The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 8, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1913
Page 5
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i i i I AFTER POISONED HOLE GANG im Vielifiis Have Been Found in Newark, « ; *, TIGHT SUSPECT I O f AT LftW WITH DAUGHTER. Dowager Duchess of Fife, Sister ~o£ King George. HOLD-UP MEM GET $500 j Government Suspecting White Slave i Scheme, ta Asd New Jersey Authori- £ i ties In Investigation, i ·! Xea-ark, X. J-, Dec. S.--Inv estiga-1 I lien of ths "poisoned needle" ex{eri-| ; ente cf Mrs. iSarjorle UraC, the bride i | 01 ;: vreek, la a local theater, is to be| take»i up by the government authon-j j ties, s olios-ing information from other j S pins of New Jersey and New York! j that ner ease might ha-.e beea one oij · i in the- scaeaie 01 alleged waste i . _ .. s to thus ;;et ·anj.r^e'.-tea girls i ! anti v/omen iato their clatcsts. j 1 The police of Xe\vark and the eoua-f I ty authorities have a large 'or;e o ! detectives bus;, on the iave3Liga:iou,j ' a:.U a "."Ids search is to be made. Ef-j j !o;ts are :o be put forth to not onlyj · !?.scG',er the v/retcbes \vao thus p! j I their nefarious, but the exact i ' character 01 the poweriiz* dreg, oil ·-vblch ssieh an infiniresimal port-osj --OX I i i : and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. i iilss Jeaneite Clark, of 121 Pacific ; sirce:. Newark, vrha had as experience '. s:m:iar to that cf Mrs. Graff in s. Xew-j 1 ark i.Iayhouse on the aiternoon of j Thanksgiving cay, was unable to iden- i t:fy a photograph of ArmanJ Megarb, j the ycung South American heid undei © I ?_u,0.}0 bail in the GraS case, as that ^ ! of a. darkXoung man who sat near hei ~ j vlien her arni was jat'jeu. Her t-e- ® ; scrspl.on of the man, however, tallies ~ ! in a number of respects with that o: BAB8! ATTACKS MORALS OF SOCIETY Viet or ·· 11 ·" aiding and iviacnines ecordso JB Decides Pressure on Brain Caoses Thievery, Xcrristown. Pa., Dee. S. -- Joseph ilinpivita, a Pottstown boy, practically was sentenced by Judge Solly to go to a hospital rather than to jail for a se: ies of petty thefts. lie :s to undergo an operation for aocence with vehemence. j -scac I^andaian, before the Reform : j_ relief of pressure on his skuil on j Tie cases of five young women re-1 congregation Keneseth Israel, declared j.j s i ;r± ; a . T ,-hicb pressure, according Sap Sliameiessness is Driving Away Self RespecL j PliiJadelplua, Dec. S.--In a startling ;§ ! the prisoner, who still protests his in-i ^uack on the morals of societ\. Rabbi j Jscac !L2nd3ian, before the Reform 1 In All persons are warned not to trespass OA thfi T prejms£S of 'ika. "t _. . . _ .... _ . _. . i · -o-ed with dog:, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game in five Armed Bandits Rob Diners In ° - c , - . . . . , . . * New York Restaurant ' or for sh TMS,r m any way injuring or destroying property. ^ New York. Use. S.--Kive men. re-' f t m ^ tjje laws of the commonwealth with cegard to trespassing on land%,ol yolvers in hand, entered a restaurant the tmderslgner will be dealt with under the provisions of "tke"AclfO*'*--'*" en East Twelfth street, in the heart '305- of the crowded East Side district, and. "William Allison, SamT. \Valters farm, Ilamiltonban township, threatening to shoet twelve pa'.rous f John D. Eiiey, IL 12, Gettysburg, Pa-, Cumberland Township. then, at the tables if they resisted, del- · egated two of the five to strip the din-! ers of their valuables. j The robbers gathered ;aoae} and! jwe-'ry to the .amount oi $500 or nicrf | and escaped. Despite the threats'- of j the retreating bandits, one of them · teas badly beaten over the head withi -a vlu : in the Bands of Mrs. ilary iloore, the owner of the house, who raa to the street and attacked--them as they fled. BANDIT FOILS POISON TRAP ti Sisyer of Six Escapes From Mine Fi!!