The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 8, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, December 8, 1913
Page 6
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jJLP. MARK Arendtsvffle H. P. MARK j * 'i ii I ' -- ^ . """" «)· A big Display of HoKday Goods f HOLJOACTHAWAfl Christmas Ranks First in the. Minds of the Island People. The thirty-first anhiversai-y of my being in business Trill be celebrated with a grand opening of holiday goods on ,, s.Saturday, December 6th, 1913 #* An interesting Medley of Little Folks of Many Races s«d From Many Lands Participate in tfae Joyful Yule-Tide Celebrations. - II A big stock fresh frdn the eastern cities has been placed in our store rooms and -nrS f£l open foirinsp^etibn 'to all oar friends and customer.-. Our holiday stock 'consists of e :HINA and GLASSWARE |j Cut glass pieces In latest JK patterns. The only store ct 5 which to buy it in the Xorth end f of the County. Dinaer sets. · Silver knives and forks. ! BRIC-A-BRAC j£ Vases, Candlebra. Stoi^ary ££ and Japanese pieces i LAMPS w of everv srvie and deserintion. ' ' FURNITURE During the holidays only \ve offer an eight piece §30 solid oak suite for $25. Dresser has a -French beveled mirror 24 x b'O. An exceptional offer which -will only las'c for the holiday trade. Iron bedsteads and other furniture of all descriptions. An y especially attractive line of JS rockers, dining room suits, side- K boards, desks, etc. SLEDS and WAGONS The kind that won't bieak "when you look at them. Big line of lightning: guiders --:*.1 flexible fivers. Other toys. TOILET SETS A 1-irge line of toilet, sets has been received for the holiday Vrade. A most acceptable gift a;id we have many pafterns. SWEEPERS Bissel's swepers make very acceptable gifts. They save many hours hard work. PICTURES We have no competitors in price, for we do our framing in dull seasons. We are overstocked and the goods must go. As a result we have made a redaction of 25 per cent, on all pictures. CARPETS i~«--»^;£~. ^^cxioiiet Axt^i:**- sier, Ingrain and Rag: carpet. A pattern to suit everyone. RCGS A large- number of rugs of attractive design and excellesit quality. All sizes. A new line of bath loom rujrs.' "0 x ~~2 for »3c 20 x CO for S9c. OIL STOVES Monarch az-.d B. and B. oil heaters which are just the thing: to take the chill orf of a room. CLOCKS Our display of clocks is large and at varied prices. Cathedral gro:itf clocks from $2 to S'J-75. all new designs. Oak case clocks a«e cheaper gracies.a!arni clock-;, e'tc., for these v.-ho \vant liiem - F Christian, lands, is the greatest of ay' "holidays in HawaiL Ta" reaiizfi*Jbe importance of the religious .festival as compared with | others I wili- mention a. few of the \ others first. j The^birtnday of Karcebameha III., I oa the* seventeenth cf Marco, is celebrated by a display of bunting s.i-- the Ti-eariag of gay lels (wreaths) of Sowers. Decoration day is made much of, by both the white aad the browa folk- Karaeliameha day, Jane eleventh, is a big day^ with the natives, a day 12 honor of their great king, Kamehaiae- ha L, sometimes stled the Napoleon A Sewing Machine at $18.00 That Equals Any $30.00 ilachine .* Full size high arm sewing head. Ball-bearing enameled stand. Five drawers with polished oak fronts and handsome puils; one of them $ with bobbin compartments. Thoroughly adjusted so tha'c it may be used in the home at once without trouble. Fully guaranteed for ten years- Should lasc a lifetime with reasonably careful use. Will do r perfectly all 'che sewing required in the average modern home. Has full equipment of attachments same as the higher: priced machines. j A trouble-proof easy-running, thoroughly satisfactory Machine. !