The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
Page 12
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l *^i?^'^?fe^3!^ i ^'ft^1^^ 2 M'*^J^^^ ? 'w^ aAAAiifeSSfcfe^j££ii'K{£i33££i£fe3S^ SS^Sts^;Xi^S£3^3^jffiSl!^S:AS±^^fea^r^^s£^^i" si TWELVE MASON ClTY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 · 1937 ' QUIET HOMES IN DEMAND IN BOTH EUROPE AND 0, S, Building Practices Lean to Perfecting So-Called House of Silence. A "House of Silence" has been devised in Germany for persons seeking relief from noise. Floors are made of rubber, doors are un- slammable, locks and switches cannot click, and no radios are permitted.! The apartment building containing these sound eliminators was completely rented even before the foundations were laid. While the United States, as fai- ns,is known, has no counterpart of Germany's "House of Silence," the modern home, - through careful planning and construction, judicious choice of building materials, and wise selection from the wide range of equipment and machinery offered on the market may be freed from many unpleasant and nerve racking noises. Insulation for Avails. The insulation of walls may make -them practically sound proof; windows and doors correctly fitted will avoid rattling; the floors, too, may be constructed to promote the deadening of sound tlM: use of modern plumbing and heating equipment all combine to reduce noises formerly considered a necessary nuisance in the operation of a home. Such a house could be cc._ structed under the insured mort- . gage system of the federal housing administration. Every house constructed under this system is inspected by federal housing representatives to be assured that materials and workmanship meet specifications. Even the location must be passed upon in order to determine if the neighborhood is Electric Motor Repairing 1 By Experienced Men New Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 306 2nd St. S. W. Phone 377 price i, make U R L I B E R A L F I N A N C E P L A N Everything points to higher That's the reason it's wiic t all ncccuary home repairs at once. The new low-rate W c y c r h ic us cr financing plan makes the money mat' tcr iimpfc. ~OJUf M O N T H L Y P A Y M E N T S W I T H A L L D E T A I L S A R R A N G E D F O R Y O U Webster Lumber Incorporated Phone 808 Pleasant Room for Study in Basement Meservey Company Wins Cash on Sales Program Bliss Marsraret/lVolf of New York was the designer of this attractive basement study room. The tone is set by the exposed joists on the ceiling of the room carried out in the general decorative scheme 'for Hie study. Plaster board is used to cover the wall, but ·this board has been finished with a pine surface to give a sturdy modern air to the retreat. The furniture is gray, but It Is trimmed In while, and chocolate brown flecked with Kelly green In the upholstery. satisfactory at the time of building and that the prospects foi stability or improvement are good. Aside from a convenient comfortable home offering a pleasant habitation, it should hold promise of a good investment. Increase Expected. It is estimated that during the year 1937 there will be a 40- pel- cent increase in residential construction. The person with an average income will be wise to give consideration to the insured mort- ^ e system o f t h e federal hous- ng administration. Through 'this method of modern home buying e may pay for his home in regu- ar monthly payments, reducing his indebtedness with each installment which includes a portion of jrincipal, interest, mortgage in- urance, fire or other hazard in- urance, service fee and taxes. These payments may extend iver a 20 year period under cer- ain circumstances. There is but one mortgage, the buyer knows ust what payments he is expected o make and when; second and bird mortgages with their worry and expensive financing are elimi- lated. He may enjoy the home while he is paying for it and without the necessity of making a large down payment. A loan for as much as 80 per cent of the appraised value of the property and up to $161000 may be obtained. Household Effects 9 RUGS 9 DRAPES © C U R T A I N S « FURNITURE Can Be C a r e f u l l y Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOW PHONE 788 Spring Remodeling Plans Plan Your Spring Remodeling NOW Let us help you make your home more comfortable, more convenient, more attractive. MASON CITY MILLWORK CO. Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHtNG OF WOOD" Phone 155 Corner 4fh and Monroe S. W. Those dainty expensive Bedspreads of yours should be entrusted only fo the Dry Cleaner's skill and pains. We'll Dry Clean yours s k i l l f u l l y , carefully, beautifully. LYONS LYONS CLEANERS P H O N E 600 -- L A U N D E R E R S -- F U R R I E R S Shower Head Design is Subject of Study 1 Hfousing Experts Investigate OUTSIDE METER SAVES BOTHER Advantageous Place Should Be Selected Before Wiring Home. In wiring a new home or rewir- ng a home already erected, the election of the most advantageous ocation for the electric meter is iten quite a problem, due to the lousekeeper's desire to keep it out if the habitable rooms and yet lave it accessible so that the neter-reader may reach it with- ut