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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, February 14, 1818
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I'; - - " It 5 1 1 1 V .is: 51 i 1 1 . 1 ' - i, I! 8ATURDAT, FEBRUARY 14. Furnitwi for IS frttiien.f$ fcowe We per - ". ctiva by tha message republished Out raring, ' that botaaiJdl partof the furniture, oecawary for th prawlent'i house, ha bann yet procured, ttiof to the inadequacy of the ram appropriated. "It lethal to be hoped and expected, that in pro curing the remainder,, (material, workmanship - and cheapness being equal.) a preference will, ' withoatfaU, be given to American manufactured article over all other. On a former day we took occasion to brio; thi tubject before the pub - lie and aorrr were we that wo had came to spree oar regret that thi preference had not beeutufficienUy observed in the fint fiurcha 'tad. We nveotiooed several article, tucb a ' the cabinet work and the chain, thai w ventur - ' ed to aaeert coal J be procured to this city, ifnot ... c4optrr,atlacfeqaal,quality,tofoodiieai, . .elejajtcaaad cbeapa, to tho from any part - - ortho world. We shall now add, that the flaw ,oi i tha work of Jackfoa and Bagot to thi city, a tqaal in all mpectt to any glass cat in England, and can be afforded at a cheaper rale 7 W hare personally examined into the axtraor - jdiaory merit of tlus manufactory, ana particu - lirly noticed the exquisite workmanship bestow - '; e3 on a pair of decanters, which are intended, w andentand, to bo tent on to Washington (to the president, and have no hesitation to declare, Slat, in quality and color of tho glass, (which by - the way.ia imported lain) accuracy of cut, ibrightooatf polish, and beauty of patera, they . are not .to be exceeded. Let thro (we repeat) uu r own tnanafacture havt the preference. Ma. CoLKatAa. Notwithstanding all the vanity there is in the world, there are not a few people who have just ' a many reasons lor their opinions, as there are gnat folk woo nave supported utem ; ana there ' are verfew to whom error does not seem tome - what snore respectable, anil truth tomewhat t jnore dignified, whea recommended by high a ' .thorir.i .. - - " ' ' Ko person will deny that tho name of the pro. .foot rare rn or of tha state of New. York hai at tained so high an estimation, "that even if he abnnld lend its sanction to DrinciDle ever so er - , rooeaas, there are few people who would doubt . the authority of to passport, it u because we . .do not doubt the extent of thi authority, and are. . not inclined to question its just vajee, that are esrceedinjly ttosirou of eparating it from error, at a thing with which no one can wish its . affiance, who it not willing to sacrifice the inter - . tsof the state to hi personal prejudice. . - , In tha late speech of bis excellency, there is raw matortal wough for all tho political estayt which tho press can ?ur forth during the win - ' tor, but we have tfavt only for a few comments ) two topic which H embraces the one retard imprisonment tor debt, the other the en - muragement of domestic manufactures. ; ft will, 1 hope, be taken for granted, that in what I have to say on those part of the gover nor speech which concern the topics abovemen - 'tianed. rather on the topics themselves, I am w awaking the language of a party, and that v om bat my telfi responsible for the remarks lkatomak. i - - The following is that part of his excellency 'Speech which concern imprisonment for debt . ; "la the case of creditor and debtor our la Mi fepartod from its general policy, and has au - . loomed the former to wield tho power of pun - - ishmentty the imprisonmrnt of the latter for a default m the pa vaeat ol debts, without consi - ' Aering whether the failure m impuUble to mil fortune or to baud. . Within a few year thi eod no oeea relaxed, and the debtor has been liberated from close incarceratioo, and bdoaitted to the benefit of extensive limits oo giving security that ke will not depart from them. The con - 1 aoqnenc - is that it entangles and holds only the poor and forlorn, while those favoured with friends or opulence from its severity. If the kgulatoro (hall consider it expedient to - change the present system and exempt the unfortunate debtor from the penalties of imprison ment, riiorous provisions ought to bo a - Ion ted for the punishment of fraud, and the rights of creditor should be fortintd by the terror olcri tmnal punishment. But if it shall be deemed nnadvisaMe to proceed to that extent, the poor , debtor confined within the walla of a prison oqght at least to be supported by hit unrelenting creditor, and the repetition of srenrs at which Humanity shudders ouht no longer to disgrace ur country." " Let us first cee wht there is here, and then examine it accuracy. ILt excellency states that oar law give creditors the power of punishing debtors, whether their failure of payment proceed from miilbrtune or fraud that "this cod ba been relaxed within a few yean" Bow r the aobtor has been liberated from rime incarceration and admitted to the bent fit of ex tensive limits" mat the consequence is, that " it (the code) entangles and hold only the poor and forlorn, while those favoured with friends or opulence escape from its s verity Hit excel lency afterwards (peaks of exempting the