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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, February 12, 1818
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Fran Ihtfftiimal Wtlligentxr. CASE Or MR.IXEADE. Y COXGRXSSIOXAL DOCUMZXTS. Pe'oaef!ir. Meade, and tA k k in ralsdinato Richard W. Mead. ' T kit ncelluc the onssdani of th United Etatea tb folio win j caw a respacuuiij sworn - tod : " . Rkhard W. Mad ni ben in CbUr coon Ut ta Pennsylvania, ia June, 1778. II went to .tfpamm 1803, to claim wstltatiotx of property detained at Buenos Ami, ia which claim h vn aiwaoowfuL H then ertablubed a ' tnsrdal hwu at Cadis, where ha ha ver sac resided, to th character of an Ji atrtcaa ousea i aad having held from 1806, tiU lb present year, th station of nar; agent of tb United SUtea far th port of Cadis. Mr. Mead hat a wife (th wdmnad)aevlnactiiUrMt bow ridiaf to Philadelphia. - to their late strufrrles, b rendered essential tervioe to th people of Spain, a repeatedly and publicly Jowiagsa. m ibiz, 5 . actual advaoc to th government of - Spain, to to amount of Bear eight bunarea tnousaou uw lart, and being satisfied that th treasuw - gao - ral. Dots Victor Soret, wst suing funds, which by contract had been appropnaUd to ra - per (hat ad ranee, he appealed to tb regency again th conduct of th treasurer j and, , r - civmg no satisfaction, published a pamphlet, containing a statement of hit contracts with th rtrTtmir - r. and it iajastir towards him t to r iin.nnura at which publication, b w im prisoned (or time months, and then released on . tea. On an appeal to th Cortos, Mr. Meade nhfoln an onW for the pavaient of hit ad ran ees, which order has been bat partially compls - ad with, and that aader enormous sacrifice?, a - moan ting, to aaany instaoces, to one - third of th capital, beri - ie several years interest, foe which a allowance ha ertr bea mad. Mr. Mead also appealed to tb cortet against th anjust pra - e.dinp of th regency la imprisoning bim S the cartas reported the iroceedings as illegal and uu - ' lust, aad docroed th constitutioaal penalties n - ' gainst th sainitUr wbopaye, and tb jndg who MCted, th order. Tha dismissal of th regency by th cortet, and the subsequent dissolution of th corteslUelf, on th arrival of king rerdinend. nramnted th report of til COTte . araiatt the regency being actod on, and, theaf - Mr bsinr revived by the supreme council of war, composed ot men suotervMui u m wu i - geacy, (who are now all ia high office round to court,) it was lately decreed that Mr. Mead should pay a fin of two thousand ducats, lor th Doblicatioa which (bar termed a libel on' the at repent. ' It is to b understood that th affair abov re lated of th imprisonment in 1818, is altogether distinct from the present confinement of Mr. Mead and its causes, though often erroneously '.. Uended with it s U win clearly appear, bow - tsw, that the. rancoor produced by the events related, ha operated with aaany now m power to stimulating to present persecuuon, incur - ctsnstaaos leading to which are as follow ; In 1311, Mr. Meade wes appoioUd assignee to th estate of James W. Glass, of Cadi. d ' ctorad bankrupt ia England, in consequence of hit connection with the boas of tluntef, Kainey aadCe. of Londoo, against whoa a commission ' of bankruptcy had istnt th appointment of Mr. M. was made by tb tribunal of commerce of Cadiz, with th approbation of all th creditors in Cadis, and was confirmed by ths assign a to London th tribunal of commerce baring cognisance of all commercial affairs ia Spain, and aU persons carrying on trao users istco voreign - an) beiar aaaaabw thereto. Mr. M. gave bonds aocordinrly. to take chair of th affects of the attaU, and to b rttwmttbk nitty to Iht ' tribunal for the pr acted, being prohibited, under the penalty of the bonds, from disposing of the v funds without the sanction of the tribonal. . Having settled the affair of the estate, and all demandi thereon, tiara remamea in nu permitted to remit to theassfgneesmToiQiftij it., j.i sttMiVmc all naniih nrocedavn The del.iv atteedior all Spanish proceedings prevented the petitions being acted upon, until Mr. Duncan Hunter, one of the principals of the bankrupt bona, was sent to Cadix, and when on the eve of getting the business settled, Mr. Glass (escaping from bis ball in England) appeared also 'in CmAix. and hid an tnbareo on the funds, un der the pretence of hat ing been illegally mclud - . ed in the bankruptcy. John M'Dermot was appointed as the agent of Hunter, and Mr. Meade offered to pay b Hunter or M'Dermot the a - mount in hi bands, on their giving bonds salts - factory to the tribunal of commerce, in lieu of ha own : those persons not oeing aoie io pro - car such sureties as the tribunal would accept, that bodr. suddenly, and of its own accord, de creed that Mr. M. should, on the folio win; morning, place the money in the king's treasu - rv. until M'Dermot or Hunter should give the security required ; it being declared that all Mr. . Meade' property should be embargoed in case of non - payment at the time limited. In pursuance to the said order Mr. M. made the deposit on the tiUnwinr moraine, and presented to the tribunal th raceiDt in which he treasurer acknowledged to hare received the sua in question by order of the tribunal, to be held subject to the future disposition of that body, question