Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1937 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 · 1937 SEVEN LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OK REPORT In the Tlhlrict Court of Ibn Stale of Iowa, lu antl for Cerro Gordo County. A l b e r t f , Trettln, e l a l , Plalndffi, VI. National C'Jay Products Company, and F. E. Keeler, D e f e n d a n t s , Tn: Mollie H. Alhtrlon; JLuke J. Ajcri Oeorffc B. A n u n d s e n ; Martha AnunrJ- »on. ChHton; J. A. Brown; Ben Hear; .trannettc It row n; Maude Brown Eikcii' herry; Eppife Brown; Agnes Ilre-U'n; Airs. Km mi Ueiwer; T. A. Bryant; Patrick Boyle; Henry C. Btuet: J. IV. lira em Nellie Barry Bock; Mary H, Barry t George Brandt; C. S. Berryman; Jessie L,. Blair; R. \v. Barclay; Lena CucJshouse; N c l f f c CalUghan; U. G. Caspers; t. Carstcns, Sr.; Frank Co ok man; K, C. Cochrau; Burton C?r- rott; J. J. Clune; John AV. Carroll; Sidney A. Dent; \\, T. Uanohue; Emil W. Kcker: Ualsy L. Erbes: Teter J. Fox; Annie Finn; Mrs. M i n n i e B. Friot; F. IV. Gi'assel; fred Gfbbs; F, C. Gaiser; Henry Glaive; IMwin F. Gardner; ]1. II. Heath; August Hanson; Herman. HUritlet; M. J. llogan; Mrs. Charles J. Hasan; J. L. .lames; C. ,11. Johnson; · Otto J. Johnson; John Jacobsou; John J a n s s c i i i Frank Jansick; John A. Kelly: fi«t. Karnait; Peter Ketly; sirs. Marie (.'. Kennedy; Miss L i z z i e Lamm; Alary -l.;imm; Rev. i'. Leahy; C. I*. Luick; Mrs. Km ma J. K e l l y J .1. M. aialloy; K'retl M U l c r ; J. P. ."Miilronry; J o h n M e r r i l l : O. P. Morton; AV1I1 M e y r r ; .Us. McCormitck; II. ,1,. McCarville; Kllcn McMHJan; John «ml KJlen Ale- G i l l i a n ; Mrs, Mary K. McCorvie; H. H. X f w c a m; Peart O'llarrou-; M a r y O'Uarrow; Anton Oelman; Itetly Opava; T. P. Ohlson; G. W. Peoples, J r . , Trustee i G u y F. Payne; Herbert !. Paine; n. It. Fame; Florence A. Peo pie*; Henry Jlobeii; Uetiry Xletvts; John Hensinke; J. K. R i e l l y ; Lawrence J l e i l l y ; D. I*, Ryan; Rev. K. Slattery; 1). A. SorffrtraEer; W. 11. Slieka; Fred K, Slieka; Jolin \\\ Smith; Fred Schu- macVer; G. Seem an; A, N. Stark; C. F. W. Stark; John C. Stuarl; Mrs. Lyiiia Kleiner; A. J. Thompson; Albert F. Trettln; W. J- Torpey; tito. Thomp. son; Ole Thompson; Harry U l f e r l ; R. Van Zvl. Sr.; E. J. Wtiser; W. N. W i l liam: C. M. WlUon; IV. J. York; M r s . Harriet H. Xarbaiigb; K r l i n g A. Anund- SMI; K. Bock as Executor of the Estate n[ .Thomas A. Barry, deceased; Win. I V a l r i i ; Mrs. Howard Brown; M e r v y t Ifrnu'u Pant; J e n n i e Wllklns and Jna- c[h CialEacUer as exec nt ors of t h e Est a t e tif .1. C. B l u r l , deceased; Madge !,,. Snipps as Agent; B. H. Brown; IJEr- r h a r d Bnish, A g e n t ; M r s . J o h n Cavin a i i g h ; Mary Cook; M i c h c a l J. ('ontlti: Margaret Cahali\n; James F. Conrin; Mrs, Mary Curlcy; Tlioma* F. Conrin; An M R S O'Leiry; F.arl Crooki; C. 1, William-5 x*. A d m i n i s t r a t o r c-f th» F,«- t ^ t e nt Thomas Cullinan, deceased; Mrs. A l i c e Conn*; A. O. Coo«; L i l l i a n I'rondftt; Grate Quade; Rom A H Catlio- l i c D i o c e s e of Ie* Mnines; G. L. Ber- EAII, Bhhop; 1), W. Kreider; TVIar^aret K c l c h c n ; Mrs. All* L- Lanlz, Trustee; Mary Lllstou; F. A. Fov as tx scut or ' nf the t:stale o( Chris Fox, deceased: - I!, I). Fuller; Lynn Fuller; Catherine [·'itHer Cashman; r.corge K. Fuller; A. C. Gustafson; E." G. Uunti; Gcsine Ha- zt\\n as Administrator or the Estate of D. llapens. deceased; I I . I. llolman: W. C. Ilorer as A d m i n i s t r a t o r of the U state of Win. llofer. deceased; A V l n n i e A. Johnson; Mrs. Ralph O. Bishct; Jlrj. Geo. !·:. rjcrsoll; Elvin '·. Johnson; Kmll Thellen as Aifmliiltifrator of the Estate ot Mcta Jnhmon. d e c e n s e d ; E l n n n a h M. S c n n l l z ; Winnie A. Johti- srn; Km ma flower; Hose J o h n s n n as Ciiiavdian of DaviLl and Bnb Joim*aii, . minor.s; .lohn Johnsntt; CliiU. R- ·-I«ihn- ' son; Wnu H. Joh/ison; L. A. t'rUz; Mary K t r n e r as Kxecutrlx ot the Ks- tnle nT Frank Klrncr dec r a s e d ; K l e o - nora. KIime.sU; Mary F. KUmesh; fllrs. l . i z z l e Lamm; L. C. Urlautt; H H i a b t t h l.nkes; Cwrnl 1). Mcrcness; I. J- Mereness i . 