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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, February 11, 1818
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AWYsrt Dcilv Adoertiser, Fib. ; Treasury Report. W lad expected that Um lata reoort of the secretory ofthe treasary, bav ins? for its oMect "lA mere effectual execution of etfg tods, wares and mtrtAandae," would have " wsctted the attention at least of tboM waeee b - , tsuiest leads them to be pertkmlarty conversant with, and ieUcetted in, Um abject Bat, for ' mil cauv - wiui.w w mrm m mv.m " r that document appears to have patted by wilV sot antic. BsfitTUisr. Iwmtk, that Um prio - ' ciplee contained in it regardioff b im position ! duties are very incorrect, ww, u aaopuo, wm be hijurioai to the pubUc treasury, at well m to w r.. ii i - m We take it for muted, aot only free, the pre - amble to the report, oat rrcm weu nwwi that it i not the object of the secretary to increase the amount ef revenue, by increasing the a it would seeas 10 dm.llad bv the rjresnleot, in bit tnei ik. Au;n r tk inn dv me pswi, tn hi. n'nnl mori. and bv the committee of way. and meant, that the income of tlM govera - ' meat n equal to U wuu, mm muj - - tot tine, but for a eenee of yean to CSM "" n that preefae adaii - ion, (he internal reeaae hat ben aboliibed the present eetiioo. And, it may be said, that the general opinion ia, that the duties are as high at they" can be safely raised, when the inducement! to smuggling are const - ' dered, and the facilitiee which the country presents for the coamisuou of that debesitg and de - teetable offence against Um lawi of morality, ai well ai of the V. ml for aa the inducement to muggling grows out of the high rate of duties, it b perfectly dear that the temptation gains ttrengta exactly in proporuou u we ww increased, and it lessened precisely m the tame tame at Ihe duties are aumnuoea. in uus view of the subject, we cannot resist the conclusion, that the preambln speaks the plain and proper object of the report to. to secure, a - gainst Imposition and fraud, toe coueciion we duties. It must then, we think, sicite some surprise, that in proposing a scheme toaccomplieb this object the secretary should, m net, propose a rate of duties which will not only raise them, but raise tnem, on many arucies, 10 oouuie, ana 1 cren to lire timet the present amount. Another instance in which we think the Secretary bat mistaken bis object, or at least, has shown a want of sound judirement, will be found in the recommendation to en crease the Urifl'of specific duties. Where articles of the tame kind rary but little in quality and ralue as coffee, sugar, fee. or where they are uscepU - clMsificat km of qualitiea, as the different kinds of spirits, wine, teas, fee. it ia undoubtedly a wise course to affix to tJietn specific dnties. But, surely, it cannot be to considered with regard to a regulation, or proposition, which imposes the same specific duty, as in the case of fowling - pieces, on an article which costs three dollars and thirty - three cents, and one which coits nearly tweuty times that sua. " Nor cn that be rie wed ai a patriotic measure, which goes to lessen the duty, and thereby to discharge domestic manufactures, of articles necessary for the defence of the country. Almost the ouly articles specified, on which the duties art not raised, are rifle and muskels. We cannot but think that the manufacture of these sr - - tides ou?ht to be encoorared rather than dis couraged b our rovtrnmen' for surelv it can not for a moment oe admitted, that we are to re ly on another country for those arms which are indispensably necessary for the protection and se - curitr of our own. An essential deviation from the principles of ne Mwwr rwcuuv iawv, uiu rc cu vu iu proposed tarUf, Formerly it was thought good Dolicr to discriminate in favor of article princi pally used in the new and less wealthy parts of the country. Accoruiugiy anvus, vices, iocks, liinres. boas, fee. paid 2 1 - 2 per cent lest duty. than other hardware goods. By the last tariff this discrimination was abolished, and all inch articles were eubjected to the same rate of duty as other goods. We cannot bat think tbeinha bitants of the newly settled parts of the country wiUcomidsr themselves hardly treated, when they learn that the implements of husbandry and I m i I . - 1 1 I lOOIB Ol gwnwnw I wm Tim IW uawionv, sasrs, fowliag and hunting pieces, articles of first necessity to them, have been selected as'objects of enormous duties. Tbut theso ctbMctione to the report are found - d on mots will be apparent by the follow iog de tail! i Anvils by the present duty pay per . cent. Axes (broad) Hatchets Adxes By tiie proposed duty tney wUI par per 32 22 22 22 22 cent 33 1 - 3 30 50 55 II 40 30 33 33 Augers Blacksmiths hau'ers 22 Carpenters' claw do 22 Jloes (broad) 22 Curriers knives 22 Cutting do suppo - 1 sed chaff knife, f ,n to be meant (own - r moo) ) Patent do. 22 Saws, croet - cat, ) lowest price uiu - 22 ally imported, J Do. highest price do. 22 Do. band, lowest 1 price iron plate, u - 22 sually Imporletl ) Dusted plate do. 22 yowling hunting 1 pieces lowest qua - 22 1 - 3 1 - 3 37 1 - S 25 50 27 62 27 ISO 100 75 65 60 50 40 33 30 25 lity usually imp'd, Do. 2J do. 