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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Friday, February 13, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. ,' , in - - Ui CHANCERY. . n - Slate ol New - York, ti. US parraanre of a decretal order of this honorable, court, - will be told at public auction, at the Toatine Cofft Howe in the city of New - York, the ma ten of thii court, oo Saturday, the (oar teentb day fFebruary next, at twelve o'clock lit noon, all that certain house and lot of ground, tituate oo the westerly aide of Nassau - street, in the third ward of the city of New - York, aul known at number 5 1, bounded as follow i ; easterly in front by Nastau - ttreet. westerly in the rear uy property be longing to Mr. naac mead, northerly by Mr. liodgkinton's Tavern, and outher)y hy property of Mrs. Elizabeth Giron - court, roiituihifttc in breadth in front and rear twenty five feet, in length oo the northerly tide one hundred and twelve feet lour inchei, and on the southerly tide one hundred' and ten feet ten inches, be tlie suite more or lest ( together with all and singular the hereditaments and nppurtc - Minccs thereunto belonging. Dated tlie xM day of January, 1B1U. . , ... . RICHARD I. WELLS, . Mailer in Chancery. . Sotk The terms of tlie tale will bent follow : 10 per cent on the day of tale, 15 per rent, oo the first day of May out, at which time o deed will be executed and possession five n ; the residue to be paid in seven years, with iMterest half yearly, secured by a bond and mortgage on the premises the boute to be insured by the purchaser from the laid first day of May until the purchase lattiey and interest thereon is pnid, and tlie policy to be trantferred to the mortgagee For further particulars apply at the master'j office, No. SO PiM - street Jrn2Jri3w . . IN CHANCERY. Stair c.Vie York, It. IN pursuance ofa decretal order of Uiit bono fable court, will he told at public nu tioo, at the Ton time CoftVe Iloute. in the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, at one ot thrf mutcn of thii court, on Wednesday, tlie iftlk Hau il li'.hfiiininl at 1.UI, All that certain lot 01" ground, titunte in tlie seventh ward ot tlie city of New Yoik ; Iwumled ivrfherly in front by Division - street, southerly in tlie IX r by a lot of ground belonging to Daniel Co' riifT, w sterlv hy a lot oi ground belonging ' to Ann Elder, and easterly by a lot of ground ncionging m irtMiiui romemus; containing in breadth in front and rear, each twenty fix feet, and in length on each tide, sixty three feet ii inrhel , and the use of a fxnway of eitht feet wide, Trading front the taid lot i.ito Harnun - etreetj in common vritb the pr - prietort of the lott of ground adi'iinint; the tni - 1 gnngwa, - ; with the ppurienancet. N.iwi jan XI, HI8. t ; JAVj A. HO1ILT0N, Jnn 27 g.twtFlS.rt3 Mrttcr inCh.mci.ry. . - - ' IN.CHAVCEilY. . Sme of A". Ynrt. . able court of chancery, beann? date tho nineteenth day of January, instant, will he told at 8'iblir auction, at the Tontine Coffee fioute, in le city of Ncw - York. under (he diiection of the, at one of the roanteri of thit court, on the teventernth dy ol February next, at 12 o'ciotk at noon - all tnnt certain lot of ground, tituute in the Ulh war I of the city o; Mew - York, n unown ami niitiriKUiuiea on a map or cnan of rround Jatc of Anthr Bowrotan. made bv Ch.irlet JLott, city turveyor, or by lot number wi, noanueu wetieny in rront by Sullivan ttreet, eat!ely in the reir by arou'id now or Lite in the poMeton of Holden and idhen, northerly by lot So. 400, lately told to Dumareit and Jolmion. and toulberly hv lot Jf o. 402, oo w br late belong - n tn fh mid Anthony Rowronan, containing in brevfth in front and rear, each twt&ty five leet, and in lroth on each tide, on: - hundred let t, with the appurtenance. Dated Jnnoi'v 2r'h. 1 018 JAJIE3 A. H AVTILTON, . - Matter in Chancery. Jan 17 SawGTMtt J.Y tiu.sct.xr. Slate of .Veuj - York, S purtu&nce of an order of UiU hunoi.ilile Court. bsArin'; ilutr ths 19th day o: January in - tlaot. wi I t.e told at pu'ilic auction, ut the I on - tine Coifee home in the city of New - York, on the Ifi'li day oj fn hruary next, nt 12 o'clock nl noon, uodtr the direc'l' n I' the tubi'.rihcr All the ret, fcfidmt.r.d remainder ol the term ol Ye.ut ttt to come and w.exrired of nnd in all that i crtnia lot, piece or parrel "f ground titunte, litig end beihg in the Kiu'hth wa'd of the city ot Sfw - Vork, oil tlm euttt tly tide of liroad - wav bounded iu .rout by Kroilivay, in the rear and on the northtrly tide by gr u.'d belonging to Joh.i Jacob At ir, ami ontne toulberly tide by Br.tim - tret : coi,f:iinie i:i hrcadtii in front and rearS.' feet, and in itcpflion each tide 10" tt. Together with the building! erected ther on. Swid nrcmivt being held under a demise from John Jacob Attor, Eo,. for the term of 11 yeir, from OcIoIm r If t, IbTi tubiect to nn Pn ftual rent of 100 dollars Dated Januart 231, 1813. TMOM S ROI.TON, Matter in Chancery. The dwelling hotie on the above premitet to be valued and paid for by the lertnr, at the expiration of the term, or the Icaoe renewed for '21 yevt additional, at a rent to be littd by two perfnt to oe cnoten ny me parlift, nnd ut the expiration of the terond term, the dwelling houte to be valued and paid for at aforetaid. for pirtieul irs, enquire of the niater, Jto. 44 Pine Mrert. Jnn?;J lanlffldtt Is Cll.l.VCKKY. State of ew - York, w. in pursuance