The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 14, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1818
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32 ' "". . - V r A. - . - THE NEW - TORIII EVENING POST; NUMBER 4891 FGR SALE AT THE SUIF - XARU vr ci nnp. no building of Ibt best 1 materials, about 100 tow, timber of live wlU .1.1. . iri..i nnJ cedar: bottom plann jywhite oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. T nAp to calculated for any trade where dispatch, burthen, and SCHOONER, of 40 tow, v"will draw but liuu waUr' wi,h VUT 11 board through the centre of her keel, and U expected to tail Tery fast - lv.aSHTP of 360 tons tMad iflRfor a I Jverpoo 1 or London trader, (that Vlcan be finished to tnit the purchaser. ) UJSpin, timber and plank. Also, Umber .awedtobilUforboowboildinj. navfl tl - ' - '""" - r - .. j. i. - llnLt m. Charter. . '"JTiU hS SCHOONER, ... icninii. hin - then. built in the best copper - fartencd, in plete order to receive acargo - io every respect a good vessel. - to " ' f C6 South - ft. for Sale, Freight or Charter, a ... n:t..t hnat built schooner. 130 W l f . . 4 built in the best manner, $TZa materials, copper fastened ; a very fast utor vessel, and mar be sent to sea with small ltpeue - Apply on board at Burling slip, or to .ipeuse - ft 7N L toQ GR,swoLD, m 86South - t. for Vfig er t'Aarter, The fast sailine substantial schooner IRF.TSEV. cant. Turn - r, one year old, will stow about 800 bbls. is in complete - order Ibranr voysze .an be seen at Dover - it. wharf. TpplTto GOODHUE & CO. S? 44South - t. FOR HALE, ti.. ci nil fit aailinp brisr FAME. - built of the best seasoned timber, and f....hl.,ll. nnt IrwMlirr. IIr rizSlOS !Uld tailf re of excellent quality. This vessel is well calculated lor a southern packet, having hand - oino occommodilions. l or terms, and a view of her iuventory, apply to Unlaw OLDS ii COATES, Jan 23 61 South - it tVR ALt, v4flf The very fast sailing sloop PARAGON, tTh.irihen 66 tons built at MidJletown. Connecticut, of tho best materiall ; has made oue voyage to the West Indies, is one year M and can be sent to toa immediately For term, and a view of her inventory, apply to GRlSW OLDS It COATES, Jan 23 68oulh - st. CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bales contislinz of BaRas, Luckipore, Chittabully, Callipntly andPutita. . ' , Cossahe, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna ana Luckipore. 1 Sannahs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks - Gillahs, Roroals, tc lor sa 'by ; CHS. L. OGDEN and ABRM OGDEN, fon g Washington etreet. ,yc , . straits bkad. aJ Pipe Cette Brandy, entitled to deben - tur, f tale by CAAfi.L. OOOENand ABRM. OGULN, - f Washinfton - rtreet.' OLD TOBACCO. SO hbd old Richpnind tobacco. Wl b.i4ml .tomorm'. from theirhouner liero. from Ricb"ond. K(r ale by ' UOBERT CILlJiSI'lBk' , n 15 ' - 112Front - treet IOR SALE, the carsjoof the ship Cririe, cap V tain Humphreys, irom Calcutta, and now landing at the foot of Libertj - etreet, consistinjoi ' last India Sugar Cotton . Ginger i Block Tin Gum Shellack Gum Copal Goat Skin of a large size Seine Twine and Gunny Bagi ' Also for sale, India Muslim of almost every description. . ' Also, a small quantity of Rattans and Odor or Roies. For aale I y jan7 ROBERT LENOX. rni.HAi:cn90hh(li.tobocc. will belaml - X ed tomorrow - from riie schooner Eliza, from Petersburg For le by ROBERT f.ILLESPlE, in 16 112 Front - street. "to 1' I'OiN New crap, prime, suitable lor manufacturinp, will be sold in parcels to ac commodate nurchaiers. . Also, a few bale of old crop. Enquire 148 rearl - strett, up slam. jun u rean - sire tt, up siairr. jan o MOLlbSKS 49 hhds. Molasses, ol superior quality, lyin at Dover street whnr for rtlp by R. & C. AV. DAVENPORT CO. Jan?6 ILOLK, COITON, fcc 250' bbla I'hii delphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop .8 do New - Orleans do do .& ton lignumyite i - . . - . 15 tubs German steel 2 pipes red port Wme It hlids do "do di '' kS hhds white do do 3 qr. cask s do do, do 1 jihd Maileira wine . . 11 qr. casks do do V . bosea superior claret (I dot. each) . x An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, &c. An invoice of Dutch toys for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, Jn 7 112 Front street: STRAITS rlRAMDY. 'PWENTYnvepipwCette Brandy, for sale - by CHA3. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, Jan 9 Wnhuirfnn.frt PAPER, ace 130 qr. cask tin A OsVi kH i - J i . a . i i - w w uan iu arf iftiaffr llie , c!f ' and 20 oalf do do very old 158 doColmenardo 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 Hetties each 100 hoies do do 1i bottles each 50 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper ' it) do Gazette do large site 9 cases Felt Hats 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box O'tnch Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 do Manna in flakes Marhle Slabf, reined ami statuary, assorted sizes, for pier tahles, fee. A few boxes very superior Anchovies and Olives 500 Marhle Mortars, frm 10 to S4 inch 10 bbls Furs, consisting of Wildcat. Raccoon, Fox, Muskf at, and Otter Skins Gunny Ba, Sc. For sale by . ClHS. L. OGDEN, and ti, ABR. OGDEN, J3" ' WMhington - treet. QKSILVER. - - 20,000 lb. Quicksilver ., N. L. ii O GRISWOLD, J!?1 86 Rnnth - .trw AJICAKAGI.A WOOD k LIGNUMVITiE. 3toas Nicaragua Wood of very good in a .QuaU iu do Lipiumrit For sale by Jaa'ia TUCKER It LA0RIES, . . 59 fiooth - strtet. KHOC8 & BOOTS rUST received 40 packages among which are I - 3 cases Wellington Boots t do do Ladies do Mockasons Cork Sole Shoes iariies walking do Men's coarse Boys do Kid suitable for the southern or West India market 4 4 4 ' 1000 do do do do do 2500 do women's Leather MM - .n .lil kv&. Mill, dauH I ftMft4mnt A loutitn. Misses and Children's morocco, black ud colored Roane, are otTered for sale on reas onable terms by TWOS. WITT, io. ziz rean - reei. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fisb. Jan 15 1m UPLAND LOTl ON. 15 hales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 96 Pine - street. IN STORE, 43 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. i .ii 2 - 3 LI .., ic 4 Oaf trcnuau MiiHing and Sheeting Linens, lor sale on reasonable Urmsby G. G. AiS. UOWLAISD, Jan 27 .. . 77 Washington - street. ST.CKOIX SUGAR 10 hhds. landing, and for sale at 55 Pine - street, by - ' Jan 15 GEORGE W. TALBOT. X CUT MILL SAWS, tc. A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, (i. S.andC.S. for sale by ANDERoON fc SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who have in Store, Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, brass and iron backs Cast S(e - I Chissels and Gouges Mortice Chisseis and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina K. Virginia Hoes, No. 1 1 3 4 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, Hd, tOd, 12, If ZOd Bmss and copper wire, of all sixes Rolled and Sheet Ilra - s, Brass Pans Iudoo Pint, Nos. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - t, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo the country trade Engraven' Copper, in plates of all sizes. jan 12 ' HOPS. 2 bales Hops, just rtceived for sale by CAM B REL1NG & PEARSON, fob 3 67 South - street APARTMbftTS WANTED. A SINGLE gentleman wishes to rent, in or . near Wall street, in a genteel private fami ly, a Bed Ro im and Parlour, without board ; furnished rooms would be preferred. The quiet and neatness of thehoue, as well as the respectability of the occup mU. are particularly reqtii - rid. A Hot directed to J. C left at this office, net. tinning terms and situation, wi!l he duly at - rmHe.tto. Jan 23 1 m - II3NU wi l iE M tons on board the ship J f.'nniair, fcr sale by J v 2fi TROKF8, DAVIDSON & Co. RICHMOND FUVH lUl lar - cla snper - llns lanilif;' from the sloop A'hntic.fur ale by TKOKB DAVlDrON & CO. Febr JAfk LI' LA tit i O t TOi . m. J" bales very prime upland cotton, in tore, and for alrinlott touit purchaser?, by GRISWOLDS & COAIS; , Jan S3 ... , 68 South - st . 0r'. hundred buip. Bristol Siiaaisli Utuwu, 20 do White Lead, . . With a general assortment ofPaiots, dry and ground, for sale by . RIPLEY I: WELD. 192 Front and corner of Fnlton - street. . Jan W .. PLASTER OF PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of 71 pans, in barrels, suitable lor tne southern mpraet. OrUers left with Walter Netsen, Wo. 174 Front - street, corner of Burlinc - siip. will be promptly attended to JOHN BYER3, Foot of Harrison - street, North - River. JanWtf IRON HOLLOW WARE. A N assortment of the above article consisting j. m oi pots, Kettles, naKa pans, griddles, skillets, basons, spiders, tea kettles, kc. per ton or piece, lor salt by CEBRA fc CUMING, Jan 30 76 Pearl - st. COALS 150 chaldrons coarse Liverpool coals, on board ship Nestor, at Murray's wharf for sale by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, Feb 5 77 Wahington - L GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Enr. Glassware, consisting of Wines andatitolen, for sale by C1IAS.L. OGDEN ft ABR. OGDEN, Jan 28 Washington - st. ld MOr4$SES. i y hhds molasses. erl Quality, at Peck - slip, for sale by Jan 31 R. Ic C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Cfk rltXES warranted American Tallow ill Mould Candles, of different sizes, from VV inship's factory, Charleston, Mass. For sale ny turL.e.1 n wllu, 192 Front, corner of Fulton - street Jan ?8 A It USCOVAIX) SUGA K. 16 1 hhds. Hava IV J. na Muscovado Sugar, of superior quality, landing from brig Boxer, from Havana, at Jones wnan for sale by GOUDHUt S UU. jan 21 44 South - street FLOUR RICE. 120 bbls. Superflne Flour, and 100 tierces of Prime New Rice,' now landing from the Ceres, from Richmogd, and Telegraph, from Charleston, for sale by DIVIE BETHUNE I CO. Jan 15 92 Coffee - House - slip HIDES. FOURbundred Hides landing this day from Perseverance, and will be sold low from the wharf. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, Jan 9 28 South - street. J.M.OUR. - 100. bbls Myo's Mills, landing r from schr. , at Peck - slip. IN STORE, 100 bbls, Richmond Mills 3J4 do Petersburg!) (Stokes and Smith's brand) For s..!e by G.RISWOLDS & COATE3, an 12 68 South - street 741 HERRINGS. "dTiSW errings,Bow..Dd - 177 ins and for sale by CAMBRELENG I PEARSON, Jan 22 67 south - street. MADEIRA WLE. A quantity of choice L. P. Madeira Wine, for sale by R. A C. W. DAEVNPORT CO. Jan 19 OrJ riRULxlA JOB.iCCOiiii.UUH. - J) f hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 68 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQUES, MEURON ti CLEEMA5, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Wavhinttoo - st QUERCITRON BARK. FIFTY hhds. and boxw of very fine quality, for sale by O. G. & S. HOWLAND, Jan S3 7' Washington - street RUM. 20 hhds. Molasses Rum, first proof, for sal by JACKSON A WOOLLET, jan 12 75 Wall - it SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1818. TTEMP & DUCK - C0 tons St. Petersburg!) XX ciean nemp DO bolts first quality Russia Duck For sale by - JAMES D' WOLF, Junr. jantt 67 Front - street. UPLAND COTTON 54 bales prime upland Cotton, just received r schooner Laara, from Savannah, and for sale by. OTIS fc SWAN, Jan 14 157 Pearl - street BOMBAZETTS & COTTON. - 4 bales Bombaxetts 34 bales Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and for sale by - r SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street. ' I Stobx 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as above. jan 24 GERMAN STEEL, UlUMSTOS'E &c 155 boxes Steel 129 boxes roll brimstone ' 1 case Leghorn hata 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper 3 bases chollets . SO boxes mould candles SO do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by" JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. - jan 13 57 Front - street rpOBACCO, FLOUR, lie 60 hhds. old JL Richmond Tobacco, principally of prime quality, adapted to the Irish market . 40 do new do., part very prima . 0 do old Rap(ahaunock do 250 kegs Richmond manufactured do.,' sweet scented aud common 250 bbls Richmond superfine flour . 54 bales prime upland cotton . 126 pieces Holland duck. . 200 kegs Dutch herrings . 20 casks alluui - 50 do dry hitelead 25 do claret 40 crates earthenware, assorted 24 casks mustard 3 butts best London porter 5 puncheons rabbit skins 500 reams medium printing - paper ' ' 6(H) do cap, no. 1 and 2 30 jrcxu press papers, kc. for sale by WALSH Ic GALLAGHER,. Feb 6 66 South - street. IKIsH MARKET IOBACCO 58 hhds. ol I fine quality, landtag frora schooners Hero and Sally Ann, Irum Richmond, Tor sale by I). BETHUNE U CO. Jan 16. 92 C. H. slip. flWO cases changeable tynchews, forsake X. by MARCH LOW, Jan 21 210 Broadway. DO.VI KS TIC ti OTHER WARES, TH K subscribers keep constantly on hand sm extensive assort meot of the following goods, viz Dutch and Enclish - Gunny Bags, &c - Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common - Do for Blacksmiths Hall anr! Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows ' Fine Wire Sieves - Do Hair do Whips of every .description, " ceiue, sewing, wrapping,, baleing. and ball i'wiue Fish Lines '' ' - Shoe it Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Saltan - COB . . - r - - . - f..; Brooms Di'ster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and com moo ftead m ns do Cloth do . do ; do Weavers do Wash dp Shoe H Scrubbing do Paint Brushes aud Sash Tools ' ('lamps, 4,7, 8 row Furnitute Brushes Horse do '' Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will tell wholesale or retail on Ii bernl terms. . CEBRA ic CUMING, feb 7 . 