The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 11, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1818
Page 4
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1J KIN - CHANCigiYi "IN CHANCERY, 4 '' Slate nf New - York. an. I !f Dartuanee of a decretal order of thi bonera ble court, will be told lit public auction, at this ; Tontine Coflte House in the city of New - York, " under tbe date turn of the ubcrtber, u one of luc Binsuirv vi uin win, gq caiaruay, ine SOUT - tceatli day f February next, at twelve o'clock at anon, all that certain bout and lot oft - round. tituate aa the weaterty akle of Nansaa - alreei, in tbc - third ward of the city of New - York, aad kaorra at kaatber 51, .bounded a followi : east - erly ia froat by Naatj - treet, wetter!? in the ' ; rear uy propeny Belonging to Mr. Isaac mean, ' , jiortWtjr by Mr, Hodfkraton' Tavern, aad ,. lootheriy by property of Mm. Elizabeth Giroo - coart, containing ia breadth in front and rear ' twenty five feet, in length oa tlx. northerly tide one band red and twelve feet four inches, and oa th aoathertv nWe ooe bend red aad tea feet tea inchro, b a mate more or leu ; together wiiti aii ana nnguiar tne nerauitaatean and apperu - '.; aance thereunto belonging. Duled the ZJd day . al January. 1KIH. . i t - - j 'r ' . RICHARD I. WELLS, ' " . .. Mailer in Chaacenr. Notk Th termi of the tale will beat fol v laws : Kruer ceat on tha day of isle. 15 per cant. . aa the flrrt day of May next,' time a ' ' - I 1 ll t I - .1 ...J MMS tha residue to Depart in tryea yean, wiin inirren '! nalfyenjrly,ecured by a bond aad laortgage oa V. In pre title u no ta oa nsi "J parciiaf ay front tha said first day of May until the . parcBaae at - eey aad late rest thereon it paid, and . , the policy to bt traatierred to tha mortgagee. , r or further particuiart apply tt lot master'! of - ' ' tea, No. 60 Pine - ttreet Jan S3 d3w IN CHANCERY. . . - StMt of JV tw - York tt. M purtutace of aa order of thii honorable coart, will he told at public aocrion at tha Ton tine Coffee House, m the city of New - York, en - der the direction of the ahacrihe' on the f7th stay oi tioyenuicr inn. at iiwiiin irvwv Je ith forenooa All that certain lot, piece or , parcel ol ground nutate lying and Deieg in uie fourth ward of the city of New - York, commen . 'Ciag 40 feet frooi the touthwett comer of new - market - alip f late CathenneaUeet) and Cherry - atreet, tad running westerly along Cnerry - ttreet , 40 bat, to rround now or lata the" property of " Join llaUman I thence eoutherly along aaid ground 130 feet to IVater - atreet ; thence east - .V My aling Water - itreet 40 feet, to ground now or lata of. Bollaa Moore, then northerly a ioog taid groand 130 feet, to tbe place of begin - : . Jung. : Ajto, all that certain other lot, piece or Cmrfh ward at tii cit of Naw - York. directlT M . ia the rear of Ue above deacribed piece or par - . , eel of ground, and commeociog 40 feet from tha loutbwett corner Afoetr - market - tlip. and Water - 'itrppt. and runninr weithdv alonr Water - itreet 1 40 feet, to ground of John G. Cotter ; thence roumeriy along taia grooaa iou leei o oiain - ' ttreet, thence enter! y along Soath - ttreet, 40 fat ? to ground now or late of Boltot Moore, thence ! : northerly along laid ground 160 feet, to the place ,. cfheginnirc. Togellter with the hereditament! , and appurtenance to tbe tame, and every part and parcel tliereof belonging or in anywise ap - irt..imn - . n.tH Wo. 4(h, 1817. . THOMAS BOf.TOW, ':'! Matter in Chancery. ft I 'Ml il . fT'l . termt of tale will be liheraj and may be known 4 enquiring of Um Matter, No. 44 Pine - itreet, a here a map of the premiiet can be teen. ov4Uwti9tbdtt Tb ale of the abort property it pottponed to " "the tilth day of Jannary next, at the tame hour . wul place,. DUd Nov. S7th, 1817. TIIOMA8 BOLTON, . Matter in Chancery. . nov 27 lawOantOdtt Tbe aSove tale it further pottponed to the 13th day of February next, at tbe tame hour and . place. Jan. S8. 181U. - a ... . - , - r THOMAS B017T0X, . Jan 29 tdt Maittr in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. . ' 8tateofMew - 1IC purtaaoca of an order of thin honorable coun, wiu ne sum puuiic anutiou ui uie iuii line Coffee House, in the city of New - York, un - der ina direction of the tubacriber, oa the twenty even th d'T of November instant, at ELKVEN O'CLOCK in tbe forenoon, all that certain lot, 1' piece or parrel of ground, aituate, lying and Ihj - "ins in the filth ward of the city of New - York, fronting on Laight st. (HUDSON SQUARE.) bcund - d northerly in the rear by Vestry - street, easterly bj the house and M now (or late) occu - C d by Mn. Murray, weateily by a house and t late ef Leonnrd Litpenaro, deceased ; con - . taiiiing in bretdth, in front, and rear 31. feet 6 ( . Javhne, and in d." nth on cv h tide 175 feet Said . premise being held under and by virtue of n certain demise from the rector and inhabitants of the ity of New York in communion of the rro - tea - ant Epncopal Church in the ttate of New - York, for the term of ninety nine year from the Sotli day of March, 1805 subject to the yearly "Tent of ili. ami tu the provisoes, covenant and v agrocmentt contuined ht taid leate s together . With tbe her ditanient and appurtenance lo the ' ' uur: 1 - elooging or iu anywise apertaioing yauu aof. 4, loH. Master in Chancery. . Tbe termiof tale, wbic.'i will le liberal, mny oa known ay enquiring at ue omce H the mat tar. No. 41 Fine street, any 4 otwtlCUiiidfi The tale of the nbove property it