The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 10, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1818
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if - - ' a : ,1, i ? t ; V ' Ii '.. IN CHANCERY. ; . , i j Cf CHACRY. , , ; i ; J . Slate of New - York,, fV twrmire ofa decretal order offhii buoorm tie court, a ill be sold at public auction, at the 1 Toniutr Ct - ffu House ia the city of New - York, , r.der tlie direction I the MrscTiber, a one of 1'r.c nasters nntiit court, on eat urrtay, toe fourteenth dut oFebreary next, at twelve o'clock , at noon, all that certain boose and lot of ground, situate on the westerly aide of Nasaaa - ttreet, ia ".' (he third ward of the city of New - Vork, and , known at umberSI, bounded a follow : eat - erlyia front by Nataaa - ttreet. westerly ia the , rear by property belonging to Mr. Isaac Mead, .northerly by Mr. Hodgkini, Tavern, and southerly by properly of Mr. Elizabeth Giron - ' court, containing i. - breadth in mot and rear twenty five feet in length on the northerly tide - cm hundred and twelve feat four inches, and no the outhetr id one hundred and tea bet tro mcrte , be Ui tacae more or has 1 together witn - all aod uiicnlar the hereditaawnu and appurte I , nances tlmreanto beloair.:. Dated lb Z3d day or Jaiioary, Jola. V . RICHARD!. WELLS, . ' ' Matter in Chancery. ' Notis Thateraioflha tale mil) beat follows? Id pet ceat on tlie dny of mfc, 13 per cent. .' oa the first day of May next, at which time a deed wille execeted and potiNiion given t the , ; rmlm to be paid in seven years, wilh interest halt yearly, secured by a boa J and mortgage on ., the premises the bunte to be insured by the ' pnrchaterfroa the mM first dy of May until the , purchase money and interett thereon it paid, and - the policy to be transferred to the mortgagre,. For further particular apply at the matter of - tcm, No. 60 Pin - lreet - Jan23d3w , . LN CUANCLRY. ' ' - Slate of" Yt Tori, at, - ' ' IN pursuance of an order of thit honorable ' court, wilt he told at public auction at the I on taae CofJVe House, in the city of New - York, un vler the direction, of the ubcriher, on the 37th i' 4taTof Nilvemher intt. at ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the forenoon Ail that certain lot, - piece or imrcel ol errand situate lying and being in me - fourth waro of the city of .New - York, conroen cing - 40 feet from the toufhwtst corner of new - raarket - alin flale Catberine - streef) and Cberrv - . J..,lu, .a - . I. .I fV .fu. WIC , l4 I WUimi, wnwiii MWIZ Wild iJ - lHt 40 feet, to ground now or lata the property of - John tlolsman t thence southerly along aaid ' ground 130 feet to Water - street j thence eat - f.rly ,'hlopg Water - itreet 40 feet, lo ground iaavr or late of Bollut Moore, then northerly a - Jing taid ground 120 feet, to the place of begin - n.viHOfgr'ruoil, rituate, Kiog ami bciog in the , fourth ward of the citjr of New - York, directly 'in i.'ifl rear of lha above d irribed piece or parv eel of ground, "and cummenring 40 fret from the 'aonthwett corner "f ww - market - aKp, and Water latrwt, and ruuning westerly along WaleT - atreet 40 (eet. to ground of iobn O. Cotter J thence outherly along laid ground 1G0 feet it Soath tret, thencoeAitrrly along SouUittrect, 40 foet , to 2roun4 oow or jato if Bnlla Moore.' thrnre oortlt - rlr along taiJ ground ICO feet, to the place - of beginning. Together with Iho kereditamenl andappurtfritincMto the tame, and every part ' end pnrcel thereof belonging or in any wite ap - , pertaining; Dated Nov. 4in, 1817. . - jyi , '. .. A j Matter In Chancery. ' - Tbcbore will he told in tcerate lot. 1'be ferrut of tale will be liberal and may be known ii enquiring of the Muter, No. 41 Piue - ttreet, Where a of the prcmhet can be teen. V ior4!awtl9thdf Then1e of the above property it postponed to Ihe ISth day of January next, gt the tame hour end place. Dated ?f.. ?7ih, 1017. . , 'flit M A3 B0LT0.7, ' ' Master in Chancery. flov77 lawUanWdl - '"The atKive tale it further postponed to the 13th . day of February next, at' th tame hour and Wace. Jan. 28, 1310. " ... - ' V THOMAS B0LTOS, Jatit9 tK ' . MasUr in Chanrery. ir nj IN ClIANCfcllY." - ':!' Stale of New - York, e. 1 M X nino ance of a docretul order of this honora - JL ble eourt, bearing date the - 7th day of July ant, will be told at fnihlir. auction, ot the Tod - Ihm CoAna Home, In the city of New - York, under the diiectioa of the iuh;riheri at one ot the nustariof thi court, on Thurtday; the 8tb day of January neaVat fireMoVock at noon, ail Uwt certain block, or mere of sri - numi and oil unxlet water, to be made iund and ground, out of the north or llnnaoa' Kiver, attuate, lying and neing Between rawimginn - ttreet aai a certain ?iew street of teveoty feet in breadth, to be made renting on the taid North River, called Wett - (treeU and it bounded at follows : north - easterly and aterl by Liberty - street: north - westerly od veftterly by tVett - ttraet aforesaid t euutb - jretierly and .westerly by Cedar - street, and soulh - iiterlv and easterly by ' Washington treet: coutninhur in breadtli on Wathineton. street and VVtit - s'rtel one hundred and ten feet tix incite, and ia length elimj Liberty - afreet one handled and eeventy - acven feet, ami along Qednratreet one hundred and tew - nl - two feet" s - together wiOj the appurtenances, tMjeet nevertheless to the rents, covenants, restriction and agreement to which aaid prrmiet are in Meet, in fiforoi'lhe corporalioa of the city of New - York. a$ impoel, rermed and created , by ttew. .i3idNf,?6tJ, J817. i i - ' 7 - r VAA1ES A. JIAMILTOX. " ilasfer i(i Chancery. . Note. - The aale of the above property it postponed to Friday, t be 30th instant, at eleven o'cJuckr A. M. at the seme place. - It will he void ia lots or parcels, and - 08 libers! terms,, which may he knotra by applying at th Matter oflice, No. 3 Law Buildings ; where a map of the pre - miHi my be area... Jcuunry Ctb,' 1810. - . s .Jun 0iU m. . .i r : - !'