The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1937 · Page 5
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
Page 5
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. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE; FEBRUARY 13 · 1937 FIVE A l l - A m c r r c a a J l o n o r luting, N. S. r. A., international First Place Award, Quill, Scroll, I'jat-'M-'llIi. lloh r-arrish--Prcbirfenl of Fred D. Cram Chapter of Quill, Scroll. STAFF Eilitor-in-Chief. Ida Lcarjicr ^ M a n a g i n g E d l l n r . . . . , . S a m u e l F. George Associate Editors.. V i r g i n i a Farmakis. K i l e e n Payne. Veda K l m r e y , Victoria Nickoloil HiiMtiess M a n a g e r J o h n M o n g e r Ssliorts Editor . .... Don Smith Senior Secretaries... Frances Kramer!, C:leu Buchanan Typists . Slarsarct Glurst, Calla Bad- kcr. Robert Larson. Beatrice Chamberlain. E n i d Anderson, .Kathryn ftlason, N a o m i Stevens Adviser. Miss E l i z a b e t h H. firaves, president of Itnva Ass'n. ot Journal., isiti directors Fet. 13, 1037 FEBRUARY- BRIEF BUT OH-- February is here. Short! However, Wednesday afternoon with its 20vbelow z.ero was plenty long for upper classmen, yel all too short for freshmen and sophomores. Our temperatures were too losv lo register by 3:10. However, m a n y important events arc crowded into February as though purposely to compensate for its brevity. We think of many great men whose anniversaries are Celebrated in February: St. Valentine, the patron saint; Washington, founder and father of our republic; Dickens, novelist; Lindbergh, aviation idol: Longfellow beloved poet; Ade, Indiana's humorist; and Lincoln, the grea' emancipator. February also marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Boy Scouts oE America and the lenten period beginning on Ash Wednesday. And it was In February 1917 that the United Stales severed relations with Germany which culminated in a declaration of wat April 6. Today, 20 years later, the world looks dart, with sinister \va clouds hovering about. Let its look forward with courageous op ·timism and faith, and hooc for a permanent peace.--S. F. G. Get Ready For Friml's "Vagabond King" CUB GAZETTE Grinnell Frosh vs. Trojans Feb. 16 FOUNDED 1929 DEVOTED TO MASON CITY SCHOOLS PUBLISHED BY M. C. H. S. And Then Go to RAY SENEY 19 EAST STATE For Watches Diamonds Save the Difference PREP DEBATERS! MERIT 'M'S FOR SEASON'S WORK Six Students Earning Honors Met Squads From Iowa, Nebraska, Dakota. Six debaters will receive awards tor work in the debating se;ison just concluded, according to Guy L. Crosen, debate coach. Debaters meriting silver "M's" indicative of 100 points are Gerald Alter, Martin Yoseloff, Jane Hilton, Bob Parrish, C h a r l e s Knouse and Rita Dugan. The debate squad met teams from 20 different Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota high schools in decision debates at Fort Dodge, Spencer, Decorah and Cedar Falls, winning 28 out of a total of 36 debates in the past season. Martin Yoseloff received an honor cup at the Fort Dodge tournament for being one of the two top notchers and placed as one of the top speakers in the Luther college tournament at Decorah. He placed fourth in personal ratings in the Brindley memorial tournament at State Teachers' college, Cedar Falls, while Gerald Alter placed fifth. The squad met and defeated negative teams from Cherokee, Algona, Clarion and Ames; and affirmatives from. Omaha, Clarion, Newton and Pocahontas at the Fort, Dodge tournament Jan. 2. Both affirmative and negative squads won all debates against teams from Fort Dodge, Clarion, and Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Primghar and Algona, winning the four- state tournament held at Spencer. At the tournament at Luther college, Decorah, the affirmative won over Elkader, West Union and Waukon and lost to Decorah and Fort Dodge, while the negative defeated West Union and Elkader and lost to Fort Dodge,' Waukon and Decorah. The debaters concluded the season by winning nine of its 12 decisions at the Brindley memorial tournament held at Cedar Falls. The affirmative met and defeated teams from Cedar Falls, Maquoketa, Waterloo, Manchester, Dowling and Oelwein, while the negative won over Cedar Falls, Manchester Teachers' high.