Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1934 · Page 2
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1934
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 30 · 1934 COUNCIL TAKES AIRPORT OPTION 60 Acres Are in Site for Forest City Project on Larson Farm. FOREST CITY, March 30. The Forest City council has taken an option on 60 acres three miles south of Forest City on the Hans Larson · farm east of highway No. 15 for the purpose of a municipal airport. The work will be started as a CWA project if the option is exercised by the new council and, according to plans, will be finished by the federal government and the only expense to the city will be the rent of the ground for a period of five years. 1,400 Employes to Receive More Pay CHICAGO, March 30. 0"P)--Wage increases of approximately 10 per cent were announced today by Acme Steel company, applying to all plant and office employes on hourly wage or salary basis effective April-I. The-increases affect about 1,400 employes. Swim Nude at Night. TARENTUM, Pa, (UP)--Nudists hereabouts iaa just discovered a city ordinance passed in 1881 and intended to prohibit nude bathing. It permits It, however, after 9 o'clock at night. Preliminary Survey of Data on Direct Marketing Started DES JIOINES, March 30. UP)-preliminary survey or data obtained in a study of direct livestock marketing by the United States department of agriculture got under way here yesterday. The conference, attended by six department field' workers and three marketing division executives' from Washington, will continue three days. NOW! PILES MEET THEIR WATERLOO! Sure relief-quick relief'-real relief for all forms of Files-Blind, Bleeding, Itching, and Protruding! Pnzo Ointment does ill Not only alleviates the pain, but tends to correct the condition of Piles as a whole. Hcro'» why: Pazo is soothing. It stops the Inflammation. Pazo is healing. It repairs the torn tissue. Pnzo is absorbing. It dries up excess mucus and reduces the swollen blood vessels which are Piles. The method of application makes Pozo doubly effective. Perforated Pile Pipe attached to tube reaches ap into the rectum and thoroughly medicates all affected parta. Now, 'comfort when yon walk or sit or go to the stool Get Pazo today! (Michael(hruofoo. S South Federal Mason City SALE OF PAPERS NOT TO BE TAXED News Ruled to Be Service by State Assessment, Review Board. DBS MOINES, March 30. OrW-- leceipts from the sale of news- lapers are not taxable under Iowa's ew retail sales tax, the state board of assessment and review ruled Thursday. The ruling held that the value of a newspaper is principally in the news item it contains and that this was in the nature of a service and not to be taxed. The tax attaches to the sale of all magazines, journals and periodicals, the board'held further, while in the case of trade publications for free distribution the printer is liable for the tax. The ruling follows: Rule 60--Newspapers. Receipts from the sale of advertising service of newspapers, which advertising appears in the newspaper sold, are not taxable as this is purely a service. Newsapers in themselves are tangible property. That is, the paper is tangible personal property. However, the value of the newspaper consists in the news items gathered from throughout the world, which is infinitesmal compared to the value of the service. The paper itself beJng such a minor part of the value, the newspaper when sold to the public is not taxable. In case of trade publications when they are distributed by the publisher free of charge the publisher is the consumer and the printer, as the seller, is liable for the tax. The tax attaches to the sale of all magazines, journals and other periodicals. Birds Are Executed. UTICA, N. Y. (UP)--Nine parra- keets received here from California were put to death by order of the board of health after one of them died of psitticosis, or parrot fever. Plan to Attend the . . . BUILDING AND HOME FURNISHING SHOW Auspices North Iowa Builders Exchange · To Be Held in the Mason City High School Gymnasium Wednesday, Thursday, Friday April 4, 5, 6 OPEN EACH DAY FROM 1 P. M. TO 10 P. M. VALUABLE GIFTS AWARDED EACH DAT Everything that's new and fine in building material and home furnishings will be shown at the various booths. It will be an ideal time for you to consult the men in charge of the exhibits on the cost and advisability of building and remodeling. Expert advice and assistance on your building and remodeling problems. Musical program daily. ADMISSION FREE PRESIDENT SIGNS NAVAL BILL President Roosevelt is shown as he signed the Vinson bill a seven-year naval building program that would require between So^OOO and 5750,000,000. Left to right: Representative Carl Vinson of Georgia, chairman of the house naval «^^5jS?