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 3d do. 4th do. ' 6th do. 6th do. 7th do. 8 th do. 9th do. lOlh do. 1 - 2 1 - 3 The above kinds cost from 15 to 72f. sterling each, and are the qualities most imported. It not, however, unusual, to import these which cost, and now pay proposed duty, 6( 0 O 101 0 0 22 22 15 9 someai high 20 0 0 22 t A 45 27 22 1 - 2 Cotton hose lowest ) quality Do. BvJJliog 22 Do. flue 22 1 - 2 From this detail, which might be greatly increased, it will appear, that with the eiceotion of augers, and high priced fowling - pieces, of wiucn out lew are import a, and fine cotton bote, Uie tarif proposed adds greatly to the present duties, and, of course, operates, to fir, as a premium for tmugglinr. In order to ibw the impropriety and want of wisdom of changing ad valorem duties on certain articles into specific duties, the following may serve as a specimen : Cross - cut stws, the lowest price, cost about . sterling net, highest price, 21s. Hand - tews, iron plate, cost 21s sterling per doien net Steel do. 43s. Both are to pay by the proposed lUaff lOOrt. ea Both to pay 3 per dose. A. I I 1 Tine do. 45s. J " This article seems to be a CiTori'.e. yvi i ; I . - - ; 1 e owng - yteeee, na. i, m s 4 , lbstmikeec. f Tel"?1 ruse kind eest from l&I U tOt (Un eAcb - sekjeetiom - Wrmjert, the least, is, that st eppears " Ti the subject, er wiU tMx. "JT burlesaueoa our reveaae nwe to mea snewi ZZTZZ tLtXjoU nrtldei m Wo - J wiia mMK9 vesevi - r - - - . A. . .. iMiduta. ssiase. daw hemiers, ewawinsv asivea, chisels, aorsra, & J aemdkerchieis, emsOostkB, fe - ti, i - U kothasr. sad lioaerw - The eery Set it seua - jfEir.YuHX zrEjnxo post. WeDWESDAY, FEBRUARY 11. 7raatiry Repmrt We recommend to particu lar notice the excellent article on this state pa per, which we this evening republish from Um New - York Daily Advertiser. The editor has devoted to his subject a laborious and patient in vestigation, and has, (as he always does,) placed bis remarkt in a lucid and striking point aview. A bill bat passed the Legislature of Penn sylvania and only wants the signature of the Governor to become a law, that the namber of passengers on board any merchant vessel arriving in the port of Philadelphia shall not exceed more than ene to every rwe tons ef said vessel. The Bouse, of Representatives of Pennsylvania, have also reported a BUI for the relief of William Cobbett The legislature of New - Jersey, now in Ses sion at Trenton, have pasted aa act to authorise the establishment of a Bank at the city of Jersey. The editor of the Commercial Advertiser, (I beg pardon of my readers for again introducing him.) reljing upon the impunity implied by my having taken leave ef him ia Monday's paper, has once mora ventured forth and replied m his oMalstiM of despicable prevarication. I mean aot to add another syllable respecting the origi nal ditputt, but leave it to every one, who thinks it worth his attention, to form bis own opinion. But one assertion demanus particular notice : be says, I have trimmed and garbled a quotation to suit my purpose. I answer if by this be means to say, as the words import, that have curtailed and separated one part of a sen tence or paragraph from Um rest so as to alter the sense, to suit my purpose, 1 tell him to his teeth it b a falsehood a wilful, malicious, rank falsehood t and for the justice ef this reproach, I refer him to the small, $011 wire of hit owa ceoscieoce. Sunday - School Concert l will be seen by aa advertimmeot in our paper, that this evening a concert of sacred aasic is to be tireo at 8t George's Church, under the direction of Messrs. Morse, Eage and Earle. The majority ef citi zens, whatever may be said, will, after all, be influenced by a regard to their own gralincatioB on men occasions, rather than by any vmwi of a public nature ; but, y et, there are some who act from motives ef a duty. To inch, then, wt beg permission to say, that the present opportu nity afibrdt one of Um most pressing that ever of fers, to induce the benevolent to countenance and encourage it. To those who seek their own laudable gratification, we venture to say, that Um selections of music, as appears from Um bill, are made with as much taste and judgment as we recollect ever to hare seen oa a similar occa - The ship Telegraph, Caiwell, from this port for Charleston, auchored on Um 2d hut in Five Fathom Hole, where she parted her cables in the gale, and was driven ashore upon SuUivan'i Island, but was expected to be got off next day, without damage. Extract tfalelterfmm fVathwgtan, dated Feb. 8. Tbe bodies of the two unfortunate youUu which bad been missing since Afonday evening last, were yesterday discovered under the ice in the Tyber, about thirty yards from the shore one