. i ' ,Tbe ntiove tale i furtlr potbpoaed to the eleventh dy of February next at the aame hour and - place. Jan. 30th 18J8. . f .JAMES A. HAMILTON, khi tkHfl ' Master in Chancery. US CUAiNCEKY. , . i ; , IjtateofNew - York, . IN portuance of an onler . - of thit bnaoraole courty will be told at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city ol New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, on the twenty teveuth day of November instant, at ELF.VEN . O'CLOCK ia (be forenoon, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of ground, situate, KSng and be sn in the fidh ward of the city er New - York, .t,Ut on Laight it. (HUDaON SQUARE,) boended noctherty in the rear by Vettry - vtruct, entterly by tlie boute and lot now (or l C'edktykMrrfVfumiy. wetterly by a I t late of Leonard Ltipenard, decea r lair) oocu - 1 house and coated : con - tatfiioC id breadth. In frvnt, and rear 31 feet 6 loclie, and in depth on etch tide 173 feet. Said ferite being tekl under and by virtue of a cortam demise frnu the rector and inhnhftantt of I the city of New - York in commaaton of th) rro - tettant Episcopal Charofa in the stale of New - York, for the term of ninety - nine yean from the x: day ot March, l!M5 ; tuhject to the yeany rent ol $15, aad to tlie proritoet, covenant and agreements contaioed In taid lease : together with the hereditamentt and appurteoance te the tame belonging or in anywite oppertainiBx - la...J a. a o - i ' THOMAS BOLTON, Master in Chancery. ' The terms of (ale, which will he liberal, may he - known bv enquiring at the ofice of the ma - ter. No. 4itine - treM. tmv 4 oawtt9lh:dt '1 he Ml of the abote property is pottpred to tbe tilth day of January neat, at the same Lrar end place. Dated No. 7th, 1SI7. TKOMaS COf.TON, Matter in Ctianrtry. novS7lawtf20dtdt The above vale is further postponed to tbe 17th day of Fi - rtroay next, at the amc hcur and place. Jan.J, liJlti. . , W T1I0TA3 DOI.TO.V, Jae (9 Htdt . , Matter in Chancery - i : . , IN CHANCF.flY. 1 porniance of an order of thit honorable court, heariig drtte Uie nineteentb dav of January in, o - iy:e it hereby given to a'l tbecre!itor oi Witl.ttn VVeilt, deceased, to come in and prove their lebf, before the tulrsrilwr, atone of the matters efCit court, at hi ofhe No. 3 Lkw BtfUi4ingi oa pr tx - tor th oin'h day of Feirua - ry texu uaied Jan. V J - n, ia ia. 3AME8 VHAJJILTO - V, febJtf iliiter ia Chancery, " of ' . A ! ' IX .CHANCERY 1TATC OF EW - TOk, M. ITI rntriiH - nT atxrntkl order of thi hooora I fcle court, bearing date tbe aixteenth day of ucto&er last, will pe hm at panuc aucuon, Tontine Coffee House, u the cur x w - tor, under the directioo of the tnbtcriber, at one of the matter of thi court, oe Wtdatziaw the $WUh day or January next, ai iweive oxioc, II lh Miii XrA trnrf nr mi FT el of mnd. tltoa - ted in the countr of Delaware, ia the aUte.of MewTork, and in EvanT Patent, and known by great lot thirty four, and bounded a follow: beginning at a take and heapnfttooe near a beecb tref, marked o - 34 and 37 j being the northeatt comer of lot thirty aevea t thence along the uortb bound thereof ecuth eighty nine degreci, west one hundred ana tweoit eigni cm. m, ninrj mit link in hr - M - h free marked No. 3J and 34 : kmiwur ka xmtlkeKit rorner of lot (So. 33.1 num ber ifiirtv tiirea : thence along lh east bound thereof, north three degree, eat eighty one ehaini and twentv link to a beech tree marked No. CI and 34 i thence along the south hound of lot f No. 311 number thirty one. north eighty nine degree, east the distance of one hundred and four chain, to a ttake and heap of ttune ; thence south thirty five chain and twenty fourlinkt to a beech tree marked No. 6 ; thence north eighty nine degree, eatt twenty chain to the wei bound ol lot tbirty nve t thence along in tame south forty four chain and ninetr six link to the place of beeiooJar: i containim nine hundred and fnrtv nine acre and three fourth of as acre of land, with the arjparteaance. And alio, all that certain other lot. tract, or parcel of land, tilua tea in trie county ot ueiawa.e, in we tiaie m New - Konf. m va&'. ratent, and Known nr rreat lot thirty aeven,' and i bounded a fol low : Beginning at a hemlock tree mark ed No'. 37 and 40. beinz the northeatt cor ner of lot No. (40) number forty ; - thence alone the north bound lliereof, south, etgh ty nine degree, west one hundred and thirty. four chain and ten link to a beech sapling marked No. 36 & 37 ; thence north three degree, east (event j eight chain to a Beech tree wilh ttones round it t thence on the south bounds of lot thirty four north eighty nine degrees, eatt one hundred and thirty chain to a tJirch tree marked thirty seven and tniny - eigni j rnence on the west bounds of lot thirty - eight, south seventv - eight chain to the place of beginning; contaiutng one thousand end twenty - four acre and one murui m an acre oi iaoo wiui toe appuneuaiicc. uated. uecember se, IHI7. . James a. Hamilton, Dec 3 lawi&dt Mailer in Chancery, ftir" The l of the above proierty it nottpo. ned to the eighteenth day of February next at the tame