of a decretal order of this honorable' eonrt. Will he s.i!d at nihli" auction, at the Tontiee CoUee Houf. i:it(e city of New - York, uaar.r mm airer;ion oin e siintcnner, at one oi tbe mastert of this court, on Friday, tLe 7th in - ttnal, at 12 o'clock, no n Ml those four certain lottcf land, situate in the ninth ward of Die citv of Mi - h - - i ork. being p;irt ol'tJ.e estate of John 9o oie.indyck, late ol tho said citv, deceased, nnd designated in a cer'mn map of tSe ttid est at made, by William Bridge, in November, 1U0H, by Ms So. 3 and 9, aud letters I unci H. The sai l lots, takf n together, are bounded westerly in iroui ry iijusoii finer, and contain twenty a - crts tf ground, more or less, with the appurte - nauces. Dated Feb. 6th. Hill!. JAMES A. H AMILTON, Master in Chancery. Tote For particulart, t nnuirc nt the Mat - Wr Vik - e, No. 3 Law Buildmgt, wlitre a map ci we remiea may oe teen, feu 5 Iaw2tdli iS Cii AAiCERV. State ( New - York, it. I.V pursuance of a decretal order cf this honor ab!eeourl, will he told atpulilic auction, at tin Tontine Cofi'ee House, in the ci'y of New - York, utvler the uiret lioo of the tubsi nher, us one ol the masters of thit court, oo Friday, the27lhin taut, at 12 o'clock at iioon ali tUose three err taia lot of land, tituate in the teulh ward oi the city nf N. York, and distinguished on a certain mapot theetuu, late ofjumet Union - y, r.sq. raadu hy Evert f!nrker, by lott .No. tix hundred and fifteen, six hundred and ixteco. and tix him dredan I seventeen, hounded westerly by Second street, ind containing i - ach tj feet in breadth, and occ hundred feet in depth, nnreor less, with ut appuxieaance. iiated r eo. lmn JAMES A. lUMILION, . . . . Master in Chancery. ffb6 , NEW bOUKa RECENTLY nu' Urfiert and lor tale hy KlltK & MERCEIW, Wnll - treet, ao. rr.dive ol ! President's Tour, made during the mnimcr of 1317, through the n rth - eattern and iuth - we'tern d;partirents of ti. union, lie Kc. ;Lonl Aiivnrrut Mnnr.My to China, tlie Memoir of t,iai.iiti uurnanan ; M ad - i:ic. a novel, by Wai. Godwin : l - iettrs from Ih Caps ol Good li'ooe bti;g a reply to Dr. Wardens Letters; Kaubt of H lutn. by .Miss Porter : riinifcVi t'stlul Ktvwie.lf.e ; Coxe on Fr iit Trees, with 2H0 - ngruvings ; Purity oi Heart, or woman a ah 'h Mikl be, a novel, by aa old wife of twenty Vta m . COTTOV YARN. Tbe COMMISSION COMPANY. H8 Pearl - street, have not for f, tnott Not. of Cotton Yarn, Irom No. 4 t ' jan u ROB ROY. TIRKk.MERCF.IN have iait received and :tv P0,..' P1"' Rcb RT hT the aa - tnorof XVsverly, Gey MaoneriDg , Tati of ray Laniard, &c. 4c " feb . To flae honorable the iudsu aitd ai 1 ' aittant iwtke of the .court of I - , :' common pteat in and for the com - ' : ty of Orange - ' Tbe petition of Joho Duer, of the town of Go - tht n, ia the county of Orange ratpectfully ahewetb - . . - . . . - .'? - THAT yoar petitioner it teited in fee timple. U tenant iu cooimoo, together with thete - viral part iet herein after named, of eight equal undivided forty eighth parti, the whole into forty eight equal parti to be divided, of in and to all that certain lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, tituate, lying and being in the village ol New - burch, in the laid county of Orange ; bounded on the north by the ttrr et called the eight rod - ilreet, on the eatt by the Hudtoa river, on the touth by landt formeily belonging fliram Wetler and George Mooell, and on the wett by landt formerly belonging .to Tbomai Colden ; containing, at tuppoted, two acret of land. And your petitioner further theweth, thnt John Rutheifunl. of tlie itate of A'ew - Jertev. it alio teired at aforetaid, ofl'our other equal undivided forty eighth partt of the tame. That autaunah Robintoti, at preteot, at your petitioner it informed and believe, a retident in tnnt part of the kingdom of Great Britain called EngUad, it alto teiz - dat aforetaid, of four other i(;ual undivided lorty iigtitli partt ol the tame. That Jolin Slcvrna, of the ttateof Mew - Jeney, m al'o mzed at aioretaid - oi two other eaual un. divided forty eighth partt of the tame. I uat Kobert L.. Livinzttdn, or the county or vuiuuiuij, in uiu nuie, ana iTiurearei, lilt wuc, in the right of the laid Margaret, are alto teited at aforetaid. of one! undivided fortr eighth port tliereof. And that r.dwnrd f . Lavinsttoo. of the laid county of Columbia, and Elitabcth, hit wife, in trie right ol the taid tlnabeth, are alto teited at aforetaid, of one other equal undivided forty eighth part tliereof. And thai isorneiift l.iviocaton, or the city ol new - 1 ork, reter V an ttrugti Livingtton. at pre' tent, a your peiiuonerit uilorroeu and beiievei, a reiideut in tome part of the kingdom of Great Britain, ami rcier Kane, ctuieitHie ol .xew - Jer - tey, by virtue of an not of the leei&la'ure of the ttttte. vetting in them, at tmiW et, the estate of It - ter van Hrugh l.ivingiton, deceated, are alio teited at albretuid, of four other equal undivided lor'y eighth partt thereof. And that Alexander Robertton, of the city of xetv - woiu, and rrancet, hit wile, iu the n. ht ol the taid Krnncet, are aUo teixed ai aforetaid, of the remaining twenty lour equal undivided forty eigiuiiuaru luereoi. Ana your Petiiioner further fhewetli, that he is deairoua to have Partition made of all and singular the laid above detcribed premises, among the aaid several owners or proprietors or the tame, accord ng to their several and respective ricrhu