The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 8, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1913
Page 3
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A LITTLE RUNAWAY AVIS JNGALLS. f COURSE there was snow, newly fallen. -- w h a t would Christmas be without that? And sleigh-bells,, all a tinkle, and! cheery greetings, end g l a d s o m e smiles on every- hand; and there-' were clear twinkling- Stars n o w above the housetops looking down from 3. deep bine sky, and, of course, it was nothing but bustle and hustle. Is most places, and ail the necessary hullabaloo that makes Christmas the adorable holiday that it is--bat--and little girls who gazed quite as eagerly as she at the-Christmas dolls holding outstretched arms to the passersby. "Are they--are they to sell?" she asked timidly, of a little girl who held her baby sister by the hand and stamped her feet to keep them warm. "Sakes alive, yes!" said the other, in astonishment. "Ain't that one with the black carls too cute for any. thing!" she added, gazing at it with eyes. 'Could we go in and--and buy it?" Elizabth earnestly. "'Coarse we could, if -ore had the ninety-eight cents." on, then!" said Elizabeth, her incredulous compan- _ _ she plunged into the store. "The doll with the black curls!" she stammered. "May I buy it for this little girl?" '"Sure," said the salesman. Elizabeth SshecJ a dollar ball out o! her linle chain, purse and -watched curiously as the child lifted the doll tenderly ia her anas and walked class of houses stood, a trifle away S _ from the shopping district and the 1 , . street ear lines, a little face was', Dao pressed against the v. indow-pane, and ' | two large tears stole down over a ; straight little nose. Other little girls j 7363 7552 7363 THE VARYING LENGTH OF THE COAT Coats th!s season seem to be" of ai! lengths, more or K-ss. according to th^r * fancy of the -.rearer. The Etons are Quite popular, many of th^:n bolus ^C-"-n in far, Tne three-quarter coat hss its usiiai follo-.vins anc t*ie short coat v.-ith straight or cutaway outline »= also much r.-om. Vests are :ui:e the rnost effective feature of r»:iny it th2 new coats. They are usual:;.' ed of a. broc2.ce or tapestry c:^«-r!y repeat-as the sha.-3e of the suit, .n its soft Persian colorings. The gracetul- !- drapeJ r«S~ to P * s tjie TM os ' P° skirt model of the moment- Old blue davetyn is charm:ns;Ix bleed in tais model, with a ·. est of bra- - caded paiin in which there are tones of j amber. The buttons ar~ amber color.' To copy this design n size 35 it re- i quires -~- :-arJs of 42 inch material for j this coat (75£2 and 2~^ yards of ma- j t* .-'£5 icr the skirt (7SSS). i Could cnyth.ns be quainter or pret- j tier f'-rr ihe tiny rr.aii! than a frock of 1 :u-.- rtifne v-ith tr;rr";iii25S of scarier ( cut a So:-.;; b:o;:se? Th^ blouse slips or; over n -o a aited on the i bei-rs sashei op«:» n?j. The skirt is pi s.'^i^s azio fi^tacheo to an um.^. *%_.«.. Th;s cr^ss "nay be mace In size 10 \\ ith Z ;. ar-is ·_·: -5 inch material aaci ~~ yard of inuslin for underv.aist. Xo. TS63--sizes 6 to 12. Xo. 75*2--sizes "4 to -2. No. 7553--sizes 2J to CO. Hach pattern 15 cents. To obtain either pattern illustrated fin out th:= coupon and enclose ~Z cents in r stamps or coin. Be sure to state n-arsber i ot pattern ami size, measur.ns ov t r tee i fullest part cf the bust- Alress Pattern I Department, care of this par-er. Size ............ .... Acclress Laugh and Grow Fat. Hide phrase, "laugh and groT7 Shrswd Dodge. . ! } "This new murderer is a forf one." t - "How so?' "Declares he's perfectly' jfat" is an allusion to Deinocritus, "The r=e evervbod- -sill 'Laughing Philosopher," who waxed fat ' b e 1 0 9 Eaue. Now, of course, ficLUc. i\Ort, 1JL CUttist;, c»t:ijuvtlj »lijl |^-**^-i5.-»~e - -*"-v«v.^----., ...