The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 8, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1913
Page 4
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F3E GETTYSBURG TIMES REBEL A! Published Dailv Excent Sunday __ _ · _ . Published Dafly Except Sunday Times and News Publishing Company W. LAVERE HAFEK, iiecretary and Treasurer PHILIP K- BIKLE, President. PHILIP R. BIKLE. Editor. "SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg: for 25 cents per moath. iiailed outside of Gettysburg for 2o cents per month. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2j:ems GENERAL VILLA. Rebel Leader Who Captured Chi- huahtsa and Will fiScrc'i en Capita!. Banaoza Drops Eseudsro, See- retary of Foreign Affairs. . w r f PROVF , UX1TED PHONE 'Office inNorThweS corner of Centre Souare; GeUvs^rg^nsylva^ TO AFFAIR i 1 GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CKICAGC GenstitutionaKst Leaders Report Many Victories to Comma-uSer-in-Chief-j To Probe Ransom Charge. Hermos'-Uc. Dei. 5.-- s'raccis^o Escu- j *r?ro, seereiary of , he Constuaueaahsi jnu'.-E-oiial cabi- J' 1 _et. has been ret:re-I uoni the part- j _oho. This i%as aaaouaceu here. t Escudero represented his chief in \ the iccent negotiations at I .vita \VUliam Bayard Ha'.e. President | -------- - -.Vision's personal re;:resi.-:taii\ e. ---- ------- ' ""- -- ·--· ^^^ ~ ; " ~ 1 1 j Xe'ther Genera! carnm-a isor the ^Tads. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a wore;" Sj^ 11 ^ j ^emWrs of "his diplomatic famUy 5rst page position- Resolutions of respect. poeu\ ana rat--v. a. - -- [ ... c;: i^ comment upon thy e-uses of per word. change =rcs That Eseutlero's retirement. The prevailed, however, t: icn eives tns same news to jvepuuii^", ^«««~.-.-..-i - Socialist paners and wMcii is strictly non-parasan. Chrr advertising columns are open to all candidates of all partie*. piaessyig {{[8 ttifiJS jQS P2l { 10 arrange the customs busiaess oa the ! Chihuahua border. | Escuclero's successor has not been selected. It was considered possible . ' . S ;hat his position would SSW EAGI^E KOTEt C*p*city 40G Sooia* with batk e* *ui» * ilcCoaomj, Prop's. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store, j i Waile they last! Very special lot j CHAS. S. MDMPES --Fir* Proof Storage-- tfarenonse for Fnrnitor* »nd Household Goods stored 4ny length of timt- W. H. TIPTON --Paotoprapher-- of Ladies' collars. COMPAKY -·- Ei!?aext C*ali Price* Paid for all] ^.^ i-- ie fiHed by | 31ar.uel Boniila. who served in Presi- ' dent Madero's cabinet as minister o£ ccmniuuications. ' iiaay messages were received thas. -.vere taken to indicate a general inclination to abide absolutely by the [j .orders of 'the iasurgent comaiander-in- They came from a wide area. A Constitutionalist victory before Monterey, in Xuevo Leon, was reported by ! (.Jeneral Pablo Goazales, who stated j that his troops hail captured a military traia bearing the Federal troops of General Rubio Xavarette .10 reinforce the capital, capturing many prisoners, horses, ammunition and supplies- General Gonzaies also said that his troops had captured Linares and Mont- morelos, to-.vas near Monterey. From Taiapico, oa the east ccast, came a report from General Candida , Agailar that his troops ha:l dispersed a group of jbandits who molested Bie prciperji- of jtic^'BIectrle Oil coaipa^y, ' a fbreign corpoi-aticn. He stated th'at f lUree'of the'banitits -ha.1 i:sea executed f i A Office, -'Gettysburg. 