of, in and f.o the same. VVherefore your petitioner pruyt that the taid premitet may be divided among the laid tevcral owneri or proprit tort, according to their taid everal itnd retpective riglitt, bv conimitiiunen to he appointed by thit honorable court, in pur - tuaiirr of tli" directions of tbe act, entitled " An act for the partition of landt." And your ptti. ti 'ner, at in duty bound, tball ever pray, lie. JOHN lilKR. To John Rutherford, Susannah Robinton, John Stevens, Robert 1.. Livingston and Margaret tut wile, reward r. Jmngtion and Mizbetn hii wife, Cornelia Livioxton, I'eter Van Burgh Livingston, i'eter Kane, Alexander Robtrtion aud r rancct nit wite. You will be n.'eased to take notice that a Peti tion of Hhich the preceding it a cony, will be pre sented to the honorable the Judges aud Assistant Justices of the Court nf Comoiuii pleat, in and tor tn conuiy oi urange, on the lait Monday oi May next, to be held at the court house in Go shen, in and for the taid county of Orange, at tea o'ciocr in the tort noon oi that day, or at toon thereafter at counsel cao be heard, and an arn!i - cition will thereupon be made for tlie appoint - a - c . i n . . . , 1 . .,. niuiii oi euiuiiiiB,iuneri 10 mdsr rnriuin uie I' remises with the appurtenances in the laid Petition mentioned and described, according to the prayer of the taid Petition, and the directions ol an act ol the Legislature of tlie state or New - York, intitled " on act for the partition of landt." Dated January 10, Kil8. JOHN DUER Al'santor Duer, attorney for petitioner. Feb 12 dtlVlon.Vlay FOUR thousand Gunay Bags, forsale by CEliRA it CUMING. Jan 23 76 Pearl - ttreet. CORPORATION PROPERTY. ' JO he sold at public auction on Friday the I 20ib in - t. at tM City - Hall, at loVlork - 9 I Alt of Ground on the westerly tide of Col lect - it. between Anthony and Lconard - tt. Iz Lots on the easterly side of Cullect - tt. be tween Anthony and Leonard - sti. 7 Lotsoothe easierly side' of Collect - tt. between Leonard nnd Kranklin - ttt. 1 Lot on the westerly tide of Leonard - it. be tween Collect and Orange - ts. AL.MJ, u cellars under Latnanne mantel, tor 3 years from 1st May next. ine upper part ol the wntchhouse in Ll - dridge. late Third - it. for J years from 1st May. 1 he upper part of the Watchhoute in conns - tt. for I year from the 1st May. I lie terry a: Mannalt. - inville rot t Tear. A map of the Collect lots mas be teVn and par ticular! known at the Comptroller's Otlice, City nan. rei4 itdi Ei Tu LET, 'iialS The house Nn. 50 Wall - street, at pre sent occupied hy R. H. Nevint. Also, '1 he iloute, No. 5G VV all - street, occupied by the Firemen lumraocc Company. A poly to .11. PENDLETON, 50 Wall - st. or to JONES & CLINCH, frblOtf Coffee House slip. COUiNiRY StAT. iit5 I - ET, from the 1st, May next, a genteel country residence, pleasantly situated on the 8th Avenue (late Fitzrov road) about 3 miles from tlie city. It comprizes a neat and commodious dwelling house, a well stocked garden, and 3 acres excellent meadow. .A - piy at no. a amui - t. tet j iw TO BR LET. From the Erst day of May next, thit con vergent three ttorv hi.uf. No. 145 Fnlton - street. tlie m noose trom uroann - ay. tAquire feh 9 Iip No. 24 Warwn street. RF.1L ESTATE ton SALE I.T ilROOKLYy. BSJ - Tt lyuiTeiali Two 2 ttory new frame houitt on Brook - lyu Heights, having a view of thfe citv and hav of New - York ; about 10 minutes walk from the steam boat ferry. The houses are well built, nating i gooi moms on eat n luor witn lire pla cei ; on the lower floor it a good kitchen, bed room and pnntry To each of the houses are attached 31 - 2' - ots i.t ground, each containing 25 feet front i.nd rear and 100 t'eet deep, handsnmelv laid not in ear - dens and grass plots, with a variety of thmblie - ry, truit treet, 4x ; the whole enrloted willi a new and substantial fence. Near the premises it an excellent well of water. For further particulars, apply tn ANDREW MERCEI.N, Corner or Washington and Nastau sheets, febQlf Brooklyn. frSTilE and DWELLING HOUSE. 4Jl2 The .tore No. 133 Water - street, corner, ol W ater and Fine - streets, and cellar, belonging thereto, to let Irom first day of May next; the cedur warranted dry and tree front tide water the year round. Alto, tlie dwelling part f Hie hone No. 127 Water - street, near the Coff' - e Houc consisting of 6 rooms with a fire place in e.' rt,a larse dry garret, nn extensive kitchen and yard, with cistern and ruanhattan water. Pi - Cy to D. SULLIVAN. u a 4t 131 Water ttreet. siLsJ Two neat, new, 2 ttory biick front bu.IJ - . ii i . r. i . ro', ntuale in Alteii - ttrett, next to the ball al - 'ey. They are fini - hed ia handsoa.e style with cntems io the yards, and every olher convenience to remW thrm pleasant and desirable te ne - merits. Adjriniog the ground on which tht buildings stand are several vacant lots whirb will also be let for a fnlen to the person or persons who shall hire the houses. io JAMEbKVOX, at the ball - alley; or at his houre, 23 O - ViarU - " - Feb 9 tf . NOTICE. v WHEREAS Richard Wallace, late of the firm of Whiting k .Wallace, of Peteri - burg, Virginia, bath by hit deed of attignment, dated on the 6lh day of December, 1817, transferred and let over to me all the estate, real, personal, and mixed ; all the hooka and accounts, the rights and credits, which did heretofore belong to the taid firm of Whiting k Wallace, nod to tlie taid Richard Wallace, individually, at trustee for the creditors of the taid tirra of Whi ting ii Wallace, or of the taid Richard Wallace individually 1 his it to eive public notice, that 1 am alone authorised to settle and adjust all the outstanding claimt against them, as well at to receive all the debtl iue to them. The creditors of the taid firm, therefore, or of the taid Rk h ara wauace, wno are oinpowa receive ure bencGt of the taid truat fund, are invited to call I i. , . .i upon me and execute a release in due form, on or betore the 1st day or March next, and the debtors . l ;j ... 