The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 10, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1818
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I S "D IC? TOB ACCO: - 150 tierces prime Of ?0 birds old and 53 " Virginia do , - - Wow landing frmn different vessels, for sale bj 2 , D1V1K BETHU1 - V" - inik - JL - i.U.vli' SUGAR, fee. 12 Hbds and 40 bbli ltt and 2d qoality loaf urar m hhds and 60 bblt 1st & 3d qua, lump tugar .. - 20 .bbls rigar house sugar . - 100 largs piece refined sugar, and a few bad - T,1 7SWsll - tt. 3T" MiiKiii. RUM. kc Cases fir quality Bengal indigo (entitled to " debenture) ' SO hbds and 100 barrels first proof oewum 30 pipes Gray's brandy, 1st ft 4ln prooi 70 bags race ginger (entitled to debenture en u MMtiiml .In fit nnalitv 80 boaes Hill's Boston chocolttte, No. l X , 60 do Waite's do do 150,000 Spanish segars, in half ami quartboxes 20 bales Im quality bi. " A .1 - rtont.k lamha' WOol 1 150 kegs Pbiladolphia starch, freh from the factory - 80 casks English refined salt petre 10 boxes sugar candy For sale by JACKSON WOOLLEY. Jan 23 75 Wall - tL " LEXM)RlA FLOUR 460 barrels tu - rt perfine lour, landing from tenr. ncj from Alexandria, for sale by ' D. BETHUNE ft CO. Jan 20 ' 91 Coflre - lloiise Slip 1 H AMPAG.NE. A few cases still and sinu - k ling Champagne, in cases of one and two doaea each, jurt receivea anu lor saie oj HENDERSON CAIRNS, 81 Pine - tt Mr STORE, London Particular JUadeira Wine, in hhds, and q aarter casks ; Leoville and Ranian Claret, of the vintage of 1812. Jan 27 B ROWN. SHIRTINGS. A few cases 3 - 4 Brown Shirtings, just received and for sale bribe COMMlbMo; tu.vrAai, an 13 148 Pearl - street. CALCUTTA GOODS. 25 bales col'd Cai culta Uootis, consisting oi Jllus Mamoodies, Sooty Rom b Is Ktd, blue and white Madrass Pattern Hdkfs lUmnprH - ft and Bererv Cliecks 25 bales Beerboom Gurrahs all entitled to debenture or tale by HI URD & SEWaLL, Jan 20 65 south - ttreet "1UGAR 12 blidt. handsome St. Croix Sugar, J forsalby JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, Jan J? i 75 Wall - street, TJ RANDY 40 pipes Grays C randy, 1st and XJ slbprool, tor saw oy ; JACKSON h WOOLLEY, Jaa 20 75 Wall - street. r I OPS 20 bales of Hoim. for sale bv XT STARR & SMITH, r feb 5 Iw 190 Pearl street. t FLAXSEED. KLOUK. &c UOtiercuKlax P seed, landing from schooner Nancy, from oaiiimore, mr taw ny ,D. BETHUNE & CO. 92 C. II. slip, Alto landing. ' 159 bk tapf Flour, principally Gallego't b'd a nam atim i wirra. id piMk CHOCOLATE 50 bis. let. proof Al New Rum 30 boxes HiWi Boston Chocolate Xo. 1 For sale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, ian 13 75 Wall - street. a1 USKE i S and FOWLING 1'ifcCES, enU AVI to debeatare. 13 cases Britltb Muskets, with bayonets and ' scabbards complete. ' 5 dodo Fowling Pieces. Jest received per tarenna Ann, iroru iiverpooi, lor sale oy jn P REMSEN ft CO. 26 South - tt. TpLOUR ti TOBACCO. 150 bblt RiUuuoad X City Flour, Haxall't brand 0 do do Country do 9 hlids Prime Old Leaf Tobacco 20 do New do in store, and for tale by TROKE3, DAVIDSON ft CO. Jaa 27 106 Front - street. 7f GLASSES, COFFEE, ftc 32 bbds and XTX 4 bbls. Molasses, fint cualilv " unci ureea VOuee, 120 Drr Hides M I f a - 7 bbls. Sugar Landing at Dover - st wharf, from schr. Linnet, from Porto Rico, street for saie ny R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT t CO. Jan 23 II fcMP ft IKON SL PetortlMinr clean Ht II Russia, Old Sable and Swedish Iron, for Hie u MX i to iuii purchasers oy CAMfiRELENG ft PEARSON, feb 2 67 South - street.' IL ROSES, ftc 100 ounces Oil of 10 bales or 2,000 lbs. GoaU Wool Roses, or Ca tteis Hair 2 bales Terkey Carpet Rogs, asd A parcel of Nicaragua Wood. Landing from schr Vestal, from Smrrna. For sale by ' t . CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, J 12 67 South - street. By vukontjf tf the .tofts qfAew - Jtrtty and THE MILFORD ft OWEGO ROAD LOT - TERY, for taciiitating the intercourse be - tweoUit wettera parts of the Sute ol New - Clljr ? 'fo6h the v nuHjrivania am new - Jersey. - SCHEME. 1 prise of 70.000 DOLLARS 1 35.000 DOLLARS 2 10.000 DOLLARS 2 6,000 DOLLARS 10 1.00U DOLLARS 30 600 DOLLARS 140 100 DOLL.ARS - ' 30 30 DOLLARS 33J16 Prises not two Blanks to a Prist) 10,000 Tickets - Pirst 1000 Blanks, ThirTgr Dolliirs each. tirst drawn No. 1st day, will be entitled to 15,000 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do fd 3d 4th 6lh - 6th 7th . lh nth 101 ti nth I20i 13th 14th 15th 18th 17th 18th I9lh do do do do do do do rto do do . do do do do do do do do 600 1000 600 6000 - 600 10000 . 