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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, December 9, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VoL X1L No. 59. Gettysburg, Pa., Tuesday Decensber 9th, 1913. Price l » w C h r i s t m a s N e c k t i e s PTHINTOWN FROM DIPHTHERIA MANY WILL GET SELF CONFESSED CHRISTMAS MURDERER HERE Young Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clave- , Eight Hundred and Fifty Gettysburg ; Negro who Killed Baltimore Woman hod Miller Taken by Death.] Deaths of we!! known Persons' here and Nearby. The Funerals. Pian Popular. People to Share in Distribution of j Comes through here in his Flight Twenty Three Thousand Doihrs.j but is Caught at Channian and Jailed at Waynesboro. WILL REBUILD ! STATE CAUSE OF BLUE MOUNTAIN MB. WRAY'S DEATH Famous Hate! on the Mountain DBS- ; President Sranvillc Makes State- troyed by Fire Last Sumrnsr will j ment Concerning Recent Death be Replaced by New Structure.' of College Siadent. Quotes Letters Large Amount of Land Bought, j of Dr. Kunkel ECKERT'S STORE, "0° 'he Square' ] After a few days' illness from dsph- j ilcre than $23,00u will be paid out ] Charles Gibson, a Baltimore negro, { theria John Miller, the eight year old ! to Geilysburg people the latter part cf ( who has confessed to the ki!!h:g of i sen of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Miller, j this week and the beginning of next [ Elsie Webb in *h~'t city last week was | Company, including the site of tne I died at, their home on South Wash- j ington street Monday evening about 5 nine o'clock. The case was one of I those reported Wednesday evening. j savings system. About S50 persons J crime. The httle fellow was a oapi! in Miss ; have accounts and will receive their ] The murder occurred in the kitchen ! Jersey capitalists, who will form Purchase of the 415 acres of land · It is very unfortunate that the sor- owned by the Blue Mountain Land '. row and distress caused by the recent illness and death of Homer K. Wray f the Junior Class of Gettysburg College should have been aggravated by Grace Sachs' room in the High street ' checks. ^f ^f w A. v W^ «·« W^fe, A ^^ P"WIV W^P^l A ^WIW"^ W^ · N-*tcl CC Oo-tEl;a iwuui lii LIIC iii^ii ^ti ttu t,iscu^.s. j -- -- ~ -^---» AA/ A I |^FR X l^ri I* A I^R r * ' ch ° o1 'o^ding which has been reopen- j This is the first year for the system '. Cathedral street, Baltimore, · w A » E ^ *· *-^*V *J - 11 A i J f *. M. AX,Lu j , ,,,,_ r '_,.-,., lt ,H rnrni.ys.Tmn »nd rhe ! in Optri-c'nrirp- and SL has nroved a "of last week. While ancrrv E JISON PATHEPLAY '-THE DESPERATE CONDITION OF MR. BOGGS" i ed after thorough fumigation and the j in. Gettysburg and it has proved a of last week. While angry 1 usual treatment- · great success. Persons could take quarrel and partly drunk he · The bov is survived by his parents,! shares by paying a cent che first i with a 32-caliber revolver. 1 Miller, and a sister, \ week, two cents the second and so on. i There was an eye witness um Poor, distressed Bogg's suffers perfect health, bat it takes a vision of Dr. K.H"-'. one brother, Pau' .'s Sanatarium to convince aha. ! Ke"ie Miller. The funeral, which was private, was | it was also possible to start with GOOD TRAITS PATHEPL.VY A comprehensive srndy of the toad faniHr i* conductel in this was made under th; direction 1 of Dr. Dhtnsrs. Wh:d» Emphasis is again placed on necessitv 01 children's clothing fumigated- It is un- 1 large amount of inoney is to be distri- reasonable to expect chat the fumiga- 1 buted. j ricn of s. school room will prove ef- j Checks will be mailed to all' of the latter part of leciive if the napils continue to wear depositors etcher the ! tneir clothing without being similarly HOP SPRINGS AND GEYSERS OF NEW ZEALAND Patheplay scinic CAPTURED BY ABORIGINALS Melies The thrilling a-lventare of a White man aaaoas the savage Aboriginals of Australia. Produced in. Australia employing native Aboriginals. MUSIC BY THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA -EACH EVENING 7 to 9. "Come and hear them."' Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. Coming Friday December 10. ' "1 HE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS'' cleansed. OneNurbt Onlv P H O T O P L A Y SPECIAL TO-NIGHT "FATHER AND SON, or THE CURSE OF THE j 10:30 p. m.. from a complication of di" seases. aged 21 years. 