postponed tu Ike tilth dty of January next, at the same hour tod p;ac. dated :ov. inn, inn. THOMAS BOLTON, Matter in Chancery. noy S7 tawUSOdtd Tbe above sale is further pottponed to (he 13ih day of February next, at tbe tame hour and place. Jan. zu, IU1B. THOMAS BOLTON, Janf9dt(i Matter in Chunrrrr IS CHANCERY. Slatecf.Yew Ytrk, tt. IN punuance ofa decretal order of thii hono rtblr court, will br told at public auction, tt tlie .' , Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New York, under the direction of the lubtcriher, as one ol . tin mastert of this court, on Wednesday, the IU(h day ofFehraarv ne. at 9 nVlnrk. noon. " All that certain lot of ground, sitoate in the eventh ward ol the city of New - York ; hounded nrrtnerly in front by Division - itrett. toutberly in - the rear by a lot M ground belonging to Daniel t.oi Bin, westerly oy a lot oi ground Deiooging ' to Ann Elder, and easterly by a lot of ground belooring te Coroeliui Polhemu t containing in . brendtb in front nod rear, each twenty six fret, ad in length on each aide, tixty three feet lis . inrhei , and the ate of n ganway of eizht feet .wide, leading from the taid lot into lUrman - ttreet, m common with the proprietor! of the lots of ground adjoioing the laid gangway; with the appurtentocil. Djtrd Jan. 27, IH 18. JAMES A. HAMILTON. Jan 87 SawtFlOdl Master m Chancery. IN CHANCERY. a .Vffa af - Yew - Far IN purtuanraof a decretal order of this honor - ante court of chancery, bearing date the nine - - - tee - nth day of January, instant, will be told at pubUr auction, at tha Tontine Coffee Houte, in the city of ew - York. under the direction of tha aulncnher, a one of tbe mailers of this court, oa the seventeenth day of Fehruary next, at IS . 'clork ataooa - all that certain lot of ground, tituate m tbe 8Ui war I of the city oi .New - York, . . and knownand distinguished on snip or chart of ground late "f Anthony Bowrosan. made by Our let Lot, city ryevor, or hy lot number '401, bounded westerly in front hy Sullivan - street, . eatierly in th raw by groand now or late in the fwirtesMon of Molded and other, nortlierly hy lot No. 400, lately anld to Dumamt and Johnson. ; and aoutberlv by lot No. 402. bow or late bHon - - iag Co the tuid Anthony Bowrosan, containing in .. rweadth in front and rear, each twenty five feet, and in ttng tb on each tide, or hundred fett, with me appurtenance, wva January zoih. 1818 JAMES A. HAMILTON, Master in Chancery. Jan S7 - ?aw9Fkdta eTO LET, TJ 3 slory fire proof if ore. til VVaterf . partly Jrntiricg m Prck - aiip j ha been formerly crrMpied for Ixirdwan, and at present for a crockery, r Jlon fiMvlaall. Eoqaire of . Vti Iwf 8. MCHOLS, wit door. IX cuttuance of an .order of thia honacaUe Court,' bearmrdate the 19th day W January la - Mant, win be told at puonc aucuo", a wo - tine Caffee aoeae ia the city of haw - York, oa the 16th tfar af rbniary iwxt. at IS o'clock at son. Ika Winvluu nf tha tUDtC fiber AU tbe rest, residue and reetaiader of the terai of yeartyettocoate and unexpinw w m tm m that certain lot, piece or parcel of ground mt u - ae, lying aad buog m ton JTai waiw w in t N.rib. oa the eatterlT aide of Broad way bounded ia front br Broadway, in the ear and en the northerly awe or gmwnu imnm ui John Jacob Attor, 'and on me touineriy iu uy Broome - atreet : cootainiag ia bretdth in front and rear feet, and in depth oa each tide 100 feet. Together with the building erected there oa. Said nrembet being held under n demise from John Jacob Attor, Esq. - for the term of tl man. rraas October Itt. 181S. aubject to an an nual rent of 00 dodsrt. Dated January 93d, 1818. THOMAS BUUTUfl, . Matter in Chancerr. The dwellinr house oa the above premises to be valued aad paid lor dt toe leator, at the ex piration of the term, or the leate renewed tor SI rear additional, . at a rent to be filed by two pertoot to oe cnoaen oy tne parties, and at the eipiration of the second term, tbe dwellinr home to be valued aad paid for at aforesaid. r or particulars, enquire of tne master, no. 44 Pine - rtreet. ' JanS3 1awtF9dtt . ' LN CHANCLKY. State of New - York, t. I N pursuance of a decretal order of this booora bl court, will be told nt public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York. under tne direction ol tbe tubtenber, as ooe oi the masters of this court, on Friday, the 27 th in stant, at it o'clock, noon All those four certain lot of land, situate in the ninth ward of tbe city of .New - York, bring part of the estate of John So - meiindrck. late of the said cifv. daceated. and niini in a itrnuiu nap ui uiu tiua cubic, mtoe by William Bridge, in November. 1808, by lata No. 8 and 9, and lettert I and U. The taid Mt, taken together, are bounded westerly in iroat By Hudson tuver, and contain twenty a ere cf ground, more or let, with the appurte naacet. Dated Feb. 5th. 181R. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter in Chancery. Notk For pnrticnlarr. enouire at the Mat ter'i Office, No. 3 Law BuildiuK, - where a map oi me premises may oe teen. en 5 lawxwjtnti M CUAiXCCRY. State ol New - York, 'at. IN pursuance of n decretal order of this honor able court, will be told al public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in tne city of New - York, under the direction of the tubtcriber, at one of tbe roasters of thii court, op Friday, tbe 27th instant at IS o'clock at boon all tUote three certain Mt of land, lituate in the teoth ward of the city of N. York, and distinguished on a certain map of the estate, late of Jamet utiancy, ciq. made by Evert Oancker, by lot No. til hundred and fifteen, ii hundred and ixteeo,and tix hundred and terenteen, bounded westerly by Second street, and containing each 15 feet in oread tb, and one hundred feet in depth, more or let, with the appurteaancei. Dated Feb. 6, 1818. . tin,, a a v . a rn A . Matter in Chancery. feb6 lawSw&d Ala court of chancery held lor the state, of New - York, at the city of Albany, on the twenty seventh day of December, in year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, P&KSKtTT, 1 he Honorable James Kent, Chancel - eel lor. Gerard Beekman, n. Isaac B. Cos and Come - nelia, his wiff, and the tilobe Insurance Company. IT appearing by affidavit, to the satisfaction of this court, that process ol tubpoenn to appear and antwer in the above cause, hath been regularly ist ued against the above named defeudanU, Isvac B Cox and Cornelia, bis wife, and the Globe Insurance Company, but that tbe laid defendant, Isaac B. Cox, could pot, upon diligent search and enquiry; made intermediate the teste and return of the taid tuhpoeua, be fonnd within thii state, to be terved therewith. And it farther appearing by the laid affidavit, that the taid defendant, Isaac B. Cox, it now within the United State, either in the state of Kentucky or in the ttate of Virginia on motion of David Codwiie, KiQuire. tolicitor for the complainant, it it or dered that the taid defendant, Isaac U. Cox, do cause hit appearance to ne entered and hit antwer to be filed in thii cause, within four montht from the date of this order, or in deiauit tnereot that the complainant's hill of complaint be taken pro - con feso against him. And it i further ordered, that a copy of this order be pub lished within twenty dayi from the date ot thii order, in one or more of the public newspaper! printed in thii ttate, lor eight weeks successively, once at least in every week. A Copy. I3.AAC L. KIP, dec311aw8w Assistant Register. At a Court of Chanceiy held for the date of New - York, at the city of Albany, oo the tenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ugiitceo, Present. The Honorable James Kent, Etquire, Chancellor. William Seger, ri. George Chonmert, Alexander Glennie, John Capper, William Hen lock and John Rite her IT appearing to the tatisiaction nf thit court, I by the affidavit of William N. Dyckrnan, ju nior, the lolicitor Tor the complainant, and the hi - fiilavitofthecomDUinant. that proceti of tub - poena has been regularly issued, requiring the de fendant Alexander Gleunio, John Caper, William Henlock and John Ritcher, to appear to and antwer the amended bill of complaint in this rauM, and that neither of th - said deftodantr A I' x under Glcnnie, John Capper, William Hen lock and John Ritcher, hat uppexred, according to the rulet ol this court ; and that the said de ft - nd.mtt Alexander Glennie. John Capier. Wil liam ticnlm k and John Ritcher, rende without tint state, to wit, in the city of London, in the kingdom of Great Britain It it ther fre, on motion of Mr. .Munro, of Counsel for tlie Omplainant, ordeied, that each of the laid defendant, Alexander Gltnnie, John Caliper, William Henlock and John Ritcher, came hi appearance to be enters! and bit answer tiled to the said amended bill of complaint withip nine moo tlit fromhis dale, and in default thereof, that the laid amended hill of complaint be taken proennfesto tgninst them to tha end that such decree mv be thereupon made at shall be just. And it is further ordered that within twenty days from this day a copy of thit order be puulislied ia a' leatt two of the public newspart printed in thit ttate. and be continued therein lor the term of eight weekt luccettirely, once in each of the laid weexi. A ropy, ISAAC L. KIP, Jant3 1aw8w Assistant Regiter. NOTICE. The subscriber intend to apply to the Irgitfatere of tht ttate, at O.e present aes tton, for an aet to incorporate Ihemtelvei aud their associate! Iy the name of ' 7 "be New - York Be nevolent Society." New - York, Clh January, 1818. B. Gardenier, . I f. W. Patterson J( bn W. Foruet, I Abraham Slug? Jame Turk, SamU B. llomaine. Jar. 29 1aw6w POLICE OFFICE. a Notice. All persoot interested in, or claiming pror - crty, which remains unclaimed in at.. It I . - vv - " - - . , . - a.... uj.. rouceunire.oniheDtth. - 'ay oi January 1B1U, are requeued to make proof Lefore the 50th day ofFthruaryrext, at the same will afterward oe void and Uie proceeds paid into Uie city Treasury acc irdi - .g it liaj. JA.VES WARNER, ) ,AM.I - ?,H. - 10N' J Special Jaslke. Inl,ir nrnnru t 1 The other printett lor the Corporation will insert tb above in their respective papers once a week for ox week, cd account of th C - rpora - tto. Jan 6 lawCw BYardare Alexander Cbtldosy Etquire, flrtt jode of the court of. romman pie at - in and l.,r Ik. .mht nl Ul.n.nnr. 9trtifM , la.hV given to Nkbolat lierdiae, now or late of CharU - ton, ta tatd coaniy, an abtcondiog deiitor, tz to an oOwra whom it may concern, that on application and due xwooaaaik ta kiia tka . aaid Alexander cneraon, pvnuaoi to uie direction oi ina acs y .1.... v "j. ..,i.a debtor," patted March 3M,' 1801 7 h htb rli - P " " " ' ?' 