600 .1000 500 35000 500 1000 600 70000 , 600 1000 500 1000, do 20th wt - - . do 600 Hi s.riiifrv mil rftmMMtiia - a r J ., r" J" 1 "m urtl upiay in Aiay CBA9. KINSEY.) ftSIUART, JCommusioner. u . Jf,f - LINN. - Jjket, 30 dollars each. ''UfSSUlUrASl a..l It I a ... Weodtf, 4nW.i:.,VL. Pit. "Stv twZT . m an acaoemy in ' v L!l'',?.it"t fetpottable family lieieames the French. Latin P"? l sneaL? pVi" "we, and DM - hferearJ?? "l"'. - 1 be mot tatisfactorv aia App,;, and arxUti,. ca be gi - Tc4Uoa to be aud to - - No,6tProTost - itreet. next iu in iweoij orawinsa. Tlie WW r "5 Unio. Bank,Vths ci? H.?;V"f,nW dTI arter drawing Jb. fiaishtd. subject to ndednction of li p? .1. si COTTON - TARN The COMMISSION COMPANY, 138 Peari - ttreet, tare Mwfor ale, most Mot. or Cotton Yarn, from No, 4 1 30... - - ' jan 1 rtfi QUICKSILVER, kc. X" ej VF lb quicksilver 4000 lb liquorice root ; 6 cases rnanoa flake 12 bales gum arabic - '. '. l bale long pepper; a lew cases cassia ..' 2 esse containing caitor oil in botUes 4 cases rbnbarb. For sale by ' ROGERS ft POST, Feb 9 lw 51 South - sL ROGERS ft POST, No. 51 South - street, offer tot tale ' 79 rati. - cut nails, assorted sixes, from 3d to 20d 200 bagt juniper berries 66 reams medium paper . , '100 do foolscap, No. 2 do 150 do ledger, vollum cap, pot and letter paper 40 dux. scythes, of approved brands An invoice of screw augers do of hatters trimmings, assorted Feb 9 Iw ' BOLTIMi CLOTHS. TOHN M'CRACKAN hit just received if Lirge assortment of wsrranted Bolting Cloths 4br sale at reduced prices feb 9 3t at 82 1 - 2 Pkarl - stbixt. ""tNTUCKY TOBACCO. 70 hlids. prime XjL Kentucky Tobacco, received per bnir I oomas, ana tor sate by WALSH & GALLAGHER. feb 9 , - ' 66 Soutli - tireet. TCJMFEK UKRKiEo - 150 baKs fresh import - ed Juniper Berries m lots to suit purchasers, rorsaieoy BARBAR1N. STANTON ft CO. fcb9 Iw 17 Fulton - tlip. T?LOUR and RICE. 480 barrels. Richmond 1? suDtrline flour 46 casks prime Rice. Landing from several vestcs anu icir taie oy - feb 9 TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. fSY. hundred and forty tail Mackarei W 50 do Salmon ; 60 kitt do 30 bbls Shad. For sale by feb 9 3t O. COBB. 8 Coentiet - tlip. 11 OLAsSbS, ftc.l he entire cargo of schr. jLvjl Laiitta, irotn tiavaoa, contuung oi ISrJ hhds. i 28 tierces, New crop Marie I Molasses 4 bbls S 72000 Setrars. and II bbloOranses. Commenced landing this morning, at bteveut' Than, and lor tale by L. ft C. D'FOREST, frb9 4t III Front - tlreet. 1 AMAICA RUM. 15 puntheons 4th and 5th t1 proof Jamaica Rum, of superior quality, re ceived per sloop jay. ror sate ny r i n . ... r. n i . . 1 1 . A! . . sou rw. numr, iru rmc - iimi, ?rOLASaEa, FLOUR, TOBACCO, &c. WW. 68 puncheons molasses, now landing from jnammque. 200 barrels Richmond dour, now landing fromSbe schooner Atlantic. Aud - 15 hhds Richmond Tobacco, lauilio from the schooner Betsey, at Coffee House - slip For sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE. leb v 112 Front - street. R1CHMO.ND TOBACCO aiid FLOUR. .i? . . i i n ' 1 l r i i a. w onns prime oia rucnrnonn sopacco 60 do new do oi vers tnpenor ouali'r 314 bbls. superfine Richmond Flour, of the best brands 255 do Patersburc do. received bv tandrv ve?eis, lor saie oy feb 9 WALSH ft GAALAGHER. RlCHMONDTOBACCO, ftc 70 hhds. prime Richmond Tobacco, now landing runt curs. iogaa ana inamet, lor sate oy w. ts a. CftAiu, IN STORE, 85 bbls Rot Richmond Flour 6 do fine Middling. feb 9 AMAICA RUM ft FLOUR. 15 puncheons ' 4tn and 5tn proof Jamaica ram, of supe rior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore (tioward - strset) flour, landiog and for sals by R. CRUMP, Feb 9 90 Pine - sL SIX hbds. Philadelphia Rye Whiskey, lor sale y corns. Dubois. leb V 31 rpOBACCO - 28 hbds new crop Tobacco, of - t. excellent quality, landing Irom acbr. Kolla, irom tuenmooa, lor saie ny U. B&THUNE CO. Jan 6 92 Coffee House - slin. UVERPOOL COAL. A CARGO of Liverpool new bit CoaL on X. board the ship Zodiac. Pier No. 9 East Ri ver, will commence dischareinc next week . - taw uie in iuii iu sun jisrcnasers, oy JvAinU fi KAIxlJULt H, ' feb 7 4t 98 Vesey - street. "2J.LASSWARE, ftc. - 4 boxes assorted glass, VB VMUIHIirgOl L.argetixetl Window Clan Decanters, i amblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, ftc. 2 boxes Fowlinsr Pieces. I uuu.. . A quantity of muskets, entitled to debentnti. 