of them was the only ron of Adrian Benjamin Ben lien, Esq. governor general and com - mauder in chief of all the Islands belongiog to his Danish majesty in the West Indies, and had ouly a fow days before accompanied bis erand 'atber, Jolin Jacob Astor, Esq. to this place; the other was a son of Mr. Ten niton of this city There has scarcely been witnessed a greater degree of solicitude than was evinced on this mournful occasion. Every clam of our follow citizens seemed to participate In Um Mfiliction which the untimely fate of these promising youths had produced The funeral procession was attended by Use family of Um president, Ihe secre tary of state, Um speaker of the house of re presentatives, many members of both bouses ot coogress, foreign ministers, the commissioners of the navy - board, many officers of the army and na7, and an immense concourse of citiitns. Tbe funeral solemnities were performed in a most impressive manner by the Eerd. Mr. Haw ley. We understand that Mr. Astor intend to con vey the body of hit grand son to this city Extract of m Utter from London, by the hut or rival. 44 In the theatrical world, the principal inci dents are, that Mr. Keao it just recovering from a long and severe illness, and makes his appear ance shortly, but with what success it is difficult to pronounce. Miss O'lf eil's powers of attrac tion have not a little diminished ; so that it may be mid Trtgedy bangs her bead fust at thit time. Ooera and muric is all the rare. Brabant has returned, and with redoubled popularity. In deed he carries all before him, playing, or rather, I should say, siogiog to crouJed bouses every ncht, while the other theatre scarce shows eipences." Extract ofalcl'rr to the editor of the National Intelligencer, date! St. Majiv'a, Jan. 24. 1S18. " The patriots, as they are called, are preparing to leave Amelia Inland ; but where Geo. Ao rv and hie followers will take up their rnture reti - ifeere is not vet ascertained. The Republic, formerly tbe Mortiona, has already sailed, and Gen. Anrv't rrirantiae. the Mexican Coorrct, once the Calypso of Baltimore, is nearly ready for . V U now retfivUf her fmithinf repairs at a wharf here. The writer of this had an opportunity of seems; gen. Aery, an evening or two past, at a splendid ball five to the officers ef tbe army and aay ia this place , where he was treated with every attention by all He is a fine looking, well Blade man, about six feet high, and appear d to bej net snare than twenty - eight or winy year. v. are, with a countenance possessing strong traKa of intelligence He appeared somewhat rlMtrhnlT and tHerefore tauea shii inuc during the evening though be seemed grateful for tbe attention be received. A few days has nmdneed etianre alterations in bis an airs About six weeks past be was absolute lord of Amelia Island I but, since that time, ne nas been in tbe custody ofthe civil officers of this country foe debts has been obliged to give tun tor him Diearance at our courts. But yesterday Cxsar might have stood against the ' . J , j fc.: l worta now none so poor w uw umi rcTiv., is fortune's device" A new mode of treatinr pirates. Rinun te - neati amiti Ed. E. rost. 7s the Editor of lite New - York Evening Pott. SIR Throush the medium of your widely circulating paper, I beg permission to submit to public consideratton tbe particulars oi a new u - r en Don, wtucn i caii roe - .engBois ivy Boat.1 This contrivani will, I flatter myself, SDDear of national importance, inasmuch as it will assist Um intercourse between, and there fore in effect bring nearer together, the remotest nerta of this treat country. M v clan is to construct single or double rafts of squared and round umDeriogs, maaiog uiem of such forms as sliaU be best adapted to easy Drorrets throurh water. These are to be put in motion by water - wheels with perpendicular paddles, operating wilnin a guuer or race - way, at ia mills. The water - wheel is to be moved by steam or animal power, as may be most convenient ( but I am of opiuion that animal power will, in most instances, be preferable to steam, and have discovered a method by which the draught of horses may be applied in a straight line, with the utmost economy and simplicity, and without a tingle cog - wbed ; thereby avoiding much friction, saving a grsattosce, obviating the incon venience of tne circular erecuoni nereiowre placed upon decks of bone - beats, and bringing the strength of Um. animals employed into operation ia the most advantageous manner. I find that in most of the steam anu norse - boats hitherto constructed, half, and often more than half, the power employed, w expended, and to every useful purpose toil, in oppoiingtht perpendicular resiitance of back - water, and from uie escape of water on each aide and beneath the float - boards at they impinge. The first b avoided bv the wheel with unrirfat paddles; Uie se cond by Uie raceway ind tbe conjunction of these inventions lenders tbe power eu board very nearly at advantageous at when applied in tewing from