1 f- Freeu From Jail Mist and Tairst Strifes. m I--Offlffi6E ? By S. E. KISSR., saM r ULJU" saM Julie Allison, when her husband £aa gone u p s t a i r s , after tossing a package apoa the library table, *·!. wonder is?" PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS rzragraphs of News Telling of His Happenings in aed absut Ts«i People Visiting Here acd Tfausf Sojourning Elsewhere. I - ui,!,mnv?- v^.--y^* ^^ 'f:-' l f^2=db s~ v v ^4 ^ . i--~~^~-I--~-*--"1 ^M3 send 'Asserts Ecdy- WiSl Fac; E«n Batt«i- shsps Win Project Lea-Jer From Re-: 1-crsdon- Dec. iarst. tie aJcr, vflio arrestc-J at PJ;.aioui5»_ to gee Mia neckties for She .did not per-, mit "fier curiosity 10.remain, long unsatisfied. - F o r gocKiness sake,". she ejaculated to herself, with, the package u c a o a e, "if he il ii VI V ii t, A* **· S. -- Mas. Eaitn'-l'iie" jj-sa't gone arid fecagat a whole year': ·niUraii*; suirag^-tte supply of aeckties! And I was goir;; oU her ab §011:3 Chrisnnas- see - _ - er arrival from the. That's just t^^ man of it, I don't see board the steamship · \.-hy he couldn't have -wailed' a little - ' rt.u*ja.m i--;TT ^«.*.--*-- --zr 3 \.n\ mr msuxiiii i. ncms *^*- »r-i = «^ *iv*-^released i:on the Es-; ivhile. Let nie see. I suppose I'll have { to get aim; a fob or something ii^e Lliil. KOIV '* It -was oa th following evening that Panklmrsi began a h;:ager; ii^at. now." a::;i iJI:st, strike laiKieiiitiitly »o.!^v«"-j ^ i Frederick Ailisoa suddenly turned to ·°~ I Uis wife, alter cinns j lei. ^he iiapeared \ery \\eak aad lui- { lag her arrost. I --:JS. l-r.:i?;hursi was driven Jo Mrs. Charles H. Kuber and son returned to their home on Carlisle street on Saturday evening after a visit of several weeks with friends ia Washington. Mrs. John 31. Elocher returned Saturday evening after spending several, v/eeks with friends in Pottstowa and Philadelphia". J. Young Boyle, of Baltimore, spen- Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Xorman S. Keinde! on Carlisle strast. Sliss Alice Forney returned "to Ser .iorse on Chan:bersburg street after a visit of several days with friends lit Baltimore. Charles S. Duncan Esq. delivered the address at tha Clesirfield Ellis' s.l/lc moment. The ileau 01 the cat assented s.t tiie services to a tha-. a prayer for Mrs. rankhurst be 1 recited. Th-» coagresation was accora- ! - - ' v to pray "for Mrs. ="Ci - :orced, as her hnsband might easil:- thedral at Exeter ^^ see ^ and perhaps d : 5 3ee After they had dropped the subject she happened to glance at his scaripin and s. ^evk- joy sprang up -within, her. She ----- - - v.-oiild get him z. scaripin for Ch'rist- liiie PaakharsL- This is probably t je j :jas fQr j^ Q , fi Gn vas ^^^ out o * '~~ * ~ " r " """"· ' r --^- · s -yj e aE( j never hstl been an expensive one, anyway. ·'By the way, dear," said Aliisoa ih.e nest evening, "I bought something today that I'd like to have you loot at." Of coarse, it v.-as a scarfpin. Juliet ! Srsi ilme that the name of a convicted j 1 crisii^i! has been given out in this n2.aner in an. Eaglish church. anticipating the early release of tieir leader, suorvge'res gathered at tr.o Empress theater. Sari's Court, to^ protest against the imprison sent o: j ilrs. PaiiUhurst. The house v;a three-quarters iHleJ. aacl Soners rciut. X. '.. I.