The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 12, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1818
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4m r - 'v' I.I ' ...r'. - 'v'' H .r. .' .' V f., - 4 Ji TIIURSDA Y, FEBRUARY 12; 1818. DUMBER 4839 ' 1I:. v'.' .. ? N0. 42 PlNkSTREETf: SALS AT TTIZ - SILPYARD O rue xtirscriher. - ; - ; A SLOOP, now building of the bet rfvmaterll, about 100 ions; timbers ofkve V Moak. locust and cedar i bottom plank Jersey whit eak, built on purpose for the Alba ny irau . ortp - ' r rn ' stipulated fot trade where dispatch, burtnen, auu iiajjnJraa of water is required. sf'iinnClL of 40 tons jrill draw but little watery with a lee - l - board through tlie centre os aow " and i eapecieu vuwui j , . 4 - Also, a SHlP of 360 ton,1 "J"1,1 , - g.can be niusbea to sun m 7 tJr' Spars, timber and plank. Also, Umber wwed to bill, for Iwum building. .tT, ur ft tl . CHAtU.W bivu.tii i... .v. ' VnrAf or Charter, rfK . a new pilot boat built SCHOONER, ' Tt isn inn hnrtheB. built ID the best jner, copper - fasteneiL. m complete order to reoeive a cargo in every rBp;i . Apply oo board at Burlinj - Up orto PF V ' N. L. & G. GRISW0LD, rjan 19 " C8 South - rt. . . - v Vrrirkt or Cliarter. (K .fl new pilot boat built schooner, 120 Hr burinen, oam io me Deai maimer, ul Rood material, copper fattened ; a very fast tailing vessel, and may be aeut to tea with small expense Apply on board at Burling slip, or to 1 . . N. L. toG. GR1S VV OLD, jan 9 86 South - st for Freight or Cluirter, Th hl tailinir cubstanlial schooner .BETSEY, cajt. Turner, one year old, will atow about 00 bbl. is in coai(lete order for mi voyage can be seen at Dover - st. wharf, pplyto GOODHUE & CO. JmS2. 44South - s(. fOR Tk n.or ml fast mtiins brut FAME. .buiU of the best neaconed timber, and faiiblullr put tnsetlier. Her n;r2iog and sail arc of excellent quality. This vessel is well ralculated for a southern packet, having handsome accommodations. For terms, and a view of her Inventory, vply to GtlBWOLDS & COVTES, Jan 23 6H ?a - ith - ;t. v4l5S The very fast sailing looi PAR AGON, ISlburthen 66 tons - built at Mi tldlttown, Coiiiiccticut, f the bet materials ; has made one voyage to the West Initios, is one year old and can be sent to sea immediately For terms, and a view of her inventory, apilv to GRISWOLDS COATKS, Jan 23 63 Houth - st. , CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hun lred hules ronaistinc of BRas, Luckipore, Chittahully, Callipatty tuxi Putka. Cnrtu!. Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Lorkif ore. Sunaaht - Jellalptire and Mow. Checks Gillahs, Horn.'!, Sc. hr sale by CHS. L. OGJUK.N and ABRM OGUEN, jan 9 . Wathinnton - Mrect. Ot ATWA1TS"8RANDV. JUtf Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled toleben - turt, for tal by CII A9. L. OOOEX, and ABRM. OGDF.N, . ael7 Wafhmgton - street. LDTOlJAtX'O. 30 hhd. old Richmond tobacco, will he lmmlel tomorrow from the schooner Hero, from niclrmond. "or sale by , ROUERt GILLESPIE, j'an 15 , 112 Front - street FOft SALE, the cargo of the ship Cririe, cap tain Humphreys, from Calcutta, and now tandiug at the lout of Liberty - street, consisting oi East India Sugar Cotton ' Ginger ; Block Tia Gum SheUack ' Gum C' pal ' . Goat Skws of a large sin Seine Twine and Gunny Bagf Alto for tale, India Muslin of almost every description. , - Also, a mall quantity of Rattans, and Odor of Roses. For aal y jan 7 ROBERT LENOX. TUB CCO. 20 hhd. oboco, will be landed tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Petersburg For t .le by ROBERT .ILIXSPIE, jan IS 1 12 Front - street. C O'l i KJUHtw rroii, prime, miui.le lor J manul'acturing, will be sold in parcels to accommodate purchaser. Alio, a few hale of old' crop. Enquire 141) Pearl - street, up stairs. jan 8 FIIVVO cases changeable rfyncttews, for sale JL by M4KC11 K LOW, Jan 21 810 Broad wrv. ILOUR, (TTO.N, fcc 250 bbl Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, nwcrop 8 do Me 0;leans do do 5 tons ligiuinvitse 15 tubs German sheet . 