^JJ°T££ assistant secretary of the navy; Representative Fred Britten of Illinois! member of the naval committee. (Associated Press Photo). PLAN BALL TEAM AT FOREST CITY H. N. Rye Named Treasurer and Tom Boynton Manager. FOREST CITY--A large number of the sport, fans of this vicinity met in the courtroom to make the preliminary organization for the support of a baseball team in Forest City this .year. H. N. Rye was elected treasurer and Tom Boynton manager of the team. As far as possible the personnel of last year's team will be procured to play this season. Funds will be solicited in Forest City to assure the support of the team. According to the present plans the team will not join the north Iowa league this season. Corwith Woman's Club Names Mrs. Wood Heac CORWITH, March 30. CSV-Mrs, William Wood was elected president of the Corwith Woman's club at a meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. F. Wagner. Other officers elected were: Mrs. L. J Schmidt, vice president; Mrs. P. E Walley, secretary; Miss Blva stam baugh, treasurer, and Mrs. J. W Duckett, county director. Following the business meeting Mrs. Ear Francis gave a book review. A com mittee in charge of Mrs. J. L. Oxley gave the members invitations to at April Fool dinner party to be held at the home of Mrs. C. H. Martin on Monday evening. DR, WYNEKOOP GOES TO PRISON Begins 25 Year Sentence for Slaying Daughter- in-Lavr. DWIGHT, 111., March 30. (81-Greeted at the prison door by her ong missing son,. Earle, for the slaying of whose wife she was about to begin a 25 year sentence, Dr. Alice Lindsay Wynekoop Wednesday entered the state reforma- ;ory for women here. Earle, whose absence from the two sensational trials of his mother caused much comment, arrived at the prison door about three minutes before the sedan bearing the 63 year old prisoner arrived. He had grown a mustache and appeared tired and worn. He refused to disclose where he had been. "I've got a job now on the outside," he told , inquirers. "If I tell you where I'm working it may endanger my career." Senate Passes Bills to Curb Racketeers WASHINGTON, March 30. UP)-Then senate struck out today at gangsters and racketeers, passing a group of bills to strengthen the federal government's hand in fighting crime. Airplanes Hunt Coyotes. BILLINGS, Mont, (UP)--Hunting coyotes with airplanes has become such a popular sport hereabouts that 22 of the animals were bagged from .the air wthin two weeks. Stavisky Committed Suicide, According to Second Autopsy PARIS, March 30. (JP--A second autopsy on the body of Serge Stavisky performed by four physicians today, showed that the man who headed the Bayonne municipal pawnshop committed suicide as originally reported, it was announced. It was reported that Professor Balttazaj, who had charge of the investigation, agreed that all the evidence demonstrated that Stavisky met death by his own hand. PLANlifOVER ' RIGHTS IN AIR Case of Plane Flying Over Land May Come Up in Montreal Court. MONTREAL (UP)--The question "Who owns the airspace?" may soon come before the courts here for settlement. An indignant suburbanite, annoyed at airplanes flying over his land, threatens to take action in the superior court to keep them from "trespassing." Montreal lawyers say that-such an action would clear up a moot question and that, while the problem is not at present a serious one, it will develop into one of major proportions in future years. B»«ed on Old Maxim. The threatened action is based on the contention that ownership of land carries with it ownership of everything that extends above and below it. This contention, based on an old Roman maxim, "usque ad coelum et ad inferos," has been responsible for many rulings in the courts that ownership of the soil includes everything in the airspace above and everything in the earth beneath, without limit. The courts have decided in the past that firing a shot across the land of another is trespass. So, too, is the stringing of telegraph wires over another man's land. Other Examples Pointed Out. The law has upheld an action in trespass where a tree growing on one piece of land overhung on another, and has even decided that there was trespass where a horse kicked into the space of another's property. This firm belief in man's complete kingship in his own castle has in recent times undergone some changes, however. It is now admitted that private ownership may in some cases be subordinate to public good. The law regarding expropriation is a point. '·· Ii r "'th : e'instance, 'of T airplanes," it is pointed r out that flights, are, in the . public., interest, whether it be the flying of passengers or mail. BODY OF BACKUS CHILD IS FOUND Discovered After Father of Boy Is Sentenced for Manslaughter. ROCKFORD, 111., March 30. UP}-The body of Charles Backus, Jr., S year old boy for whose slaying his father was sentenced to prison Wednesday, was found Thursday near a golf course a mile and a half north of Rockford. The body was found by Algol Olson, fanner, and Mark Buchanan of Rockton, who were seining carp in Rock river. It lay in shallow water near the bank. Coroner Walter Julian took charge and said an autopsy would be performed later. The discovery was made at a point on the east bank, along side of the Rockford Country club golf course, about a mile and a half below and across the river from where the father, Charles Backus, told police he stuffed it into a hole in the ice. River Breaks Up. Ice in Rock river began to break up about two weeks ago, it was recalled, and the river has been