£ We will sell you a $45.00 machine, rotary action, with all the at- f tachmen'ts. hernmers. etc.. for §27.00. Guaranteed for 10 years. jjl Fully guaranteed machines as low as S14.00. They have been hand- K led with success for 20 vears. " " M A R K f t * - - ArendtsvilFe; - : - - ' t 2 Adams County i Sift- ' Don't .ten people thai" TOE 'do Bot \~ «rpect to Twelve any .preseats-.-'You; - * *-' A ~ - ' ~ - ~ you iDbn't forget that the clerk ,-who has, tienT Trorking long - boars" fbr_ is iuman. m Medical advertising |_ S'-l* · V · " I [Build Up Your j Sick Stomach. \ jledical Advertising After Sickness icg "away /fas efpensiye, £aH ""to re- " " ~' ~ ' more -"' Dtm't hunt- Icr price marts on the presents you receive. Don't -wait tfll CBfistmas for the purpose of being kind. Don't let your left pocket know Trh»t your right pocket gives for friendship, for love or for charity. "Don't be grouchy merely because some deliverv boy happens to Brod 7lTi r ifitii the comer of a. box that Is twice as large as he. "D%'t let yourself suppose -sraen you crowd 'into the place where Christmas ·flopping is being done that you are tiie only one who is in a Restore Mi-o-na Soothes the Irritated ?.Iem- branes. Stimulates and Strengthens the ^Stomach. · ^Mi-o-na Js one of the_most effective and safe remedies for out-of-order sromaebs. It increases the flov.- cf the gastric juices, soothes the irritated membrane, and quickly and safely benefiiS the digestive system so "that \ our food is promptly convened into nutrition and" the entire system proper- Jurs. Gardner Tells Sow to One's Strength. | So many people are asking now to jrecox-er their strength after severe sickness tha'c we are . publisher information f-jr zheir benefit. Christmas Tree of Hawaii. of Hawaii. July Fourth, vrbich sov Las double meaning in Hawaii, fcas "' v.sys been the American resident" great cay. "One learns to skate in summer an«. to swim, in winter," and one learus p? irlotism in a forefgn land. At io:re save in stirring tuaes of -war, c-e": heart is ne^-apt, 10 quicken its bet at the sound of The Star-Spangle: Banner:"' at Borne m jcfdsumtaer oa« does cot often nnrve hear and crov.-t to listen to the reading of the Declare tica of Independence: at Iiome GE' does net fianat red. Tvhite and. bitie-c: hatband and -with badge; but v. e a. know ho\v the American in Lento and Berlin comports himself OB thi day, which v.-«en at home he' tries i- run. away from.' Irt the little, lana o iia""aii the citizen bom. in "it States"' Is not behind the American I Lonelon .and Berlin. All muster \ "make of the dav s, glorious Fourth, v no one is in the- least blase or fed:' fcrent abcTit tt celeoration. Tts m tional songs rise lustily.,"v» ay up abc-. the palm fringes; Kie clearest vo*e- -*. i 'in' the land reads the immortal ·wcrtr cf "TTlien :a iae course of fcuma After grippe, pleurisy, pnsumcnla" or any iliness whac ypu"naed is new srrergrh and better blood. The most certain way to get this is by taking Vinol. cur delicious eoa liver and iron preparation. I»Irs. il. T. Gardner. Chicago, 111., says: 'iAfter a verv serious operatioi: I was a total invalid for nearlv a vear ly nourished. Then you are well and and a convalescent for months ttiere- srrong. - - i after, I gave the remedies -of a nnm- If you lack an appetite, your tonsrie i ber of eminent, specialists a thorough ; .s coa'ced. nerves on edge, have risings 'A soar and undigested food and exper: enee after eating distress you are suffering with indigestion or sick stomach- trial, but without deriving 'che slightest benefit. Vinoi was reconmended Without the least faith in the merits of the medicine. I took it faithfully, and it seemed to bring back the old Get a fifty cent box of Mi-o-na from j color to my cheeks and the elastieitv People's Drug: Store ar.d begin now to jto my step -which I Iiad despaired of build up your sick and \vomout stom- i ever recovering, ach- Do not delay, many serious I seases