6 ceroont first qeatity lndieo. and I t bbls White Lead ..I. k - i C J. C. ZIMMERMAlv. feb 7 1m 72 WidMrk RoaUi't Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Hayward'sTolu Lozenges Hen'rvH Calcin'd Macnesia. And a srnrral wvlmMil ofRriSiah Virnt Medicines of re Date, not mentioned above : war - ranieo rename, and lor tale at Jan 24 I m 146 Pearl - street. QUERCITRON BARK. ITIFTY hhds. and boxes of very line quality, for tale by G. G. ft S..IIOWLAND, f Wathinrtoo street Jan 28 791 HERRINGS. boxes 1st tort) Herriiurt of suncrior w j . i . ... For sal. by , in oq za oa - fiimiirv. CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, Jan 28 . 67 Sou ;h - street SILKS, ftc. 6 cases pongees, 2 do twilled sarsnets. 1 do col'd satlins, entitled to debenture ; alio 3 Dales col'd casnmers) shawls For sals by ; CAMBRELENG PEARSON, Feb C7iooth - rt. SHINGLES, lic. - ltOOO twenlv - two inch Shingles, and 6,000 Horns for sale by it K - f IV M i I' r u rtn n rr A ' K.tC.W DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 19 35 Peck - slip.' T EA 19 halt quarter chesu Gun Powder tea 8 boxes containing 160 csnnisters, each I i. Imnitl'il t ;... i I lbs. Impertd tea just received, and for: sal' i o souui - ttreet, by CAM BRELENG ft PEARSON, feb 6 MERINO WOOL, COTTO.YYARJr,S.1T - W J UTKTTS, ftr. , . ANTED, a quantity of merino wool j alto, Cotton jam, particularly low Dumber?. Proposals Wfll alo be r (or nakins'ol'sat tmetts. lie tnaiiurartarer to be supplied with I - - . i ...... .r' . .1 HUL.L.B Bumui nave jusi receivea oy toe Lorenxo, from London, Dixon's Antibilious pills - Hickman's Pills for the gravel, ftc. Ching's Worm Destroyin Loxeoges - . .. . INDIOO, BRANDY, c. - 16 ctaw prime I Bengal Indigo, entitled to debenture 35 pirs Gray's Bra.ndy J SMoS'7 ,B.t52C0,,te No'1& ISO kegs Philadelphia euiunius, anu ihe dsisibsss lo be rtuers(l,cuuiiiiorrpej. uooiHiuipiin probably, ixrmanenL A contract it sJso wanted, for the nranin?ol a cotton wtilL of fma 1 to 4000 spindles ) too cotton to bo supplied, and the yarn to be rwcewsJ a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Psarl - strset nprtairs, oct23PftII ' .' Far LIVERPOOL. 5 ' V - Th thip DRAPER, Adams, master, iUviog barcargo all engaged, willpcsi - uvely sail on Tuesday next, wind and weather permitting. Two cabin passengers mors can be accosnmooatea. Apply to the captain on board, ai i iy - Aiarct wnart, or to ti. W. R0GER9 Si CO. Feb 9 235Peri - sL Fur fforfotk r Baltimore. The fins staunch new sIood REGU - K4LAT0R. Wm. 8owle. master. For freight apply to G.EO. M, WILSON, eb7 ISOWater - st. 'ur Akjcatutrutf Utorgetaw mad tffuhmgton Cijf, The schooner ADELINE, Edward Rummay, master, lvbc in Couee - House lip For fright or passage, ajJply to the ntatter on board, or to DIVIE BETHUNE ft Co. Fefc 7 oj Wall - it. tar CITY PUIAT, (fa.) The brig EUNICE, captain How, will sail in a few dart, and will take heavy freight at a low rate. A pply on board at rine - sU wharf, or to CAMBRELENG PEARSON, Fob 6 67 South - tt. 4 fQSMOKED,Si PICKLED t'lHtl, & rh ej O Boxes N. 8. herrioet 209 do Digby 4o A fcwtontplaater Also, pickled salmon, do. herrings, do. codfith, bbls. mackerel, do. shl for sale oy SMITH, BLANCHARD ft CO. No. 35 Burlinsr - sliD, Schoooex MAXAMILLA, F. Smith. ,maaUr, will take freirht for Portland or . . i . , cuijuire as auove. r eDO Iw For CUAHLLSTOJf, The fast sailing schooner LOUISA. W .Napier, master, bein? nearly loaded. will sail the first wind for the remainder, or passage, apply oh board, west side Burling - .sUp, orio B. ALLEY. Feb 3 98 Pine - st. tor MATAAZsM, Cuba.) v t - k 1 : r i : . . .Hit iut uim vtruimc, u. muiiro, mas Ai&aier, will Uk what freieht may oiler niia wctx - ror terms apply to JAMES ryWOLF. Jun. 37 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CIAR'TER, The briir SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. then 156 tons, a staunch eood vessel. uieiy repaired. Apply as sbove. feb 2 For OPORTO, The schr. BETSEY, capt. Turner, burthen 97 tons, a substantial "rood vebsel, only one year old, having a part of her cargo enquired. , for freiirht of the remain der, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOOUllUB & CO. Jn 31 44 South street. tor LOjVLOJU&RRY. The fine Cut sailing thip FOS TER, N. Moran, master, bavins 7 - 8ths of her cargo ready lo go on board, will be despatched without delay. For freifrht of 100 to 200 tierce seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. & S. CRAIG. 