76 Pearl - street. FOUR thousand Gunny Bags, for sale by - CEllRA Ic CUMING, JanSJ 76 Pearl - street. TO LKT, The house No. 50 Wall - street at tre - sent occopiea oy n. II. rvevins. Also, Tne House, No. 56 Wall - street, occupied by the Firemen Insurance Company. - Apply to E. H. PENDLETON, 50 Wall - storto JONES Ac CLINCH feb 10 tf Coffee House slip. TO Jit: LET, From the first day of May neat that con venient three story house, No. 145 Fulton - street, (tie 3d house from Broadway. Enquire fen 9 Its No. 24 Warren street RE4L ESTATE ron sals ix naooELTK. Two S story new frame houses on Brook - Ivn Heights, havim a view of the city and bav of New - York ; about 10 minutes walk from the steam boat ferry. The houses are well built, having 2 good rooms on each floor with fire places ; oo lite lower floor is a good kitchen, bedroom and pantry To each of ths house are attached 3 1 - 2 lot of rrouod, each containing 25 feet front and rear and itaj leet deep, Handsomely laid nut in gardens and grass plots, with a variety of shrubbery, fruit trees, ic the whole enclosed with i new and substantial fence. Near the premises is an excellent well or water, r or further particn lars, apply to ANDREW A1ERCELN, Corner or Washington and Nassau - streets, feh9lf Brooklyn. TO LET. Two neat, new, 2 story brick frout bn tid ing, siiuate in Allen - street, neat to the ball - al ley. They are finished in handsome style with cisterns m the yards, and every other coo rem ence to render them pleasant and desirable tene - meuts. Adjoining the ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant lots which will also be let for a garden to the person or per sons who shall hire the bouses. Apply to JAMES KNOX. at the ball - alley; or at his bouse, 25 Orchard - street ' Feb 9 tf TO LET. Thnse two new and eletantly finished thrte story houses No. 10 aad 12 broad - street. I bete nouses are built in the modern style and finished in the very best manner, and from tlie very desirable situation, both as to pleasantness and Tor bnsines, it is thought that Ihey are not surpnssed.if equalled, by any offered tobelrt in this city. The apartments for stores in tlme buildings are r constructed as to be entirely dis tinct iron the dwelling apartments, which contains eltven rooms and pantries, kitchen, tic. ex cluded. Every convenience for families of re - siecUbility is afforded in them. Persons desi rous of such situations are invited to view them at anv boor, from 7 to 5 o'clock, excent Sundays. The dwelling and stores will he let separate or together. Apply at 65 Broadway, or to tlMS. IMaLLI, 141 Frout street. ALPO TO LET, That new two story brick house No. 8 New - street, nigh to Wall - street possession 1st May. Also, house 27 Courtl.indt - stret good order and fit for a genteel family i it being now in poe - seseion of D. G. Hubbard, Esq. Possession 1st May. . Also, a eood two story boas at Greenwich, tow in occupancy of Geo. Lmlay, Esq. Also, house No. t C herry - street, soitra rora hoarding bouse, and the lower front room for a store. And House and two acre of ground, near Maahat - (aaville, having garden, Ice. Apply as above. fcmoir QFOm half., The two story frame House and Lot of ground Ho, 73 Broome - street, the comer of biizabetb - atreet, with a stable in the rear. ALSO, a modern three story brick House and Lot handsomely situated within the vil lage .01 Mewmirgu; tne house is large ana commodious and well calculated from its re tired, healthy and elevated situation (having a Rne view or the river and the adjacent country) for k family who wish - so desirable a situation on the North River.: Price low and possession given the first of May next. ALSO for Sale or to Lease, 5 avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - atreets. ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 15 building lot fronting on the First Avenue and First - street, ' For further particular, apply to 1 CORNS. DU BOIS, jan 20 Iro 56 Front - treet QFOK MLE AT AUCTION, At th T. C. H. on the Istdsy or March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. Isaad Ledvard. situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The WiJIiajDsbonh turnnike runs through the Farm, on one side of which is a new excellent stone wall. half a mile in length - The farm contain about 150 ecres, 15 ol which is a fine Wood Lot with two apple orchards, one old, the other just beginning to bear well, and a suitable proportion of good aalt meadow. The Mansion House is large and convenient four rooms on each floor, with a So - d kitchen and cellars ; attached is a large arn, eritj, hen bouse, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, ac. 1 he court yard and gnrcien con tain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus bed, raspberries and currants Also A r ARM adioinins the above, contain tne about sixty acres 1 attached to which is une qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within