having bera made, at the instigation of M'Dermot, wheLier the sum had been paid into me treasury sn spe cie, or in treasury, notes, the intend ant answered to an official enquiry of the tribunal, that " the deposit had been mad in da form, under his in - epection. in tfftetitt specie, and that whenever tb tribunal should order it payment, hi maji ty would pay it in tb am coin.' Netwithstaadinr this, a suit was brought nlntt Mr. Metde by M'Dermot, and the tribu nal, aware that it had done wrong in ordering the depeeite, decided that Mr. Meadephouldpay tn money a second time i as appeal was enter' ed from this decree to th superior tribunal, call ed abrada (Mr. M. having a right to that appeal b the 7th aad 20th articles of the treaty be - tsreen th U. States and Spam.) While the cause was there pending, the plaintiff (througl the Eartiah minister) procured an order for the removal of the case to tb council of war, at Madrid, where th senteno was confirmed. Mr. Meadahadarifht to - appeal, but was re f assd. He petitioned the king, who commanded that h should be heard by th tarn court i but, at Mr. M. conceived the judges to have evinced ' partiality ia tb cae, at Mr. M's. request five new judges were added to th five, of which the court was before composed. In this case M'Der mot presented a petition, stalinr that Mr. M, ww about to leave Spain, and praying that he tbould De compelled to pay the money or to o put in confine m en t, and the order was accordingly granted (through tan influence of tbe British minister! by the fire primitive judges, though tbe king had expresdy decreed that no measure should be taken in the case of Mr. Meade, but with the) presence of the new judges. On the td of May, 1816, Mr. Meade was seized and r Imprisoned in the cattle of St. Catiline, at Ca - diz, confined in a dungeon, with a centinel at hu door, and for sereral months locked up at night. . Tb abutter of th United States, Mr Erving, ha aad strong remonstrance to the Spa - - nish government against these unjust and cruel persecutions of aa American citizen; those re monstrance has drawn from tb king an order - to tbe council, to despa'chMr. Meade's case; . but there it at this time Strang reason to believe, that, while such aa order it given, to amuse the Americaa ministers, a secret order is given to delay th darision, at the present state of tbe trea - mry would render tbe payment m tne mooey inconvenient. It being apparent that the money Boat be paid on the liberation of Mr. Made. ' For coiroboraUoa of (Um principaf acts of the (vegoing statement, and particularly those re - paid spectieg Uia deposito, and tb nxB: der w5ich it wa made, tb president it nna to th documents herewith senL wpasi w" relutinrto Mr. Erring cuwsponOeac '"" Spanish government, have ab bean transaUUd to th depart ment a tai . - . Th undersignaa, a mauag m rr: m iiiu l sddl H0S O0t exiety j the cannot however avd respectfuUy intimating a hope, that if todly efficiently m a case so totoreetmg to MreaOe aad bis family, the president wUl adopt torn o - ther means of attaining ait parpose, than throogh th agency of Mr. being now perfectly Z?.:.JU .k. ik. MnMeentationt of that fen - Uemaa to the Spanish government a Mr. Meadeji case, are not received wiin wai rw, tended to with that promptness aad desire of ac MMmMtainn. daa to their lattice, to hit sUUos and conduct, or to the character of the country he represent. On th contrary, his coammw. raiLnoa have been treated with marked disregard, .nMM - ad b triflinr eaui vocations, iasomach u to render hit exertions, however well intend ed aad spirited, utterly useless. 'MAKUAKE.1 NLAUb, . ' VVIfeoT Richard W.Meade. Pailadelphia,Dec.4,18l7. Copy of an official letter addressed by Don Vic - . ... . r a f .1. - tor E lo rev. treasurer centra, oi cpauu iur iw year 1817, to the treasurer of the revenue or provincial rents of Cadix. By return of post, without fail, you will please state, if the dsoosita exists at vet, which K. Meade made on the lam reoruary, ioi, oi real 1,050,328, and SO maravedit, ia virtue a a sentence of the royal tnbunal M tne contunuw of the day pnor thereto. Uod preserve you many years. ' VICTOR STORET. Madrid, t2d of April, 1817. f ANSWER.) In the moment that I received your official letter of the ttd of the present month, relative to the deposits of R. Meade, 1 sent a copy of said letter to the administrator general ol the re - rcnue of the province, on the 28th of the tame month, in consequence of all the archives corresponding to the year ia which the raid deposit was made existing in hit department, and under hie control and under this date he answered m as follows : M General administration of the rents of the province. Dy the archives of judicial deposites, and corresponding to the year 1814, which exist . ... i . . i. : n Li.. in uu aummuunuun, u eppcaro luHjuvatwusm; that R. Meade deposited, on the 19th February of said year, in virtue of a (cotence of the royal tribunal of the consulado of the day before, the sua of reals of rellon 1,050,327, and 20 mara - Tedto, aad that no turn bat ever been returned to th present day, on account of aid deposit, which 1 beg leave to state in answer to your of - noal letter erestofdar. ia which yen transmit m a copy of the letter received by you from the treasurer - general of th Kid of this moo In. uod preserve yon aany years. ANTON1U I. BAHiitx Cadi, 9th April. 