boar and pi ice. Dated Jan. 7, ltllH. , - JAMES A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 tawtt . Matter in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. r ,; ' State cf Jftw - York, u. IN portuanreofa decretal order of this bono. rableconrt, will be told at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the lubtrriber, at one of tht. matters of thi court, on Wednesday, the 18th day ofFehruary nest, at 12 o'clock, noon, All that certain lot of eronnd. situate in the seventh ward of the city of New - York ; bounded northerly i front by Uivmcn - ntret - t, southerly in the renr by a lot of ground belonging to Daniel Coi nift westerly by a lot of ground belonging to Ann Elder, and easterly by a lot of ground belonging to iorneiiu rollirmuti containing in breadth in front and rear, each twenty six lttet, end in length on each side, tixty three feot six inches , and the use of a ganway of eicht feet wide. Knadins from the said lot into Harm.t - treet, in common with the proprietor! rthe lots ground adjoining the tai l gangttn; wilh the appurteoance.' Dated Jan. 27, IKI8. Jan TJ SawtFlOdt , Matter ia Chancery. ' JX CtUJit'ERr. ' Slate of Ntto - York. si. IN puttaance of an order r,f thit honorable Court, benrins date the I'Jth d.y of January in - ttant. will be told at public auction, at the Ton tine Coffee boute in the city of New - York, on the Itilh day ol February ueat, at 12 o'clock at noon, under the direction of the' subscriber All Ibe rest, rtsidue and remainder of the term el years yet to come and unexpired of and in all that certain lot. piece or parcel of ground titu - ate, lying and being in tbe Eitdilli ward of tlie city of New York, on the easterly tiiteof U roadway bounded in front bv Broadway, io the rear tnd on tlie nortJierly side by ground belonging to jonn Jacon Attor, and oo uie soutnerty tide nj Broome - itreet : containing in breadth in front and rear 12 feet, and in depth oa each tide 10 feet. Together with the building erected thereon. Said premise being held under a demise from John Jacob Aitor, Esq. lor the term of SI yean, from October Itt, 1813, wibject to ad - annual rent of 100 dollnrs. Dated January 23d, IU18. ' ' THOMAS BOLTON, . ' ' ' ' Master in Chtncurr. ' The dwelline Loue on the above premises to be valued aad paid for by the letter, at the ex piration of the term or the leate renewed lor 21 year additionnl," - at a rent to be fixed by two persons to be cbotta by the parties, and at Uie expiration ol the aocond term, tbe dwelling house to be valuod and paid for aa aforesaid. For particular, enquire of the. matter. Not 44 nne street. . jansu lawttDtlt ' IN CHANCERY. ' I.Y purtuance of a decretal orderot' this honor able coert of chancer, hearing data the nine teenth daf of January, instnnt, wi.l be told at public actko, at the Tontine Coffee Houte. in the city of New - York, under the direction of tlie (unwnrer, atone oi ine matier oi ini court, on the seventeenth dav of Fehraarv next, at 19 o'clock at noon all that certain lot of ground, titaate in the 8th ward of the city of New - York, and known and distinguished on a map or chart f IbI. IhIIiaiiv RnuHMnH Mil 1 Kr Chartet Loss, city urveyor, or by lot namber 401, bounded wetterly in front by bulnvao - rtreet, eatteriy in the rear by groend now or late ii th noneMioa of Holden and other, northerly by lot No. 400, lately sold to Domareit and Johnson, and southerly by lot No. 402, now or late belonging toth tnid Anthony Bowrotan, containing in breadth in front and rear, each twenty five feet, and in length on each tide, one hundred feet, with Uie appurtenances. Duted January 2tih. 4818. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, - ' T Matter ia Chancery Jant7 - 2aw9Fkd( MK TOR'S COURT, William L. Mathew John' Corn"il and Sa - J h PM,iUon. - - ' rah bit wife. J IN pursuance of an order of the court of com mon pleit, called the Mayor's Court, of the city or New - York, made in the above cauie, we intend te tell at public vendue, to tlie highest bidder or bidder, at tbe Tontine Coffee Home, in the city of New - York, on the Uth day of Man h next, at Z o'clock at noon, all that certain dwelling house, metsuage, tenement and lot of land, situate. Ivioe and beinrin the fnirUi ward of the city of New - York, known uid distinguished ia a map Ine reel by lot number eighteen ; which said pncmieiand lot of land it bounded as follows: southerly by Honker - street, eatteriy by Rote velt (treet, northerly by lot number teventeen, and westerly iu rear by land belonging to Sa rah Th - mion. rontainiax ia length oo each aide fiitr teet, and in breadth in front and rear twenty fime feet each t with all and lingular tlie rights, way, water 0 arte, hereditament and 4 portenance thereto belopginc or in any wise appertaining. Ujtedblli Feb. 181S. 1 UUA J JOSHUA FF.LU Jan. Commuticoer. JOHN P. DiETERICHV rtr - The above premises are Ibe corner of Banker and RreveU - (treeta, in tlie poeion of Jobnu. tbtetts, WM. VY. M'CLELAN, Alt'y . fcbT 2aw4w .VtwAy Saenlik Jtvmal. TV ST rmtdishe - l. the " Mrmthlr Sitiic t7 JoumAl,n containing duquiiitiout in natural pbilotophy, chemistry, aad tbe arts. AUo, an extensive MaOumatical Correvpoe. aence, price s c - ntt, bv W. Vam; A. M. and a llow of the Nw - Yn"rk Pbikwopuiol iJoci - ety K1 by the editor al his academy, between No. I Murrav - streAtand Frr - adway, irVrs tub - (crttwr name wiil be liankfully receired. ftb4 . ' s NttW ROOKS RECENTLY pMlhed and for nJe by KIRfc t MERCElN. 