stare from to be only an upset stomach. Money refunded if not benefited- 1 can sav. con- di- i scientiously. that for nervous, run- what was thought; · down people, Vinol is an excellent remedy." Try a bottle of Vinol. Your money Of Local Interest trill be returned if it does not restore vour vitality and strength. Peonle's Drug Store. Getty shunr," Pa. P. S. If you have Eczema try oin Saxo Salve. We gtsarantee it. Some People We Know, and \Vc "Will Profit by Hearing About Them. j r .. . , - i . ]· Hiram Bruce's Lni« is a purely socal event. ·* It took tlace in Gettvsburs:. /--» j «-- Xot in soms faraway place. | V-iOOQ A OIl-URC You are asked to investigate it. Asked to believe a citizen's vrord: _ ^ To connrm a citizen's statement. Avoided Consumption by Jhe Timely Any article chat is endorsed at home i Us»c of Bear's Emulsion. Is more -xorthy of confidence | Abo'it twelve months agro I con- Than one yoa know nothing about. '. tracted a very severe cold which- !eii tndorsed by unknown people. 5 nae with a dry hacking cough I could D. F. Arendi. Fourth St., Gettys- | not ge t rid of. Cod liver emulsion -was b.:rsr. Pa.. sa\ s: "TVe have used Doa'n's , recommended and I took two bottles i across the small of my back and irs J J t did not benefit me at all. j n:y sides and had "to get up at night on 1 , t felt right much dis .-O'jraged. bm j account of kidney vv-eakr.ess. Doan's 1 decided to try Seal's Emulsion aati, Kidr.ey Pills rid n-.e of all these trou-!-*?3d been recemniended "to me by z. \ bles." \ friend, and after taking two bodies 1 gift I p or sa^g jjy a ]] cealers- Price 50;" 12 ! entirely cared and there is no in events," and reads zo reverent i-steers; "the rnosi mSatecLAmericaa slorj isg is accepted as the day.'s due: \er, genuine feeling sv.-ells the voluma £S intsrprats the neaning of "'3Iy co'dr try, 'tis of thte.'' jCovsmber 2S : s Hawaiian Indopenc ence day, a bo" ; day to commeaiorat that on the t-.. enty-eigiith of the e!e- enth^ month ci tite year IS53 Franc and England announced, in a joint dec iarauoa, their consideration cf tL fice Gshing: fe^v indoor dances, but j many iicr?Ics at V.'aikiki, There the j fcasidv Fe3it*ecces me aud tse beach j wiiicli is the gi-e^t ".vater playground ' fcr the people ot the city. j lu Har-n'I ire are made a-aare of the ayproael: or Christmas day all the pre; j ceding JilL-t^ All aiglit the Hawaiian warblers are abroad, all night tae toy eaunons booai, the firecrackers pop-1 Tiie sewcoaier feeis the BSidwiater Ixoiiday has charged places vdtii the miessimnjer oce, ana wonders if a person can stand fa o ""Fourths" ia a year.! Where I iive in Honolulu sleep on tae , "le.- sliciv cf truce, \viib "scores of oranses i an«I ir-nanierable sacks' cfcandy, I go j to my room and av.-ait. v.-ith, as good ·_ grace as possible, the ecteuEg'oI say', visitors. About midnlsor-"! '3iear-the_* sojjcd of mac;.- footsteps, on tie gravel, stilled mirth, the testing of strings, J and tcea burst forth, "A ruby lip i to kiss, love, 1 " asd otaer songs of that nit. The "ev.-eo!2ier is surprised and-' asks if these be Chrisnaas -.vans; says! she is reminded rather of £. crow u cf: Romeos besieging a Juliet. The Ro-i saecs at the particular balcony cf! which I speak, never found Juliet ua-1 responsive, asd iato outstretched j hands always fall a rain of goodies. There are hearty thanks called up to [ the windows, and many pleasant j voices raised in "Merry Kreesmus! 