practically clear for several days. It was to this fact that the re-emergence of the body from its hiding place was ascribed. Backus, 42, who lived in Love park, north of Rockford with his wife, son and two step-daughteri was sentenced yesterday by Judge Arthur E. Fisher in Rock county cir cult court to serve one to 14 yean on a plea of guilty to manslaughte in connection with the death of the boy. Accused by Girls. Police accepted the plea becaus it had been impossible to recover th body. , Backus was told by Judge Fisher that he was "not to fit to live with tuman beings." His step-daughters had given evidence which resulted in two charges of rape against him, in addition to that of manslaughter, and he was sentenced to 20 years, concurrently on each charge. He will be eligible for parole in 13 years. Prisoner Changes Clothes. SEATTLE, Wash. (UP)--Steve ;ostello, under sentence of 5 to 20 cars for robbing a gasoline sta- ion, persuaded another prisoner in he county jail, who was charged nly with drunken driving, to change lothes with him, and walked out f the jail without question. Studied Snapdragons. PHILADELPHIA (UP) -- The Academy of Natural Sciences has rewarded Dr. Francis W. Pennell, curator of botany, for his research on the Snapdragon family of flowers. His work extended over ten years and led him to travel thousands of miles. Just In Time For Easter You've never seen a greater value State Officials at Funeral of Lubbers DES MOINES, March 30. Gov. Clyde L. Herring and other state officials were in Clinton Thursday attending the funeral services for Alfred Lubbers, Clinton county CWA administrator. Others in the party included Emergency Relief Administrator E. H. Mulock, Adjt. Gen. Charles H. Grahl and Adrian Mooney of the state securities department. · Values like these need little talk ... they speak for themselves . . . they tell the story of quality and style that's phenomenal ... almost beyond reasoning at $13.90. It's a matchless opportunity ... and it couldn't come at a more opportune time . . . just at Easter . . . at the start of the topcoat season. QUALITY · S E R V I C E · S A T I S F A C T I O N ABEL SON INC. AT NUMBER SEVEN SOUTH FEDERAL g m r-r "T'T T blofe' W O M E N S OUTFITTERS 150 New Easter Hats Arrived Today Your Easter Hat is here--and it is smart $0.95 $C.95 2 to 5 Everything that is new awaits you in our smart collection of Easter Hats. New Brims, Breton Sailors, Fine Ballibuntl, Baku, Pedaline and other fine straws. HOOVER PLANS TO VISIT IOWA Stops in Topeka on Cross Country Tour; Talks No Politics. TOPEKA, Kaos., March 30. JPI-- After first stopping to visit his cousin, Mrs. Francis B. Odell, former President Herbert Hoover; on a cross country motor tour called yes- terdav at the office of Gov, Alf M. Landon and was greeted by many state officials and republican party leaders. Mr. Hoover smilingly refused to discuss any subject of. a political nature, anything in fact, "except the weather and the scenery." Asked if he could comment on the subject of a republican nominee for president in 1936, Mr. Hoover said: "There's nothing I could say about that which would mean anything or would interest you.'.' The former president said he planned to continue his leisurely automobile tour, which he begun last Saturday in California, through Iowa, his home state, but that he had no set schedule or route. He said he probably would leave Kansas City, the temporary home of his son, Herbert C. Hoover, Jr., tomorrow after an overnight stop. "I've lots of roots up in Iowa, so its natural I want to journey through the state." Mr. Hoover said he did not know how long he would stay in Iowa or where he would go before returning' to California. Final Preparations for U. S. Court at Davenport Are Made DES MOINES, March 30. UP)-Final preparations for the Davenport term of United States district [ court were being made today by the federal attorney's office here. About a dozen cases will be sub- I mitted to the grand jury, which meets Monday, Assistant U. S. Attorney Ray Fountain said. Outstanding trial for the term will be that of Carleton B=h, DCS Moines investment broker, accused of forgery in connection with PWA projects. Pillsbury Mills to Boost Wage Scale MINNEAPOLIS, March 30. The Pillsbury Flour Mills company and the Russell Miller Milling company today announced a 10 per cent wage increase for workers employed on an hourly basis, effective Monday. Officials said approximately 300 workers would be affected. THE BEGINNING OP THE END OF THE STEVENS SHOE STOCK SALE Combined With Purchases of New Spring Merchandise and B. B. Shoes From Waterloo. BUY NOW!! Only a Few Days Left PRICES ARE SLASHED AGAIN We have taken hundreds of pairs of broken lots and sizes formerly marked $2.88 and §3.88 and marked them down Florsheims FOR MEN Now Cut to .98 Other Styles $5.98 JOB LOT 2 FAIR $1 I n c l u d i n g Shoes, House Slippers, Children's Shoes and Tennis Shoes. Women's Florsheims Walkover and Fashion Plates Other Styles $4.98 THE CREAM OF THE STEVENS STOCK IS NOW CUT TO THE LOWEST IMAGINABLE PRICE Blacks, Blues, Browns, Whites and EACH Sports Shoes. 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