less than a mile of the (arm. coniainini: ten acres, wiui a larru - lioaw. barn. well, carden. Ice. ; Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at Sprir.field, south of the village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acre, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable for fencing. The above lands wi I be all n eularlv survey ed. and maps of the same exhibited some time pre vious to, and at tne sale, ana apposed 01 oy me acre, with the buildings thereor, inclusively. Possession given on 'the first of April. Tor further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - strjct. jan 8 tds , HK.iL tA'iA'lk. tUli i.1Lb. The elegant and convenient three - story brick house and lot No. 56 Bowery, together with a roach house and stable frontiug on Caj - ard - street, and joining the rear of the before mentioned lot. . For further particulars - enquire at 31 Wall, corner of William - street. Jau 29 tf TO Lt.T, For one or more year a two story brick boue in Stuyvesant - street, nearly opposite St. Marks Church, containing eight rooms, a large kitchen, servants room, cellar, pantries, kc. in roroph'U. oritur. 'or the reception of a geoteel family with a garden and yard of about tw and hall' acres ol land, containing a variety oT tbe finest fruit trees, asparagus and hot beds &c. Sic. together with a wood house, carriage house and stables. Rent will be reasonable, and posses sien can be had tbe first day of April. Apply between It) and 2 o'clock, on tne premises, so NICHOLAS WM. STUVVE3ANT. Jan 24 3w A COVin JAU ROOM TO Lt'f. A pleasant and convenient Counting Rmnu in'store No. 29 South - street, from 1st May next - Apply to ' tuujlck u juAunica. fel.3 T tf t - TO LET. k, .3 - A Isuxe eonveaieat modem, built bouse. coachhouse and improvements, (with or without an extensive kitchen garden and back lot; irom the first of May next ; situate.d on the corner ot the Fret Avenue and First - street, near the comer 01 North aod A Hen - streets, and about one mile from the l ity Hall. J lie situation is elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable for a genteel family. On the premises is a well of most excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb 2 tf No. 36 Front - street TO LKT, The 3 story House, No. 44 Nassau - st to let from 1st May next. Apply to GEO. , HUMMER & CO. feb 4 tf 1 1S Broadway T he Let, Leated. er Hold. The spacious A xtory brick HOUSE, No. 129 Chamber - street, having every conve nience tor a large family, and a well of excel lent water in the yard. It proximity 10 the Square lately opened, gives a view of lludon - street fiom the rear of the house, and rvnders the situation airy and pleasant. For terms an ply to JOHN B. MURRAY It SON, feb 6 113 rearl - atreet, TO LKT, From 1st of May. two genteel 3 story omit bouses. Ho. 491 and 492 Greenwich - street, with (or without) stable in the rear ; occupied at present oy ait. ueorge voggin ana nir. joei west, aiso, a small 3 story one a nnase, .10. 118 Fly Market near the corner of Pearl street Also, a convenient dwelling house, (occupied by Robt. A drain, Esq ) and stable, with a very good garden, ironting inyt uane, uiooimngaaie roaa inquire - M0.4W UreenwKh - street. eb6tf REAL ESTATE. The subscriber offers for sale (hat elegant three story brick house and lot so pleasantly situated in Murray - street beins the corner of Mur ray and Chapel - streets. The situatioa of the a - bove property u too well known to require a par ticular description. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and view for themselves. - The bouse may be viewed any afternoon after three o'clock. The property at present rents for twelve hundred dollars per annum. ro ses sion to be eiven 1st May. 1819. If not sold at prieate sale, will be offered for sale at auction, on tbe 16th iost. Any further particular may he kftownby applying to JOM.i L.piDt.KUbri, uaacr, ureenwtcn, corner 01 Herring arm Am - s streets. feb 6 t IS "T?t TO BE LET, 1 iJi Two cnavenient room in (he basement of So. 44 Pine - street, suitable for office or count ing room. Inquire 01 u. a. JtJt r.9, leb5tf 44 Pine - atreet. lit I.HT. Ills House 13 Reed, next to the corner of Elm - street, very commodious for a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, tour rooms on the nrst door, five on the second, and four on the third, all in good repair. or particular, apjiiyto EXK A S.UULAJW, feb 7 tf S4 Beaver - atreet FyjR HALE or TV LET. That larse and commodious house and lot 01 growod No. 79 Jowa - ctreet, calculated for a boantmx ooase, or tne accommoaauoa 01 large family. Enquire