 18 Reed, next to the eomer of Elm - street, very com mod knit for a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens fourroomt on the first floor,' five on the second, and four on the third, all in good repair, ror particulars, appiyto Kill A LIUUIW, - feb r tf ' 84 Bearer - street. Fish SALE er TO LET, That laree and commodious bouse and lot ui crouod No. 79 John - street, calculated for a boarding bouse, or the accommodation of a Urge family. Enquire of ' ' , - vussn.s, feb 10 Iwt - 'V. i. v 87 Faitoa street. - RRlL ESTATE Ore sali is aaoextvir. Two 2 story new frame hinisee oa Brook lyn lieirhlS ha rum eW of the city and y of New - York ; abvet 10 miontet walk from the steam boat terry. The house are well bilt having 2 good room oaeacb H with fire placet ; on !e lower floor it a good ki'chen, bed - room P,.n.TT: .. : '.' . u,'. Toeacn m tne nooses rr airarneu i - r... Xvensmd. sack eontahinU eet front abd rear and KM feet deep, harMtsocnery hid set ia garden and grass ptots with a variety of shrnbne - rr. trait trees, ae l the whole eisclosed with a aw and substantial fence. - Near lb premises is aa excellent weU os.waler. r or ""U?"" - "' i..L .nnistn ANDREW MERCEIN, . . Corner efWai?uctr.n and Namoiwtt, ret)?tf, . . . , stvjaiji - 4 Lc - ' I"'v " "e " " ' ' - '' . ; i wo eiurr iminc riuuee ana uii far Salei Lauttr JLu"k ' That pleasantly situated place, on the roau leading: to Kinz's - Dridjre, ny way oi riarlaun - lane, known at Rose Hill. - The avenue to Ma - comb's bridge runt a few rods m the rear of It, reudenag the premises very desirable, as the house, ui contequence, thews two frents.. The garden, and about two Acres of meadow, are well stocked with fruit and thfnbbery, arparagus otus enrnrau, Kc. . The house andfoach - tieuse are in good condition, and with small expense can oe maue a very eenteel country retreat. The terms will be made ea, - r o ? j ' ' ."; .!? ALiO,, - Tt - .. ( r'. - WW.; That very rent eel two - ttorv house, stable and two lots of ground, situated iu Bank - it.; Green - wicn j at preeni occupied by Cieorge Lindsay, Eq. Apply at 65 Broadway ; or, to , ' " f - CHARLES OAKLET, )aa 15 1m . . .: ui Front - Kreet. ! a t l , .t Li I a. iM ii u LriLV To be gold OrtYrhnpffi fnr nrnnrf tm New - Vork. - - " ' T , The subscriber being (a a very low state of ucHiin, ana navmg ery nine bopes of recovery, offers for sale hit larmat Barbadoes neck, county of Bergen, containing: about one huudredand thirty live acres of arable, meadow and wood land. 1 his farm lies on the main road netweea New - York and Newark, about hall a mile this side of Newark Bridge. It is in a very higbtlale oi cultivation, ana is not surpaued by any other in the vicinity oiNtw - York, as a valuable and agrteuble residence, either lor the farmer or pn - vide gentleman. Tlie dwelling house, though tmall, it neat and wll finished, and the lences, gates barns, stables, and other out - houies, are in excellent order and well planned, la front of the home, bordering on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the premises is A youne and thriving: orchard, con tninirg a choice selection of the grattrd fruit trees. A more particular description of the pro perty is thought unnecessary, as thote disposed to purchase will view the premises. - The title it in disputable, for particulars, apply' to. the subscriber, No. 188 Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew Cnifh Ik. nr.IJIi. ' ' ' nov 14 If . ROBERT 5TUART. r3?A . iO Lh'i, Inaii And immediate possession elven, the house tyn.v rearf - street, together with the tta ; hie and Loach House in the rear on Bridge - st. The premises