2 pipes red port wine 11 hhdi do do 5 lihds white do do : 3 qr. casks dodo do "' 1 lihd Madeira wine 11 qr. casks - do do 37 boxe superior claret (1 dox. each) An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, &c. An invoice of Dutch tovs for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, jw T i 12 Front street. STRAITS BRAMOY. TWENTY five pipes Cette Brandy, for sale by CHA3 L. OGUEN, and ABR. OGDE.V, J9 Wahinston - stret. WIXE.OIL, PAPER, fcc 13l qr. casks and 300 half do dry Malaga Wine , A V cA,k' na 80 ,,,Jf do wel do very old 158 do Colmenar do 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 betries each 1 J ,. d0 d0 bottles each 0 bale Italian foolscap and letter Paper SO do Gazette do large sue 9 ease Felt Hats 13 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats U do Manna in flake Marble Slab, veined and statuary, assorted sites, for pier tables, k.c. A few hoxes very superior Anchovies and Olives 500 Marble Mortar, from 10 to 14 inch 10 libls Furs, consisting of . Wild Cat. Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skin Gunny Ba, rc For sale by CHAS. I,. OG I) EN, and ABR. OG DEM, ' ' Washington - street. QUICKSILVER 80,000 lb. Quicksilver lursate ny . . N.L.&G ORIS WOLD, J?!15' . ?6 South - street. rr - r,, . . TWIST and FILLING. YV 'WJAM CAMPBKLf, No. 197 Pearl - ali Tet,ha received 1000 lb. of No. 15 ZrJ? Tw.'Mand Filling, from his factory at Pat - kr7 K',h h win '! f'f " A rtro ttinPy y8rn frc No - 0 to 18 will be re - weekly. JaaCotf fQR D.LT'N'CH, juiv. ' : - i" inn An Willisf - lrt;t. ha inet received .1 few baskets (containing one do, each) of superior White Creaming luaiapaigue, import eaw the Factor, trout Ha vre Ha An aba in Store. . Madeira, ia cask, from 3 to It year old Do. from private stocks, fiotn 3 to 20 years la i. ..i .... . Canranlia, Burgundy.' , Claret and old Sauterne G rape J aice, 8 years in bottle ry Lisbon, Port Wine iu bottle . ' . , And a TaiU Wine, of excellent quality, and .1 i varv Inur nrii - tt The above have all been selected by himself Wttn parucuiar t are, una are oi verjr inperiur oualitv.v He offer them for tale, warranted pure as iniponea. ieo a iw ' , tr - t. r bHOES &. BOOTd. UST received 40 packages among which are i 3 cases Wellington tfoois S do do l.adic do 4 4 4 ,i 2 1000 Mockasons Cork Solo Shoes Ladies walking do Men's coarse Bnvs do do do do do do Kid suitable for the southern or West India market women's Leather 5500 . do I ' 1. ..a r. Inantl.a. I...'t. n ..MI.ImAnt . Ladies. Misses nod Children's morocco, black and colored Roane, are offered for sale on rea onable terms by THOS. WITT, So. S72 Pearl - street. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fish. Jan 15 1m UPLAND COTTON. - 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, ' 98 Pine - street IN STORE, ' 42 bales Sea bland Cotton, for sale as above, inn 23 LI l..o, - V.C - - 4 buies Utruian .Hurt ins uud Wheeling Linens, fur sale on reasonable UTIliS, ly to. J. di S. tlUW L.AM', . , . - , iimsr . s n Jan 27 !7 77 Washington street. vf f.CKOIX siUUAK 16 hiids. landing, and O for side at 55 Pine - street, by Jan 15 GEORGE W. TALBOT. X CUT MILL SAWS, Ace. ASM ALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, G. S. and C. S. for sale bv A. UERaON Si SHEARER, 13 1 Water - street. Who have in Store, - Hand, ripping and dove tail daws, brass and ir'm backs Cat ChisseN and Gouges MorticH Chinsels and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina & Virginia Hoe, No. 12 3 4 Wrought uailt, 4d, 6d, Od. lOd, 12, & KM Br - s and copper wire, of all size Rolled and Sheet Uras - s, Brass Pans I - ondon 1Hz, No. 3 1 - 5, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo the count rv trade Engravers' Copper, in plates of all size, jan 12 HOPS.4 bciles Hops, jii1 received for sale by. CAMBRELlNGAirEARSON. fc'h 67 South - street A PAH I'M K.N 'I'd VVANTKD. SINGLE gentloman winlus to rent, in or nnr Wall a t r. f it. vsnloiil riinr I., fmni . Iy..n Bed Room and Parlour, without boards iurni"ni rooms wouia oe picii - rrea. J ne quiet and nct - ti ess of the house, as well a the reipec .bi!iy of the orcupnots. are particub'ly required. A liue directed to J. C. left at ttiis office, uiertiooing terms and situation, will he duly at - tenried to. Jan 28 im LKlAiUilVUJt; UUUwton board ne ship t - Vrsaip. fnral hv Jan 26 TROKFS, Daviijsw . RICHMOND FLOUR 101 bar - els uper - fine landing from the sloop Atlantic, for ude by TKOKE - j, DAVID.SON It CO. Feb7 JLeJLF bales very prime upland cotton, in store, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by liRISWOLDS & COATES, Jan 23 68 South - rt ' HOPS. - 20 bale ol Hops, for sale t.y STARR Ji SMITH, (cb 5 lw 190 Pearl - street. OvK hundred hhir. Bristol Spaniih Brown, 20 do White Lead, ith a general assortment of Paints, dry and grouud, for sale by 195 Front and corner of Fnlton - street Jan 23 PLASTER OF PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of . pans, in barrels, suitable for the