The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 11, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1818
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. , tobacco, corn flour ed I IFTT - ElQnT hhds prim Kentucky to - 1 bacco !i x - 2 bales prima new crop N. Orleans cotton s to bbls.flour, ana " me. u.ltali whpftt nu.:..i r hria - Thomas, from New - Or - leans - - fcr sale at no. 87! Coffe - boutelip, by Who have in Store, f ' l cast French linen cambrics 1 bale superfine black cloth 2 cases Madras Pulicate Hikfj ; and "1 do imitation French cambrics Feb 11 lOt ' n..t..i - t n tha Hmlwin river, an eatenHT . stock of marble lor building, w uw wu .Acriptiow, viz Aihlar Copies ' Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces Facings Columns Wttertable Steps ; ' Platformi.' Sills, Lintels Arch la Alto Lime of the best quality tfj A constant supply of the above materials s be calculated upon t and those desirous of irchasiug, or makiug engagements, will apply may purchaski EZRA LUDLOW. to Feb II 1m At the Yard, T) ANA WAY from the subscriber yesterday ri .ftpmnnn. nn indebted hi,,' a servant named Jim, about 14 or 15 years or hp, 4 feet " mchts iiigh. Had on i.henhe went away, a dark blue ImlirAat and uaftaloOM. ijtOWU ('t, white .niiu hirt. nwwl lu:ck t'uOttt, TWO s(4'.l:iDes, .lr.hnrtatniia new bat. He too ' :thl uniKr iiit.uMuiitins: of a darkrren cluiM whil vt. brown nnntalooBS aud whit? N - 1 aen shirt. All person! s re lorbid liarboain liim atUitir peril aid whoever will rtturn him to bis m - tster iii iirook!yn, shall rrcei the abore reward. jun muiutii feb llSt Brooklyn Si TO LET. 55aJ! An office on the first Floor, no. 53 i Keukninn - street. Possesion Can he hndim - l ; mediately, apply as above. ffb 11 2y Q' offered VAIA1AHIX PiiVPKHTi, for luile. The following very valuaoie propeny u Ottered lor sale 1 That substantial Dunt ana cornmnmoo o nory brick HOUSE anoL.0101 uiwulii. 110.0 Courtland - street, calculati d for a largo and convenient store in front ; said lut being 6 teet front and rear by 110 feet dorp. ALSO. The 3 two story brick HOUSES and LOTS of ; ROUND neat below arfioining. beior Nos. 51 aud 7. well known as the o)d"t establiilimeot of I tanoffirea and Is vera in the citv said lots be ing tachtroot and rear SO feit io width by 110 leet deep. 11 nos sou at privsie saie oniorv r n - day, the 13th test sat, it will on that day be offer ed atatction, by HO.fES ft TOWN, at twelve o'clock, at the T. C. H. For terms, apply to THADDEU3 GO0D - c conmand street, or 10 ' JOHN L. DICKINSON. feb 11 t IN CHANCER V Joha Woods and Robert Wardcll,) Ei'rs of J amea Woods, deceased f t$, C John Bsv. I Stale tf A'essTor, s, IN pursuance of an order of this honorable court, irtftde ia the above cause, will be sold at pub. lie aactioa, at the Tontine Coffee House, io the city of. Dew - Ynrk, oa the 23d day of March ees at 12 'clock at aooo, ender the directioa 01 the subscriber, all that certain messuage or dwtthaghoase and lot of ground, situate in the town of Cla wreck, la the county of Columbia aad state of New - fork; rounded northerly by laud now or late of Jeremiah Fonda, westerly by tb rw4 trachag to the city Of 11 ad too, northerly by iaaduow o lata of Wflliam H. Ludlow, and easterly by land now or lata ot Aatttoay Tea Brerk( containing iu the whole fifteen acres; togetber with tne nerMitamenu and armurtenaa - cm to the tease beloeeiog or apptrtaiDioz. Da ted Feb. II, 1818. THOMAS BOLTON, feb 11 lawhle Master in Chancery. "ORIZE LIST, JHsdical Science Lottery, No. X 4 I7th tlay's dawmg. No. 8189 13000 1 22016 1000 1 '8987 50 Both aold at Aliens. on moiKiay next tne nrat urawn mimDer wiu be entitled to the capita! prize of $30,000 The 10,000 doll, prize ia floating. Ticket! and Share for sale at ALLEN'S ' Truly Lucky Office, No. 123 Broadway. Where No. 3320, which drew the greet prize of 100,000, was sold aad immediately paid, be ing tn nigneat prize ever drawn in America. Tebll EDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 4, now drawing 5 times a week. 14QJiroa&way. CORRECT LIST OF PRIZES, 27th drawing. No.8189, $3000; t220l6, $1000 ; 8987, Floating prise. tFirst drawn number. Draws again to - morrow. First drawn number on Monday next entitled ' to the highest prise, $30,000. Tickets will advance to $20 on Friday morn - , "? I eb ll OKE PRIZE base beea sold aad paid in trteiweeeet Medical Science LotUry, by ROBERT WAJTE, Jr. than any ether vinde w uuuu m nroeoway. M 8Ute of the wheel, 3o,eoo dollars 1 sooo do 3too do 4 of Loon do of lioo do 31 of l,ooo dollars l,ooo do 600 do 2oo do loo do o Monday nest the Irtt drawn number will he entitled to thirty thoesaad dollars. ,P" tottery ia half finithed TkkeU may be - v.rej w is OOIIS. 