Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 4, 1931 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1931
Page 12
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12 !!· '·m PAVING PROJECT NEAR ROCKWELL LET TO BRYANT Henkel Gets Stretch in Kos : ,sntlij Emmet to Pave , . · -No. 9. The Bryant Paving company of Watetloo .was awarded the contract for the paving- ,qf five miles of prl- nmty road for the relocation of the Jefferson highway In the southern part of Cerro Gordo'cdunty, known as-'the "Rockwell · cutoff. : The' lettin°- was held by the highway: commission at Ames -Tuesday. · ' · . . " The .Waterloo concern's bid was $1.88 : a square yard, one of the lowest bids of r the season. The Bryant COUGHING ^·'you get almost instant re- Soe Uef with one swallow of -60o THOXINE SOLO BY HUXTABLE DRUG CO. company is to furnish all of the materials, including cement. · Dozen Contractors Bid. ·. /Approximately.a,dozen contratqrs bid for this project, a'ccording to F. K. Preston, assistant district engineer in charge of construction,' who attended, the letting-. The Bry"ant company's bid totaled 5146, 812.82. . . ' The work of grading for .the new pavement will be started soon, while the actual payement will start about July 1, according ' t o 'Mr. Preston. Most of the right-of-way for the new road has been purchased^ There remain, however,'two or three parcels.'of land condemned. Bridge' contracts for this stretch of highway will be let sometime in the future. The'.Cerro Gordo pavement was ?art of a-total of · more'than 65 miles of pavement-bid on at Antes Tuesday. The largest paving pro- ect involved in the letting was i 23 miles on No. 9 in Emmet county, for ^ which the Hallett Paving com- any of Crosby, Minn., was the low bidder. This concern's bid was $1.70 a square yard, the state to supply he cement. The bid totaled $469 10.25. Henkel low Bidder. v The Henkel Construction corn- any of Mason .City wag low bidder or 6.155 miles of primary road No. from Swea City west to the Emet county line. Henkel's bid was 129,702.13,. the basis price being MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZEVre $1.62 a square yard, the state to supply the cement* E. J.,Wilson and. Son, ' Omaha was the low, bidder for the grading- of seven miles of road No. 105 from St. Ansgar west. ^- WHAT A WELCOME! Silver Wedding Is ;. ..'. Obsetyed Near Britt GOLDETELD, March 4,--Mr. and Mrs. 'Penn -Eckles of near'.. Britt, former,- residents here, '· observed' .their silver we dd ing anniversary. at their farm home with .25 relatives from here in at tendance.;. William McCutcheon, father of Mrs. Eckles, was unable to attend. The following from here-attended: Mrs,,.William McCutcheori, Sr.', Mr. and Mrs'. John McCutcheon, Mr. and Mrs, William H. McCutcheon, Mi-.' and Mrs. Clifford Axon; Mr. and Mrs. A. Bjornson, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Bjornson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pardun, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Trotter, Mr. and Mrs Sam Umstead. · ' · · : I j j r-i i-i THREE DAYS-- STARTS TODAY ANOTHER SPLENDID Double Feature Program TWO FEATURES--ONE PRICE Unit No. 1 .Based on the Saturday Evening Post : Story by , Ben Ames Williams with an ALL STAR OAST THE STRANGEST LOVE TRIANGLE THE SCREEN HAS EVER SEEN. Directed by tlnitNo. 2 Marilyn Miller in ALL COLOR with JOE E. BROWN ALEXANDER GRAY ALL YOU'VE EVER HOPED FOR · ..'IN .ENTERTAINMENT Love, fun, color, romance, song, dance, everything. For Time of Features on This Program . . ' . . . ".. Shone 759. , . . Mrs. Arends Named Head of Class at Alexander . ALEXANDER,' · March 4.