southern marlret. Orders left with Walter Nexsen, fto. 174 Front - street, corner of Burling - siip, will be ;roraptly attended to . JOHN BYERS, r ooi oi iiorruoo - iireei, ivorin - iviver. Jan 19 If IKON HOLLOW WARE. VN assortment of the above article consisting of pot, kettles, bake pans, griddles, skil lets, basous spiders, tea kettles, &c. per ton or piece, for sale by CEBRA & CU'WKNli, Jan 30 ' 76 Pearl - ft. COALS ISO chaldrons coarse Liverpool coal., on board ship Nestor, at Murray' wharf for sale by G.G. &S.HOWLAND, Feb 5 77 Washington - t GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, cmxisting of Wines and Tambler, for tale n UHAS. U. OUDE.N & ABK. UtiUtn, Jan 22 ' . Washington st - MOIsASSES. i J hhds molasses, good analitv, at Peck - slip, for sale by . Jan 31 K. A C. W. DAVENPORTS CO. fx ( BOXE warranted American Tallow k33 Mould Candle, of different sites, from Winship's factory. Charlpston. Mass. For sale by RIPLEY 4 WELD. 192 Front corner of Fulton - street Jan ?3 M USCOVADO aUUAR. Irit hhds. Hava - BA MllM'.nvarln fliivnp nriiiM.rinpinnlilp. landing from brig Boxer, from Havana, at Jones yuan ior saie oy uuujJHur. a. uu. jan Zl 44 South - street FLOUR RICE. 120 hbls. SuperSne Flour, and 100 tierces of Prime New Rice, now landing from the Ceres, from Richmond, and Telegraph, from Charleston, for sMe hy D1VIE BETHUNF. & CO. Jan 15 92Conee - Houe - slip HIDES. ipOUR hundred Hides landing tliis day from 17 Perseverance, and will b sold low from tlie whurf. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN. J4H 9 58 Soothtreet LLOUR. - lU0. t? from achr. bhl Mro's Mill, landing , at Peck - slip. i v sTnnr , 100 bbh, Richmond Mill 334 do Petersburg!! (Stoke and Smith's brand) wi ma iv vj - . . - CR1SWOLD3 COATES, "I . 68South - treet, 741 ' HERRINGS. boips lit inrt.l 'j Herring, now land - i it no tj do iBg and for saI ttv CAMBRuUKNG it PEARSON, Jn n 67 South - street Hav i - fJL a Molaaae new crow Landing at Old - slip frooi Brig Caroline, and foraleby , ,. JAMEd D'WOLF, Jr. t feb 57 Frun - treet. tWP .t DUCK 60 tout St. felersburga clean Hemp t, . t0 bolt first qualify Russia Duck For sale br , JAMES D'WOLK, Junr, ; jaaB ' 57 Fmnt - treet. ' PLANU COTTOJM 54 bales pi true upland Cotton, just received per schooner Laura, from SavaooaJi, and for sale by .', , , OTIS t SWAN, - JahJ4 157 Pearl street BOMUAZETI'S ,Sc CO 1 1 O.N. - 4 tale liombazett . , 34 bales flea bland Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and Jbr ale by SAUL ALLEY 98 Pine - street. Iw Stobe 40 bales Sea Island. , Apply a above. jan 24 ' RUM. at) hhd. Molasses Ruin, firt proof, for sale by JACKSON WOOLLEY, ' jan 12 75Wall - t.' GERMAN STEEL, BRIMSTONE ic 155 boxes Steel , 129 boxes roll brimstone , 1 case Lelioni hats . - 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper 3 bases chollets 50 boxes mould candles i SO do soap, entitleel to debenture For sale bv JAMES D'WOLF. Jr. jan 13 57 Front - street rpoBACCO, FLOUR, Ax 60 hhds. old JL Richmond Tobacco, principally of prime quality, auapteu to tne men maiket 40 elo new do., part very prime 20 do old Rappahannock do 260 kegs Richmond manufactured do., sweet (centeu ana coaimon 250 bbls Richmond superfine flour 54 bales prime upland cotton 126 piece Holland duck 200 kegs Dutch herring , 20 casks allum 60 do dry whit lead 25 do claret 40 crates earthenware, assorted 24 cask muttard 3 butts beet Loudon porter 6 puncheons rabbit skins COO reams medium priuting - paper 600 do cap, no. 1 and 2 30 gross prs papers, &c. for sal by WALSH & GALLAGHER, Feb 6 63 South - street IRISH MARKET IOIiACCO - 58 hhds. ol fine Quality, lauding from schooners Hero and Sally Ann, from Richmond, for sale hy Jan 16 92 C. H. slip. NICARAGUA WOOD Re LIGNUM VITE. 18 tons Nicaragua Wood of very good quality 10 do Lignumvitae For tale by TUCKER & LAURIES, Jan 19 29 South - street iTOLASSES 29 hhds. M daises of superior i.VX quality, hying at Dover street wharf for sale bv R. & C. W. DAVENPORT CO. Jan 26 MADEIRA WINE. - A quantity of choice L. P. Madeira Wine, lor sale by R. & C. W. DAEVNPORT & CO. .. 