The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1913
Page 4
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I · *-·»··-* CHE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Dailv Except Sunday Times and Xews Publishing Company \V. LATEBE-HAFEST Secretary and Treasurer- "PHILIP E. BIK.LE. VILLA W TO President, j ClEiSTMAS GAMES SIX FdTHE PEIUP R. B1KLE.. Editor. ,v ^-ved bv caT«r in Gettysburg: for 25 cents per nionta. · --" - ' ·---=j- O f Gettysburg: for 25 cents per month. 1 ; HelJ3! Leader Oai*l$A£U» I GiUUsf"* on BATES Single copies to non-subscribers. 2 cents. Federal Soldiers, Many -Forms of Merrymaking tor the Little Folks' Holiday Party. [HE e Uf£i ^«* »O -**-\ *-^S-^-~j wvfci. «--«v*-~-^ --^ -- -- -- -- - _._ · ~ «, Entered August 15,19Q£ at GettysbiirgTp^^r^eeoad'-class-matte^^^r zapatsrjrBoWf.'" Battle With Fed, f t " _ Congress March 3.. lSi9. _.! er3 js Twenty-six Miies From Mex- UNITED PHOXE . st corner of Centre Square. Gettysburg. Pennsylvania "KiS PA?ES RE^RISSNIEO FCS ADVERTISING 5Y T HL GENERAt. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CKJCAG^ One first page position ner word. Our *dv J £*S SEE. « op^Tto-aU ca-ndidates of all puctta. Sail file: pa pel NSW "EAGLE HOTEL b*th e» *ait» sm * McC-GKoniy, Prop'm li 41- Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. GHAS. S- MUMPEE ir* Proof Storage-*or Furaitar* "»nd Household Goods «wr*d 3.1:7 iengrh of tim*. W. H. TiPTON -'. Juarez, Mex., Dec. 9 - -- · | caaxe from General Vii-a to ti:e e^ect 'that he had reached -C"ii ! i^aaua arid I was -a-armly welcomed by tne peop-e. 1 lie has pardoned the 2.'w Federal sol\ diers who reaiained behind to guard · the city. i The follovring telegram was receiv- I ed in Juarez by General Besavides ! from General Carraasa. at Hennosillo: _ ! "Please coainiti^'cate to General : \^Ia that General Gonzales has com- helon e *ing to tlie Federal column ua.* i der General Rubio Xavarete vas cap- tared by our forces at Garza Valdez ' iro- canture. aad into i our hands. The enemy abaadoaed ' their arms and equipment v.-hen they i fled from these places. Our forces are pursuing them ia the direction of Monterey." : As a meaas-of placing the rebel ter' ritory oa a nprcial basis, Villa has is- "rsued aa order that^ali ~ioosl stuffs shall · be sold at prices usually obtained in times of peace. Stores ia rebel" cities thus are required- to sell goods, at the prices aamcd by Villa. The rebel leader sayc that if merchants' attempt to ask higher prices he will their property. £%*? Wllrit vEiLs! !F j rn IM j POTTSVILLE cmr. SAYS COURT iLLjL! I l l i Schuylkill Judge Declares Liquor Men 1 Must Pay $500 Liccnse. i Pottsville, PC., Dec. S.--Pottsvilie's ! city charter won first blood ia court when it was decided that saloonkeepers caonot sitlestep the iuestioa of ·whether the tovra is. -a borough or a lawn, B,' JL Ban! Blows Up. I 1 TThile they last: Very special I 'JjyisrlTnrte* OS=c^^S6t^Bbnrg. 1-, "" £s ? 2- "-;"""ll^i-^ - - ·***· _^ T"£-i, - " * - ~"~- ~ " *-- *"-T^**s 5 |**-y """"^s^---. *** ** "--, ----"5 N^I. · - _ ·_ -- . ~ ··"" ...'inn-^- """ *"""" _- ,r ! BATTLE NEAR CAPITAL ' Zspata's Bandits Fight Way Close is , Mexico City. : ilexico City, Mes., Bee. 9.