2VVa!l - tret, n narrative of fhe Pretiilcnt' Tour, madeduring tbe summer of 1817, Ureegh tbe e'lTtb - eftatern end couth - weateeu dVpartment of the union, fcc. 4re. ; Lord Amherst' Embassy to Chine. ,. tbe Memoir of Claediae Buchanan t Maadevtlle, a novel, by Win. Godwin j Letter front the Cape of Good Hope, being a reply to Dru Warden1 Letter ; Kngbtof fit John, by Mk Porter : Bingky' useful Knowledge coxe on run 1 reea, who 200 engratingt i Parity of Heart, or woman at she should be, a novel, by an old wife of twenty year. ...... , , .. a - .: - - - i' tan 9 THE ALUIX1.5S. THE exhibition of tbit interesting female will, in future, be on every Monday and Friday during ine we uiy nuiri. Admiition SO cents : ticket to be had at fhe bar. tet 101 CORPORATION PROPERTY. TO be sold at public auction on Friday the 20th int. at tbej City - Hall, at IJo'clork - V Lot ol uroond oa uie wet teny ttue 01 wui t. - katvHii Anthnnvand Leonard - tt. 12 Lot on the eatteriy tide of CoHect - tt. be - Iwaien Anlhon and Lensmrd - tt. - 7 LoUonthe eatteriy tide of Collect - !, be tween Iooardand rranklin - at. 1 Lot on the wetterly tide of Loaarl - tt. be t ween Collect and 0ranre - tt. ALSO. 8 Cellars etKlerUaUmnne marKei,ior 3 year from 1st May next, ......... Th nnner nart of the Watrhhoute in El dridge. late Third - it for 3 year from Itt May. The upper part ol lb wmennoute ui opring 1. tor 1 year immtne iti aiy. m. ... . .. - 11 . r a 1 Xm lArrv at mannaiianviiie tor i Year. A map of the Collect lott may be teen and par ticular known at the Comptroller' Omce, City Hall. ieo nui. A GEN 1LKMAN auc hi tafly, witn one r rMA nHwrtnnl. witbe to ol f am board from Itt May next in a retpectable private faml - Iv. west of Bror.d wav. A line aouretira in 1 . and left at thi onV - e, will meet with attention, febS Iw ' NOTICE. rrv Tha creditor of John Bleaklev. of tlie city of New - York, insolvent, are hereby notified to attend at in omce Ol uie auovtriinjr, araiim of the taid insolvent, under the act entitled an art fur eivitta - relief in cate of insolvent cy," at the Law Buildings, No. I, office No. 3, ltuato in Nactau - dreet, in the city of New - York, to ascertain and examine the accounts due to them respectively, on the twenty 61 ih day 01 April neat, between the hoar of 10 A. M. and 3 f. ni . And ine snid creditors are lunner noiiucu, that a dividend of the estate of tnid insolvent will be made bv the subscriber, at tbe place afore - said, and betweeu the bonra above mentioned, 00 the twenty filth day of May next. New - York, Feb. 4th, 1818. feh5law3m Assignee, he. . " - IN CHA.NCr.KY. State of New - York, . IN nurtuance of a decretal order of this honora. ble court, will be old at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under th direction of Uie ubcriber, as one of the masters of this court, on Fridav. the 27tHin ttant, at 12 o'clock, noon All those four certain lott of land, situate in the moth ward of tbe city of New - Tort, being part of tbe estate of John So - mef indyck, lute of the said city, deceased, and detignated in a certain map of the aid estate, made by William Bridges in November, 180H, by lit No. o and 9, and letter I and 11. 1 ne said lots, takt.n together, are bounded wetterly n front by Hudson Kiver, and contain twenty a - ere cf ground, more or lest, with the appurtenance. Dated Feb. 51 h, 1818. - JAMES A. HAMILTON, Matter in Chancery. Notf. For particular, enquire at the Mas ter's Olhce, No. 3 Law Building, where a map of the premise may be seen. leb 5 law'.WkOtt lM lHa.cekv. State ol New - York, 11. IN purtuance of a decretal order ol thit honor able court, will he old at public auction, at the fontii tine Coffee House, in the city ol New - oik. under the dirertion of Uie ubcriber, a one ol he matters ol thi court, on Friday, the 27th iu - i n , .. . la.Vnjik bIijuui mil t.nmm Ihr. fen. taiu lot of land, situate in tbe tenth ward ol the city ol IX. Tor, ann dittinguuned on a certain map of theettate, late of James Delancy, Eq. made by Evert Bancker, by kit No. six hundred and fifteen, six hundred and ixteen.and six hun dred and seventeen, bounded westerly by Second street, and containing - each teet in oreadtn, and one hundred feet in depth, more or less, with the appurtenance. Dated Feb. 5, 1318 it. XII1IIIL.IU1I, Muter in Chancery. feh 6 law2w&dti ACADEMY AT BELLEVILLE, N. J. TMJI4 institution will be opened 00 the first X day of April next, under tlie directioo of AMES sTRxKEK, A.M. a principal there of. " ' The course of instruction will embrace all The branches preparatory to a collegiate education, as will a thole which are necessary for tlie merchant, the farmer, aad thu mechanic, vix : A rramsnaltORl knowledge ti the LAgiiih, Latin and Greek languazes. arithmetic, uatbematica, antientand modeni Geography, including the use of globe and map, ancient and modem history. natural and moral poiiotoptiy, composition, cook keepim:. reading. writing. Sc. ine terms 01 tuition tor any in inei lowesi DrtustueB. win m iwn uuuara ir aunr - ter, and will not exceed five dollar per quarter, in any ol the higher. .. - . - ' - To those at a distance, who are desirous of tending their Children to thi healthy and beau - tuul village lor iniiruciion, the pnoctpal oner to receive into hi own tamiy, - a elect number, who will he educated and boarded, (including washing and mending) at the rate of $ 180 per annum. It i reauetted that those who intend to tend their children to tbe day - achool attached to tbe institution, will give early notice. 