unfortunate debtor from the penaltie of imprisonment. The want of clearness manifest in this paragraph, may lead us to the true cause of the inaccuracy with which his excellency has treated this important subject. W are persuaded that he ba not given it suthcient attention and exam - uwvnu tin excellency Has placed in a very Mnguiar lignt tne recent relaxation oTlhe law, concerning imprisonment, considering that he eemt quite inclined to abolish it altogether. The couequeuce of tho enlargement of the limits of the jail it, bo says, that the law entangles only the soor aod farUrn, while those favoured with fritnat or tmtJence escape from it seventy, If his excellency means that the poor are (till entangled by the law j that is, kept in ctoee con finement, he is certainly mistaken. The poor are tho who cannot pay their debts, or, if you please, those debt for which they are imprison ed, we all know bow many of these are im prisoned and do give bonds forh limit. . If it was intended to say that those who are poor and Herts, that it friendless, are entangled and held" and ex the present system, thi description include comparatively a (mall number; this expression, to say the least, is very careless ; but we hope, moreover, to shew hereafter, by a reference U the law, that it ha no foundation whatever. Agaia - U excellency has, as we humbly apprehend, made a vistake, or created some confu - tea, by associating ;wo very differeot classes of 'people, who escape (he severity of the law thoso who are favored with friends, or oon. lane." There certainly can be no objection to , tb law oo the prt of those who are in favor of a mild system, on account of its extending its le nity to thaw who hive friends; and ret one Would suppose that even this was disapproved by the Fovemor, from hi cntmectinx these two fleet of people together; and from his placing them hi pparont contrast with the poor and forlora." - ft or is it oasy for tho owulenl itb'or to avoid Ike severity of the law. If ho directly or indi rectly max Ft use or hi weaiA to furah the necessary aecarity to the tberiff, that wealth, can - act oftoa bo concealed, and tho bw girt the dram powf to larce, ji jroo t&t dtbtor, (al i ? T1 under esA) Lie other person uooerc ovi or. wit,or any by hi awn aengament wmcn uoersne imprisomneat, or by th of the magistrate, whSch takes from him all be ha withemt giving bias hi liberty - - ' Wo now com to the principal objocuoa a - gainst this part of tho goVeraort pooch, and we shall stata it very briefly. - Hi excellency slate, that our law give creditors the power of pua - ishing by imprisonment unfortunate Jretor that eTen after aU tho relaxatioa : of thai i ejdo, th poor ni forlorn are still entaegled and hold by it. If this be to, we should bavo no hesitation to making a caoro exteneiv om of hi excellency's laognago than he ba dona, and to lay that security ought instantly to be provided a - gainst a M repetition of scenes at which humanity, shudders.'' But any body who will have tho goodness to tarn to tho first volume of the revised law, page M9. will see that any person charred hi execu tion, for any turn less than $300, may, (" wundar1 to ieiirtr up U nu etleUe) t ny rtmc, and if for any (Tester sum, after three menAs, Ctition tho proper court for his discharge, and discharred in fourteen dart thereafter, with out the assent of a sinele creditor. Now, with out intending tho t lightest disrespect to our chief magistrate, wo ask any person whether bo mini not have forrotten thi law. The law might doubtle be amended by avoiding certain delays as to charging debtor in execution ; but who can assert that the law allows creditor to puntiA their debtor. Thi i an abuse oi terms. 1 he law does, and ought, and must In tho tatui e of thing, detain tho person long euuugn to ascertain whether there bo not a concealment of. pro perty. To conclude, we should have been much bet tcr pleased, awl wo think every body else would, if tho governor had recommended a 'repeat of that absurd law which prevents a forfeiture of bonds given for th a liberties of jails, provided tne debtor .return within the bout before cuit it brought. . , , ' 11 Tithe Editor of the Evening Fol. SIR The often . reiterated remark, " that the corporation of thie city mako laws, and either forzet or nezlect to enforce U on," appear to bavo lost but little, if any, of its truth ; for, If yon notice either the tide - walk covered witn ice, or the sawyer cutting and piling wood in the way of passengers,' or twenty other auniur in stances, it indeed appear a if there were no Uw against such nuisances, or u there are, want of energy prevent their due) execution. Whether you consider the danger of lho one practice, (leaving tho walks covered with ice,) or the inconvenience of the other, the corporation can receive but little credit. In a city like tins, what number most be daily exposed, (during tho winter season,) to accidents, from the very causes of which I have spoken. It is at best dilhcult to keep from tailing on the ice ; bat when passenger are obliged to turn off trotn the walklbr the sawyers, it add too mncb to their dangerto palliate the conduct of those ho regulate oor city and it laws. Business having called me to visit different parts of the city, 1 observed that Broadway was the meat free from ke, and that (no