of fob 10 lwt 87 Faltoo street OFOR PALE, That valuable HOUsE and LOT 61 Joiin - treet The lot is 27 feet front ana rear. and 105 feet deep The whole is m complete repair, and may justly be called one or the atost convenient house in ihi city. If not told by Saturday next, it will on thst day be old at public auction at tlie T.C. H. For particular, apply at 1PT rtsataravtT. e. i sr bate, Utut, or Lei That pleasantly situated place, on the rouu. Uading to Kiug's - bridge, by way af Haruem - lane, known as Rosa - Hill. Tho avenue to Macomb's bridge runs a few rods in Lb rear of it, rendering the premise very desirable, as tbe house, in consequence, shews two fronts. The garden, and about two acres of meadow, are well stocked with fruit aud shrubbery, asparagus beds, currant, &c. Tbe house and coach - house are in, good condition, aad wiln small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat 1 ne terms will ft made easy. . . ALSO, That very genteel two - story house, stable and two lots of ground, situated hi Bank - st, Green wich ; at present occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway ; or, to . CHARLES OAKLET, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street. . a r sthUABLt. farm. To be sold or exchanged for property in New - York. jt. ubscriber being in a very low state of I 1 : " I:.. 1 1 r Tbe subscriber being in a very low state of u"m"j ouu iibvm'k very nine nnpesoi recovery, health, and bavins: very little honei oners kj or sale bis farm at Barbadoes ntrk. coon ty of Be'rgn, containing about one huudredand thirty fire acres of arable, meadow and wood land. This farm lies on the main road between New - York and Newark, about halt a mile this side of Newark Bridge. - It is in a very hiehttate of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any other iiftbe vicinity of New - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for the fanner or private gentleman. The dwelling house, - though small, is neat and well finished, and the lences, rates, barns, stables, and other out - houses, are in excellent order and well planned. Infroutof the house, bordering on the public road, i a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the premises is a yoons: and thrivine orchard, con tnining a choice selection of tbe betl grafted trait trees. . A more particular descri ption of the pro perty is thought unnecessary, as those disposed to purennse win view me premises. 1 ne iitie is indisputable. For particulars, apply to the sub scriber, No. 188 Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near the premises, nov 14 tf ROBERT 8TUART; TO Li. J, And immediate possession given, the house Do. v i'earl - street, together witn tne sta bie and c - oacn noue in tne rear on tsnage - st. The premises are in complete repair and have every convenienre ncrrjinrj lur me I'cuuiuiu : r. It. dation 01 a family, t or particulars apply to OTt28 Li. DKAUIII. IU.AL K I A'l k. KOK hALfc. itil Two 2 - storv brick houses and lots, situa ted Nos. 37 Ic 39 Vescy - street. .4 Also, a house and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near inatnau) - square, 44 icei ironi ny izs ueep. . ah on accommodating terms. For particular apply at No. 332 Green wich - st. jan 15 tf . .a. 1 - a ' All gT - H CWA TUk HEA T FOR SALE UiniS AT Jamaica, on Lone Inland, Queen County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. deceased. On the premises are a good two story frame house, barn, and othei otit - builtt - ingsi acres oiiaiiu in a gooastaieror cultivation 1 28 acre of wtou land, of a fine thrif ty growth for fencing ant) timber 1 and a lot of! 7 acres salt meadow, un ems property are iwo iinnls orchards, and a varietV ofrother fruit trees. Jamaica being one of tke - vnost flourish ing villaj;rson the Island, render this proper ty desirable tor a genueman, refiring irora d sines. - For particular aptiy'Ao Jt ' MDTMlS;JMjPearJtorte . JOHN fi robt: TROUP, jan9 tf . ; . $ on thg premises COUNTRY cEAT FOR SALE. iiUjjft Wallabout Point; Long - Island, latelhe remdeoce 01 capu uamuert. ecnencK, ueceaseu. On the premises is a large - sparions dwelling house and out - buildings In proyoriion 24 acr of land in the highest state of cultivation ; ,(10 or 20 acres or wood - land 11 required by tne purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard bleecser, 37 wall - st. J Martin Scheok, jun'r. S New - Tork 76 ioulh - street, ) Martin Schcnk, Wailabout Jan 27 1m kOH SALE, The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty - st Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ol the lot 107 feet. Those who may wish to purchase property of this discription, can at any time view the premises, and terms of sale may be agreed on, by application to . r. rui 1 rn'Miiiifc, dec 31 . 