'ZJZ.rrZ reded all tbe estate real andTertonil, within tbef - pwehanca to dream - whilem the PPr - coooty of Mrnitgomery, of tl aaid Nkbolat Ber - kad who would bear the tweaks and act of bar - dine, to be aeixed; and that unlets the taid Nicbo - hr bate i who would grunt and sweat noder a la Berdine do return nwl ditcharge Li debts koathome beard, or n dull razor nse, when he wittun three month tt'.er uu notice af tucn aei - tare, all hit estate will be told for tbe payment J'.l.r i:. j - i... " wuiniirirawpawnu, - ; . IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, f '.a. State of New - York, a Jame T. IN Dursuance ofadeereUl order of tbia ko - noarabte aoort, mde in tha tbovw eaate. will be toldat poblie auetion, at the Tontine Coffee . . " , .H . J H .W - .W.. WNvl I.. - Mmmm Im IK. mlt .rK...V.b mJ.. Ik. 4L r.l.. ...iJ ' r.i. .. nrKi. M. a Tu.Ha iianumi a.vr tian. t w win vi u aviraM iici a taw wiv wjtj a,iij ua awt Mnhn - aail. al Is civ n'alnak a avta. all thai . . - r I i ,t. r i :n. a UWIUWUII IMIIIMK WI UV WWW UI UUWTHIC, .UU Ifine ia the eouuly of Lewis, in the sute afore - aid. beinr nart of treat lot No. 4 nf Maeomb's purchase, and comprise all the Iota known oa a certain plan or map made by David Bronton and b. White, in the yetr isoa, from No. Ill to 32 inclusive, eontaiuing together 1J.00O acres of land, with the tpporttntneea thereto belong ing or any wise appertaining. Dated June SO, 1817. (Copy) JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jy 91 law - lw dtdt .Vaster in Chancery. The tale of the above property it pottponed to ine nrsi oay oi mar next, ai tne tame hour and place. Uated Jan S3, 1818. JAM Ed A. HAMILTON, Jan 24 lawt.Mvl M niter iq Chancery. lireaiury Departmeot, 1 1th June, li17. ftT NOTICE is berebveiven. that at a meet uirof hie Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, held on the 14th day of March, 1817, it waa de - terro ned that the provisions of the act entitled " An act to provide for the redemption of the public debt,'' passed on the 3d day of March, 1817, should be carried into effect as far at the nme mi;nt be practicable ; and thrt, in pursu aoce of the raid resolution, Lynde Catlin, cash ier of the office of discount cuid deposit at New V..I. k.. L. - r:. - A - i.. ... perintendonce of the secretary ol the treasury, to toake purchases of stock of the United States '.i .i . ' . . ii i. wiiuiii uhs iiiiiim nrescnoea dv law : una to wooai allperiooi desirous of disposing of their ttock wiu mane application WILLIAM H. CKA Wr OKI), Secretary of the Treasury. OtTx - e of Discount and Deposit, I New - York, June 16, 1817. I. r.. .:,. . . a mutipi uiaii iiucir.uj sj.wii, uin, tu yut' uance of the preceding notice and authotity.tlie ubai riber it ready to receive proposals and to treat with any person for the purchase of Funded Lcni oi uie coiieo oiaiet wiuin we uuuui prescribed by tbe act above referred to. lmul i iaj, uavuer. Jel7 dtJI ftlawtf At a court of Chancery held for Uie State of New - York, at thecityof Albany, on the thirtieth day of December, in the year of our Liora ooe thousand eight hundred nod terenteen. Present The Honorable Jamet Kent, Esquire, Chancrllor. Nathaniel Pendleton, . IT appearing by nffida - rt. f vit to the satiifirtioa Henry C. Uawley f of thii court, that proceti uhesena to appear ana answer in the above cause hath been regularly issued against the above named defendant, Henry C. Uawley, but that the said delendant could n jt, upon diligent search and enquiry made, in termediate uie teste ano return oi we said uo poena, be found to be served therewith And it ortner appearing by the said affidavit, that the said defendant bat absconded from bis residence, and gone into the ttate of Pennsylvania, or Uie ttate , of Ohio, where he waa at tbe time such enquiry was made On motion of Nathaniel Pendleton, Esquire, the complainant u person, it it ordered that the said defendant, Hen intiia i C. 11 ry aw ley, do cause his appearance to be entered, and Ins answer to be bled to the com plainantt bill of complaint in thit cause, within tour months from the date of tbia order, or in de fault thereof, that tbe complainant! hill of com plaint be taken pro - con fei to againrt him. And it ii further ordered that a copy of thii order be published, within twenty davi from the date ef thit order, in one or more ol the public newspapers printed in this ttate, for eiefht week tuc - ceisively, once at least in every week. A Unpy I3AAU L. Kir, Jnn 191aw8w AstiMnnt Remitter. , AiEW BOOKS RECENTLY published and for tale by KIRK tl MERCEliN, X2 Wall - street, a narrative of Uie President' Tour, made during the summer of l!il7, through tbe n .rlh - eastern and aouth - weslern department of the union. Sic. ice. ; Lord Amherit'i Embassy to China, tbe Memoir of iiaudiut Buchanan ; Mandeviiie, a novel, py Win. Godwin i Letters from the Cape of Good Hoe, being a reply to Dr. Warden's Eettcu ; Kniht of St Jobn, by Mill Porter i Binglev'i Uelul Knowledge ; Coxa on Fruit Tree, with SCO engravings i Purity ol Heart, or woman n, she should be, a novel, by an old wile ot twenty years. feb II CORPORATION PROPERTY. 'DO be told at public auction on Friday the X 20th in - t. at lhe City - Hall, at ISo'clork - 9 Lot of Ground on the westerly tide of Col lect - it. between Anth - myand Leonard - it. it Lot on the easterly tnie nf coiiect - tt. Be tween Anthony and Leonard - stt. ' 7 Lett on the easterly tide of Collect - tt. be tween Leonard and Franklin - it. 1 Lot on the westerly tide of Leonard - tL be tween Collect and Orange - ts. ALO, 6 Cellar" under Catharine markeLfor 3 years from 1st May next. The upptr part of the Watchhouse in El - dridge. late Third - st. for 3 year from 1st May. 1 he upper part of the Watchhouse in spnog - st. lor 1 year imm the lit may. The ferry at Manhattanville for I year. A man of the Collect lots mar be teen and par - uruiart Known at me comptrollers umce, cuy Hail. ie4 oios A Gl M l. KM AN aitc hit ladv. with one a. chiM and tenant, withet to oM tin board iron, 1st May next in a respectable private fami ly, west of Broadway. A line addressed to T. 1. and left nt thit office, will meet with attention. teb 5 iw TUITION. HG. L'FFORD respectfully eivea notice . that his school at No. 53 John - street, it o - pen from 6 till 9 o'clock P. .VI. for Uie mitruc tion of young gvntltmen, especially in English grammar. 