50 RUM, ftc. pancheons Jamaica Rum. iust arrived and landing from the brig David Richards, from ralmoutn, (Jam.; and for sale by A. If. UVt t, C9 Wsthington - streeL Who hat for sale in store, L. P.Tenerine Wine, fPastey brand) iaquar - icrniii, iuiwrieu uiy, 1010 Do do in hbds. and or. casks, do Auruit do Do do in pipes, hhds. and qr. casks, do Sep tembsrdo 30 pipes, 100 bhds sad 280 qr. casks do enti - iteo to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, shi p'd in 1813, tied to debenture Port and old Lisbon wines, in assort od casks 59 boxes of claret wine 13 2 do grave wine and one cask car Jwire leu 7 tf pOTTO.M. - 54 bales Prime Upland, lor tale w tu I South - street, by Jan 27 WALSH 8c GALLAGHER. 37 V1RUIX1A TOB.iCCO ft FLOUR hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour IS do BiidJlin? do. For rala br VASQUEi, NEURON ft CLEEMAN, sd 7 U Ao. 72 Wsshington - st. fQQ FLOUR. OOO bblstuperf.) 86 half bbls do Flour, landing Uui day - zz ddii one v From schr Adeline from Alexandria, and Mar garet - Ann Irem Petersburg. For sale by U1V1K BKTHUNE ft CO. Feb 7 92 Cofles House slip. - k If I. I, I Vl ei IH:U Oflrt K L Xt. - L - "no tuperfine Flour for sale by N. LAWREVCE. 172 Fulton - st. or 27 Old - slin r - IW1 SWA6 - ??. 1A' ' &H2'.. ' Starch 70 hags race Ginger (entitled to debenture) 10 boxes Sugar Candy , 300 half and qr. boxes Spanish Serars. for saie or ac nwLLht. feb 7 75 Wall - street 56 COTTON. Bales prime upland cotton, just received per schr. Gen. Andrew Jackson, from 5van naa, ana tor saie ny OTIS ft SWAN, Fsb7 Iw 157Psari.sU rpoBACCO, FLOUR, ftc 2 hhds. sup jl rvicnmooa i ooacco 65 bMs fine Rkhmond flour 6 do fine Middlings . , 190 lbs. rlotant lodito 100 French Demijobnt & qr. easts old aercial axadeira Wine 4 do old Malmsey do do Forttleby W. fc S. CRAIG. Jan IV - FOR ENGLAND, DlKr.CT. !T7 Letten for His Britannic Majesty's Pack et PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will be received at the Post - Office till WtdoeMay afternoon, the 9th day of February. Jan stl I w. MUUK&, Agent. rrT Theastigners of the estate of Mrs. Sid ney Hewitt, (in order to rive time for all her creditors to come in urul participate in the funds provided for them,) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr ..I u i ... .i. . Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of March ensuing Feb 3 Im MECHANIC HALL, (rat ivxniaa this wcxk. HK. STANISLAS, ever wiitiful to cratifr a ill liberal public, has devoted some time in briosinr forward for those evenines, one of Ihe greatest pieces of human invest ice ever presented before sn enlightened audience, called the Tem ple of Mara. Thit aitGaithing and incomprchen - tibfe piece of mechnnittu, at the command of Uie , . . . j I .1: I : . L. - I L. - t - undine dvjk or tue murnous ivasnmsuo ; V. - , . I ' . l ' J . c I he temple cuannes ana aiscovn me udoikm ui : Liberty an J r am o: eoning irom uie tiuu, with a wreath of laarels, an.1 idaiM'g it on hit ht. disptaying the motto Homase to the taa - mnrtal Wathins,toB,n Fot Iwlnerpsrtrrularttes Ulltof the day. feb2fw can 1000 DOLLARS REWARD! WILL be given for the return, or any infor - tnatioa, of a BOY, supposed to have strayed with, or been lured away, (on the 2d of February, from Washinetou Citv. where he had been but eight Cays), by a lad 16 years of age. The child it nearly 8 years okl, but has the appearance of 10, lair end pale complexion, light hair, which was very thick, brqwn eyes, uncommonly long eye - lashes, rather small strait note, large mouth, the two appcr front teeth far apart, fine chest and shoulders, carries himsell remarkably strait. Had on very dark mixt stout cnttimere clothes, with tmitll plated buttons, uncertain whether he had on a great coat, which would be olive green, with a cape. The child is very active atduatu - rally sprightly and talkative. His name is JOHN JACOB BENTZON, a resident of New - York, and Grandson of John Jacob A s tor. The above reward will be paid, and no questions asked on the delivery of said Hoy Dy Airs. Astor, 223 Broa lway. Benjamin Wilson, esq. Philadelphia. Henry Payson & Co. Baltimore - John Jacob Astor, Washington, feb 9 tf ," Printers throughout the country are requested to insert the above. IOK SALE at the Upholstery No. 48 Maiden - Lane : W areuousa, 450 feather beds ; hair, wool, moss aud flock mat trasses, of all sixes. 