1. 1.. Alertness; Mrs- C. G. Schcrrrr.' ncr Mali el H. Mcrcness; A. G. iflercness; flramtc E. fltirfdlelan; H tie u Esther .Middle ton; IMyra Alien .MiddlcLon; T a l f o r d L. Mldillclon; Flnra A. ^Varrrn: M a u d e Van Patten: E l i z a - beth IttcMamist Thomas E. McIManus; Mrs. Geo. Kelstu D. J. McManus; R. J. MeManus; Jas- MeManu*;..Ambrose L. McGaheran; Henry S. McGaheran; Clyde Kedi.iond; Christtna Nissen; Emil Thellen t» Administrator of the Estate nf G. It, Overheck, deceased; Marvin H. Witpman as Administrator of tlic Estate of Rev. M. O'CallaRhan. deceased; Nellie Ohlson Duties; Either Ohlson Boothby; Arthur Ohlson; Roy G. Ohlson; Clifford Ohlaon: Burr A. Psiyjic as Trustee; C. S. Kiedesel as Administrator ol the Estate of John C. R l c d c s e l . deceased: II. J, Wiectnan; Kate Rellly Hill; Lawrence Rellly; .t. K. R i e l l y i Emily Hadlcy; Bcczfe M. Sch^vcifie^; Mrs. J. V. Slark sometimes k n o w n .is Mrs. Lilly Stark; Welritm Stark; Martha. Stark; Marlon Stirk; Glen Stark; Ernest Stark; Orlln Stark; . T u l t a Trcstcn as Executrix of Die last I V i l l and Testament nf Jas. K. Trestftn, de ceased; M i n n i e Tillman?' Kenneth Til [man; Mr.*. Vrra Robinson; M i n n i e Tillrnan nx Gnardinn of Lola TIM man, a minor; t). E. W a l d r o n ; K s l r l U W i n i l r c h e r ; Mrs. Clara. Harris; Arthur W i » - rirckcr; H. W. \ V I u i l c e k er;,' C. T. Me- G r e w ; . I r v i n e L. W i l d r r ; Fred F. Z a n der and Frnnk E. C U n l l f i as Erecuturs nf the estate ot A. B. W i l d e r , deceased! C. J. Weiser, Inc.; Sarah E. Muner; .lames Wagner? Grace Wajfner Patten; Eva. E. Wkjtner; Lenn Wagner; Glen -T. Wasneri Feme E. Campbell; Florence M. Cook; George F. Warner; Frances Wanner Purcell; M. Ruth Wapncr; Mrs. Mary Borescn; Arthur Layne Pomp- liim; Wilfred Wesley Pomplum; llaiel Bagwell; Eflie N i t z e l ; Paitl L. James as Guardian of BorOthy May Porter, T.ydfa Irene Porter, Hazel Isahelle Porler, Lawrence Stevens Porter; Eugene Burton Hawkins, Reva Helffh IIa\v- kina; Eva E. Wanner; iSl. Ruth Wacner; Feme Wanner Campbell; Leon Warner; France* Wagner Purcell; Florence St. Cook; George F. W a f n e r ; Glen J. Wagner; Grace Wagner Patten; BIrs. Minnie Wagner; R. J. WICK man; Geo. F- R. While; Karl M. Dean and F i a e l f a A. Dean as Executors nt the Estntrt at A. IT. nean. deceasrd; n, JircMdfan and R. M c M i l l a n ; G c r l y BJorno; P. R. F.ncrbrf t s o n ; A r c h t e S. l l a r v r y ; Brn T l i t i l i J i * F ) i , a n d in thrtr aisien-:. h e i r * . If %x tecs and TeRal reprexratative, and In F. A. Onljes. and A m e r i c a n Brirk X-. Tile .Compinj', an !n\va r o r p o r a t i n u , anrl tn^alF nther* w h n m It may cotjrrrn. Notice is hereby ffiv«ri that Ihern is now on filfi in (lie above e n t i t l e d cause. In the office ol the Clerk of the District Court of Io\va. in n n d for Ccrro Gordo County, the f i n a l report of the undersigned. 35 trustee in said, praying that his nets as trustee be. approved and confirmed, and t h a t Ilie court, make such order for contributions to be made by certain stockholders in Ibis cause to filial the contributions made by olher stockholders in this cause, as to the court may seen just and 'equitable, and that the court make such determination of advancements of expenses connected ·with said litigation n t i d the settlement thereof, and of attorneys' fees, as the court may deem proper, and that the court make such order or orders for the distribution of t h e 172,3 7-1B shares of .ilock nf Ihe American Brick Tile Company held by t h i s Inistce to the parties i n t e r e s t e d in -said Judgment, as the courl may deem proper or crtuitnhle j n the premises, and that this trustee's f i n a l report he approved and c o n f i r m e d , and that he be f i n a l l y discharged. For f u r t h e r particulars sec said report on file. You are f u r t h e r n o t i f i e d lhat Ihe h e a r - ing nf said report will be brmiplit on hnfnrn the above named court al t h e Ct. rt Koujsc, in Masnn City. Iowa, in safr. county, at ten o'clock A. M., nn t h e 23rd day of February. 