--H. H. P. PARRISH-The Morning After SUEDE JACKETS FOR ALL SPORTS AND OUT-OF-DOOR W E A R . A L L LATEST STYLES. SPORT BACKS IN "BY-, SWING" a n d "SUN- · BURST." DECKER BROS. "Everything for Sport" Ideal American Laundry AND ZOR1C DRY CLEANERS IT'S PHONE 22 Manufacturers and Jobbers of --and--UP Carbonated Beverages in Bottles MASON CITY BOTTLSNG CO. Phone 85 S. Fed. Ave. The super exam in English which gave a headaehe to juniors and seniors Wednesday afternoon and a vacation to lower classmen produced varied reactions. We thought the whole thing was pretty elementary. All we had to do for 105 minutes was take a choice of four answers on synonyms, spelling and literature. As we couldn't pronounce the words, say nothing ol spelling or defining them, and had read none of the books or poems referred to, the results boiled down to the inevitable law of averages. One of the questions--"Did the idol come back for his eye?" sort of got us. Everyone that we knew thought he did. Just the same, it haunts us. We liked that one, too, which called for a synonym for ''apotheosis." We had never considered this before and we are glad the eminent trio of Columbia doctors of philosophy brought it to our attention. However, we still don't know whether "Rikki Tikki Tavi" was a rat, a mongoose, a yak, or a bear cub, but thank heaven, we know what a jabberwock is. We learned that in kindergarten, but from there on our education seems to have been sadly neglected. No aid to ihe morals of the school was the intelligence test perpetrated the following day. We lost consciousness during the story about the little ant which went in the hole and brought out another grain of wheat, and then another little ant which went in the hole and brought out another grain of wheat and so on world withou end, ad infinilum. It is better not to think about intelligence tests. Most seniors accepted the thing fatalistically for after al) those years o[ what is facetiously referred to as education, nothing matters very much. In a worse state were the teachers who gave and graded the mag- nus something or other. Directioi sheets for instructors gave cvei the patter for properly administering the test, but the task grading it proved too much lot several who went about the corridors speaking- incoherently o perhaps profainly. We' don't know for sure, as to the latter, for w kept a safe distance. All of this goes to prove thn love conquers all and fate jus keeps on happening--two quota lions which did not come up in the exam.--R. H. P. Journalism Conference Planned Here in March Will Be Held in Conjunction With Teachers Convention in Mason City. The Davies Light Opera company entertained the students o M. C'. II. S. Thursday with a variety of solos, trios and piano numbers. The first journalism conference n conjunction with the conven- ion of the North Central division ot the Iowa State Teachers association will be held Friday and aturday, March 19, 20, in room 111 at M. C. H. S. According to Miss Elizabeth H. raves, chairman, two broadcasts over KGLO on high school ournalism will be made Thursday nnd Friday by Prof. G. H. Holmes, director of publicity of the Iowa "tatd Teachers college, and Prof. )mery H. Ruby, director o£ journalism, Drake university. Professor Ruby will speak at a uncheon for both students and advisers at the Hotel H.inford Friday noon on "Opportunities for Leadership in School Publications" and at 4 o'clock on "New Ideas for Old Publications," which will be a symposium of the latest styles in news writing and format for newspapers, magazines and yearbooks, both mimeographed and printed. Panel Discussion: Professor Holmes will conduct a panel discussion--"What We Want to Know Is . . . " o n Friday at 2 o'clock with the following panels--Professor Ruby, Miss Tommy D. Priest, Miss Dora Hoi- man of Fort Dodge, Miss Julia Mae Myers of