The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 9, 1913
Page 3
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CHRISTMAS SURPRISE By THOMAS L. MASSON. "WANT you to promise me that you. won't give me any Christmas present PUBLIC SALE Thursday, December 11, 1913. Tue uatlejsic'iid. iiiietidiiJi: to yuit funning will otter at Public KaSe all hi« Stock and fanning' Implements on his farm 111 Cumberland township. 5 miles south of Gettjsburjr, and 5 miles Iroui Euiiiutsburjr, and 1-2 mile east ot" Green- inount, on the road leading to tlie liidge Boad, known as the Kuif Farm or Calvin JtSaseboar jarin, the following: SIX HEAD OF HORSES MULES No. 1- Black mare, J-5 years old, ia foal to Hoffman's Jack, a b:;r lieayy t h i s year." Mrs. Whittler looked at } laare. ^ood Itadtr wid fine v.-ork-r. ^o. ber husband emphatically. "I mean ^ Jba _ ^ !eader atd ,,, it, she asserted. , vorker? Xo : ; pair of Baiy Mul^.10 sad "Absolutely." 11 ears old, one a fine Jeadt-r and the! . "And yoa won't jothVra fine oif-=idf worker, an extra j me- any?" re- \good pair. No. ·-. Fair of \\xung ilules,! ' one 1** iuonths old and U»c other 7; months old, both bred irons J=arce parent-; and should go together, lull makt; a pair | of blgheavv mules. j r-.jf.Yjnn Tt r^ * T"i f"IT^ C* i 'I v l"F V I i JbUjili lilLAlJ \jr V^iJLljUTj^ I J j 7 are Holtteiu and a Jersey. 4 of ti»em j » ! %1'sll JJ es- plied Whittler perimentally. "Positively. is it. understood?" ·was just going out, shut the door, came back, and sat down in front o: his "My dear girl," he said, "I ana glad that you have brought this up, because wail h£. ! sale. ive cai \fcss by ihtar tides by day of \ No. 1. Hvein Cow wiih'iier Cth j tali by Iic-r side-, a line ajarked, *.ow and { a good. one. Xo. ±. Very Isir^e llol-teiti J Cow with Sad call by her s-de. No. 3-} I'an Jersey and part Durban ukh berf Lest They Forget. Hunt out the little lame glrJ. ' The poor boj- who Is blind; Hunt out the weary widow "Who thinks the world onklnd; Search down among the hovels Where gladness seldom stray*, And teach the doubting people There still are Christmas daym. You have been busy planning To spread your gifts ^far. To add your fair love-tokens Where Joys and comforts an». But have you In your gladness Bestowed on* kindly thought Oa those isrlio sit : n darliaess. Whose crusts are dearly bought? Tour heart is full of kindness. You hear the anthems saag An4 gaze up at the windows "Where ribboned wreaths are hunj; You've-he^rd the sv/eer old story Witn-reverence retold-Bat there are hungry children * Where ali is dark "and cola. Hunt ctt the little lame giri. - The poor ooy Tvho !s- blind: Hunt out the weary widow Y,"ho ihlnk^ tht v.orld unkind; Go do«n among the \Jeus:s Of chance and greed asd crioi* And cause them to ivEjember That this is Chrsscmas time. STONIACH SUFFERERS 1 Mayr's Wirterfnl StoMch ReMdy and Praised by Who Mars ·estered * Send It By The Boxl I was a sick TMan for 12i r e e eaonliKS caused from Gall Stones of the Liver and was toid three of oar most prors- ,IBen£ phrsic-aos that I wouM have to subnet to 'an operation to get teSei. ;but ceard of TOUT Wonderful Siorsach ' Reioedy asd j secired a fell treatiseat i and took it according to · directions a_n d p a s s e d t Jilindrtds o£ Ga'l Stx2£. i Sioee taiisg o-jr rseds- I cine I work regtJarly and.j £on*t 5eel asT HI ercts- I ar^ praisasg vocr RensesSy to all my friends. I tb-nk it's : worthy of tie highest praiie. B. L. DOO- j UEY, K«»«Bol», Vau** | SuSerers of Stomach. L£\er and Istes-inal i Ai523ents are sot a^i-ed to take Mayr'* i Wonderful Stomach Krmedr for weels aad icosths before tbcy feel bcaeSted. Just try- one dose-- iraieh sfcoaM n?'« e yoa feel better I ia I:a5th, convince yoa that yoa wCl soon i be we'i and strong, free yoa from paia and j ssjSering and gire von a. so^nd a^d heaitby J StorsMb. as si ?