-cc. S.--A lost v, easing Tuig -was 'i---n-i sn the Ieg-o£ a. rat v.%:£?i-jnusi : « - » c scerr-fi oa tHS * Tfs'lf« : n or rl~-~ f ^ ri^^S^d to iiave f ^m"S6"Oi t 1 -*^ UiSllUlUis JLici«l »-^tii ^-i-^^-.^^-u ^v V- -~J.*- *^, '-.o -' i -.'.' *^ t f as an object lesson lo other small Ha- ;"^e!oaged-to'i^S. 5l_"-:s'j=rt B. Tft-alker, |-dependent.bant!Sjn zhe Ticinfey. |j f.v,-r»rwita I^ir t\isl'.. I. James^U-aiker. Governor Kiyeros. of Sinaioa. onllie j'^.-as-Ti-U-Jianr-OA 'a -'irraJ?e£A,ee!i I rist 'cdast; ^epofcefr-liis "trolas and j Xee City ard__Scnic- = rcir.i. X. j., j icKnowfedged fece'ipt'o^tne^cienplaliii j-ouncl vv'ien ~wor' -; n began f: was to re- the postoSIce of tampering with letters coaxaiaicg rnvitatior. tickets. lit ihe course of a speech uenoune- ,, the government she exclairaed: "Here and nov,- we swear that never aga-n will the government get Mrs. Pankhurst! We shall organise a bodyguard -nhich Y.-iil even face battle- bllipS." A resolution demanding the instant release, 01 ilrs. ^ankhurst was carried \viih enihuslasas,-butas, the lacei:- ;ag "as difcpersiag ^he news OL_ ner il Deration ^ greeted wits ,, .Several large, donations to ?""«* nansa be ·e- it is paper -c^ckage which three-quarters fillsJ aua ~w*TM ^ e out o ^ ^ T ^. ^j^ sbe pr ilis. FUra_Drummo=a, wno pre^de-, ^ . Q thiak . c iS ia:ued tne empty s,-^s by acea,.ng ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ tocied that she could have made a better selection if he had only permitted lisr to have the ecance. A-; the once Allison aad told tiie versary of tHe battle. Mrs. Roy Zinn and son, Harmon, awe returneii home after spending "Sunday in Chanibersbarg. Bert J. Widder, iias gone to Baltimore, where he has accepted a .position with Xauifman BroVhers" as a ·window decorator. :S'Ie -and jji-cnrJses o£ ;'ur.Uer jioaatic-ns-given, .juaouniing la oil. f 1 $50.'.'0'"'. This asiotint includes *--,5-1 ', \Iexican insurgents- that xhre~-case was proaiisod 1 be~mvestigafed .mmediately. and it" the reports proved true the guilty persos£s*-areuM -be pv^ '^"in^ T^r t a^o"'he ? ~^us«^s^- I ¥ou _ . - "with the^assistance b5jSe""go\ : ernaient', 1 had issued Sat money which bad the W.H. . C Others reduced to 98 cents and $!.%S. Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now SI .98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller Hacking "oi the^e'atire -Tevolaxior.ary gDvsrament. It is interchangeabla with paper issues ol" the various states, lad so far is being taken at par. :a a vear ago. t- take «n a home-! ?a«:'5 .-cathedral antl chanted "God ^ r S5u~clktE:"^n~sJ- I iL"a--a"Texas, often {"ia^^Enksfeiiae Pankiurst." ise ser- "·-on-"'»r»d vrhkt ".ad Tieco'me ot ilrs. i -.-ce was stoppe'l until the women had j^ Greece the kalikaatzaroi are gen- I erally represented as mere tricky who live, as a rule, uader- iand. aopearing to men only on the between December hey pass the days dark caverns, ;erpents and iiz- . . ard come forth to daace in the svas progressing. j j., oon} ; slir . eitjl er aione or in company Ccristmas was only a week away : -.- ,. ^-^^c; ?PG al=o with mortal ! vlj.4^i .iiTZ H£l ^It^s, l^u e--~v ».**.-.^.-- and Juliet lay awake a long ..nne ? . on ; ea . :f the _- ^^ Iure a £ y to "join, fiat night trying to think what-presens. ' she .could get for her husband, Thezc boys of the splendid plan lie had hit i . ·%-ere the : n-a-. booiis, but i.e had in' i-.