thank to the magistracy) was cleared by person walking. I have been Induced to make the above re marks, from a wish that the honourable body will remove those nuisances, which are at once dangerou to the citizens and discreditable to themselves. I'OI'ULUS. V Communication. In the last fall, I procured an acauaintanra of mine in the country to put up a barrel of fat beef sor my raniily'i use during the winter. The barrel of beef was wnt to me agreeable to contract ; but before I had used one quarter part of it, I observed it tainted, and so much so a to smell quite offensive. The beef being very fat and fine, f was loth to throw it away. I made the following experiment : I procured a half bushel of charcoal, and after taking out the beef and - throwing away the offensive pickle, I re - packed it in Uie barrel, laying the pieces or charcoal between the piece t and makint; a new pickle, 1 and adding a littl salt - pet ro, I covered the beef, and in about six days found it as sweet and good as it was when first put up. New - York, Feb. 9, J8IS. From the ftalional Intelligencer, Feb. 18. Another bill is rejected in the house of repre sentative!, after two day's consideration, and an interettuig, but brief, debate. The bill, we are sorry to say, was one providiur still further, not only for the widows and orphans and indigent mothers or those who fell in the servic of the country during the late war, but also of the sur viving widows of those who fell in battle or died in se. vice during the revolution a he great ob jection to the bill was, that it threw open too wide the doors of the treasury. Perhaps it did ; but, if so, to whom f To the bereft, to the for saken, 'o th wretched. We regret the fate of the till, the operation of which, if passed, - in the present stats of our finances, the treasury would not have felt We hope that some of the propositions contained in the rejected bill, will, in one shape or other, be yet revived dunn the session. It is a fact, worth mentioning, that upwards of nine huadred petitions have been presented in th house of representatives of tho United States, and referred to various committees, during that part which ba elapsed of the present session. Com. Shaw, of the U. S. navy, is on a visit to this city, on hit return from the Mediterranean William II. Kiog, Esq. our secretary of lega tion to Russia, recently arrived from St. Peters burg, is also at present cn a visit to this city. ' John O. Sullivan, Esq. contul of the United States, at Mogadere, is alto in tint city Cumpentaton to Congrtn.Tho following are the resolutions of the general assembly ef the state of Tennessee, which were presented to the senate the other day, and received after debate. The same resolutions were about the same time offered in the house of representatives by Mr. Rhea, but refused, because not addressed to the house, but to the individual representatives from Tennestee. November 24, 1817. Resolved by the general assembly of the state of Tennessee, That the followi'ig amendment be propeed to the constitution of the United slates, to wit. M That no law varying the compensation of tbo members of lho congress of the U. States shall take edict, untd the lime for which the members of tho boose of representatives of that congress by which the law wa passed shaH have expired." Resolved, That our senators be instructed, and our representative requested to use their exertions to procure the passage of the foregoing amendment. Resolved, That the governor of (hi (tat be requested to traa.rait enpiea of the foregoing resolution! to each of our senator and representa - tires in congress, and that b also transmit to the executives of Uie several states like copies, with a request to lay the same before the legislature thereof, soliciting their exertion and co - opera two m procunns the aid amendment to be a doiited and mad a part of the constitution of the United States. From the Albany DaxJv Airertiter. Feb. 11. The House of Assembly yesterday morning, went into committee of the whole on the resolution for the .dmiss on of Mr. Dux to a seat in the house, Mr. Sharpe in the chair. The question a taken without debate, and decid ed in the ntiMtive, 61 to 41. The bill repotted on Monday for amending the duelling law, was next taken up in com mittee or uie a - note, and after omc discus tun passed. This bill repeal tbe former act, but relation to; all ex cepUnr eleeUve officer, vlt cepting eleeUve Otlicer. vlt 1 Uuooa the nm or July wext. . The: answer to the Speech of B'm Excellency the rovernor, a reported by Mr. CoUl en, pass ed the House yesterday. 