--Figat- ]iag is reported to be ia progress : t'.veat3--iK miles from Mexico City fce- ' ttvieen Federal troops under General Castro and forces of Zapata's aaadit rebels. ,,", - , . ; - _ The Sghting~1s- reported between or! Ccntreras-and "Ajissco. ^Iso 'going on' near "Tres · 2i*-*« ^iuatJ LUIS men are" have b_ ; generals ad» aacej ca 'fee capital _a"«l J .maae good , progress whea= ' v.they/Fer'e jiiet by Federals dispatched " * ' -^ _"_i. -^r--^^irL-^ ff-tt-t- *\m*l ·fi-rvrri · fTM*»T^fr*?l-- ByADELE t'At Cfcrfstmas'play sce'inae gcod'ebeer For Canst--ias. comes "cut once a year- T Christmas time the children are bubbling over with the spirit cf the season and the grown folks 1 thoughts ram to the little ones' fun and amusement at no time more than at the happy Yule Tide. With a Httle ttcught and preparation a. children's Christmas party may be made such a joyous s^fatr that i its hanpy memories will linger "with) the young folks fcr many years. Here are some entertaining games that will solve a problem for the perplexed mother who perhaps is wonder- fag "TVhat shall I have the children play at the party'."" For when she sends her "Come to my Christmas party" invitations, she knows that a successful children's party means something more than Just '"ice cream ajiet cake." These games w:ll appeal to all the children--the timid Utile girl, who is inclined to shrink in the corner, as well as the big toy, who usually occupies "the center of the stage." Santa Ctaus' Reins. This game is very exciting. Three pieces of "white" tape, each about an inch w'iSe, and the length or the room, are held at one end by three children Three others are given pairs of scis sors and at a signal the players cut the tape-ia half lengthwise. The one who first reaches the opposite end^e? the tape is the -pinner of that heat. Tfce different" -winners contest until the champion Is declared. Boys aad girls, you know, 'ove racing competitions' c£ all kinds and this race is one chat probably they never played before- Magic Music. Although this is s. game that per- hatis the mothers and fathers p!ayec --hea they weat to kindergarten, it still causes much laughter ana is al,,_. successful. One child leaves the room and the others decide upon something for aim to do oa his return. The musician regulates his plar'ng. and the chH-i msfc guide^ Ms" actions ".according; t- ihat the torrn is a citv. This will com; pel them to pay ricease fee of §500, i instead or $zw. j The corrt- said there is no doubt £ Pottrr»'iile is a citj ia actual fact, -V.o""!^'* ' ; ^t rT - * nn *-" that il it develops tiiac the city .R^b'bf'^ltET : 1-j ^rt-crwasa-ioptcdi Ths Vic^firjc V.'cr^ DtOt*?*! ~to and r.lsny ite-rby Towss V.'ers r.s , Icr the sa!c 5 K^-O ic-d . .., , .jec- S.--Sb. men were · fcr QUO v.-; and i we inured is an explosion j ·.ali.-nto th uip«-Ader at the J - -- illegally the mat- "u r of license fees could be racossid- f cre-i. ' "Six* ac .1 step ia the fight will be J o'cro Attorney General Bell ai» Harne v :t Monday, v.Iien attorneys Mikecpers v.ill ask that the lie co:or 01 its authority rnia;o proceedings to in- ' . ' * « r ^ Care of Linoleum.