1817, And which I. therefore, ber leave to trans - crib to you as an answer to your amosi letter. uod preserve you many year. BENITO ELERS, Treasurer of Cadis. Cadix, 39th April, 1817. Correspondence referred to by Mr. Erving in his letter 14UJ Marco. Copy of an official letter, addressed by Don Ju lian Femandet Navanete, treasurer - general of Spain, for tb year 18 IS, to. the prior aad consul of the royal tribunal of commerce of Ca dix. and their answer. In order to answer, with due or correct know - ledge, a certain to forma tiea or request, which has been demanded ef me by my superiors, with the inform der of your tribunal, R. JVeade made a depo - site in the treasury of royal laancet, or in that of the revenjiefftSM And whether there is any impediment to returning the am to him ; God preserve you many yean. JULIAN FERNANDEZ NAVANETE. Madrid, 19th Nor. 1316. REPLY. Under date of the 19th inst. you were pleased to ay to this royal tribunal, that in order to an swer certain information which had been de manded by your superiors, that this tribunal hould state whether it was true, that, by its or der, R. Mead bad made any depoeite in the royal treasury of finance, or that of the reve nue f Of what amount it consisted If it ex - uted at present i And if there wa any impedi ment to its being returned to bim f In reply to thea quetion,tbe consulado Degs leave to state, that, at tbe suit of John M'Uer - mot, wbo claimed rrom n. Meade, lor caiance oi accoun,tuo sua ol reals ol v. l,UoO, . maravedu, in the course of the proceedings, this tribunnljrave iUsenlence.commandingR. Meade to deposito the aforesaid sum in the royal trea sury of the revenue, and this was done in treasury Dotu of effective cash, which said Meade had to receive from said department, and the de posit was ton made, the treasurer obbgiu, himself to bold the amount at the disposition of this tribunal. Tbe sum deposited subsists, and though M'fJermot afterwards pretended that lv .Meade should deliver bim aid sum, without any regard to the deposite. it did not take place, on account of R. Meade having appealed. The aid Afeade applied to hit majesty,' and through the minister of finance, there was issued a royal order, dated 10th August, 1815, Jn which it was commanded thai, in trie man time, funds could be collected, wherewith to return th aroresaid deposite, this tribunal should suspend its pro - ceeJings. This tribunal consulted the supreme counul ol war on Uu, point, and in virtue or a rI - aaNtK abT awh - rtfa Ika ea svi nu1 ,m as r - Ana ? uJulu"i " - yii ukj luuiaiiieu uie swo, or procccuings, 10 uie supreme council, u commanded by said royal or der. Tb supreme council makes mention of Tb supreme council the same ia the aforesaid document ; and it is tbe strongat proof that the deposite exists at the dis position ot' this tribunal, from the circumstance of the auto, or suit, beiog still pending in th ap peal before the supreme council. This tribunal cannot resolve to whom the sua m deposited is to b returned, and, whilst the suit is dependent on the appeal, this tribunal cannot regulate its sentence or proceedings. MIGUEL DE MARRON, NICHOLAS BLANCO. Cadix. 29th Nov. 1818. - ZfEfT - YOhK EyEAJAQ PuST. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY IS. Ijiitrm inMuratu e I have inst receive . , w . .. ed a long communicate on the subject of this ... . - detestable nuisance, which I consider a perm - dons and ruinous practice to tb adventurers, fall of die rarer class. Extortionate and oopre . . . . . .. . ' " . ....U.UK. wi,Kpu..i11uu;I... to tbe mastracy of the" city, when it u openly allowed. It is not io the more reputable lottery ; .U...U - - ..r . . U1U ,P gamonng i. cmrn - u uui id peuy snopt, at up m tne more oDscnr least poeubs. delay, yu wm b pleased a, a. early a poaibl., whethr, by or - caO th ist ly th tn of to a I i uu, I I wrt - j - r - :rr - r - r "r - - - l. ,he. tbiJ aarT. biter but what a system of morel most ex ia the community where such things are open practised, aad no notice taken of them Qu. Where is Mr. Sapwintendant rmkaey. with his salary of 1 1000 dollars a year f SJmme atae it thy bluth t ChtmulltrU eytman We shall only direct reader' attention to tbe able, mod ami unanswerable argument contained in tbe opinion which we tin evening republish Th legislature of Maryland bar passed a law taxing United States Bank 15,000 per annua, or making them use state stamps. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEfT. Office of the Daily Advertiser, ' ' Albany, Feb. 10. S rtir. nf the Oneida Convict train oc cupied a considerable portion of the time of the House or Aaemoiy yestemay. t no ijcuei refused to concur in the amendment made to the bill in the House on Saturday, and tne dm wa of course returned to that body. A motion wa made that tbe House recede from the a - tnendmentf. A debate ensned whicb lasted ahnut two hours t but the House finally refu ted to recede. The bill was then tent to the Senate, and that body, after tome debate, con - enrred in the amendment of th House by a majority of one. The remainder of the day was taken up on the consideration of the antwer reported by the elect committee, to tbe Speach of Hit Ex cellency the Governor, Th, thuUinr Lav. Durint the lontr and interesting debate upon thit subject, mention wa