Um land. , On the canals in England, barges carrying w tons are drawn 5 miles per hour by one bone throurh still water why then should not an e - qua power, if properly applied, produce nearly an equal result when employed on board i I am conscious it can never do quite so much, because it is impossible to prevent Um escape o.r water about the paddlee entirely, but a very near approximation may be obtained. navurable tuft - Boats ana tneir machinery may be constructed of various dimensions, and at one - fourth Uie expence of ordinary horse - boats. They may be moved with rapidity by one or more horses or oxen according to thoir size They will be advantageous for ferries, and the conveyance of passenren, merchandise of all kinds, and agricultural produce stores and a - parunents may be erected upon tnem, and subline for relay horses. Tney may be used in numberless instances, where Uie heavy expences of steam - boats and horsc - borts are insupportable. They will avoid the inconveniences of leakage and repairs they may travel in the shallowest waters, and will be more safe than any hollow vessel can poniuiy De. I am, sir, your very obedient servant, C. A. BUSBY. 2, Law Buddiugf. Febll P. S. A model ofthe Navigable Raft - Boat is prepared for Uie inspection of those who take in terest in Uie subject. This invention may also be converted into t Ftoaltnf - MiU. the raceway being in that case made hopper - mouthed, to increase the current actios? upon the water - wheel. It may alro be applied to military purposesand why should it not cross the ocean r Vsm the National Intelligencer of Feb. 9. Official mibrmatioa h as beea received in this dty, that major - general Jackson has removed the head quarters of Um south division of the army le fort Scott, near the confines of ueoreia, Private tetters from New - Orleans announce that Henry Johnson is elected a senator in con gress from Louisiana, vice W. C. C. Claiborne, deceased A melancholy accident happened ia this place on Afooday evening the 2d instant, which has excited great interest, from the peculiar circuit stance attending it. The eldest too of Mr. Tennison, of this city, aged about 17 years and a youth by the name of John Jacob Bentocn, (grandson of John Jacob Astor, esq. now on a visit here) aged about it years, disappeared They were traced to the mouih of Uie Tyber, where it appears they went late in Uie afternoon, not long before dark, and to a place where it was supposed one or both of them had put on skates. But as, on diligent search, nothing could be discovered of their bodies, it was hoped for some days that they had gone off on a boyuh freak, and would toon be restored to their afflicted relatives This painful suspense, however, was terminated oa Saturday morning about deven o'clock, by Uie discovery of their bodies, by one of tbe persons employed to search for them, a short distance east of Van Ness't wharf, at a distance not more than 20 or 30 yards from Uie thoiu. Oue of them had bis hands fastened in the other's sur - tout coat : the ice must, have riven way with them, and the cold prevented them from extri cating themselves, no one having been within sight to assist them, or give notice of weir fate Let 111 is add one to tbe warnings, so often re pea ted, of Uie danger of the practice of skaiting, particularly in this pert cf our country, where, from the capricsousaess of our seasons, no reli ance can be placed oa Uie strength ofthe ice for lour and twenty hours together. From the National Advocate, A singular circumstance lately occurred in this city, which should serve as a caution to strange females wnoemigraU here for the pur pose of going to service. A Toung girl arrived irons the country in one of the sloops which na vigate our riven with a view ef retUn? a place, While the sloop remained in the river Uie rirl continued on board, but wheo about departing sne too ner trunk ana causa a porter, and requested him to show her a place where she could procure lodgings. The porter took her to a house of ill fame, and, in the course of the night, the girl discovering where she was, made her escape, Icav mg ner trunk behind her. A stran rcr in Uie dty, she wandered about, baif dis tracted, during one of the most iudement nights, without shelter t and Deing attracted by a lirht which was tiorning in an uonnished place of wor ship, where the workmen were watching Um ares used to dry uie want, she entered, and beg. ed permission to rest on the sbavi."