19 - r - J V hints old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do C6 bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale br VASQUE6', MEURON 4: CLF.EMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washington - st. r( COTTON. J J Bales prim upland cotton, just received per achr. Gen. Andrew Jackson, from Savannah, and for sale by OTIS St SWAN, Feb 7 Iw 157 Peart st DOMESTIC K OTHER WARES. THE subscriber keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following goods", vis : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, tic. Popes Heads Crumb Bruthe Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrow, Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair ' do Whip of every description Seine, tewing, wrapping, baleing and ball Twiue Fish Line Shoe It Sadler Thread Dearborn' Balances . Broom Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe U Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Pools 1 Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothe Line Sash Cords, Trace Rone Wrought and Cut Nails and Brad Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li - oerai term. tMtiiA & tUMlu, fob 7 76 Pearl - street QUERCITRON BARK. FIFTY hhits. and boxes of very fine quality, for sale by G. O. fc S. HOWLAND, Jan 28 ?1 Washington street. TO LET, The brick store No. 84 Maiden - lane, aud m mediate possession given. Apply at No. f.6 W a.hinton - st. Feb 7 tf TO LET, From the first May next the store no. 79 outh - slreet For terms, apply to L. LEFFERTd, Jim. feb 7 . 28 William - street Q TO LET. From the fi, st of .May next, that spacious House no. 37 Cherry - street, the residence of the late Archibald Kerly, Esq. The lot Is large with an excellent pump of water. For particulais.enquire at no. 27 Roosevelt - t. febr lw". '. , , . . OTOBE LET, From 1st May next, that spacious fire - pioof store in Slote - lane, No. 1, next to the corner of William - street, now occupied by N. & Delorrguemare. N1CH.LOW, feb 7 tf No. 109 Pearl - street . . . . FOR SALE. . That large two - story bonse occupied by the mb.cii!er, situate oa Front - street between the upper and lower ferries at Brooklyn, with the ground attached thereto well calculated for a - private family or a large geateel Hotel Also, eeverai lots adjoiniug saiJ house, beautifully situated and couveuieot to build on, for g - Ucmen who do businessin the city of New - Yerk, being near to th ferricwAlso e liven lot ia the rear fronting Water - ftreet, about half way be - tweesi tfi two (erriss ; part of which Is now oc - copieU Car a lumber.yarvl For further particulars ap;dy to . . ; JOSHUA SANDS, i feb 7 w Tt O LASSES ft COFFEE - 90 hhd. FOli SALE, The two story frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Broome street, the corner of t - liaabeui - street, wjth a stable in th rear. ALSO, a modern three story brick House and Lot handsomely .'situated within the village f Newburgh; .the house is large and commodious and well calculated from its retired, healthv and elevated situation (having a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession giien the first of May next ... ALSO for Sale or to Lease, 5 avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - streets. ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and First - street For further particulars, apply to CORNS. DU BOIS, jan 50 lm 36 Front - street. i iOH SALE AT AUCTION. At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. .The Williamsburgh turnpike runs through the Farm, wh viiv uc ui wwiij m a lien Gt.ciicui nunc nail, half a mile in length. The farm contain about 150 acre. 15 of which is a 6ne Wood Lot with two apple orchard, one old. the other just begin ning to bear well, and a suitable proportion of good salt meadow. 1 he Mansion tl ouse is large and convenient four room on eu h floor, with a goi d kitchen and cellars ; attached is a large Earn, crib, ben boose, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, &c. The court yard and garden con tain a variety of fruit - tree and shrubbery, t large asparagus bed, raspberries and currants Also A r ARM adioiuing the above. contain iig about sixty acres t attached toVhii h is ane - qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within let than a mile of lue form, containing ten acres, with a iaim house, barn. well, garden. &c. Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at Sprinfield, south ol the village of Jamaica, containing between four and five acre, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable fortencing. The ahove land wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the same exhibited some time previous toj and at the sale, and disposed of by the acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. Possession given on the first O' April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - street. jan 8 tils HKAL t.sTATL tUJi SALE. The elegant and convenient three - story buck bouse and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coach bouse and stable fronting on Ba - ard - street, and joining the rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particulars enquire at 31 Wall, corner of William - street. Jan 29 tf TO Lt.T, For one or more vears a two story brick house in Stuyvesant - street, nearly opposite St. Mark Church, containing cieht rooms, a large kitchen, servant room, cellar, pantries, he. in complete order fort he reception of a genteel familywith a gaiden and yard of about tw and half acre ol land, containing a variety of the finest fruit tree, asparagus and hot bed, fcc. &c. together with a wood borne, carriage house and table. ' Rent will be reasonable, and possession can be had the firct day of April. - Apply between IU and X ov.iora. n trie premises, to NICHOLAS WM. Dl Ux VfcaAIVi. Jan 24 3w Jt fmtlMTIrYfl Hfln.M 7Y1 l.k.T. nrl A pleasant and convenient Counting Room in store No. 29 Smith - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKblv B i - .AU KIt3 .fehSV ' ' """ a ' 1 .' " - 'i aarisl A large convenient modern built house, coach house and improvements, (with or without an extensive kitchen garden and naok kit; from the first of May next ; situated on the corner of the Frst Avenue and First - street, near the corner of North and Allen streets, and about one mile from the City Hall. The situation is elevated and healthv, and in every respect suitable for a genteel family. On the premises is a well of most excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, Feb 2 tf No 36 Front - street Z LET, SIZil The 3 story House, No. 44 Nassau - st. to let from 1st May neit. Apply to GEO. DUMMER & CO. feb 4 tf 112 Broadway To be Let. LeaieH. or Sold. The spacious 3 story brick HOUSE, No 129 Chamber - street having every convenience for a large family, and a w II of excel lent water in the yard. Its proxiir.ity to the Square lately opened, gives a view of Hudson street from the rear of the house, and renders the situation airy and pleasant. For terms ap ply to JOHN B. MURR Y & SON, feb 6 113 Pearl street. TO Lt.T, From 1st of May, two genteel 3 story brick houses. No. 401 and 492 Greenwich - street, with (or without) sta hie in the rear ; occupied at present tV Air. ueorge uoggtu ana iir. joci West Also, a small 3 story brick house, No, 118 Flv Market near the corner of Pearl street. Also, a convenient dwelling house, (occupied by Kobt. Adrain, Esq ) ami stable, witn a very good garuen, Irooting Lnvc Lane, moomingaai ruaa Enquire No. 496 Greenwich - street, feb 6 tf UKAI. ESTATE. unlS The subscriber offer for sale that elegant three story brick house and lot so pleasantly situated in Murray - street, being the corner of Murray and Chapel - streets The situation of the a - hoirenronertv is too well known to reauirea par ticular description. Persons wishing to purchase are invited lo call and view lor tnenneives. The house may be viewed any afternoon af ter three o'clock. The proierty at present rents for twelve hundred dollars per annum. Possession to be given 1st May, 1819. If aot told at prigale sale, wiil be offered for ale at auction, on the 16th inst. Any furtherparticular may be Icnowapy applying to jun.v l.i tiDi.uui.ft, Daarr, vrccuwKU, corner ui ncum miti nu. streets. . feb6tl Til BE LET. i i.H Two convenient rooms in the basement of No. 44 Pine - street, suitteble lor offices or count ing rooms. Inquire of u. a. jwu, leb 5 tf 44 Pine - strnet FOA SALE, (cheap,) A piece of ground, on the east side of Broadway, near Jones' - street, all high ground, and a handsome Ivl spot improved a a n b garden, 25 feet froolins oa Broadway and 289 feetdeep. Also for sale, a large lot or ground, wiinm buildinp thereoo, being large and convenient, No. 97 Brmd - street between fearl anu tvaier - strreu. The lot 38 feet 6 inches, ironung on Broad - ctreet and about 70 feet deep, which buildings will readily rent to pay an interest of ten per cent per annum on the purcnase mooey The rreater part of the purchase money for ei ther may remain oa mortgage, if required. Ap ply at 97 Broad - st or JOHN SHARP, .Feb! Iw Brooklya. mt m LET. UUl House 18 Heed, next to the corner ofj Elm - street, very commodious for a K... ttr m. larre tamilv. hsvintr tao celUr kHchens, four rooms on the first floor, five on the second, and four on the third, all iu good repair. For particulars, apply to . I eh 7 tf ' 34 BrarfT - rtreet. C!Zo." . a , For Hal. A - wt, or Ltt.. That pleasantly situated place,' oh the eadtnz to hiog's - bndge, by