7 . . J.L - ..,. . I io me saiu nrin art aiturea uiai me dioii sjieeuy methods will be resorted to, to close all ouutand ing debtt. JOSEPH PETT1POOL.. Norfolk, Virginia, llth Jan. 1313. Jan 19 Saw Ira COUNTRY SEAT FOR &AL.K. The Farm known by the name of Cas tie Howard Farm, handsomely rtuated 1 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, bounded in front by the main tnmpike road from Philadelphia to New. York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contaimt 145 acres. 30 acres of sihicli is wood land, 20 acres lying 2 miles from tlie farm, and a beautiful lot of 10 aires within about 300 yards of the right wingr of the house. Uenides ornamental trees, it contains a variety of fruit trees, consisting of grafted pears, of the best quality, 17 different kinds; cliei ries, 10 different kinds, the movt of them grafted and an orchard of the best apples, besides a young and thriving orchard of crab upples, for making the cider so celebrated, also, one ot sweet apples tor tatting nogs. The house is pleasant mid commodious willi an excellent gai den, the out - bouses and fences all in rood condii ion. I he above is a delight ful summer or winter residence. ' For further particulars enquire at No. 127 Pcarl - st, New. York, or to the subscriber, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title for the same. siuiiruuu. jan 5 tautf J O Lh - tsE, For one or more ynri. i'iie r'arra and Mansion House belonging to the subscriber, situated eu the banks of the If udson, one milo south of the village of Poughkeepsic I he farm u suitably divided into meadow, or chard, and arable laud. The fruits are abun - daut, and of the bert kiuds 1 he mansion bouse u commodious and lar - e, eighty feet long, witli a in front The situation has long been ad mired, and the lofty locust - trees by which it it decorated, rentier it the mntt desirable residence between Xew - York and Albany The rent will be moderate, as the care and attention of the tenant will be taken into consideration For par ticulars apply to the propietor, either personally or by letter. IIE.MIY A. LIVINGSTON. Pooghkecpsie, January 20, 1810 Jjn2l 2hw4w Transportation to Pitlinirfht through the tlalc nf Aew - iork. THE subscriber, who lus been engnged for several years in forwarding merchandize to diflerent parts of the United States, offers ft services to tlie merchants and traders ot tie western states and territories, as agent to transport property of every decription from the ciiy of Vew York to Pittsburgh, in the stateofi Pennsylvania Goods shippeil at ie.lorn, onboard "tub wisrr.iiN u.,is"if sloops for Albany, can be delivered a Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as by any other route yet uiscovered ; the price of tratispnrta - tio. for the whole distance never exceeding six dollars per wt Proper care ha been taken to select gentlemen of respectability as agents on the several routes communicating with the Allegany liver; and wl.ere extraordinary exertions arc required, a confidential person thoroughly acquainted with the country, will accompany the gun". All communications on this - ubiect, post paid, will receive the earliest attention of the sub.criber, svhofor approved security will give a credit or six months on a large proportion of the account. i;m kli - .5 smv 1 it - Albany, state of New - York, 2d February, 1813. Reference to Messrs Sattei lees & Co. and Messrs. I. Ilyer, ai.J II. Rankin, New - York. feo 7 2aw 'Jo the LitiZTuof A'tw - i ork. ;ERAH H AWI.KY I'hytiiian and Dentist, J would inform the inhabitants of New - York, that he bastakm un rlhre at io. 31 Pearl - str ct, here be will extract, clean. jile,Jil ami itt 1 erlh in the most approved manner, ue wi'i aisi pri vent any iiregularity of the secondary teeth, if npiiheation is made to mm in season. He flatters himself, irom the experience he has had in his profession, that he shall be able to give cntral satisfaction. Por character tlie public are referred to Mr Ceo. P. bhipman, merrhant, No. 63 South - street, and Vck tor A. Ivet, Wo. 2U2 fearl - itrcet. Whom it nun concern. ()r This ccrtifles, that Dr. Zerah ITawley it a reii. - ir t red phyi ian, and in good standing witli his brethren in this place ; lliM he has paid nnrticular attention to the art of Deritiitru, has studied (he best European vnrks on the subject, and has given very good atistartion in this branch to his ru'tnmers, wiio are persons of the first re - pectabi'iy in this city. VV'e therefore, with entire confidence, recouimend Hr. Hawley to tlie citizens oi .Tiew l orr., as a d. num. A - aeai Munsnn I r Ii Ivet Nathan rjuiilh Jonathan Knight. Pfoiessors oi' tlie.Medicui Institution ol YaleCd . College. New - Haven, Jan 22,lClCi feb 3 2 ALPINE SOAP. ' he tubscribers off. - r the g ntlemen of this city their Alpin'j poan, which only needs atrial to prove its eicellent qualities, in rendering the rperation of shxving easy , it is posesed with many good and useful qualities ; it softens the heard, prevents chop ping, and gives that com. fort and plea'hig tatis - larti. n in shaving at not to lail to recommend it to gpneral ui - e and to merit the approbation of a generciis public. The tuoscrihers do not wish to enter into a long detail of this valuable - ap, but tin v submit it to judges of genuine soaps. Just received, nn sortnien of the celebrated patent Penetrating Hair Brushes, fancy articles, sc. N. SMITH DAVIES I - CO. ir8 Rrondway. nearly opposite City Hotel. W bo always keep ai general and as good an as sortuif nt el articlts in their line as any store in this city. N R. Please to observe that all the articles nintle by N . mith Piviet k Co. will have their name nn in rpr rplate or type. feb 7 iv. n - r tS:;i TI.e Ilniie, StaMe and Ut No. 19 St i'e stre, , on ?rcornm'lating terms. If not sold by mild!.1 of February next, the premitet will be rente. I. F"r terms, apply t 39 Burling - tlip. AL?0 FOR SALE, , An elevit Lot, fronting Bowling Greene, and lloui" ami Lot 4 i r r.mU'in ttreet. Title to tbe torcgnir.j iieii - iai' idle. Enquire at above, inn II .'.iwlrV! 14 TO LET, Tlie 3 stir v fi proof store. 354 Waler - sf . partly fronting on Peck - slip ; hue been formerly orr. - ried for hardwire, and at present for a J crorkery, hy Mott K Cir.ts.,. Enquire of feb 6 l - .vf S. MCUOLS, nextdoor. PA TEST ELASTIC IU tOIl STROPS. GEORGE 8 ANDERS, lately from London, ooca mora addresses the public, thanks them for past favors, and once mora venture to recommend hit strops at ooe of the most conifort - giviny coutrivancet that 'ever blest the chin ol Man 11 a will instruct anv iclf - inaviu; gentle maa in tlie use of it, and when onca possessed of the secret anu a dox oi composition, ue way j with the oet of nature, M To thave to tleep perchance to dream while in the operation and who would bear the tweaks and acts of barber base ; who would grunt and sweat under a tnnthome beard, or a dull razor use. when he m ii'u t hit quietus make with a timplo Sauudcr'e strop?" tJorae then o Ins nianutaciory ai uie Reetl.sirrel and llroadwav. and there you will find the tubscriber always ready to receive the commands of bis coitooicrs. dec 5 tf WH EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. rriHE long and successi'ul use of this ointment X is a lullicient recomnieiidatinD, at it hat been found to bo a pleasant, tafe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in all iti tta - get. It it for lale in the city of New - York, by J. A. 4: W. R. Post, No. 41 William - street I. ki T. Clark, No. fl5 Maideu - Lane ; H. 11. Sthiefftlin & Co. No. 193 Pearl - street: Law - lence & Keet, No. 195 Pearl - ttreet ; Moll Bowne, 1 10 Peurl street ; R. Ai L. Murray, 313 Pearl - ttreet ; J M. Ilradhurtt, 314 Pearl - ttreet ; John Penford, No 4 Fletc hcr - street ; Duryee & Poe, in Pearl - street; John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich ttreet; John P. Fisher, 106 Broadway s Walterfc Seaman, corner of Chamber - tt. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at most of tbe Drug Mores in this city Also in Philadelphia, of b. Wilherell ic Soot : George Harrell . North Si Ro gers, arid almost a'l the druggist! in the principal lownt in me ijniieu einict. LIKEWISE, WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above places. jan 22 6m THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are owing arrears of tales, to the corporation of the city aud couuty ol New - York : fc5 The time limited for the payment thereof exniied oo the 1st suet, and I am now engaged in making a return nf tuch property at remains delinquent, preparatory to the advertisement and sale thereof lor the payment of laid Taxet, and such oilier sums at may be required to meet the expenses of suth lale, which will take place when completed. I am direi ted to receive all arreari which may be offered, prior to the completion of the above - named return and will attend a t this office dai ly from 10 to i o'clock, until that period. T. W. GILBERT, Collector. Collector'! Office, No. 2 City Hall, ) January I J, lijiu. Jan 16 1m VORPOKATIOJ PROPERTY . rro be told at public auction on Friday the I 20lh February. 1818, at the City Hall. 12 o'clock, 1 he hiehlT valuable r ARM now occupied bv Mr. William A. Hardenbrook. about & miles Irom the city, containing together nearly nlty a. cret of land. It will be told in lott from 5 to 10 acret each, situated on the 6th, 7th, 8th. 9th, ii 10th avenues ; cii tlie latter itand the .dwelling house and out buildings, but a tbort distance from the Hudson River. Thit property is worthy the attention of thote who wish tn possess handsome country seats ; as itt contiguity to the city, commanding view! of the Hudson, retired situation, and choice quality of some of the erodrid. togrther with an ample supply of wood, render it one of the most desirable objects of purchase. A map of the premises may be seen, and fur ther particulari known, at the Comptroller! Of fice, Citv Hall. Jan 6 dti TANNERY FOR SALE. ri'O be inld at pnMic auction, on Wednesday, .1. the tilth dav of February next, in the area of the Exchange Coffee Houte, in the town ol boston, at VZ o clock at noon, All the real estate belonging to the Hampshice leather Manufactory, situate in the town ol Northampton, in the state of Massachusetts. The estate will he sold in four lots, viz : Lot No. 1. containing about 31 acaet of