01 lLT?1.0' - wb "7 will be advan - 1 .. TiCktrsRisi I rl?C.,J f0S Medical Science LotJery, V M Tirkata wall Km J . ,. "c ' The arst noaber that comes ont of the wheel, af - ter F rjdayt drawing, wii; be entitled lo the ca - fust pnse m 9u,uuudotiara. a mw iKJKfa aad iharea, warranted ondrawa. fir mulm t MEM's Lottery taid Lxch.nge Office, No. 54 Maiden - Tin, - - iaaiiaracn. !nie vet Hr" .si" Cr";,'r,n,?e" no?llnJC .'cr nave Dem Tb foli;.;. ,T loOJ' W doiisrs. ' loiiowms ere the mn nn. ,. i 1 . 30.000 Dollars' 1,1J00 DoIlsrs, UJ,WJ do. 3,000 do. 1.0UO do. 1,000 do. 1.000 do 3,000 do. C, a I ,VW SsvmI rrt A.ns. ... . G. b k Yv . lM' ka - &c - Kim, 00 5Jle W,U JfMK cash for all pri - feb list KM l 11 n M L I I U III II llfAfi K. rTinEproprietoitoflhesoutherowarblaqua. X ries, near Kiug's - Bridge, give notice, that Aharon handT'aad a?. rUving, atth. JB W fill . J M j r W 1 k JJIJ1I l.u. t Marble and Lwt - iara, soon - " : THREE TflOUSAND DOLLAR! INDIGO, BRANDY, Ac 16 cases prime I Busal Indigo, entitled to debenture . P.rlXtM.. M 1 - - - ": - .:". - r.:; a. r kegs Philadelphia Starch miCKET no. 8,189 which came up the A" floatinr prise of 300 dollars, was told at the Book - atore atia mitery uiuce or , JAMES A. BURT US it CO. v.. Ne. 1S FscK - SLir. coaasn WaTaa - sTnxxT, to a gentleman m this city. feb II 3t 7AlTfcV UT 27thUy - 8189 3000 22016 1000 1 89J7 50. Floatine; prue. fFlrst drawn, feb 11 A GREAT BARGAIN TO CARTMKN. AT AUCTION BY BLEECKER& BIBBY, On radar toe 131b instant, I A T the Tontine Coffee Home, at 11 o'clock, XJL elevea lots of ground, that require filling in, on iaurens - street, ijispenaru's meaaow. ieb IU 3t laO 70 bags race Ginger (entitled to debenture) 10 taxes Sugar C andy 300 half and nr. boxes Spanish Began, for sale by JACKaui wuullei. feb 7 To Wall - street. A DRAFT 011 bitvaunoh, payable in 20 days' Xi iorxizi&vrors.iey JACKSON U WOOLLEY, feb 10 7fc - 4cj reet fOTTON YARN. The CCWllSSION COMPANY. 148 Pearl - street, taie ,,Kit No, of Cotton Yarn, fr 30. have now for f rom No. 4 t jan 8 I QUICKSlLrEli, te. A JJ lb quicksilver 4000 lb liquorice root ; 5 cases manca flake 12 bales gum arabic 1 bale long pepper ; a few cases cassia 2 cases coutainiag castor oil in bottles 4 cases rhubarb. For sale by ROGERS & POST, Feb 9 lw 51 South - st. 2 O .i:K - ia. PoST, South - street, of. JL for lor sale 79 casks cut nails, assorted sizes, from 3d to mi 200 bags juniper berries 66 reams medium paper 100 do foolscap, No. 2 do 150 i!o ledger, vellum cap, pot and letter paper 40 clew, scythes, of approved brands Au hi i - olce of screw augers dj of hat Ufa trimming, assorted Feb 9 lw HOLT1AG CLOTHS., uhs n xkai.'KAN bos just received a lurtre assortment of warranted Holtiiitr Cloths tor sale at reduced prices Ieb 9 St at 82 12 I'ti o l - stbset. "ENTUCKY TOBACCtt - rO uhds prime 'obacco. received Der brio - JIV. Kentucky Tobacco, received i nomas, aiiu tor sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, feb 9 66 South - street. JUMPER BKKKlEa 150 bags fresh imported Juniper Berries in lots to suit purchasers. For sale by BARBAR1N, STANTON & CO. fcb9 1w 17 Fulton - slip. FLOUR and RICE. 430 barrels Richmond superfine Flour 46 casks prime Rice. Landine from several vessels and for rale by feb 9 TROKlo, DAVIDSON & CO. ONE hundred a id forty bbls. tail Mackerel 60 do Salmon 2 60 kits do v 30 bbls Shad. For sale by O. COBB, , 8 Coeaties - slip. feb3t MOLASSES, etc. The entire cargo of achr. Calista, from Havana, consisting of 156 hbds. ) 28 tierces, New crop Marie! Molasses 4 bbls S 72000 Secara, and II bbls Oraona. sotnasenceii issuing nut morning, at elevens w nan, ana lor sate oy ti. S Ji U r UKIiSf, feb 9 4t 1 1 1 Front - street. JAMAICA RUM. 15 puncheons 4 to and 5tb M proof Jamaica Run, of superior quality, re ceiveo per sioop jay r or saie tj iwnu k. snuiYir, u rine - street. OLA&SES, FLOUR, TOBACCO, 4ic J - v l ou puacbeons molasses, bow landige from Martinique. 