!. Her si tuation and story, added to an baocent appear ance, awakened an interest in the workmen, whe Um next day procured ner a respectable place at service and recovered her effects. There are, doubtless, many rfllainoui practices UfcJ to j .. - i - lure the unsuspicious icto places oTinfaay i Uiey would be watched, and Um culprits punished oa detection.' - ; k ' - v ' ' ; r ' inm lh Hartford Co. Timet, Dee. 19. . !l araiLit Dr. lit is? for a libel, has been decided at a session of rc4Hred twi( wj(D a verdict of ewe Inecepenor wiri, .iw" - . - . , g , u tLat bewg sent oui a m. .: .ft.,wlM a sneeisJ charts from each of the jodres constituting the court, Uiey f4""" - a - ..rt. nrdict of 150 dollar damages. This sum olmcnep, it it presumed, will repair the in jured character M ue rarson. NEW - HAVEN. Feb. 10. Slander On a trial for slander before the - Superior Court in Ibis city the last week, the Jury retained a verdict for the plaintiff, damages 1 150 dollars, which ie f 150 more than was ever given io Connecticut in a case 01 tne same nmuic. CHARLESTON, Feb. 2. J2smt( of actual sales for the seed: pf Cotton Sea Island, 55 a 56 can Is per pound ; hnrt stanle. 33 a 34 cents, Rice Prime, $6; second quality, 5 3 - 4 a 5 7 - 8 brisk. Flour Camden, (tup.) $12 ; Philadelphia 12. REMARKS. Dry Goods But few sales have been made the past week, owing in part to the heavy rains, which hat made it almost impossible for the transportation of roods even from one part of tbe city to another, and for country traders to come to market ; however, tbe articlo it improving, and manv sales would probably have been effected had it not been for Uie inclemency of Uie weather. Groceries. West India rum is in demand ; molasses tells quick at our quotation ; white Havana surar. scarce : brown has declined a little; a prime lot of New - Orleans sold at auction for $lal2 1 - U. Cotton. Since the last advices from Furope appean to be at a stand, and but few purchasers at our quotations under present prospects. Rice. Has unproved a little, and meets with ready tale. Flour. Hi mams about the tame; several sales have been made at eur highest quotations. NEW - ORLEANS, Jan. 8. Thit being the anniversary of the glorious vic tory which saved New - Orleans, we, in common with every fnend to Louisiana hold it sacred to festivity - No paper will in consequence be published from thit office tomorrow. Another attempt at robbery. The ttore of Messrs. Talcott and bowers was again broken open oa Tuesday night by a pug of villains. MOBILE, Dec. 20. It is with extreme satisfaction that we an nounce, that generals Clauxel and Lcfebrre Des - nouettes, have purchased in Mobile, and will probably 'make it their permanent residenco; they have also purcha' - ed for marshal Grouchy and gen. Lallemand. General Claniel. ttayt with us this winter ; gen. Desnouettes proceeds for Uie White Bluff. This wiU be a great addition to our society and active capital, and we fed gratified, that tuch distinguished foreignen should give tuch a decided preference to Mobile overtbe contemplated dty of Blakeley. Raliisw, (st. c.) Feb. 6. If talher. It mayeive to our northern bre thren some notion ofthe variability of our cli mate, when we state thet on Tuesday and Wednesday week our gardeners were planting their peas, and the weather so mild that Uie frogs were singing in the swamps and mea dows. Un Friday, it beiran to snow, and al though falling on frround both warm and wet, before it ceased on Saturday it bad covered the ground to Uie depth of 12 inches. On Monday it began to rain, and did not cease until Tuesday. To - day there are scarce any re. mains of the tnow ; the earth being bare in all places where the tun baa bad tall power. RIBBRHIAiT PROVIDENT tOCIBTY. At a stated meeting on the 5tb February, 1818, ihe committee of correspondence reported their answer to a communication from tbe Irub Emi grant Association of New - York, which si at read and approved, and the correspondence uiuen mouily ordered for publication. DAVID SRI son, g , WM cox, S ' New - York, Dec. 8, 1817. To the President of the Hibernian Provident Society. SIR The Irish Emigrant Attociation hit al lotted to me the agreeable task of announcing to tbe Hibernian frovident faoriety, that it ha pro. ceeded to the adoption of a constitution, and that the election of officers thit evening will complete its organization. A memorial to congress has likewise been agreed to, praying for a grant of i .t - ln: - - ti 'i.i i ill ..i una in tne iiuum, Krniurjr, vuiivu luiue eritic ment of Irish emigants. Ancnlirhtened public has already distinguish ed our association by unequivocal expressions of approDauon, ana ii is nnpea wai iu views anu prospects accord so fully with the principles of the benevolent institution, of which you are president, at to entitle it to your co - operation and support, and to that end I am authorised to solicit a correspondence. I am, dr, very respectfully, your obedient servant, WILLIAM SAMPSON. Secretary of Uie Irish Emigrant Association. Jastvauy 10, 1818. To the President ofthe Irish Emigrant Asso ciation of New - York. Si a The interesting communication from the Secretary of your Institution to the President ofthe Hibernian Provident Society, dated 8tli December last, has been laid before that body, and by them referred to their commit tee of correspondence the committee hare given to that communication the most respect nil attention, and with confidence assure you of the great solicitude which tbe Hibernian Provident Society dways feel in the success of every