leveral times made of tbe objection made the hill bv Chancellor Kent, when it wa before the Council of Revision, in November, 1816. At the suggestion of a friend we have obtained a copy of the obj tctions of His Honor the Chancellor, which will be found below. IN COUNCIL OF REVISION, ' November 5th, 1016. """"'Tbe GOVERNOR, , Mr. Chancellor KENT. Mr. Chief Justice THOMPSON, Judge. SPENCER YATES, and? PLATT. ) Tbe Chancellor, to whom wa committed tb bill, entitled " an act to suppress duelling," reports that the bill is inconsistent with tbe spirit the constitution and the public good, and ought not to become a lew : because By the second section of the bill, every person be elected a member of the senate or assembly, or to be elected or appointed to any office, civil or military, except town officer, and every person to be admitted a counsellor, attorney or solicitor of an v court, shall in addition to the oaths now prescribed by law, take en oath or at firmation '.bat be hu not been CDgaeed or con cerned in a dual since the first day of July, (now last put or next hereafter, as tbe construction dmt het nor will be so concerned during; the con - tineance of the act, and while aa inhabitant of this state. This prevision establishes a test or qualification for office unknown to th constitution, dangerous a precedent, and uconsiatent with tbe pnnci - oles of libertr. ll cannot oe necessary tor me council io uc - clare that they solemnly bear testimony against the rjrsciice or due ine. as oeine cruel ana wicn - ea, ana equally conuemnea vj we mw.oi uie accented the challenee of the judge by whom it wa to be pronounced But to whatever cause we may impate the feeble execution, (as tbe bill is evidently supposes) of tne existing laws on mm suojpci, mere is no occasion that will warrant the introduction of unsound principles of legislation l est oatns, a a quanncation lor puonc trust, other than the oath of allegiance, and the usual oath of office, are inconsistent with the letter and spirit of our American constituUons. In some instances there h an ex pre declaration against them. The requisition in the present case is not founded on any religious test, but is equally tyrannical, for it requires every man before he can r - njoy or receive any public trust, to acquit him self upon oath of a particular crime, without be ing legally accused of it, and wben be stand in nnrent nnrir t h intnrimmr Aflaw. The mil in this respect reverses th maxim of the common ia and nr.,umn - - .:. With .. QUai ri, ir no. ith k. mi!,ht Ke compelled to clear himself of every other crime without hrin nut t m h imlirim.nt r prev,ntinentf and without u,e privileg of an appeal to his peers. It is danrerous to admit priuciple to destructive of civil liberty into the code ol our statute law. A most terrible luqui sition mijht thus be created over tbe conscience, of men. The penalty of refusal to answer is not indeed in this case the rack or the stake, but it is extremely severe, being no leu than a disqualifi cation to bold any place ol honor, profit or trust, or even to exercise one of the learned profes sion, uuellior does not appear to be a griev ous a public evil, nor does it usually denote such lepra vity of moral principle, as other examples of murder, and as arson, rape, forgery, and va rious Kinds ol larceny, swindling and fraud. It ofUn proceed, from a ioft. anJ Kruuuious. but muguided sense of reputation. Why may not, then, other offencss, and all other immoral acts, be brou - ht to the same test and checked br the ,ame meani , Timct ma. hereafter arise when . " - .... an undue seal for reform, or a fierce and intolle rant fanaticism, might be easily led to proceed from crime to crime, and from one misdemeanor to another, with the same potent remedy, until very man is obliged to renounce hu civil privi lege, or swear to tbe purity of his whole life. 1 he bill extends this oath to altoroies at la' before they can be permitted to practice, but it is not applied to candidates for tbe other learned professions, though the ame reason would seem b apply, and though the admission of physicians and surgeons is equally the subject of leeitlative regulation, l ne Pill, therefore, is not impartial in th imposition which it creates. If th principle be just, it ought to have a general and e - qual application. It ought to be extended not only lo candidates for omce, but to every man wno oner mmseli to vote, and especially to ju rors, wno are concerned in the administration justice. Tb latter part of the oath is equally new and I repugnant to sound principles ot rovernment. TS..n.i.iii.rf. : a " ;:; r,,M 7. 7 V 7u J 5 I u,to ' public trust is the ordinary oath of office ; IDoi - tin, that thwm oiih.;r(r.i. feiih. fully, and importing nothing more i and when " cea" Uie obligation of the oath also 1 ..nita. 17 .. 