200 barrels Rirhmood flonr, now landiog fromjthe schooner Atlantic. And 15 hbds Richmond Tobacco, lanritnr from the schooner Better, at Coifee Houaelin rnr aaieoy KUCtRT GILLEsPIE. feb lUFmnt - stmeL r ICHMOND TOBACCO and FLOUR 45 hhda prime old Richmond Tobacco Ml do new do of vers snrjerior nuahtv 314 bbls. saperfine Richmoud Flour, of the best brands 255 do Patersburc do. received bv sundrv Tenaia, ivr sew oy feb 9 WALSH ft GAALAGIIER D ICHMOND TOBACCO, &c 70 bhds, Lt prime Richmond Tobacco, now landing C I . . MM . " rvta Km, ijogaa ana 1 names, lor sale ny W. k S. CRAIG, IN STORE, 65 hhls Gne Rirhroond Flour 6 do fine Middling. feb 9 Six hDds. - by Philadelphia Rye Whiskey, for rale JUK.S. UUUOIS. feb 9 3t 'pOBACCO 28 hhda new crop Tobacco, of A excellent analitv. Ianrfin frnm whr. Rnlla. 1 rum lucnmonu, lor saie oy 1 1 DrTurtiL'r r. - m .:.! 1 , . r Dbinuifli Qi, Vj w. Jan6 92 Coffee House slip. LIVERPOOL COAL. A CARGO of Liverpool new pit Coal, 00 - - x. ooara tne snip zodiac ner no. 9 r.ait Hi. ver, will commence djch arcing next week ; for saie u lots to smt purchasers, by L.A1NU B KANIJOLrn, feb 7 4t 98 Vesey - street. rj liASSWARE, tic 4 boxes assorted glass. Large siztd Window Glass pet enters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, tic. t boxes Fowlinv p;w - Just received per Winifred, from Amsterdam, om gun. A quantity of musketa, entitled to debenture o ceroons orsl quality lodigo, end m t bbls White Lead Tor sale by J.C.ZIMMERMAN, feb7 1m 72 Washington - street HULL k BOWNE bave just received by the Lorenzo, from London, Luzon's Antibilioos Pills Hickman's Pills fur the gravel, Sic. Chine's Worm Destroying Lozeogcs RoaJi't Embrocation Thompson's Chelteahsra SalU Hay ward's Tolu Loz ngrs Hen'ry's Calcio'd Maenena. And a spnrral iinrlm.nt fRrti&k Pnfnnt Medicines of renute. not nipjitioncd above : war - - men gFnmne, aad lor sale at Jan 24 las 146 Pearl - street. QUEKCI I ROV KAHk. FIFTY hhds. and boxes of very Cue quality, for sale by M U. U. S3. HOWLA.D, Jn CB 77 Washington street. 791 Hr.KRLNGS. . boxes 1st sort) Herrings of innerior For sale by J hi an rf.i rtniirv 'an 28 67 South slreet SILKS, tec fanners I cases pongees,' 2 do twilled 1 do col'dnttins, entitled to debenture ; also 3 oaieicolMcasimereshawU For sale by CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, Feb C 67 5outh - st. - . ' Freight ft'udtifbr PkiLdtlphL'' vtii On board ot the achr. THREE mO - HITHERS. Foster, master. U sail isi - tiveiy on 8unday or Mo.iday, (weather perVit - ung - J Apply oa board, at Concfrhouse - tap, vest aide, or to , , GEO. M. "WILSON,! Feb 10 No. 130 Water - . f ur Wilmington, ft. C. The schr UNION, EphraiB Iieatftt, master, will be ready to take in to - eor - rew. 1 or freight or passage, apply oa hard, " wm m - J "11.11, W JONES b MEGEATH, Feb 10 83 fieuth - stred. For LIFUHHkHJL. The ship DRAPER, Adams, mater, having ner cargo all engased, will psi lively tail on Tuesday next, wiud and weaker permitting. Two cabin passengers more c4 he accommodated. Apply to tne captain on bdird, at r ij - .naraet wnan, or to B. W. ROGERS & CO Feb 9 235Pearl - i. For A'orfolk or Baltimore. The fine staunch new sloop REf U LATOR, Win. Sowie. master. For Ireielit apply to GEO. M. WILSON. I rt7 130 VY ater - st, tor Alexandria, Georgetown arid Hatliwtton titu. The schooner ADELINE. Editard Rummay, manor, lyine in CoUee - HtUse sli( For fright or passage, apply to tho matter on uoaru, or to DIV1E LETIIUNE & CO. , Fth7 S2Wall - 3. For UTx POlAT, (Fa.) t The brig FUNIC K. captain Hw, will sail in a fv days, and will take navyircigtata low rale. Wpplyon board at riue - si. wnan, or to CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, Feb 6 67 South - rt. A KQSMOKEU.b PICKLED tlHU.Su. aJO Boxes N. S. 209 do Di'by io A few tons plaster Ao, pickled salmon, do. herrings, do. codfhb, Ibis, mackerel, do. shad t or sale vj SA1ITH, BLANCHARD K CO. No. 35 Hurlins - slip. Schooner .MAXA - ilLLA, F.Smith, ma - 'er, will take freight for Portland or Luuec tjoqmre. a a'ove. Feb 6 1 w 'nr i:ia h f.iis - n v. vf 6e The fast sallin;; r. hooner LOUISA. W J&N',;i'", ma.tT, beinsr nearly londed. wiu the first wiid for the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west ride Burline - sliii or to S. ALLEY. Feb 3 Oftl'ioft - ft. For M.ti'.iffZ.tS, (bn.) I The bripC.roline, i. Munro, mas ter, will tuke what freight may ofl'er wis wees. - tor terms npi)y to JAMES D'WOLF, Jim. 57 Front - street. For FREIGHT or Cl. tHTHIl. v&if The bri SIDNEY CRISPIN, bin - AZiLtlien 156 tons, a staunch eood vessel, lately repaired. Apply as above. feb 2 For OPOKIU, 445 The achr. BETSEY, capt. Turner, iiiL burthen 97 tons, a substantial irood vessel, only one year old, huvinar a part of her cargo engaged. For freight of the remainder, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE St CO. jan 31 44 South street. For LOXDUffUkRUY. The fine last sailing ship FOSTER, N. Mono, master, having 7 - 8ths of her cargo ready lo go oa board, will be despatched without delay. For freight of 100 to 200 tierce Med, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. & S. CRAIG. 