measure' calculated to aid or comfort Uie emigrant stranger, particularly emigrants fiom Ireland, who, from persecution or at tachment to the cause of Freedom, seek an as ylum in tliis happy land j in the pursuit of that object, an object which this society has never lost sight of from its first institution, now nearly seventeen years ago, they have found it most congenial with tlie general interest, to act upon the enlarged and liberal ground of embracing the friends of liberty from every clime, in order that their feelings and interest should be identified, and their energies conso. .dated with the great cause of freedom in this rising republic. With you we sre happy to recognise the gcneroi'S interest which an "en lightened public" have always taken in the welfare of the deserving emigrant, and it will no doubt approbate any measures calculated to promote arid secure his happiness, consistent with public utditv ; but it may be fairly ques tioned how far that " enlightened public" would approbate congress in granting public lands to Irish Emigrants on terms more favourable than to their own citizens ; and if such a grant could be obtained, it might still be doubtful whether tbe babits of Irishmen lately arrived, are well calculated to undertake the cultivation of Uie wilderness, a work so uncongenial Willi their former pursits, and at so vast a distance from all those endearing associations on which their consolation and comfort depend, most especially when in the long, fatiguing and expensive journey to that distant wilderness, they must pass numerous tracts or tine land waiting for and inviting cultivators indeed, in the great, fertile and a salt a r state in which we live, as weU as in Pennsylvania, there it still abundance of Uie best lauds, whose proprietors are eagerly seeking for settlers and ottering them terms the mote favorable and should the services of these men be ever wanted in the public cause, it will sore ly lie as congenial with Irish feelrogs to present a barrier agsuwt pViUsn u agaUni ..a aa i 1L. Uea Jtfl AW rtrtSttrreT ore. . Humanity stnouers at u - "i a bod, of Pd to Pf being swept ;on oy us um " 7 - may break out oa. their borders. The genius and spirit of our free institutions so happdy adapt - - J I. ,.. InAnmtn U b lea VIBE SVB - vu 10 vonuu j , " ry man to pursue his ewu imeren vy - aess ia his own way," points le tesural ammiga - .u. v n. AfimnrovemeaU asweu in Uie arts and agriculture, as in social inter course, and its nappy mnuence - - exemplified ia the rapid prosperity of our country, at to raise a weU founded doubt whether any local policy wiU be equally beneficial. Ani - ' . . . . .1 I . aI Ia rut. mated as thit society is, wiui aruw 1 nefitUie Irish emigrant, Uie committee have .1 A u In falra this short View Ol imum - hi." - v . . , the lubject t happy, indeed, will the society be, . . 1 a i Ar - nn. inhtitiif inn can. 11 Uie uEUCUOCU L v. J.w ' in any measure be realized 5 if provision can be fr.r iha nnnrovided. and a BOme tor mum who have no home ; every thing that hat a tendency to tubserve Uie welfare and comfort of Uie i:.u .nimni. wilt alwan meet the hearty and cordial co - operation of Uie Hibernian Provident Society. with 1 ha mmt resnectfiil consideration. I have Uie honor to be, sir, your most obedicot servant, Wli.MAM DONOVAN. Chairman of Uie Committee of Correspondence. rX Those editors who have puoiunea me a: C tU rnimnl Rncictv. are respectfully requested to give Uie foregoing a place. MARRIED, On Sunday eveninr, by the Rev. Mr. Feltus, Dr. John Aodertoo, to Miss Dorinda Andrews. Oa Friday eveninr last, by Uie Reverend Mr. Kuypers, John - Edward Doyle, merchant, to Miss vi art ha Hazard. At Branford. (Conn.) on the 17th January, Mr. Nathaniel Frisbie, to Mist Myrta Oldt ; had a daughter born on the lllth, was put in the stocks on tbe 19th, and committed to jail ia N. Haven on the 20th. DIED, On Monday moraine:, after two hours illness. Mrs, Lydia Warren, wife of Captain Ephraini Warren, iu the 29tb year of her age. This morning, Mrs. Margaret Vn liroodt, re lict ofthe late Samuel De Groodt Her friends and acquaintance are respectfully invited to at tend her funeral, to - morrow afternoon at fonr o'clock, from her late residence, No. S65 William - street. At Havana, on the 18th ult. after a short, and to his friends and relation' a truly distressing, ill - nets, Edward Henry Cobb, esq. aged 26 years, ton of the boa. Matthew Cobb, of Portland, Mass. This gentleman had gone to Havana, attended by bis affectionate wife and tender father, in hopes that a change of climate might produce a favorable change in bis health ; but, alas ! their hopes were vain. ErEXINQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Hercules, Macy, Liverpool Byrnes, Trimble k Co. NO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOON. BOSTON, Feb. 8. Arrived, ship Laura Ann, Farnbam.50 days from Amsterdam, and 40 from l - and's End. Left at Amsterdam, Dec. 1 1th, brig Sturgeon, of Boston, to sail for Have oa. in 8 or 10 days ; brie; Texcl, Tbaxter, from Boston, just arrived at New Diep ; ship Jansca, Hicks, of Providence, for Batavia, ia 20 days ; ship Mary. Ann, Russell, of Providence, for Batavia, in 12 or 15 days ; ship Maria - Tuftoo, Kennard. 