66 to 38, and wiU pro bably be presented to - day. CONGRESS. HOUSE Or REPRESENTATIVES. Twetday, February 10. . - PRFyriENTri HOUSE. The following Message wa received from the r resident oi tho united state oy oir. t. . w roa : To the Senate and House of Representative oi the United elate. At th house auoroDriated for the President of the United States will be finished thi year, it i thought to merit the attention ofCongrets in what manner it should ha famished, and what measures ought to be adopted for Uie safe keeping of the furniture in future. AU the public furniture nrnviHrd hei'nr 1814. havine been destroyed with the public building in that year, and Utile afterwards procured, owing to uie inadequacy of the appropriation, it has become necessary to provide almost every article requisite lor tiRn so establishment ; whence, the sum to be expended will be much greater than at any former penoa. Tb furniture, in it kind and extent, is thought to bo an object not less deserving attention than the buihlinr for which it is intended. Coin ne ing national objects, each seems to have an equal claim to legialativ sanction. Tho disbursement of the public money, too, ought, it is pre sumed, to be in like manner provided for by law. Tho person who may happen to (To placed, by the suffrage of hi feUow - citiacnt, In this high trust, naving no personal interest w uirie concerns, should be exempted from uudue reipouii bilily respeclinx them. For a building so extensive, intended for a purpose exclusively national, in which, in the furniture provided for it, a mingled regard is due to the simplicty and purity of our institution, and to tho character of the people who are represented in it, the sum already appropri ated ha proved altogether inadequate. The present i therefore, a proper time for congresi to like the suniect into consideration, with view to aU the object claiming attention, and to regulate it bv law. On a knowledge of the furniture procured, and the sum expended font, a just estimate may be formed, regarding the ex tent of the buildin. of what will still be want ing to furnish the house. ' Many of the articles beimr or a durable nature, may be handed down through a lonff series of service ; and being of great yalue, such at plate, ought not to be left altogether, and at all times, to the car ot servants alone. It seems to be adviseable that a public agent should be charged with it during the occasional absences of the president, and have authority to transfer it from one prauaeut to another, and likewise to make reports of oc casional deficiencies, as the basis on which fur ther provision should be made. It may also merit consideration, whether it may not be proper to commit the care of the public buildings, particularly the president's house and the capitol, with the grounds belong ing to them, including likewise tho furniture of the latter, in a more especial manner, to a public agent. Hitherto the charge of this valuable property tee mi to bar been connected with the structure of th buildings, and committed to those employed in it. This guard will necessarily cease when the buildings are finished, at men time the interest in them will be propor - tionably augmented. It is presumed that Ibis trust is, in a certain degree at least, incidental to tho other duties of the superintendant of the public buildings, but it may merit consideration wnetner it will not be proper to charge him with it more explicitly, and to give him authority to employ one or more persons under him, for these purposes. JAMES mONKUK, Washington, Feb. 10, 1818. The message was read and referred to the committee of the whole to wliom is referred the bill to provide far erecting additional buildioet for the accommodation of the several executive departments. Theatre. The old favorite Opera of Lionel and Clarissa, by BickerstafT, attracted a numerous auditoiy last night; who, we will venture to assert, went away more satisfied than with the flimsy production the stage, in this day. oo frequently exhibits, we entertained high opinion of Mr. 1'hilipp's abilities as an actor, from his performance in the Devil' Bride, and the Maid of the Mill j and which. certainly exhibit Ins stage power to much ad vantage but hi Lionel ktanda, we will ven ture to say, alone, a a combination of singing and acting power, without the advantage of tne trutterinir ores, or time - eervn g clap trap ilia scene with Clarissa and Air John Flower - dale, in the 3d act, was impressive and affect ing ; his declamation good, and his expression true to nature. lie sung the songs of the piece without extraneous embellishments and in the original atyle. Pol. Hesnsltr. Mr. Fhilipn's Lionel is altogether bis best character. We hope to see it again before his departure, which we are sorry to here will be a hnalone. Irui.imeruan. DIED, Thi morning, in th 27 th year of ber age, Ca tharine, the wife of George W. Hyer. Hi friend are invited to attend her funeral to - mor row afternoon at half past 4 o'clock, from his residence No. bH Mulberry - street. Last evening, after a long and painful illness, Jame Carberry, in the 3(Hh year of hi age. His friend and relatives, and the friend of hi father, are invited to attend the funeral, from bi father' house, No. 79 Greenwich - st. on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, without fur ther invitaton. Last night, in the 30lh year of his age, Pbilip I. Hone I lit relation acd friends, It the friends of his father, John Hone, are requested to attend the funeral from bis late residence, No. 104 Greenwich - street, to - morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. At St. Croix, on the 8th of January. Mrs. Sarah Beekman, in the 83d year of her age, widow of the late David Beekman, Esq. a native of this city, but for many year pasta resident of that Island. Through a course of protract ed illness, she was distinguished for an easv cheerfulness and even temper, peculiarly her own. Confiding in the promises of her bles sed Redeemer, she met the approach of death with calm