--The Delta Alpha. Sunday school class met in the. church parlor. Sunday scliopl lesson discussion was led by Mrs'Frank Bus se. .Officers elected were: President, Mrs. John Arends; vice president, Mrs. Frank Bohlen; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. H. A. Peters; keeper-of · water .pitcher, Miss Mary Winwood; class historian, Mrs. -Lloyd Green; class attendance and membership,. Mrs. Will Tinkey. , : TWARCH 4 1931 Coming Friday London crowds went ^uito a near frenzy of enthusiasm when Charlie Chaplin, dean ' of film comedians, returned · to. -England,' his native Jand, after an. absence of six years. Chaplin is shown here flashing his famous smile upon the thousands who greeted hlni at Paddington station. : At Mason City's THEATERS For the past two years, Jimmie Joy's orchestra, which will play for a public dance at the Mason City armory Friday night, March 6, has been the official Kentucky Derby orchestra; entertaining more notables than any baud in. the United States, and intimately associated with the big names in the field of sports. The dance Friday is being sponsored by the Drum and Bugle corps. One dollar will 'admit 1 a gent and ladies, 50 cents each. ^CHEVROLET TJui Wn. CfcMTolet Sj»««I S»dmn--Product oj Conmal Motor, Performance, too 9 proves Chevrolet the Great American Value The new Chevrolet Six is a fine performer. It maintains high road speeds at a low, eaay-iyorkSng engin e. speed. Its 50-borse- power engine operates with unsurpassed economy. Sii cylinders enable you to creep along,'accelerate, climb hills, go fast--nnd do it aH smoothly, quietly--with little shifting of gears. Step into a Chevrolet and drive. Let performance, too, prove Chevrolet the Great American Value, : \ , Xeivloivprices--Roadster, *175; Sport Roadster, $495; Phaeton, $510; Standard Coupe, $535; Coach or ^Standard Five"Window Coupe, $545; Sport Coupe, $575; Five-Passenger Coupe, $595j Convertible Cabriolet,' $615; Standard Sedan, $635; Special Sedan or Convertible Landau Phaeton, $650. Prices f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Special equipment extra, tow delivered prices and easy terras. NEW CHEVROLET SIX Tim Gmtt American Value See Y«nr Dealer Below S. R. CHEVROLET CO. Corner of Washington Ave. ana First St. S. VV. Phone 865 Motor Inn, Manly, la. Rockwell Auto Co., Rockwell, la. R. L. Dixon) r)y m oHth, la. ALSO DEALERS IN CHEVROLET SIX-CYLINDER TRUCKS. *3SS lo »605, f.o. b. Hint, Mlchlj.n Evelyn Laye, EngUsh light opera "One HeaJvenly .Uight," an original romantic, comedy by the celebrated novelist, Louis. .Bro'm- field, is now. at the Palace th'eater. The scene of'the dramatic love story is laid in Budapest, where Pritzi, the darling of cabaret patrons in the night life of the city, hag, thru her scandalous behavior, incurred the censure of the Jaw, and Js banished for six months. Lilli, a flower girl, worships Fritzi, and is easily Induced by the singer to accept the exile in her stead. How this lea'ds Lllli to the count's castle, and the results of the discovery of the deception is told,In frolicsome action, witty dialog, and tuneful song. Colorful costumes, and a large cast of citizensj peasants, soldiers, swells and police, and the atmosphere of both castle "and cabaret are presented .-' in a · typically -lavish s Goldwyn production. Evelyn. Lay e. has the role of Lilli, the heroine; the other half of the love action being en^ trusted to the capable John' Boles, who is heard to advantage in a number of selections. Leon Errol, famous stage and'screen comedian! h'as"lines" and situations worthy of his great talents as a popular jeg- ter, while Lilyan Tashman, as Fritzi, gives a brilliant performance. ~°-- Nearly, a thousand extras were employed for spectacular scenes in "New Moon," pretentious co-starring vehicle for Lawrence Tibbett and Grace Moore, which opened a three-day, engagement Wednesday at the Cecil. The picture was adapted from the Ne* York stage success which ran for more than a year at the Imperial, theater. Despite the oft heard contention that large groups of extras are difficult to handle in a production with music, Jack Coriway, the director, contrived to depict armies jn battle; trained his cameras and microphones on hundreds of dancers in a huge palace ballroom" and in particular qutdid . himself in a vivid scene in which Tibbett rides and sings at the head of 250 cavalrymen who form a rousing male .chorus Settings were equally elaborate. The most unusual is that of a' complete Russian steamer, said to be one of the largest sets ever built at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Another is a replica of an isolated fort in Turkestan, peopled by a regiment of soldiers. The story is a romantic drama of love, adventure and intrigue with music woven in as integral details ot the situations themselves. The original.. Sigmund Romberg songs from the stage production were retained including the memorable "Lover Come Back to Me, and additional,music by Herbert Stothart and others was Interpolated. HARDIN VALUE OF LAND, BUILDINGS IS $50,762,719 Average Is $144 an Acre; Total Number of Farms Is 2,179. WASHINGTON, March 4.