-svsiidxEz. ring. Sae- ,it-T^hile .washing-flotaes hi jfitent o: " br o:C honie. !ti "the 'VC-T'-fnen started fo as Snioiedj aafi .~as.^ihen resumed though aoihing n/iusutJ had happeaea- The sr.ffragettes then_ quietly left the cn. .^icdei the old Vv'"'ker home on .tridayi ^jSSjC-TS'Se -so i^^ipered by rats that I ?? 3s, A : B R A N D : N E W : S T . O C K : O F Big Bullion Train Crosses Border. El Paso. Tex.. Dec. S.--A big bullion , rain \i r.ich has been on the way from Parrall. Mex., for the past tno vveeKS, .:rriv?.: sr.t5y on the Aciencaa s:5e of the R ; o Grande. There were sixteen : wagons in the traia .each drawn :y i si-aeen aiulep, with a military escort of !5'i men. Jn ibe train were GIT bars of bullion weighing 1^5 pounds each. ^vhic:; at tb'e present price of silver would ninke the value of the shipment $'i' in gold. K I Awaits your Jnspecrion Iiere. Xo novelties that tbe !:ctat:s -jf fa-hion ba\e liiaue o5^o]ete. Xi-thins carried over from former years--b»U the latent designs iron! ilic trades best manufacturers. Cut Glass SAYRES IN LONDON president's Sor.-In-Lavv and Daughter j Guests of American Ambassador, j London. Dae. S.--Mr. and Mrs. Fran! cis B Sayre. President VTiison's son- j :a-lsv.- and daughter, arri-'ed in I -:cn on Sunjay. ! The weather wao rav- and chilly and j thcv ?aw and taste:! one of the famous ' fosL as they stepn -d from the train j at FaJding-on txatinn. j Thev went ai once by automobile to 1 -r-e bt-me of Araoas^aior an-i Mis. ' Par«. :i Gr^svcnrsr Si".:2rc. They at- -ro-2." WAMTS S5.SD_HEAHT BALM _ove-£_orn O!d "ar, Sues Fsir and Fortj Jilter. T^.'-lan'i. X . T*ee. S. -- Hyman frcni Mr^. Ber- fcr his broken "Vatc-hLcr " j-a \V:c!:*.c rc-an. -r i -, .- Pasc. Mr. Sayre ^.-C3- for a v-a'k ir- Sayre rcstca. ,-' mer-'^crs of tae 1 1 35 1 I ·¥: Umbrellas Scarf Pins Bracelets Mesh Bags WATCHES DIAMONDS Table Silver Lockets Chains Manicure Sets ; cars °iu and Mrs. -.VicV.Ier is fcrt.. old. The day ·'h2t " i .V?f! i;r r ··-- l his eyes on Mrs \Vaen lie f-" 1 ".:-' " ie -sii a husbaa;; in Il;tss:a lie c'"'. -7'1 ?" to send for a '·Ivorce. Soon affr "r. - ?.Irs. ^Vickler's love :-oo:e;3. Vfa. h:-r sa;-s. an-i now he ;he Peace De I^-.ica ^kier for breach cf recovery of SS.Sv. of "19 ti:-.orce, "'· cen's cents for a theater ·IOLG| HIS jMSTEe SAFE formed her .wat he dicn'L want bcotis; , Tfeej" had all the standard v/orks in the J iib^ary, ancl he never read any of the | raodera aovels. Ah, a .happy thought I came to her. Seme- fe^x Xiv7 I w h e r e she had ^f sesn--£---metal bos '»^E?r" " Ja which cigars y ^£ could^b* kept fresh. ^\u . Sne . is-;3O | , ^ .'would-' gee a- of t h a t Mnd Frederick, dear jolo. XS say tte oe'st tirr.e to catch. I a dpsrr is en Christmas- night ^ at twelve o'clock, -K.-nen taey believe els. ' "' '*'' * * * »jwi.jt=L-.i^.- girls can learn, daring' J_\ the. Christmas s.easqn,_ whether or ~ not they are going to be married within the coming year. At midnight 7/ 1 *Mf eater the stable- aad'strike the '·-viJ ^^^ foo£ of tlie ® czt 05: they come across * *3!MM I sWiag: "Ims year; neityear."- If the c;: gets -up at the Srst stroSe ,tne girl ,^ taac ed.