Iowa Slate Teachers college and Miss Doris Lumley, Fort Dodge. Professor Holmes will also conduct a clinic for school publications at 2 o'clock Saturday when he will give diagnostic comments on newspapers, magazines and yearbooks, while pages from various publication's will be reflect-* ed upon the screen. EMERY II. RUBY G. H. HOLMES Photographs Live Forever R U S S E L L 1 PHOTO STUDIO Next 3. C. Penney Co. Ph. 2272 Miss Selinu Terry, president ot the "Iowa Penwoman'a Society," and professor of English at 1. S. T. C., will speak on "Creative Writing and the Literary Magazine" at 3 o'clock Friday. "What We Want to Know." The panel discussion --"What We Want to Know Is--" will continue on Saturday at 3 o'clock when questions on commercial phases will be answered by Allen Patton, Kayenay Engraving company; Enoch A. Norem, city editor of the Globe-Gazette, and Bob Stoyles ot the Stoyles Press. The student panels for the discussion--"What We Want to Know Is--" are Bob Parrish, Martin Yoseloff, Glen Buchanan, John Armentrout, Millie Negomir, Samuel George and Ida Learner. Professor Ruby is a graduate of the Slate university of Iowa and Columbia university. He is Ihe author of. several monographs, the best known of which are, "Reading Interests of 1,001 School Children in ihe Comic Sections, 1 ' and "A Sociological Evaluation of Reader Interest in (he DCS Moincs Sunday Register." He is a member of Sigma Delta Chi fraternity. Edits Alumni Magazine. Professor Holmes, who has been at I. S. T. C. seven years, in addition to his instructional work in journalism and the operation of the college publicity bureau, is editor of the college alumni maga- zine, adviser and member of Uv board of control of student publi cations, supervisor of the "Col lege Eye," the student newspapei and "Old Gold," the studen annual. . Professor Holmes Kerved as reporter on the Cleveland Plain Dealer, ot Cleveland, Ohio; as di rector of the laboratory ot joui nalism al the University of Mich igan, and as instructor in journa ism at the University of Sou Dakota. He has both his B. A. an M. A. degrees from the Universit of Michigan. He is a member the American College Publicil association and the American As sociation of Professors of Journa ism. The reception committee i headed by Theodore Johnson Belmoncl, vice president of th "Iowa Association of Journalis 1 : Directors," and the Cub journal ists, Lester Larson and Donal Smith. Registration o£ both student and advisers will be handled b Catla Badker, Kathryn Masoi Norma Jean Bo.yri. Beatrice Cham bcrlain and Elizabeth Graham.-I. L. Through the courtesy of a loca theater, high school students wer given the opportunity ot witness ing "Romeo and Juliet" Thurs day at reduced prices. Thanks. SCHOLARSHIPS IN MANY COLLEGES NOW AVAILABLE Jmversity of Chicago Offers Students Three Types of Tuition Scholarships. Many scholarships are available o members of the class of '37, ac- ording to bulletins received by ne office from various univer- ities throughout the country. Seniors who are interested are ad- 'ised to contact Principal James Rae. University of Chicago offers to reshmen three types of tuition cholarsbips: (1) Two-year honor ntrance scholarships for men uyarded to high school graduates Mthout examination upon the asis of scholarship and leadership n school and community activities. 2) one year honor entrance icholarships for men and women, warded to high school graduates vithout examination for general excellence in scholarship, (3) prize scholarships for men and vomen awarded upon the basis of competitive examinations for excellence in three o£ 11 subjects-English, world-history, mathemat- cs, Latin, German, French, Span- sh, botany, zoology, chemistry ind physics. Harvard university announces 10 national scholarships with a stipend covering all basic college expenses, if necessary, available to graduates of schools in 10 states ncluding Iowa. Such awards are made on the basis of the applicants' academic record and his cores in scholarship examinations, recommendations, extracurricular