-^ hare to go to wcrk. to prove he's in- l° n sood humor and lived to Bans." I i Je^rs ali _ ^ H ^. - ; 11 happy season, but Elizabeth Rockerby = felt sadly at a loss and out of place · as she stcod in her biack velvet and '· lace in her grandmother's huge draw- j ing-room. She had overheard the par-1 lor-maid and the upper house-maid, f in a whispered conversation. · "The poor darlint," Xora, the house- } maid, had said. "The poor darlint'. t And is it Christmas the little one's ' after havin'? Never a bit 01 it! Don't j ye believe it! Oh. the poor lamb! j that solemn and sn£-like in her black ! dress--*" ; "Think of Cook's Ruby rigged out like that!" said Ellen. "Do you think j she'd stand it for a minute? Not on j your Hie; She'd be down under the { table pulling the cat's tail; and she'd i be teasing her mother for gocdies, { when she got tired of that! But this i pale-faced mite, she's passed from one j calculating relative to another, till 1 she hasn't got s. speck of zzip leic j in her. Do you know what Ruby'd | do? She'd run away!" and Ellen ! laughed outright at the thought. j It was here that Elizabeth had slip- · ped into the window recess, her pulses : throbbing. i If Cook's little girl couM run away; why shouldn't she? ^ Elizabeth-had not known it cculd i be so cold when one got out into the night; but the stars had a friendly twisikle, and the shop-windows looked so pretty with their tinsel drapings and red paper belts that she almost forgot the cold as she went eagerly from, one gay collection of toys to another, an felt the companionship of j children, as she rubbed shoulders with their faces glued to the window of next shop, sticks of candy lay ^ in fascinating rows. -and chocolates and gum-drops were heaped in pyramids, with trays of fudge and molasses-candy in between. She stopped, and, without any hesitation this time, gave them each a cent. Her chain purse was empty now, her exhilarating occupation gone, and ermine and velvet, on the corner of crowded street- ad remained ihus for tie time "nhen she heard a. Q behind her and she was quickly grasped by strong but kindly hands and strung 02 to the steps. "So-ho!" said a big man, who had come up the street. "It's Mistress Elizabeth Rockerby! TThat are you up to, Betsy Jane?" "Cousin Bob!" gasped Elizabeth. "Yes, 'Cousin Bob," and now, 'cry your trail/ little sister!" "I--I ran away," falierer Elizabeth. "Well, come along in and I'll introduce you to the cousins." said Cousin Bob, cheerfully, and then I'll 'phona 'em up and tell them that it's our And Elizabeth smuggled her fingers happily into her big cousin's hands as she stepped forward into a new SAGE TEA DANDY TO DARKEN HAIR t's Grandmother's Recipe to Bring B Back Color and Lustre to Hair You can turn gray, faded hair beau- ifully daik and lustrous almost over light if you'll get a 50 cent bottle of ·"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy"' at any drug store. Millions f bottles of this old, famous Sage Tea Recipe are sold annually, says a ivell- ·inovrn druggist here, because it dark- 3ns the hair so naturally and evenly hat no one can tel! it has been ap- NOTICE police is hereby given that application will be made to the Public Service Commission of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the approval of a contract between the Borough of Littlestown. County of Adaras acd State of Pennsylvania," and Hanover Light, Heat Power Company for the furnishing of electric street Slights by said company to said Bor- 'ough, the hearing on which will be held in the rooms of the Commission at Harrisburg- on the i7th day o£ De- ' cember, 1913, at ten (10) o'clock,- A. · 5L, when and where all persons in in- , terest may appear and be heard if thev so desire. JOHN D- KEITH; . Sobeitor. Not Needed There. ' Scientist who finds water with a rod might be permanently engaged ia Wall street.--Xew York American. Those whose hair is turning oecoming faded, dry, scraggiy and thin lave a surprise awaiting them, bemuse after one or two applications he gray hair vanishes and your locks secome luxuriantly dark and beautiful -- ail dandruff goes, scalp itching and fali'Kg- hair stops. This is the age of youth. Gray-haired, unattractive folks aren't wanted around, so get busy with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur to-night and you'll oe delighted -with your dark, handsome hair and your youthful appearance within a few days. _ What She Did. 31rs. Exe -- "While 1 was going dow^. town on the car this morning, the conductor came along and looked at me as it I bad not paid my fare." Mr. Exe -- "V.'ell, -ahat did you do?" Mrs. Exe -- "I looked at him as if I had." -Boston Transcript. UrrfamtSiar Fruit. A-n old fanner says the basans, is nothing but husk and cob. The Best Christmas Gifts Are Useful Gifts The Hardare Store Boys Wagons Nickel