01 rorumoutn. ix.ll ) rot Is e of M a v. in the Roads ; Orion, of and for Alexandria, first wind t brig Dolphin, discharging. Dec. S6lh, let. 46, 55, long. 17, 15, spoke brig Elizabeth, from Petersburg for Rotterd un, 35 days out. Dec. 30th, let 44, long 25, 26, a rreoch brig ironi isie 01 r ranee lor navre - ae - urace. Sloop Two Sisters, Grace, 40 days from Neu - vitat. Brig Caravan, Paly, 58 dayt from Havre. 'IH k.: 1 - v .J.. k Auvuiig , uuivii, ijciivc fur van ton, wst in tbe Streighft of Suuda, Sept J 1th. lzu aayt passage, au weu. - PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 10. Arrived at Reedy Island ou Sunday, ship Richmond, Rugan, from New - Orleans. Sho bad been aground, but got eff without damage. Schr Rampart, Arnold, from Cape Henry. Scfar Friendship, Shane, from Curracoa. Left, Jan. 10. brig Minerva, Howland, of New - York, discharging; and a number of other American vessels, names unknown. Jan. 19, lat 28 40 Ion 73, spoke the pilot - boat schr. Washington, from Norfolk, 6 days out, blowing very fresh, could not understand where bound. Schr Mary Ann, Amazeen, from St Thomas. Sloop Charles, Forman, from Newburyport. from Leieisloien, reft. 7. The ship Bingham, (late Wilson,) left at Java, 10th Oct. ship America,, from NYork, arrived at Batavia 2d Oct. rXT" Capt Wilson departed this life this morning. Cbablzstox, Feb. 3. Arrived Ttritish bar que Agnes, Spain, London 64 day, and 42 irom Plymouth. British briir Harmony. Tullock. Liverpool 53 days. On the 10th ult. in lat 27 10, long 34 45, spoke a Spanish armed brig on a cruise, from the Island of Cuba 1 had recaptured two Spanish vessels from Buenos Ayrean priva teers. Sch. Morgiaua, (of Dexbury) Sampson, Isle of May, 40 days. Hound to Wilmington, N C. Dut in for a harbor, and to procure provisions and water. Left brig Gen Marion, Jenkins, ofj a vork, loading. The brig Hazard, Blackmer, of Boston, sailed on 1st Dec. for Porto - Pray. Sch Industry, Tiston, Boston 16 days. Sch Margaret, VaiL NTork 7 days. Sch Calvpso, IliUard, Havana 5 days. Pro duce ofthe Island high and scarce , American produce, very dull. About 70 sail of Northern vessels were left at the Havana, waiting car - roes. Sloop Miller, Bassett, Bristol, (Me.) 14 days. Sloop Express, Hammett, Savannah 2 days. On Saturday last, off Port Royal, spoke brig Levant, trom n xorx pound to Savannah. Cleared, ship Favorite, Kennard, Cowes and a market j sch Maria, Latham, NYork. A ship anchored in Five Fathom Hole last evening. Ntw - Oai.UASS, Jan 10. Arrived, brig Ata - lanta, Prat, Newport 27 days ; ship Missouri, Hart, Baltimore 1 brig Catharine, Welaman, Bordeaux ; Calitta, Atwell, do ; E. ship Edward Downs, Hodgwin, Belfast! brig Laura, Smith. Liverpool ; ship Margaret, Kelly, Baltimore; ships Barclay, Roberta, Liverpool; 1'Amerique, Atalin.Have ; brig Reaper, Bowers, Middletown 1 Alabama, Hamilton, Baltimore; briff Two Marys, King, N York. Cleared Ship Uuion, Blair, Greenock. Sailed Wanderer, Kempton, Havre 1 ship Weser, Hamilton, N York; Venus, Walker, Liverpool ; brig Joseph, Morris, N York. The ship Margaret, Kelly, from Baltimore, and brig Alabama, Hamilton, from do. were at tne Turn yesterday, and several below. The brig Hope, Arnold, from N York, and sch Urchin, Paul, from Boston, with cargoes, were between Plaquemine and the Turn. Letter Bags at the ship letter office, Jan. 8. Ships Highlander, Bordeaux ; Concords, do; Balloon, Liverpool ; Gen Gadsden, do ; Ralize, Baltimore ; Tennessee, Philadelphia ; Orleans, cto Asia, Havre Krevhouml, iNanti; brig llliss, N York ; sch. John London, do, BALTIMORE, Feb. 9. Arrived, ship Lou - uon - racitct, uuukm, iroxn Amsterdam, via Cowes. Sailed from Texel 4th of Dec Put back the 7lh in a gale. Sailed again on the 91b. Put into Cowes on Uie 17th, owing to a heavy gale. Sailed thence 2 1st in co. witb ship Orris, A aid, cf Baltimore, from Rotterdam for Savannah. Left the U. S. 74 Franklin, for tbe Me - dilerranean in a tew days. Prig Lvly M., Diamond, from Rottrr daftCr' IVbadorvr failed 6th Dec, j ctpeH - eeced a Heavy g a the cnannei ana noru WixwniCToir.K C Jan 31. Arrived, shp Juliana, Evans, from PhUndeiphia. Brig Ueorge '& Thomas, Paikinson, froi Antigua. i . ' .' Briif Nancy, Ballard, from Martinique. - Brig Dover, Eedall, from Providence, R. L ' Bri ish brig Harriet, B.nclay, fromTnbagi Sch Two Brothers. Nickerson, from NYorl Sch Clarendon, Frith, from Bermuda 8cu William, Culveriwn. from N York. 8ch Polly k Nancy, Lnwton, from Bermod. Sch Olive, (of Lincolnville,) Drinkwaw, 1 days from Turks Island. ' j Cleared, ship Resolution, Mix, for Mont Video: Wilmington A: Liverpool Packet, fo Liverpool ; brig, Wilson, Corre. Dublin, Lid, pendenre, Barnard, . West Indies; Martin Smith, Cuadakiupe 1 sch Hope & Polly; Snoa NYork.. ., .. . .,. ' 1 ... THEATRE. Last Night of Mr. Incledoa's Engagement. On Wedneday Evening Feb. 10, Will be presfctted the Comic Opera of the WOODMAN, - - ott, TAiaLor romxiT. Fsirlop, the VVoodroan, Mr. locledoi The whole to rone Hide with the entertaiuasot a TH. WATERMAN. . Tom Tug, Mr. Inrfeda CITY ASSEMBLY. fifr The mnnacert eive aotioe that the n. assembly it postponed to Thursday, the ShJib ia slant. febllet COitl'OKAllON NOTICE. " ftT" Application bsvinx beta made In ih. corixiration for opening aud txtendinr Oliver. ... . t n - . 