4 I ..IV : . t " - .... . I ,K". umunwiuiiiiuiiiaig a UiA IQT wUl refrain from a particular crime having no I special relation to their office, not only while io during the continuance of the act, and whUe inhabitants of this state. This it bindinr b - rtVlBioat UmnUv. ard Crfifc. v - r - la - f atixens to Uie exclusion of the rest, and in their f""' FPo.c u. au tne community. - 1 nere I Ka tK, rwrr,m nnp.i. r. l' " - j "'i viva,c;)S3 tan v uiUlf thaa to lb rest of the people. It it also very Unil mnA fm Ik. in. o nil lwfuvnunt tirnrrntt nf that accented the challenee falls. And if couvic - , ry to on of of O a parts of the city, which, however, are at bottom! private as well as public capacity to obey a law I 11 ti - it .1 supported and carried on for the benefit of other, behind the curtain. tiaUnlrtslfuluiNtiittii dram number it called oat, Ouy Jump apt & saddle aad rid off at full speed to tome distant ffica, and get the nam ber insured i which they pigtmt?'mh to b tore, i only to bite place of drawing the lotterv, the Union HotsL J0?500" whether it be wia, or expedient to . , . . , , . s bindprivat citisens by oath to obey any parti - it inrroundta every morning by hundreds of ter - cnlar law that i of public and permanent con - ra&ts and poor people, black and white, toai f cere. Th impression of aa oath i. apt to b .. V weakened proportion at it blcs. .lde. U U nuUer of .uFpria, thattt did object and ia imaefliat a "Pr1 T deration to obey the lwfcta" oat at with the earn, anu socsui m ' bmontothewpportof a wnrecaa aw i - i - Tir - d.saav impair tb force and ana of obn - . mmmml nhedlBDC. ' I K - b . ... Xtns exirsFruu., w y " " wlnd suddenly shilted Irom worin - - .pplitoercrjras to f. J b' m hnvy fall of rain, tleetand aflact of sucn a uruTuuxi uiwo ui c - oaths, and the consciences of those who take them, would as we tar b exceedingly Injun - ous. ItisiodouWtbeduryi)fthe law.giverto mrideroiUble penalties for the violation of eve - " law: out we appreoeou mere a w be met witft a tne oromary coura ' government, a which the citicens were culled to bind themalva by oath to perpetual ob - urvance of anv pobllc law. All that is precious and valuable in society depend opon the credit teitimony opon oath, and every measure that .HmtnUhM fh reverence or imnairs the conn - diminishes the reverence or impairs the confi dence due to that great sanction to truth, is most deeplv to be deplored. Tbe objections being read and considered, tne bill Ded notwithstanding By the Governor, Chief Justice Thompson, Judges Van Ness and Yate 4 Against, Chancellor Lent, Judges Spencer andPUtt - 3. Extract, dated Liverpool, 20th Dec. to a respect able house in Baltimore. " The state of thins is rather singular in this country : from the great surplus of unoccupied captal, tne rate oi interest u u caicu aa w.., SJcTi Z'jrJ. ? 7" r . - , . " 7 wu7i. ZZ fro that quarter w. m " 'f lu I b a k . T T . 77' until the 30th of June, 1826, the fourth para - prued even the most sanguine advocate, of what e f f fa;act , t0 here deemed tbe free trade to India." S"P . . , tnnm : ... Since the o Demur now in the third vear. the in crease hu been at the rate of 60 ships of an aver age of 400 tons each per annum." From th National Intelligencer, Feb. 10. The act of which we mentioned tome day. airo, to be in contemplation by tne Legislature Kentucky, for the incorporation of thirty - 1 three independent banks, hu passed both houses of the Legislature, with the addition more, mating a loiai oi o. i nere are ai - ready in existance in the state, a State Bank, with fourteen Branches, besides two Branches of the Bank of the United States. If these new banks are all constituted according to the charter granted, (of which, bowever, therms no probability,) there will be a grand total of 55 Bank in Kentucky. The new Banks are to give no bonus, nor advantage to the state. and a specie capital is not required to author ize them to commence operations, From the Orange County Patriot, of February 10, printed at Goshen, A. I.) A SECOND GEN. PUTNAM. The Bear Hunt. In our last paper we gave loose account of a bear hunt, collected iron transient conversations. Since the publ icatuin I oi iuai paper we nave oeen requested to give a more particular and correct statement of the transaction which we do with' the greater pieuure, a it afford, us an opportunity ot re cording an instance of persevering intrepidity, nuxiy ia dc mn who in anv inaiviuuu. i On the 39th January, a bear wn caught and taxen irom its den, in Warwick .Mountain, at - ter a vigilant, search of eight day, by a party I ot Huntsmen irom warwicx. tne Dear nu I I I tax en inciter in a aecuvuy oi roc as oi aooutirove forty feet depth. Attempt were first made to j get him out by amoaking, fic. but wituout et - feet. Doit, were then sent into the. hole, but they either retreated at his terrific aspect, or were destroyed by his grasp. At Icnirth the Huntsmen hndincr all attempt to frighten him from his retreat (ruitless, blew the rocks over him fierce and terrible. AfterlhlWrHoV through the rock wa sufficiently large to ad - mit the body of a man, John Ward, Jun. crept into it, placed lighted caudles fixed upon the end of a pole towards the bear, and with a musket shot at bim, but without effect. He uccuuca uie sccena time ami snot mm in tne fore legs the bear at etch fire advanced to - j i.j .i ... . wards Uie mouth of the hole, but Ward was not to be intimidated he decended again and I The latter after being at sea during ten days, in - 1. ... . I. c : I . 