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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, February 10, 1818
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1 .ll - r I 3 I - - 1 .! : I i i;!.;'.'.' - i, " S " , ? , i" .: r Iff - 'it,: I : i: i m f V - I V - 1 3t K ' I?; - 4 . t ' , TrurfirtrfVt ? Chant U,T placed ' ''' oar hand a small volume of etry with this ti - - tW. nod. after perusal, we have do ItsxiUUo to ' IcoaMollof it to the attention of those who - . cu mn a leisure boor to web. bad of reading. ' Tbe subject are taefaland wtU selected, and without kjf preteeiaioa to tbe higher ordsr of poetry, It I pleaiing specimen of juvenile v Ufeats. The following i tho tecond pieca hi ' tho Tolume,uabelected ft which (ho render may judge for hanteif. - " THE FLOWERS Of LIFE. " ThoaUofUfoHijonyhowanycpUio; ' Whoswsar not ft fiowVet found in tho road I ! BatthTitathyearollobtaiopino, While iwott smiling Cheerfulnes lighten tho ' load. . . 'Though I Bndootn rote, I indulge isotosotTow, - - But pluck with Contentment ft .daisy to - day J 5r,OTonipiwillHopototnoiorrow, . Tho homMotthatnodtotbfephyrorMy. : Let othen dispute, PU avoid their dient T ' Religious polsticaLawal, or such ' ForOiolilyof PwthoioKpeitbirUoiU, And th sweet bod of Pleasure which bloom 3 . at my touch. TheNeasomof Friendship, uwvin; mortality, . " - III carefully cherish aod woar in bit breast ; Thong h tta picture may bo - .Jt brighter hue thai t .. reality, lU fragrance direct no when doubtful the Tho spirit of fcelinr. the oul of affection, WQdly ardont in raptur, and notUn; ia wo, Whim Uilmaro. attire, orcomplexioo, ' .. With mine shall commingle 'n ympathy' (low. ' 1 ask not hi birth - place, whatever tho region, . Hot, temptrate, frigid despotic or free j I ask not hli politics, creed or religion, , - A Turk, Jew, or Chrittian he'i ttill dear to - . ' '.., - ,. o. . Bat ftb J thert'i flower which, tho teeming with ooctar, Beneath it fair axport creni Misery ' dart, So artfully retl'd that it mocki a detector, Till preaa'd to tho bosom it pierce tho heart But still to a bosom antceptiblr placid. Tho angofcb of Lore will but heighten its joy At the boT'raf e onitmf a sweei wun an aou .' b grateful, when nectar untamperM would . cloy. ''t Tho bramble of Ararice. others aynoarish. . Ezhanitinr Life's soil of ita virtues and ' J v streerth i , i HI stray whtra the planU of Bentficeoce flcurWi. . : Aad the renerous Vino winds its serpentine ' , , . lenjth.. - Let snietrS punua (heir Bean, sordid employ - . . aneot, And board up their treasures fcr life's latest scenes J ra waste not the Bomeoia aHow'd for enjoy - meat, ' Vfoe (qnandsr the aeaioo in gaining the meps. Our object is happiness ne'er could we miss it, In lile's varied path, if the talent were ours From all we encounter some rood to elicit, . As boos gather sweets from the meanest of flower. Then plack every bbasoaa of hippmess Uoom - ingl Leave bird of contention and play with the dove; And our path, toon tho flush of enchantment aa - ' anming, Will glow an Byiom of Pleasure and Love. - JTKir - TUKK KrKMUfG POST. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10. article fahri frotd ttllVaahington - City Ciaiette, cMtaiaing sene anecdote of this great and good man, which Will be read with pleasure by all those) that once knew him personally, and with . whom the fact carry internal evidence of their truth. It is posterity, however, who will do bis t , memory ample joatice, and equally ample justice to ha calumniator and persecutor. The bodies of the two unfortunate youths, (saya the Waabington City Gazette of Feb. 7.) mentioned in our paper of the 3d instant, were , thia morning found a little east of Van Ness' wharf, and about 25 yards from the shore. The eldest, Mr. Tenniaon'a son, had brenskaiting; and the grandson of J. 3. Attor had accompa uied him for the purpose of sliding. The ice drove so forcibly into the cast river with the flood - tide and wind this morning, a ' completely to obstruct it, and render the situation of maay of the vessels at the docks perilous. The tchr. Louisa tl Mary, Philips, with a cargo of salt, bound to Edentoo, N. C. was prcsied under the bridge of the dock on the cast side Caen - tiee - slip, and so injured that it was with difficulty she was kept from sinking. Extractor a Utter dated 14 aaaisauao, Feb. 4,1313. M Cobbett is here but the papers do not state correctly the object of bis petition: it baa aothiM to do with the rait of Dr. Roh. The object of hi memorial is of this nature ; Cobbett SebJiabed aa article concerning the chevalier ', ape, aarcMttc. but not libellous in any shape, .tnooeh itrertaialy meant more than it expressed. JU'Jttm was chief juiUce at that period, and seeifig bie toe ia la w attacked, he caused process to be issued, reouirinf bail of Cobbett to appear to answer aa iadictmeat, and mean time to keep the peace. Bail was givga a a bill wa brought before the tread ierv, irho returned the bill irn - rmu. Alter this (joaihioc; of the