--The value... ,pf land and buildings on ·farms in Hardin'county,'Iowa,' Is placed a t , $50,762;719 in 1930, according, to a statement issued by the'director jof the census.,In 1930. there were .2,179 farms In Hardiu 'county with an acreage-of 351,061 acres or 161.1 acres a farm. . 'Land alone in 1930 was -valued at 538,269,645 and buildings at 512493,074. The value of , implements and machinery on Hardin farms was $3,095,181. The average value of land and buildings a farm was S23,- 296 or $144.60 an acre. '. Most Farms Tenanted. ' Of all, the-Hardin .farms !n 1930 1,055 were operated by 'owners, seven by . managers and 1,117 by tenants. Most of the farms or 904 are in the classification from, of 100. to. 174 acres. The .production figures for 1929 were: Corn harvested for grain, 4,853,529 bushels'; oats threshed for grain,' 3,060,411 bushels; barley 163,853 .bushels; .mixed grains, 51,697 bushels; hay, 49,330 tons; corn cut for silage, 33,151 tons, and potatoes, 80,661 bushels. ' land Classes Usted. Classes of land in '1930 were- Crop land, total, 255.706; harvested', 252,804; crop failure, '.1,515; idle, 1,387; pasture land,' total, 78,883; plowable, 34,745; woodland, 15,182; .other, 28,956; woodland not.pasture, ,825; all other .land, 15,647. . Crops by acreages were: Corn harvested for.grain, 112,906; oats ""·«shed, for grain, 82,345; barley, 5,549;. mixed grains, 1,391; hay, 27,182; corn cut for silage, 3,581: potatoes, 769. SECRETLY WED cently featured in "Earl Carroll's Vanities." The first chapter of "Across the World With Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson," featuring three Boy Scouts'of America, will also be presented on this Thursday bill. This great adventure picture is to .be shown here in four chapters. A chapter will Be presented each week on Thursday. --6-"Sally," starring'Marilyn-Miller, is being shown along: with "Man to Man" at the Strand theater. Bridge flaying Defense , : j Rests on Wife's Story KANSAS^'CITY,:March"'4; ·JIZP1 Legal maneuvers which upset court routine have left Mrs. Myrtle A. Bennett, accused of the alleged "bridge game" Tnurder of her husband, nervously awaiting a crucial ordeal on the witness stand. Attorneys were- agreed that the burden of the defense rested upon the story .of the 35 year old defendant. S T O PS Pain and Itching v front Fynunld'a cbmpTata «omfart ox freo. Don't put up w i t h painful piles another dny~pr hour. There is positive, relief, very often, for "the"very worst case. Pyramid ;anppositories are designed to stop the p a i n . -- a n d even, all itching. R e l i a f comes quickly. The first application will b r i n g y o u much comfort and ease. Try them t o d a r . Eemember the name. Just say rr--: , . * Pyramid Sup- positori.ea to any druggist. 60 cents. , , typcs of Iove a re depicted i r a r» ' t ° Man ." the Warner Bros, ana .Vitaphone production of the Ben Ames Williams Saturday Evening- Post story which is now playing at the Strand theater. One is the love of man and woman; the other of father and son. Phillips Holmes has the role of the boy Lucille Powers of the sweetheart, in this poignant, human and amazing story, the scenes of which are laid m a small town In Kentucky. Grant Mitchell, former star of the stage in the role of "Barber John," and' the youthful Holmes, contributes the love of father and son, a devotion which meets an acid test George Marion, Russell Simpson, Dwi*ht Frye, Otis Harlan and others complete the all-star cast. --o-The all talking scresn romance, Lord Byron of Broadway," enhanced by songs, dances and striking technicolor