1937, or as soon t h e r p a f t e r as the same can be heard, and t h a t unless objections arc made to said report on or before said date, the i a m e will be approved n n d confirmed, and orders made as prayed. and said trustee will be released and COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS--MONTH OF JANUARY, 1937 City Hall, January 4, 1937, 9:00 a. m. Regular Meeting of the City Council, all members present. The Fullerlon Lumber Company was granted the use of a 16-foot strip of land (unused part of Washington Avenue) directly west of its present office lor a lumber yard, a lease to be drawn up by the City Attorney, and rental to be fixed by the City Manager. The Council approved the appointment of the following lists of Deputy Assessors: 1st Ward--O. A. Rector. 2nd Ward--Clyde E. Brooks. Business Djstnct- 3rd Ward-- B. R. Thomas. 4th Ward--E. E. Fleming. -R. V.McCulloch. and of deputies to take the census for Old Age Pension: 1st Ward--Mrs. M. D. Lerach. 2nd Ward--Mrs. C. B. Christian- 3rd Ward--H. L. Brown. son. 4th Ward--E. O. Lehman An application from Nate Lapiner asJdng a change of classification in the Zoning Ordinance of Lot 120 in Midland Heights from Class A to Class C district was referred to the Planning Commission for recommendation. 'An ordinance was adopted providing lor the maintenance of a flagman or automatic signaling device at the intersection of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company and the Chicago, Great Western Railroad Company tracks with Nineteenth Street Southwest. City Hall, January 14, 1937, 4:30 p. m. Special Meeting of the City Council; all members present. The City Attorney was authorized to start condemnation proceedings for the strip of land on Fifteenth Street Southeast between Carolina Avenue and the M. and St.-L. tracks. FINANCIAL STATEMENT--CITY OF MASON CITY CASH ACCOUNTS February 1, 1937 Cash on Hand in Bond Funds January 1, 1937 $ 33,455.47 Cash on Hand in Other Funds January 1, 1937 $172,164.98 RECEIPTS FOR JANUARY: Police Department, Fines and Fees . . . . 280.B5 Police Department, Licenses 61.00 Building Permits 22.50 Inspections 20.60 Cigarette Licenses 50.00 Beer Licenses 250.00 Laboratory Fees 27.00 Plumbers State Renewal Cards 3.00 Refund 9.50 Repairing Sidewalks, Paving . 151.27 Deposits Firemen, Policemen 87.65 Library, Fines and Fees 132.6G Sale of Water 9,151.82 Sale ot Meters, Etc 2,409.23 Material. Labor 1,296.30 Rent, OHice Building 15.00 Poll Taxes 976.42 Taxes 22,395.'14 Miscellaneous 16.49 · Total Receipts EXPENDITURES FOR JANUARY GENERAL GOVERNMENT: Salaries and Wages $ 1,619.66 Telephone and Telegraph 21.99 Office Supplies 42.39 City Hall 1,346.01 Miscellaneous 306.91 PROTECTION LIFE AND PROPERTY: Police Department : $ 4,137.49 Fire Department , 4,202.44 Miscellaneous 470.00 HEALTH AND SANITATION: General Expense Sewage Disposal, Sewers Garbage Disposal, Collections STREETS: Street Lighting Street Cleaning Graveling, Grading, Etc. Removing Snow and Ice Motor Equipment, Repairs, Supplies. Miscellaneous WATERWORKS: Salaries and Wages Fuel Material, Supplies Office Supplies Telephone Service Light and Power Repairing Well Office Equipment Repairs to Office Bldg Sales, Tax on Water Sales Transfer to Accounts Receivable 641.00 501.74 507.82 37,356.83 $242,977.28 3,336.96 8,809.93 1,650.56 $ 1,611.86 Miscellaneous INDEPENDENT FUNDS: Park Municipal Band Comfort Station Library Interest on Bonds 207.90 ·B91.50 l.OGB.Sfi 373.05 2,937.30 881.G3 1,475.78 21.85 10.7S 344.00 490.63 116.28 975.80 631.89 1,920.45 523.84 115.41 '14.9:i 225.5R 1,514.61 392.50 4,349.57 Storm Sewers 12,760.44 MISCELLANEOUS: Remodeling City Hall $ 1,700.01 Publishing 48.34 Iowa State Employment Bureau, rent 20,00 Refunds 4.24 Storm Sewer Const., 25th St. N. W. 787.62 10,330.2 15,053.4' 2,560.2 Cash on Hand in Bond Funds February 1, 1937 $ 37,923.1 