sait, which of coarse, put aa end ton i anon anotner puonca - tion, cooceraing Y rujo, process wa issued for a lorwiiare m recorouaoce upoa ine Dau given in we awi quaiea." Extract of a letter received at Providence, (B. , 1.1 irom bavannalt, dated Htb ult. from an officer of Uie American aquadron at Amelia aauuja . " You will probably v'uh to know what ent me here t I will inform jou, and by so doin, jrive an account of ten of the most miserable days of my life. We took the Patriot privateer Comroodore Champlm, with the Sarina Gu'aneaman, her px iae we were onlcml on board the privateer, and sailed under convoy f the brig Proraethiua and schr. Lynx. We Jud with us 42 slaves, and arrived here afier a lone; and boisterous pasxage of 1 1 davs i notwithstanding this vessel is an excellent sea boat, we suffered mticli j but nothing when compared to the sufferings of the staves, which w had do mrans to prevent j 5 or 6 of them djvg in a aigfit, of weakness and cold. The Carina has probably lost more alavee than we bare i we bave now on board only SJ i they are all yoaug - , not enceed'.ng - lj year of age j two are now tying - dead on board, and tliere are a number more that will in all probability terminal e their miserable existence before an other rising et the sun. Since our arrival here, we have got blanket, which bave made the slaves a litt! mart com&ruble. It is . - ' enough to ak the .tout heart .kken. look at these mWble objects, and mE the brutality of those who are so hardened as tn ta ha nmnle from their friend and country. The captain of the Guineaman (a Spaniard) is now oa board of her, tick with tho mut Wer which in all DrobebilitV Will terminate his mortal career. The number fl laves taken from the coast was 1 18. v Trim lh Wukingtim - Cita CaStte. Mr. Elliot - OUerrinr b Poubon's American,! Daily Advertiter, published m Philadelphia, an account of a circumstance said to have occurred at the Sweet Springs, in Virginia, prior to the nvnlntUnsr war. which reflects mat honor oa the then colonel Washington, as a man of feel ing, I will thank yoa to give the following anecdote efnoaral Hamilton a pVaca in your valu able column, which a it came within my own knowledge, does not rest for 1U authenticity up - As soon a it wa generally known that Phila delphia bad become the seat of government, a great Dernber of the soldiers who had served in the revolutionary annv. flocked to that city some to spdIv for pensions, others for arrears of par. but all of them destitute of monev : and a it wa aunposed that the buildiur occupied by the treasury department was the depository of the pubUc funds, the doors were frequently besieged by that meritorious claa of men. I do not know what success their applications met wun from other persons t but the rule prescribed by gen. tlamdtcn lor his own government was uxs ir the applicant appeared atic to wore, ne gave him two dollar for present subsistence j if be shewed a wound, he received five dollars ; and if he lost a lef or an arm, ten dollar. In this manner did that benevolent man evince hi re gard for the soldier who had fought and bled to establish the liberties of their country ; and when bis own funds were exhausted, it was bis costant practice to come into the rooms occupied bv the clerks, and borrow from everv one who had a dollar to lend I .4 Iter general Hamilton bad resigned, and was on the point ox leaving rtuiaueiprua, ne placed ia my hands a number of notes for collection, un der a strict injunction, not to apply to the parties for pavment To relieve my brother offi cers, in the revolutionary war, said he, I have incurred a debt, to discharge which, 1 shall be under the necewity of selling my house in N. Y. and as it may not be in the power of the obligors to take op their note immediately, it is not my with to subject them to inconvenience. After a considerable lapse of time, the note were all paid, and I bave in my possession, the general's letter acknowledging the receipt of the amount. Among the very few enjoyments that remain to me, at my advanced period of life, there is none which affords me so much pleasure as to observe, that the opinion which during the prevalence of party spirit, had been entertained to the prejudice of that honest and enlightened statesman, are undergoing a rapid change in his favor. In fact, it is not long since, that one of his most determined opponents acknowleOgea to me, that upon a dispassionate review or general Hamilton's public measurer, he was convinced that he had done him great injustice. , The ttanJard muster of the U. S. The other day, whilst examining the muskets adopted by the different nations of Europe, as their standstill for tho army, I was led to compare them with that of the U. a. The companion wa de cidedly in favor of this country, in point of work - mamhip. ' But there appeared still some very material objections to the one now in use t and which I do not believe that excellent enguieer, col. Bomford, had any hand in recommending. I. The gun weighs 11 lbs. and it ought only to weigh about 9 1 - 2 lbs. ; for it would be equally rtronf. t. The handle of the stock is too short and thick, which prevent a proper purchase m pull - kqr the trirrer. 