*" done in thosisand* of other j i cases. \Vhererer it is tal-a oa n-il! hear j s nothing but tae highest praise. Go to o«:r | - druggist--as3c cizn about the great resdts :t t bas been accorapSisiusg in case^ of people he ] 1 knows or icnd to Ceo. H. Mar, Mfs. Cfcecs- ! I 1st, 15*-I56 Waiting St.. Chicago. I1L. for 3 j 1 free book on Stomach A^saenti and i ryk*, -\O-. | e»n * Hoi^ein liuli, lit for he will make- a veiy IzLre smxiv Htlfcr -S moniL.« -ul. « p » n nv wnrc; -SExEN HE.-.DOFHOGS 2 brood =o»vs will ua\e p;x3 ty sides, one uk» 1-t litter, tht- other with other anything; then, just before Christmas, we sneak out, and each of us buys the other a present. This year- it ·will be the same. We will promise faithfully not to do it; but, just as sure as fate, -we shall break our word." "In vjew of this alarming fact, that we are apparently the slaves of a. yearly habit, what have you to sug-1 gestr { "Simply this--that we each of us j agree now to buy the other a present." j n ,- w one X». s; and No.iX "1 know that you will ^et me some- | }icC«ruiIcb Hay Kak*.-. Su-ferivr j,*ahi thing I don't want!" j dri'l. doU !e rev/ Eujcrtoii c^ra worker, Joiow that yon. will do the double and ainj:!^ shovel i!o«=. eiiltiva- Et isn't that whac we have tor, !Lrc harrow, laud roller, double row beautifal cabinet for the din- THIUCG Ils beautiful, isst it? did I pay for it?" , h_r,i liuer, I Poland China BOJW '-·-- 1 for s/r vies, 4 sljoii,- 1 , will v.eijjh ;:fK»ut 00 i IU. | FARM 3IACHIXERY of ALL KINDS "And I same; but been doing all along?" "Then I don'c see that we hare gained anything." "Haven't we? Why not? Aren't we doing it openly? Think of the moral uplift!" ilrs. Whittler shook her head. -1 don'c agree Trith you." she said. "I rhi^y it would be much better for us to select ourselves the presents we want. If you like, you can come with me while I get mine." "Xonsense! · That won't do at alL It is absolutely necessary lor us to carry out the element, of surprise. There is some sneaking, contemptible trait in human nature which makes us want, once a year, to surprise others. That is at the basis of ail Christmas giving. It's a kind of impulsive, Irresponsible attitude which impels us to buy something that we delude ourselves into believing^ the recipient: Is crazy for; while aH the time we ought to know that It's probably the last thing on earth he or she .wants. Would you rob us both of this Sendish pleasure? Never! The only thing to do is to be natural- I therefore announce to you. that T. am going to surprise you with a present; and you must promise to do "the same with me." . .Mrs. "Whlttler considered. "Well/' she said at last, "T suppose that is really the best thing for us to do, and I here. Taj agree to do it." When Christmas eve caine, therefore--the time when, the Whittlers were accustoraed to "spring" their annual surprises-each of them bore that perfectly confident ana Identically joyful air which usually preceded the presentation of something we think the other person pag been longing for. Whittler advanced with a sm2e. "My dear," he said, "I have the surprise of a lifetime for you." "Oh, do tell me!" said Ilrs. Whirtler, with a hypocritical air of gaiety and anticipation, although inwardly she shrank from the ordeaL 'T know It Is something th3£ I want!" ·"-"What do you suppose It is?" her husband cheerfully Inqulred- -"HaTen't the least idea." : "Well--It is--It is--guess!" .