1 ilerry Kreesiaus!" The giver feels! ri-paic!, and philosophizes that the loss J 01 one night's sleep Is not so very serious. Oa the islands there is an attempt made to copy the Christmas of the lands where the white man abounds; gifi-makiag, church-goin^. plum-padding and greens are !:sed to help it our. jlany cf the gifts are such as you of cold climes books, Sowers, finery; but, as -was suggested above,} tbeiiiselves. bat trrsportant to the there is no call for skates, sleds, muf- era! effect. Sers, furs or velvets The chareb- going is as it is with you; early mass for the Catholics, early service for tfie Episcopal church JoHr, church festivities for the little oaes and the poor. A QUAINT APRON EFFECT BROUGHT OUT LN A YOKE Attention to the small tilings makes! quires -5=1 yards or 42 Inch velveteen :en- j with 7552. which ia a smart ons-plece J dress in peasant design, closing on the The skirt siiows j^st a sug- the sides, held In tabs. An Inset showing- this apron effect were high-! vest of aet sr-sceat! of the material 1-.- attractive. In tfels design it may bei v.-oulil asld to the dressiness o£ the . · used or not as suits the todividcal. i ni the Several The going out into the highways a=G Black velveteen with touches of bright- An afternoor. cress after this design hedges »s literally followed ia Honolulu at this season. Browa babies from hovels hid at the foot of Diamond Head, big-eyed Portuguese girls ar-'j bojs frcsi the slopes of Punch Bowl children sheltered in iiuts doteec among the iantana thickets cf KalibI valley, little aquatics from "Waikiki. all ness in the wide silk girdle is the irat-j :n size 35 requires 5% yards-o£ 35 inch terial used. The Irock closes la the material- back, has a. drop-shoulder and 3. two- piece draped, sairt. T*"; make this model in, size 35 It re- No. 7TSG--Sizes 34 to 4r To. 7652--sizes 34 to 4 .Each pattern 15 cents. ij To obtain either pattern illustrated *5U U out this coupon and enclose 15 cents in.;, p slumps or coin. 3e snre to state number | of pattern and size, measuring over tie jj fullest part of the bust. Address Pat [i IJepartrnent. care of this paper- Xo. Name . Address Sire GETTYSBURG MAitEETS Prices at'the GeSysbnrg warehouse co:- pc daily by C.'iTnrrnroIrTXf soK to J. Geo. ^Vole's coas Co. "'" - · · · · · ·· · ^ev. Dry "Wheat _ e«.' Ear Corn *' EETALL PRICES PUBLIC SALE - Thursday. DecemBeril, 1913. ^iimns wi!l ^ r ?* Public Sale'all"his aiotk and farirong, Implements on his farm in Cntiiheriand township. 5 miles _£-7 f sondi of Geuvsburjt, and 5 tinles from ,-g j Eraniitibni^r: and 1^2"mile easE-O? G r ecn- "" ,-·= ' mount, on tSe njad leading- to the Kidse "". 4= ! Koad, kuowji a» theKiuTFarm.orCah'in .sixHEAlToF HORSES~ ilULES Ptrl'iO: v^. i -_T!.».t- m-rr» ^5 Tears old. in 'ivy A Christmas Shcpping Scene. ore Invited- to all the eaurch portal: are fiung wide on Christines eve. Central TTalon church, the stately catbe- dral, Kau-aiahao, as" well as the ciia?- sls az ilaMki. Kaliai and Paiama. bring thera into tae charmed circle o! ·lie Chiistmas tree. Little Ah Oi and Ah. Ooe, Santo anc ToiOE2itso T too, are not forgotten cr treated unfairly. Queues and kimonos have their trees, their gifts, Christina? socgs -nrit in their tongues, patrons to act for then tie part of St. Xicho las. TTiien we peep ia at this ciiurec aad at that, see Saxcn and Hawaiian Portuguese, Japanese, Cuinese % Soutr Sea Islander, care for. happy/ rejoic Ing. we seem to find some real mean i ing in "'the brotherhood of man;" T,-« repeat softly: "Ta angels' song risgs everywhere And all the earth is holy land." ou will h'v-n,akr Stock Food 1.-50I v.c^h m*} Ins . :t tine leader acd «oyl St-i iMicUlings ' -^ I 11 vears old. one a line leader* °nd the TliaoEhyHay J-'J 4 "-j nber a iice .oti-slde wprkeri ,aa extra Bal-ed Stra'v *2-', one iii nsoniks oli and the" 5 other 7 Piaster .7 $7.-5~i per ton.: n-.or.iV (iiu, i-oib- iired from same parent^ ·"·-i»n»»nr_.. 4I.-JO p^r "nhji i -,,,,] glj O iiIi *r" tti^eilstr, trill make a pair C--Ct"n ?ec«l Moai-Toii't..-- - ; -" - -ISS-itl Q f bisrheavy'mr.Ses. -n Floor Cora ---New Ear Coni.- i--5 : EIGHT HEAD OF CATTLE E'er · IA. l ~ -i-'- Hotteir. and a Jersey, 4 of them jj. .