* ·",, '-*" To improve Irnoleam that is begin- rung to show signs of wear. After tae linoleum aas been washed, v;ith- cut soap, and well dried, apply tais dressing which gives^a good ^loss to the surface ·withounnakiag .it^ slippery- 3Iix a gill of methylated spirits ·critli aa. ounce of shellac, and israen the shellac is dissolved apply to tae linoleum with a. soft flanneL ItJ^dries during tiie process o£ risbbing in, and keeps the polish, after it 1^ "washed. * 01 ".!«.. poaatis- 01 s Dujjcnt PojTuer vcr: X. J_ oa the DoSav.-are river, sixteen | iso"m. % MeJSco^City and I'romjCaema- Wi^lo AC TOO. IWIRP.T^ ^rivaace5 j . thev I, ^- ·" -^ % **on out -well known lmes~wliicli \ve -·-- WrH.'Douglas-$3.50 and Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladles LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Saoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now IS cts and .48. C. B. Kitzrniller ____ J ^^-^ ^jiieTits^jojiiaa^-Zapata's' sfen/,coming-, --_ --^^~- r _ -g : r^y^t^roic.^Pue5ra4and Guerrero-" 1 r ,,-;/ ?a^^l'^-^^_ --'^JJ^"T| ~A Tae^ggveismeatTefuses/to-'give out r^'-^l^r^^r"^ -'."jaay information as to r the-success or FRA ^ -»^?i -~'-- - ~t~, ^g-j. of its troops. TBis'has causeil jTioris'that the'Federals'are retreat-- cf the'capital- TaSrffis^^srovriag fear . ia the city that~a^"w'-hoi»r3 will see. · looting aad killing ia'' the streets o£ "j the"capital." ^~1^I. - __ ^-' A oattTe between-tee FeaeraTtroops i oaaer General Joaquia ilass and the ! rebel forces coaiaianded by General I Canuido Aguilar is expected within a i lew days somewhere north of Tuspaa. I V.'ar office advices report s. general i advance frcra Tuxpaa of a colunm of i Federals said to aumber ISOu men. A \ B R A N D t N E W : _ S T O C K : O F yi 1 -3$ 1 1 I Rsbsis Invest Tampico. 1 Vera Cruz, ilex., Dec. 9- -- Rebel j trocps led by General Jose De La Lua | Blanco invested Tampico aad aemanfi- ! e r l its surrender, according to reports ! received in Vera Cruz. General Raba- j so, the Federal xsommaader, has only j a small force. A fight at T-aiapico I might necessitate the landing of Amer- A"waits your inspection here. 2To sovelnes Aat the .dictsterof fn-hion have made obsolete. Xt.- thiag carried over from former years--bat the iarest designs from ihe trades best manufac^rers. Cut Glass i are "acc'drnplisned afier a little pr tice, aad. r the'",ch;I'lrea's "cries of '"3e- me-go out next" prove their eajoy- ient of i3Iagic.3"usic." -"Gusssing- Holly 'Berries. For fhis game the child -msst'pT:' ca his "thiakiag cap." Hold a larg' aoHy^ir. your .aaad _aad S-- lw.'the cfcildren to look "at- it "for far? infciutes- Tlica^telljthem. to fhe'ir", esilinate ""of' "the" number .'holly berries_c2 the branch- night take a earysanthemiiia aad ask thes- to guess DStals ia tha "Eovrer. Great interest is sho' s vn whea the-petals ars couat«d- , - A Christinas Doll. The ides. of. this game is to sse ~wiic caa make ui~ prettiest doll out of R long smooth potato, two pieces c' pretty colored feissae paper, som £ 'small sticks fcr' legs and- arms, anc some pias. Or if you would rathe: pass-clotaes p'^s and let the children fashion dolls oat of them, that