activities, etc. The University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y., has' available 30 prize scholarships for the college for men, five for the college for women and five for Die Eastman School of Music. Tenable for four years with a maximum stipend of 5500 and a minimum of 5100 the scholarships arc awarded to candidates with evidence of (1) intellectual promise, (2) industry and maturity ot purpose, (3) fiooc character, good health, and gooc personal qualities. To 10 freshmen o£ exceptiona ability, the college of arts and sci ences of Johns Hopkins, univr- sity, Baltimore, Md., offers 1C scholarships. The freshman inns have scholastic achievement, character, and leadership in school activities and must be recommended by his principal. The scholarships offer free tuition of $450 a year and may be worth $1,800 to freshmen during their undergraduate course of four years, as long as they maintain a high schco scholarship. Sport Shots Jesse Owens, Ohio State's "iron man," must have had the song hit, "I'd Rather Lead a Band" in mind when he ,hung up his "golden, slippered" spikes last week in preference to touring the country as a baton swinger. Well, after all anyone who can beat a horse and win three Olympic championships ought to some rhythm in his soul. have Don Smith, our budding junior sports scribbler, has been doing a little sleuthing lately and reports that he overheard the following chatter Friday night while sitting ':i the southeast bleacher section. Gee, but I hope we beat East Vaterloo. Have you got any I hope I'll have a date for lie dance next Tuesday. My, but sn'.t that blond haired player from Vaterloo cute? Boy, look who 21ark Sweetzer is dragging around. Did' you pass the French oday? Oh boy, McKenzy test just riade a basket! That's sure, a ·lassy outfit you got, kid. I wish "Id Hert wouldn't shoot that gun o loud. Oh, the half's over, what- a you say, we buy some candy on me?" After hearing that I won- lered if people really come lo en- oy Ihe game or just talk about the veather. Oh well, we'll let you 'igure that out for yourself. i * * Imagine this columnist's surprise o learn from a reliable source hat Harold "Speed" McKenzy has become quite a regular visitor at ho Stoeckcr home all of a sud- len. We wonder if Helen had anything to do about it, "Speed?" » c f Snorts Menu. Feb. 13--Mohawks vs. Newton, there. Feb. IB--Trojans vs. Grinnell Trosh, here. Feb. 19--Trojans vs. Fort Dodge, ,iere. Feb. 2fi--Mohawks vs. Webster City, here. 'SQUARE CROOKS' ROLES ASSIGNED BY DRAMA COACH Junior Class Play, Comedy- Mystery, Will Be Givca April 16. The cast for the junior elnss pliiy, a I h r i l l i n K comedy-drama, "Square Croolts" by James P. .Tudfjo was announced by Miss Buelah Sanders, dramatic coach, Wednesday, Feb. 10. H will be produced after spring vaeatiou on April IE. The cast includes Bob Bliss as Eddie Ellison; Ruth Marshall as Kay Ellison, his wife; Bob Fil?.- palrick as Larry Scott, Eddie's friend, mitt Jc;m Slricldanri as Jane Brown, Larry's friend. Other voles consist of Janet Price as Bridget O'Rourkc, landlady; Kenet Pierce as Mike Ross, a gunman; Jim Barclay as Timothy Hogan, police sergeant; Diclc Crawford as Harry Welch, detective; Henry Dihlman ns John Clancy, his aide; Jane Townsan ns Mrs. Phillip Carston, a society leader, nnd Mary Jane Poshusta in the role of Sorrow, the maid. Complications arising from a stolen necklace supply thrilling and hilarious situations in the fast moving three act comedy which has ns its selling the Ellison apartment house. in O'Rourkc's rooming A variety of characterizations and amusing dialog round . out the highly interesting mystery plot. From the junior class numbering 379, the largest in the history of the school, Miss Sanders is choosing a large production staff to stage the mystery. The Mohawks seem lo lack that "iron man" stamina when it comes lo protecting their lead in the latter halt. Such was the case Tuesday, when, after holding a 17-11 lead al the halftime mark, the Mohawks went to pieces and scored only 4 