way ol Harlsua - lane. known as Rose - Hill. The avenue to Mitr comb's bridge runs a few rods in the rear of it, rendering; the premises very desirable; . .as the nouse, ia consequence, .shew two ireiits. . I ne garden and about two acre of meadow, are well slocked with fruit aud shrubberv. asparagus pea, currants, Sic. The noose and coacb - nouse areiu gooa couuinon, ana witn small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. The terms will be made easy. ( " ,,, . That very genteel two - stoirv housed stable asd two lot of ground, situated iu Bauk - st, Green - wicn ; at preseat occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. i 'Apply at 55 Broadway or, to CHARLES QAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street." ' A fALVAULE FAllM, . , To be (Old or exchanged for Dronertv in NewTFork. " ' . The subscriber being in a verv low state of neaun, anu navmg very little hopes or recovery, offers for sale hi farm at Barbadoe neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred aud thirty uve acre ol arable .meadow and wood land. This farm lies on the main road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile this side or Newark Bridge. It is in every bighttate of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any other in the vicinity of New - York, as a valuable and agreeabla residence, either for the farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, is neat and well finished, and the fences, gates, barns, (tables, and other out - bousei, nre in excellent order and well planned. In front of the house, bordering ou the public road, is a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the premise is a young and thriving orchard, con taining a choice selection of the beit grafted fruit tree. A more particular descriptionofthe pro perty is thought unnecessary, a those disposed to purchase will view the premises. The title is in disputable, for particulars, apply to the sub scriber, No. 188 Pearl - street or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near the premises. nov 14 II UUbKKT blUAK.1. TJ LEI, And immediate possession given, the house no. v reari'street, together witn ine sta ble and Coach House in the renr on Bridge - C The premises are ja complete repair nod have every convenience necessary lor the accommo dation of a family. For particulars apply to oci z i. uiuiusn. REAL E&TA'l E FOR SALE. R Two 2 - storv brick bouse and lots, titua - ted Nos. 37 it 39 Vesey - street Also, a house and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All ou accommodating terms. For particulars apply at No.' 332 Green wich - st: - . jan 15 tf ij5 CUUJfTUX StAT FOH SALE, SlSiS AT Jamaxa, on Long Islam!, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq di ceased. On the premises are a good .two story frame house, barn, and other out - buildings i 28 acres of land in a good state for cultivation t 28 acres of wood land, of a fine thrif ty growth for fencing and timber and a lot of 7 acre salt meadow, sjn mis property are iwo apple orchards, and a variety of other fruit trees. Jamaica oeintr one oi me most nourisn ing villages on the Island, render this proper ty desirable tor a genu em an retiring trom ou iiiM. For naiticulars bddIv to ' M. DITM1S, 148 Peart - st or to JOHN Si ROBT. TROUP, jan 9 tf on the premises. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE, t Wallabout Point, Long - Island, late the - . - L . ol X - ., On the premises w a large spacidub V.Sliflr5 - house and outbuildings in proportion 24 acres of land in the highest state of cultivation t (10 or 20 acres of wood - land if required by the purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Hleecker, 37 wall - st J Martin Schenk, jun'r. New - York 76 South - street, ) Martin Schenk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m afX FOH SALE, USu! ' The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty - !. Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth of the lot 107 feet Those who may wish to purchase property of this discription, can at aay time view the premises, and terms of sale may be agreed on, by application io 1 POTT It M'KINNE, dec 31 58 South - street FUR SALE, ' A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. The (ubtcriber offer for sale bis house and a - bout 8 acres of Land in r lushing on Long bland, II mile from New - York. The house is large and very convenient lor a genteel lanuly and command an extensive and beautiful prospect. The tnhlp. r.arriaf e house, wood house. Doultrv house Sic. recently built. The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately painted. The araiden i large aod well stocked with a variety of fruit, and the orchard with the best kind of apple pears, 1c. Near the house are two well ol excellent water and a new cistern, all with eood numns this pUce i verv conveniently tit uated, there being conveyances, by good stages or packets to and from .vew - xork every day except Sundays. For further particular am terms of sale apply to JUll.V ASI'M lYAlib, Jan 26 1m No. 123 Pearl street. Hoiue, Stable, Garden, tie. at Greenwich, TO LET. The subscriber will let or leae, for i term of year. h house at Greenwich. It is plea. santlv ileatd on the bank of the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to DIVIE BETHUNE, jan oil it nu street. FOR SALE, Th two bouses, No. 43 and 50 Broadway, to tie completely finished and delivered oa the 15tn April next. Apply to JUft.N SLIIJKI.L. . CU. Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadway. STORE TO LET. The fire proof tor No. 2 Gouverneor' Laue, (neat Water ctreef) is to let from 1st May I . V A . ua .ww. - .w...", - P . l,h tin. alnriM hMj.U a In rr r e I ia r I aad a rery com modiom garret. Being detarhed a trom outer Duildings, ti.ere is no nsa iiom lire. Pnisession mav probably he had, if requited, be fore the lt May. App y at 29 South street, to . . . TO LET, r .L. A . - f VI i t.m Mtrmlll U tui W TWO UIC HI SL Ul J' I T - .7 . i i , j ice riMMiaicli.ii. mraa story ii ubuwi.w. - corner of Dey - street Enquire at 15 Wash - . . . . Imn Q ftr tnnoQ - aireri JO LET, The store and cellur under .the main buildios of the house No. 2S3 Pearl - street and three story fire - proof store in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber ; possession lo be giv en oa the 1st of Msy next Also, his stable aod roarh - hoose, situated on Gold - street, in the rear of hi aforesaid premise, possession of which can be had immedtalely. Feb 2 IT JOHN I. GLOVER. Wi LET, a! a tarre rnree story noese. weu calcula ted ior a boarding boa?, or for two families, site ted at the corner of Murray and Washington - street. Apply to NATHANIEL ft HARVEY WEED, - Co - acr of Broadway aod Co rtlandt - street. : fc3Tw i i ' i of lot for uir It and been oey' the For . i - ing upper water navy tKJ - "1 PAI RlCK DILLON, wnoMt Tfr lee, in the County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year . , IU03, Will transmit Mrs. Fhsberry, of Tralee;' lu aifdress, it will be a particular advantage la . botti parties." Tralee, October, 1815. - - . - - The above is inserted at the request of MtV? Dillon's friends. - . - j;. - ...... ' Any commwikation on the subject will b ,t thankfully received and transmitted by .. - j ,. ub; io . DMij'.i, Y . riUUI.KS ft uo, ft' The fcubscriber. ia behall of himself and jt Itis associate;, gives uotice, that nn aiipHcaUaa J will be made to the honorable the U - gnratoreof this state, at its next session, for aa Act to mces porate a Bank with a capital stock el Five H ua r - dred Thouaaad Dollars, and with leave to h . crease it to One Million te be located north ' east of ileek wan - street, in the city, of Ktw - ! York, and to be called "The Franklin Bank of the city of New - York." ' , ' .. .; i Dated IVcw - York, 16th Deri. 1817. . g . :f By order of the Associates - - . i ' decSOtf NOAH BROW N, SecVy. MECHANICS' BANK. 0r - The Slockhol(!rr are informed that Dividend of four and and a half per cent will b paid oa the first day of February oext. f.r. - . i . , , . an. larnier. TO LET OH LEASE, - . That very tuacious and enwiivni thta - story brick house, tiluaie corner of West ami Courtlaud streets, . adjoining the .8tam - Boat W harf. It i one of the most eligible situhlion for a respectable hotel iu this city, and ia point i of prospect and health is hardly excelled by any., situation. To a good tenant the rent will be ax) derate. For raitkuluri arply to ' W.VaN HOOK, feh 2 tf No. 6 Wall street I fTL . , TO LET, , ...... .,' . 4auJ Two new two story brick house, finished in the modern style, situated in Greeowich - it. 1 a little above Spriog - ilreet market. ' Also, a two story brick front house, corner of Washington and Hammersley - street. Inquira ' of JOHN PIAGGERT Yi , ' ' Jan89 2w . 