'J hose who are d - irous to obtnin a correct knowledge oi this important branch of education in a thort time and at a moderate expense, are requested to avail themtelvet of Uie present opportunity. Instruction will be given till Uie lit of April. Mi U. hat commenced with a Latin class, for the accommodation of .uch young gentlemen at cannot altera daring the day. leoartt MINERALOGY h GEOLOGY. TV value of every science must ret oo it utility. Instructive specimen of Mineral atone shilling each, oroue hundred varieties, arranged and detcribed, five pounds ; more extensive collection and specimen more select, including tuitot precinu stone, from ten to fifty cuineat. by Mr. .VI AAV E, No. 149 Strand, London,author ol traveht through the gold and diamond mines, ia South America, Treatise on IbaTiond, Mine - ralney of Derhvihire.nnd new descriptive Cata logue of Mineral, with plate and explanation of I .l i i li . - i i. ine new nyiiniiuM; oiow pie, tapiuarie a oencn aod apprtu. Mr. MA WE, proprietor of the Amethyttine and I opaline t luor Mine and Mtnufactory in iDerby. to reputed for elegant varet and oraa - I otiii ts, invite genUemen to lend any new or un - j known production ol their tpinci to hi dtposit leiiner lor taie or excuacje. aovlO lam6t F. II sjp I PJTtXT KUI3TIC RAZOR STROPS. 'a - TTiRfiEflANDEaS". lately front, loodon, once, mora ;adJreue th psblic, tkanks lbem for pM fuvort, aad onca more Veuturei to b - ecommtod bit strops as one oi ma wn cvowrv tiying coulrivahcet that ever blest tbn chid of ntfl. tia arm insmia but leu - moiwi kw..v . . ik. - 1 it . .J V.u nr - m ivaiHil of nau r ' " bight hit quictut make with a simple aaunuert LL. w k.n in k; mnnufaetnrv at the T"WY - " .. mm T Rltraat aiul Kraadwav. and there Leiva the command of kit customer. dec 5 tf WH EATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. IrpHEkDR and successful use of tl.i ointment A it a tuffitient recon mendauon, at n nat found to be a plefant. tale ann certain re - Fdf bt duagrerOblH ; disease in au it ta - I'M. II IS mr flnie 111 lj)e Cll V l.CW - avia, u . - . - ". . . A. it V R. Foat. No. 41 Wi liam - streei - - - - - - . a ut I . (JlnrK. Ko. 8o .l aiien - iaiie ; ii. n Law - Btllieuriin o vo. 1 Ironra A k.f - . No. VJi rearl - ttreei Hall I " T . . - a , . Bowne, 146 Pearl - ttreat ; R. U L. Murray, 31 J I 8Tt - street ! i. M. Iiradhurtt, 314 reari - tireei , Uohn Penford, No. 4 Fletc her - street ; Duryie & roe. in Pearl - ttreet; Jului c;. niornton, iou Greenwich street ; John P. Fither, 106 Broad - way : Walter ii bearaan, corner oi namoer - si. nnd Uroadtrav. and alio in Chalham - itreet t and in thort it may be procured al most of the Drug Storet in thii city Also in Philadelphia, of b. Withetall 1 Sont ; George Huriell , North Si Ho uers, and alutntt all the druggist ia tho principal towns in the United Statei. MKEWI3K, WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above placet. jan 22 6m THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are owing arrean of taxet, lo the corporation of the city and county of New - York : fcr Tbe lime limited for the payment thereof expired oa the lit inst. and l am now engageo in making a return of mch property at reuiaini delinouent. preparatory to the advertisement and sale thereol for the payment of said Taxes, and such other turns ai may be required to meet the expenses of mch tale, which will take place when completed. I am directed to receive all arrears which may be offered, prior to the completion of the above - named return and will attend at thit office dai ly from 10 to S o'clock, until that period. T. W. GILBERT, Collector. Collector's Office, No. 2 City Hall, f . January 15, 1813. Jan 16 1m COHFOi.I'MUX tHOFiCtili. rfO be tld at public auction on Friday the L SOUi February, 1813, at the City Hall, IS OVKICsT, The hi?') valuable FARM now occupied br Mr. William A. Hardenbrnok, about b mile from the city, containms together nearly fifty a cret of land. It will be 'old in loti from 5 to 10 acret each, situated on tbe 6th, 7th, Ctli, 9th, oi 10th avenues ; on the latter itand the dwelling house and out buildings, but a short distance from the Hudson River. Thit proierty is worthy Uie attention of those who wih to possets handsome country seat : a it continuity to the city, coiumandii.g view of ihelludi in, retired situation, and choice quality of t - jine of the ground, together with an ample supply of wood, render it one of uie most desira ble objects ol purchase. A map of the premise! may be seen, and fur ther particular! known, at tbe Comptroller! Office, City Hall. Jan 6 dli TANNLRY KOR bALE. 