4 months and 21 days. He was employed ac the Hanover Shoe factory for s. number of years. but -w^s obliged to give up -work sev- a j. L hree o'clock this afternoon j largest payments and diminish each rgreen Ceme- j week. Many took out shares for therr with interment in Ever Many j children and the payments, coming re- rhe gnlariy, did not cause any particular __ _ misleading and inaccurate reports I Hotel, acting for New York and New ' O f same which appeared in part of the a ! public press. I have been asked to cor- I of the home of Mrs. John Findlay, ] company to operate a hotel and to re ct some statements that were pub~ · · · _ - - Monday j develop the surrounding land by the Ushed reflecting on the physicians of during a erection of bungalows. The price paid ' Gettysburg and I am very glad to shot her; has not been disclosed. j comply with the request. But as it ! It is proposed to erect a concrete would be unwise to make only partial to the | hotel building of about 200 rooms, and; corrections at this time I will try to- hat it can be completed : dear up all 'the points in question s all conditions are which have come to my attention. to the police authorities, Gibson had! favorable for speedy construction ! First, as to the origin of the raal- hurried oat of the city. j work, including an ample water sup- · adv. Under no circumstances could it He walked for several days until ha: ply. While detailed plans have not; have been caused by his playing in the ached Charmian, where he had been i been decided upon, they wii | Or they could take larger amounts and [ shooting, Mrs. Many Hanson, but be- j it is hoped that the fore she could communicate the crime by July 1st, a: ·viil be soon, j scrub football game in Carlisle and f oarents having their; inconvenience to-any one. Now this i employed for six or seven years, and! and it is expected that preliminary j there is absolutely no evidence to- this week or early ,:ext week. The there he was arrested, Saturdav even- j work will be begun ver. few j show that it originated in a football ln g- | days. ; scrimmage at any time. K an injury- His arrest was effected by Post- j The Blue Mountain Land Company ! ivas one of the contributing causes master C- S. Martin and David Wood- , was organized several years ago, with j there are reasons to believe that it ring, in the house of Miss " GEORGE C. WEAVER George C. Weaver, son of Mr. and checks are cf a Christmas design, | raine. These two men went having holly, Santa Glaus and other appropriate decoraticrs while they are printed in the Christmas colors of red j Mrs- Jerome Weaver, died at the Inome and green. 1 of his parents, in Midway Saturday, at GOLDEN iAND" .................................. TWO REEL VITAGRAPH A Russian comes to America leaving with bis parents his wife and boy=He gets in with s. lanre clothing firnT and becomes chief designer, and in his proSDerity forgets his wife and boy. He meets the daughter 01 the head of a rival clotuing firm and wishes to marry her, and^eek= a divorce. The rival firm Faneis* great loss, and offers him a ^ocd position but he -nlv a-e~ op. condition that he is made a partner in the firm, and in order to '--I this != made to change his name. His \vi e .»n'l b-»v const- ro this country to hnnt ihe husband and ladier. rhfy- n -if~t find l:::n :u:-s iiave a hard tune of it. The boy secures a posi- i c*' a.- erria-S f » sn t5se ^a'ne firm in which hit father 1= :· Dinner, and ., t - w ^y -t ·«·-""·»! -i la.-:- -i ;- brought abont and the divorce is sought, That the distribution of over $23,000 will mean much 'co the merchants of . the town is wiihoa:; question. Much of this money -will go straight to the purpose for which 'it v.-^s intended, the purchase of Christmas gifts, though some will doubtless store it up as a E. R. Dor- | H. A. McCoaias as president, and did \ might have occurred before college into the · much work in the direction of laying j opened. It is a fact, however, that he isouse and pu't, him under arrest with-' out streets, looking forward to the ! caught a bad cold during the day cut resistance or trouble of any kind' erection of cottages in the vicinity of i the game and this closure was day of fol- on his part. Whiie they entered the! the old Blue Mountain House, but lit-slowed bv a severe chill. All the phy- eph; tie else was done. The Blue Mountain sicians wi eral months ago owing to ill health. little nest egg for furare savings. In He leaves his parents, four broth- T -r- ihir- :it bfc; LUBEs n -5c to all. Clothes ers. Harry and Paul "Weaver, of Midway; Frank Weaver, of Hanover, and Stanley Weaver, at home; also five sisters, Mrs. George Bellinger, Mrs. Theodore Eckertr Mrs.