~ , - , ^ r e a e r;i_c fc -came ^ atini:tig t,:rt;-.i :n the lowlands near Brcas Street 7';-!:. a Treaton suburb, -vhen. Bor.n'i s · Jienly fcuau hiniseif sinking in the o-'-ksaatis. Tne harder r:e struggle;! t- i-ee his limbs from achero;:^ ssnd the deeper he S2ni:. and h° c^: I lustily for Ward to witlx a,'2n'etal :r bdFx and t y eacagh cigars, as "· iie caeerfully informed her, to last Mia ail Then it was that the iron entered Juliet Allison's soul. She decided to give ap tne idea of making her husband a Christmas nresenc that wonld be ia j anv wise distinctive. She would mere-; itCdo^:3qt-get np at all tb^-gctis have g^_ nof"yet7ceciaed on her "weadiBg date. T X many "coantcieswnerS they go by I the old calendar Christmas Is celebrated January 6. th.3 celebration begiaaiag twelve cajs before. * * * AKES weighiag,frpm one to twelve i pounds are made ia Friedrichstadt. They place them in esalt- ·.vants .T:jst:"e · So siie ^r^ V i.-^ ia'i^.; - -* - ;or postage a;, i ticfect- Jttstice C" ?-Irs. V\"i^ Icr ""· show ca:i~= *store her :--, ~a has sr. ,'-r;ear before hi:n 10 ;-he shou : d noi re- 'n"er"s niosey. ]%- ~zet him a pair of gloves and per- ; hacs a. few handkerchiefs. Hardly had she adopted this resolution, however, before he turned to her saying: _ . _ . . . "i aappened to be in TVitierspoon'd Xero seemed ^ sense the per:l or j lM _ a ftprnooa to get some shirts, aad nis jnaster an,i '-:_· w what to do. He j"" thoij g- nt i misat as well lay ia a. sap- put goods they have e.vbio»ted ro, ~au, ..,-.;-» -. fs- baclv -- : the neck c: his ,,, o f^ or e= "iarfiliercbiefs aad sas- i on a revolving disk ana raffle oiem os. ed position and~piay to them, rep.e- senting. as they say they do, St. Xich- olas. Of rye bread taey make a boar or cog. six or seven inches nigh, with gilt snout and tail, with gold rings around its knees. Tne business men put goods they have exhibited for sals =c-i-e "· the baclv : ." tae neck, c: ^..stcr's hunting ·- oat ac-i drig his ·--'nci lo^s deep for a grip in the firm car:h. There was r,f let so to t" asr S ri P\Va-'l knew '.t was s-^r f° r some min- r.t^s. s.3 i:e hr.rrie.l ^v.-ay in quest of i rope- He msnr-. " to fipd one after a t=n:e. and ^-"--' ~s to ths scor.c Nero WP-- .1 b.o!d;ng on. al- tho'ig-i saimag ; - illy. TVaru gjt. tse irnperile:- taca oat w:rh the; rnpe, lit- ·'e the v;orse for th^ closo call. ^%^»-^-«HH- MW *.* *.***, -^^ A. « A^ fc^r iJ J^L^TiJ ^*w- --i fc *^- »--·*«- ImportefTChlme Clocks in MaKoganyCases other articles that wil! delight ar s -d please you. May we show then: ·toTM vou ? Comoare t *" * prices \vith others ^»W*^v ·?*rv .^er**. ^^ '. Suspect Girl of Big Fraud- i p,-r~5s. a seventeen-;-ear-old girl, is be- i 3 f t). J. Ka'ey. -'"ief "f pol'r-e of Rich ! Ind . as a suTe^t in connect.oa Bryan Ccc,'.; '3 For Democrats. Tojiera. K r ~ Dec S.--A" tne an rs«al r.anr!;;ct ' - iz State Pe'.iccratic ;3u" - . on -J-5H " \-'". ; ara -T. Cr.-sr. s°e retary of si?.' · · " be "be 5nr.-"';T',a! speaUer. In · i ra-rcn of the coming of the Xe"ra;-.... a grape jsrce cocktail ws:! be s-c-r-« i to tse ;···») n'ea and '..omen who -a-, attend. Tvo hundred and fifty ga'- of grape jr.Ice have seen ordered. of ibenj - n c:o5'» ·-'."" *n\T ^* 3.*1 50 Dea-J in Texas Floods. HGHSE CH43£D^ Runaway Ar.:n-ai -' Y! UPSTAIRS porch -.bed o ."s Lea- oeacters. They'U probably b3 seat oat _ - . ,,. r -^^^n--- ! Tx^ISXGEBST (Kind Jesus or v.niia (.Oxi_OITiw v - * f j f ,_ .-T- .