0 ... iltk.u.l . . . j : . : i r.i . siiui uie icruciuus ucasi in one eve. ivim wm now drawn out, the bear fiercely following uiiu , uc u ib mi my acizcua rine irom tne nanus ot another Huntsman, and discharged its con - tenst into tbe head of the animal, which proved iaiai. lie measured six feet from the nose to the end of the tail, and weighed three hundred ana uiirteen pounds. DETROIT. Jan. 9 Important. We are Informed that the ecre - tary of war has communicated to eov. Cass the determination of the president, that the Indian traae, vriinm tne territory or th U. SUtes, shall - jt uai.icuu.. iv the different agents of this superiuteodency, to license no person to trade with the Indians who is not a citizen. - This decisive measure ensures to our own peo pie exclusively, an important branch ol trade within ourown territories. It will soon b seen f uvn iiuiuiviu win urn opinions, uiai lumcient American capital could not be found to supply the demands of this trade. Its effects in a poli tical point of view, and upon the minds of the Indians, must be productive of beneficial conse - quaoces; and taken in connection with the com manding altitude of the United Stales, cannot fail of ensuring a continuance of peace upon this frontier. BOSTON, Feb. 10. Daring Robbery. Yesterdav between 2 and 3 o'clock, the Exchange office of Messrs. Wy - man Si Stone, No. 78 State - street, was entered by meant of false keys, and property to the a - mount of six or seven thousand dollars stolen. The mooey was contained in a small trdnk, which was enclosed in an iron chest. The door - lock and the lock to the iron chest, were unlocked by false keys, and the trunk broken open. A man, wearing a plaid cloak, wbo no doubt is the thief; was teen entering the office by a boy about tbt time th robbery it supposed to hare been committed. A reward of five hundred dollars has been offered, and suitable measures taken to pursue and apprehend the thief. NORFOLK, Feb. 6. It is our unpleasant duty to record an erent truly shocking to humanity. Mrs. Elizabeth EwelL a widow lady, resiling - in Cumberland near Freemason - street, retired to her chamber on w ednesday night at her usual hoar, to all appearance in the enjoyment of as good health as she bad been for sereral years. H er sister, who occupied a room in tb same tenement, finding that the remained in her room longer on th ensuing morning than customary, knocked at her door, but receiving no answer, concluded that she was asleep, and retired. Breakfast being ready and Mrs. Ewell not making her appear. - uu., uie went up a second tune, and after ma ny unavailing efforts to rouse her, she conjectured that all was not right, and forced the door. when, horrible to relate ! the found ber prostrate on the floor, with her face buried 'in the flat U I m ...... V uuruing; camera, wnere sne bad fallen, no doubt, under the efTocU of a sudden convubion. Upon further examination by some of tbe neighbors, whom the shrieks of her tbter had drawn to tbe spot, her nose and the flesh adjoining it, her up per lip and breast, were found to b bunt to a cinder, and her face renerallv much disfimred. Her cloatht also, a far as the waistwcre yery - c rMn the wosTta wbJch the .communicate to the floor. An inquest on bXwaXli yateadey . morning - verdict, accidental death by falling in tne nre. - t. - . , .V airw - ORLEjINS. Jan. 13. . . : A AVIack. th lesteraay monimg - - - - - : nr o vw the enow lav ou a uu om mcb 6 the thermome , , .nmnnn. tbe eround be. Covered with .now and ice, the f7. ' llri.!nr throus the - street, and excited no little astonishment among tne in Um at ,uth a D0Vel mode of ridiiig. " ' BaLTisioar, Feb. 10 'n t R Rirnibeu. (Spanish Consulv ramjy came passengers in tbe socket, capt. Campbell, arrived here on . r . i k c'trr ure re. sumiav ironi rtuttuiu u.e . eorniaed and welcome an old triend, wnose r.i mor inner resilience uerc. uiiu kciisli o 1 ! w mi moda. together with bis amiable family, bus endeared bim to a large circle of acquaint ance here, COAVRESS. HOUSE OF REPRF - SENTATIVE3 Mondav. February 9. Mr. Williams, of N. C. from the committee of claims, made an unfavorable reiKtrt on the peti tion of John O. Bogert, who prays that he may be indemnified for the failure of certain property - an.w.r thedescrip tiounder which it was .Id. The report was CMrU.Newton, from th. committee of commerce and manufactures, reported a bill to continue JL. aud'.fter the 30th of June, 1819, UIU UUUU saa iwswi aw ww 9 twice read and committed Mr. Newton also reported a bill " to increase the duties on iron in bars and bolts, iron in pigs, casting?, nails and allum : and to disallow the itravharlr nfriillie, on the exportation of CUO Lnwder " The bill wa twice read and com mitted. The speaker laid before the house the annual rer)ort of the commissioners of the sinking fund. (the president of th senate, the chief justice of the United States, the secretary ol tne treuury, and the attornev - reneral.) The amount of the public debt on the 6r;t day of the present years, Utandsat 99,004,800 51 - 100. And then, probably on account of the cold weather, the house adjourned at an early hour. DIED, . On Loner - Island, on Monday evening, Hen - drick Suydam, Esq. in the 81st year of his age, leaving numerous and respectable descendants, many of whom reside in this city. ErKJtim POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, ship Favorite, Hillanl, Havre " Fredk. Jenkins ii Son Brig Joseph, Morris New - Orleans J. Boucbaud AO ARRIVALS THIS FORKjXOU.V. The scbr Alert, Hilliard, from St. Croix for tin. port, ha put into Mil ford, in great uis Urea, having been 13 day on the cout and .uttered much in tier taut, rtgtrt?, etc, The brier Wm. Henrv. capt Morv. hjs arri ived at At'L Croix, in 9 daye from N. York The sloop Perry, 27 day from Ei edericks - bure - h. for N. York, baa arrived at Tarpaulin BALTIMORE, Feb. 10. Arrived, .loop Rambler, Dennis, 37 days from Boston. Clin. Bahbni. 