1 . . . . ureci irum nancaer - sireei 10 nainaai - sqnare Notice is fhereforerivciitoBll rannna ... t d therein, tliat they she w cause, it any they htve, n 111 mu iiicci viivuiu uvi iw uiieuvu ana luipro ved, agreeab'y to the prayer of the petitioner,. Tbe objections to be made ia writiagoo or before Uie 16h intt. By order, JOHN M'COMB, Street Cocamistionet. Street Commissioner's Office, I 10th Feb. 1818. S fehll CE"' Thu Forum will be opened ou Friday evening cext. the 13th instant, at the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the following quwtita will be discussed, " It Uie education w yottkat pubbc seminaries of learning preferable It pri - vim luiuoD." - . The discussion to commeuce at 7 o'clock m - cisely. Tickeb to be had at D. LoDfworth park, sod at Uie door, at 25 cents each. The surplus proceeds to goto the House of I Induttry. Feb 1 1 3t NOTICE. fry - To avoid mutaUet which occur, by rea son of a timilnty in arms, u WM. W. DTOREST will bcreafi. r do Nsinestender Uie firm of D' FOREST A SON. febll Iwt rr It is narticulativ reauested.' thit the V - I 4 1 gentleman who borrowed a Field book, ofthe subdivision of Great Lot No. 4, in th - Harris - bureh catenL vrntild return it to the subscri ber at No. 2 Greenwicli - atr - et, feb 11 lw JOHN R LIVINGSTON. rr J Ticket No. 22,0 4 6 came up thit aliasing (he first drawn number and eutitled to a prise of tlOOO Ibt fortunate number was sold at AL LENS' truly lucky office, No. 122 Broadway, a few days since No. 25,493, which came up last week a prise of $5000, and No. 6657 a prize of f2000, were both told at Aliens' lucky office. Tbe first drawn number on Monday next will be eutitled to Uie grand capital prise of Thirty Thousand Dollars The $ 10,000 prise ii floating and may be drawn, any day. Febll ft NOTICE. ALL penoot indebted to tbe estate ef Boggles 1M. If ubbardV eaem, saw w.u. u, vuj tri.iTmir.rv ttt Nsw.Tnrlr. as tktntf. era va. quested to make payment to James L. BcH, esquire, preseni soenn et torn cny ana coaniy es Vsw - York, on or beibre Use first day of May aext or after Uiat i.eriod the bills remainiol un paid will be put ia suit CATHERINE HUBBAKU, Feb 1 1 2awt IV ay Administratrix. EY1P, LEAD, PAIiNT9, Ac. Russia hemp, in lots te suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 6 8 casks bar lead, 7 toot pig lead 50 bales India twine English tail and seme twine 3 casks Pruasiau blue, 5 casks vennulioo, 3 hhtli verdigris 50 casks French yellow ochre Dry white and rtJ lead 20 boxes tin For eale by PETER SCUERMERHORN b SONS, 243 Water - etreet. Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's aiake, from 40 to 2500 wt. Cables and cordage, of all sizes, best quality, with the usual assortment of ship chandlery. reou u BOLTING CLOTHS A large assoruneat Bolting Clotlit, of superior quality, cav stanUy for sale, at reduced prices, by JOHN M'CRACKAN, feb 11 D&Ctf 82 1 - 3 Pearl - street B OMBA2ETS 3 bales assorted BetaS - I - !. in, M,i nr ahin prior, frots Liverpool, for tale at 87 Coffee Hoiite - ilin, by LAIDLAW, GIKAULT fc CO. feb II lOt . . CtANDI.Eb. - 60 boxes eastern mould caodsri just received, for tale by feb 1 1 JUS OSBORN, 63 South - st OSN tUUKGS Sc PAPER. i bale Osns - burgs, and 1 do Italian Paper, tot sale at 76 Pearl - street, feb 11 CEBRA it CUafiN'G. r TOBACCO k RICE 100 quintals arst qea - JL ulJOmraii iwiuvii 44 tierces prime Rice, per schr. South Csiott aa, for tale by JONES U MEURATH, feb 1 1 no soein - suwri. FirOUR 60 btU. Richmond Floer - Foriak by GOODHUE & CO. fehll 44 Sonth - street - BLUE ANK1.NS - 30O0 pe. for sale by . UURDA SEW ALL, lebll 65 Sowth - street S 1'ATIOMARY. 3caeee English Uiterseo Writing Taper, for eale tow, by Oh 11 65 South - street 1 RO.N and COTTON. It toes Eng. Iron, - . sorted sizes, laodinx from brifi 'fbaines, uoss New - Orleans. - . ALSO - 100 square bales prime Up?i"! too landios from schr Unioa, from Witawgw for sale by G. O. ft 8. HO WLA P, rVANTfc CURRANTS. 1 casJs c"' innniKa ... lanHH arul for sale at' - cmBRELENG PEARSON. febll CANTON CRAPES Freeh euppiy Crapes for sale by . rtTJ MARCH k LOW. feb 11 210 Broadwyi. C.1SIXERKS, SATTIXETTS AND CASSlNt.TTS. A FEW cases blue, blacks and I w,.; various kind manuiactured fo' market, will be sold low for cash or appr""' PaXh!o, at reduced prices, several cases ; rf W black and aaixed broadcloths, among wnu soon cf Wolcotl'ssuperfiees, at the COil. COMPANY a Wd - r - l louse, IH Teat h ;i ' a - - I; i

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