Cash on Hand in Other Funds February 1, 1937 5158,963.1 $242,977.2 RENA B. MACK, City Clerk-Auditor Garbage Collector Is Acquitted by Scout: Pleads His Own* Clear Lake Globe-Gazette OFFICE PHONE 239 LUCIA A. O'NEIL, News Editor LEE DEWIGGINS, Circulation and Advertising Residence Phone 296-J Residence Phone 67 VALENTINE IS PARTY'S THEME 3 lace Cards Decorated by Mrs. James' Hansen Featured. CLEAR LAKE--Valentine place :ards and decorations and a cake decorated in the valentine theme vere featured in the 1 o'clock uncheon ot the Lake View club iefved at the home of Mrs. Elmer Treloar Friday afternoon. The )lace cards were hand decorated or the occasion by Mrs. James Hanssn, Jr., and each contained a valentine verse appropriate to the person receiving it. The cake was used as a centerpiece at the table and later served to the group. Roll call response was with sentiments taken from old valentines. A business session was held and included discussion concern- ng a play to be given later. Mrs. Gregory Marshall was a guest and 15 members attended. Mrs. John Perkins will enter;ain the club on Feb. 25. = '* » TAKES OFFERING FOR FLOOB RELIEF Mrs. Lee Evickson, Clafa street, entertained members of the Deborah circle of the Zion Lutheran aid Friday afternoon. She was assisted by Mrs. Nels Pahus. Mrs. F. A. Hcin led devotions and Mrs. B. C. Myhr the lesson. The silver offering for flood relief amounted to $2.25. Mrs. Hcin, assisted by Mrs F. A. Giles, will li os less. be the March MISS McGRADY ENTERTAINS LAF-A-LOT CLUB Miss Florence McGrady was hostess to the Laf-a-Lot club al her home on Clara street Friday afternoon. A valentine exchange was held and Miss McGrady received a birthday gift from the club members. A picnic lunch was served and the time spent ir sewing and visiting. * u a STAR CLUB HOLDS VALENTINE LUNCHEON Mrs. A. R. Cain and Mrs. Ray Baker were guests ot the Star club at a meeting held al the home o Mrs. Julia Cobb Friday afternoon A I o'clock luncheon was scrvoc and a valentine program of game: and contests held. Mrs. Cobb re ccived a quilt which the club ha pieced and members will assist he in quilting it at a convenient date * o * LINGER LONGER CLUB HONORS LINCOLN A valentine exchange and Lincoln program were features of meeting of the Linger Longer club at the home of Mrs. Reuben Frye Friday afternoon. Mrs. Henry Var Zunk assisted Mrs. Fryer in serving lunch at the close of the after- Week's Program Mixes Valentines and Patriotism .uncheons, Parties Feature Hearts, Hatchets, Log Cabins. CLEAR LAKE--Valentine sen- .imenl and patriotic fervor vie vith each other in furnishing a motif for the social life ot the oming week. Many parties and programs are centered on one or he other theme and nost .prosaic event even may the be noon. Mrs. Carl Bilker hostess in two weeks. will be U. Y. B. CLUB HOLDS SESSION All members were present at discharged. W. E. MILLING-TON. By--Harycy J, Bryant, His Attorney. A oar, driven by Noel DeWltt, route, 4, caught fire at the intersection of State street and Federal avenue Friday afternoon when alcohol leaked on to the hot motor. Firemen extinguished with a handpump. the blaze "He's the kind of man," says a keen observer, "who t h i n k s all a woman wants to hear is non- sense."--Diibiifiuc Telegraph -Herald. - - ». . . Case; Is Charged With Spilling Refuse. Boy Scouts tried John Mullaney, garbage collector, Saturday on a charge of not having the proper covering for his wagon, but Mr, Mullaney pleaded his own case in court and the case was dismissed by Scout Judge Clair Bemis for insufficient evidence. Information was filed against Mullaney by Police Chief Charles Knouse, who stated garbage was alleged lo have been spilling from the garbage collector's wagon. Scout Ed Duke was the prosecuting attorney. Mullaney questioned the six jurors drawn for the case and objected to two--Reeves Hall, whose clad Mulliiney alleged ·'spent two worthless hours on the rarjio the other night taking up people's time on the air" nnd Sieve O'Brien, whose father's loyalty