land. near the centre of tlie town of Northampton, on whirb it erected alt , those extensive and valuable buildings, latelv occupied hvthe corporation lor tanning of leather, with a - out 300 vats, tome of which are very large end part of them under cover, in which feather may Tie handled during the winter; it it presumed there is not in the state so extensive and valuable an establishment for carrying on the tanning business as thit. A particular description of the buildings and pri - viledget would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No, 2 contains about 3 acres, situate on the north tide ol the count v road, ilirectlv oppo site to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling house?, with comnieiit out buildings, is on high ground, and considered a very Ueugbuul situation. Lt No 3, containing nhout four arret of land, tituate on the eatterly side of Mill River, about two miles Irom the meeting house in Northamp ton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, nn which it erected a bark mill and bark sheds, si tuate near Edward's tavern, about 6 milet Irom Northampton, on the Albany road. Any person having an inclination to purchase all or any part nf the foregoing property, are invited to examine it. The corporation pledge themselves to ten to me highest bidder, neing de - termined to close their concerns. Any informa tiou respecting the estates may be obtained on application to JOS1.U1 D WIGHT, Etquire, at Northampton, or EBENEZEll FRANCIS, ian 14 India - street, Boston DLYCil, Junr. having made arrangements . with a respectable bouse in Madeira, to be supplied with a proportion otthe wines or tbe Parishes of St. Antonio and Cama de Lnhos, (iini - versally acknowledged to produce the best Ma. deira in the Island) hat opened a wine ttore. at No. 40 William - street, where be will receive om dert for this wine, Irom gentlemen wishing tolay up a siocg, ior mcir own use ; ana toy uie agree mem witn uie nouse in madeira n tf. i wine, on arrival, be not appro ed by D. It. St. it is not to be sent to the parties ordering it. D. L. Jr. has taken great pains to procure from various places in the United States and the West Indies, the best Madeira, that was to he purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of vtry superior quality, Irom private stock,' which be now offers lor safe. He will constantly keep on nana an assortment ot the choicest winrt and liquors, selected with Care bv himself, and w ill sell none which he cannot WARRANT PURE as IMPORTED. Jan 19 I in NO I ICE. A r . ... . . . - Alii persons mueoieuiotne estate or uugglcs Hubbard, esquire, late sheriff of the city and county of New - York, at thcriff, arc re - quested to make payment to James L. Bell. esquire, present sheriff of the city anj county of Aew - xorir, on or Deior the first day or May next or after that period the bills remaining un paid will be put in suit. CATHERINE HUBBARD, Feb 11 SawtlMay Administratrix. R uOK - A. t.P K R'S U I Ii EC 10RY JUST published, The Trial Balance or Book - keeper's Direetory; shewing a complete system of book - keeping, commenced, mrried nn, and closed, and new books' opened, upon clear and experimental plan. Hy Thomas II. God - dard, accountant. Ou a large sheet. Fr.'e 50 cents. For sale ny PRIOR k DUNNING, Jsn3f ?tr No 1 1 1 Vatcr - t. rl BIlUiVN, stoue'jei engraver and jewel - X ler. No. 106 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, &c. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals engraved with coats of amr, moltos, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, cryrtals, Lc. bought in the rouh or cut b.anv form. Hooks of heraldTT keot with ttn ivwi I TOST CHAISE LINE. - FOR PIIILAUELPH I, A . The TOST CHAISE, willi every convenience for Passengers and their baggage (ihroujdj in one day) will leave the Post t Chaise Oflicc, 1 1 8 Broadway, opiioiile the City Hotel every day (Sunday! excepted) at 7 o'clock in the morutng. by way of Newark, and arrive the tame day at 1 lu - ladelphia. TI,L Mill. Pit nT. in nnnos tion to the Mail J IJU ...... M l,M..Il.vM Coach, with superior accommodationi lortat - sengers and tnerrnaggage, win leave me .iius place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past l.efnre IheMail.Qhd not subject to the i couvenience of slopping at the numerous Post Offices on the road, hut every accommodation provided for the traveller. unH arrive some hourt before the Mail at Philadel phia, tore 1 doilart. ir - 7 - Allgoodi and baggage at the riiGue of the owner. JOHN IS. CUMMING, Newark. IOI1U - III If 'If Ir COVQ Pnnntnn .Will. Mr WA. iuiv.wii. STOCKTON li HOWELL, Philadelphia. Jv. a. t.rpretsrt tent to any pari oj me i m Slatet. bv L. BARER 4 CO. Jan 28 tf POST COACH LINE ron PHILADELPHIA nv way or powles - hook IMPORTANT TO FASSKMOEII8. No copaection with the post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO SITION REVIVED. ANEW Line of Post Coaches with every convenience for passengers and bajfgage, on l - 'in i n .nl w I I Ik! r v o nil The Post Coach will ttart from the Coach of fice, old No. 1 Courtland - street. N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at 1 - 2 past tjo'clotk, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton nnd Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia lliesau;e evening.' The Steatn Hunt Line INDUSTRY, will start Irom New - York every morning (Sunday excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta, from