-Harry Wise, of Hanover; Mrs- J- S- Passanna, of Ar- j lingtcn, Md., and Miss. Elsie Weaver, .t home- Funeral Wednesday, Dec. 10, from t. Vincent's - church, 3Iidwayr re- Squieni high mass. Rev. Joseph Mur- iplre. officiating, interment in StJo- iseph's cemetery, Hanover. y ard Bank, which either event ±ne idea is commendable and accomplishing a - great deaL of good. The Citizens Tnsst the Gettysburg National conducted the plans this year, -mil repeat them nextJvear. - starting - their payments at ths usual rime." The First National Bank does not have the Christmas savings, plan, using their new savings department- as a substitute, ' FZLIG jIAX. the leading tal'or/will afford you the most satisfaction. Our steel: of Winter fabrics is exception- c!,- £r.3 in cheviots and ms=l -takirg patterns and weaves. hoEje ia Carlisle CAPT. THO^L^S B. REED Captain Thomas B. Reed. s. retired worsteds of j United states Army oEcer. died at his at 12:45 Mondav The Quality Shop WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cast Tailor sc I SllIHin!HinURnHlUnHniHHH!HHIJiniHllUIHHHIHni!llll!l!IHmmilIHH»H.)HIiniHliminHlIH, H| j^ K O D A K S I F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S | -Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer | onr entire stock is of the stardar'l E E a s t m a n M a k e | Direct from the factor}-. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- | ful attention to the de\'elopment of films. | Mail and Phone Orders Given Carcfnl Attention. |j H U ' B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E J J. H. HUBER. Drnggfat. ;;u»»«nnuiiimininiinnu»ii!ntnmnminmniiiliniH!mMumHlU{«i»ir: morning, cf a complication of diseases aged 76 years- Besides serving in the regular army, j he served the foar years of the Civil j War. The family moved to Carlisle i f from Lewistown last August. [ He is survived '03- his wife, z. son. Thomas B. Reed. Jr.. and a sister. Mrs- Rudolph, of Wilkes-Barre. The body will be brought to Gettysburg on Thursday morning a't 9:15 for interment in the Soldiers' National Cemeterv. OLD ARGUMENT Xo More Hitching Posts in boro Streets- Wa^nes- Waynesboro is up against the hitching post argument. A dispatch from | that town says: "Xow that Main street us being paved with brick its entire length--and this is the most important business thoroughfare of the town--it has been decided to abolish the hitching poses in the streets- This BARX/SAED Straw-Stack Bunts - of Bam. 'Six Whiie building. Albert Shindledecker, Joseph j Carson. Charles Carson and Benjamin · Hotel Company, comprised of the Solliday, residents of that section, j same individuals, owned the big 500 maintained a guard around the house, j room summer hotel, and Mr. Gibbons so that the negro could be apprehend- ·' """as one of the firm of Bond and Gib- and brought Vo a head the previously ed if he escaped the two men and bons which opera'ced the hotel for formed abscess which finally caused endeavored to get away. ! several seasons and restored its pre- his death. To Chief of Police Staley and Pa- j tige. One hundred persons were em-1 Let me quote from a report on Hie rrolman Daywalt, of Waynesboro. J ployed at the hotel when it was burn- j case sent to me by Doctor George B- who attended him agree that this brought on definite pneumonic conditions and in veiw of later developments unquestionably aggravated For the straw slack standing in the barp yard, within six feet of the bam, to bum and the bam to escape. was experienced on the Harvey Asper farm, tenanted by -Jacob Gettys. near Bermudian one afternoon recently- All the members of the Gettys family were away from home, excepting a little boy and girl. The boy came running to the house and told his sister "that the barn was-on fire. .She started to the barn to find the-straw stack in a blaze. Luckily, however, the wind was blowing the fire from the barn, keeping the fire from the building, until neighbors arrived and forming a} bucket brigade, saved it. The stable was ignited, bu't the-blaze extinguished before any damage was done. The origin of tha fire is unknown. Gibson made a conlession. evening, while he reclined on the cot in his cell. He admitted the shooting of Elsie Webb and said he shot her in a moment of anger. - The girl was trying "to throv." Mm over^ because he was out of work, he said. An argument was begun and waxed warmer and warmer until he pulled his revolver and discharged foar shots, one of which caused a fatal wound, the woman ay- ing in. a Baltimore hospital several days later- He added that iie had been drinking- and that this-led inn to commit the cnme for which he now professes much regret- Elsie Webb, the dead woman, had been in the employ of Mrs. Findlay for a number of years as a waitress and was wi'th her at her Charmian ed. Kunkel cf Harrisburg who was called The new company will not only sell in for consultation- "He {Mr. Wray} land for bungalows, but build bungalows. NO DEMAND HERE FostaLSarings System is not cess Here. a - Sue- cottage each summer. There Gibson J "InGTiirmg"Tvhy the" postal savings system is^ot^.more.