5 bales rose and point blankets. JUST OPENED, Cheap elegant paper hanging, sattin paper and bordering. Rich white cotton fringes, by the groce or dozen. Tamil and cor Js for blinds 200 set of window blinds 56 easy chairs at $ 1 5 each 22 Grecian sophas First quality stools and foot benches Loose seats for parlour chairs Rooms and cabins furnished Chairs and soffas stuffed and repaired 4000 wt of feathers, hair and moss by the cwt. 400 cot bedtteadt, with a large assortment of upholstery goods. Orders for the spnug will be uiaiiluully received and punctually, attended to. Two jourueymcn and two appreutices wanted at the above business. . N. B. The house and lot No. 51 Rose - street, for sale 4 houses and lots in Court - street, Al - bauy, and 2 farms in Goshen, Orange county Indisputable titles can be given to the pure hat er. A. BROAD. Feb 9 Iw Tt tht Vxliteruof Jfua - York. ZERAH HAWLEY l'hvsician and Dentist, would inform the inhabitants of Ne w - York, that he hat taken an office at No. 321 Pearl - street, where he will extract, clean, Jilt, it and tet 'J tf th in the most approved manner. He will also prevent any irregularity or the secondary teeth, if application is made to liiin in season. He flatters himself, from the experience be has had in bis pr ofenion. that be shall be able to eive general satisfaction. tor character the public are referred to Mr. Geo. P. Shiprnan. merchant. No. 63 South - street. and Doctor A. Ives, No. 2U2 Pearl - street. Whom it may concern. ft - .Thii certifies, that Dr. Zi rah Hawlev is a regular bred phytic ian, and in good standing witb his brethren in this place ; that he has paid particular attention to ue art of Den hit rv. has studied the best European works on the subject, snd bas given very good lalisfaction in this branch to his customers, who are persons of the first re spectability in tbis city. We tiierc:ore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Haw ley" to the ritizent of New - Yort, at a denlitt Lneaa M union rJi Ives Nathan Smith ' I Jonathan Knleht. Professors of the Medical Institution of Yale Col College New - Haven, Jan 22, 1818; feu 3 ' . . .. TICKETS. A FEW Tickets in the Medical Science Lot xl tery now drawing may be had at the row price oi six oy applying ai no. u uoauiam ti. feb 7 3t 17MNE STATIONARY, received by ttiipZo - 1 diac and other vessels from London, for tale, wnoieiaie and retail, by P. BURTSELL, Comer Wall and Broad - ttrectt, 100 reams fine letter paper 20 reams bank pott do Drawing Papers, vir. antiquarian, double tie phant imperial, royal and demy Bri.tnl boards for drawing Copying paper and inkpowder 20 grots fine japan ink, in bottles 12 gross Walkden's best ink - powder 7' rolls fine parchment, tome very large 50,000 quilts ; swan quills 40 gross fine and extra black lead pencils 200 lbs sealior wax aad wafers INKSTANDS, wood and glass, pewter and lead, wedgewooa, and glass fountain Mouth gfue, iridiaa glue, and sable pencils Chest men ; back - gammon bosrdt - Japanned and paper fancy card racks Travelling cases; pocket books Lone shears t silver pencil cases - A large and elegant assortment of penknives, irom tne best uigiisn makers Savigny's patent raxort and penknives Clark and Savixny't raxor straps GLOBES, 18 and 12 inch globes, complete to IX l i telescopes, zc Bates' astronomical telescope. Kneeling Dollood's day and night telescopes, for sea service Do military do land do 60 case mathematical instruments, tome re ry fine Parafel rules, all sixes t wantare rods MAPS and CHARTS, on a large scale and latest editions Ths world on a large scale, on Merca tor's plan uo tour quarters Europe, with the present political divisions England and Wales, large Arrowsmith's chart Pacific Ocean, 9 sheets Faden's do coact South America Steele's do River Plate Charts, Indian Ocean, Indian and Pacific do China Seas Coast U. 8. in 3 large charts West Indies and Gull Mexico North Sea and Baltic Pilot North aad South Atlantic, 2 charts Mediterranean, Spain and Portugal Holland, White Sea, ftc. ftc. ftc. fob 7 3t BOARD. An elderly lady wishes to obUia permanent board in a respectable private lamilj , where there are no boarders, a line addressed to A. B. and left at this office, statins the terms and situation, will receive attention. ieb94t ROW ROY. KIRKfc MERCELN have just received and put to crest. Rob Roy. a novel, by the au thor of Waverly, Guy Mannering, Tales of my Landlord, sc. c. teov CHEAP UST&YS AT RETAIL, JUST received at No. 19 Maiden Lane, a com