to the Irish cause was questioned by Mullaney. The only witness called to the stand in the defense of the garbage collector was -County Attorney M. L. Mason, who stated that he had never seen Mullaney collect garbage on Friday, the day Mullaney was accused of spilling the refuse, because Mason and Mullaney usually had their weekly fish fries at Mullaney's on that day. The jury found Mullaney not guilty because Chief Knouse had seen the wagon in the country and Mullaney was being tried under a city ordinance. Gentlemen of Ihe jury were Bob Bu"- chanRn, Steve O'Brien, Bennett Web.sler, Kenneth Crawford, Ronald Paulson and'Reeve*? Hall. McKinley Drama Club Holds Meeting After Sleigh Ride Party The McKinley P. T, A. Drama club met Friday evening at the school building for the regular February business meeting. Preceding this the members and families enjoyed a sleighing party which included all the thrills of a spill and two breakdowns, repaired by a spotlight loaned through the courtesy of the Mason City police force, The group finally met at the school where a chili supper was waiting them, everyone agreeing that because of the extra thrills the party was a huge success. The regular business meeting followed the social session with the president, F. C, Collins, in charge. He appointed his final committees for the carnival to bo sponsored by the club, Friday, April 2. The casts of various one act plays were assigned and It was decided to produce "While the Toast Burned" for the March meeting. The cast Includes F. C. Collins, Mrs. P. R. Donaldson, Harry Boeder, Miss Elaine Collins and Mrs. Wilson Parsons. The next meeting will be March 12. a meeting of the U. Y. B. club at the home of Mrs. S. C. Schumacher Friday evening and MV. William McGowan had high scxve for the evening. Mrs. McGowan will be hostess to the club next Friday. Women Hear Talk on Prayer Answers by Mrs. P. Freligh CLEAR LAKE-^Mrs. Paul Freligh, returned missionary from Africa, spoke on "Prayer" and re lated some ol her experiences in answers to prayers while in the mission field before a group of women at the Methodist church Friday afternoon in the a n n u a l Day of Prayci- observance. Mrs. Freligh is the wife of the Rev. Mr. Freligh, pastor of the Gospel Alliance Tabernacle City. The Misses Klaire in Mason McCormick A car driven ly L. A. Larson, 834 Third street southeast, cauf.'it fire when the molot backfired in front of 104 South Federal avenue about 7:30 o'clock Friday night. Firemen extinguished, the blaze 'with a handpump. and Helen Lomen sang "Prayer Perfect" as a duet number. They were accompanied at the piano by Mrs. James McCormick, pianist of the Zion English Lutheran church. Mrs. H. E. Watts, president of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church led devotions and a song service was held. Mrs. C. R. Wood, president of the Congregational Missionary society, spoke on the objects of the union projects in home and foreign work for which an offering was laken. About 50 women were in attendance. Attends Ames Farm, Home Week Program CLEAR LAKE--Mrs. C. A. Kmitson returned Thursday evening from Des Moines and Ames where she had been since Monday. On Tuesday Mrs. Knulson attended the woman's program on "Family Relationships" at the thirty-sevenlh annual Farm and Home week in session al Ames from Feb. 8 to 13. This is Ihe first time the Iowa Federation of Women's clubs has co-operated in the Farm and Home programs. The day was filled with talks by special speakers, luncheons and dinner programs. Mrs. Knutson, director of the fourth district of the Iowa Fcdcralion, reports a most interesting and helpful experience. Mr. Knutson, who was in DCS Moincs attending a hardware dealers' mccling, returned to Clear Lake Thursday nitfht also. dressed up attractively with lacey alentines 1 or some flags and hatchets. Boy Scouts will meet at the schoolhouse Monday evening as usual. Odd Fellows' wives and Re- bekahs' husbands will be guests of the two orders for a social evening and surprise program at . O. O. F. hall Monday evening. 