56 Sooth - street FOR SALE, VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. The subscriber offers for sale hi house and a bout 8 acres of Laud in Flushing on Lone Island, 11 miles from New - York. The house is large and very convenient for a genteel family and commands an extensive and beautiful Dro.mect. The table, carriage house, wood house, poultry house, lie. recently built. The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately painted. ' J he eaiden is laree and well storked wi Hi a variety of fruit, and the orchard with the best kinds of apples pears, ax. near the house are two wen 01 excellent water and a new cistern, all with good pumps this place is very conveniently sit uated, mere oewK conveyance, or guuu or packets to and from New York every day, except Sundays, r or further particular and terms of sale apply to JUtlfl AOriiV CTAL.L,, Jan 26 Un No. 123 Pearl - street. home, Stable, Garden, tie. at Grtenuieh. OTTi TO LET is!S The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, h's house at Greenwich. It is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Hudson, nnd calculated to accommodate a larre family. For terms, apply to . D1V1E BETHUNE, JanJU vraii street. MJR SALE, Tbe two bouses. No. 48 and 50 Broadway, to be completely finished and delivered on the 15th Aprd next Apply to JOiia SUIJfcLL, S IU. Jan 29 tf No. 60 Broadway. T STORE TO LKT. i r , H The fire proof store No. S Gooverneors Lane, (near Water street) is to let from 1st Msy next It has four stories, besides a large cellar and a very rommodiousgarrrt. Being dctamea irom other ouiMings, mere is 00 mm iruai urc. fostessioo may probably be Dao, i! requiieo, w - fnn, thj lif Maw. Anm nt tO South street, to fens 1 ut.ivr.rv " - j - - ir ,. . . .unify From the first of May next, the icious three story bnck bouse No. ICS fcreenwicn si. corner of Dey - street Enquire at 152 Wash - ington - treet Jan 29 3w f - jv Lt.T, f!;:?l Tha store and cellar nnder the Bain kmddmr of tne boos No. 223 Pearl - street, aod a three story flre - proHi store to th rear, now occupied by the subscriber; possession to b given on the 1st of .May next. Also, bis stable and coach - noose, situated on Uoll - trt, in the rar of bis aforesaid premises, possession of which can be had immediately! Feb 3 tf JOH. - V I. ULOV fcK. TO I.KT, A I arte three story bouse, well celesta or Aboardinc houe, or for two families, si tuated at tbe corner of Murray and Washington - street, apriy to NATHANIEL fc HARVEY WEED, - Corwer of Broadway tad Co - - t!sodt - etreet fcb3w 79 th NO. 42 PlNEteTREET. NOIlCfc. Kf The b.halr Lf hirasell and his associate?, gives notice, that an niii litntion will be bmCo to tne honorable the UgMaterecf this state, at Its next season, lor a Act 10 Mror - porat a tank Wiih a capital stork of Five - Husv dred Thousand Dollars, and with lve to increase it lo One Million 5 to be kxaud rorth east of tieekniau - street, in the nt cf NeW - York, and to be called l b Fntuklin Back of the city of New York." - . .... Dated New - York, I6tb Dec. 1817, . ., ,x By order of the Amciates, '" dec30tf NOAH CBC'W., Pecry.' attCHAMCb' BANK. - ' 1 fb7 1 he Siockh - ldr arc iuiorni;d that a Dividend of four and ond Lab rtr n.t wiu be paid on lb first day of Fef.rsrarj next. By order ol the rreiient nnil Liirerinrs . Jan J I 1m W FIH, Cashier.. G'. The tobscnbei. will uan cr tell tbe lot lan.l heusein which he l ow lives in I u - rens street It is a pretty comfortable hnu for a small moderate family, having; a ston kitchen anu cellar, two rooms on each flnqr nnu a bedchamber in the garret. Across the rear of the nousti were is a pleasant ptara, built siarreiy Uirce years ngn It ha a neat little garden about 60 feet deep, and a small itabl, leading to which mru 11 gangway ironi lite street Apply t A. I). Duff, No. 69 Wahiogton - lreei;r yba tt ) , ?, JAMF.jt TH.L'ARTi' .. rOK bALfc, '. - i rbal rRorr.RTv ih tri citt o aaw - ioaa:. Of, BRICK HOUSE and lot No. 11 Bowery - STABLEin the rea - fogeth - er with the LOT, 44 feet treat. 