- "On, I couldn't! Tell me, quick!" "Well, It's absolutely nothing. Now, isn't that a surprise?" Mrs. Whittler burst into tears. " "You horrid thing'" she exclalraed. "I shall never forgive yen!" "But--" "Don't you know that It Isn't the" -value of the thing. I might not have liked it; but the thought that yon had tried to please me would have been everything. I dida't do that to yoa!" Whittler, beside himself with sudden remorse, sprang to her side. "I was only joTdag," he exclaimed "breathlessly. "Bonest, I was only jok- Ink. What have you scot for me?"' She drew from a neighboring closet a dressing-sack, over which Whittler j went fcito raptures, all the time feeling like a criminal. Then, with a solemn air, he drew from his pocket a twenty- dollar bili. "If yoa doa't like It;'.' he said, "you can exchange it for something else." 7 . Mrs. Whittle- shook her fcead- "You didn't Intend to give It lo ine, and I'm not going to take It now," she said. "It was an aiterthocght," She folded It rap and put it back Into his waistcoat pocket. * 'Til forgive you this time," she sinlled; "but remember, my dear, that. It is very much better to go on year after year giving each other things that we don't want than to atteiapt to break up an old "habit; which, after all, foolish as it seems, is founded upon a genuine human sentiment."' 'CCopyrJgat, b7 the Frank A. Munsey Co.) O LD Christmas fare did not include the turkey, cow the modern Christmas bird. Is the olden days a roasted peacock took us place on the festive board. se ora piantt-r. 2 spring toutii harrow?. 2 farm V.T-«OJIS for 2 and 4 horst-, 2 sc-is hav ladders IS it. lone, whebarrow, pitch ar.d !nc:c forkb. (fung bc-^k, hay fork ant! I--5 i:. of rope, good as new. 8 ft. pruning b'Xik:, Euipire KIn«r spraying -yatSt with Ku naHon tank, i gof-d of front prars. 2 sets bieecb- i.. £.,oi a::-l heavy, briiHe? aad bal- ·~ ja-ars veix- ail new when I 5cst?oii3, all bonic-iaatJe. !ea-I and ch^ck. line^, set of onjigv harness, jockey stick, single and doable trees, 1 spreadeis, breast, bure aci lojr chains, --rrain cradle. f-J buahels ·i corn bv tue LisJie!.. fodder by the bundle, and a lot of articles to numerous to uiC-ntion. Sa'fc to be«in at 10 o'clock. A. 31- A cr*«:it of JO month yiill be given on all of S-3. and o^/er. J, I. MC.MPER- Auct. A. Miller. Clerk. Grad-o£ I will be IE Get ET.-'O u r g every Tuesday a t Pe n ro 3 · Myers 5 Jewelr, Store. W.K.DEvEXE Pomf ert St.,Carlisle. GEFTTSBUEG MABEET3 1 Prices at the Gettysburg, warehonse coi- reared ?a3v by C- MUtoaWolI, Jr.. Sac- c^ssor to J. Geo- Wolr = Sons Co. PerB, S"e^- Dry Wheat . ..... ....... S« - ert-EarCom ........ -% .......... Co Rye ................ '- ............ '"Dais · '- - ________ ____ -^ tETAJi: PBICES Per IOC Badger Dairy Feed Coarse Spring Bran .............. 1.Z-- Sand Packed Bran - Z-- 3.4C Corn and Oats Chop ....... ·; ....... 1-4-z Shoiccaker Stock Fooc .............. 1.^ Wiute Middlings ............. I-*Re! Middlings .................. l-= - Duty. One sound a!v.ays comes to the ear ihs.1. is open; it is the steady drud- beac of Duty. Xo music in ii, perhaps--only a dry rub-a-dub. Ah, but that steady beat marks the time of the ·whole orchestra of earth and heaves- It says to you: "Do your tvork--do the duty nearest you!" Keep step to that drum-beat, and the dullest march is takin; restored. letters iron people who have been j FORSALE The People's Drug Store Husband's Hair i If It Is Thinning Out or Full cf Dandruff, Use Parisian Sage. Most men are careless regarding the care of the hair--not until It comes j out bv the combful do they really take j notice. Then it may be too late. _ ,, . If vour husband's hair Is getting: yoa norne.--George S. f er-1 -jj: n -"if |. e has dandruff or the scalp i Itches and bums--take Immediate ac. jtion: do not le'c him become a bald- PUBLIC SALE ! Q et -from People's Drug- Store a. 50 of Valuable Real Estate and [cent bottle of Parisian Sage. Rub ! well into the scalp ever;.- night. The George Kump, deceased, in Tovmship. Adams County, near Grove, the following WI!- i Parisian Sage is a delightful and In- 1 vigorating hais tonic for men. -women ; and children. It is a scientific preparation based on a thorough knowledge Four'beds and beddings, bottom chairs. 20 yds. rag carpet. a 2 e good cook stove, tea olate stove, tubs. tv.