The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1913
Page 5
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te K $ f PON SiYS NO f 0 SUFFRfleiSTS 9 © " * y. I .9 S I MAY YOHE. It Was Reported Aetre»« May Hewed Lord Francis Hope. Spies to OominitlBe Why He Oaooof H8ip "Cause," flfflft.-IBBJ AOT FIRST He Denies BegtTest For Special Mes- jaiic to Congress, Saying He Is No Longer a Free Man With Opinions of Kis Own. V/ashiagton, Dec. 9. -- President Wilson toU a celegauoa Irom the Xa-| tit^.al Airtericaji V.'oraan's SuSrage as- socL-tioa teat te favored a standing; "'..-man's strSrage committee m the 1 fcr.uic of representatli es, bat he de- c'rd ticlr request that he send a special message to congress urging the . * Special Prices --OX-- "and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. 8. V Victor i alking Machir and Records. nes ^. i' » - - a y. 'S^ e § jPiaao or Victor Talkins t «* ·-- -- T ^ gihine is a joy io any home/'" ^ _ e sell them at prices^ and terms Aat you Can afrord one. Call |r and cet pi ices before ^- purchasing efsev/here by iv.-os and fours, with boaaers f "i2K, t ! ie suSragettes braved Uie c'.iU winds of a raw day to storm e \\lite Hoase offices. They uere s-ca ushered 1210 the president's private office and formed in a circle ibou- Mr. Wilson- Cr. Anna Howard Shaw, president cl ice association, summarized brieS;. t'le-r appeal to the president to as- s'ct the movement, either by sending a so'-ei^l message to congress, by in- cladlirg reference to suffrage in any several message he ra:ght deliver, or b_. using lus isSuence to have a special corarrnnee or tie house appointed to consider the subject. ·"I vrant you laaies, if possible," said the r^esidejit to the delegation, '"if I can raake it clear to you, to realize 3^st vrhat my present situation is. "VHienerer I ivaik abroad I realize isizr. I am not 2. free man; I am under arrest. I ^TT» so carefully ana admirably guarded that I have not even the privilege of walKiEg tne streets. } TI-E.! -s, as it were, typical of my present iransference, from being an indi- viii-il ·srith cis mind on any and everj subject, to being an oScial of a great gcvemmenr, and. mcidentallv, or, so it fa'is out in our system of govern- rn?3t. the spokesraan of a party. "i sec myself tnis very strict rule ·srsen I was go^ ernor of Xew Jersey, azd !iave followed it -as president, and shaai iollov.'_ ft as president--that I am net at liberty to urge upon congress Ja iressages, policies vrhich have not :a I th organic consiagraticn of, those for ^vlioai I ara spokesman. ' In other vv-ords, I have not yet pre- sczted to^Tiy legislature my private Yie~s c2 any subject, ana I jaever s :i a"I, because I conceive that to be p~rt of tne waole process of govern- zisnt, that I shall be spokesman for cfnebody, not for mjself. It ·would cc an fcnperiunence- TVhen I speak for n. -21?, I an a^L ladividnal; whea I -ni spcKesraan for an organic body, I a^a. a representative."' :~e vras a puause, and Dr. Anna TRAIN AND AUTO CRASH j "H^To XTOSnosiSSlrigr ~~^r' i All persons are warned not to trespass on. the premise* olL tlM. One Killed and Four Badly Hurt Near '^ed with dog, gun or trap for the _ " , tor for Sshing,oir ia any way injuring or destroying ruSSoSn cf their automobile byl «*»* *** ?