the north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine United States Mail Conch, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, oo springs. The U. S. mail coach will start Irom the coach office, old No. 1 Coartlandt - street, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at rhiiadeiphia next morning at oo'cioca. vmy 6 passengers admitted. For seats inthe above named Linet, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - stieet, tbe second office from Uroadwav, ftew - iork; to isaac; uttuwit, No. I W'nshington - strest ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway; corner of Ce dar - street. New - York. Qrj - All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. jusun hi vis, cuao at v. v. N. B Expresses tent to any part of the Con THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan KZ U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WI I II A liL'AKlJ. ffcj - Tlie public are atsured' that (bit line it eqmtl to any iu tbe U. S. for the convenience and comfort ol'lhe traveller. With the addition of the, guard, the passenger may rest secure as to hit baggage and ptnoni.1 safety the coach never bung left whiltt changing at the poit office,, without a person on the box. 1'he way mail Is put io separate bagi and changed in the Euro - anttyle. i . The U S. Mail Coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - tr.tret, New York every day at 2 o'clock P. M. ami arrive at Philadelphia nest morning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 passengers admitted in this coach. For seals apply to THOS. WHITFIM.D, at the old Coach and Stage Office, old No 1. second office from Broadway in Courtlnndt - street, or to A. T. GOODRICH & Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner ofCtdar - stiect, New - York. N. B. All goods and baggage at tlie risVt of the owners. J. LYON & SONS, Powlet Hook. WILLIAM G I1 LICK ti CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses sent to any part (the Continent by jan 20 TilOS. WHITFIELD. WANTED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring - recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, &c. may hear of a good and permanent piure, by applying immediately at No. 64 Grecnwich - st jan 23 IIORSALE, lor a term ol years, a hcaltiiy, jk. m - uvs Him terjr uaine negro wcucn will be disposed of cheap, as it is her own desireEnquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 tf MUSIC. ALL the Songs, Duetts, ns sung by Mr. Thi - lipps at the New - York Theatre, for sale at vym. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 Bsoadway. Behold in his toft expressive face Tho' love it warm awhile 'Tit but fancy't tketch Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joys was thine Love's young dream This blooming rote at early dawn Robin Adair Beautiful Maid Let 'iitue sound (he trumpet Hail I a heart Eveleen'i Bower Dear maid I. love thee Ah sure a pain was never Men . Said a smile to a tear Sigh not for love My heart with love is beating The celebrated serenade of" Li!!acome down Bird Duett to me" Flora'i wreath. With a large assortment of new music. dVc 24 60U CtU'lE'snF WRitiHT 4c HAWEIS. A TREATISE on, That being Born Again, . without which no man can be saved; by Samuel Wright, I). D. ; to which is added, the Cotuiuuuicuut's Spiritual Companion, or an evangelical preparation for the 'Lo.d't Supper, hy the Revd. Thomss Haweis. 600 copies t.fthis work in the tt, or by tlie lingle one bound, for tale bv G. CH MITERS, Circuiting Library, IUU Fulton ttreet. Jan 15 1m I US 1' published, a new Map off the state of In - l diana, by the Hon. C. Harrison, tn whiea is added, the Surveys ofthe Illinois Territnrv, by Gen. Mansfield, price 5 dollars. For sale by TRIOR .V DUNNING, No. Ill Water - r - et. A few eopiet of Sbeltoa and R - msitt's large V - p ofthe United Sta'es, mounted anil virnisb - ed, or folded in a case ; price 15 dollars, to bti had r above. Jai31 2w PF..YUXG AVAIiEMY. j TO.VSIEUR. MAGLO'.UEhas the honor to If I inform fhp smnns. !r .j u . J ..., 1 lllfn Ull th:it he hat opened a Fem mg Academy at No. 5 Courtlandt - street, where he teachts that uteful and elegant arcomjaJi'hi.irnt. Hoars trow 10 A. AT. to 3 P. M. and from 5 to & in l'. f.t - nin feb 6 lw A stitwndBj pahl. - c ksosc J.ow tn diitirg uith i. tweenthiDMthiit differ. DOCTOR HORNE, formerij of the city of London, ana m.TijIier nf f h faeiiltv - a and turgery there, dcenii it hit da. ty to reicat toroe - onseevationi i the abuse cf MERCUKY. A rash, indiscriminate, and uuqnali - A cca u,e ,H"co'i PM been pmduc. I ""'t misviirei. IllOi - I samii are annually mercurialized out of exist ........ tt uac ui ll - v OWei ltj fa. tal resulti chiefly to thii tource. M What a titv that a young man, Uie hopei of hit conatry, at! the dnriiDg of hie parents, should be in itched a wuy lYom all the jirospects acd enjoyments of life by the consequent es of one unganrded momenL iud by a disease not in its own nature fatal, nJ which only proves so from neglect or impronii treatment." A gentlemar, (late Dr. lk S lient) now perreclly hearty and well, hnd beei under physicians of general practice, six Tea and repeatedly lalivat. d when reconimendedt. Dr. H.