scenes, wlll'be ae'en and heard Thursday at the 1 - Iowa theater. The picture which was adapted from the novel by Nell Martin nchievestdlstlnction in introducing to the screen Eth'elirid Terry, star of Ziegfeld's musical-comedy hit, "Rio Rita," and Charles Kflley, well known Broadway juvenile re- ·,, -PYRAMID DRUG CO. 423-E. Pyr.n'.i,. Bl5 r ., Minh.ll, . ; Please send mo a box p l a i n l y tlrei PP free 6 D° a 'Pald, and en- Nrtmjt AUdreaa City DON'T WITH COLDS Sluggish intestinal systems lower resistance to colds. CJeanse them with Feen-a.inint,themodernchewlnggum laxative. Gentle, safe, non-habit- forming. More effective because you eheiait, Feenamint FffAJultt and Children No Taste Bm the Mint FOR CONSTIPATION .Betty Compton, musical comedy actress,, and her husband, Edward D. Dowltng, screen'dia- log director, were enroute to Havana before friends learned : of their secret marriage hi New York. Holbrook Is Speaker at Meltonville in Meeting MELTONVTLLE, March 4.--Royal Holbrook, state lecturer of the extension department of the college at Ames, will be the speaker at the community club entertainment Wednesday evening in the'hall. .With freight trains and cars running on the highways why not busses and autos on railroad tracks ?--Ames Tribune. LAST TIME WED. The last word In screen entertainment . . . rousing, farinc laygb. hit for, the whole family! THURSDAY ONLY a e u e a n n e Drama cf Tinfen ADev and Broadww T ? Also showing the great adventure picture across the world with Martin Johnson. .Featuring the three Boy Scouta of America. Clarion Studenf Is .Given Farming Key 'AMES, March 4.--Ten students and one faculty member have been awarded keys by the Iowa State college agricultural council as special recognition of their work in agriculture. A. B. Caine, .professor of animal husbandry Is the faculty member honored. The students are: Roy H. Hplmberg, Chicago, ni.; Arthur R, Porter, Riparius, N. Y.; Floyd Andre, Pasadena, Gal.;, Eligene Traver, Clinton; Gilbert Hadley, Geneseo. 111.; Marion Soults Clarion; Earl Smith, Ely; F. T. Priester, Avoca; Anthony Koelker Dyersville; and Ralph Miller, Jesup. Ooeds Win Scholarships to School. AMES, March 4.^-Bernita A Howland and Francis S. Stiles, both of Ames, have been selected by the lome economics faculty of Iowa State college to attend Merrill- Palmer school of child development and training at Detroit to take advantage of scholarships offered to outstanding students majorine- in that subject. Investigation of Charge ; j Brot by Actress Clears :. Griffith; Film Director;; LOS- ANGELAS, March 4. Off)-- = District Attorney Buron Fitts said ^ his investigation of a $601,000"' damage suit filed by Fern Setril7 , actress, against David W. Griffith, film director, had been closed. Fills said he found no evidence upon which to base extortion conspiracy charges in the civil action in which! Miss Setrll alleges criminal assault. KELLY'S HARP ORCHESTRA OF OSAGE Will Play for the AMERICAN LEGION OLDTIME DANCE Saturday Night, March 7 AT THE ARMORY ' Admission Always 25c New ventilating system now In operation. PALACE NOW PLAYING THRU FRIDAY Vie. ON HCAVCNLY N lf .HT JOHN BOLES LEON EROL ' ' " ; ' · -· · .- · -f- . :. H .-;,'. *T - ·- · ·:. . «. .-·-,, Hera is an adorable ultra- smart ad ventura revealing one of the world's most dazzling women in a role that wilt set you a-gasp .with admiration! EXTRA! First Issue ot Ripley's 'Believe It Or Not" _ 'arid ^SarTSomo "of "Rip's" Discoveries NOW! THRU FRIDAY - · · It's Grand! When They Sing "Lover Come Back to Me," It Is Something To Hearl Sent t o ' Bloody Darvis, w h e r e officers die at the hands of their soldiers ... The two.most macrnlficant voices of the screen in a pic turn full of drama, music and romance! £tiwrence -- in "NEW MOON Thruout . . . It teems with the exciting action, · tingling romance, glorious mu- slo that makes It a picture ot Irresistible appeal. You'll enjoy H! FRIDAY REQUEST DAY DARING! SPARKLING! ENTRANCING! Two Feature Pictures For the Pric« of One Famous Broadway Smash! Music by Sijfmund Romberg

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