20 davs Irom Boston. The schr. folicr. (mentioned in our last) left at Aux Cat es brig Maryland, Knapp. for Bait. days : scur. Sinclair, rope, rreaenens - iu - e in 40 davs : sloop l.ailv Hamilton. Pryor. N York, in 6 ; ship Frederick, Davis, of Ports - mouth. N H ; New Packet, Writ ; Peace and ilTJeSt, kennVoi; of New - York: schr. Mary, of it Marys. The schr. Caroline, Noble, o Norfolk (Va.) on her yge from i'ortau Prince to Havre, in lat. , V7' J. - 7t 0B 'h.e 2u,n f ,8 III ui .'tt,"m?n.,?h i oKcri wen wn uuttiu were kiiicu dt uziiinine five men immediately betook themselvel to the loagboat, whose fate is yet uikn - .wn. the hav - I ins abandoned the rarrfkin and thn - e nthnr. "i'i aiairiux irauiuuu ua wiinuui water, were picked up by a Patriot armed ves - el. and landed on the coast of II ivti. Thev are at present at Anx Cayes, under the protection of uuncan m'iniosn, esq. The brix Packet from Alicant. srjok on the w uec. near tape ae uat, ong l rader, t rencb of Salem. 20 davs from Marseilles for Maine. reao, i tog u land bearing iN.X W in 8 fathoms water saw a matt and several other spars appar enny Deinngine to a vessel or about 100 tons, were confined by the rigging to the hull on the notion, mowing iresn could not examine more particularly , her masts and cross tree were painted while A iraU cibrallar from the 19th to th 26m of uecemoer. American schr Ceres, Ingraham, 40 day from Plymouth (N. A.) ; schr Octavo, Murdoch, SO days from Philadelphia, and 6 from Madeira : Heroine, Smith, 24 days from Boston ; brig ame Monroe, Foiles, 38 Hays from Alexandria J AA? BrTis1ih .Coo", d.aT Irom amvrn, nun !ts frni I .cirhiim fix tznninr. rom eroyrna and 35 frra Leehurn. for Canton. Cleared Heroine, Smith, Leghorn : Octavo, iTiuru'H.n, niHrseiiiei. Norfolk. Feb 7 - Arrived, sch'Sonhia, Mas sey, Philadelphia 7 days. Spoke on Saturday last, lat 36 28, a sloop from Newbern. N. C bound to N York, out 7 days. On Tursday last, off Cape Henrv. saw a lare - e shin K inn - off and on, but did not speak her, and b'einir Z II . . m . ycry iogjy, was unaoic io ootain any further description of her. Tbe Sophia experienced very severe weather, but fortunately sustained no a - image. Sloop Leopard, Buckley, Frederieksbiirp, 14 day, and 3 hours from the river bound to N York. Packet tch. Tell - Tale, Churchward, NYork. 7 days. The T. T. sailed from New York on Thursday 29th ult. in co. with tchrs Native, Cole, for Richmond, and Indian Hunter. Sea. man, for Norfolk, and made Cape Henry in 31 hours parted with the Native during the snow storm on Friday night last, about 8 o'clock, off the Cape. The weather being thick, and blowing; tremendously hard from tbe N. E. capt Churchward thought it most prudent not to attempt to run in. Wore and stood to the S. andE. TheT. was nearly 3 days in tbe Gulpli Stream, and as far South as the latitude of Cape Hiittems, wind about S. E. with very thick weather anchored same night off Currituck Sand - hills blowing a gale from S. W. Got under weigh on Wednesday afternoon tmc into in iapes yesterdty, anchored at 1 P M. under Old Point Comfort, and came up last night about 9 o'clock. The only injury of iiiuiuriu ausiainea oy uie i . i . is in ncr sails, which are much torn. Sch. Resolution, Terry, Currituck, N. C. 10 ,1 ...... rk. ti . . . uaj. . inc n. was oounu to m I0NC, out put in for anchors, having lost hers by being run foul of by the tch Alexander. Kishnn fmm Currituck, while at anchor inside of Old Point uomrort, wnere she bad made a harbor in the late gale. Sch Thomas, Hopkins, Richmond 6 days - bound to N York. Clear!, tch Ranger. Wood. N York. Holmes'i HolC Feb. '.Arrived inT.rn.u linCove, brig Almira, Atwod, - 13 days from Savannah. Spoke, in lat 35 16, long. 73 44, Bntuh brig Friendship, , from Barbadoes ror a lorx, considerably damaged i:i the gale v. uk win mm jnu jao. In lo PiitiBixrnTi. Feb. It Arrived at "Reedy Utand, ten 8t Helena, Taylor, Mayoguea, (Porto RicoJv. ! i ' .' 'Tbeeargoet of the Alpha, Gen. Scott, and Roderick, are tared t the Alpha, and. Rode. rick are expected to be got on, wnen tne wet - ther motlcratet. THEATRE. - For th Benefit of Mr. locledoD. And po - itiverT tbe lat night of hit perforauK S .l...i.. tfna tf 'r,iv.U.t. - . )rlOf 0 fll UVJ'UltlB IVI VIWIUIUIIi ' .1 i, ON FRIDAY EVENINO. FEBRUARY 13 Will be presented, the Comic Opera of - THE DUENNA. ' Tlnn Carlos. ' Mr. Iocledoa which character he will ting the favorite toegi of" Had I a heart loriatscnoou irem'o." "Ah sure a pair wa never seen." atfd the admired Balled of M Tell her I love her." composed by Mr. Shield, expressly for Mr. locledon. the coura of ibe evening, Mr. locledon, will ting the favorite oongs oi so miu vvawn." The words by tint celebrated B, . Sheriden, Esq. Music by Mr. Sheridea. " The Having of the Lead " And, fnotitivelj for tb last time) Gay'ctlebratd ballad of Jjlack Vmhi Hn,nn." The whole to conclude with the Musical Aflet - piece oi tne TURNPIKE GATE. nnrrttiint Mr. Incledon . In which character he will ling the favorite bal - lad of " Tom Btarboard." ana ne new patriot - ic Song, written