167 Pearl - street . The subscriber will lease or sell the lot ' and heme iu which be now lives in Lan ' rens strcet It it a pretty comfortable house for'? a email moderate lanuly, having a stone kitrhenl and cellar, two room on each floor and a bed - . chamber in the garret. Across the rear of the) house there is a pleasant piaza,' built tcarrelj : three year ago It ha a neat little gardeil about 60 feet deep, and a small ttablr, leading to which, there is a gaugway from the street Apply to' A V. Duff, No. 69 Washington - street, ' 'j Feb2tf ' JA.VE8TILLARY. " . , . FOR SALE,. aa - at morKRTv iw THK'crry or ltEW - ibiur.. OA HRlCK HOUSE and Lot No. H Bowerv STA Bl.S in the resir tb - eth - '" er wiih the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and ' Hi feet on each side. ' HOUSE aad LOT No. 37 Vesey - street ; and - House and Lot No 39 Vesey - street - v A BOND aad MORTGAGE for 1200 dollar. - do and ; ., - da for 760 ;. ? do, - I do and . do for 460 ' do . On valuable property in the city of New York, The interest has always been punctually paid - For particular inquire at the office of ! " STEPHEN P. LAMOlNE, declOtf No. 27 Wall Mreet. ' J O LETA TbLUOMimi AL, ', The house and grounds belonging te Iba - estate cf John Shaw, situated on the eighth ave - : nue. On the premises are an excellent double) ' house, (table, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment'' ft: is presumed any other descriptionjxujwsj - ' ry, as those jnjljntvVpf ilor,',,, jne utf bouses 1 1 aod 13 Pearl - street ; where there is for ale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijuhn, - For further particular, apply io ANN M. EI1AW, , Jan 29 H Pearl - slreet. 1 FOR SALE OR JO LEASE, Loto in the 5. C. 8. and 10 Ward : which are on regulated and peved street. Na money win be required under tea years, u sold,, interest excepted. HUU3L.S. - Several two and three story house, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. " - I a klilvn Ik urn unnv a,. . . . Aa excellent stand for business, with ten acreaf of land, pleasantly aituated, with a wharf, store house aod barn. . . i . COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY,' Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a, never failing stream, upon W hich SO mills may ba" erected, with a lutlkiency of water for each. ' ' Apply at No. 2 Greenwich - street ; ' jan 13 tf W loLkf, " lJX From the 1st May next, the three - story brick house No. 18 Courtlaod - treet, with or without the stable In the rear A pi - y to J. R. REN WICK, ' - i Feb , 18 Courtland - ef. . FIRE PROOF STORt.. . .. w To let that four tory brick Are proof No. 8 Governeur'i Lane, near to South - Apply to . tore, tree UAKHITT STORM, febStf No. 9 Coenties - slip. STORAGE. - !. , rs Storage may be had on the first floor of the store No. S9 bouUi - ttreet, which will save the expense of hoisting. dec 26 eiJR SALE, The fire - proof store, No. 5, in Gouver - neurVlane, the third from South - street.. - Th on which it stand ia under aa advantageous. lease, 11 year of which are unexpired. It Is three (tone, with fire - place i being in front on Gonvemeur'i lane 40 foet and in depth 25. Aa improved machine for pressing of good for exportation ha been erected oa the premise, and. heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton, fur, (kins, hay, tic. From th fitnett of tha building, and the convenience which it affords working the machine, and it nearnes to the . .... . . i. . nver, it may o aa oi'jrci w iurvaaw mem to gether, - 13 The lease (two year of which are sa' expired) of the three story house No. 93 Front - street, third from Gouverneurs lan.. Besides largesiore anu ceuar iu irtm anoru every wwraiiniw km - n urv .aBiuj. . . i . - . AUo. FOR SALE or TO LET. The house No. 26 Wall - MlreeL oDcoaitw '.icrvoauis - anu next to me rnmnis cauks has been recently built of rL beet materials, beside three rooms which have occasionally - occupied a Insijnmce. broker' ami attor - olficra, afford every accooimodalioo for a private family. T If not disposed of before the lOlh February,' above will be offered for sals at auction, of which aotice wUl begivea by Bleecker tt BAby. particular apply lo R. THURMAN, Jaa31 tf No. 28 Wall - tt. . wll . . a . . . . . JO LET, From the first of May next, a front counf - room oo the second floor, together with th soft. F - oqiire No. 167 Peail street n ?4' tf' ' '; a FOR SALEOR TO LEASE. - ... Oaaccommodatbig terms, a number f and. banding lots, near and adjoining the - yard at Brooklya. For particulars, enquire of . fAMUEL EVANS, ja 23 tf Brsokljfc ! I . H'Ui it - r Ml - it; '.I pi f: III ft jim f i li '. 4 !si li; ? t I v tit' lit. ir ' tfii 4'

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