wiL also aas~er the purpose. Place all the dolls ia s. row when completed ar.c have the ehfldrea vote for their favorite one. You will be surprised to see what ingenuous re scits the clever little fingers produce. A Noisy Game. - Tes, it is noisy, but the childrer. have aa icea that "the more aoise the more fun." aud vrhat mother cares if "the rcof corses down" at a Christinas party? After a csHd leaves the zoom, z proverb is chosaa. Oae larora of It is ^ivea to each child. If there are more childreH thaa words coatainec jo. the proverb, then, two or more chU- Ali the eca- moa were employed ia the gelatlj'B ^ei-Lag Uoase, v.-hii;"i was sfcieled to tbe s,Joa:H2 by tlie explo- aiou. The;, v.'ere: Harry Homer, of Paulrboro; aiar- ·ioT.ari C'ark, Paulsboro; married. J-It-i-JerL :.;u-ei!, Paulsbcro; single. Stanley Jolia, Paulsbcro. Stcaley Kasper, PaclsJcro. Jcse;h Schniust, Gibbstown. TJie injured mea were employed aear the ni:^ins l.ouss an-J were al- siost buried under the tlsbris, which ^is sent all directions. They ire Aiexac'Jer Boasack and 3!ichae! Saxu- They v.-ill recover. T ! e building in which, the mea lest ,eir li'.es was the scene of a similar .'ip!osio: a HzCla more than three ·noaiis ago, wtifcE four Eiea \vere kill- id and a score injured. It was a oae- -tory brick structure, about ~'~ by 30 eet. Uader crdiaarj- cireaaustanccs only "oar men work ia this builuing." Two ithers were assigaed as helpers- Q31- ials cf tie plant i»ere unable to tell be cause of he e::glqsipa. ^Vhea t!ie pdvrder let go there v/as : wii'I scramole among the employes. f ~fcoai there are about 1000 ia the ·ntire plant. The men ia the mislay louse were literally blown to pieces .itho-at a chaace to escape. The de- oaation set to the debris, b.zt ^e Maze was exting'ushed ui^a le-." A gung of men was immediately pat vror!~ to' dig th'e" fcoaies from the ..ias. PIiys-ci»BS Irorn' GSbbstowa sad ^i-ilsborc. ,03,' v.-eli as, tlios'e attached . _ the works. cl|mpey. over t:.e cieijris, JQ£ SiBLEY CARRIES Former Congressman V.'eds Niece o* K":S First Wife. i"rt:i!:l!--, i'a., D~^. 'J--rcrmcr Ccn £~rss:rau Jo^eVft C- Srbley aad ills.- I Us L. Rev. were 2-arrZ7d at I-if- ley's new caiTitry home. Tae m- r ri3 '.cas Kept secret tsre uaj-s. TJe cer^no'sy was perforine 1 in i reoeace of tie t\vo fciiruiies by Ri ·Icrbc-rt A. Clli^ of the Fir^t MeJi -r'a-il:--; to.^ive aid _to 5 anr oris ,wa iiigha bEfcusa.jali/e. but all istaatly." - ^ v. - : The aetoaatiojl threw the 1 towns cf 'aulsboro'-an'd Gibbstowa into the ; TLe"S state of esclterient. A. large ·,rt or the niale t popalanoii of^ t- . "^s'_a:;a espicy.ed W'the powder ^uong their, ip^ei. oaes had bee^. Ic J o~ iai'ifed r msheJ to The e:vplcsic;i ~as so beevy ,thst It -ras tfolt trrou^Ii a large part CL Sotith fersey and ia many parts of ?n:!a- 'alshia. llr. Sibley i^ Ki-isccpal church. si^ty-tlirce years oid ard -is bride if ;hirty-ei?ht. Miss Re-.v was a favorite niece oi Mr. Siblc:-'s *irst \vs:e and has besr. a m'emb^r o* tSie SiMey household fo: xaaiiy years. Auio Fiiot K«!?ed by Hunter. Erussel". Be'gi'ira, Ca^-. 3.