1 In oflenag thi seminary 10 public notice, the trustees entertain a hepe, ttiat the beneficial pur pott i contemplated in itt ettabiithment, will not be defeated from the want of public . patronage. For tbe ability of their'prirtripal to fulfil the important task be hat undertaken, Uvey refer to the tuhioined recommendation ; and be Will emoktv ao - ushers or atsittuit, bat such a thall be most tatisfactonly recommended and duly qualified. To the Inhabitanti of the village and its vicini ty, they offer a well regulated school, for the in struction 01 tneir yooin, a ming mncn wanted and Ions desired land to straneert, the advanta ge of education in a place admirably adapted lor the pun10" bJ 't nearness to, aod daily crunmunicatioo with New - York, and it ac knowledged superiority 10 point of health and beauty. nev. otaat van cwivooru, 1 .. Abraham cadmua, J I I Trutlee. Jamet Hornhlower, Exekiel Wade, - Jonathan Tompkin, Bellevile, December, 181 KECOXtHtSPATIOIV Of Mr. Slrjker, tl Principtl, hy P. Wilson, L L. U. rrotestor 01 Langugr in toiura'xa Colleee. " Thi gentleman i an AHnmnu of Columbia College and received a considerable part of bit initrucuon Imn me. I .am therefore well ac quainted with hit talent and have no hesitation ia cleclarug bim tully capable of rulblling the task b hfs undertaken, with credit to hunselt and nenent to tne community." 1 signed; r. lLAU.X. ji.n 9 lawtl'd&e. . TUITION. TT O. UFFORD respectfully rive notice XX - that hi scbnol at No. 63 Jobn - ttreet, t 0 - Pn frcm C till 9 o'clock P. M. for the instruc tion of young gentkmn, especially in English rammar. 1 hose who are drirous to ohtaia a correct kauwledge of tht important branch of education in a thori time and at a moderate ex pente, are reouet'ed to avail thearelvea of the present opportunity. 1 oil ructions Vill be given till trie lit 01 April. Mr. U. bat commenced wilh a latin class, for the accommodation nf oca youo; gentieiaon a caonoi aticM aarvz u a7 - - te . sirrvr TTJtsTlC TUZ0R STAbPS. I EORGE SANDERS, tly from i4o . . I LI!. lUr.nlr.1 . mm - ' - . r - - thea for patt fevers, anJ ooce more Ytoiarae te .mn! bU itmni as one of the most aimfort - m m MliM AA MM IDA DUUIil. UIH Wlf givwf; contrivance tliat ever blest the chin of man. , tie wiu imirucv any a"""" man in lb use of it, and when once pottetted ol the secret and a box of composition, be may iay with the roet of nnture, " To thave te tleep perchance to dream while in th operation and who troold Dear tn tweaa ana act i onr - bar baee : who wonld grant and sweat under loathome beard, or a doll raxor ate, when he might hi quiatat make with a timple SauodcrH strop f" Come then to hu manutactory ai ine comer of Reed - ttreet end Broadway, and there von will find the tabscnoer alwayt renuy 10 re - CttvV IU nJWHiwUHU VI MW vwwuii e iL. - (f matAMfejal , . . dec 5 tf ' : - S '" WHKATON'S ITCH OINTMENT... milE lonr and lucceuful use of thit oifttment J. it a turikient recommendation, at it hat bren found to be a pleasant, afe and certain re medy tor liiai (tiiagreeaDie aucxte to es. II It lor snie m tire ctiv i. , w. . , . A. fc VT. R. P.ut. No. 41 William - ttreet i I iz T.Clark. No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; H. H. Srhieffelin ti Co. Lio. 193 Pcarl - ttreel t Law renreA Keete. No. 195 Pearl - ttreet 1 Hull Kowne. 140 Pesrl - tfreet (R.&L. Murray, 313 Pearl - itreet iJ.M, Bradhurtt. 314 Penrl - ttreet ; John Penford, No. 4 Fleti her - ttreet Juryee Poe. in Pearl - ttreet: John C. Morrison, ioo Ureenwich - itreeti Johr. P. Fisher, 100 Broail - av t WttTterii Seaman, corner of Cbamher - t and Broadway, and ado in CbaUiam - itraet : and in short it mav he procured at most of the Drug r - rorci in iiiis city av in x iuiiwici,ija, , w. Withered I Son Georcre Hanell .North & Ro ger, and almost all the druggist ia the principal town in the united ttates. LIKKWI3X. WHEATOWS JAUNDICE BITTERS may be bad at the above place. jan Ti 6m THE LAST NOTICE. To those who are owing arrears of taxes to the corporation of the city and county of flew Yvk : fr7 - The time limited for the payment thereof expired on the 1st inst. ano i am now eiiRapeu in making a return of such property at remains delinquent, preparatory to Uie advertisement aod sale t hereof lor the Da vroent of (aid Taxe, and toch olher torn at may be required to meet the expente of inch tale, which will take place when completed. I am directed to receive all arrear which may he offered, prior to the completion of the above - named return and will attend at thit office dai ly from 10 to 2 o'clock, until that period. T. W. GILBERT. Collector. Collector'! Office, No. 2 City Hall, January 15, lSiu. Jan 18 1m CQHtGHA'IlOJY PHOtEHi'Y. TO be (old at public auction on Friday the 20th February, 1818, at the City Hall, 12 'CWCK, The highly valuable FARM now occupied by Mr. William A. Hardenbrook, about miles from the city, containing together nearly fifty a - rrea of land. It will be told in lott from 5 to 10 acre each, situated on tbe 6th, 7th, 8th. 9lh, k. 10th avenue t on the latter stand tlie dwelling house and oat building, but a short distance irom tne Hudson ruver. This property it worthy the attention of those who wish to roitets bnndsonie country teatt i as it continuity to the city, commanding view of j ine nuusiio, retired situation, ami citoice quality of some of tlie ground, together with an ample supply of wood, render it one of Uie most oVsira - ble object of purchase. A map of the premiee may be seen, and further particulars known, at Ibe Comptrollers Of fire, Citv Hall. Jan 6 dt TANERY FOR SALE. TIO be cold at public auction, on Wednesday, . the