The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 13, 1937 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 13 0 1937 THREE SPECULATE ON LANDON STAND Express Surprise at ness of Remarks at Lincoln Dinner. NEW YORK, (/P)--Alfred M. Landon's plea for nonpartisan consideration of issues involx r ing the "whole future of our country" was studied Saturday by republican leaders for some indication oE his attitude towards the supreme court controversy. Some leaders who heard the titular head of the republican party address the Lincoln day Dinner of the National Republican'club Friday night expressed surprise at the mildness o£ his remarks. Others said he merely was adhering to a course outlined by re' publican strategists to keep organization of the court a bi-par- tisen issue. They recalled Hie statement of the party's chairman, John D. M. Hamilton, after a conference with the presidential candidate' here Thursday that the "issue (the supreme court) is so fundamental that there is no opportunity for anything but nonpartisan debate." Less Than 500 Words. The smiling Kansan took less than 500 \yords for his message to the fifty-first annual Lincoln Day dinner, his first address in Nev/ York since he wound up his un- successlul bid for the presidency in Madison Square Garden. He 'extolled Lincoln and closed with the following document which was interpreted as directed at President Roosevelt's -proposals to increase the membership o£ the nation's highest court: "When I accepted the invitation to come to this meeting 1 planned to make a few informal remarks to you as a republican talldng to fellow republicans. "Since then events have occurred in our national life which make it out of place for me to talk on a party basis. The issues raised are greater than any parly. They concern the whole of us. Worthy of Deliberation. "They are worthy of unhurried deliberation by congress. They will not wisely yield to partisan discussion either within or without the congress. The whole future of our country is involved. "Upon these issues I have strong convictions but ! shall not avail myself of this occasion to discuss them further. "In the past it has been a boast in this country that politics ends at the water's edge. While this grave matter, which goes to the very foundation, of,our government, is pending, let us resolve, each and everyone of us, to prove ourselves 'Americans' by doing our best to end politics within the water's edge. "And with humbleness of heart let us pray to the God of our fathers that now, as in the days of old, He will be 'for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate.' " Voice Breaks Slightly. Hie voice broke slightly as he spoke the last words and swung away from the microphones. For a moment there was utter silence as if the crowd did not realize he had concluded his speech; then applause. Senator H. Styles Bridges, of 'New Hampshire, following Laddon, asserted the move to reorganize the supreme court "confirmed the veracity of republican speakers who iast fall were scoffed at by countless administration spokesmen stating that no such move on Hie courts was contemplated." The young New Englander asserted "this move attempts to tear down the very foundations upon ·which American freedom has been built. "To those who have preceded, but above all to those who wj follow us, we have the solemn duty to defeat this proposed outrage." Concert by S.U.I. Band, Chorus Close State Music Session IOWA CITY, (IP)--A concert presented by the University of Iowa band and chorus and attended by 1,300 persons, concluded the annual state music conference here Friday. A dinner in Iowa Memorial union, given for the visiting officials and supervisors," preccdec the final concert. Fox Bounties to Pay for Whittemore Feed WHITTEMORE -- One hundred men will be needed for the next big drive for foxes. Plans are being made to cover for sections. Foxes have been spotted at several different places and it is hoped enough men will be present to cover this territory. A big feed will be held in Whittemore Monday evening. Enough money has been made from bounties and sales of furs to feed all who attend, it is believed, and there probably will be enough left for another feed later on. MOVIE ' PARADE By