3. M. Morse and Mrs. Fred Peterson are the committee in charge. Sebekahs have been asked to jring sandwiches for lunch. Mrs. Ciack Leads. Mis. S. S. Hudson will enter- ain Daughters of Union Veterans at her home, 204 King street, Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Refreshments will be served. Miss Ida Clack will be hostess Lo Progress club members Mon-. day afternoon at the Clack home on North Fourth street and her mother. Mrs. W. R. Clack, will be lesson leader. Circle No. 5 of the Methodisl Aid will meet at the home of Miss Esther Tesene, 513 Caroline street, Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Proctor, East Division street, will entertain tho Townsend club Tuesday evening. Mrs. L. C. Stuart, 500 North Third street, will be hostess to group No. 2 of the Congregational aid at a 1:30 dessert luncheon Tuesday afternoon. Holds Contest. P. E. O. will meei, at the home of Miss Kate Davis, North Fourth street, Tuesday evening. Miss Ida Clack will give a book review. The home declamatory contest will be held at Ihe high school auditorium Tuesday evening. Lions club will meel at the Legion clubrooms for luncheon Wednesday noon. Mrs. A. H. Runcie will entertain the W. C. T. U. at her home 608 North Fourth strcel, at a silver tea and program in honor of Frances E. Willard Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Iver Hodnefield is in charge of the program. Mrs, Florence Smith will entertain the Friendship Chain club at her home Wednesday afternoon. To Fete Husbands. Eastern Stars will hold lodge al Masonic Temple Wednesday evening with the usual 6:30 dinner. Pilgrim group No. 5 of the Congregational aid will hold a 6:30 picnic supper at the home of Dr and Mrs. A. B. Phillips Wednesday evening. Husbands will be guests. Mrs. Lyirms will be hostess to Lalce township Oweso club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Art J. Giles, 215 Nortl Second street, will entertain the C. L. C. club at a 1:30 luncheon Wednesday afternoon. Hold'Food Excliangre. Rotary club meets Thursday noon at I. O. O. F. hall for luncheon. Mrs. A. B. Knulson will enler tain Dorcas circle of the Zioi Lutheran aid Thursday afternoon Each member is to bring some thing for the food exchange whicl will be a feature of the meeting Mrs. Sam Severson will enter t a i n Priscilla circle of Ihc Zioi Lutheran aid at her home Thurs day afternoon. Royal club will meet at the home of Mrs. Clifton Frceark, Center street, Thursday afternoon. Each member is to bring sandwiches for Ihe lunch. Catholic Ladies Aid will meet at St. .Patrick's church for a 1 o'clock pot-luck luncheon Thursday afternoon. To Give Program. Rural W. C. T. U. will meet Thursday at the home of Mrs. Frank Lee for a 1 o'clock covered dish luncheon. Mrs. Wayne Wai- ford will conduct a Frances E. Willard memorial program. Pythian Sisters and Knights ot Pythias will hold a 6:30 o'clock dinner followed by lodge at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Scars, Mr. and Mrs. Arlcigh Eddy, Mr. and Mrs. George Perkins and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnston are the dinner committee. Mrs. T., E. Sondrnl w i l l he hostess to the Twentieth Century club at her home on South Second street Thursday, Mrs. Ed Boyle leads the lesson. Mrs. Sever ,T. Nelson will entertain members of the Sorosis club Thursday afternoon at a 1 o'clock luncheon. Mrs. S. C. Schumacher, Mrs. O. A. King, Mrs. Joe Palmer, and Mrs. Will Scherl will assist Mrs. Nelson. "My Best Valentine" will be the answer to roll call. St. Margaret's guild will meet Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John W. Cole, 407 South Second street. School of Instruction. On Friday Mrs. Julia Cobb, Jefferson street, will entertain circle No. 2 of the Methodist aid at a 1:30 dessert luncheon. Mrs. Steve Hammond antl Mrs. Stanley Smill: w i l l assist in serving. Eastern Stars will hold a C.\10 dinner followed by a school ot in« struction at Masonic temple Friday evening. Group No. 4 of the Congregational aid will meet Friday, afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. E. Wells. 