'I'O be told at public auction, on Wednesday, J. the 18tb day of February next, io lite area of the Exchange CoOee lloute, in Uie town of Boston, at IS o'clock at noon, , All uie real estate, belonging to (he Hampshire Leather Manufactory, tituate ia tbe town of Northampton, in the itateof Massachusetts. The estate will be sold in four lots, vit : Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acae of land, near Uie centre of the town of Northampton, on whii b ii erected all those extensive and v. d liable buildings, lately occupied hy Uie corporation for tanning of leather, with at - out 300 vat, some of which are very large end part of them uoder cover, in which feather may be bandied during the winter ; it i presumed there i not in Uie state to extensive and valuable an establishment for carrying on the tanning business a this. - A particular description of tbe building and pri - viledge would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No. 3 contains about 3 acres, tituate on the north side ol the county road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling bouses, with convenient out buildings, it oo high ground, and considered a very delightful situa tion. Lot No. 3, containing about four acret of land, ituate on the easterly tide of Mill River, about two mile from the meeting house in Northampton, with valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon. Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, on which is erected a bark mill and bark sheds, li tuate near Edward'i tavern, about 6 miles from Northampton, on Uie Albany toad. Auy ocrrou having an inclination to purchase all or any part oi uie loregoing property, are in vited to examine it Ihe corporation pledge Uitmselvei to tell to the highest bidder, being de termined to clote their concern. Any inform tion respecting the estate may be obtained on appiicuiiuo to J uoian uniuai) esquire, w Aoruiampion, or r.Bcr - z.r.n. i naAus, jan 14 India - street, Boston D LYNCH, Junr. having made arrangcmenti . with a respectable home in Madeira, to be tupplied with a proportion of Uie wines of the Pa rishes ol St. Antonio and cama de ionot, (um - versally acknowledged to pmduce tbe best ma deira in the Island) bat opened a wine itore, at No. 40 William - street, where be will receive or - dert for this wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay up a tock for their own use ; and (by Uie agree ment with tbe houie in .Madeira) it the wine, on arrival, be not approved by D. L. Jr. it it not to be tent to Uie parties ordering it. D. L. Jr. hat taken great paint to procure from various places in the United States and tne West Indies, the best Madeira, that was to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of very superior quality, irom private stocks, which he now offen lor sale. He will constantly keep on hand an assortment of tlie choicest wines and liquors, selected with care by himself, and will sell none which be cannot WARRANT PURE at IMPORTED. Jan 19 Ira BLAUK WELL'S ISL.HXD fOi AWLfi IT is situated about five mi'ci from the city, and contains about 1 15 acres of lahd of the hett quality, with a good dwelling house, barn. Ac. Possession may be had the 1st May, ortar - iter, u reouirea. mui oi uie purcnate money may remain on bond and mortgage, for a number of yean. For further particulars, enquire on Uie pre mites, oroi AUA.Y1S ii tM.AUK.tVr.LL, JanSS 175 Pearl - street BOOK - KEEPER'S DIRECTORY. fUST published, The Trial Balance or Book. U keeper' Directory; (hewing a complete system of book - keeping, commenced, carried on. and closed, and new book opened, upon a clear and experimental plan. Dy Thomax H. God. dard, accountant. On a large sheet. Price 50 cent.. For tale oy . PRIOR k DUNNING, . Jan 30 Sw No 111 Watar - tt. T BROWN, stone teal engraver aodjewel - . Ier, No. 16(1 Broadway. Coals of arms, crests, cyphers, Szc. engraved on (tone. A bandwme assortment of fine gold tea, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' teal engraved with coat of arm?, motto, ami lancy devtced. Diamonds, amethyst, crystal, tie. bought in the rouh or cut to any form. Boole f herniary kept with upward of eO.OOO nms. Jan 7 3at 1 FOR Prtf LADlltLPHlXr : The POST CHAISE, wiUi every convenience for Pastengera nnd tlieir baggage (Ihrough in one day) will k - aye tha Pott Chaise Office, 1 18 Broadway, oppotile tbe City Hotel every day (bun - dayi excepted) at 7 o'clock in the mnminir.' by way of Newark, and arrive the lame day at Philadelphia. . ., The MAIL PILOT, In oppoiition lo the Mail Coach, witli auperior accommodation for I'at - tengert and tht - fr baggage, will leave the aaiue place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past I o'clock P. M. will proceed before tbeMail.and nottubject to the inconvenience of stopping at the numerous PottOlficel on Uie mad, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, and arrive tome hours before the Mail at Philadelphia. Form 1 dollort. - cSp All goods and baggage at the riique of the owner. JOHN N. CU.MMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK & SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON it HOWELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Exprrssn iml lo anvpart of ihe United Statu, bri I.. BAKER It CO. Jan S8 tf POST COACH LINE run PHILADELPHIA - BY fOWLKi - HOOB. IMrORTABT TO rABSBtTClRS. No roraection with the post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO SIT10N REVIVED. NEW Line of Pott Coachet with every con JT. vemence for passengers and Passage, on Snruiifi TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Conch of fice, old No. 1 Courtland - ttrect, N. ork,evcr' mornins, Sundnyi excepted, at 1 - 2 past Cn'clork, by way of iNewaru, rvew - crunswicK, rnuce - ton, Tien ton and Urittol, and arrive at l'hibdel Dhia the tniue evening. ' Tht Steam Boat Line INDUSTRY, will start from N'ew - York every morning (Sun - days eiceptod) at 10 o'clock, in tlie Steam Uuat Atalanta. from Ihe north tide cf the Battery, lodge at Kingtton, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dim United Statei Mail Coach,. with a guard, with every convenience for passiogert and Baggage, on springs. The U. S. mail coach will itart irt in the coacli office, old No. 1 Courtlundt - itrett, New lort, every clay at z o'tiocx, r. an. aim nrnve at Philadelphia next morning al 6 o'clock. Only 6 naisenrer admitted. For seats in the above named Line, apply lo THOS. Will 1MELU, at the old esiaumieti Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlnndt - stieet, Uie second office from Broadway, NeW - York ; to ISAAC BROWN, No. 1 VVaahington - itre'et; or to A. T. GOODRICH St CO. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce - dar - ttrett, New - York. CtrAII goodt and baggage at the risk of the owner. joat - rn liuk, suivs u tu N. B Exprettet sent to any part of the t on - tinent, by liiu.viAS nniiiitLU Jan ii U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, 11111 A UUAItU. fJ3 The public are atsured tbat thit line it equal to any in th U. s. for Uie convenience and comfort 01 the traveller. With the addition of the guard, tbe pawengcr may rest secure a to hi baggage and pertum.1 salety tbe ccarh never btiugk - ft whilst changing at Uie pott ffioes, witltout a D?rou on the box. The war mail Is put in separate bagt and changed in tbe European ttyle. ' Tbe U S. Mil Coach win itart from tbe coach office, old No. 1 Courtlnnd - itieet, New - York every day at z o'clock r. M. aod arrive at Philadelphia nextmorning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 passenger admitted in thi coach. For seat apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old Coach and Stage Odice. old No 1, second office from Broadway in Courtlnndt - tret, or to A. T. GOODRICH tl Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - stxeeU New - York. N. B. AU good and baggage at Uie ruk of tne owners. J. LYON St SONS, Powlet Hook. WILLIAM GULICK ti CO. Kinpton.' CHESTER BAILEY. Philadelphia. Exprestet sent to any part of the Continent by jan 80 lilt 103. WHITFIELD. WANTED. A white girl about 16 year of aee, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring recommendation tatisfactory aa to her disposition, neatness, Szc. may hear of a good and permanent place, by pplyinp immediately at Ko. 64 (jreenwtcb - tt. jan 23 F' OR SAL11 lor a term of years, a healthy, active and very capable negro wench - will ba disposed of cheap, as it it her own de sireEnquire at No. 23 North Moore - street Feb . tf - . MUSI C. A LL tbe Songs, Duetts, at sung by Mr. Phi l. linn at Ihe New - York Theatre, for tale at Wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 tisoadway. Behold in hi toft exprewve face Tho' love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain may that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joy was thine Love' young dream Thi blooming rote at early dawn Robin Adarr Beautiful Maid iime tound tbe trumpet Had I a heart Evtleen'e Bower Dear maid I love thee Ab Mire a paia wai never teen - Said a tmile to a tear Sigh not for love Mv heart wiu love i beatine Tbe celebrated serenade of" Lillacome down Bird Duett I to me" ... . .1 r lora't wream. With a large assortment of new mask, dec 24 bOO COPIES OF WRIGHT HAWE1S. TREATISE on, That being Born Agnin, t. without which no man can be saved; hy Samuel Wricbt, 1). D. : tn which is added, (lie Communicant's Spiritual Companion, or an evangelical preparation for tbe Lord's Supper, by the Kevd. Thomas Haweis. GOO copies of this work in sheets or by Uie single one. Iiound, for sale hy ij.tnAKir.K9, Circulating Library, 138 Fulton street. Jan 15 I in I UST iMiUithed, a new Map of the ttate of In tf diana, by Uie Hon. C. Harriton, to which it tdded, th - fcorveytofthe Plinmi Territory, by Grn. Mant&cld, price t dollar. For tale by PRIOR fc DIi.NNlNO, No. Ill Watcr - ttreet. A few copies of Sheltno and Reaitt't larye Map of tbe United States, mounted and varnished, or folded in a case; price 15 dollars, to be bad as above. Jaa 31 . 2w FE.yU.VG JCIPEXY. JVTO.VSIEI'R MAG LOIRE has Uie honor to IYA inform Uie yoimg gentieraen of this rity that he ha opened a Fencing Acad. - my at No. 5 Courtlandt - rtrett, where he tea. hri that utcful and elegant arcom)lisliment. Ilcprt Irom 10 A. Al, to 3 f . AI. ar.rl frotn 5 to 8 in the evenirg. fehfi lwt a siiKenUag ptbhr ' - know howte dittisgikk a. - " ' tween tbingi that difler. "' DOCTOR HORNE, former!, of the city of London, ac number of tbe faculty of rl .: and surgery there, deem tt fd, dt ty to repeat aomeooaeryationa r the abuse of MERCURY ! i rash, uidiscriminate, aod uwwii, , bed use tliereof, has been prodiic - tivi! of infinite itarhir '""J aici,iiiwuKU out oi exist tnce. 1 he disease we have in yiew owe iu fcl tal reiultt chiefly to this ource. What a nitw" that a young mani thehopei of bit conutry. tZ.' the tlarung of Mi pareott, should be tn itched a way from all Uie protpect aad enjoymenUof lit by the consequence! of one uugnarded moa.,? and by a diteate not in iU own nature fetal. S which only provet so from neglect or Wrot! treatment." - A gentleman, (late DrlF, K tient) now perfectly beary and well, beJ bei under phyiician of genera practice, nxyw? and repeatedly lalivabd; when rect.mniided5 Dr. H. (by a gwitlenian of thit city) tuthMl were carious, aiid hia ah Jivin..;.. vuw were cariout, aud hit Keth dramiioa - iv .i" bit friends declared he could nut poatiblyaur' two montht longer. Thouand exrwVnbVn! know wiUi what cote and