serenity, and yielded up her spirit to him who gave it, with a steadiest hope of a blessed immortality. Imminently conspicuous for all the qualities that ingratiate the hea. t, while they adorn and dignify 'their possessor, her loss is an afflicting dispensation to the poor and afflicted, who are thus bereaved of! the kind and eudearing offices of a generous and sympathising friend, society at large of a useful and highly respected member, and her numerous relatives and friend of Uie best of women the ornament of her sex. On the 20th December, at St. Pierre's, Martinique, Mrs. Mitchell, wife of John Mitchell, esq. consul for the United Stales at that island, EFEtflXQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Sli ip Trio, Isaacs, East Indies David Dunham Drnmmond, Quarles, Norfolk Brig Eunice, How, Petersburg Cambreleng It Pearson Sloop Columbia Parker, Blakeley Peters Herriek. AO A RRIVA LS THIS FOREAOOX. BELOW, Ship Albion, 60 day froia Liverpool, to H - Voa, andJ. A. Wiiliok ft Co One other itrp. Bear. Safes, dT fVota Cnba, with icgari ad asolaMea, touuts itovtaco. TwootberKhrt - ( - 'AT QUARANTINE, SckrlTopaaadl'olly.lUda) frwa Wilmington, W. C. with naval (tore. ARRAYED LAST F.VEXIXG. Schr Ranger, Wood, 7 day from Norfolk, with shins - lea. rum. flour and logwood, to A. Bell. Rowland L Brain, and the muter. Pas - engers, Lieut. F. II. Gregory, of tlie U. S. fri - e - at Constellation. R Goode, J Twiss, E Ann strong. J Grayson and wife, K Carson, D Paul. and T Halloway. On Sunday evening last, 40 mile N. E. of Cane May, took the gale at N. W. which drove the Ranger into the Gulf - On Saturday last, about 4 league trom Ilojr - Island, felt in with the mast, boom and gaff, supposed of a sch. The mast head painted white, both ends of the boom painted black. with a white centre the gaff painted the same hoop remaining1 on the must. ester - do v afternoon, saw a sloop of about 60 tons a - shore south of the Hook under the highlands, unrounded with ice she appeared to have jutt got ashore. Schr Industry, Krogman, 7 day from Ocra - cock, with shingles mid naval stores, to 3 Jack son, and Tnedwell Si Thorne. Sailed in co. I Higham sch. a Rochester sloop and Bath sloop, all for N York. SloopThomas k Eliza, May, 13 day from Washington, NC. and 3 from the bar, with na val ttores and flour, to Tredwell k Thome, and R tl C W Davenport Si Co. Sloop Susan, Harding, 8 day from Newbern, JSC with naval store and whcr, to Tvsxuig K Kimberly, Hyer, Bremner k Co. and R k C W Davenport h Co. Sailed in co. with sch , Marble, of Hingham. from Newbern, for Boston or New York, parted next day off Cape Henry. The sch Hi re, of Uingam, from N.U. bound to Boston, was driven ashore in the late rale on Roanoke Island, cargo of corn damaged, partly saved, vessel bilged, the gale at S. W. most tremendous for 10 hour. Four other chs. names unknown were driven ashore at the same place. The aloop , Cook, of Provincetown, sailed from the bar before the gale, for a northern port, but returned and anchored in Shell Castle Roads, on the Sd Feb. having towed in the sloop Unity, of Chatham, her mast gone by the deck, they had the gale on the 30th and 31st. The sch Solus, Mills, from Newbern, NC. bound to the West Indies, parted her cable and was drove ashore, left her discharging. The ch. , had just ar. at the bar from N York sch. Phenix, ar. at the bar from N York on the 5th Feb. taw a ch ashore oo the point of Cape Hatteras, high and dry, drove ashore in the gale. ' ! Sloop Phenix of Boston, is ashore 3 miles south of Sandy Hook. She has a cargo of pork, whiskey and naval ttorss, consigned to Jackson of this city. WARREN, (R. I.) Feb. 9 Arrived at thit port, brig Brothers. Smith, from Matanzas. Left there, Jan. 17, ihipLaguira, Pratt, loading for NYork; brigs Planter, HunLdodo; Factor Noyes, do do - ship Plato, Holmes, from Newl York, and schrs Caravan, Patten, from Ports mouth, and Jane, Hills, from Charleston, had jutt arrived. Spoke, going into Matanzai, bri Ciytus, Alien, from Rhode - Island, via Charleston in 10 days. savajchao, Ftb. 4. Arrived, ship Com - meice, Peterson, Bremen 44 day. The ship Klogeter, sailed from Bremen 10 days before the C. for Savannah. Price at Bremen Dec 12. Cotton, sea island, 51 a 54 grouts ; upland, 35 1 - 2 grouts ; N. Orleans, 36 a 40 grouts ; Rice, Car. 14 1 - 2 a 15; Tobacco, Ken. iu i - a so. British brig St. Andrews. Johnson. Barba dos 18 days, specie. Before cant J. sailed the new governor of Martinique touched at Barbados on bis way from France to hianew command. Schrs Tatler, Harding, Boston I5davt. Pre - smew, auams, rroviuencr, k. i it days. ' 1 . . , n II n , tieweo, snip Aiexainier, iiuunms, Havre CaaaLXSToii, Feb. 6. Arrived British ship inaian, tsaiDerney, Liverpool 99 day and 45 from Falmouth, On 27th ult. in hit 29 04, long. 74 15, spoke brig Friends, of Fal moutn, (Mass ; from brenada, 32 days out, bound to faimoutn; bad put uo St. Eusta - tia to recruit e, the crew all sick. Brig William, Bradley. NYork 10 days. Brig Divid Porter, Tomlinson, Geo: eetown 8 days. Made Cbai leston light at 5 P.M. on Thursday last, and found the vessel leakv i blowing a pale trom N and straining considerably, the leak encreased so as to oblige us iu rip uj uie caum iiuur auiu uaic mil, naving 4 feet water in the hold ; wore ship and stood for the first port we could make, and in wear ing, carried away the main boom. In order to lighten her, threw overboard from '30 to 40 bale of cotton, and several thousand shingles. Sloop Adeline, Bradley, Savannah 1 day. rassea at iocaspur, orig annus, or Knne bunk, 13 day from St Lucie, and sloop Hun tress, Spencer, 9 days from NYork. Off Port Royal, spoke ship Iragen, of Portsmouth, a a, 14 days fi om NYork bound td Savannah. Sloop Ann - Maria, Green, Savannah 1 dsv. Yesterday evening, off Savannah, spoke ship x.muious, a oays irom uverpooi pound to sa vannah, with the loss of ber fore - top - mast. In the offing, British brig Holiday, Stewart. 