difficulty. Electrical manufacturers and he power companies have come to ho aid of architects and liousc- vivcs .by introducing waterproof meters which may be exposed to the weather and attached to an outside wall of the. house in a nonconspicuous location. They operate satisfactorily in such a location and are more convenient for the meter-reader, saving him time if the occupants are not 'at home and at the same time relieve the housewife of his periodic journeys through the interior of the house in order that the meter may be read. Such details as this are worth considering when planning construction of a home under the insured mortgage system of the Federal Housing administration. Brick Walls for Recreation Room One basement recreation room achieved an unusual effect by keeping the brick walls that were used in the rest of the cellar. The bricks were painted alternate col- lors. Homes built under the insured mortgage system of the Federal Housing administration may have recreation rooms in basemen! or attic, if-the owner chooses, .Trends in Manufacture of Fixtures. With the increasing popularity if the shower bath either as ari ac- -essory to the regular batli tub or s an individual bath, considerable tudy has been given to the proper design of the shower head and also o the methods by which the water emperature is controlled. There is a noticeable trend on he part of manufacturers of hower fixtures-to develop shower leads which are either self-clean- ng or are very easy to clean by he mere tprning of a nut; while t the same time their design is uch that they give a pleasant and nvigorating spray and consume ess water than the common spray .ead. These new types of shower leads are particularly desirable "or locations where" the saving of vater is important or where sup- ilies of hot water are limited, and .hey will usually be found satis- THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALI, WOKK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd 'S. W. Mason City, la. WHEN YOU Use · BUILD · R E P A I R · REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement ·' For Beaufy · Permanence · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Co. General Offices. Gth Floor First National Bank Blilg. factory. Also, from the study that has jeen given to shower-bath design, there have developed the newer types of water-temperature control which allow for the adjustment of the water temperature by the usual hand valves as the watei flows into the bath tub and then by the throwing of a lever the flow of water is diverted from the tub spout to the shower spray. The danger of scalding is lessened anc the shower bather may be sure that the water will be at the desired temperature when he steps under the spray. Such modern equipment is eligible in homes constructed under file insurer mortgage system of the Federa Housing administration.- ROOM'S PURPOSE CONTROLS COLOR Amount of Reflected Ligh Needed Established by Demands on Vision. The choice of colors in painting home interiors should be governec by the purpose for which a to bu used and the consequen amount of reflected light needed Where no difficult tasks, making demands upon vision, are · to be performed a much lower level o illumination is permissible than ir rooms where reading or othei close work is done. Deeper colors having a low re* flection value may be used appro priately and with good effcctMn dining rooms, living rooms, o bedrooms. In rooms where writing reading, and sewing are done, in kitchens, bathrooms, workshops etc., only light colors for .walls arc desirable, supplemented by ceilings o£ white or ju»t off-white tint. White ceilings reflect the great est amount of window light anc assure its even diffusion. The painting and decoration o homes may be accomplished will funds advanced by private finan cial institutions insured by the Federal Housing administration. Correct this sentence: "He is no good,", said the rich father "though I did everything possibl to make a man of him."--Daven port Times. A little faultfinding comes nnt uratly with love of country.--Cc clar Jlapirts Gazelle.- CARE IN HEATING AVOIDS REPAIRS r irst Costs to Be Weighed Against Expense of Operation. People who buy low-priced louses generally live on a close budget. This means that unex^ jected expenses are a serious con- ideration, and, while the expendi- ure of a few dollars more or less s important in the purchase of ·eal- estate, the initial expense is ess troublesome than the cost of upkeep and repairs. Particularly in the field of heat- ng equipment should first cost be veighed against costs of opera- ion and maintenance. Unless the leating system of a house is adequate the purchaser will soon become dissatisfied. Recent years have witnessed -important improvements in design and and operation of furnaces. Types of central heating plants now available may be classified as warm air, hoi water, steam, and vapor. Radiator- heating equipment has improved in design, appearance, economy ol operation and maintenance, anc in the addtiion of winter air-conditioning. Houses that are financed undei the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing administration have been inspected and mee the requirements of the Housing administration. In these houses the heating system must be adequate. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q. Twice now the liinees of our garage doors have been lorn loose by the wind. Isn't there some way this can be prevented? A. An open garage door offers a large surface to the wind, and if strong enough, the wind wil rip the screws out of almost any door that stands open. The installation of doors that slide up overhead in the garage woulc solve your problem. Or, it you do not w a n t to go to this expense you can sink posts well into the ground so that the doors may be hooked to them when they are opened. This is only a precaution and would not be positive protection. Q. Our house is about a year nnd a half old and the plaster around the c h i m n e y has cracked aulle badly. The chimney seems to have risen, as Hie hearth nC the fireplace on the second floor is about a half an inch higher than the floor. What should we do about It? A. The trouble is probably the shrinkage of, the wood frame o the house rather than the rising of the chimney. Unless the foundation of the chimney is above the frost line, it is hardly likelj that it could rise. All wooc frames, howcver,-shrink to sonv extent, and when they do when they come in contact with lh masonry chimney that does no shrink something must give ant this is usually the plaster. Th framing should be quite independent of the chimney, but evidently in your house it is not. Tin only thing you can do is wai until the cracks seem to have reached a stage where they an not getting any larger and then have them cut out and filled. I WOMEN CREATE HOME MARKETS "'otential List of Owners .of Low-Cost Homes Is Large. WASHINGTON, D.' C.--T h e opulation of the United States in 930, according to the census, was .22,775,046. O£ this number, it vas estimated that 10,752,116 were 'female gainful workers" engaged n all industries. Undoubtedly a large proportion of these women are financially able o own homes of their own and lave the natural desire to do so. However,-they do not realize that lome ownership is possible to hem through the Federal Housing administration's program. Field is Large. If even half the professional vomen alone--listed as 1,526,234 the 1930 census--purchased lomes under the :ystem, there would be many at- ractive, comfortable, convenient new homes added to many sections of the country and many women 'ar happier for owning them. The modern woman does not differ materially from her grandmother in her wish to be at the lead of a well-regulated hoitse- lold. -The main difference is that he present-day woman has varied nteresfs, recreation, and duties and must divide her time accord- ngly. This requires a home ef- iciently planned, with drudgery eliminated as far as possible, and he use of time saving devices, machinery, and equipment. Ease of management. Fortunately builders and archi- ects have a vast market of mate- ials to call upon in constructing a tome to facilitate ease of management. Walls decorated in washable paint or readily cleaned wall- )aper; linoleum or applied floor covering making kitchen, halls, and bathroom floors easy to keep clean; simplified laundries and "urnace rooms with modern heat- _ng, the last word in lighting, and Jlumbing with supplementary fix- .ures, and all the required details are added to make a satisfactory louse. A compact house built for comfort and pleasant living, without unnecessary work, is the result. The woman employed frequently has hobbies or pastimes in which she is interested after working hours. If she writes, a special study may be planned for that purpose, or she may want a sewing room, music room, card, or general recreation room. mortgage Possible. The mortgage on her new home may be whatever her means or inclination allow up to 516,000, provided it is not more than 80 per cent of the appraised value of the property. Regular monthly payments, including interest, repayment of principal, mortgage-insurance premium, and service fee, together with taxes and fire insurance, are appropriated over a period up to 20 years under certain circumstances. In some instances this amount may be less than the prospective buyer is now paying for rent. Private financial institutions approved by the federal housing administration advance the necessary mortgage loan. Woodford-Wheeler Firm Is Tenth in Nation-Wide Contest. The Woodford-Wheeler Lumber company, Mescrvey, h a s been awarded tenth prize, $25 in cash, in "The Dealer Rebuilds America," prize contest in which lumber and supply dealers all over the country participated. The contest was sponsored by ''Building Supply News;" Chicago, national business publication for lumber and material dealers. The purpose of the contest was to obtain information as to the best .sales programs being used by retail building supply dealers throughout the country, including organization and direction of sales forces, sales training and supervision of sales efforts, financing h o m e construction, advertising and general sales promotion. Originality Demonstrated. Ten prizes in all were awarded for the entries which, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrated Ihe greatest originality anil resourcefulness in promoting the construction of new homes and buildings as well as modernization and repairs. The first prize, a one and one-half ton Dodge truck was won by the Norfolk Lumber company, Stoughtpn, Mass. The second prize, $100 in cash went to C. A. Stuck and Sons, while Stebbins-Anderson Co., Towson, Md., took third prize, $75. Judges of the contest were George W. LaPointe, Jr., president of the National Lumber Dealers association; John M. Stoner, president of the National Federation of Builders Supply associations and William D. Flanders, deputy commissioner, Federal Housin administrator, Washington, D. C. Use of Advertising. The Woodford-Wheeler entry outlined the merchandising activities of the company, its efforts in promoting construction and the various means of advertising employed. One of the facts on which all entries in tire contest were judged was the use made by the dealer of newspaper advertising. T h e e f f e c live utilization o f newspaper advertising by the Woodford-Wheeler Lumber company was one of the determining reasons for the selection of this entry as a winner in the contest. HARDWARE NEED NOT BE EXPENSE TO BLOCK PLANS Low-Cost Homes Constructed With Less Expensive Finish. The finish hardware in a house the door knobs, hinges, etc.--vary greatly in price and appearance, and while expensive hardware is very nice and should be included in an expensive home, it would be foolish to spend a lot for this item in a house where every penny counts. Of course, very cheap locks are not good economy, because they will not last, but a lock with good mechanism and inexpensive finish is satisfactory in houses of: small or moderate cost. Interior door hinges or butts, as they are known in the trade, need not be of solid brass but may be.of iron or steel which can be painted the same color as the doors. These iron butts are well made and quite inexpensive and, in the opinion ot some authorities, look even better than the more conscipuous brass one's. For interior doors there are lock sets that require no keys, and while these are slightly more expensive than the ordinary type, they require less labor to install, and where skilled labor is high they are no more expensive in place than the usual typo locks. They can be locked and unlocked by pressing a button in the center of the handle. Door knobs, if possible, should be of. solid brass, or glass or china. The plated knobs, while they make a good appearance, arc apt lo get shabby with long use. China knobs ate quite inexpensive and easily kept clean. Outside hardware should be of noncorrosive metal, as it must stand the weather, and if rust sets in the wood to which it is fastened will bp badly discolored. Whatever happened to the pul- chritudomeler, an invention that might have been expected to determine definitely whether beauty is only sltin deep?--Kewanec Star- Courier. Colored Pipes Make · Identification Easy Proper identification of pipe.and valves is essential to good build-' ing management. This may be accomplished by painting t h e m distinctive colors--for instance, hot water supply, red; cold, blue; waste lines, yellow; vent pipes, blnclc. A small amount of time will be necessary for this work, which may be done while painters are busy in the building, and the results in convenience will well repay the effort and nominal- expense. Private financial institutions insured with t h e - Federal Housing administration advance credit for such purposes. St. Valentine's Day Is Tomorrow! Order Flowers Today From Keniblcs Greenhouse Main O l f i r n 12M S. F«dr»l PH. ." D n i v n l o w n Shop 1 W. Slats Ph. lit So many, when praying, like "gimme" much better than the longer word, "thanksgiving."--Du- bucjuc Telegraph-Herald. iSO'UCSx. o. oaimen. SHEPHERD'S PAINT WALLPAPER 16 FIRST STREET S-.6 ZORIC Dry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners IT'S P H O N E 22 \ It is true that familiarity breeds contempt. Radio--first a miracle, than a nuisance.--Kevyanee Star- Coiiricr. FREE ESTIMATE If you want fo know what your Plumbing or Heating job ,wiH cost, have Puth give you a free estimate. J. C. Puth Co. 2021/2 North Federal Ave. It costs less to hove COAL HEAT C Did yoe know that the new Pur- bnkj-Morie DcLaxc aotomiitic Moker bums (be lowest price rizej of co*L.' often uriafc: home owners more ibia 50 Jt on fuel costs? Since it prorfdci: complete combvitioa, it acts c**rr last bit of httt out oC crcrr pound of coal. Oeto. Quj«./l*A3CTtfrrc. Rcqctm only a hoppecful of coal lo st*rt it on id job of delrreriflff dependable, eren heal to yout home til winter *t ao non really low fuel coif. Aik as lo tdl TOO more ftbont wh»c this remarkable new jtofccr c«a da in j««r home--intl ihont the cnrvtenicflt p»Ttneot pltra that will help it ra poj for iutu ont Of JiTJORt. CHAPIN-O'NEIL, Inc. 302 So. Monroe Phone 1606 SPECIAL PRICES ON Plumbing and Heating J. F. GARVEY CO. 19 First Sfreef N. Ei Phone 158 LET US ESTIMATE . . . . Any Plumbing, HeaHng, or Sheet MetaE Improvements You Plan On. Kelroy Fuel 8 Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441

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