D. B. K. BEVERLY ROBERTS. GEORGE BRENT STARRED AT CECIL In the leading roles of the technicolor picture. "God's Country and the Woman," which opened at the Cecil Saturday, are Georere Brent and Beverly Roberts. Villain in this drama of the north woods is Barton MacLane, who has in vain played villainous roles in everything from G-men to circus pictures. Others in the cast include Robert Bnrrat, Alan Hale, Joseph King, El Brendcl,' Joseph Crchan and the stuttering Roscoe Atcs. o fc * Binff Crosby is starred in "Pennies From Heaven," Sun- flay and Monday feature at Clear Lake's theater. Among 3 Birthdays Celebraleil. ROCKWELL--Members of 111 William Jackson, Sr., family gathered at the parental home Wednesday evening in observance o a triple birthday, that of the host Mrs. A. H. Jackson a n d - M r s . W L. Jackson's daughter-in-law. Sues for Injuries. DECORAH--A case noted fo trial at the February term o court, is that of Mrs. Louise Burn versus the city of Decorah, thi Ingvoldstad Lumber company an John Peterson. Mrs. Burns was in jured some time ago when shi stepped into an open manholi near the city hall. Will Consolidate Routes. DOWS--Plans are being mad to consolidate the three rural de livery routes out of Dpws into tw routes. The east portion of No. will be added to the present No. wilh L. S. Reed, carrier. The res of the routes will form No. 2. J. P. Courtney, carrier. The change will be made March 1. MOVIE MENU CECIL--"God's Country and the Woman" through Monday. PALACE -- "Devil's Playground" and '"Doctor Bull" through Monday. STRAND--"Boss Rider of Gun Creek" and "Alias Bulldog Druniuioiul" ends Saturday. "Dimples" anil "Charlie Chan at the Racetrack" begins Sunday. STATE--"Little Red Schoolhouse" and "California Mail" cuds Saturday. "Week-end Millionaire" and ''Captain's Kid" begins Sunday. LAKE -- (Clear Lake)--"Riders of Whistling Skull" and "Along Came Love" ends Sal- day. "Pennies From Heaven" begins Sunday. the hit tunes crooned by Bing in the picture in which he plays the role of a self-styled wandering troubadour, arc the title song and "So Do I" and "One, Two, 'Button Your Shoe,'' and "Let's Call a Heart a Heart." Included in the supporting cast are Madge Evans, Edith Fellows, Louis Armstrong and his band and Donald Meek. * * j "Devil's Playground." featuring Ucharcl Dix, Dolores Del Rio anc T C h c stcr Morris i combines melo dramatic under sea drama will romance and is t h,e dramatization of it submarine d i s a s t e r which sent 40 men d o W 11 · to D a v y J o n e s ' locker. Also on the double f c a lure program which opened Saturday at the Palace is OOLOKE4 PEL RIO. .. Dlc t o j. B«ll," ,, re-issue cinema starring the late Will Rogers. In" lesser roles in the Rogers picture arc Rochelle Hudson, Marian Nixon, Ralph Morgan, Berton Churchill and Andy Devine. * o * "Dimples," starring Shirley Temple, and "Charlie Chan at Hie Racetrack," with Warner Oland cast as the wily Chinese detective, will play at the Strand theater from Sunday through Tuesday. Masoii City Screen Attractions ABOVE ARE SEEN MARY Brian- and Buddy Rogers, stars of the first run picture, "Week- End Millionaire," which begins at the State theater Sunday.' In the lower left are Guy Kiubee ami Sybil Jason, appearing in "The Captain's Kid," on the same nrot'ram. DELORES DEL RIO, RIC1I- ard Di.v and Chester Morris above iu a scene from "Devil's Playground" now at the Palace iu a double program with Will Rogers in "Dr. Bull." SHIRLEY TEMPLE, ABOVE, is starred in "Dimples," with which "Charlie Chan at the Kacc Track," begins Sunday at the Strand. ACTION ON BILLS IN STATE LEGISLATURE DES MOINES, (JP)--Bills jntro- luced and passed in the Iowa louse aml'senate: SENATE-Introduced: S. F. 158--By Murray--Amend- ng provisions on renewal of nonprofit corporations. S. F. 159--By Stevens--Empowering the railway commission upon petition by boards of super- sors, to fix maximum rates to be charged on rural electric lines. S. F. 1GO--By Brcen and Driscoll--Requiring the stale tax board o hold public hearings on applications for assessed valuation reductions. S. F. 161--By Berg and Corwin --Permitting payment by cities of Iowa Municipality league dues. S. F. 162--By Dewey and Ellhon --Requiring payment of sales tax on purchase price of all