* ws of the commonwealth with regard to ^passin^on *·«£; \ train on the Delaware CiO branch o: j t5ie unaersigner will be dealt with under the provisions q£ the Act of ·*£** the Philadelphia. Rai«2».ve "Wash- '305. - -. - V« ington railroad, near Eejhold station, William A. Jester, a druggist, of Delaware City, -was killed, and Captain \Y. H. Menges, of the quartermaster's de partnvnt of the Coast Artillery Ser vice, at Fort^Dapont, receii ed injuries supposed to 3il fataL Sylxester Dovfns,* a-farzner.; C. Stewart AecK, ; a.farmer, ancS-TT^JB. Jester a son of the man who was^^illed, slot Delaware City,«were seriously ic- jured. *" The automobile, v.-iUi the left Delaware City shortly before Uio departure of a train v.estboand. Coming to the place \\here the public road crosses the railroad, at Reybold star ticn, they failed to note the approaci- of the train, owing to a deep gully, and reached the tracks just as tha trrJa reached the crossing. The motor vras hurled some distance. Jester died ia a few minutes. 'I..-. a e ic /r f i § - nouse Gettysburg, Pa. '·ifaT I ask yon. a Question?" said sie.^Tue pr,es-denr noticed assent. "3mce we are members of no po- L'.ea- riarty, -vho is to speak for us if -^3 do not speak for ourselves?" "Yoa do that very admirably," re- irarked the president, and tee entire arceiabia^e joined i n a laugh. | The president thanked his visitors j for celling and said he would like to I s'ratc hands -situ them. Dr. Saaw tLa-Cied the president for his cour- tes; In receiving the delegation and the memoers Sled by the president. "I cone from Sa't Lake City,"' Mrs. L-^:c L Sheppard told the president. · and though my husband voted for Fr-e^evelt. I and my daughter voted for yc i, so you see what woman suf- rage can 3-3-' 'I hope roa will make him a convert, " ;a.Us"":ec the presideat. : " Daily^at The Salutary Fish and Oyster Market. 22 Carlisle Street, near the Square. j -'··---· F. W. Kappes and Co. CAKPENTIER Re t-=es re Cn~ us--.e c ITcvr Ycr.: T.'cc. 0--U--L-d over her LxnUon s" i^a: "Etfiv, ihe m- sic sa-l B-I- .t. ^rri-ced" l.era frsra Euroce Sh3 v as ac-ccr^pa^iod by the Baroness ' I csi nc-re to spe-I C^rfscnas ivith nicker," i c; s= Yo'ie said "Taen 1 sfc'Jl return to I_osiloa and raorry." 'Are jca goisg to rencrry Ix»rd Kcpe?" '"if ; CJ sav Trho t ^TTI going to marry :t miglit :-f.oii Ely plans," sae re- ON TilAL GIRL TWO NEW YORK , GIRLS DISAPPEAR Sssasily to Da Oafeass ef fte Confessed Siiro'srsr. 3Tc-- York Eec.' 9.-^EUgnt iiiroTs na.e Been picKed to try Hans Sehmidt, cc" Teased r2'_rdercr of 'Anna Aumal- ! er. ^:iise rs tras actingtas'a priest in St. Boi;ircce"^ cbarcn "VLJe t"ie tale=~?ii," E Terc being ex- ^.rrlgf.J Schmidt moreijSiis Jiead and lianis resiie^ly. V-'IiesIa ^goj^iiad becfi -jiekec ie rose ^| face^ulEm at Police Believe One is HI arid llig Ottier a Runaway. Xew York, Dec. 9.