tilth dav of February next, in the area of the Exchange Coffee House, in the town ot Boston, at 12 o'clock at noon. All the real estate belonging to the Hampshire Leather Manufactory, situate in the town of Northampton, in tbe state of Mastachutette. Theeatnt will he told in four lot, vix : Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaet of land. near tbe centre of the town of Northampton, on which ft erected all those extensive and valua ble buildings, lately occupied hy the corporation for tanning of leather, with about 300 vat, some of which are veiy large end part of them under cover, in wuich leather may be bandied during the winter ; it i presumed there i not in the state so extensive ana vniuaow an ciiancwmcui for carrying on tlie tannins butinetr a this. A particular description of the buildinz and uri - viledge would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No. 2 contain about 3 acre, situate on the north side ol the county road, directly opposite to tot No. 1, on which are two dwelling nouses, wilh convenient out buildings, is oa high ground, and considered a very delightful litua - lion. . . Lot No. 3, containing about four acre of land, situate on tlie eatteriy tide of Mill River, about two mile from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and building! thereon. '. ' Lot No. 4 contains about one acre of land, nn which it erected a bark mill and hark sheds, situate near Edward' tavern, about 6 mile Irom Northampton, on the Albany toad. Any person having an inclination to purchase all or any part of the foregoing property, are in vited to examine it. I he corporation pledge themselves 10 sen 10 me nigneti oiooer, neing determined to close their concern. Any information respecting the estates mav be obtained on application to JOSIAH D WIGHT, Esquire, al tortnampton, or ' EBENEZER FRANCIS, jan 14 ' . , India - street, Boston D LYNCH, Juar. having made arracgcmentl . with a reioectable boue ia Madeira, to be supplied with a proportion of the wines ot the fa nnies ol St. Antonio and Uama de Laobo. (uni versally acknowledged to produce the bett Madeira in the It land) ha opened a wine ttore, at no. 4U ivuuam - tireet, Where ne will receiv or der for thi wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay p a ttock for their own use ; and (by the agree ment wttn tne bouse in .Madeira) 11 toe wiae. on arrival, be not approved by D. L.J. it it not to oe eni 10 uie paruet oraenng iu - D. L. Jr. ha takrn great pain to procure from various places in the United State and the West Indies, the best Madeira, that was to be purchased, io the wood, and old bottled wine, of! very superior quality, irom private stocks, which he now olfert for ta'e He will constantly keep on hand an ssonment 01 the choicest wine and liquors, selected with care by himself, and will sell none whit Ii he cannot WARRANT PURE as IMPORTED. . Jan 19 tm BLACK WELDS 1SLAXI fOH SjiLK, IT is situated a host live mi'et from fhe city, and contain about 1 15 acre of land of the bett quality, with a good dwelling house, barn. c. rosession may ne nao uie 1st mar. or far uer. ii reuuireii. oioti 01 uie purchase an one v may remain on bond and mortgage, for a number of year. - For further particular, ejquire on tlie premises, or 01 ADAMS & BLACK WELL, ' Jan2 - ' " ' 175 Peart - treet. BitOK - Kt'.r.PEK'S DIRECTORY. "TU3T publihed, The Trial Balance or Book J keeper1 Directory; shewing a complete system of book - keeping, commeoced, carried 00. and closed, and new books opened, upon a clear and experimental plan. By Thomas H. God - da?d, accountant. On a large sheet. Price 50 cent. . For tale oy PRIOR & DUNNING, Jan 30 2w No. Ill Wnter - tt. T BROWN, ttoo veal engraver and jewel . lcr. No. ICS Broadway. Coatt of arms erects, cyphers, tc en - raved on stone. A haudsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and eUier jewellery. - Ladies' teal engraved with Is of arms, mcltos, and fancy devices. Diamonds amethysts cryitali, ftc. bonght in the rou;U or cut to any forra. books or benldry kejt wilh vpward of 00,000 dime. . . ' . Jaa 7 3ta 0 hi i ' 'V.' POST til Ai8 LINE. rrr . r O R PHILADELPHIA The P03T CHAISE, with every convenience for Fattenger and their baggageffhrough in oee day) will leave the Post Cbaite Office, 1 18 Broad way, opposite the City Hotel every day iMn - day excepted) at 7 o'clock in the .morning: by way of Newark, Mid arrive the tame day at i ui lAfCliihia. . j - ' - : Tbe,MAU.PILOT,.inorPtton to the Mail Coach, with superior accommodation for Fa tengert and thefr baggage, - will leave the same place every day (Sunday excepted) nt half past I o'clock P. M. will proceed before theMail.and not subject to the inconvenience of flopping at the nomcrnu Pott Office tnn the road,, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, am1 arrive oroe nour neiore uie maw ai luimuri nhia. Far 1 dollar. - fjCr All good and baggage at the ritque of tne owner. ' - - - JOHNIV.CUMMINO. Newark. JOHN OULICK St SONS. Princeton, I STOCKTON ft HOWELL. PhilHd.dt.hia, JV. B. Kxprttttt Btnttoanyyart of the United Statet, by !. at w. - jan zo n POST COACH l.lNt ok PHILADELPHIA BY WAT OF roWLga - HOOK IMFOB.TAHT TO rAMKBOCBI. No connection with the post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION KfcVIVtU. ANEW Line or Post Coachet with every convenience for passenger and baggage, ot Springs TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. I be Post Coach will start from the Coach of fice, old No. 1 Conrtland - itrcet, N. lork. every morning. Sunday excepted, at l - 