3. The handle and forepart of the stock is too stout, and the toe of the butt of the stock is not sufficiently deep ; which destroys the balance of the musket, and cause it to recoil more yj put on wiin screws, wntcn is not ro rood a a solid pan made of iron and case - hardened, the brats being more liable to corrode. The pan is also placed in a slopinr direction, which causes the principal part of the fire to fall oa the joint of tnenammer, . S. The barrel should be two Inches shorter. and the biyonet two inches longer, which would rcnucr it more nanuy and improve the balance. 6. The lock is one inch loo long, which cause the drop of the stock to extend too far back, and shorten the space between the crown piece and como. t 7. The butt of the slock is too short : which causes the arm to be too much contracted when levelling; the piece. 8. 1 he muskets would be considerably cheap er. Theo objections are made with no other lew than to improve the standard musket of the United States. AoJ the writer of this article is ready to satisfy any person invented with proper suuionij io exaonue in to me trutn ol these re marks. Congress would do well to make inquiry iuto this subject, as the interest of the country is ueepiy concaroeu io it. OLD WAD. ADDITION. ... . . ... n e nave onserveu wiin much pain many thousands of stands of muskets, in the different arsenal of the United States, all subject to the sane objections here so perspicuously pointed out and, with deep regret, we bare seen, in our public laboratories, that the plan of manufactur ing muskets, liable to all these objections, is still penlited in, and all the lights afforded by expo rience entirely dirrcgarded. Frm the Baliisune Ftdertl GtnUe, Ftb. 5. it ss now some monuis since it was stated in the newspapers, that the copper for the roof of the president's noose and the articles necessary to furnish it were ordered from Europe, a cir cumstance which wa complained of as discou raging the mechanics and manufacturer of the United States, who could have furaisbed a great poruoo ol me article to ordered, equally good, and in most isntances a cheap as they could be imported. The statement to made, although not wnouy aemea, wa in a great measure cuotra dieted in a new - lora paper, in wustb it was stated, that only such article as were not usual ly manufactured here, would be imported. Ia addition to Use tacts stated in the annexed communication, we bare to add, that there b tome reason to doubt whether the arsertion made in a New - Fork paper, u that the president rave positive order that all his cut glass should be purchased at Pittsburg, i quite correct i at one of the proprietor of the Pittsburg glass ma nufactory, was iu Baltimore aoout use time tne assertion was published, ana rutsti, tnai ne nan no knowledge of any sues order. roaatr sir arts. Encaurating Domttttc JUanv fartwtt. From a rcfpectaMe mechanic of this city on whom full reliance may be placed, I bave the mbrmauon, mat me turnuure of the prettdcar bouse, lately Kited to have been imported f which state ment was denied by more than one newspaper euiiorj was actually imported. Mr. , acknowledged the tact, unasked, to my iniormaat; who alto know the style to be French eat the topaas, window teats, pier tables, chairs, &c wbichare M bespattered with gold from end to end. The copper, alra, for the residents house was imported, except a lew sheet tor gutter; and there were procured from EalUaore, mere - j , i I to t. .1. e.: - . .T,1k ot arrive ie V "7? - " when TrT. , M. unpack there, one AtmtW efettw, whereas my informant will deliver inch chair Washington at nxty dollars each. - ; What will our mechanics say to the above ? If true, it demands animadversion if not, it ought to be arrested ia its course by an immedi ate cmtradiction. ' ' frtm tht Qtorgi Journal, Ezlra, Jan. SO, LATE AND IMPORTANT, (omciit) Copy of a letter from Maj. Gen. Gaines, to the Governor of this (tate, received hit night by express. If cad - Quarters, Hartford, ) (Geo.) Jan 23, 1818. ) Sir Bv a letter iust now received from brig, 'en. Glascock, I am informed, that a party of Indian concealed in the iwamp of Cedar creek, 7 miles east of Flint river, yesterday morning, fired upon and killed Mr. Thomas Leigh, assist ant waggon - master, ana aamuei ioiiera,oi captain Avera's company of Georgia militia. The waggon - master had been sent out with a small party of men and a drove of pack - horses, laden with provisions ; which by a prompt and judicious arrangement on the part of major Heard, were secured, with the residue of the party and bone. Gen. Glascock immediately ordered out a detachment under major Morgan, in pursuit of the Indians. - By a letter from col. ArbucUe, of the 18th inst. I learn, that the Indians were to assemble near the mouth of Flint on the 2 