--The complete and apparently une"plainable disap- tearance of two young women of the ci r y, coming immediately alter the wide pubiielt that has oeen given to the uaproved tehory that white slavers are making use of poison needles, is causing siuch activity on the part of the police- In -Jie case, of Jessie Evelyn. Mc- Ccna. v.ho disappeared on. Thursday frcci her home. 43S East Twenty-first sueet, Flatbash, the theory accepted by the family is that the joung woman had a nervous breakdown while traieliEg through tlie sjxets^ suffered a tos~ of memory, ^aafl is now either wrjidenag in the streets of New York or so~e nearby tovm. or has been takes in. caarge by the authorities and put 'a an institution. Her father is a nci 2ierc" n a:it- Froni a talk with Mrs. Isabella Moal-oa mother of the othecmissiag g-11 .v^o is Slabel Vera ilotftton, ^ te=a \ears old, is seems possible Siat the joung girl left home ·iojunta^r, because she thought ner parents ^uaixi- ed =e- too strictly. 2iiss 3Ioton dfe- apppr--··? early ia?t v.'ednes^ay. «j; "jTliO GI~J* "^^earance o jliss ^IcCafin 13 3i"cls ci'Tiiiar to the aisapp ear an ce of 'Li--st_y AiTioId, who was nerer sco^ by .^.rr fnends or famfly after she iia-i'-ett home three yea?s ago^ V ue t^e police are not overlooking tro f-ror-- that Miss McGann. may TE.- 3 :s!!cn inco the nands ^if agents c" ^c--ncr'-ialized vice, the supposi- - i -""at s~"e suffered a sudden loss ··' ^L.c~ory seems more probable. ^_ orocesdirrcs ¥^$ coansel, Alphonse 5. Koeible, Ter~ence T XeSIanus and ^T. IT KL Olco^t- sat apart trom tin "in*? CDns^»T~s^ mm not at ail. Tj^e cc art room, vas ·well SlleS. Scnaudt c.p3eareci 11 a inr overcoat, -Ii-"* caii ""'"TO.!! ue possesses, it TTSS _a"d. Kc Ico ! "ed ^nKenipt. His ha.r z^ci jcarI I;a^ c gons 'tuininmed since ^is ajTsc ir Sefte2i J -er. He -wore a j'a r "'w suit 2nd no siirt. A siik hand~.e~ I^ef circles uis throat. He ac- I.iiO'srledges oriiy one ot his lavyers, \ir. Eoeible. Iixsanitj v-ill be the de A^aa Anisaller va^ slain on Sept. 2 TTith a. bjtcher kn-Io Schmict cat acr body ;o pieces. rnj.'.e pac'.^ages ot :e corpse and ^hre~ lacm over the ' DONS MOHOCLE " Not t^c Tortoise Shei! Piain Round %V-.S3ingtoa, Bee 9.--President WIL- so" 1 J~2E zie monocle naoit. HB doesn't 5~ ,T for the tortoise shell or the co ' t -ri~mea kind, but uses just a plain ro --i * -;Ias«; attached to one of those c-'a-'ns t'uz snap up like a windovr s.-r.f!c. Tic presijent "pulled'" this new ac- cr.s;- on on a group of newspaper cor- res~-c~rcrts when they called upon sacg rera s.tcjitioa was called to a meson r»s desk, ard be wanted to \~ Ko reached under nis coat ,j __^;.,,,j.j ^jjg ^onocle. He didn't rr~v tl-c class into his face. He c*-e ~ I«eKl it to his eye until he .z", fo ^C'sage Then, snap, went DEFEATS WELLS F'erch Champion Knocks Out Briton in the First Round. London. Dec. 9.--Georgies Carpe^- "jcr. tne French champion, defeated rcnioardlsr "^"ells. the English figat- t" C^rpenUer won in the Srst round of tre i)Dut- Xo sooaer cad the bell rang vrhen Ccrnenucr lelnted aad shot a sting j .TT; left to the Englishman's Jaw. J "*"· «'"s ^"-n! ec: Then the men sparred 1 -- a fc..