nlete assortment of 4 - 4 Irish Linens, purcl,a ted at a reduced Prirs. of a stronr fabric k and decant bleach, which will be told by the piece a tm all advance. stoaot - IHr. si OR i Id TOLD, WE PAY It GOLD." . Ticket, No. tC,439, which drew the f 10,000, en the 2Mb day's drvwinr, (the bixhest prixe yet druwn,) as the 4th data Medical oa - once Lottery, (now drawing,) was sou at - Book - store a - d LUtery - olucs, No. C5 Cherry - street, 1 four quarter scares. - fJJT Toe fortanato holders are mtortaed, they have the CA1:!! as rooo as pro ruled. Fb9 3t of sod ia 'ST. J0HN8 HALL, No. 8 Franktort - ttreet, . QWILL be told at public auction by Hoffman ft Glass, on. Tuesday the 17th inst at 12 o'clock in the CoSeeHouse Information as to the property, title and terms of sale may be had PJ "PPlytao to Cornelius Bogert, No. 14 Cedar - street. ' This property will be peremptorily sold on the day above mentioned to close the concern, but on eligible terms for the purchaser, feb 7 dts COUNTRY SEAT. TO LET, from the 1st May next, a genteel country residence, pleasantly situated on the 8th Avenue - (late Fitxroy road) about 3 nines irom uie city, u comprizes a near ana commodious dwelling house, a well stocked garden, and 3 acres excellent meadow. Ap ply at no. 28 Soutb - tt Kb 7 lw TO LILT, Two adioininp rooms in Walljitrc t. cunvenieniior offices. Apply to PRIME, WARD ft SANDS, feb 2 tf 42 Wall - street. .... d. " . : - - TO L.&T, The brick store No. 84 Maldan - Iane. and immediate possession given. Apply at No. fi6 Washington - rt. yeb 7 tf TO LET, From the first May next the store no. 79 couth - street For terms, apply to . L. LKFFKRTS, Jun. feb 7 28 William street l! TO LET. House 18 Reed, next to the corner of Elm - street, very commodious for a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, four rooms on the first floor, five on the second, and four on the third, all in good repair ror particulars, apply to EZRA LUDLOW, feb 7 tf 84 Beaver - strcet, TO LET, From the first of May next, that spa cious House no. 37 t berry - street, the resi dence of the late Archibald Kei ly, Esq. The lot is large with an excellent pump of water For particulars,enquire at no. 27 Roosevelt - st. teb 7 lw n 1 BE LET, From 1st Mav next, that snacious fire. proof store in Slote - lane, No. I, next to the cor - nAW "C W . II ... . i .. '. ..1 L.. T . S Delon - jucmare. NICH.LOW, feb 7 tf No. 109 Pearl - street FUR SALE. That large two - story bouse occupied by the subscriber, situate on Front - street betwesn ths upper and lower ferries at Brooklyn, with the ground attached thereto well calculated for a private lamily or a large genteel Hotel Also, several lots adjoining said house, beautiful ly situated aud convenient to build on, for gen tlemen who do business m the city ofNew - York, being near to the ferries Alto eleven lots in the rear fronting Water - street, about half way between the two ferries : part of which is now oc cupied for a lumber - yard For further particu - - lars apply to JUSJiUA b.tlMJS. Feb 7 2w STORE and DWELLiAO HOUSE. The store No. 133 Water - street, corner of Water and Pine - streets, and cellar, belonging thereto, to let from first day ol May next the cellar warranted dry and Iree from tide water the year round. Alto, the dwelling part of the bouse no. 1Z7 water - street, near the sjoffee House, consisting of 6 rooms with a fire place in each, a large dry garret an extensive kitchen and yard, wita cistern and manhattsn water. Appfyto , . D. SULLIVAN, fob 9 41 131 Water - ttreet, TO LET. Two neat new, 2 - story brick front build ings, sttuate in Allen - street, next lo the liall - al ley. They are finished in handsome style with cisterns in the yams, and every other convent ence to render them pleasaut and desirable tine merits. Adjoining ths ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant lots which will also be let for a garden to the person or per sons wno snail Dire Uie nouses. Apply to JAMES KNOX. at the ball - alley j or at bis bouse, 25 Orchard street. Feb 9 tf FIRE FRoOF STORE.. To let and possession first of May next thefour ttory fire proof ttore. No. 34 SouUi - st. between Coentiet and Old - flip. Enquire nf ths subscriber, Wo. 1 Murray, or 4a Cnamber - ttreet lent) If s. u.ukaiu. q John - si FOR SALE. That valuable HOUSE and LOT 61 n - street The lot is 27 feet front and rear, and 105 feet deep The whole is in complete repair, and may justly be called nne of the most