safety Dr. H. eiadi Cdtea tlie levereit catei. and confirm the'cnrSt tlltlon. Tha IWfrrt. nlaa .J.a - .: - .C?6lk. ceuary to guard the public againtt tbaaDtM 1 mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth. Persons, Uiercfore, baying contracted t p7 rate disorder, or auspecting latent iwiton. a admonished not to tamper wiOj their conlfiil tion, or conceal the disorder, till put reco3 ry ; oUienhavijig the remains of an old calT or otiier unpunUei or the blood, atweMu otK er complainti of a delicate nature, u eitb ex. thould reaiember potterity, and do iiuti, to their conscience, by making tpphVaw to Dr. II. at hi old 'and espTcttbFeiiV.? lithmen No. 64 WateMtreet, fiJur boaw of01d - iip,lo obtain tbat prompt attitttnca a. loce cakulattd (o prevent rfiiclotnre. Andhe let me claim your serious attention RetneminT a tuperGciaj enre it no cure at aH ; eolett theba. sineiwi radically done, yon will certainly ban the - diiorder break out again with redoubled ml igmty, at tome future period j pertu.pi then will he too late for remedy. Don't you often meet ia Uie ttrcctt misKrable, mutilated being, with! even a bit of note on Uieir face t TtiJwarninT 1 beseech you. "" Dr. H'. character for skill and stubborn integrity being universally known in thit city, tinea 1IJ04, guarantee to patients that delicacy aad secrecy hitlicrto uhkuown, and having confined bit pracUce for year past, exclusively to (ha curt of disnatct of the blood system, they may tafely caU culate cn the most derided advantage incoa. suiting Dr. II. Gleelt eradicated in two or three week Stricturct removed without bougie or tar other instrument ; and all debilities t bktwiM aH old ulcerations, fistula'i Si.i t - . M A plurality ofoflic - t are prorided, and to .: - . ated that paiicnti are not exposed to each oth - .i, observation. Open till half pat 9 in the evenine All peitoni concerned are invited to be free ia lalliiur, and siwakiiigMith Dr.H. which it ire ol - .ost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tha ixpr - tsion of gratitude for innumerable recom - mMidatlons, and for the decided nrvtanaa ru - preiumed with just cause) lone; given hia by a judiaous public. n. i. au letteri mutt De pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. . ; , . Ang 57 Iv i , AE1J HEH qU.1CJit.hX MK LVtoHU TIOjV. ER - EVANS' tuperiet . flthod of caring a certain Disease, is now uoiro tMly acknowledged iaUu't city ; mt mode of tre.itioenl perfecUy mild, safe, tx - Si'Euiuuua. ua iu cuareet reasonable, la every it - taoc be warrantt a cure, and will return the pay if b dor not perform agreeable to contract a iiKnm"iiRf aiw - ays Otiservod. 1 here are many r ertoni ia thit city and itt yf. cinity, laboring under yarioa chronic diaemaet, inch aa concert, old inveterate alcert, tcrotua or king evil, fistula, disease of tbe arctiira. Madder aad kidniet, eld rom plicated cotaptaiaaa ofa certain natara, MU(m am other ohatruc - riorw, rtietiijiatimi, Ac. which they consider ice - ' rable, they can certainly he cared (m general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, f'eck - tlip, having practised ia extduiv hospitals in Europe If years, under some of th first Surgeons and Physician in the world, and made those obstinate disease hi constant study for 30 vcars. - Oct It trft"r WHEATON DA - IS. Fancy Chair Maaafxr - turer, No. 153Fulton - treet, opposite Bt Paah Church, offer for sale, wholetale and retail, a large and elegant ts - tortment of Curld Maple, plnio painted and oraaaent ed in gold kh rouse, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, aad Converta tj'm Chain. Sofat. Settee. Loungees, Music Stool, fcc. Order from any part of thecontineittxtcsted with neatnes and dispatch. Old Chain repaired, painted and ornamented. oct is ; a T The subscriber bavins recently returned from England with an important improvement an tho artificial spring LEG, ha takes this method of informing bit friends and the public, that all tnoae who are 10 anlortunat at to be in want ef a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - itreet, New - York. Jnn K WM. PURVIS. Lifs iraf UIXrMEMT, " WARRANTED an infallible remedy at one application, may be used with perfect safety on infanti a week old, not contain;ag a particle ol mercury,or any dangeroat mgnCUMtl whatever, and not accompanied with that pnen - live mell which attends the application of oUier remedies. " , 1 I he above medicine are prepared and told at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lant, and rolJ by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton aa Water - atreet. ." . " " - - Iruggisti and country store - keeper ittppuea on liberal terms. ' jan J9 NOTICE, v, THE co - pftrtnrrsbip heretofore existing tween the subscribers, under Uie firm of huckicy tz .Ibbolt, h thi day dissolved, by lual consent. Tbc affair of the concern wiU oe - tlle't by Thomas Buckley, 153 South - itre - - New - York, 1st mo. 10. 1818. THOMAS BUCKLEY, . ROBT. ABBATT, jw THOMAS BUCKLEY, having taken bit JOHN I.AWRt.NCE BLCkXEY, into co - tmrtnrrthip, the Commission bufiaeti will rontinued on their account, under v 0 THOMAS bUCKLEY it SON. 1 mo 14 lot PIANO FORTE FOR oALE. .NEW and fashioniblc mttrument, mad by cne of U.e hett London manufacturer, aaa incomplete order, will be old cbrap, a xna owner wirhr to leave the city. Eaquire at a Crdar - street, comer of Broadway.' , , Jan31 NEW - YORK: PRLVTElt AJi'U PUBLISHZD . X1U1AEL BlltXBAMk CO. No. 4: PifE - tr - crr. WW

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