are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary lor the accommo aauon oi a lamny. r or panicuiars Rtii'iy 10 o t28 1 L. BRA DISH. HEAL KsTA'iE FOR SALE. . Two 2 - storv brick houses and lots, situa ted Net. 37 tc 39 Vesey - ttreet' Also, a house and lot: No. U Ecwery, near Lhaiham - square, 44 leet front by ISA deep. All on accommodating terms. . For particulars ap ply at No. 332 Green wich - it. - Jan 15 tf 4T21 C ' IWK y 'SEA T t OH HA hJf., STnaS AT Jamaica, on Loner Inland, Queens Couutv, late tberesu:ei.ceo4 John I roup, Lq deceased. On the premise! are a good two story frame house, bsrn, and other out - build - ing 1 28 aeret ot land m a good state tbrctii - iivaimi t acres 01 woou lami, 01 a nne uiru - ty growth fur fenc ing and timber r and a lot ofl 7 acre salt meadow. . On ttua property are two apple orchards and a variety of other fruit trees. Jamaica being one 01 the most nourish ing village on the Inland, vender thit proper ty desirable lora gentleman retiring Irom ,bi M. til l MIS, 148 IVarl - tt. i or to - ' JOHN ft ROBT. TROUP, . jan9 tf on the premises. COUNTRY SEAT FOR bALK, . IU oYlhVuCh Vthen'ck, deceased. On the premises is a large spacious dwelling house and out - buildings in proportion 24 acres of land In the highest state of cultivation 1 (10 or 20 acres of wood - land if required by the purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard bleecker,37 wall - st. i Martin Schenk, jun'r. Now - York 76 i'oatk - street, ) ' - ' " Martin Schenk, Wallabout Jan 27 lm . FOK SALE, The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty rt. DeulTi 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ot the lot 107 feet. Those who may wish to purchase proper ty of this discription, can at any time view the premises, and terms ot taie may oe agreea on, by application to rut 1 at nr&ui.iL) dec 31 . 56 South - street. A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY Rrii nrvcv Tl nt.afrhr Arin fine sal Lis honsA and bout K acres of Land in Flushing on lxnglland, . r n - 1 rrL - I. .... - 1. 1 1 mises ironj new - i ora. sue niraw is m'i ...I mp ennrnient fnr a eontewl fftanll v and tm mAm mm ..tAmii. ttnrl Iwm ill i fill mmnM't. The stable, carriage bouse, wood house, poultry house, be. recentlv built The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately painted. 1'he gaiden is large and well stocked wllh a variet; of fruit and tlie orchard with the best kinds of ... . - . Uu..L.k.M...MfMnt..ll. apples' ar, a - c. iimruic iwuv mc wc.. - or excellent water and a new cistern, all with good puinpe irus pitce is very co - neiurinij situated, there being conveyance, by good stages . In snH frnm New. York avarv dav. except' Sundays. For further particulars and terms oi saus appiy w . , 4U1I.S pHll.lllAU JanzClm n a izj renn street. Huuit, Stable, GanUnKe. at Orttnu uh, fr TO LET Vfl'.H The subscriber will let or lease, for term of years h't hoose nt Greenwich. It is plea - sanrhr sit unfed on the banks of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terrosapplyto D1VIE BETHUNC . Jaa3U ' 92 Wall street. UK SAhh. flThetwobntwes. Nd. 48 and 50 Broad way to oe completely finished and delivered oo the 15th Apnl next. Appiyto JOHN SLTDELL ft CO. Jan 29 tf ; No. 50 Broadway. e - t STORE 70 LET. MrtU The fire probf ttore No. tOouveraeer't L,u. fnenr Water etreetl is to let from 1st May next, it has four stories betides a large cellar! and a very commodious garret. Being detacneu from otherbnildings there is oo risk Irons not. Posscuioo may probably he nao, H requiieo, u - .1,. i. SI. 4nniat?a South street, to fc,;? VUCKER LAURIF.J. jCH TULLl, li f iv,. ihe first nf Mav next, the