-o Iron kettles, benches, butchering PUBLIC SALE cools, plates, dishes, forks, and kitch- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13.1913. an utensils, canned fruit, vinegar, ap-j oles, potatoes, corn, barrels. toTMels. table "clorhs. napkins, quilts, comforts. wedges, nlllows, shovels, axes. sa\vs. -xec chains. c.: also lot of chickens, ana hogs, crocks. lard. cans, pictures. two copper kettles, glass--are, queens- are and many other articles zoo_nu- erous to inention. A credl's._of four Giving to my Intention to discontinue the business I 'will sell at my stable In Biglerville, my entire livery stock and nxcofes, as follows: S head of livery horses In age from 7 to 11 years, Dayton wagon. 4 top buggies. 1 rubber tire top buggy, home made; 1 rubber tire runabout. Blocher j merous to mention. A crea.s._oL iour and Soas nl2 t e _ nea rl" new:" 1 good! months on all purccases o^. 5.00 " ^ over - " - . . . IT used: 2 buggv poles. 5 sets of single At the same time ana. piace tlie 101-! t arnes ^_ neiRr S et of double harness, lowirtc'real estate will be oITered, viz:- | jyi ^feese "ame^^ have o^v beep us a d All the Tract of land, known as the | a g hort 3^6." New riding" saddle and **** b .*^- -,.__,. -_ ^-- - » I £i ailJJI. L IJllIiC- i.'HtSV* JLAMUi^ SJS.MV.IC tfi^JU George Kump farm, sitnats in Jr ranK- ; Dr -:dle. check lines, single driving lines, an Township. Adanis County. Pa. near " - - w Illo"^" Grove, about Vwo miles from Cashtown. adioining lands of Sharrah Bros- Wm. -Forsythe. Peter Kump. Aay Lochbaum farm, and others, containing about 62 acres more or less, anoroved with a two-story log weath- srboarded house, frame stable and out biuldlrigs- Tnis property is located i mons Apple Bei'c. with 175 trees." (from which was in tne la- bearing two sets of hames and traces nearly new; 5 good collars, baggy whips. S horse blankets, 6 of. them, all wool: 4 robes, tie ropes, halters, collar pads, curry combs and ^brushes, Stewart Hay by the articles not mentioned- Sale to commence~at 12:30 sharp. 6 months credit on sums over 5 dollars by giving a note with, approved se- horse clipping macSine. ton. feed box and many tiye Chop Balel Cc §7.50 [-er ton Cement ----- SI.-K' t-er bbl Cotton Seed 3Ieal Ton -. - - :32.00 ~" Hundred -- 1-65 Per bbl. Floor 84-SC Wesie-r- Fiour 6.0C Per b- mseat ?1-0( Shelled Corn *fe Ear Cons. JO Elective November 16, 1S13. tffi WMEMIMOLAID BAIL!Al 8:56 A. 31. Daily Except Sunday foj Baltimore. Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. M. DaUy for Hagerstown, Waynesboro, Chambersbrcrg, Hancock, Cumberlandj Pittsburgh and Chicago also Elkins, W. Ya- 12:25 P. 31. for HighSeld and intermediate stations. 2:5o P. 31- for York, Baltimore and Intermediate Points. 5:36 P- 31- DaSy except Sunday for B. and H. Division Points tc HighSeld, also Hagerstovra, Wavnesboro, Chainbersbarg and Shlppensl)iirg. £.13 New Oxford, Hanover, and intermediate szatior.s. otner frait trees, sucn as cnerry. i T jj e un( iersIoTied- plums. pears C. in bearing condition. " °" worth of apples this year): also lot of; other f mlt trees, such as cherry, i ri: ^ This property is nicely located, fair state of cultivation, with plenty of good never-failing springs at baild- lugs, and umber for fire wood- It is convenient to church, school and market and will make a most desirable home- Possession can be given at any time. Terms of sale: 2o per cant, on dav of sale or purchaser's note with aporoved security, and balance April 1st. 1914. Sale will begin at 10 o'clock 3 LAWRENCE EU3IP- Atty-In-facc for the heirs of George and Katherine ivuir.D. deceased, Biglerville. Pa. George ilartz. Auctioneer. ^ __ .._ _^_._ _,, sola -600.00 | cari tv. Further terms and conditions e ma d e known on dav o^ sale bv Thompson. Auctioneer. C. C. Bream, Clerk. R- M. WOLFE. Horn in For Sale se and Lot Orrtanna. Apply John C. Hamilton Buford avenue, Gettysburg. dealers clean pure, healthful WRIGLEYS CAUTION that are not even real chewin principally by street candv departments We are inserting the ". above caution solely