50 RUM, 4 c. J puncheons Jamaica Rum. iust arrived and landing from the brig David Richards, from Falmouth, (Jain.) aad for sale by A. D. DUFF, 69 Washington - street. Who has for sale in store, L. P.Teneriffe Wine, fPaelcy bran - 1) in quarter rtuke, imported July, 1816 Do do in hhds. and qr. c;iU, do August do Do do in pipe , hhds. and qr. casks, do Sep - tember do 30 pipfs, 100 hhds and 2&0 qr. casks do entitled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, nhip'd in 1813, trom (he Cape ol Good Hope, and ecti - tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted casks 59 boxes of cl.tret wine 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tf I i mt . j V 8Lf "'"ivTi inn ,rUDo Jan27 WAI.feH h GALLAGHER. . tfQQ FLOUR. I UOO bblssuperf. i I C6 half bbls do Flour, landing this day ' ii bbls fine S From schr Adeline from Alexandria, and Mar garet - Ann from Petersburg. For sale by UlVIt BKTHUNE CO. Feb 7 92 Coffee House slip, RICHMOND FLOUR. 200 barrel mond superfine Flour for sale by Rich N. LAWRENCE. 172 Fulton - sC or 27 Old - slip. DEER SKINS 6 bales first quality tor sale by SAUL ALLEY, if o i V fine - street, rilOBACCO, FiX)UR, tic. 2 hhds. sup JL Kichm'md tobacco 65 bbls fine Richmond Flour 6 do fine Middlings 190 lbs. r lotant Indigo 100 French 4Jemijohns 5 or. casks old Sercial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsev do in For sate by W. St S. CRAIG. JOB Itf CAiN'i'ON CRAPKS. Ltl C. SUYDAM, have iust opened, an ele - . Cant assortment of nihil, hlartr. anil ml. ored Canton Crnpes, of excellent quality, for mic ai no. di ifiaiuen - iane. feb 10 5t 17 HU E LEAD GROUND IN OIL Tf 400 kees. of 281 h each. While l - H crounn in on, just received per ship Williaiu, TUCKER K LAURIrS, feb 10 29 South - ttreet. I AMES D' W OLF, jr. 57 Front - street, otters 'J lor taie 50 tons clean i'U Petersburg hemp Russia duck 16000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback Roll brimstone, German steel do Writing aud wrapping paper do 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Cast ile soap and mould candles do 1 case Leghorn hats , do 2 cases cholets do 1 platillas Feb 10 LOJtajiZETib. 4 FEW bales bla k bomhazelrs, jast received . jV. per ship Nestor, and lor taie by DANIEL OA KEY, Feb 10 lw No. 51 WiUiiai st. tc. A vt AICA RU M k FLOL'll. 15 1 unth. o is 4th aud 5!h proof Jamaica rum. of ci e - rior quaiity, and 100 barrel superfine Kdiiinior (Howard - street) flour, laodirg ami for ilc L s . . R.CI.UiP, Feb 9 v 90 Piue - st. viz ' cy ' . ' 1 at for J . a to ara the ton at tZJ itt had and a and ,0 tire I on ply can I j enler thry Who thi N nud nante DOMESTIC ft OTHER VTARE3. S THE subscribers keep constantly ee hand an extensive assortment of the following foods, Dutch and English Brooma ;' Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan tiunny Bag, scA ' Popes Heads , Crumb Bnrsbee Bellows, fancy aad common ' ' Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats ' Pails and Tube Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do and common rtend 00 do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe fi Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools ' Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brashes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rope ' Whips of every description Seine, sewing; wrap ping, uaieing nnu uan fame Fish Lines Shoe A radlers Thread Dearborn's B - l'an ces 1 ! ' Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. UbtsiiA tUMhiu, fob 7 76 Pearl - street T1UM& CHOCOLATE 50 bis. 1st. proof New Rum 30 boxes fir Boston Chocolate No. 1 For sale by JACKSON Si WOOLLEY, jan 13 75 Wall - street TTIOR SALE at the Upholstery Warehouts, JL No. 48 Maiden - Lane : 450 feather beds ; hair, wool, moss and flock matirahie?, of all sizes. ' 5 bales rose and toint blankets. JUST OPENED, Cheap elegaut paper hanging, sattin paper and bordering. Rich wbite cotton fringes, by the groce or dozen. Tassels and cords for blinds 200 set of Window hliods 56 easy chairs at $15 each 22 Grecian sophas First quality stoo's and foot benches Loose seats for parlour chairs ' Rooms and cabins furnished ' Chairs and snflhs stuffed aud repaired 4000 wt of fea'.hers, hair and moss by the cwt. 400 cot bedsteads, with a