- c^co-ds. and Carpenuer 1 a--i' * ;ST:C.I en tne Engiisnmaa's jaw, T · Iris tine "vTeils vent down a 9 a*^-s *- ·« ·«· z rail cf a rerrrceat itb tl-e Hudson nver. Pieces of tie rody were found cear tie Xe-v J-rse saore vnthm a irsek. ScLmidt was traced by a pillow J tie ' '"a~^ c^u the monocle had disap- ^s. * Saved by Fellow Worker. TCajnesbcro Fa. Dec, 9r--3. P- Xiu gle, ^T Re'izeT^Ile, narrowly escape-1 3»-io"s s ajTy wees his bloase vas -£i glit in a linil press. His life vas C by tne prorant action of a fsKow cather jure we offer yon for a little wls.le only, a full years sniper;."! "r to "TJ.e "VVcrs'aii's 3Iaga- zine an 1 No ·- I«i x* Patterns " ior thirty ceats in sB. T'i.r'-c of ;t, tTreKpnumbj-s oi the best lasJiIoiis ST! all r.-tnni sVn'ly magaTine regn- Jarlf 7^ certs A year) ior '33 cents when you T.'iv a 10 rc"t pa;tern Yo-i ce: the n?aca7ine .-.,- ^ ne vv'ir'.e yea»- .-.r ±O cents. Contc t« tre et"ro '·-'cay Rf!vra!3 r , tM« ofer .s jioo'i ' or a Irr.U"-! 'ims ^iily. X\ ha.e a rcprcsortative i » - , . t .-X?. Tor'- o{f:c^ .1* o'ir =tore. Con.e n a-.u 1ft her cxp!.iia tho yirop-^itior. to yon. Thomas Brothers, V Biglerville, Pa. i Pores as T-~5ss PanKhurst. ";."a3 T Ita-:. Dec. 9. -- The police : v.rc "laic een asrea to apprefiend a ." 3=7 -- ooian styu3g herself "Adele ? Tr^^rst, 1 " ·'·ho aas been posing as if e dj.»sgc;tcr ef 3Irs. Emaaeiine Panl.- 3:.rst. the Eng'ish militant leader, CT? "ecturiiig on suffrage, charging r : zc adznissloii fees for her lectures. Duel Ends in Kisses. Bee. 9. -- Kisses and embraces e-»ei a. d«ei "·fere .between Deputies , "" -r'-'ar^lta asd -De Felice, in whlca ir" £ai-"CT was pierced in the arm. H* c'ia:ienge'l De Felice to fight af- i tor ^e:ti£? colled a coward on the fioor · "i U.Q c^n^cer. ; Csr,3"SsmEr.'s Wife Dead. ; C"**rs«'to.T Ky, Dec. 9.--Mrs. C. ' J Car'pbs 1 ! Csiitrill, wief of the rep; resf-jtaiivi. In congress from the Sev- · enth Kent-Cjiy district, died at her j noci" h*rc ^l:e v,-as well known in V. nsj.Insior. aad throughout the south. Two Notable Monuments. Cleopatra's needle is srrty-eigiit feet high, and weighs 140 tons. The Luxor monument in Paris, also a single stone, ,1s seventy-six feet Mga and weighs 240 tons. 1 :t2nt c C'ty TM Orleans ... { "hiladeiphla ! =;^ ia*e:i at S o. Clear. Ciondy. - Clear. Clear. v Clear. Clear. Clear, i Cloudy. Clear. Clear. 2S 50 SI 32 3* S2 The Weather Fair today and northwest winds. F^f-e 1 - Ssvcs Gir! In Deep Hols. r=".- ene^:. Pa., Dec. 9--Five-year c", lr.~-z.Tn I-andis, daughter of Mor- r:t ictrc'is -ss-'^ile playing in the yard c" ~er d :nt- fell forty-five feet down a =;iii . o:e. Landis saw his daughter .·_=^^-5car CTsd while nis wife ran for a rorc re c"'^i3ed down the ston sides o - r.p o^prtag He reached the bottom ,_it "n t:-ac to grasp a bold of the - n' big c'itlfi. Grasping a projecting si^e. T anc'3 held on until a xope was lowered s^d both were rescued in an e:, ausicd rendition. GEHE^AL FMRKETS PH T I.ADE;L?HIA -- FLOUR quiet; | -i--er c'oaf. ^S.75'S4, city mills, fan- j per *^ . j.l". F'JJUS firm, at ?350@3.60 »i T firm: Xo 2 red, new, 93% qnier: No. 2 yellow, new, J C"ATS rnL: Xo. 2 white, 47c.; lower ""POTATOE? steady; per bushel, 70 ""I'OUi-TRY- Live steady; hens, 15@ 17-'.