5t days from Liverpool. About the 23th Dec. off the Western Islands, spoken Dutch brig from Amsterdam for thit port. The ship Ceres, For - ylh, for thi port, sailed the day before the Ha - liday. Cleared, British ship Wellington, Hughes, Barbados ; ship Caroline, icrrill, Turks bland ; thip Morning Star, Bishop, Havana; sch Retrieve, White, N York ; tloop Syren, Uumton, N York ; sloop Eagle, Wright, N York. Went td sea yesterday, ship Xenophon, Lord, for Amsterdam ; brig Holland, Andrews, for do. A ship bound op, anchored in the Roads last evening. THEATRE. This evening, Feb. 14, 1818, will be pretexted, the drama of AB.ELLINO, THE GREAT BANDIT. Ahaeliiuo, Mr. Robertson To which will he added, LOWLNA OF TOBOL.bKOI, OR, THI FATAL SHOW STOaM. Lowina, Mrs. Barnes 1) TUK PUBLIC. U7 G. SAUNDERS, maker and vender of raxor - strops, having lost his all by the late fire, and himself, wife and child having narrowly escaped with their lives, by the advice of several of his friends and customers, has opened a subscription at the following places, to give the humane and charitably disposed an opportunity of assisting him in his distress, vie : at Hyde U i Nevens', corner of Broadway and Maiden - lane ; i Prior k Dunniog's, No. 1 1 1 Water - street ; and at Megary book - store, No. 20 Wall - street ; where donatious, however trifling, will be thankfully received. 1 Keb 14 G. SAUNDERS. The creditors ut the estate of Uavid Huntington, bookseller, are requested to meet at Hud;kinson's, corner of Fulton and Nassau - st. on Monday evening next, at 7 o'clock, on business of importance, feb 14 it lAMAlCA RU.Y1. 15 bhds fine old Jamaica Rum, just received nnd for sale by fen 14 R. CRUMP, 90 Pine - strect. SltEKTIMiss. - JOpt. Russia Sheetings, of 11URD ft SF.WALL, feb 14 65 South - ftretL TtLAXSKED 15 Ci i Flaxseed, Vinriing thit V day from clir.'Raneer, (mm .Norfolk, for tale by D. BETH UN E fe CO. feb 11 CoJ!e Howe Slip. r - A, - . HUMANE SOCIETY , rr7 The Iluaiane Society, beg leave to present their follow citizew tha following tlateaiout of their proceedings during the past year: Darine that period three hundred an J twen ty - eight persons have been confuted ia tha debt ors' prison wno nave oeen suppueu vj uio mk.ij with food. Eleven thousand six hundred and four quarts of soup have been issued to the prisoners, and twenty - four thousand five hundred and seventy - eight quart have been delivered to poor and indigent persons who have applied for relief. - i The society has received in donations from the honorable the corporation of the city, and from private individuals, nineteen nunureu auu iy - three dollars and nine ceoL, and the cxpendi - ' tures of the institution have amounted to two ihousaud four huudred and tfty - teven dollars eight cents. iu the benevolence of their fellow citizens, the tot iety have hitherto lound so ample and so liberal a supply for the calls of Uie institution, that thry now feel themselves justified in trusting that that tame spirit of human kindness will be ever ready to meet its future demands And though an opinion seems to prevail in tne community that some charitable uutitutions give a direction to the feelings of humanity unfavorable to frugality and tohoucst industry, yet to the efforts and objects of this society oo such touse - ouences can ever attach The humble meal dealt out to the lonely prisoner can be no in ducenient to him to remain within his prison wall ; uor can the homely fare afforded by the society to the call of hunger, give indulgence to tloth or weaken th motive to industrious exertions Necessitous and humble must he indocd he, who, in either case, solicits and receive that boon of charity. Donations will be thankfully received, if in monev. bv any of tho members of the society, and in any species of provision by the attendant at tbo roup establishment in Tryon Row. MATTHEW CLAKKsON, President. NEXaaits. John Adams. David R. Lambert, John Arpinwall, Gulian Ludlow, Jame Hlerrker, Andrew Morris, Jacob Morton, John R. Murray, Benj. W. Rogers, Jacob Sherred, Ebeoeser Stevens Benjamin Strong, Hugh Williamson, William Wilson. feb 14 It Samuel Boyd, Lyade Catlin, De Witt Clinton, " Thomas Eddy. John W. Francis, Thomas Franklin, George Gritwold, Alexander Hotaclc, David Hosack, NOTICE. . ft7"Th copartnership heretofore existing be tween the subscribers, under the firm of N. S DaviesA - Co. it this day dissolved by mutual con sent. The debts due and claim against (aid firm will betettled by N. S. Daviea. f. a. UAVIbB, A. W. TRAPPAN, The batinett will in future be i - onducted by N. Smith Daviet, under the firm of N. Smith Da - tie A Co. feb 14 ROB ROY, ft7 By the celebrated author of Waverly, Guy