to ^ urotect our costoiners. . . ·-~tvlio are continually writ- ins us that they have b«ea deceived by imitations whicii f ~ ' - thev purchased' were WRIGLETS. they Real Estate like to add a few farms to oor list o! Real Estate for sale. If yon bsve any that yoa _ would like to scl! ar.d place^ hi the bands of a Real Estate] Agents, vre \rili be «Iad to handle same for yrai: ro matter whether large or snaail or where located. Or if yon want to bnj any Real Estate, call on or address Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents ;er- 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. PUBLIC SALE Of personal perDerty of Harry L. Milter, D^oes-sed On Thursday, December 13, 191 At his "ate residence Meade's Bead OUR TWENTY-SIXTH Christmas Anniversary Finds us with a better assortment for the gift buyers than we have ever had the opportunity to offer before. Among the many articles that are always useful and acceptable are--Table ! Silver, Solid and Plated Ware; Cut Glass, Se viceable pieces for daily use; Toilet Sets, Comprising Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, Etc. Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases. WATCHES of every size and description, open face thin models and the old reliable hunting-case kind. All the prominent well advertised makes. A Special Line of Ladies' Elgin and Waltham Watches in 20 year guaranteed cases ior only $12.00. A Solid Silver Handled UMBRELLA makes a useful and iastine £riit- VVe are anxious to have you see ^ O our beautiful selections in Silks and less expensive materials. THE STUDIO Quarters K mile from Gettysburg on t h e j Tawneytown road. 3 he following to wit Antiqnt 1 hish pos£ bead stead, bead *tead and spring?, "2 bnreans. 20 yards carpet, extension table. 2 kitchen cno- j boards, cook stove and fixtnies good as | new, cooking ntensels. folding bed and j sprinscood'as new, table and lounge,; antique"clock,wood stove, 2 kegs vinegar, j sacsage grinder and stuffer, ·wheelbarrow i arain cradle, lawn mower, carpenter tools \ forks.hoe?. rake?, cord of sawed wood, · 15 cane?, 21an,p?, 10muskrattrap«,desk. I stock, one horse wag'ii and many articles ! too numerous !o mention, talc to btgin at l oMoc'x P. iL Jolin"M. Bloiher Andnistrator. XJnder the Cdanagemorit of Is Better Equipped than ever to make you your Christmas Photographs and why not give your best friends a picture of yourself. Photographs for $2, $3, £4 OP w 11 solvf the gift problem. Mai e an appointment at the STUDIO C A BLOCHER, PUBLIC SALE SATURDAY. DECEMBER 20, 1913. The undersigned will _sell at public ber, one fresh the middle of Xovem- ing; of one family mare ic foal to' ber: 1 will be fresh in i- ebruary: two March's Jack. This mare is fearless of, Holstein heifers supposed to have al! road objects an \ works wherever - ;alves by their side by day of sale; 2 ·hed; one bav marc colt, three ' calves six months old, o-ie a heifer the C ·*» W i W - i ·-« - ·«·»»*-·*.·-- · 7 ^~ . » ,, T » " l 1_ * · - - « * T "* · ' * " _ _ 1 ^ fT»l * idence, in Franklin Township, Aa- years oia; I blaciC horse c s Co., Pa., on the road leading from i years old, bred from St. Juliu rtenna to Cashtown about midway dnv-.nsr mare: 1 black mule c sale in order to reduce his stock, at his hitched residen ams , - - - , Orrtanna to Cashtown about midway be'tween the two places, about one mile southwest of Flohr's Church on {the John P. Butt farm, the following: ' 5 head of horses ar.d mules consist- colt, two Julius and my colt, seven nionVh? old, bred from the family mare mentioned above; 1 good vror.k mule. 7 head of cattle consisting: of 3 cows; 1 Holstein was fresh in Orto- other a Holstein bull calf. The above Holstein cattle are all Xew York State bred. S fine young sheep; 6 shoats. Sale to commence at one o'clock, when terms will be made known bv CURTIX McGLAUGHLIN ; 'SFAFLRI :WSPAPLRI

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