convenient bouses in this city. If not sold by. & turds y next it will on that day be sold at public auction at the T. C. H. For particulars, apply at 187 Psanx - s i bxkt. feb 9 6t RE4L ESTATE torn salx la - aaooxLVsr Two 2 ttory new frame houses on Brook lyn Heights, naving a view oi tne city and nay of New - York i about 10 minutes walk from ths steam boat ferry. The houses are well bailt, havinc 2 good rooms oa each floor with fire pla lya UeL cet ton the lower floor is a good kitchen, bed room and pantry. To each of the houses are attached 3 1 - 2 lots of around, each containing 25 feet front and rear and 100 tcet deep, handsomely laid out ia tar - dens and grass plots, with a variety of shrubbe ry, fruit trees, tc : tne whose enclosed with a new and tubttantial fence. Near the premises is an excellent troll of water, t or further parties lars, apply to ANDREW MERCEI.N, Comer of Washington and Nassau - streets, lenini prookivn. TO BE LET, From the first day of May next that con venient three ttory hnese. No. 145 Fulton - street the 3d house from Broadway. Enquire leb b lw no. 24 Warren ttreet LOTS FOR SALE ATALtt'IOAf. BY order of the but will of Peter Stuyver - sant Eiq. deceased, will be sold at auction on Tuesday the 17th inst at the T. C. H. at 12 o'clock, bl oLr.bCfkbrlS rilDrfi, Fire valuable lots of ground fronting the east side of Bowery - lane, adjoining the south side of Delaocy - ttreet 1 ive lots on tne west wit of Christie - street and adjoining the sooth ride of Ddancey - street Five lots no the south side of Delancar - strcet. between the Bowery - lane and Chrntie - tlreet The tenni of sale are wty ou - a I sex i7i us us eaiw sjm w mis. l , t.b.i.a - .u.a.To - ).; lars on each lot, one third of 'he remainder! if reo aired, in two equal annual pay - mmtL'with interest anuually A map uf tut premises may bs seen at lis auctioneers office, Tnotioe CofTe House. rr - p The buildinrs are to be removed py ins prswent tenants by the 10th of May next, when Ihe purchasers will have potsestmo. Ftb7 8V HIGHFST PRIZE 30.000 DOLDARS. TH k first draws nsmicron ionoaj next wiU bees tit led to the grand capital prise of 30100 dollars. Nw it the time for a'l ih: to procure chances wno atiTewsre lorioe nignest prise. M the nsualier of tickets in the wbcl is greatly diminislied. A few chances may he ob - (ained al the lucky lottery office of JUDAHk LAZARU3, 74 Mnk'ea - Lane. Where hare bees told ia former Ictteriet most th highrst prises. Prttes in former lottenss lorcirn tiank notes, approved prcmiry notes. wiU be received payment for tickets. - A correct cbevk book if kept at the locky lottery office, which may be extroiaed 4 all times feiofexpfuce. h9 4t the L. T PUBLIC SALES BY J. P. DIETER1CH ft CO. Tomorrow, At half past 6 o'clock, at 46 Chatham, corner Dunne - ttieeL a valuable collection of Books and Stationary. AT PRIVATE SALE, 5000 acres of land, in Wocd County. fVs.) within 10 miles of Marietta, and 5 miles from tl Ohio River. 1280 do in the town of PlatUburf h, Clinton County, New - York. 400 do. in Piko County, Pennsylvania, and an excellent improved farm of 00 a ret, on Uie Cosliecton turnpike road. The two last will ha txchanged for property In the city ol New - York, or for merchandise. Apply at the auction room. SUA DAY SCHOOL COACERT. XJ - Oa Wednesday, the lllh inst will bo performed at St George's Church, a Conceit of Sacred Music, for. the benefit of the Sunday School Union Societies, under the direction of E. W. MORSE, H. SAGE, and S. EARLE, astbteJby Mr. S. P. TAYLOR on ths organ. PART FIRST, - 1 Sunday School Hymn, set to masic by Handel 2 Trio and Chorus, Plung'd in a gulf of dark despair, Dr. Madam 3 Full Chorus, Now brw the hea venly theme " ' ' Milgrovt) 4 Do Love divine all love excelling Lotft Hospital 5 Full Anthem, Blessed be thou, Lord God, ., Kent 6 Air, Lord what it man, . Handel - 7 Full Chorus, Jesus, lover of my toul, Dr. Marian 8 Full anthem, Arise, thine, OZioo, Williams 9 Coronation Hymn, - Ehrubtolti PART SECOND. 1 Denmark Dr. Madaa 2 Recitative and air. He measured - the watert 3 Sound the loud timbrel ' 4 Sinful Mary's tears ' ! 