^^--,· - ""m so -lad - reulied Juliet. "Tea ! fv Jesus) presides over ail CnnsL- ne^d gloves' and baadkercbtefs. too. Or j mas celebrations in Scbleswig- -ourse I don't know so-much about] Koistein. He is supposea to fen^ " "- ^spenders, and I suppose you i presents to the children^ aad some- 'j^ht all the haif-bose you'li-- " "Yes, I forgot to mention that. I got times Danishes naciaty ones. forge'l Mumper's, -Ana von nave all tbe caff buttons jfaim stock m Thursday. December ar.d studs and such things taat you j lltft.--advertisement need, haven't you?- ! TrAXTED: assistant Spirella Cor- ^nousa to last me a ^ean^ , Wednesday afiemcon. She went oack to ne^ caair ana sat. for a long time gazing at the flames · "iorfc street--aaverasement -hi"h fiickercc around the gas log; ·'lie dailv paps- T- 23 1 :-" ia S °" tbe tafclc : HOUSr. for rent, apply Calvin .au. ;a Trent ot ; 1= '^' ~ Itccreiy a-id ran r. nicer him. dragging behind it ami smash --V."h«n T.-on ^*her eibor.-, and her glance at length , r^-.tpr str*-it. j fTii* upon" some large black letters j --hien presently resolved themselves | into"words. Then sbe read this advertisement: jliddle street.--advertisement Nob.::-y to Visit be Duke ani Dnchcss o. ?".' ^r^ar.d arc ir.eir yacht. L"v ;'ttnnia. lor the Wcsi iDoies an s Pa- ma. accom Lord Bro"\c. t La-Ti*- tnat his leg -~as isken TO the ~-~ Tho firiver of ~~--Eckles. naally : :r:c ".~ ! 'ts c/c on aw the steps slivery wagon tbe railing of ·*~ crushed so ' rcken anl he ^on, Cr.irje.-i ;d to get nis iike and j. 0 _ se afl -- n fc ~. -. 5 - igon was bacly ;ailin.c: on i ,^^,^^ 0 ,- rV, 0 IVoc! U '*- ^^ " ,,,, _ .-. . Countess of "Warwick's son, sif. 1,ady Rosabella Bing- hanx, daughter c: 'he Earl cf Rosslln. Pays Record Price For Apple Land. Winchester. Va, Dec. S.--The high- Cioarrnake-s to'Vote or. S Be-. 8.-r t-cverrJ and bees, u or address H. A- Sell.--advertise- zisr'ar'-.factarers of the33 district'. Z I E G L E CHAMBERSBURG ST. t o e j j t » v , t t. » v. * "iivt. * v/i j i A A b tt^mj. iii _.I^,£ll i;i*i»».*;«^«- t^»«* v*-*- -^ -- the Virginia \ a t-y was recorded when to srrant an increase of §1 a tho-:sar.-. _^ , » ^ ^ ! « _ ·* _ _. . _ _ _ » i « ?_ _ _; n ^ »-.T^r v» la^r-fv ^ f T i ? side, r, small tiv.n or. the lov. or Brazos Felipe and are In s;reat danger SHELL oysters always on hand at i Evans' Restaurant I advertisement United Phone.-- LADIES earn 82.25 dozen making plain neckwear. Home business. Ex- pcrience pattern, 2007. Altoona. Pn. Mail dime for . Xecidiecr.ifi advertisement : G»«**«g bLAR CUSPID. 1 j - Up-to-Date Der.tists- £ ; On Christmas morning Frederick · Allison was somewaat sxtrprised when · his wife handed iini a small plcsh case, saying: "There, dear, is a set oi things that you probably didn't think of ween jou were baying everything you thought I might oossibiy want to give yoxi for a * - - -- - but and I them ; that tbey were offer a bargain." · He opened the case, loolced at tbe ·; set of teeth it contained and said: f "Lets go to breakfast. I want to ! bits into something."- i» ' ^ v FOR S.- GRAPE \1XE Sunday School vrill J -lea^- butcher wagon, hold their Christmas entertainment j ' * - ' Monday evening, December 22nd. i evening. tisement. ^A. *^ ^k*' Week Is a Good Time to Begin Doin^ Yeur Christmas Shopping. KWSPAPLRl WSPAPLRI

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