points the entire second half, thus losing the h a l l game 23-21. I f the boys ate "wheaties" maybe it would help, "Judge." * ft v Monotonous thought: As graceful as Tommy Rye in a basketball suit. Each candidate working for a $1 T 000 tuition scholarship for DePaul university, Grcencastlc, Ind., must be recommended-by his high school principal and rank in the upper 10 per cent of the gradual- ing class. The local unit of the American Legion will present, as usual, one M. C. .T. C. scholarship to a M. C. H. S. graduate. Bob Peters, '36, merited the honor. --G. A. Have 1'our Eyes Thoroughly Examined by Dr. Keith V. Mace OPTOMETRIST SMITH OPTICAL 21 East State M I L K 7 Pays Every Week Seven days a week and three times a day milk drinking will give your children and family that extra nutrition needed during these cold vrinter months. For richer, Durer palatable milk you can find no better than Sehermer- horn Fnrms Mills delivered daily when and as you want it. Schermerhorn d a i l y FIRST NORTH CENTRAL J O U R N A L I S M C O N F E R E N C E M. C, H. S. ROOM 1 1 1 -- MARCH 19, 20 DIRECTORS-- Professor G. H. Holmes, I. S. T.' C., Professor Emory H. Ruby, Drake University PROGRAM FRIDAY, MARCH 19 12:00 -- Luncheon n t Holtl HanfortJ" foi' students, advisers. Address -- "Opportunities for Leadership in School Publications' 1 Uy Professor Huby, Director of Journalism- 1:30 -- Registration and study of exhibits -- Room 111, M. C. II. S. 2:00-- Panel discussion -- "What We Want to Know Is . . ." Panels-- Professors Ruby anil Hotmes, Miss Tommy n. Priest, Adviser of Masonfati: Miss Dora Holman, Director of Publicity, Fort Dodge; Miss 1 Julia Mae 'Myers, Commercial Dopt. T. S. T. C.; Miss Doris L-umley. Adviser, "I Jttle Dodger." fort Dodcc; iUiss Ethel F. Swanson. Adviser, "School's Journal," Webster City. 3:00-- "Creative W r i l i n R and 1hc Litm-nry Magazine" -- Miss Sclina Terry, Pre$i- donl of the Tovva Pen Women's Society, Professor of English. Iowa S t a t e Teachers College. Leader -- Pro- ICE CREAM MOLDS . .. FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS Children's Parties VALENTINE'S DAY HEART CUPID HEART |T, HUTCHINS I ff* G fiTM E L c L n Tested and Approved by Good Housekeeping L Y O N S A Gompbte Service Laundcrers Dry Cleaners Furriers PHONE 609 Tomorrow Is the Day! Sing Your Love Song with Flowers Kemble',5 Greenhouse Alain (I |f Ire l l n w u l i n v n Shnp 120S S. Frri. 1 W. State St. I'hone 03 I'hnne 4 l f l -1:(10 -- "?seu - Ideas (or Old Puhli cations -- Sympo.sium of Styles." Ruby, PASTEURIZED MILK Is Always the Safest For Children Growing children should drink a quart ot pasteurized millc a day to insure the perfect formation ol the limbs and a strong, robust body. No diet is complete without milk and no milk is so rich in vitamms and minerals as that if ... HERMANSON'S Phone 646 FIRST NORTH CENTRAL J O U R N A L I S M C O N F E R E N C E M. C. H. S. ROOM 1 1 1--MARCH 19, 20 DIRECTORS--Professor G. H. Holmes, I. S. T, C., Professor Emory H. Ruby, Drake University PROGRAM SATURDAY, MARCH 20 12:00--Limclicon at Hold Ilanforri /or students, advisers. 2;00--"Illustrated ClinJc for School Publications"--Diagnostic comments on newspapers, magazines antl yearbooks by Professor Holmes. 3:00--Panel discussion--"What We Want to Know Is , , ." / Panels--Professors Ruby and Holmes. On Commer trial Phases--A lion PM- lon, Kaycntiy Engraving Co.: Enoch A. Norum, Mason City Globe-GnzcUc; Bob Sloyles, The Stoyles Press. Student Panels--Bob Parrisb, Martin Yoseloff. Glen Bu Chan fin, John Ar- nicnlrout, Millie Negomfr, Samuel George a n d ' Idii Learner. EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN--Miss Kliz.ahcth H. Grave. 1 ;, president I. A. J. D. COMMITTEES-- RECEPTION--Theodore Johnson, Bclmond. v i c e I. A. ,1. 0.; Don Smith, r.tfi,]if Larson. nEOISTHATION-- Call* B.itikrr, K a i h r y n Mason, Norm a J e a n Boyi3. Beatrice C h a m b n r l a i n antl Eli/.ahelh O rah run, PROGRAM--Kli/.ibeth Graham, Marc«trc: fltiarsl. 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