- · ed With Deadly Fumes. j Kinshasa, Utah, Dee. S.--Search of j mere than half the Utah-Apes mine j for Ralph. Lopez, the Mexican despe-1 rado. v.-as completed without result.; Ths probability is that the slayer of zii. men escaped. The poisonous gases forced inio tflp ojlne ior the purpose of asphyxiating Lopez, following his killing of two deputies in arf underground fight a week I ag-.-. v.-ere cleare-j from all the passageways and ibe search was continued ia parts nor yei explored. » COBBT SENTENCES BOY ncrted to · t " *" 1 f~-~t ^r i IvC:; have been the victi~s c:| · l j i:il C ne of the troubles with society ences similar to those of Mrs j £3 t r a l O ur drives and daughters w ant are beiag investigated by thes t o dress and dance like the -a omen k police, feowever, and the at! they see on the stage, i of the federal authorities has; Things save come to such a condi- :o doctors, -causes an impairment o. his- sseniai faculties, so that he habiv aaily steals. The abnormal condition is due to f blew on the head v.ith a club, which A Piano or Victor I alkmg :-Mne,is a joy to any honi( e sell them at prices ana terms that you Can afford one e CaJ and get prices before , . . : - -purchasing else\vhere e£ States District Attorney Charles ; «ji the streez. because if they did they r. i.yn'ch_said that the government j could not be distinguished f:oni re- aiithoritiesc^pBLld.act if it was shown! spcctable matrons and -iheir daugb.- -K-tr a_ '-neesRe" gang vvas operating} ie:s. between SFfew Xereey aad Xetr York. Kabb: Landman declared that the L! "workers have iaic em rLanselessness in dress ard in behavior are sweeping a-wayL oar seit-re- s^oct, and that morally speaking, so- cletv .n oa the down, grade He gave ricn, he said, that women or the un- n ; s j- at - ier aa ^ thrown into a chestnut ~ themselves j tree £D;1 wn!C n f e u striking the boy :t attention j OI _ j». e ^gad. That was when be was to atcract phasis "onr'tbe QrzS case in" their he warnings regarding tee methods or ~jlte slavers in procaring girls They ^ol^tea oat- thar hypoderniic needles ! E3=y e.bangat for o.O cents ea£h a"C se-.eral examples to prive this, among the degenerate stage, salacious ft that degenerates^ hare no trouble-!E[ fiction aad magazines. The".stage and £ l g ® « G -·*· 9 ^t" $ Ss e : ouse pureaasmg Sfiigs also - The needle foand near Mrs. Graff's pr-at in the theater had net been cip- pcc :n poison, so fsr as a microscopic scrutiny by Dr. H. J. Maitiand, an etpcrtr showed- A chemical, examiaa.-, Kon'fs to be made, "bowerer, "in'th'i'ef j fort to determine the nature of thsj rcjsca nsed. "' ! The needle lay on th Soor man? hours before it was found. A test oi I The eiacacy of the South American literature are aot so mttctf-to blame; he added, because producers of plays aa-I ^.-rlcers of fiction create this class cf amusement because the people demanc: It- WORT BORY DEAD:WIFE Hu=b2r-d of Woman Murdered' In Cat Won't Attend Funeral. Harrisburar, Pa. Dec. S.--TV P. War rea has pu'jHcly declared feat he wilf drb-s which is the suspected poison in r : ave absolutely nothing to clb with the sir years old. He is now nearly eight- eer years old. T-is father hesitated about giving his consent to the operation, because he feared it might lull the child. "Other !:ors have cone,, wrong.'" said che father; with tears in-his eyes, ''and ha"e ben brought before the court, but the-T v.