--Ca Jeaatzy. the De-?iaa -aatomotiie rac lag pilot, vi as afi-Iestally "-JHsd in £ forest near h«tc ; y tjse editor of z Brussels nc-v-'sraaL-r-. Coih -Acre m^m bers of a hunting part on thp ga-n' preserve c? a wealthy friend- Jenat'j Iiad been racial since Z1QO«. vvhea h: wen the intersatioral c-:p rct-e in Ire . Kansas phifosepher. -· A reporter for tha^G' Atehisoa uasn lor ait i da. "Well/* the ncs^-f,,.,,^^^ hear several iraerestirist tfcijigs^:hjut will KOI repeat them. It is sot ""because 1 doa't want to help you, bat it is because 1 doa'Jt believe, nine-tenths of wl-at 1 hear. 1 don't exactly distrust maaklnd. faat I doa'L believe what people saj-, I'm sorry to say. It is not^because people are crooked, but because they ara careless."--Kansas City Star. Had Its Advantages. Mr. Cohea--"De modern Egool-teach- ings are HO goodt. Dose pubsls hal to forget sciioosr about iiallaf vot dey ·earns ven dc-y goes into peesness. Here's Ikcy learain" percentage at ron, wo, dree, four^ fife, iindt sis per ccat., vea he'll neEer haf to use less dan sefen vcu he goes into peesness." Little I!x-y--"Ye, fadder; but it'll gome in handy vert you seddles mid your gredUors."--Puck. Where lie Got it. Little Jfac-k's mother loves flowers. One day the boy brought her ar great anaia! of ".-h'te roses and violeis- "Why, Eonnie," cried the mother, in consternation, "it's a funeral wreath, isn't It? V. here did you get it?" ·'From the house nest door," innocently explained the youngster. "I guess they get tired of it, so they huns it on. uie door-knob, and i took it otL" Income Tax Test Cr.=e Ti-urpiay. Chicago, Pec. S.--Tae s-z-c to t»s the ccastitutionaUty of the income ts.y iav.- v.lii ccjne bero-c -Tucsc Lan;'.is-ir the United Ptnt35 ^ourt hers o:. V.n.r? '.^·'*- Brfcg ia a gocd si~ed blackboar-. ·2S- -have · the. -cMldrea - see ,-who, cart A!! or None. "I've come to as,k you -for your daughter's hand," faltered the young man. scratching his oS shin with his right fcot. "Can't have it:" snapped Uie stem parent. "I ain't la the installment business. When you can support the entire girl, then you can tave her." ^Ga-.cave.tne.^auurea.see..vao, cai. j =bould be don draw the best Santa Claus. This will a °^77h«^?iT o-v^-e- " 0 ^_,, m «^~ nlfl . =s ,. TO f nt .t^Ai;crl P fnl!c^ -«P«£= ^ miil OTJse*. -, afford much Dlsasure ; f op the iiKlef oiks: (Cc?rrisiit^l3li t ly'i?- : jS rr Gb^iaMJ-) " ~~ ^i\fe^r^-:-;' ~"^~^^^^^ Touched Him Irs Tendsr Spot. "It is estimated that not more .than half the children bom survive their Hftfc year." '·'i'hat's terrible, and ;e aboljt .it," ·\tTientthese REFUGEES REACH BORDER -- ,, ~~C E. Umbreiisis Mesh Bags labie Silver Scarf Pins WATCHES Lockets Chains Bracelets DIAMONDS Manicure Sets Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases Many .other articles that wsir delight and please 'you. May we shcnv them to you ? Compare our prices with others. v 55 Z4? I 1 ficr.-Comtatants. Guarded by Federal ! Troops, Arrive at Ojinaga. ; Marfa, Texas, Dec. 9.--Stretchiag i for thirty-five miles across the coaa- ' try towards, tlie head of 1 Lae column of non-combatant refugees ^ a~d iederal troors from Chihuahua i reached Ojinaga, oa the Texas-ilexi: cc.n i ordcr. -".r^ong the refugees are included ' th£ 'airily of General Luis Terrazas, '. _ ~ £ rirr^-it riisn :n Mexico, and otliers · ^: t^= raoat anfcto -ratie TaiKi'-ies of the ::ap.v r" ^" =e brc :?2».t all the money · -,,,.,.. rc ..