- old roosters, ll@12c.: tnrkeys, 1S'220c. Dressed firm; choice fowls, \'Sc - oi5 roosters, 1?" - **«-«·= 93 turkeys, 23 ^rsrTTER ''rra: fancv creamery, SSc. Er«"»S steady: selected, 39c.; near- | by. S-'c ; v^s^err Stock Prices. bulk oJ Ir 'inn L.° All Eaters of Insects. It may be said that all civilized races are insect eaters in greater cr less degree. There Is a the corn weevil, ^hich and sometimes does thousands of dpi lars' worth of carnage to a single crop, _._ No matter how clean the wheat is, |6.50aS. oeeves. $·1.70 @ 7 80: stock- i o1 ' SREEP strong native. §4 23@a.t.u; jp. vearliass, $5.50g7: lambs, name. there are almost sure to be a few of these insects hidden away among the fcoinels, and fiesa are ground Tip into J 3i.r ^..o fceco.13 a .'.it of our bread Most!/ Men. Bis--"Has your wife many speaking acquaintances?" Due--"Not very many, they are nearly all listening ones "--Boston Transcript. - "William Allison, Saml- Waiters farm, Hamlltonban toinuhip. John D. Riiey, It. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Mrs. 3- E- Htighes, Ciunberland TownsJiip- D. B. Wiseman, Cumberland Township. Frank ilumper, IL 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J. Deardorff,: Orrtanna, Ba. " Charles^t?aganian (Dr. \7.~ H. O'Neal FarniXjHigaland F. JU.KSae. Bu'tler Township, Biglerville, Pa. ^ ^ ' C. IJj'Sfasiik, Straban Township, R. 7, Gettysburg, Pa.'. J. Hf Kuha (J. F Kuhn Fai-m) R. 2, Gettysbnrg, Pa.'-MtI; Jaeob Frommeyer, Straban Township. - ^- -~A r ' George EL Ilarc^in, H- 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township, George C. SheaJer, Straban Tuvcsbipu. Mrs. "ary J. V.'eikert, iL 2, Gettj-sburg, Cumberland Township. j. ii. JJex. Ko.v ., R. » Blgierville^ ' .-- ziris. Jiu'JJda L. C-odorl, C-Jcaberiand'Towajsnip. *~ - Sai.i-ae! Svbinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Caiaberland'TbwnaMp. J. i_ T-TOX, Sirabas To-.yaship. · - ' ' s , ' r , , ^^ " B. L. Jacobs, R 3, Bi^emlSe, Pa. Butler Township. : " J ' Joseph B. T\vir.5.!^, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. . E«l-.v«rrd A. Scott, JL ;. Gettysburg, Freedota Township. J. D. Brcwa,'HigRiawJ 'TowEsMp-'j. r* -, "*- ---- · R. F.JBiddle, Mt.'Pleasant Tov.nashlp,«-2^ 8^ Gettysburg, , D. J Reile, R. 12, Gettjsbarg, Pa^ Cumberland Township. Leo Frojamej-er, Mr. Pieasabt/Eownship. ' Martin Wiatpr, Ct^r.5er!and Township- and Getrysbarg^ --, W. T. Mehripg, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Tcwnship- Robert K- Major^ Strsbaa -Township. . S - «-iaL Johu W. 3rcHhenny Farm R.-7, Gettysburg, Straban Township- Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eicon, Ber.dersvi!!e, Pa. *Hk. George D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. K ' -*..-i'Uj-^- - «· Harry E. Shriver," Butler Township," R, 6. Gettysbqig. Joseph A. Albert. Butler Township. Ji. G, Gettysburg- William Coshun, Straban Tpwnshsp. , . Jeremiah Weaver. R- S, Gettysburg, Pa. :1 . Gbg. Gashtown. _ S. 3. Ha-verstick, M. M. Sponsellsrlarni; Stratan M. E Freed. Jrs. G. W, B'esecker farm, Franklin T\rp J. Kerr Lotr. Cumberland Township. v - ·- £ t / ' ~John H. SpcnseUer, (ilcPherscn Farm). Cumberland To-amship. Robert S Shuil ( J. A. Shall Farm) Franklin Township- H. C. Hartzell (J A. ShuU Farm) Franklin Township. Jacob E. Hoke. Srrabatf Township, GjeH-sburg;«i -7.