520 West State street, with Mrs. Shirley Kimball as hostess. Rebekah circle will meet at I. O. O. F. hall 'Friday afternoon for the usual dinner and Past Noble Grands club will meel at the same hall in the evening. Christian Workers will hold a devotional meeting at the home of Airs. William Hofer, 200 Clara street. Friday afternoon. Mrs. William McGowan, Jefferson street, will entertain the U. Y. B. club at her home Friday evening. Clear Lake Calendar Monday--Boy Scouts, schoolhouse. Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, I. O. O. F. hall, 8:30 p. m. D. U. V,, Mrs. S. S. Hudson, 204 King street, 7:30 p. m. Progress club, Miss Ida Clack, North Fourth street, 2:30 p. m. Tuesday--Circle No. 5, Methodist nid, Miss Esther Tesene, 513 Caroline street, 2:30 p. m. Townsend club, William Proctor. East Division street, 7:30 p. m. Group No. 2, Congregational aid, Mrs. L. C. Stuart, 500 North Third street, 1:30 p. m. P. E. O., Miss Kate Davis, North Fourth street. Declamatory c o n t e s t , high school auditorium, 7:30 p. m. Vednesday--Lions club, Legion clubrooms, 12:15 p. m. W. C. T. U., Mrs. A. H. Huncie, BOR North Fourth street. Friendship Chain club, Mrs. Florence Smith. Eastern Star lodge, Masonic temple. Pilgrim group No. 5, Congregational aid, Mrs. A. B. Phillips, B:30 p. m. Oweso club, Mrs. Lymus. O. D. O. club. C. L. C. club, Mrs. Art ,T. Giles 215 North Second street, 1:30 p. m. Thursday--Rotary club, I. O. O F. hall, 12:15 p. m. Dorcas circle, Zion Lutheran aid, Mrs. A, B. Knutson, 2:3 p. m. Priscilla circle, Zion Lutheran aid, Mrs. Sam Severson. Royal club, Mrs. Clifton Freeark, 2 p. m. Catholic Ladies aid, St. Patrick's church, 1 p. m. Rural W. C. T. U., Mrs. Frank Lee, 1 p. m. Pythian Sisters lodge, I. O. O. F hall, G:30 p. m. Twentieth Century club, Mrs. T E. Sondrol, South Second streel Sorosis club, Mrs. S. J. Nelson 304 Clara street, 1 p. m. St. Margaret's Guild, Mrs. Join W. Cole, 407 South Second street, 2 p. m. Friday--Circle No. 2. Methodis aid, Mrs. Julia Cobb, Jeffersoi street, 1:30 p. m. Eastern Star, Mason Temple 6:30 p. m. Group No. 4, Congregational ate Mrs. C. E. Wells' home, 52 West State street. Rebekah circle, I..O. O. F. hal 4 p. m. Past Noble Grands, I. O. O. F hall, 8 p. m. Christian workers, Mrs. William Hofer, 200 Clara street, 2 p. m U. Y. B. club, Mrs. William Me Gowan, Jefferson street. ELECT OFFICERS OF ASSOCIATION Jacob-son Named Manager of Co-Operative Creamery Association. CLEAR LAKE--R. D. Robbins was chosen president, F. A. Rich, vice president and Robert Furleigh secretary-treasurer of the Clear Lake Co-Operative Creamery association at a session ot the board of directors held Friday evening to complete work begun at a meeting scheduled for Wednesday night. L. E. Jacobson was hired lor his econd year as financial secretary r manager, having come to Clear ake a year ago to take up the osition held for many years by Vill Paul. Directors named al a meeting of :ockholders held Feb. 5 include Jli: Hobbins, J. D. Richardson, larvey Wood, Mr. Rich, Mr. Fureigh, John Ashland and Hans Icndrickson. The board has now ompleted the work of re-organ- zation under the new articles of icorporalion adapted at the an- ual meeting. Operation will be- in under the new set-up as soon s the incorporations articles have een recorded with the state au- horities, a matter of a few days. The creamery has just com- leted a very satisfactory year ac- ording lo the annual report of the manager at the yearly meeting. Clear Lake Briefs LAKE STUDENTS HONOR LINCOLN Program Features Unusual Incidents in Life of Emancipator. CLEAR LAKE--Pupils or the fourth and fifth grades at the junior high school were guests ot the 8-2 civics class at a Lincoln program in the auditorium Friday afternoon. Hermann Oldigs gave an address of welcome and announced the program numbers. Members of the class took their places on the stage while "America" was sung. Ruth Lyons conducted a history contest, Clara