^0 will ha\e caive? bv iheir i-kte by day of {: (j j =;ile. Vo. I- iloKtein Cov.- with her 6th r ttr .. Q ' ,-alf bv her side, a Sine nm»-ked cow and 51.0G' a 200J one- Xo- L'. Very large Holstem si5,Cow with -2n.l tsif by her ^.le. :O. 3. TO 1'svrt Jerscv and part Durham with her -- ·' - ·= . - · " · j- v-.. No. i AH Iton't present yoar Christmas xs if you -were conferring a favor. . :er.ts. Foster-Mubum Co.. Buffalo. | dicauon of the cough repjrning-. Don't give taerely 'or tae purpose 1 Xexv York, sole agenis for the United j I hearti'y recommeitd it to anj- one o? creating the impression that you I STales. · saffer:r.jr from a co-jjrh or cold thej are gemteroas. "- · " · Remember the name--Doan's--and '.5:avc rever been ab'e to rid themselves ' take no other. j of. """" [ i, _ _ ,, , ,, i Very "truly years, - | . -T- Hiram Bruce.. Qualities of the ^Diplomat. ' «r '_ -i-,;--«», I Harnsor.i.urgr, Va.. Xov. 1; "What is a diplomat? ' "A diplomat is a man -who can make a lie seeaa Woman's Triumph. Aa Ate oa the u peach pie '., ,. ^ ». . -- for tbree days - aad her i broncnitis other i-in^ more reasoaab.e than the truth; can _ husbaud d'dn't touch it. Then she cut ', Recoromended and for s?^ troubles eoess -woraaa's age without getting j , he p5e iEIO S hreds and mixed them kind People's Drug Store. it "too old or so yoaag as to be ab- ; yp i a a pudding, and he ate ta . . . ,, tae pud- j *nrd, and can do man an injury and . dlng and an in a ravenous manner, j 'make Mm believe he has done him a [ and neve r knew the pie tvas there. | TOT." Natural Reply. i "I've described by symptoms thor- "ougbly, harea't I, doctor?" the pa- ,tieat asked. "You certainly have," replied Ine'doctor, "'and I will give you ^something for your pains."--Llppta- cott'8. ,- -H s She is elated over the victory, ar.d is ' telling all of her friends about it.-- Atchisoa (Kan ) Globe. Daily Thought. He that judges without informing himself to the utmost that ho is capable, cannot acquit himself Of judging aiuibs.--L,ocke. She Knew It AH Aicng. "My dear," said Mr. Bickers to his wife. "I saw in the papers today a decision of a Virginia court that t h e u i f e may, in some cases, bo the head of the family." "John Henry," rep'.ied Mrs. " Bickers, "the courts are sometimes very slow in finding out things!" --PucV i yp.cai Metive Boy. "SaiidwicI: I-lcnds as an independent state."' Close to Independence DA: comes Thaskigiving. which is cele brated by aii. the divers races is Ha uir.tir.c to make a holiday of the Xew Englanders uarves^ festival. And HOT. for the one great aoslcar of all the jcjr. x "With us i-'-.Tiders, as wita yon o' the States. Ci.rlsuaas Is the aolidaj of ail the j is long looked forwarc to, losg kep; .n recollection. Xo m:xi so hoary, so i jperstitious, so clolhec about ·with the old Hawaiian fears o' evil, but tbai has heard of the mag" and the Chill: ao little one in all th land bat fee;=; some influence of thf spirit of the g'ver. Though there is much of real Christ mas in the air ia the -way of unselfish giving of pleasure and of renewal o' ycuthf:il, to you the twenty fifth c£ December in Honolulu prob ably v.ocld :.ot seem very much lil:e Christinas. The gowns are white, the hats summerj; many feet are bare, and at the beach considerable of the body of the rative fisherman is alsc bare. The hibiscus hedges are aflame with blossoms, wliile the odors of roses, violets, stephanotis, heliotrope, pinmarias and carnations make tae air heavy wnn fragrance. There are no sleigh bells, but many merry horseback parties; there IB no skating, but Experience. Brown--"You seem more satisfied with your wife's cooking than former!y. Has she learned with time?" Smith --' Xo, I have."--Woman's Home Coia- pauioa. What He Wanted to Know. llillio^aire (to his daughter)--Tel ine, child--that young mac -nhOT%anti to marry yon tnls Christmas, has he got any money? Miss Innocence -- Honey, father: \Vhy, he has just given me a clastei diamond ring studded v.