automobiles registered in Iowa whether nought on the state or not. Passed: S. F. 15--By Hill--Providing a moratorium on farm mortgages. HOUSE-Introduced: H. F. 174--By Reilly--Authorizing county supervisors to compromise penalties and interest on delinquent taxes. H. F. 175--By Dreessen--Licensing and regulating amusemen and skill games such as pinbal machines, and diverting the income to the old age pension system. II. F. 176--By Mercer--Providing for purchase of equipment fo street maintenance, for strce cleaning, garbage removal anc equipment for fire department without a vote of the people. H. F. 177--By Mercer--Providing for payment of liquor commission bonds from funds of commis sion. H. F. 178--By Frail, ct al--Pro viding for civil service for countie under administration of four civi service commissioners. IT. F. 17D--By Hickcnlooper-- Permitting corporations to renev vhcn unanimously voted by stock* olders. H. F. 180--By Rice--ProvidinS iiat meals may be served only In ooms set aside for that purpose. H. F. 181--By Keeney--Requirt ng a 60 per cent affirmative vot^ e cast to carry proposal for es- ablishment of county hospitals. If. F. 182--By Brown--Relating o the DCS Motnes city budget. H. F. 183--By Odden--Provid-. ng that names of persons recciv- ng notice preventing settlement ;hall not be published with pro- reedings of county boards. Passed: H. F. 49--By Kucster--Provld- ng optional audit of rural and village school accounts. H. F. Gl--By Hickenloopcr--' 'crmitline cities and towns to issue bus franchises. H. F. 87--By Pine and Yager--. Providing that lien holders may retain possession of property dur- " C existence o f liens. H. F. 99--By Lookingbill--Repealing the deficiency judgment auf. Defeated: IT. C. R. G--By Randall, Worth' --Memorializing congress to defeat presidential judiciary bill. SATURDAY ZGc and 60e LEO - TERRY AND THEIR SWING BAND RIDE THE BUS INI. C. 0. L, LINE Leave Mason City on Regular Schedule Bus ami Return to Mason City on the SPECIAL BUS AFTER THE DANCE NOW SHOWING Thru Tuesday BING CROSBY AND MADGE Evans ill a scene from "Pennies From Heaven," slinwinc Sunday and Monday at the Lake theater. Clear Lake. BEVERLY ROBERTS AND GEORGE BRENT IN A SCENE from James Oliver Curwood's "God's Country and the Woman," now showing at the New Cecil through Monday. This screen attraction is filmed entirely in natural color. CHARLIE CHAN GOES TO the races in "Charlie Chan at tlic Race Track," u'liicli plays at the' Strand with "Dimples" licffinnin? Sunday. Warner Olamt, above, again has the role of the wily Chinese sleuth. Buddy Rogers and iVIary Brian are c o - s .t arrcd in ' " W e e k - E n d m i l l ionaire," a first run film beginning Sunday at the S t a t e t h e a t e r , along with "The Captain's Kid," in which May Robson, Sybil Jason and Guy Kibbee arc featured In "Week-End Millionaire" Rogers plays a Saturday to Monday millionaire who falls in love with Mary Brian as a countess, but the truth discloses that Buddy is only n poor clerk while Mary is a mannequin. Our rcffrels thai we reversed (he positions In the "Talent Quest" held al the State theater in conjunction with the KGLO broadcast Thursday, Feb. 4. Pauline Wodarcak won second place anil Fhyllis McCIellan third in the weekly "Quest." B« Declam Winners Announced. NORA SPRINGS--In the home declamatory contest held in the high school auditorium Thursday evening Venola Steidl won firs and Ted Brunner second in thr oratorical class; Lorraine Taylor first, and Ruth Beard second humorous, and Rachel Boone first, and Doris Brunner, second ii the dramatic class. The judge were Minnie Stone, Eleanor Dunr and Marguerite Gnnrd, all o Hampton. 