larre assortment of uohololerv enods. Orders for the spring wil' be thankfully received and punctually attended to. Two journeymen and two apprentices wanted the above business.' N: B. Tiie house and lot No. 51 Rtwe - street, tale 4 houses and lot in Court - street, AI bauv, and 2 farms in Goshen, Orange county Indisputable titles can be given to the purchas er?. A. liKOAD. Feb 9 lw NEW HOOKS UST recrired and fjr tale hv ELIAS VA LENTLXE, 101 Broadway, (3d door below I'ine - ltrect) Coxa on fruit trees, with 200 engravings, price fi t 25 A nHriatireofn tour of observation, madedu ring the sunyner of lf.17, by James Monroe, pre tident of the U. Siutes, tlir lush the norih - eatt m and north - western departments of the Union, ith a view to the examination of their several military deienccs. Purity of heart, or woman as she should be, an interesting tale, hy anold wife of20 years. Lcnl Amhnrst's Embassy to China by Henry Letters from the Cspe of Good Hope, in reply Mr. Warden, with extracts from Uonapatte't gieal work, together will) all 'he new and stand. worxs in me venous aeparimenis 01 iiierB' lure. ret) 7 MERIJVO WOOL, C'OJTOJV YA RJf HA T1 - WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, cotton vara, narticularlv low numbers. Proposals will also be received for making of sat - tinatts. The manufacturer to be supplied with materials, and the business to be rendered, probably, permanent. - - - A contract is also wanted, for the running of cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles ; the cot. to be supplied, and the yarn to be received a stipulated price. Apply at 143 Pearl - street, upstmrs. octSSrull To the Vttitrntol A'lu - i ork P7ERAII HAWI.fcY I'hytici. - o and Dentist would inform the iuhahitants of New - York that be has taken an office at No. 321 Pearl street, where he will extract, than. Jilt, fit and J eeiu in the most approved manner, lie will also prevent any irregularity ol the secondary teeth, if application is made to him in season. lie flatters himself, from the experience he has in his profession, that be shall be able to give general sausiaction. For character the public are referred to Mr, ueo. r. chipman, merchant, no. t3 south - street Doctor A. Ives, SXo. zu rearl - street Whom it mavconrtrn. ftfj - This certifies, that Dr. Zerah Hawley i regular bred physician, and in good standing with his brethren in this place ; that be lias paid 1. it ... 41 ... f r 1 4 . j , studied the best European works on the suhject, has givea very good satisfaction in this branch Wt , u(omer, ho te thg fir,, n. spectability in tliis city. We therefore, with rn - confidi nee, recommend Dr. Hawley to the citizens ol . - sew - fort, as a dentist. Eneas Munson I Eli Ives Nathan Smith Jonathan Knight, Professors of the Medical Institution of Y ale C1 College, New - Haven, Jan 22, 1810; feb 3 2w O COUNTRY SEAT. TO LET. from the 1st May next. genteel country residence, pleasantly situated the 8th Avenue (late Fiizroy road) about 3 miles from the city. It comprizes a neat and commodious dwelling house, a well stocked garden, and 3 acres excellent meadow. Ap at no. 'M South - st. Ieb 7 lw "THE STORY IS TOLD, WE PAY IN GOLD." Ticket, No. 20,439, which drew the $10,000, on the 25th day's drawing, (the highr - C prize yet drawn,) in the 4th class Medical Sci ence Lottery, (now drawing,) was sold at Book - store and Lottciw - ornce, No. 05 Cherry street, iu lour quarter shares. 7 The fortunate holders are informed, they uave ins ts:u as soon as pretenleU. ALPINE SOAP. 0X"7" Tne suhtcribrrs nfiVr the g - ntlrmen ol tins city their AI:ioc fioap, wliirh only needs a trial to prove its escellent qualities, : rendering the CpprMioo Of Sli'Vilig easy , it it poses edwi'h ininy good aud ukful nilxies; it aoPsi.s the tivuri. picve .ts chopping, and pvet that c om - v ion and pieasmz siti - iVtim in 'having as not lo la.! t recoimorn't ii general us tuid to merit the i - .ppro!.i.tiou of a generous public. The suiw rl da lu.t ieih to ii to a M detail of tMs valuable soap, he' it to judges of gei.urne soafis. Jusi receiveit, as it'ertnn nt ol the re vnraica eot t'tnetrsting Hir Kruthes, lanry article. N. SMITH DAVIES V CO. I3S Broadway, nearly o - unr City Hotel. always keep at general n'l at nn as - tortn:ea ol artK'les in tlieir line as ai.y store it lit v. B.rieateto observe that all tie article hy N. Sui'h Danes & Co. will have h ar oo m coppcxp.ate or type. leu ' at ST.JOHtfeniLL, ' ' 1 PI, e Frankfort - street. t a WILL be sold at public auction