-if_ grt in Chi.ii.aaua, and the , -"- t fral sol "icrs, la aanitiori to escort: :ng t:e rel" igcas. are said to have had \ tr-e task of gua~«ing over $5,000,000 in | '«Tith Genera Salvador Mercado, inil- , -iary governor of the state, under the · Huevia. go^err ) ir*eiit ,w"ho commands j the rarty. are Generals Pascnal ' l Orozco. Manelo Caraveo, Yr.ez Salazar a.-'j Anton-o Ho;a?. late rebel leaders ; '^c^ Maffiero. who emnracad Jthe ''· · Tt~2Tta ^Kt^' 1 Tha ^Ta'lero was jas- '. ^r-sinr.t^''. Th^re are '^f") mea, "woni- . -3 -;r*. c1 i «'f"~en in the column. On child Z I E G L CHAMBERSBURG ST. S c' ar 't" Faces Postal Strike. ^3. Icc. n .--The prospect of a of jt-V"^ employes of tae posto'Pce during the Chriat- :r.i9 season increases daily. The men v'z.n to give Herbert Samuel, tlie post- riaster goieral, an ultimatum, de- r.ian,1ir.g r. K per cent increase of sal- cren are given the sanie word. Vvaen ibe child the room retoms, a ·Jeader counts "Oae, ITH-O, three." At the "Three" all the chSorea shout their givea vrord. Tie child must ^U8S3 the prorerb- Santa C-Jaus' Grab Bag. the inv.^anort state that each is tc Iring something to the party that h.-» or she no longer cares for. This a~i cie is to be in a. aeatly vrapp2d t ea parcel, so as to hide tc identic"- It is placed IE a large ,,££, on the c,.- JTs arrival. " Each child -.en dra-vc ~ ^res^at from the hag "prcars o: I- ich'cr follovr the opoa ,:". 5 ?: ^ rec^liar articles cf all A C-r simas iV"ix-Up. Provide v 3 children with paper anfi peac:!. Give them the following list of words pertaining to Christmas. Tou see the "atters are aii twisted- It is their irr.vresting task to straighten them out Key KzA list: . 1. Christmas--AtscasmrL 2. Reincccr--^Brierene, 3. S!e-2h--neghs. -1. Misile-- 5--Eticsrctie. 5. HoITy--OyihI. 6. ?imn pjdcmg--UplmdpudgnL 7. Santa '"'a;:s--Asculatsaa, S. Canal-s--Lcdaesa - 9. Stccksrgs-^Kcsctsign. 10. J^ck Frost--^Kcajtrfso. 11. Wreath--Trhwae. 12. Snovball--Ovaslabl. Santa CSaus Doesn't Like. This is a simple aad successfu game. All the children are seated except cue who saya "Santa Clan: j KODAKS, films, everything in Ko- {dak line always frech. TIu'opi'j Drusj j Store.--advertisement 1 OUR furnishing department Is ju full of .things that -would make any man or boy an ideal Christmas gifj Lewis E. Kirssin,--advertisement; ""liz- Sait LOSES RACE "WITH,DEATH Tcv. J. E. N-cho'sG^ of Sa'tlrnore, Expires Before Son Keacf-esBedside. BaitLnore. Csc. ^. -- After a race .cross the continent through a .rd. Charles T. Xichoison. of si.e City. Utah, arrived here too late o iee his father. Rev. Jacob E. :i=-iol- on. before feath came to the aged lethodist r-;.i: ter, who lived in Sea- ora, Dei_ Jcr -.inj years. The train bearing the son to his ather's be'IsMc encountered the heavy :izzard "vrhich ^wept down on the rettern. states i-~ i was delayed for 1 ·ours ia Coloral";. Between De-" - aaa Pueblo 3Ir. Tichoison _ the encer of the igiae an--! he~" o shovel coal lato he furnace fcr i distance cf 130 I"CF. in his fran",-^ sorts to reach, his 'esiiration \Vher- ilr. - Xieaolsoa sached liis home I 1 ? hrc"re.,do-sn. LO3-T- cr stolen: black, and = can oeegle hound. AnsVrers name of ^Pnp". Any person knov.