expressly for this occasion, by an American Gentleman, called 44 Columbia, The Glory and Prirte of tbe World. The Music by Mr. Clifton, of Baltimore. (tj - At the annual meeting of the Frointaut fnVnn,! Tract Society, held in the Vestry Room of Trinity Church, on Thursday evening, 5tb February, the following gentlemen weree - lected a DOard Ol trUSiee, lor me enmuug ir. The Itiaht Revd. Bwhei) noDan, rreswent, ex oflicio) . ....... Revd. Benjamin T.Onderdonk, 1st Vice Pre sident Jno. Watts, M. U. Zd vice i resineni Revd. Wm. Creighton, 3d Vice do s Cornelius K. DuUie, Treasurer Wm. E. Dunscomb, Corresponding Secretary Edwd. W. Willkines, Recoiding Secretary The. N. Stanford, Agent. TRUSTEES. Jno. I. Lambert Murrav Hoffman Alexis P. Proal Wm. Tripler David Austin Luther Bradjsh Benjamin Height Isaac Colford Janes ' Cornelia 8. Bartow Christopher Wolf. Wm Onderdonk, jun. Wm. H. llarnson Anthony Barclay Floyd Smith John Smyth Rogers Charlet Nicholit T.lnsrf $4. Dautipnv The tract, published by tbe Socaty uty be purchased or procured for gratuitous distribution, of the agent, No. 160 Peaxl - .treet febia It ' . IRISH EMIGRANT SOCIETV. rrj Having seen an advertised opinion of a - certain MORTALITY CLUB, 7ft Hiotrntma Provident Society, signed David Brysoa ead W. Cox, which apfwartdin the National Advocate of th 9th instant, 1 think it my duty to acquaint my countrymen, tht 1 am not a member of said mortality association, or of any other ocity in this country j and that I never signed any Mch nrrauwd it to be sisned t and if any per - . ton used my name at aa appendage to sack aa ignorant an pretumptuous production, it it obn - j ous the intention wa to defame me, by supposing I could be capable of obtruding my opposition to tbe Irish Emigrant Society i aa inititu - tion composed of some f th most illutrioos and distinguished Irish and Americaa character. As I am a stranger to tbe authors of this paper, it is my opinion they must be Americans, or a . portion ol Uial surplus soyaity, wracn oaw - ally strays over to Uu country in consequence of . the pause in persecution wbicb has thrown thou sand of its agent out oi employment, wot . could not remain in Ireland a the Impartiality of famine know no distinction of persons orpof - If the advertisers are Americans, fbey aefper - fectly consistent by advising the republic to tee. that it suffer no loss by to sales of its lands or nyanj immUwi encouragemeat of strancers f hut il tliev are Irislimea who oppose tbe safes of lands to their countrymen, and inform on them in America, to drpn.e them of th meant of subsistence, it is carrying on the 'Orange war be - " yoad its natural limits, and an exercise of vigi - ' lance wlncn deserves tn repronauon oi an eu lighted people, who' will not suffer their affairs' to be at the disposal ol foreign iotermedlers. WALTER COX. The Editor of tbe National Advocate, sod " those editors who have published the proceedings signed " William Donovan, Cb'n which 1 believe is intended not for Chin, bat Chairman, " are requested to give the foregoing a place." febl It NOTICE. (XT All persons indebted to the late Davti Rosa, Bookbinder, are requested to pay tbt amount of their respective debts to the subscribers, and all those having demands against his estate are requested to present the same for settlement at 127 Broadway. , ew - York, 1 JOHN GIBSON,? Execa - Feb'y. 12, 1818. 5 WM ttUTLERo tor. feb 12 3t - NOTICE. "T (r All persons having claims against the estate of Capt. William Taylor, deceased are de - ' sired to present them to the subscriber for settlement, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make payment without delay . . JAMES M' BR IDE, feb 12 1m Administrator. ' Literary and Pkilomtphieal Society of A, lent - . fjj A stated monthly meeting of thit Sock ety, will be held at their Hall, in tbe New - York Institution) This Evening at 7 o'clock, feb 13 It J. W. FRANCIS, Rec Sec, For Alexandita, Utorgelown and H'athingttn City. The schooner ADELINE, Edward Rummer, master, laying east side Cof fee House - slip, now loading. For freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to DIVIE BF.THUNK&CO. feb 12 92 Coffee House - slip. S' PIRITS OF TURPENTINE and NAIL3 - 5 casks Spirits of Turpentine 5 do itM vvrouentnaiis 3 Ho lOd Cut do , ( ' S do 6d do do . 2 do 4.1 do do Just received and for sale by ' BARBARIN, STANTON ft CO. . . feb 13 lw 17 Fulton - slip - HOPS. 2 bales for sale at 67 outh - st. by CA MB HELEN G to PEARSON. feb 12 FLOUR. 125 barrels Richmond superfine Flour, just received and for sale by' BOORMAN k JOHNSTON, feb 12 57 South - street MOLASSES 50 hhds. landing this morning at Fulton - street wharf, E. R from the brig Amethyst, from Demrrara, for sal by BOORMAN tz JOHNSTON, feb 12 3t 67 South - street MOLASSES & RUM. - 82 casks first quality Demarara molasses . 4 puncheons rum landing from the - brig Amethyst, east side Steam - boat wharf, pier no. 21 for sale by GEORGE LACY, feb 12 lw No. 4 Fulton - slip - FOHSiLt:, , kou Three years unexpired lease, from 1st - , of May next, of that eligible situation no. 15 Greenwich, comrr of Courtland - street, being well calculated for a respectable boarding bouse, and has been occupied a such for several years : is a three story well finished building. Enquire at the premises, fib 12 lw

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