Proctor rend a poem, "Helpful Face," Dorothy Peterson played Chopin's "Prelude" as a piano solo, Daniel Sheehy gave "Interesting Facls About Lincoln" and Leonard Washburn played "Moonlight Kisses" on the piano. A play, "High Lights in Lincoln's Life," was then given with Conrad Kolls playing the part of Kenneth, a boy who liked to read about Lincoln. The other characters told him items he had not heard before. Bill Lyons was Rx; Glenn Wistey, Cedric; Barbara McCoy, Rose; Carol Thornbury, Catherine; Theodore Whitesides, Tom, and Donald Secory. William. Blanche Weiland was Winifred; Lois Ann O'Neill, Lucille; Irene Olson, Jane; Denice Mullarky, Margaret; Bob Porter, Dan; Bob Musgjord, James; Wendell Robbing, Jack; Donald Pramer, Harry; Vaughn Mathers, Dick; Alvin Nelson, George, and Calvin Wells, Jerry. Miss Grace Fleming is teacher ot the civics class presenting the program. baptismal Service Planned by the Rev. Chauncey Merwin CLEAR LAKE--A baptismal :ervice will be held Sunday morn- ng at the service in the Main :treet building now in use for pro- reacted meetings, according to an announcement by the Rev. Chauncey Merwin who is coiir ducting the series through the month of February. Eight persons will receive baptism at this lime. "Christian Service" is the theme announced for the sermon at the 11 a. m. service. The evening session will begin at 7:30 o'clock and a travelog, "A Trip to Heaven," will be given. Special music will be given by a girls' 'quartet. The Rev. Mr. Merwin reports a nice crowd attends each evening service and that a wonderful interest is shown. The meetings will continue nightly until Feb. 28. Fined $25, Costs, Clmdes Powers, S2fi Jefferson avenue southwest, was fined 525 and costs by Police Judge Morris Laird Saturday on a charge o[.n- toxicaiion. Powers was arrested at Fifth street and South Federal avenue about 7 o'clock Friday night. electric light pole near the coal yards oJ the Farmers Co-operative Lumber company. No one was injured. The car is at the Nichols Service station, South Fourth street. Remember Your. Valentine with Flowers From JOHNSTON'S Where Your Friends Buy Flowers 10 Firs! Si. N. W. Phone 223 iWr.s. Paul IVIason City, will speak at the Gospel Tabernacle at J l n. in. Sunday. Mrs. Freligh is a returned missionary and wife of the Rev. Paul Freligh, pastor of the Gospel Alliance Tabernacle. The Misses Thelma. McMullen and Oreta Minette will go to Ft. Dodge Monday evening to be present at Ft. Dodge charter night at which time the Ft. Dodge club will be initiated into the Wa-Tan- Ye association. C. R. Wooflford, whose hip was broken by a fall on the ice Wednesday afternoon, is getting along quite well at Park hospital in Mason City, according to reports Saturday morning. Mr. Woodford still suffers considerable pain but the x-rays show the bone is almost in proper position now. Miss Cora Metcnlf went Saturday to Sioux City to spend the week-end with home folks and Miss R u t h K. Skrablc went tn El- bcron to visit at her home there. Miss Virginia Wooldridgc, Jefferson street, returned by ambu- Isnce to Iowa City Friday for further treatment. Miss Wooldridge is suffering from arthritis and underwent an operation upon her hip several weeks ago. She is now improving steadily. Miss Wooldridge expects to be in an Iowa University hospital several days at this time. Mrs. B. Wilson and children, Bobby and Betty, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sorenson Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Sorensen will move Monday to the Charles Nelson place two miles west of their present location. A car reported (o bclnnsr tn Dan Spillman was b a d l y wrecked late Friday night when it swerved on slippery ice and i n t o an NATURAL G A S WATER H E A TING IS · automatic 9 instant 9 plentiful 9 rust-free ® labor-free · perfect AND COSTS LESS THAN YOUR FURNACE COIL There is no reason on earth why you can't throw your furnace coil away and start to enjoy automatic gas hot water service. 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