(by a gentleman of this city) his bone, were canout, end bit fieth dropping from his friends declared he could not po - tibly srviv ' two tnontht longer. Thousandt experimcabiiil know with what case and safety Dr. H. eradi citei the severest rases, and confirms the coniti tulion. The Doctci'i t lud (advertising) i, n cettary to geard the public against tlie abuse of mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted a nlT vate elisoriler, or luspecting latent poison. Z admonished not to tamper with their coojfJ'B Uon, or conceal the disorder, till past recov." ry ; otherihaving Uie lemains of an old cast or other inipurities of the blood, anvcll as oti? er complaints of a delicate nature, in eithsl sex. should remember posterity, and do iuitir. to their consciences, by u.akine apimcctin. Io Dr. II. at hit old and resp?ctalk ettah lithment, No. 64 Water - ttrctt, four houcs wert of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt anittanci a lone calculated to prevent disclorare. And ber. let me claim your serious attention Remember a superficial cure it no cure at ail; unless fhebu limssis radically done, you will certainly hsv the disorder break out again with redouhied n, lisnity.atsome iutu;e period ; pcrhapt then ty. l.e tcp late for remedy. Do., t you oltcn meet ia the street! miserable, mutilated beings, w;thoul even a bit of nose on their face Take warning - I beseech you. B Dr. H't. character for skill and stubborn intt gri - y being universally known in this city, iinC. 1804, guai ant ee to pi.lients thut delicacy andst. crery hitherto unknown, and having confined his practice fori ears past, exclurively to the cure of diseases of the blood fyiforu, they may safely calculate on the most decided advantages in cos suiting Dr. 11. Gfetts eradicated in twa or three weeks - Slrictuies n moved witlion bougies or aoy oilier instrument : and nil !. h,l,i.. . i;b...r . old ulceration, fistula's ice. A plurality of offices are provided, and to tits, ated that patients are not exposed totach other's observation. Open till half past 9 in tlie evrnim - All rnnr - .n.a,l - r. I ' "S ailing, and speaking wiUi Dr. II. wlijcj if . " ... u... ....v. viuinoi avoid II, mendaOons, and for the derided preference fit is nrrsumpd with lust if .. . . . bi uusi oy a judicious public. . , v 11 A II ut. . .. t,. ... t.n una must uc imsi raid - Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 1 - A. 1 1 ti ER QUA LEERY AOR LVfUal. EVANS' superior J,method of curing ace, tain l)iieae, isnowaniver - v .sMiirjjca in mis tity ; hism'ide oftrentmeot periecuy mild, safe, expeditious, and hit cbargts 'reasormble. In every in - stance be wnrranU a cure, 'uiu win return Uie pay if he doei not crform agreeable to contract. iiisiuuimin'rerr always ohterved. I'linrA a msitv nnnni in 11.;. a. - . i u : 'i win lis vi cinity, laboring under vanoni chronic diseases, such ai cancer, old inveterate vrt, tcrofult or kings evil, fistulas, diseases ofthe urethra, bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaint of a certain nature, bilious and other obttruc - tinn. rhamnnfism - X - e. sl'llieh 4li - : ."" - , j ; .. wtj uiiiuucr lueu - rable, they can certainly be cured (in general), by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 0. reck - iiiD. bavinr nractised in .tuL;..' hospital! in Europe 12 years, under some ofthe first Surgeons and Phyiiciani in tbe world, ana made those obifinate diseasei Lis constant siiulsi ror JU vean. Oct If (W - WHEATON k DA. He, Fancy Chair Manufac turers, No. 153Fulton - itreet, opposite St. Pauls Church, offer for sale, wholesale and retail, a targe and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornament ed in gold h broore. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas. Settees. Loungees, .luic Stools, kc. Ordert from any port of the continent executed with neatness and dispatch. O.d Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13 IXf The mbyrriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement en the artificial spring LF.G, he take thii method of informing hit friends and the public, that all those who are so unfortunate as to be in want of a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 82 WM. PURVIJS. mum mM LEE'S ITCH OLVTMEXT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atone application, may be ated with perfect safety on infants a week old, not contain;og a panicle ol meicury.or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that offensive smell wliith attends tlie application of other remedies. Tho above mediciues are prepared and told at LEE'S Mcdicin Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, , , , , . . s . . n i t - . c e - .. l ..j anu soiu ny V.vubi curucr in r uuvu wu Water - slrccfs. Druggists and country store - kecrtcn supplied on liberal terms. Jan 29 NOTICE, THEco - partnerthip heretofore ex itting between the subscribers, under the firm of llucUry Abbalt, is this day dissolved, by mu fuel rcniMl I1!... ftfTntrs nf ihm rnrrnrn will be settled by Thomas Buckley. Ii3 South - street New - York, 1st mo. 10. IStft. THOMAS UUt.KL.Cl, ROUT. ABBATT, jua. THOMAS BUCKLEY, having taken bit ta Inn. . . tsj t'X - rl.' Dllf'tI CV mm m - partnership, the Commission butipssta will be con'inuedon their accoutit, under 6ro of THOMAS BUCKLEY k SON. 1 mo 14 lin PIANO FORTE f OR SALE. NEW and fathiunable initrumeut, made by one of Uie belt London manutacturers, and in romp We order, will be sold cheap, th r - wner wiflies to leave this city. Enquire at 32 Cedar - street, corner of Broadwaj. Jan31 NEW - YORK : PRINTED ASD PUBLISHED X1CUAEL UURJOiAM k CO. No. 4? PiatviTRiZT.

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