by Hoffman & Glass, on Tuesday the 17th uist. at U o'clock in the CoUeeHouse Information aito the property, title and terms of sale may be bad by applying to Cornelius Borert, Xo. 14 Cedar - street. ' f ' " ' lids urepertT will be peremptorily aold on the day above mentioned to close the concern, hut on eligible terms for the purchaser, feb 7 dts "&TJUE end DWLLLLSO HOUSE. The store No. 133 Water - street, coroe ofWaler and 1'ine - strcela. and cellar, belonsin thereto, to let from first day of May next; the cellar warranted dry and tree from tide water the year round. Also, the dwelling part ef the house No. 127 Water - street, near the Coffee House.consistinz of 6 rooms with a fire place in each, a large dry garret, an extensive kitchen and yard, Willi cittern and manhalian water. Apply to . D. SULLIVAN, feb 9 4t ' 131 Water - street. , TO LET, Two neat, new, 2 story brick front build ings, situate in Allen - street, next to tho ball - alley. They are fini - hed in handsome style with cisterns in the yards, and every other conveni ence to render them pleasant aud desirable tenements. Adjoining the ground 00 which the buildings stand are several vacant lota which will also be let for a garden to the pertnn or persons who shall hire the houses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley; or at his house, 25 Orchard - street. ' Feb 9 If FIHK PROOF tTVRK. To let and possession first of May next, our story tire proor store, no. 34 souih - st, between Coenties and Old slips. Enquire of the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 Chamber - street. feb 9 tf S. D CRAIG. - 4 FOR SALE, ilSiH That valuable HOUSE arid LOT 61 John - street, The lot is 27 feet front and rear, and 105 feet deep The whole is in complete repair, and may justly be called one of the most convenient houses in this city. If not sold by .Saturday next, it will on that day be sold at public auction at the T. C. II. Por particulars, apply at 187 Pxadl - s trket. feb 9 6t . . HE 11. ESTATE SALS IX BROOKLYN. Two new fraitu houses on Brook lyn Heights, hn a view of the citv and hay of h w - York ; al minutes walk from tne steam boat ferry houses are well built, having z good rooms oiteacli n mr with ore plu ces ; on the lower floor ism good Kttcneu, peii - room and pantrv. To each of the hotifei are attached 31 - 2 lots of ground, each containing 25 feet front and rear aud !UU lect deep, handsomely mid ui in gar dens and grns plots, with a variety 01 rnruntie ry, Iruit trees, tc J the whole emlored with a new and substantial fence. Near the premises is an excellent well of water, r or further partico tan, apply to ANDREW MERCEIN, Corner of Washington and Nassau - streets, feb 9 If Brooklyn. 7V BE LET. From the first day of May next, that con venient three story ftoue, No. 145 Fulton street, the ad house irom u road way. enquire feh 9 lie No. 24 Warren street. Fvfi. AW LEor 'fx) L F. 7 , Thai lnrr anil rninmniliniii hull, find - itu .. - l..t ..1 vrniiml IVn. ?Q I rA. n ..t rmml tf - nloitlalnrt frir a boarding house, or the accommodation of a large firmly. Enquire of WI. W lUHA.t, feblOtwt 87 Fulton treet. Q sent oc TO LET, The bouse No. 50 Wall - street, at pre sent occupied ny It. It. Kevins. Also. The House. No. 56 Wall - street, occupi ed by the Firemen Insurance Company. Apply to r.. II. r i ULji. I 50 Wall - st. or to JONES & CLINCH, . fehOtf '" Coffee House ilip. trrx to let. iintsJ Those two new and elegantly finithed thiee story house No. 10 aad 12 Broad - street. T'bese houses are built in the modern style and finithed in the very best manner, and trom Die very desirable situation, both as to pleasantness and for business, it is thought that thry are not surpassed, if equalled, by any offered tobelt.t in t.:. : 'Pi.. ....i. r,,. . t :n H n.. UIIB lllj. lie apni luitii. v.vii. h iH'nt buildings are so constructed as to be entirely distinct from the dwelling apartments, which coo - tains elevtn rooms and pantries, kitchrn, tic excluded. Every convenience for families of re tpectahility is nffordud in them. Persons desirous of such situations are invited to view them at any hour, from 7 to 5 o'clock, except Sundays. The dwelling and stores will be let separate or together. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to CHAS. OAKLEY, 141 Front - street. ALSO TO LET, That new two story brick house No. 8 New - street, niirh to Wall - street, possession lit May. Also, house 27 Courtlandt - street, in good order and lit lor a genieci lamnv ; n neiag now in pot - session of D. G. Hubbard, Esq Possession lit Mav. Also, a good tro story house at Greenwich, now in occupancy of Geo. Linday, Esq. Also, house Ao. 6 Cherry - street, suited lora boarding bouse, and the lower front room for a store. And House and two acres of ground, near ."lanhat tanvitle, having garden, tic. Apply as above. feb to tf I JOARD. An elderly lady withes to obtain I J permanent board in a respectau e private family, where there are no boarders. A line na dressed to A. B. and left at this office, stating the terms and situation, will receive attention. feb94t LOTS fVR SALEATAUCTlQJt. Y ordfT of the last will of Peter Stuyver - sant, Esq. deceased, will be sold at auction on Tuesday the 17th inst. at tha T. C. H. at 12 o'clock, UI oLiE.r.i'&a.K ol nil; i' I, Five valuable lots of ground fronting the east tide of Bowery - lane, aJjoining the south side of Delancy - street ue lots on the west side pi Christie - street and adjoining the south side cf Delaocev - street Five lots nn the south side of Deiancey - street, between the Bowery - Ian and Christie - street. The terms of tale are fifty d( 1 - lars on each lot, to be paid on the day of tale ; on third of the residue on the 1st of May t thf remainder, if required, in two equal annual pay. ments, wilh interest anuually A map ol the premires may be seen at the auctioneers office, Tootioe Coffe House. . tri The buildings are la be removed by the present tenants by the 10th of May next, when the purchasers will have possession. Feb 7 8t HlGHr.SI PRIZE 30,000 DOL.DARS. HE first drawu numlron Mouday next will he entitled to the grand capital pnre ul 30.000 dollars. Now is the time (or all those t" procure chances who adventure for the highest prize, as the ntin.ber of tickets in the wheel is greatly dimini ed. A lew rhaoces may oe oo - , taioedat the lucky lotted rfllce 'f JULIAN Ti Maiden - Lane, j Where bave been sold in former lotteries most of the highrst priites. ... , . , . Pnre, in former lotteries, foreign lank notes, anH anarovi d rr.'roiory notes, will be received iu payment for tickets. A correct check book is kept at the Urky lottery u.Vf, which may be examined at ell time lre of r x pence. feh 9 4 HOI POTT tIRK f rut to press, Roi Roy, a iuvtl, l y li - e au thorof VaerIy, Guy Manncru.g, T alcs of iny Lamport!, bit. .c. C f F P i. UVEA'S .1 T II E TA II.. Jl'ST receive I t No. 13 Maiden Lan,a corc - piete assortment of 4 - 4 Irish Lnen, purchased at a reduced price, .fa strung fabrick and elegant bleach, which wi?l be sold by tie piece a smalt advance. irbOCt norv ivhu bofct 10 . The PUBLIC SAL. BY J. P DIETERTCH & CON ' ' AT PRIVATE SALE, - 5000 acres of land, in Word County. (Va. witldn 10 miles of Marietta, end 6 miles from this Ohio River. I2W) do in tlie towa of Plattthurtb, Clinton County, A'ew - York. 400 do. in l ike County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent improved farm of 200 acres, on the Cohecton turnpike road. The two last will .bo exchanged Tor property in the citv ol New - York, or for merchandize. Apply f the auction room. &U1MY aCHOO, COJVCEr. rrr Oa Weduosdsy. the 11th kiSt. will be performed at St. George's Church. Cocoes t cf Sacred Music, for the benefit of the Sunday School Union Societies, Under the direction of E. W.MORSE. II. SAGE, and 8. EARLE. assisted by Mr. S. P. TAYLOR on the organ. 1 Sunday School Hymn, set to music by . siassdsl Trio and Chorus, Piucg'd in n golf of dark despair, Dr. Madan Full Chorus, Now begin the heavenly themo MiljroTe Do Love divine all love excelling . Lock Hospital Full Wnihem, Clerked be thott, Lord God, , Kent 6 Air, Lord what is man, ' Handal FuU Chorus, Jetu - , lover of my ! out. Dr. Madan 8 Full anthem, Arise, shine, OZion, 1 Williams Coronation Uymn, fcnruosoie PART SECOND. ' 7 1 Denmark Dr. Madaa 2 Recitative and air, lie measured the waters 3 Sound the bud timbrel - . . 