Mnnnering, Antiquary. Tale of My Landlord, kc. tec. which has long been anxiously expect ed, will be published early next w - ek, and the sunscriiiers toUieLIKULI.A 1 INU MbKAKi , No. 124 Broadway, corner oiCedar - strett. will he liberally supplied, with that, and every oth er interesting new woik. Several have lately arrived from London. feb 14 I w Freight H anltd for Philadelphia, On board of the schr THHEE BROTHERS, Foster, master, which will meet with immediate dUpatch. For f eight, apply on board, at CorR. e house - slip, west aide, or to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 14 No. 130 Water - st. FLEGA.NT MARSEILLES QU1LT6 AND Hi COUNTERPANES. Marseille Quilts Irom 5 4 to 16 - 4 Counterpanes fiom 9 - 4 to 15 - 4 White, Chititi and blue and white bed lace Green wonted Cnid and Tassel Fine Linen Bed l icks Superior furniture Chinfxrs and Dimity Merino Hdkft. and Shawls, a large assortment LlegAnt Ions scarlet and wbite Merino and Cashmere Shawls 9 - 4 green figured and black, raw silk Shawls Superfine black Bombaiioei, superior black Italian Crape White Cotton Velvet for Painting on Cane Umbrellas, Irish Linen ana Diaper Damatk Table Cloth from 5 4 to 20 - 4 Irish and Russia Sheeting Ek - gant embroiderd and ribbed wbite Silk Hose, just received and for sale by GARDINER & VAN ANTWERP, No. 169 Broadway, next to the corner of Courtlandt - slreet. feb 14 4t LONDON MUSTARD. 40 boxes first quality fresh London Mustard, in boxes of 6 do - sen each. For tale by TUCKER & LAURIES, fob 14 29 Smith - Street. ' I Wl.NK First quality London beine Alto. J 2 and 3 thread India Twine, in quantities to tun purcnasers, lor sale ny - , CEBRA& CUMING, feb 14 76 Pearl - it reet. I I A l b, TEAS, bic 14 ca.s Men's H. its JLx just received from on board the brig Fac tor, irom Havre, entitled to drawback IN STORE. 9 cheats of Imperial Tea, Huntress' cargo, of a superior quality. Also. 60 cask ol French Yellow Ochre. For tale by ttt..iti cuwimu, feb 14 Iw 191 Front, corner of Fultoa - at. IN 20 bbls 1st proof country gin, in hand - VJ. some new barrels For sale by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, . 75 Wall - tt. Feb 14 2t A MOST DARING ROBBERY. , ON Mooday, between the hours of 2 and 3 o'clock, the otlice of the subscribers, in State ."tree t, was entered by false keys, (while we were absent to dinner) and an iron chert o - pened, containing bank bills and other valuable papers, taken therefrom. W can recollect the following viz : A Post Note on the Mechanics' Bank of Baltimore, for $600, on demand, dated July 4, 1817, and No. 3, payable to Fisher Ames, or order. The word "order" was erased, and H bearer" substituted. Two $100 Bills on the bank of North - Carolina. About $900 in Salem, Beverly, Marble - head, Newburyport, Lynn, and Harrehill bank bills From 3 to t iOOO in current bank bills. A check for $2J0 62, signed by John Dodge, of saiem. A quantity of New - York Bank Bills Some old Hallowell and Augusta bank bills, and some of the Penobscot bank Also, a small leather bag, containing gold, among which was a light doubloon Also, 420 Spanish dollars. 'Xf A person of middle stature, with a Scotch plaid cloak, was teen about half past 2 o'clock, opening the oUice. 500 Dollars reward will be given for the re covery of Ihe property, or a generous reward for auy part of the property or the detection of the thief; and all persons are invited to use their endeavour to bring to light this most da tin; and high hanaeJ villainy. WYMAN k STONE, No. 76 State - street, Boston. TJ The publisher of th New - York Even ing Post and Herald; Philadelphia Gazette; Baltimore Friend Republican ; National Intel ligencer, and Richmond Enquirer, are requested to puoiun tne above throe times m thur respective papers, and forward a paper containing it, with their bills, as above. Feb 14 D4C:rt TO LET. The new brick Store na 63 Stone - sL Apply to Feb II T. & J. SWORDS. ! COAL AFLOAT. ff chaldron of Liverpool new tit coal H JLvPlnow landing irom on board the ship Nestor, lying at Murray wharf, east side Coflt, House slip. - Those coal will be sold io loui t, suit purchasers, and information nay ba had bt applying on board of the ship, or at the caaj. yard. No. 274 Front - street. For sal by Feb 14 6t A. FRASER. Q sivhts 70 Let, The four tory fire proof Store. No o ouuui ruixi, ijcai iv we iitc i vi r unon - sueet and near the Ferry , at prtseut occupied by Meur. Townteod: W hite. - The four story fir proof Store No. 91 South, street, adjoining the above, at present occupied by Mr. Thouiat S. Townsend. ALSO, The ttore, No. 213 Frout street, next to fi, corner of Crane - wharf, now occupied by Mettn Mott i Redmond. The four story fire proof tore No. 241 WaU - r. street, near Perk sliii Apply to PETER SCHERMERHORN k SDN9 Feb 14 8t . No. 243 Water - street. C...L. - i .1.. ... . - To the houorable the judges aud atsutaiTt justices of the court of common pleas ia and for the county of Orange THE petition f George D. Wickbam of the town ot Goshen, in the county of On... respectfully (lieweth That your petitioner i. sched in lee simple as tenant in common ot oat equal undivided moiety or half part of all that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, situate, r. ing and beins intht town of Warwick, ia iH county of Orange, known and distinguished as lot number