-isg- Tsrhereabouts of Jog .please communicate with Frank Gettysburg p.r Scy LegorerR- R. "I s'pose your hsisband went to th= Christmas dinner dressed to JdlL" "Ko; he was lulled to dress." ETWON1EM I^SA^iBLlNG RAID '·slice Pcunce c" r^nscelphia United Thcrr -' Club. ?h!!^jel?^,is. J -. 9- -- Eighty-four ^ea an d vror: . ere arreste-l in a olits raid o. aa allc-cci gambling re- ort here. H«iaviiy arr-e-I z~~ -"UToan'lir.s t- 8 ^--.- t-,^- ,^p.r;etir e- v.ere hclc Tv»o S'ocks Bur-r enter of i TowancJa. -The business he scene 01 a lestniction of t.'- " ·""- -r Ttt cf tne .own was Ifcr-rr.'- c . ,_s a high w!nd was Tirevailin*; " " fi~ Kirby blo-E inl tte oiock --ore destroyed, business f-nr's io"t zsear' Jsrssy VV;ODV/S Get Pcr,=:on ·"A'ooSbury. "N. -TTM Usc-^O.--County Collector Gecrre E. P:ers«n sent o'H ""le^ks pTnouB"i^'" to §7^.32 to sifiows, Trhieli Is the first money by the county under t!:e widows* pension act. Judge Swachhanssr h.xp a aumber of other applications y«t to pass oa. an-l on which he will S( render a decision. NO thinking man will miss the ·noney savins: opportunity our Christ mas sale oft'ers. Lewis E. Kirssin.--advert* sfem en t A Christmas Stocking. Il is sot always the gift itself, fcut tie way ia ~hlch it is presented that corameads itself particularly to the recipient. To the girl who thinks she is too old to hang up her stockings, sesd a pair of silli stockings, using one to 511, and roll jap the jother and stick It in the foot. The rest of the stocking should be fillec^with inexpensive triSes--a home-maae jabot, tie or collar, a handkerchief, some candy, nuts, raisins, crab apples, a carfi or a calendar, perhaps some little Kindly hints at her hobbies that ..Jl amuse her. Each of these articles shoaid be wrapped separately in tissue paper aad red ribbons, and the excitement of opening the mysterious small packages will often ezceed the" pleasure taken in one large gift teat would have cost no more taaa the numerous small ones. --Puck. J5BOR-SALE: heavy batcner" wagon. Cznf be cs~ed for milk wagon. Apply C. ^ Sheely. Xe-.v Oxford, Pa.--adver- - SANDERS house at-iS*East;Mu~tile jtreet forjreiu^ from -Tan. 4st -id April '* s"i^Apply to A- S. Hills or- ~to *H. C-_ WANTED:" assistant Spireila-Gor- setierre. Call ""A"ednesday afternoon. I York street.--adver'clsement HOUSE for rear, cppiy Calvin Xau. 3. 3Iiddle streei--^adv errisement :EN ; D'AYS TO CHRISTMAS Just a Warning. If you are going to spend the Christ- j Xoday Is Better Thaa Tornor- io]'davs with the f2.i-3ii*r of j _, _ . _y ~ -^ji ", .,,,, smaB'aiece and nephew, don't j row For Bomg Your Christ[forget to make the youngsters a grest"' ient 0° a dram sk us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a n making saving easy Tivki-i* !s:a«i I^ch Depositor \T5thont Cost. A sa^all depoeit and 30,1*11 have a nice a.r.'nnt for Cl ristiaas Shopping- START NOW EVERYBODY WELCOME § Biglerville National Bank

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