0 . Statehouse Highlights DES MOINES, (ffj--The f i f t h veck of the Iowa legislature cnd- d up as the banner postponement veelc ol the session. Nearly every problem oE importance which ·cached the floor o£ the legisla- ure was put off, either from the 'irst to the last o£ the week or until some time in the future. First victim- of the postponement spree was the mortgage noratorium bill passed a week ago n different forms in the two louses. It failed to come before .he assembly until Friday morning because o£ inability oC the -first conference committee to make up 'ts mind. HOMESTEAD . . . The next najor problem of the week--the lomeslead tax "exemption bill-reached the senate for debate Thursday but lawmakers decided to postpone any action until next week. The same thing happened with the resolution to investigate the old age pension situation in the state. The house passed the pro- posal, bill the senate deferred action until next Monday. WORRY . . . Some lawmakers wore frowns because, they said, the legislature may drag out he- yond the traditional 100 days. Two years ago the house and senate, for I'l days, kept clocks of the two chambers stopped. One group, insistent that lawmakers avoid another 114 day session, voted down attempts to squeeze extra half days from the legislative time. A proposal to adjourn until Monday afternoon was nipped in the bud. . Under way was n move to short- on the spring plowing recess, which often lasts 12 days. A few house members said they will oppose an extended vacation in mid- session. FUN . . . The senate still has lun vith its members. This week most if the floor banter was aimed at O. J. Kirkcteg (R.) ot Bedford. However, Howard Baldwin (D.) if Cascade, and M. X. Geske (D.) f McGregor, the two senate bach- lors, came in for a few licks. Once a member suggested the two men PURSE . . . The legislature next week will receive from the governor and comptroller the biennial budget bill. Both officers have dropped hints they will ask the assembly to boost the budget ante. Guessers on the fringe o£ budget hearings have snid they expect the recommendations total to be in the neighborhood o£ 18 million dollars a year. The present budget calls ' for expenditures of about 15 millions. The governor paved the way for such a proposal in his inaugural and subsequent addresses. He has STARTS SUNDAY CHEERFUL, TEARFUL, TUNEFUL! SHIRLEY TEMPLE I N "D I M P L E S" with FRANK MORGAN HELEN WESTLEY STEPIN FETCHIT "Charlie Chan at the Race Track" with WARNER OLAND ENDS TONITE "Boss Rider of Gun Creek" "Alias Bulldog Drummond" News anil "Ace Drummonil" "Charlie Chan at Die Race Track" aid some increases will be neces- ary. D A N C Avalon Balirom, J^ 'nly, la. Tuesday, February 16th Music by CEC HURST Ladies 35c Gents 50c OLD TIME DANCE Thursday, February 1 8th Music by EARL HUNT Admission 25c Coming Tuesday, Feb. 23rd AL MENKE change their minds and gel married. Another senator asked: "Could they do it that easy,-- just by changing their minds?" and the lieutenant governor chimed in: "The chair is in doubt." Small Son Buried. HAMPTON -- Funeral services for Robin Stayner, 2, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stayner, were held Friday afternoon at the Methodist church with the Hev. W. C. Cle- ivorth, pastor, in charge and burial at Hampton. His death followed an operation for a bone infection suffered since his birth in 1935. Will power rubs n man's eyes open in the morning, won't power turns him over for another snooze. --Davenport Times. D Y N A M I C D R A M A ! UNCLE SAM'S BRAVEST TRAPPED OH THE BOTTOM Of m SEA nicrica's best Iovc] humorist prescribing every day horse sense. WILL '*' R I C H A R D D I X DOLORES DEL RIO CHESTER MORRIS SUNDAY--MONDAY Continuous Sunday 1:00-11:00 Blatige Evans - Edith Fellows LAST TIMES SATURDAY "Alonff Came Love" "Riders of the Whistlinj* Skull' GALA MIDNIGHT SHOW! Come as Late as 9 P. M, and See This IMMENSE PROGRAM Dick Foran 'California Mail,' 'Little Red School House' "CUSTER'S LAST STAND" "The Captain's Kid," "Week-End Millionaire" STARTING SUNDAY GREAT SHOVVSr First Sliouinff iu Mason Oily! Gniiiff to town with a wcck-cml millionaire ROERSj MARY BRIAN In the Hilarious Comedy Riot Late Show Every SATURDAY Night Starting at 10 P. M. Showing Through Monday -James Oliver Curwood's Thrilling Outdoor Romance of the North Woods! FILIMKI) ENTIRELY IN NATURAL COLOR SUNDAY MATINEE UNTIL 3 r. M. THE with GEORGE BRENT fcj BEVERLY ROBERTS Barton MacLane R o s c o e A t c s MICKEY MOUSE CARTOON "DO.VALn AND PLUTO" Our Gang Comedy Paramount "Bored of Education" NEWS EVENTS STARTS TUESDAY A Hard-Boilerl Copper Takes a Lesson In Love! PAT O'BRIEN SYBIL JASON (Shirley Temple's Rival) "The Great O'Malley*' --with-Ann Sheridan llobart Cavanattgh Also Xcw Issue of "March of Time"

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