two, iu the subdivision of great rami. tain lot number fourteen, in the pateutoirk - . rocks, containing two hundred aud sixteen acres of land, or there abouts. A ud your petitioner further sheweth, that he la eei;ed at aforesaid efact ctjiial undivided moiety or half part of all that certain other lot, tract, piece or parcel of id .nuaw, 'J aul uciiik iu uiv utu luwa Ul WSr - uirk. and known and distinguished as lotnumh.. three, in the said subdivision of great mouatsia lot number fourteen, in the (aid patent of Cheese - cocks, containing two hundred and thirty acre of land or thereabouts. And your petitioner fur. thr sheweth, that some per ton or persons, tn your petitioner unknown, it or are teued afore said, oi tne remaining equal undivided moiety or half part ef each of the above - mentioned and d sctil d lots, pieces or parcels of land . And yov petitioner further sheweth, that be is desirous to have partition made of the aforesaid land tenements and hereditaments between your petition - er and the said person or person unknown at i - rortsaio, accoruing to tne several ana retpecUr rinhtt of theeeveral partiet aforesaid, of, in, ud to the tame. Wherefore your petitioner prays, that all and singular, the (aid land, teaencats and hereditament treethen with the right, members, privilege and appurtenance there - to belonging or iu any wise appertaining, ay ne oiviata uy comiuii'iomrt, to ue appoialed by Ihit hnnoralde cruit, in pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled an act for the partition of lands. And your petitioner shall ever praj , ke. Dated this sixth day ol February, one thousand ehjht hundred and eighteen r - rAnfTp 11 mirttiti - UCVKUC V. llvn.UAl. John and Alex'r Ducr, Alt 'if. lie pleated to take notice that a petition,' af hich the above is a copy, will be present ed to the judge and assistant justice of the court of common pleas in and lor the county of Orange, at the court house in Gothea, oa the last Monday of May next, at ten o'clock, . in the forenoon of that day, or at too there - alter a counsel can be heard. And an ap plication will tltereupon be made to the said court lor the appointment of commissioner!, to make partition of the lands, tenements and heredita ments above described, with the appurtenances, according to the prayer of the said petition, and in pursuance of lho art entitled an act for the lartition ol lands. Uated cth r ebruary, 1313. We are, ate. J NO. k ALEX. DUER, Att'ie for the above named petitioner. To the person or persons unknown, interested in the above. described lands, or whomsoever else it may concern f - h 14law IIM in my 30,1)00 I OL LA KH ! 1 MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 4, now drawing 5 timet a week. The first drawn number at 10 o'clock next Tuesday moruiog, will be entitled to the grand capital prixe of $J0, 000. CBroatlwaj: .Anticipate 'he pleasure of distributing the above rich prize in share ot ticket to the widow, uie orphan, and those in adversity, whom Fortaoe hath not hitherto enlivened with her smiles. A few warranted undrawn ticket and (hare may be obtained, if applied for sooo, for which prize ticket and foreigd bank note will b received at par. Feb 14 at LOTTERY NOTICE. KOBERT WAITE, Junr. advises those of his customer, who have not chance in the present Lotttery to ohiain them immediately, a there will be no drawing until Tuetdxy next,, theday on which the firtt drawn number will bo entitled to 30,000 dollar. , Robert Waite, Junr. ha already - sold and paid more prize in thepreeeut lottery, than any other vender of tickets in Broadway, thoald the capital prize be sold by him, he'wiil pay tha cash for it the moint - ut it is drawn, and will not disclose the name of the holder, f re tent state of the wheel, 3o,ooo dollars lo,ooo dollars 3,ooo dollar 3 of l,ooo dollsr 4 of 6oo dollsr 5 of too doUart 3o of loo Dollar. Betide the usual proportion of mailer prize. A few Tickets and Shares, for sale by 1363roadwqy; feb 14 PRIZE LIS r - MeUical Science Lottery, No - 4 29 th day's drawing. Not 18007, and '8134, $60 each. . . Both tola at A Mens. Next drawn number entitled to th $30,000 prize, which will be on Tuesday next. Prixv now ia the wheel : 30,000, 10,000. 3,000, and 3 of 1000 dollar ; besides several of 500, 200, 100, Sc. kc. Tickets and thai at ALLEN5' truly lucty office, 122 Broadwsy; where No. 3320, which drew the great prize of $100,000, was sold, aod immediately paid, being the highest prise evr drawn in America. .n" 11 rpHE next number to be drawn, which will a I on Tuesday inorain;. (instead of Mooruvyj will be en titled to the capital prize of THIRI x 'JUOUSAJru wtwu - The manager have coose uted to thi arranze - ment in order to accommodate those who have not supplied themselves wiOi chance for the a - bove splendid prize ; a lew wnote ucmi, quarter and eighth, warranted undrawn, sbJ yet be obtained at . Lottery and Lxcba:.? .lfk, No. 54 Maidta - Lane. Where have been sold the Highest Flowing Prise yet drawn, viz. 16,897, fjooo. . . . ' The following are the prize now remaining w the wheel, yi. , I ol 3,ooo dollar .1 1 of dd' 1 of lo,ooo dollar 1 of doU 1 of 3,ow dol'ar 1 of doll eeri oi ooo, zoo, iou, a. G.k R. WAITF. wih advance the cw for all prizet at o - :a at drtwn. fob H ttj

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