42 fu.t tear, and 125 leet on each side. .HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesry - strcet and House and Lot No. 35 Vcsey - strcet, , ii A BOND and MORTGAGE lor 1200 dollars, do and do" for 750 do do and do , for 450 do On valuable property in the city or New - York, Tbe inierest has always been punctually paid. For particular inqniie at the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, - declOtf . ... No. jrt Wal?..irer. a lOi.F.l Ai HUHXtolMWALF, 1 The house and groticds belofipiog to the) estate of John Shaw, situated on tbceieMh ae - , nue.. On the premise! are an. excellent deubW bouse, stable, coach, and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment It is presumed any other, description is umiecessa - ' rj , ac those inclined to rent will view (he place. Arso, (he large tire proof store in the rrarof house 1 1 and 3 Pearl - street where there is rbr sole somtold Madera Wine, by the Demij hn - - ror ioruier particulars, apply to an M; BHAW, Jan 9 1 1 f'earl - sreet. Q - OR SALE OR 'tO LEASE, - Lot in the 6. A. 8. and 10 Wards: many 01 which are on regnlnted and peved street. No money wdl be required under tea years tf sold, interest excepted. . . ; ,.r - . - iWMiiia. - ' - is i ,.vJ Several two aod thrie story house, on which a great part of the money ren.aiii on nrtgag An excellent stand for businr. with bn tenia of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. . - ' ' '' - COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, i.cai mw - uaim, wnu wicmn mao, ana a never failing stream, upon which 20 Kills may be erected, with a sufficiency of x ater for each.. . Apply at No. S Greenwich street I jan 13 tf ....... . ,1 , - Q - . TO LET, - From the 1st May neft, the tbr - tory brick sSotu No. 18 Coortland - straet, with or without tfea stable in the rear Apr? t . J. A R. REN WICK, F'bS : l8Courtland - f, - 1 - FtRE PROOF yjtlHtJ.' To let, that four story brick fire proof stoie, No. 8 Governeurs Lane, near to South - stree Apply lo ' ' V GARRITT STORM, ' 1 feb3tf No. 9 Coentiea - sliri. ; blOKAGK . Storage may be had on the first floor of the . tor No. 29 South - street, which will save thai expense of hoisting. ' oXgg OFOR SALE, . The fire - proof store, No. 5, in Goovr - neur's - lane, the third from South - street. Tha lot on which it stands is under an advantageous lease, 11 years of which are unexpired. . It is three stories, with fire - places 1 b ing in front oa Gouvernenr's lane 40 feet and in depth 25. An improved machine for pressing of goods for exportation has been erected 011 the premises, and heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton fun, skins,' hay, kc. From tbe fitneuoftho building, and the convenience which it afford for working the'machine, and its nearness to (he river, it may be an object to purchase (bein to gether. . - . "T . ALSO, 1 . ... SiS The lease (two years of which are un expired) of the three story bouse No. 93 Froot - street, third from Couvemeur's lane. Beside a large store and cellar iu front, it aflbrds every convenience for a large family. , ' . - . eJllto, FOR SALE or TO LET, . The house No. 26 H'all - ttrttt, opposite the Merchants' and next to the Thenix Bank - It has been recently buiit of tbe best materialr, and besides three rooms which have occasionally been occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's offices, affords every accommodation for a private lasnny. If not disnosedof before th 10th February. the above will be offered for sale at auction, of which notice will be given by Bleecker Ic Bibby. For particulars apply to 1 tt. 1 nufti - 'i , Jan 31 tf No. 86 Wirtl st . AO LKJ, , - rmn Mi rtr, I nt M v next a front count ing room on Uie second floor, together with Ums upper loll. Enquire No. 167 JW street ; jan 74 ti I OR SALE OR TO LEASE, - .'i':? On accuraiwHlitlMur terms, a number of wir nd building lots, near and adjoining tho oavy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, ett - ouireof ' '"' "' - ' " H SAMUEL EVANSf jan 22 tf 4 ' ' Brooklyrj. '. ft TO LET, - , US.! The brick storo No. 84 Maideo - lane. aid unmediat posaeatioa given. Apply at No. 1.6 Washington - st..' .'. Feb 7 tf TOLE - V, - . . - j - From the first May next, tbe store no. couth - street For terms apply to . , - L LErFEUTi1, Jun.' . feb 7. - . 1 88 Wiiliam - treet - ; - t FOR SALE. That hrge two - story hour occapied by subscriber, situate en Front - street betweea. the upper and lower terries at Brooklyn, with the ground attached thereto well calculated: - for a private family or a large geateel notel . Also, several lots adjoining said house, beautifully situated and convenient to budd on, for gen - Uemeu who do bosioes in the city of New - York, being near to tbe ferries - Also elexco lot in tho, rear frontiog Walee - street bout half way be - twesotfMtwoleivissi parto wbieh is now oc cup'ied for a lunbyVFor further apply to - JOSHUA fiAi?Sv: : FV7 w . t t 1; : r,. : Hi - ' In .'riff M' 1 1 i! I, 1 1! ill 1 V ; 1 ; ' I'' t

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