spacious threT story brick bout No. 160 ureenwicn . corner of Dey - street - Enquire e' - j - i. " . i . JO LET, ri! . TSa store and cellar nader the main isuSkU of ta hoose No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three story trs - tvsvl store in the rear, now nr earned b the subscribers, posseitioate be giv - ea on tn lt of May next Also, his stahla aad coach - hoose, tooted on Low - street, le.ut rear ef his siforesaij premucs pestetiioa of which can bahadaadiately. - reb tf r j JOlIrs I. . ' TO LET, ' . . .1 . u ui A larre tnre Hory nontr, wen raicyia - tcdlabsasvtiagke)es,ofor two fesoJlw. titan ted at toe corner oi Murray aad Wasuieitoii - street. Apply t . . . . . NATUA.NIEL ft HARVET WLI.U, . ; r - . r n a l f....... .Hf ca .rr.r vt .a' V . - e a It ' and 6 7 - the the the for ly rear tars 17 Tha bubacriber, in bebalt si himseR and his trtociate, kivee aolice, that as appbCaytstin will be toade to the bouorable the legblt. ture of thit state, at its next scwioo, (or aa Act to incorporate a J9uVwiih a capital stock of Five' Hub dred ,1'houtaad Dollars and with Uavt - W tfi - creare it to One Million to bo .loc - ated north east of Beekman - street, in the city ,1 Ntw - York, and to be called 'The Franklin Eauk'ef theeKy bf New - York.w i - ; ' ':xxt I Dated New - Vork, l6thDee. 18l"i,:. , lly order ef the Arsociatrsi . ,. decSO tf NOAH B R O ts N gtcry " ' MECHANICS' BAMi. ' ' ' fifr The Stockholders are formed that Di vidend of four and and half per tent will be paio on ine nrti nay oi reiruary next. , By Order ef the President and Directors, i J ' Jan2l lm ... - ., ,W. FISH, Carhier.; The SubtcVber, will Itam or aeUi the lot and Jiaoae in which he w lives in Lat reus itrcet It is k crettv comfortable house for tmafl moderate family, having a stofi kitrhen w.eiiar, fwo rooms ca sacsV Door aod a be - chamber in the gerraV, Across tke reircf the houie there is a pleasant piaza, built scarcely three years agoIt has a neat little garden abbot 60 feet deep, and a sataU itabtc, leading te Whkii there w a gangway from the ttrteV - AppW to A. D. Duff, No. 69 Washington - street Feb 2 tf ,4 , - JAMETILLART. Rxat raorcRTv i tbk citt o aaw - ioma - Q A BRICK HOUfcE and Lot No. U Bowery ST ABLE in the rear together with Ihe LOT, 44 knl front, 42 feet itary ad 125 feet on each side. " HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - ttrert ; and House and LotNo. 29 Vesry - street. ' - A BOND and MORTGAGE tor 1C00 dollars, do end ' do' ' . for 750 do ' i do and . do .. ; for 450... dot On valuable property in the city of New York. The interest hat always been punctually paid. ' For particulars inquire at the office of ' . h.. t , STEPHEN p. LAMOINE, detf 10 tf No. 27 Wnll - .treL a'lOut.J Ai bt.UUJHlMii'ALh, The heme and grounds Mincing to tha estate ef John Shaw, siluattd an theekklh avw oue. On the premises are an ext vlUm; doable house, stable, conch and ice house, with'ev. ry thing else requisite for tuch an establish at. ft is presumed any other descripUva it uwiecessar ry, at those inclined to rent will view ihe place. Also, the Inrge Gre proof tic - re Jo tie rear of houses 11 end 13 Pearl street 1 where there ia foe sale some old Madera Wine, ty the Liemin bn. For further particulars, apply to . . y ... . a : v. . ANN M. SHAW,? .. Jan 29 11 Pear). street . si !!si Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards t Wan 01 which are no regnlated and - paved streets. Ns money will be required under tea years, if told, interest excepted, - ,, v - ; A j , ; m f Several twonad thrte storv hotsaea. on.whieh A great art of the money remain rotetfirtgage.,,,. LArsUliVU AT Itt.JJ lltiUB.. . An excellent stend for business with tea acre of rand, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. ,.., - , fs - - COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres f land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at.. . . . : No. 2 Crawichalret - jan 13 tf - - - - .' - lO LET, From the 1st May neat the three - story. buck house No. 18 CflUiaiuLTTpi - 'y to ' . A. KEN WICK. Feb 2 18 Coartlaad - st. PIRE tMMJf ATOAA. Te let. that four storv brick Are oroof store, No. 8 Governeur's Lane, near to South'' stree . Apply to . GARR1TT STORM, febStf No. 9 Coentiea - slip. QSIOKAGE. Storage may be had on the first floor of the tore No. 29 boutli - etraet watch Will save the expense of hoatipg; - i '01 . - " iieec 26 f)U Ajt. - . . illS The fire proof store, No. fi, in Gouver - neur't - lane, the third from South - itreet The, lot on which it standi is under an adyantagvoM lease, II year of which ti unexpired, "ft it three stories with fire - plaotti being in front ed Gourernear'a lane 40 feet and in depth 25.., An improved machine for pressing of goods , for ex - , pnrlatloo has been erected ob the premise,' and heretofore profitably employed in ;reiog cotton,1 furs, skint,, hay, ftc. .From the fitness nl the building, and the convenience which it afford for working the machine,' audits nearness to the river, it may be aa object to purchase them tew gather, ; ". - ' ," ti' r. jn fj - .'J . fTH ALSO, . . ;s alr.ial The lease (Iwo yeitrsof which are on - ' ired) of the three story house No. 93 Front - street, third from Gouverneer's Ian. ' Besidxe ' large ttor and cellar iu front, it afiordsevery. convenient for a larg lassily. , - ej - H Alto, tVR HALE fTO LET, ;,r kiiJ The house No.26 H'aU - itrttl, opposite tha .v)erchoti and aext to the Phomix Banks - has been rcpenlly built of iha - Lcst materials and betides three rooms which have occasionally been occupied as insuranc. broker's and attorney's offices, eJlbrds every accommodatioa for private family; . : f t ' ''.' If not disposed o( before the 10th February, the above will be offered for sale at auction, of which notice will b given by Bleecker ft Bibhy. For particBlan apply le ' ''' ... R. THURMAN, Jm31 tf No. 26 Wall - st. , e. JO L&T, ... . From the first of May next, tVont ewmf ina room oa. the second floor, together with tow upper lofts, inquire no. miMu iiwh,, , s fa 24 tf ' : FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, . . On arrowi modeling terms, a abmber ei ie and boilding lots Bear and kdtolnmr the navy - yard, at Brooklyn ..For partkaulars, at quire of - . ..; viiU OAJiC tXl JL V Al?, , jaa22tf 1 " BnwUyx, I . ... . TO LET, The brick ttor No. 84 Maiden - lane, immediate possestiua given. 'Apply at No.' Wasbiagtoo - tt v ' i ' Feb 7 . tf 3 O ' ' 70 LA T, From the first May next, the etore nor eoutlmtreet For term, apply to - : ,.,,...:.. L. LEFFERTS, Jan. ;, feb 7 28 Williarr. ttre et a - i FOR SALE, - " ' , That large two - story boese occupied by subscriber, situate on F coot - street between Upper and lower (ernes at Brooklyn, wita ground attached thereto well calculated) a private family or a Urge gen! Bote - Alao, several lot adjoining said house, beautifiuV . situated, and ceofcaient to build be, for gen tiemaa who 6 Isotaaeei in the city of NewIork,' baiot; near te the fetris Ate ssvaa let mtU. sVeotits Water - atreet, about half, way b. tween lb two ferries ; part t which now ec pied for a lumber - yard ror farther partSeae ieprdyte . . W6iiUAAJiC5. . - 1 I , - il - ; f'l I ", ; . - it ' it i i !' (I : I ' if. . . t l V, l I v - . i ' j

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