-iih pear's. -Millionaire--Yes, I know. Has he any money left? WHY TOMMY WEPT. Heifer:-. c'.o=e .-r s extra sine IloJstcin UnH. lit for service lie v.-iti make a very !ar£e animal. Xo.S. KoUtcia ilcifer K iiij-iniliS o}d. SE\'EX HEAD OF HOGS ·2. i»rxxl will hare pijs by their =idKS one with l=t litter, the other with her third litter. 1 Poland China Boar nt for =ervice. 4 .-boats, will weigh about GO 3b*. November 16, 113. EM MARMBD 2A1 8:56 A. 31. Daily Except Snnday IGJ Baltimore, Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. 10:28 A. 31. Daily for HagerstoTKT^ TTaynesboro, Chauibersbiira j p ARM MACHINERY o f ALL KINDS Hancock. Cumberland,, Pitts burgrh and Chicago also Eikins, 12:23 P. Zvl. for HighSeld ar.d intermediate stations. 2:55 P. 1,1. for York, Baltimore ard Intermediate Points. 5:-"6 P. ii: Daily except Sunday for C- ar s d H. Division Poin'cs tc Highfield, also Hagersto-svn, Waynesboro, Chamfcersburg and Shippensburg. ·J.13 Xetv Oxford. Hanover, York, and intermediate stations. Xurse--Why, what's the matter, Master Tommy? Tommy--Boo-hoo! Now I've got a PUBLIC SALE Of j»rr=oiial pr-n^eriy of Harry \IiJK-r. Dcooascd Or. Tiinr^l^v. TCCC"ii«cr 11. 1-* At h: 3 3 a:o rtfidtr.c*- Jlc'ii^C s : ·in.Wt«r *' njile !ro::s 6cit.-=i:3rK oil rawiseytown ros«j. The following ;' Aiit?1»:e liiirh po^t bead, stea-l. -Cjrj-";" o-vtvr.«on inhlc. ji kitdien onn- .o.n3~. c«pk .--tovc- an«l nxynes ^sc-o-l :-.. .!·«. t oftkiaii Rtensfls. ;3-hr.g tei am'. i« n«'.v. tabi^ nnd l^nngc. _^ ilcConnick Binder sood as new. JlcCorwick Mower. "2 Wiard Plows. 3 a ne-.\ one ^o. *0 and No.iS: self dump McCorniick Haj Hake,- Superior gram drili, double ro-.v Emerson corn worker, double and single slio-.t-l ploTV?. cultivator, cisc harrow, land roller, double row (orn planter. ^ sprinsr tooth harrows. 2 farm w-ons for"2 a~nd 4 horses, 2 seis hav ladders Is ft. long, wheeJbarrow-. pitch -ind tlncz fork'!, dtsng hook, hay fork and 12o ft. oiropc, good as new. S It. pruning hook, i-mpire Kin? Sjrniyini: ontiit with IMi jraJicn tank. 4 good set of front sears. 2 sets bieech- bur.ds. cootl and heavy, bridles and bai- tert. iiierC £r«irs icre all new when I -jcrted fnnnins;. «icil three season?, all ho-.c--'ia«!c. l««i and check lines, set of b;!-^rs- harr.cs~, jockey stick, single and ·I.Kjblo trc-es- - spreaders, brca-t, an5 5o" ohain«. srrain rradle, ,,! rrtrn by ti-t- hiiahe!. fodder by the !t;:ntl!e. ant!. 1 , jot of anicles to nnmerona to mestioa. S.i:e to r,: 10 o'cVck^A- M. olit of )') month will be given :w= 01 S-3.(^' an-1 o\er. J - I - ^ I'. A.~.MiYler, c'ierk. butt. . -.·.u*.';:^ crhKic-r sixl t-tutTer, \\lic-clburro\v "Vain'cradle. ifttir. mower, lysrwaiier t^ol* rakt*. f r l of xiwetl v.oo-J. ll^r, 75 bii-1'.f's oar «,om. ] ^ 0 ma'iy tf them j.Hl!e{ of c.Ws i'rx-1:. or.e bon-u \\,xs«m -»!· many ar:iclc? gun at last, an' I'll just bet there ain't i .o nutm-rous to mont;o;. v no bears around here fer me to sale to begin at 1 o'clock P- Mno bears shoot! The Almost Saves Them. "American women,"" observes ' M. Poiret, ""are so well constructed that they could wear anything." Yet many of them" almost don.'t--New Mail. John M. Biocher Aministrator. Daily Thought. The most sensible one Vrili give in.- German FroveTb, ^ ^ , ' A on all - l-will be i« G e t t y s b u r g eVery Tuesday a f P e n r o s e Myers' Jewelry .Store. W.H.TJINKLH Grad.of Optics,29 Pomferf St-.Garlisle. Barter's Announcement. In tae v.-indow of an easfefrf barber's shop has been placed this qnaint an- rouncement to the publicr * "I choose my assistants for their, skin with the razor and scissors, not for'tlieir conversational powers," _. "· * ' · ·· T ~! ~i -. " J

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