^% - H. M. Sneenr.ger, e R- 9, GeUvsburg, near BonneauvUle, Pa. - J. D. 3Ioose, B'glervllle, Pa. - G. P. Basehoar, Gettysburg. Cumberland and Germany Townships. i-ouis Mizell. Straban To\vnship, Getr sburg, R. 7. X. J. Shark. Biglerville Route"!. - " c 1. F. Koth, Butter Towrship, Gettysburg Route 6. f T C Warren. "VIeTiI"i Tov.-"shir. C. H. Rummeil en C. L- Osborne'fann, Menallen Township. Wm. 31. Bigham's Sons, Freedom Township.^ Wm 31. Bigham's Sens. Hibertv TownshirJ."" ^ * * Jacob P. Peters. Tvrone Township; R-- 3; BiglerviUe, Pa. '; ^'-- C5arles~Es3ic£ antFsisterSjUtitTeir Township, R." s, GettysDure^ X. C Coulson, BizOer Township." -ATS. ·\rislrr,-3rtrTIeasanETr6wnship;5i:-ID. --- ~ - - - ilrs. -Gresga^A.-'Bfeck'f Rr'1/Biglerville^ Pa. . . , George Herring? Highland ^Town§iip. J -' - -- '.-.I- · - =- aurjuJ -'/ =.W- Fs Herbst,.Orrtapna5tjrt "..E- ' -3 - .-"oi^ -m/ i-^- ~r-^ dtz.-,5^ \ Q. B- Sharretts, Cumberland Township. R-A Gettyshdig, Bai G. E. Stalismith. Straban Township, R: 9-,'Xjfetfcysburg, Pa. - -, /_.,;-r r*v John. Dick, Hofiacker Jtarm. Straban Township. -.*,~- *.- -* r -- 1 ,~*z *..* Gilbert RuaisiUi'Ccraberland Township, GettysburffJKOTite.l^ _ .^- ^^-z^ J. B. Jacobs. Eugene S. Kelly farm, Gui^edaid;Tpwnsla|._ , ,_ J-C'ayton Hider, SEfJSy TowtiffiTp, $et%Me^^^\l-^-;'~Z - Charl^s-Fiaier. (V-'E-Gclden iarra),-R. irKgr^Ie^nSfce^f^ ^ H. S. Mertz, Hamilton Toxvnship, (Campbell and Meyer ;Farm.K^^* *£ James L. Bigrnam. Freedom- TcoKnsMD, Gettysburg/EPsr j--- J" --J _f*~\ Levi Crum, Menallei Township. " " "'1 ' ' " '-° --- ·**- Sirs. Andrew Brough, R- 1, % Aspersy^Ienaltetf Township. L- H. Meals, Cumberland Township, E 5, Gettysburg: Black-aJ-. Carna Snyth-F^rm) P«~2, " "' ' _,, -r--" _ * S*l T_ _ _T- T^!""rF* T^.«. .«-w.r3 _ Jvalter s . incert Ecddmg- -.-^E. 1.2, Gettysnurg.'Ta, CaaibferTafid Twp., Bayly Eann . K. S^iGettysburgj-Strabaa-Tawnshipi -·^ t -~-v*. s ^2H*- ^ E_9, Gettjsburg. Straban.To\raship,A- J.Smrth.Faun K. E. Boyd. Guldens, Pa,' Straoan and Mt Pleasant Townships. rlarry S "Trestle. Straban Township. , , * -, . * Cdwa-J A Trosrle, Straoan Township. ' ' ' \ ~Tohn Leese. en Nathan Brown farmf Straban Township, Gfag. Route 8. "tervm I. Weikert. Highland To\vnship, R. 1, Fairfield- D. F. Batterman. Butler Tovmsnip. - ' V Shultz Bros- D. B. Snvder Farm. Straban Township, G^ttysbulgr, F. O- McDannel Bros., Areadtsville and Franklin Township, Biglerville, R. i. S B Bream (F. il. Bieam's farm) Butler Townsnip. Calvin E. Snyder, Bonneauville, Pa- Otis "Walter, (Conrad Walter Farm) E. 1, Tniic^-Franklinr 33wnship. F B. Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. E. F. Strausbangh Orrtanna, R. 1- - - -- ' Albert Hollmger. Cumberland Townsnip, Gettysburg, R. 6. Deardorff Brothers. Tillie, Pa. Franklin Township. E P. Garrettson, Butler Township- John and Frank Garrertson, Menallen Township. H H- Black, R. 2. Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. , - Mrs- Daniel Miller; Cumoerland Townsliip,-Gettysbnrg, Ep,u,te_6- , _, D. S. EeTT-clds, Straban Townsnip, Gettysburg Koute 9. " W. A. Bichara. Cumberland Township, GeWysburg.'E. 3., ~ J^hn Gro^cost, R. 7. Ge:t\sburg:. Stxaban Township.