2patt6o'clock, by way of Newaik, New - Krunswick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame evening. ' Tht Steam Boat L.VM lai'KSlKi. will atari from New - York every morning (Sun day excepted) at iu o'clock, in the atenm Boat Ataiaoia, irom - ine norm tide 01 tne rauery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in PhiJadeliihia next day to dine - United mate Moil Coach, with a guard, with every convenience lor pattengers and naggftge, on tpring. The U. S. mail coach will ttart Irom the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlandt - atreet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia neat morning at 6 o'clock. Only paxrenger admitted. For teatt in tbe above named Line, apply to 1 hub. wiuirir.LOJ. at ine ou em.iiiihed Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old no. 1 courtlandl - itieet, uie second omce rrom Broadwav, New - York ; to ISAAC BROWN, No. 1 Washingtoo - ttrett; or to A. T. GOODRICH k CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Ce - dar - street, New - York. fttr - AII rood and baggage at the risk of Uie owner. JOSEPH LYON, fcONS & CO. N. B - Expreue tent to any part of tbe Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan 22 . , ! - - U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. (Kr Tbe public are attured that thit line it Clival to any in the U. S, for th convenience and comfort tithe traveler.. With the addition of the guard, the passenger may rest secure as to baggage aod persoohl salety tbe coach never being left whilst changing at Uie pott office, without a person on the box. The war mail Is put in 'separate bag and changed in the European ttyfe. The U. S. Mail Cov.h will (tart from the coach office, old No. 1 Co'urtland - (t.eet, Nw - Vork every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock ; only 6 panenger admitted ia thu'coacb. For seat apply to TUOd. WHITFIELD, at tne old Coach and Stage Office, old No. I, second office from Broadway in Courtlnndt - ttreet, or to A. T. GOODRICH ft Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, New - York. N. . All goods ana baggage at the riik of the owner. J. LYON ft SONS, Powles Hook. WILLIAM GULICK ft CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. . Expreue sent to any part of the Continent by jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. WANTED. A white girl about of age, to attend on a lady 16 years and one child. One who can bring recommendation latisfitctory a tolierdipo$ition,neatnes,ftc. may near of a good and permanent place, by applying immediately at No. 64 Grcenwich - tt. jan 40 - FOR SALE, lor a term of yean, a healthy, active arid very capable negro wench - will be disposed of cheap, a it it her own de sire Enquire at No. Z3 North Moore - itreet. Feb t tf M U S l'C. ALL tlie Song, Dnett, a rang by Mr. Phi - lipn at tbe New - York Theatre, for tal at wm. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Motic Store. no. izo nsoaoway. Behold in bi toft expressive face Tho love ia warm awhile 'Ti bat fancy' sketch - .. . I there a heart that never lov'd ' In vain mav that bosom lott qui (e deplore My early Jay what jo was thine lve' young dream Thi blooming rote at early dawn ', . Robin Adair , Beautiful Maid Let inme aound Ihe trumpet . , Had 1 a heart . . . . Evtlcea' Bower f ' ) ' Dear maid I love thee , ; ' v e Ah rare a pain wat ovr teen Said a (mile to a tear : - . 1 Sigh not for love 1, . ' :. .1" " ' : . My heart with love i beating ' 1 he celehemted terenatte of" Lluacome down Bird Duett - V ' ftom" Flora'a wreath. . 1. . Wilh a large assortment of new ir.uc. - dec24 ... - . 600 COl'lhaUP WKititlT : HAWElS A TREATISE on, That being Born Agin, ' withoat which no man can be laved ; bj Sameel Wright, D. p. ; to which i atldt d, tbe coiuinuoic aiii't spintuai tompbaion, or an evaa - gelicnl iireparation for the lord's Suppt r, by tlie iievo. 1 oomat tiawei. tuucopie ol this work in he eU, or by the tingle one. hound, for tale by ' - O.CH.RTF.IlS, 1 Circulating Library, 138 Fulton .treet. . Jn IS I m . - : - I L'ST Mi.')lrhtd, a new Mnpof the tite of In O diana, by the Hon. C. HArritn, to which is ddei - the burvey of tbe Illmoh Territory, hy Gen. Moositld, price 2 dollar. For tale hy 1 1.1 V.' I .V LIU.liMU, No. IU Water - rtreet. A few copie of She ton and Rea - iU'i targe Map of the United State, mounted and varnished, or folded ia a cate 5 price 15 dollars, to be naaaaaonve. JaaSl'Sw jTONSlEUR MAGLOIKEhatthebooor to ' - i inronn the young gentlemen of thi city that he baeopeoed aFearior Aeaitemvat Xa fi Conrtlandt - street, where he teach t thnraseful and eirant nccempliibmeot. Hoar from 10 a. im. to j r . at. and fiom 5 to 8 in the tvcsSax eb 6 Iwt, , , T j r. j , we thiagtliat difler. V i? . a iv aiwvlx lormerfy iJLJ Of the citv et mA. . "So;mberof the acuity of phy. Shod sorrenr there, dxai .:. t . w m m j j - - ii i ..wuaji. 4J. tylo repeat ooeeevatioMca cuu, iHuiiuuniiuue, ana annualized ate thereof, baa been pwduc. live of infinite nichief. : tv - tand nrj annually mercurialited out of exisi jnce. The digeaae we have ia view owe iu fa tal retails chiefly to Oiis source. "Whatanitt hat young nan, the hopes of bia co.ntry.toi the dafling of run parent, ihould be antcLcd la way from all the prospect, and etyoyyaeaUtf liYa W eonecjwmfei of one itnvaL and by n disease not in it. own nature fetaTaS wldch only rroveaao from neglect or iinpronlr . treatment." A genflcmar, (late Dr. IhTS! tlent) now perfectly heary and well, tnd bS tinder phytRiana of general practice, ixW andrtatedlyaalivat.di when rccommeadldu Dr. H. (by a geotlemaa of thit city) hi, ben? were canous, and hi flesh drooping from their hi friend declared he could not powiblv unl. ! 