-extensively used in Gettysburg. "A.-M. -"JJockery, Third Assistant Postmaster General, has written to Postmaster C. Wm. Beales asking for information. Mr. Dockery saj-s thai, the department is willing to co-operate with the post office and ths public in making the system a suc- ^ cess, and as attractive to the public as possible. Other postmasters are receiving- was blue showing lack of air in blood and failure of his lungs to work properly as they were filled with mucns owing to a paralyzed heart caused by septic infusion, the result" of an_ abscess back of collar bone and breast bone and inclining to right side. I think he must have been injnredrsome time pr^iously r ca.using blood to enter chest cavity and which in tarn.tecaine septic forming- the aBscess which he absorbed? and which caused this death as a result of blood poisoning?* There were no ribs broken only a'separation between right collar bone and breast bone through which the pus burrowed to front of chest." Some of the published reports re! fleeted seriously on the physicians of j Gettysburg in general and on Dr. similar letters, which shows that Get- Hartman. tne attending physician, in learned to know her. When Mrs. Find- i tysburg is not the only community \ particular. These criticisms were en- lay ana tfte girl returned to the city j where the svsteiri is not " used exten . j tireiy unwarranted in view of the facts recently, Gibson followed. He had been I s j ve i v jhe employed for seven years by Benjamin itse if' IO co _o De rate with the MORE ROADS Model Road in Maryland to Connect with State Roads of Pennsvlvania. The construction of three and a half miles of model road from Smithsburg to che Mason Waynesboro, and Dixon to connect = j has caused considerable comment ] Pennsylvania Stats road. nne. near with the Solliday, a Charmian liveryman. Tne coroner's jury met in the central police station. Baltimore, Saturday e^ ening. after word had been received of Gibson's capture and rendered a verdict holding Gibson responsible for the woman's death. PHILLIPS TO QUIT Changes in School in which Adams County Pupils Ha\e an Interest. Karrisburg. Pa- Dec. 9.--Dr. George Morris Phillips -Kill resign as princi- department has pledged public and desires to build up che system. It can easily be seen why the svs- tem is not a success as far as Gettysburg is concerned, for there are few foreigners here, and local banks are paying three and a half per cent on deposits, while the postal system pays I two per cent. in the case. Immediately on learning of the young man's condition he "was moved to my home, his parents were notified of the situation and asked to send down their home physician 'for consultation. This last was considered very important because the young man been previously treated by him tt appeared to be a similar ill- TO ELECT IN MAY Coanty Superintendents to be Chosen Then. Attorney Decides. An official opinion on the dates ness. Unfortunately the home physician found it impossible to come bat asked a close friend of his, Dr. Daugherty. of Mechanicsbnrg. to go in Ms stead.* Dr. Daugherty arrived on Monday (four cays previous to Mr. Wray's death) and after having made a most thorough examination agreed I in almost every detail with Dr. Hartman's diagnosis. , . ;,. OT , -.-, !,- X^--?T. i- ^,-hoo^oi- sz-i+c. t Bearing on this Dr. Kunkel writes: v.iH not object to the dissolution of -en t o Dr. -Na^nan C. bcnae,.er, b^ate j _ = . the corporation and will withdraw!Superintendent of Public Instruction.' Tne aoctor (Dr. Hartman) had open- -.beirsKits to restrain ine state board, by Deputy Attorney General J. E. B. i ed u tfle a oscess) and the only jlorns Fadnns iviii resign as pnaci- , . -_ i;. " ' - ' ~ ~. »,, x-^^n^i wnen elections or coantv school suoer- " pal ol tne V. est CSiest-r ttate Normal'.. , ,, , , , ; , , " - ' ^ school; the trustees opposed to him j mtendcnw snail be neld.has been giv- j " ·niii r,^f «!,-nrr m th di^finlntion of sen to Dr. Natnan C. Schaeffer, State! Graceful lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These, the underlying features which radiate visibly thronph all onr ·Cloths and characterize them smart. J. D.. LJPPY, Tailor. j among merchants, who claim that if a place is r.ot provided for the farmers to hitch their horses they will go , elsewhere to do their haying. The j Board of Trade has taken the master jap and will go before town jwith a determination to secure the lot Jin the rear of the Academy of Music ]for the purpose of building- sheds and | erecting posts for hitching purposes." i ! James FOUGHT HERE Simons, who Helped Armisiead." Dies in Easton. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. ; James Simons.dled in Easton Ion! day. He was sixty-eight years old- He 1 had a brilliant record as a member of ! Seymour Battery during the Civil dered soon, it is understood, board of county commis Washington county. The road, according to the plans * and specifications prepared by Ernest R. Darby, cour.ty surveyor, and approved by the State Road Commission of Maryland, will cost S4,000 a mile, or about half what the State Road Commission had anticipated. The road was jointly projected some time ago by the State and county officials. The State xvili pay one- naif of the cost of building, the counry }40 per cent., and the abuting property owners will pay 10 per cent. The road will complete a long stretch -f model road through the two states. COMING EVENTS - War. He was in command of the bat- j Happenings Scheduled In Gettysbnrf tery a'c Gettysburg Vnen Pickett's for Coming Weeks. Fresh Daily-- CHOCOLATE COAFED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N ; charge was made, all his superiors i having been killed or wounded. It was 1 Dec - 12-13--Bazaar. St. James Lu- I near his guns that General Armistead, j theran church. ! of the Confederate Army, fell wound! ed inside the Federal-lines and Simons and two other: carried him to the rear. For twenty years Mr. Simons was the lieutenant of police and detectives at Easton. Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas recess. DON'T forge'c Mumper's big sale of farm stock on Thursday, December llth.--advertisement school. ^ . __ -- --^ -- Grafting valuable school property, ' J '**'' e/-ror1 -fv5» anti-P"iliips neople will endeavor i ~ " ~~ wstraw i»is appointment as r r t a c i - ! 1 ? ssveral TMTM*«* tnere were -- --- ~---o! after the coininon-; dou » ts expressed, bat it is no*- he»d sisputed title to the \ that the State Superintendent "should | 8 s ! order the election of sunerin- ! same thin = rai ? hl have CaS SJEQISPUI . I did not do anything dinereat from what he had done. I feel this statement is due Doctor Hartman and tiiaii itly criticised- The hannened to .!« This is t^e situation after a compro-j tersdents in the year 1914 to be held misc had been reached ia the DaK- 1 on the first Tuesday of May. 1914, the pain county court in tie proceedings , superintendents to be elected on that to make permanent the injunction ob- da te to serv£ from the - rgt Mondav anyone under the circumstances"The abscess caused Mr. trustees are bound by contract to sell j April. 1918. to the state v.lthout diminished \alue, i _ Tne stale -withdrew Its action, the court dissolved the objection and the commonweaifi will pay the costs. \ n ,, r~ ,- , ^- 7^- r. ^ t TT u This agreement was reached after | Old Fashtoncd Spelling Bee to be Held hours ot coniere^ce between Deputy' General .1. E. B. Cunningham SPELLING CONTEST this Wcek. A spelling bee. to which the public is invited, will be held on Wednesday Attorne;. and J. Frank Haue, attorneys lor tlie board, anti Colonel A. M. Holdin?, of West Ctie^tcr, and Alexander Siir.p-! evening-, December 10, ac Rocky Grove son. of* Philadelphia, counsel for^the school house in Straban township. trustees opposed to Dr. Phillip^. Wray's death was very deepseated and it took a long time for it to develop near enough to .the ·ered, it having at; pain to" the "pa- It is no more than fair to ask for | this statement, of corrections the same 1 publicity which was given to the orig-- i inal reports complained of. ! W. A. Granville. Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Penn. Dec. S. PAIR of the finest young mules in BIG reductions in a fine line of la\dams county will be sold at Mum- dies' and girls' coats. oOct. aluminum per's sale on Thursday, December sauce pans 30 cts. Thomas Brothers, llth.--advertisement 1 Biglerville.--advertisement 1 A fins lot of Holstein cows will be sold at Mumper's sale on Thursday, December llth.--advertisement 1 SEE ad of Harry Miller's sale on another page.--advertisement 1 *" 1 "···-*·· 1EWSP4PERS

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