-ere aot ^operated, upon. I don't zhfak-inV I»y -is Vorse/taan..they, were.' ""Fatalities rarely occur ^in operations of - His -.kjnd,''-.assured, DrS-R- Kn:ce. the priscir "physic^aa. Assured that a!! lie would need to pay v,-oul?L he SI a cay while the boy was in tha IJniversity hospital, the father gave his consent to' the op'er- ation. Ii is the Srst time in the history Ot Ui3 cor-"" 1 of Xorristown that an. op- er£j"z has taken the place of, incar- cer^iion. Gettysburg. Pa. tbe Graff case is to be made. An ani i ."iincra ir:al -viH be inoculated with a nesdle poison that the effects l dipped IE. the pi © ^:s:s:^:sxs:^i@':«:-:s^.s^sx©K®:£^:a^:8^:e??ri:;i^. L-Dzie ~~ L^STS is a drsig whose fl those described bj these thre according to Dr. Joseph A hears, an assistant to tbe heaitc coniaiiss'.cner of Xew York city. of his iMfe. ilrs. Anna Warren. A to was lulled a a cab in this c;:/ l»y 31. E. Rebert, a Gettj-sbnrs re ;lt"" dealer. Following the murder effects par T :f T-trs. Warren, Rebert committed " -Tm through. " said Warren. ',1 never =;:-"ect:-:i it." He further announced that iie "rould not even attend the I V-J «il-J-Ji~O"*-f ±i^ * v^4. ^^i n c-»» j . u « i v v-*v_- - --f i ' cr.arsre o: one srain, he said, would; funeral. «r.ich will be conducted by grain might kill i trierds of his wife in order to avoid te ?·_· TionH like to ail Ify-jn!ia\e any t!« a fc". fsrBj- t» "fir list of Fical K?!atc ».]i hjrn-Is of a Kca' Estate AiS-nts. v.e v.i:i i T like t^ st-H ?"-5 p:ace. in the i da.l to hacdic sa=ie for yon; ! «--!·!: a quarter of a while one-one hundredth of a grain j injected into the blood, would speeaiijj r^uipp nnccnsciotisaess for se-rera]] ir-'p-jtes. Tbe drug. Dr. Shears ad'led j l:~.d coiae into somewhat general use! ani"^? physicians recently ia thej treatment of cleliriuia treseas. adiaia is.ercd in infinitesimal amounts as 3 no matter whether ! «r s-nali r» r v.licre located. Or :f you w;i^t to btsj s;jy Kf--l fitate, call oa or a^ HIGH HONOR FOR STUDENT It :s said that Warren is almost dis- trn.r-.c' 3 ! by the murder of his wife and "nc suicide of Robert. The fact that dj wife is. dead and the. manner in ·^-'. : rh she dlea. seems co trouble iiiin vary i-ttle. but aer alleged infidelity is sai-i to ?/e dti i "ins him almost mad. PADEREWSKS THRREATENED Troxell and Swislier Real Jbstate Agents Jcrseymsn in Dslawars Cotlege Wins! 54003-Year Scholarship j Xe^rark. Del- Dec. S.--Lionel George a student at Delaware eol-| i?2" Fsrcous pianist. Fearing Assassination, Seeks Pciice Protection. Chicago, Dec. S.--Xo one was pert approach the private car of Paderewski. the pianist, who l04Ba!tiznore5t. Gettysburg Pa. Jo-^e has beea notified bv the depart- s.rl»ed from rr-ent o f agricuitxire at"Was^.ingtoaJ Threats of assassination resulted in Ti:cb :-ac! :harge of the intercollegiate! - coraoa of police aud railroad detec- i-5s; ccs-cst ia connec-j li~^s sarroiinaing the car in the yards :VsVitb the nitioaardairV show, ai cf tha Xorthw-stem raiiroad. -,., 3 ^ 0 =eveT -' TT7oov 5 aso that his* While ia St. Louis Paderewski re ·2r-ent Tvork "m that contest placed| reiiea the following unsized letter: IT: L'n! second the forty-eight! "-^ ave read ia ?ohs " a - papers 3Iecicai Advertising Breathe Freeleyl Open Nostrils i c' -::estan;s in~tbe sweepstakes as-J en i -"-at you ars a Kasslaa. you will :-: :*-; nlm to a S^O'l a vear scholar-i dersrand wby ^e have to put a b , .. .en rusi to a ! sc:» The college I winner a year scholar- j optional 'with the! jour private ' And Stuffed Head --End Catarrh i E 5g Boycott Forces cut in prices. ?Cew Tor!--. Bee. S.--Fresh eggs took WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of united States ·weather bureaus taken, at 8 p. in. vesterday follow: Temp. Weatner. Albany Atiaatic City-Boston Buffalo Chicago Orleans. .. a bottle of drug store. II iiiit-ci v ;u\j»* - -"-^ ·-- · -- -- - -- » - . _ * , , __i_ ! « .:_»v A*v:».--stj.£j» tit' "B'.y-s fcresm Date" at any , Croara Bahn and your cold or catarrh , tv . one - vearg of ^ Tnis sweet. frr.grar.t balm ,\v::l surely disappear. j ^ f loe]o g w a ter At Least Makes z.