4 iiuful Mary's tears 5 Ode, Beyond the glitt'ring starry sky, J. Husband 6 Trio, The Mariner's Prayer, ' Banister 7 Chorus, Sinner, O why so thought leu grown i Breillat 8 Air, Ha shall feed his flock, Handel 9 Full Chorus, Ofor a closer walk , with God, . r Breillat 10 Ti io and Chorus, The Dying , Christian, . . , ; Pring 11 Full piece, Soon shall tha trunv . pet sound, ' - - . . v Dixon 12 Finale, Grand Hallelujah, , 1 Handsl Performance to commence at precisely a quarter before Seven, P. M. Tho last rehearsal will talre place in the same church on Monday the 9th inst. at six P. M, to which the clergy generally are respectfully invited, that they may judge of tho character of the performance. Tickets, at one dollar each, may be had of J. Eastburn tl Co. Literary Rooms 1 A. T. Goodrich ti Co. Broadway ; P. W. Gallaudet, K01 Water - st. ; at the Female Sunday School Repo sitory, 142 William - st. ; and of J. C. Totteo, Bowery. ' . r to v 3C . NOTICE. ftT The subscribers having entered into part - nersliiis, the STOCK at EXCHANGE UUJI - Nbsa heretoinre conducted ny n. ii. isr.v siso, will lie continued under the firm of NEVTAS tt TOWNSEND. RUSSELL II. NEVINS, feb 3 EL1HU TOWNSEND. OTICE. rrpThe citizens are requested to be partica . lar in causing tho snow and ice on the aide walks and gutters to be cleared off, and when it cannot be done without injury to om pavement, to oe strewed with sand oratbes, in conformity to an ordinance of the corporation In suctt case maue and provided As their salety and com tort materially depends upon their attention in this par - ticular, it is presumed that tha law on this subject will be strictly complied with. J NO. M 'COM B, Street Commissioner, Street Com. Office ) p.k a 3d Feb. 1818. ' TAKE AO I K E, . . 03" All persons having demands against, and those indobted to the estate of William Knjrers, deceased, nre requested to call up THOMAS MASTERS, Esquire, No. 94 Wall - street lis ted Jan. 19, 1818. ANN nuutrta, txecutnx. Ja2ld1m NEW - YORK SLATECOVlPANY. rVT Tha Stockholders are hereby requested to attend an annual election for nine directors, to be held at the house of Joseph Baker, No. 4 Wall - street, on Monday 9th February next The poll will open at 1 1 and close at 1 o'clock. joun ra'COiHtt, see'ry. Jan 29 ' ' . . A'ulerpean Society tU Concert. frt" The committee of the Euterpean 8ociety having resolved to give a second concert on the Z4tn inst. at the city Hotel, eacn nv moer wui be entitled to six tickets, by applying to the sec retary at No. 206 Broadway, on or before the 21st instant. By order, feb 9 124 JOSEPH KNIGHT, Bec'ry. NO I ICE. ffc"T" The co - partnership beretofor existing between the subscribers is dissolved by mutual consent. JAMES FOSTER, Junr. is duly authorised to settle the affairs of t!.e concern. WM. D. TITUS, JAMES FOSTER, Junr. fet9 4t The pubi c is respectfully informed that the tbbsb last airs in which die ALB1NESS can appear inNew - York, will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the 11th, 12. h and 13 th of February, which day will positively be the list of the exhibition, in consequence of her departure for Philadelphia, feb 9 3t NOTiC E. rrr will! am d. thuj and william L. v AN ZaNDT having formed a connection, will transact business at No. 165 Front - street, under the firm of Titus k Van ZaudL WM. I). TITUS vVM. L. VAN ZANDT. feb 9 4t dj" I he asigtiees of the estate of Airs Sidney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her creditors to come in and purt ii ipste in the funds provided for them,) do hereby, extend the time of rendeKng their accounts to Mr. Bfake, at No 3 Us Buildings, unt I the 1st of March . hotting Feb 2 lm NOTICE. (Tj The publio are cautioned not to trust f harbor my son, Lewis , uiiee, as 1 win not dsv any debts he may contract, as my laid sort hua behaved in an Uir.'u' iftd nfanner towaids me. . FREU'K. U YULTEE, feb 10 3t UNION BANK, 10th February 1T8. frt" The toc kholdcrs) are n q'tetted to attend at the banking house. No 17 Ws!, - it ;t on Thursday, the 12th day of March not, o elect eleven dircctcrs lor the ensuing year. Tiie poll will open at ten o'clock and stmt at two. - The transfer books will be shut trom lit ooU 13th March. - By order of the boned of directors, feb 10 1m JOHN LOW, Cashier. MECHANIC HALL B.Vf RV FVK110 THIS WEEX. M' R. SI A NisLAS, vei wishtul to grawy a lilieta! nur'ic. hns devoted somt time in hrniarin" lurwdid nr th"e eveniru. one cf fl greatest pie ! human invention ever presented :.clre nn ei !ihfencd audience, relied Uk - T em - ple of Mars. This astoowlnng and juccmprthoii - siblcpirce "f in hir.isra, at O.e command of the exhiluti.rrpcns itrdiors onddisrAiin the back r,,Urd M Ml of the illustrfous Wasliington i ihe tcc.ple cringes and discovers tiie Godd'ws of Liberty and Fam d - endk!g from the clouds . wit.', a wreath ot laurel, end placing it on hu nesd. dip!ayi g the motto " Homage to the Ira ni vial Wasiington,n r or fnrtner parttcuiare see bills of tlit day. . - - 1 Fekt w - I V ' - 1 , . I i ' ; i e ?!' 1,1 i if . ' ! H : tl . 'v. ' 'S ! a I' . - 'ft .. i :V: Si -

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