1 1 wo month longer. Thowanc. exinmenhj! know with what ease and afty Ur. H7.77 cate the severest case, and confirms the totion. The Doctor' Plan ((dvei - fidDe) i?" cemary to guard the public again the Vom. Ii mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted s .7 vat disorder, or urpectiog latent poitoa. t,2 Uon, or cooceai the disorder, till pas) t, i othertbavin the remaiM 0 aa Miupcr wim ineir coastiiB: vr vuirr ininiriuet OI ine DIOOrt. aa .M . - jr. - v er complaint oft delicate at., l .?.a - sex. should remember posterity, nnj jT j"' to .Wjndfmb, making sltier stir. to Dr. II. at hi old and r..r.:tr"""uV lisluent. No. 64 Watcrtreet foVr & . of OkUilp, o obtain that jprSmpt lone calculated th prevent ditcloaure. - Andhe let m claim your serious nttenfinnrt M a roperficial cure m no cure at aM ; anleutbeb!. sineMi radically done, you will certain!ytM he d..order break out again with redouhK hgmty at tome future periotl ; perhaps then w5l be too late for retuedv. Ditn'i A Tr1 the .(reett mierable, mutilateJ beW TJ, even a bit of note oo their face I TaiVwaS1 loeseeenvou. . . . . . crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined L practice wryear patt, exclusively to thecureol diseases of the blood svtiem. rh.v 1. . r culate on the moat decided adiantuge. ! lading Dr. II. . Gleet eradicated in twa nr ..i.:' Stncture( removed without bougiei nr anv othl cr instrument ; and all rlehilitie likewise u old ulceration, fistula' ftc. . . . " A Plurality of ofbee are proriderf. tnd i0 iifi. ated that patient are not exposed to each other observation. Open till half past 9 in theevemnr All person concerned are invited fit K. ' - . calling, and rk"'f D'.H. whlcli isTree "cao u nn.ww connoi avoid the expression of gratitude for inoumenUu mendatloas, and for the decided prafertace fit ia presumed with jutt came) loaa! aimaktm , - - judicious puhtic. . xx. 0. ah leuert men be pott pAid; ' Dr. Buchanan. Ae27 ! . ! ' I TH W e iWfi DR. EVAS tuporiot method of curing a tet - taieTDiseate, itnoweoiver - ally acknowledred in thi. city; hi mode of treatment l perfecUy mild, safe, ex. rfeditious. and hit cliarre i reaaonahle. In every te . ; stance he wnrraoti a cur, and will return the pay if he Vi, j uoe not perform arreeahl Tne tirictcittecrecy always obaerved. lliere are many persons ia thi city and iU vicinity, laboring under various chronic diseases, such a cancer, old inveterate nicer, aeroVia or king evil, fistulas, diseatee of th aiethra, bladder and kidriiet, old complicated complaiaU - of a certain nature, bilious and other otoatmc - tinna, rheamaiiim, ka. which they consider iaci - hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the first Surgeon and Hyaiciant in the world, and luade those obetinate disease hi constant stud forSOvear. Oct It ,KP WHEATON DA - VI&, cy Chair Mantdac turert, No, 153 Fulten - itreet. opposite 8C Paul Cbiich. offer for sale, wholesale and retail, a large andelegaat a - ortment of Cnrid Maple, plain painted and 0 ma neat ed m gold t. bronce. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Cob versa tion Chair. Sofa. Settee. Loungeet, Music Stools, ftc i." - t - Order from any part of the COotinatexc ated with ueatne and dispatch. . . Old Chair repaired, painted and ornantented, oct 13 rX7 The ubtcrioet havin; recently rtnri4 from England with aa important tmprovementee, the artiheiai pring LEU, he take Um method of mforming bi friend and Ihe public, that all those who are so unfortunate a to be in want of a leg, or arm', they can be accommodated by applying at Ne. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 82 . , WM. PURVIS. Old lltlii i! Ikn hi LEE'S ITCH OIJVTMEJfTi WAkR ANTED an infallible remedy oa application, m be toed, wilh. prtect safety on infant a week old, not cootain;nj a particle ot mercarytor any dangerout ingredieat whaterer, and not arcornptnuxl with that eSsn - siv smell which attend the application of ether remedlea. ' ' : ( The above medicine arc prepared and fold k LF.E'8 Medicine Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lao, and told by S. C A RLE, corset of Fulton (d Water - streets. .. j ' Drujrritts and country dortj - keepen ropph on liberal terms. , Jan 29 v NOTICE, 'i - THE co - partnership heretofore exUttr.b, tween the (nbscriber, under the fir - 01 Kucxlea ft .ibtxiit, i thi day liaolved, by mj( tual conteit. The affair of Uie concern " etUcrt by Tbotsat Buck lev, 153 South treet - New - York, 1st mo. 10, Il5l8. . . THOMAS BUCKLEYs ROBT. ABBATT, j THOMAS CUCKLEY, having taken ti o JOHN LAWRENCE BUCKLEY, into - cn furtn.ratiin. fhe Cn m in I ! On lfuilafl Will b continued on their account, onder . - THOMAS BUCKLEY k SON. . 1 1 mo 14 Ira - firm ol PIANO FORTE FOR tvALE. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made "I of tbe best London manufacturer, ia complete order, will be old cheap, M 2 owner withe to leave the city. Enquire M Cedar - vtreet, corner of Broadway. . .J Ja 31 NEW - YORK t PRLYTZD AND PUBLtSHip XI C BALL BVRJfHAM k CO.; No, 42 Piin - tTiiikf. c ur. u - . character for nkill and stubbor lata, grity being univerully known in thi. city. 1804, guarantee to patient that dtliraeL.r r.. e, inej cu cenainiv oe cured 1 m generall by applyior at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No; 0. Perk - slitv havinr nrartiuxl mwJLZi . 1

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