^ f-ai-Seld Jacobs, R. 13, Gettysburg near Barlow. - " " ' Dorsey" Deardorff. Highland Township, (iIrs."H. . Mover Farm). E"3nuel Plank. Highland Township, Gettysburg Route 4- E. D. Feisres, Biglervi'Ie Borough. - , John H. Eckert, Straban Townsnip, Gettysburg,-B. · · · ·;· W.-W- Miller farm (Oscar Bream, tenant) Straban Township, Gbg. R. a. Mervin Blac'-c, Bigiamlle, ilenailen Township. Mrs. Martha Reeu, near Arendtsville?. avbnght Rice, B.glcrville, Pa. H. S Croner, jit. Jo\ Townshin, R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. John S. Wolf. Strabar- Township; R- 7, Gettysburg, Pa. Clarence Hoffman. R- R. 2, Biglerville, Ta. J. C. Walter. Butler Township, JL 2, BiglervSlle, Pa. * Pobert Wiihsrov.-, Cu^.ber'ard Township, tR- 13, Gettysburg; Pa. ^ Frank Herr. Cuiii'^erland -Township. R--1-3-, Geiiy*bnrg,-^a.--- -- Frank Eicholtz, Freed Farm. Straban Tow=shTp,~R- 15; GeCysrurp, Pa. J. A. Werzel. (Mar%- A S'nvdcr farm) Franklin Township 3 ii. B-sMzan. (3iarv A. Snyder FarmyTraaknn ToWTW=fc:p. J. W. Tate. Tvrons Tcwnsh-p,~ li. 4, Xew O.xford. J. W. Cook, Mejsal'en Township. Flora Dale, Pa. A. I. Osborae, R. 2. Biglerville Alien Barnes, (Cronier Farm) Cumberland Tots Chas- E. Schsltz, (GHbert Bucher Farm) Franklin R. A. Diehl. (ilmter Farm) Butier-Totynship, Star^ioiite, Bigier John B. Eiker. Cainberland Township, R. 12. Geltysburgi^.'S^ W J. Beamer, Straban ard Mt. Pleasani; Townsh^s, Getrysonrg, R. 3. Blarae Bashey, Franklin Township, R- 1, Bigieralle, Pa. Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Townsnip. R. /, Gettysbarg, Pat \v". T. Howard^ Straban Township.- C- E- Tawnev, Mt. Pleasant TowjishiprGettysburgr, K- 8. ' C W Toner"E. A. Grouse Farm) MeEalleVr ToTrnship, R. R- C'Jrtin McGlaughMn (John P. BuiX Farm) Franklin Township. ""·- 'Jam3S Sanders, {X. H. Musselman Farm) HarniItQnbe Township^-- -'» Howard-Bream. Straban'Township. R. 9, Gettysbusgf;Par - * *.. . Allen Redding (Rofot. S Bream Farm) Cumberland Wo^nshi?. William J. Eckenrode, Cambetland Township. - * » ~ G. G. Gr'fSr, Straban Township. Route 9, Gettysbarg. Denton Hoft {Rufus Lawver Farm) Butler Township. H-irve'- Scott. Cumberland Township. « "-i - · '» Jacob Boyd. Mt. Joy Township. R. 13. Gbg. (William Cromer Farm). S. F. Bus'hman, Franklin Township. R. 5, Gettysburg D M. Hoffman. Bisrlerville, Route 2. E. X. Hoffman. Bierlemlle, Route 2. J I Hereter. Highland Township. R. 4, Gettysburg, -Pav 'i ^~* Ernest Manahan,(Mrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9,'Gettysburg, Pa David G. Lott, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Route 7. V,'. C. Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. M. Shindledecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. s 5. H M- Jostle, Highland Townshipy THHe Post Office. * * **,*. * D. A. Hankey (Mrs 7erbmiah BendefM farm) Gtimberiand Tvrp., R._i- D C. March, Butler Township, it. 6, Gettysburg ^ Robert M Eldon, Aspers . . ^, K ,,^ s ,,.«.v Maty Baldwin, Bcndersville, Pa. . , *,* ^. SPAPJLRl

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