5 Ode, Eeyoud ths glitt'ring starry sky, J. Husband 6 Trio, The Mariner's Prayer, . Banister 7 Chorus, Sinner, O why so thought - - lets grown? - Breillat 8 Air, He shall feed his flock, Handel 9 Full Chorus, O for a closer walk ' with God, Breillat 10 Tiio and Chorus, The Dying Christian, , Pritig 11 Full piece, Soon shall the trumpet sound, Dixon 12 Finale, Grand Hallelujah, . Ilandsl Performance to commence at precisely a quarter before seven, P. M. . . The last rehearsal will take place In the tame church no Monday the 9th inst at six P. M. to which the clergy generally are respectfully invited, that they may judge of the character of the performance. Tickets, at one dollar each, may be bad of J. Eastburn ft Co. Literary Rooms ; A. T. Goodrich ft Co. Broadway t P. W. Galmudet, 201 Water st. $ at the Female i'unday School Repo sitory, 142 William - st. ; and of J. C. Totteo, Bowery Feb 9 3t itV - lr. KKr.M. respeeUully aunouueet to tlij Lndiut and Gentlemen of New York, that hit GRAND CONCERT, will take place, at the CITY HOTEL, (weather permitting) on Tuesday, Feb 10. ACT ltt. Overture, Frill Orchestra Song, " Cabin Boy" Mr. Keene, , Reeve Sonjr, (by desire) Fly twile ye Zephyrs" Mrs, Moran . Bishop Duette. M If Ukon canst live on humble fare," Mr. Kecne and Mrs. Moran Virtu Concerto, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran P. A. Com - Song, u Henry's farewell" Mr, Keene Irish Duett, (by desire) " Rest weary Traveller" Ht Keens and Mrs. Moran Brahatm Air, with variations, Flute, Mr.Kintela Weiduer ... ACT 2nd - Overture, Full OrcUetrn Sons, u i'hoBgh lore is warn a while" Mr. Keene 1 Brahsja Duette, Tyrolete" Mr. Keene and Mn. Moran - Moors) Air, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran - F. Hoffman Song, " TI.e rose bed of Summer" Mrs. Moran Stevenson Song, " The blooming Rote" Mr. Keene, Philips Sone, " My Henry's gone" Mrs. Moran bteventoa ong, (by desire) " Home Love and Litieitv" Mr.Keeoe Bishop Finale, . Full Orchestra Lender, Mr. Gentil Piana Forte, Mr. Moran 1 tckets to bs bad at Messrs. wey man's No. 38, and O. ft R. Waite, Ne. 54 Maiden - Lane Mr. (roodnch, no. 128, and Mr. ft. Waite. iub. 136 Broadway, at the Music Stores, of Mr. Keene, No. JO I Greenwich - street, ami of W, H. Creagh, PiWnr, No. 71 Maiden - Lao. ' leb 3 i NOTICE. frv Tlie tubocrihert harins entered into nai nership, the 8TOCK ft EXCHANGE BU8I - rLb Heretofore conducted by it. H. NEYlNo. will he continued under the firm of NEVINS ft TOWNSEND. - RUSSELL H. NEVINS, feb 3 ELIHU TOWNSEND. NOTICE. , rrT3 The cititeos are requested to be particu lar in causing ths snow and ica on ths tide walks and gutters to bs cleared ofT, and when it cannot be done without injury to the pavement, to be strewed with sand or ashes, la conformity to an ordinance of the corporation la such case made and provided As their safety and comfort materially depends upon their attention in this particular, it ia presumed that the law on thit sub ject will be strictly complied with.' - jxo. iwiju n u, street Loamusnoner. Street Com. Ulfice I Feb 4 3d Feb. 1818. S TAKE NOTICE, ft7" All persons bavins: demands ssaintt, asd those - indebted to the estate of Williem Rifrrrs, deceased, are requested to call mpem THOAlAS MASTERS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall - street Dated Jan. 19, 1818. ' - - - AXa ftOUtltS, Mecurnx. Jnn 21 dim - ' ' ' NEW - YORK SLATE CO PAM . TTf Th Stockholders are hereby requested. to attend an annual election for nine director!, to be held at ths bouse of Joseph Baktr, No. 4 Wall - street, on Monday 9th ebruary aeu The poll will ope at 1 1 and close at 1 o'clock. JOHN M'COMB, Sec'ry. Jan 29 gulerpea Society id Concert. SVy The committee of the Elite mean Society bsving resolved lo give a second concert on the itth inst. at Ibe City Hotel, each member will be entitled to six tickets, by applying lo the sec - ' - sa Lnn , " w j7 !'' X? Sf"''." " . NOTICE. . Or The co - partnership heretofore existing between the subscribers is dissolved by mutual coopt JAMES FOSTER, Junr. is duly m - thonsed to settle the affairs of the coocers. WM. D. TI TUS, JAMEa FOSTER, Junr. - fcb9 4t a The pubic is respectfully informed that the Tanr.B - tr sats in which the ALBINESS can appear in New - York, will be on Wednes day, TburscUy ana rriusy, the i iui, utn sna I3;h of Febaury, s iiicn aav w.ii positively last of the exhibitioa, in twsequenc of . her departure for PhiUdclphia. feb 9 3t NOTICE. trr WILLIAM D. TlftS and WHLIAM VAIf ZANDT having tormta a coc - ru :ii ,...d.. r ht.tnrti at fo 165 f ront - Jtrett, Oder tha mtfT '$f?tAt'. WM! L. VAN ZANOT. '" ; ' ' feb9 4t . . ; , i - I if i 5 ' v.1 i - tt I i .J i ' 3 - i 1 f l i 1 1 'Jin! i - i .1 ': k 'ill 0.1 j V i ) 1 Ai t '

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