Tea. Kettles Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves PocketJKnives Gloves for Men and Boys Enamel Ware Knives and Porks Call to see us and exmaine our Jine. low.Quulity the best. Bota Phones. Driving Lamps Boys Coasters and Skates Food Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Kutter Safty Razor Carving Sets Remington Rifles Hatchets and Saws Our prices are J. J. Reindollar Fairfield Pa. Our Holiday Gifts Now on Display Our store has" in addition to its usual stock, a big assortment of pretty and useful things forlfoe holiday trade, that is unsurpassed in this section. Our store rooms are f111 to the brim ^vith interesting aad appropriate gifts · The prices are right and will meet the \rants of all. Among other things are the following: CHINAWARE LAMPS GLASSWARE CANDIES UMBRELLAS FANCY LINENS HANDKERCHIEFS NECKWEAR UNDERWEAR GLOVES SWEATER COATS READY-MADE CLOTHING Fine new line of up-to-date FATS just received. An Up to Date Line of Shoes The W. W. W. --Selz and Freed's, three popular brands, many others.' ! Shofei,for ever member, of the family. '- '"- · KLEPPER'S STORE, Arendtsville, Peiiria. yp^fffTj-tirf" "^ra ?r^\ *^OS5^ · ATTRACTIVE HARDWARE ARTICLES Boy Scout Watches, $1.25. Boy Scout Axes, 60c. Air-rifles, 75 to $1.50. Target Rifles, 1.50 to $10.00. Leather Gloves for Boys or Girls, 35c a pr. Table Knives and forks, 50c to $5 per set. Carving Sets, 2.50 to $8.00. O'Cedar Mops, 1.00 to S1.50. Thermometers, 20 different patterns, in Oak Wai nut and Mahogany finish, 25c to $2.00. 1914 Model Bicycles, 25.00 to $40.00. Pocket Knives with wood, stag and pearl handles- 25c to $2.00. Carriage and Auto Robes Fancy Plush and Imitation Buffalo, 3.00 to $9.00. BOYS' TOOL CHESTS We have chests containing real tools of standard makes, such as Keen Kutter and Oak Leaf. Prices Jrofn. $3 oo to $8.50. Then we have cheaper chests for the sma'Ier boys. DOLLS, TOYS, BOOKS, ETC. · We have a beautiful line of Doils; all the new things in Character Dolis, Unbreakable Dolls, Talking Dolls, etc. All the little girls want dolls. Buy them here A n : ce line of Games of various kinds rightly priced. Xmas Shopping Now Select Your Presents While Our Assortment is Complete We will be glad to lay them aside until wanted, or deliver them at any time and place designated. Nowhere will you find a more carefully selected assortment of those articles which stand the test of constant use than at our store. BEAUTIFUL CHINA A most acceptable girt to the home-keeper Is a Dinner Set We have then in Austrian. Limoges or Haviland Chin \. Also in semi-porcelain. All the decorations are good. Odd pieces of Cnlna. something to suit every persons taste. APPROPRIATE FOR X-MAS Beaut-ifnl Toilet and Manicure Articles In. French Ivory and Pink and Bine Pyralin, In separate pieces or sets. Price IOTV for the quality of the goods. Just -what all ladies or voung girls -want for their dressing tables. GOOD THINGS TO EAT This is always the store of the Choice Fruit?, Canned Goods, Confectioner}-, Nuts, Etc. The best in quality that can be purchased anywhere- NUT PICKS AND PICKERS __ It is hard to find a present that combines so much real worth for the price as a set of Nut Pickers and Crackers, made of steel and nickle-plated. GETTYSBURG DEPARTMENT STORE GETTYSBURG, PA. We Give j^.l^/r Green Trading Stamps With all Purchases WAGONS. COASTERS, ETC. Onl} an empty purse can be offered as an excuse for denying children these heart gladden ers Express Wagons are useful. A Coaster Wagon or Autonio bile is the dream of every boy's heart. A Doll Go- Cart will gladden any little girl's heart. Sleds, Ice Skates and Roller Skates; all prices. SHAVING OUTFITS Whether he makes a practice of shaving himself or not every- man should have a shaving outfit. We have practically every approved make of Safety Razor, including Gem, Gillette and Auto Strop, from $1.00 to $5.00. Shaving Bru shes. Beautiful Shaving Mirrors and Shaving Sets afford e\-erything desirable for some man's equipment which will be truly appreciated. CHRISTMAS NEEDFULS Like cards, tags, seals, tinsel cord and ribbonene. holly and poinettia paper, white tisse paper, booklets, calendars, calendar pads- Everything to make the gift look its best A beautiful line of Holiday Box Paper and Correspondence Cards. IEWSP4PE1

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