~ Attempt. "De man dat tries hard to look wise,'' said Uncle Eben, "shows dat his mind is on de right track whether j he manages to coax it along very far j j or not,-" Strength. Power. Reserve, gold for 60 years. Ask Your Doctor. .T. O. Ayer On . Lowell* Mass. Pleasant "Walk. ,,_ . suffering agcnie^. He i was married in October to ^iiss Ruth ' Johns, of Uppsr Strasburg. wh'te at- l -Sending the Ha^erstown fair. 50 54 54 seas 56 54 54 26 54 Cloudy. Rain. Rain. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. Cloudy. Clotidy. Clear. ClondT. · Chinese Barbers, i In China barbers go about like ped- ; cllcrs from^house to house, though ' there a-e^pns or two sbops in the larg- , er citirc^Vhere the charge averages four cents. u II Thfc Weather. Lcca3 rain or snow today; fair and cold tomorrow: X. W. winds. is HATURE:MAN A. FAKE? Bccion Nev.spaper Says He Bought Bear Sh:r. He Wore In Woods. Eos'on, Dec. S--Is "Jce" Knowles. the toston artist, v. iio claims to have lrie'1 .cr iv. o months in. the Maine wcods as a primitive man. without cioth.n?. -.-eapoa or utensil, a second Er. Coo'c? TWO Posit" a newspapers are at open iss"C oicr t"iis point--tiie Boston Post aevo'ing its entire front pa^e to a defense 01 Knowles, while the Boston American unvotes half its front page to tacts, claiming to indicate thai Knowles is s. prime fakir. Knowles ciauned to nave trapped a bear m a pit and to have Killed it witi S:s naked hands and a club, skinning it with a. sharp piece of stone aad obtaining ihe bear skin he WOPS when he eirprged from the forests. Tacse ?-ho are trying to expose him claim he bo;:gnt the bear skin: that it has two bullet holes in it: that the pit wnere the bear was said to have been trapped T.ould not hold a cat, and that it was dng with a pickave. Mrs. J. EL Hughes, Cumberland,Township. D. B. TViaeman, Cumberland Township. Frank ilumper, E. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J- Deardorff, Orrtansa, Pa. ^_ Charles V» r agaaian (Dr. W-TL O'NeaL Farm)-Higkand-Township. F. L- KIme, Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. s C. B. Shaak, Strabaa Township, E. 7, Gettysburg, Pa. - * ' · ,, - · J. EL Kuhn (J. P. Kuhn Farm) E. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. Jit. Joy/rsrp. Jacob Frommeyer, Straban Township. " George E. Hafoian/R. C,'Gettysburg, Pa. "Butler T o w n s E i p . * ~ * * ~ ~ George C. Shealer, Straban Tovrssbip. ' · ; Mrs. Mary J. V»'eikert. IL 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Eex, Kox ZQ, E. 2, BiglerviUe. 3Irs. Hadlda L. Codorl, Cumberland Township. Samuel Eobinscn, R. I, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland ToTrnship. J. L. Toot, Straban Toivnsbip. D. L. Jacobs, R. 1, Biglervdle, Pa. Butler Township. - - Joseph B. Twining. R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Edward A. Scott, R- 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D- Brown, Highland Towaship. R. F. Biddle, 3it. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommeyer, Mt- Pleasant Township. Martin "Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township. Robert X. Major, Straban Tovrnsbip. John "W. Mcllhenny Farm R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eldon, Bendersville, Pa. George D. Thomas, Cbambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township. R. 6. Gertysburs. Joseph A. Albert, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. William Coshun, Straban To\vnship, Jeremiah Weaver. R. S, Gettysburg, Pa. D. C. March. Butler Township, R. si, Gettysburg. Ellas Wolford, Mt. Pleasant Township. E. L. Smith. Butler Tovn^hiD, Big'erville. J. Edward Lawyer, Butler ToTvnship. R. R. Xo. 2, Biglerville. S. J. Havers'cick. M. M. Sponseller farm, Straban Two., R. S r Gbg.^. M. E." Freed, Mrs. G. W. Biesecker farm. Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott. Cumberland Township. : t ' , - , -· John-H- SconseUe^^McPherson Farm), Cumberland Township. Robert S- Shull (J. A. Shull Farm) Franklin Townshlti. H. C. Hartzell (J. A. Shull Farm) Franklin Township. Jacob E. Hoke. Srrahar. Township. Gettysburg. R. 7. H- M- Sneeringer. R. 9, Gettysburg, near BonneauviHe, Pa, J. D. Moose, Bigierville, Pa. G. F. Basehoar. Gettysburg. Cumberland "and Germany Townships. Louis Mlzell. Straban Township, Gett; sburg, R. 7. X. J. Shank. Biglerviiie Route 1- T. F. Roth, Butler Township. Gettysburg Route 6. C- S. Griest's Sons (C- Arthur Griest, Mgr.) Guernsey. C. A. Heiges-and Mrs. H. F. Beiges, Franklin Township H. C. Warren, MeEaiien Townsbio. C. H. Rummell on C. L. Osborne'farm, Menallen Township. Wm- M- Bigham's Sons,. Freedom Township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons, Libertv Townsmo- Jacob F. Peters. Tyrone Township, R~ 3, Biglervflle, Pa- Charles Essick and sisters. Butler Township, R. 5, Gettysburg. J. C. Coulson, Butlec. Township. 3. Whis'.er; Mt-^leasant TownsMp, R. 10. A» -5 . - ^-*' T-»t - · £ » * · f-r-fc -· -»-·- n - » » _ ?TC**" W. P. Herbst. Orrtanna K. 1. O. B. Sharretts, Cnrnberland Township, R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa. G- E- Stallsmith, Straban Township. R. S, Gettysburg, Pa.-£'' John Dick, Hoffacker Farm. Straban Tovrnship. Gilbert -j; ^ Clavtc-h" Eider7-MC; J^o Towiisnip,' r i " ~v»r " ~ - -- · Levi Cram, Menallen^Township- ^~ Mrs- Andrew Brougrh. R." 1. ASpers, MenaUen Toxraship. .. L. H. Tvleals. Curnberland Township, R. 5. Gettysburg^ -- t ... f ' ^ Powder M:!i Explodes; i hree Dead, ^letnchen. X- J- Dec. S.--In an explosion that shook the houses in Me- tucaen. Boahamtown. Millville and Rarltan township like aa earthquake, rocking houses and breaking windows. C. W. Black, fj- Cama.Smith F-rm) R- 2, Gettysburg,'Mt-^Joy Twp., , - , Wm-'-H-Joh-is^Cuniaerland Township-and Gettysburg^- ," f ;..' _ George Vf. Wolf, R- S. Gettysburg. Cumberland XownsMiM^---; -^ ·'" : · -*·"' , Sdmund J.ittle, {.jonrTBlocber Farm)", Cumberlana Tdwa'snip.^ £-'·---- '- 3J ° Harris' Cook;-isrenallen To\msMp^" "-- -_ :-.-r_i-- - "- ^.^^"--.»- **~--^Walter C- SnVdfer.- R. 12 Gertysburgv Pa., CfflEnberlaadT Twp., Ba^rly,F«a-m a XI Vincent Redding-, R---8,'Get\-sburg, Straban Tyojrashfp. - . ----^'^.^ -?^=f= ^21 Edward Reddinsr.'R. 9:"Gettysburg, Straban Township, A. J. Smita-F^rm ..^-.-^ H. E. Boyd, Guldens, Pa., Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships^ Harry S/Trbstle, Straban Township. Edward A. TrostTe. Straban Township. - - £* r ^ ' · z. ' John Leese, on Natban Brown farm, Straban "Township, Gbg- Route 8. ' Mervin I. Weikert. Highland Township, R. 1, Fairfield. D. F. Batter-man, Butler Township. ~_ _,_ --:7;.-. ·*...-» Sbulta Bros. D. B. Snvder Farm, Straban-Township,-Gettj McDannel Bros.. Arendtsvflle and Franklin TOiWnshrp, Bigle S. B. Bream (Fi M- Bream'5 farm) -Butler Township. Calvin R. Snvder, Bonneauvilie. Pa- Otis Walter."(Conrad Walter Farm) R. 1, Tillie, Franklin , F. B, Twisden, Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Tomiship. E. F. Strausbaugb. Orrtanna, R. 1. Albert Hollir.sier, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. 6, Deardorff Brothers. Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrettson, Butler Township. " . John and Frank Garrettson, Menallen Township.' - . - .' R. H. Black, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland TownsMp. Mrs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, Eoute__6.- ,,-·_·. D- S- Reynolds. Straban Township, Gettysbtrrg-Route 9. " '--·* ~W. A. Bigham. Cumberland Township, Gettjsaorg^ R. 3. ,. · John Groscost, E- 7. Gettysburg, Straban Township. GaxSeld Jacobs. E- 13. Gettysburg near Barlow. - , . Dorsev Deardorff, Highland Township, (Mrs: H. 3. Mojer ¥rm)._ _Emanuel Plank, Highland Township, Gettysburg Rotate 4L ' E. D. Heiges, Bisrlerrille Borougb. John H. Eckert.~Straban Townshin, Gettysburg, R- 8.' W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban T9wnsnip,-Gbg. R- 8 Mervin Black. Biglerville. Menallen Township- Mrs. Martha Reed, near Areiidtsviile, . Wavbright Rice. Bigierville. Pa. H. S. Cromer. Mr. Joy Township, R. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. John S. Woif, Straban Township, E. 7, Gettysburg, Pa, Clarence Hoffman, R. R. 2, Biglerville, Pa. J. C. Walter. Butler Township. R- 2. Biglerville, Pa. -. -E =, Robert Witherow r Cumberland Township, R. 13, Getts-sburg, Pa. Frank Herr, Cumberland Township, R. 13, Gettysburg, Pa. , -, Frank Eicholtz. Freed Farm, Straban Township, E- 12 L Gettyst arg. Fa. D. W. Stoops. Highland Townsfcin, R. 4, Getcysburg, Pa. J. 3Iartin Bream,"Tvrcne Township. E. 3, Biglervi3!e, Pa. H. H. Hart, R. 6, Gettvsburg, Pa., Butler Townsi.ip. , three men lost teir lives aad part of the powder mills of the International Praeposit company was wrecked, J. P. Morgan's Grave Guarded. Hartford. Conn.. Dec. 8.--Although nearly eight months have passed since the body of J. Pierpont Morgan was burled in tbe summit of Cedar Hill cemetery, tne grave is now, as it has seen from the day of interment, close- ty guarded, particularly at night. Minister Hangs Himself. Si. Joseoh. Mo.. Dec. S.--Becase he jwas unable to have published a panj- phlet he bad prepared dealing with | the raising of poultry. Rev. George L. j Engler. a prominent minister of St. j Joseph, haaged himself. Mine Millionaire Dead. Colorado Springs, Colo., Dec. S.-Edwin Giddings. multi-millioaire mine owner, is dead here, following an operation for appendicitis. Giddmgs made his fortune in the early days of Cripple Creek. J. M. Bushman. (Mary A-'Snyder Farm) Franklin Towns»p. J. W. Tate. Tvroue Township, R, 4, New Oxford. J. W. Cook, Menal'.ei Towns'hip. Flora Dale, Pa, A. I. Osborae. R. 2, Biglervilie. I. . Allen Barnes, (Cronier Farn:) Cumberland Townsinp^ R. 13, Gettvsaurg. Chas- E- Schultz, (Gilbert Bueher Farm) Franklin Townsni^, R- 5, Gbg R. A. Diehl, (Minter Farm) Butler Township., Star Route, BigierviHe, Pa. John B. Eiker. Cumberland Township. R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. -- - i W. J. Beamer. Szraban and Mt. Pleasant Townships, Gettysburg, R. «- Here's an "Ad." '^Cook, for elderly gentleman, with some experience, wanted at once." These elderly gentlemen undoubtedly do have experience. Cooks, beware. Tatler. The Sutff. "I -wonder if he'll succeed. What sort of timber Is he made of, anyhow?" "He's just a-plain wooden man, that's ail I know!"---Judge. \V~_ -T. Howard, Straban Township. C. E. Tawnev. Mt. Pleasant Township. Gettysburg, R. S. · ^-'- · C. "W. Toner." (E. A. Cronse Farm) Mer.allers Township, R. 1L Idavilie, Pa Curtin McGIaughlin (John P. Butt Farm) Franklin To-vrasaip. James Sar.dersT (X. H. ilusselman Farm) Han-jiltoriban Township. Howara Bream, btraban Township, R. 9. Gettysburg. Pa. Alien Redding (Robt. S. Bream Farm) Cumberland TaTJship. ·· · *, William J. Eckenrode, Cumberland Township. G. G. Griffin. Straban Township. Route 9, Gettysburg. Den ton Hoff (Rufus Lawver Farm) Butler Township. Hrtrvex- Scott. Cumberland Township. _ Jacob "Boyd, Mt Joy Township, R. 13, Gbg. (Wflliam Cromer Farm). S. F. Bushman, Fra'nklin Township. R. 5, Gettysburg. D. M. Hoffman, Bijrlerville, Route 2. E. X. Hoffman, Bigtervil'.e, Route 2. - . . -,, J I Hereter. Highland Township. R. 4. Gettysburg, Pa. Ernest Manahan,(Mrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa David G. Lort, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Route 7. W. C. Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. M. Shindledecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. o. H. M. Trostle, Highland Township, Tillie Post Office. D. A. Hankev (Mrs. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cumberland Twp., R. *. D. C. Starch." Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg Mary Baldwin, Bendersville, Pa.

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