1 st, for the purpose of concerting measures for the destruction of the inhabitants on the Chatahoocbie, and the redaction of Fort Scott. The latter they calculated upon starving out. Fort Gaidfes it was apprehended would be attacked. One of the inhabitants (Mr. Weaver) had been killed near the Fort ; a bouse had been burnt, and some o - ther property destroyed. The detachment and vessels under maj. Muh - lenbargh, with military stores, arrived at Fort Scott without any material low, other than that mentioned in my last, although incessantly annoyed by a very large force from each shore, Irom the 15th to the Uth of December. A supply of provisions, ordered in November last, bad not reached the Appaiachicola at the date of col. Arbuckle's letter, (the 18th inst) The troops were then without meat, but had eneared near ly one month's supply upon the Cbattahoochie, part of which left Fort Gaines under a strong guard on the 16th. The sapply of floor at Fort Scott is sufficient, allowing full rations of that article for the troops there, until the middle of next month t and the arrival of sixty thousand rations from New - Orleans is daily expected ; and even should this supply fail, I bave not a doubt of baring a competent supply sent down the Flint and Chattahoochie, m time to prevent the troops from sufferinc. I bave been thus particular in communicating to yonr excellency the state of our supplies, as well as the movement ot me enemy, irom an impression, that a knowledge or these subjects ould be acceptable to you, and beneficial to the state over which you preside at well as from a wish to draw from you, a free communication of your views and wishes, upon whatever relates To the public service, connected with my command. I bave seen in the newspapers, with equal sur prise and indignation, the attempts that bave been made to lull the public mind into a belief. that the hostile Indians desire peace and are wilting to lay down their arms ! Sir, there will be no peace until those Italians are severely chastised. The chiefs were required to surrender the offender ! It was deliberately, resolved in a larre council 01 the Seminole and " Red Sticks" at Mickasukee, that the offenders should neither be punished nor surrendered, Some of their chief bave triumphantly assert ed, that we cannot beat them I that hWtfld 2hYsiT"lh7eoioas they know lit - tl or nothing of the strength or resources of our vvHiiuj uu wiwufcr suionnauoo uiev nave usnvca irom weir wniie inenas (Bnlun oincert and traders) could have no tendency to give mem ravoranie impression towards us. They nun oe ueaien oeiora we can reasonably calcu late upon peace. It is well known that seven of our citizens were killed by those Indians iu the two years im mediately succeeding the late war with Ens - land. Their chiefs admitted this, aod that among the numoer was a woman and two children (Mrs Garrett of this state.) The principal chie Capichimiro, is notifying the warriors of the resolution of tbe chiefs in council, added that, " the day never should come when be would give op or punish a red man for killing a white man." These facts have been communicated to me by Indians, and through in terpreters who I believe to be men of truth nor have I a doubt but t!ite fact were well known to those philanthropic writer of peace, who have had the sagacity to discover, that hostilities were commenced by the troop under my command, on the 20th November last; and that we are tne aggressoRi. It is not aa act of war, according to this doc - trine, to manacre and scalp seven unoffending person?, ami among mem a woman and Iter infants! What number then, I would ask, the massacre of which would constitute an act of war f Sir, my own humble impressions a dob this sub ject are, that the wanton massacre of an in rant not yet able to lisp the enviable declaration of "I am an American citizen," should be as promptly avenged as if fifty or fifty Utousaad ci tizens bad been m usacred. When reparation is refused by the nation (whether red or white, civilized savage) to whom the offenders belong iae uauon lueu occomes accounuolc, and should be chastised for tbe outran. I have little confidence in the cxnectalion of obtaining any considerable aid from the friendly I f a a n .a . ... J uumns; even snouia me y join me, the las ol uieir enters may induce them to follow the ex ample of the warriors under Perrymay, and go over io uie enemy ; ana i owe it to mysclTand to the public service to apprise you. of the exist - ence of a spirit of opposition, tendineto counter act my efforts, having recently manifested itself! in what ts deemed to be the friendly put of the Creek nation j originating, as I have reason to beheve, with some evil deposed white perrons. actually engaged in murglisg negroes into the - niieq siaies irom zast - r lorida. .9 considerable number, as i am credibly informed and be lieve, have been taken to the immediate vicinitv of the Creek agency. It rests with tht agent to aeieci or cxpiaui i on apparent vmlalion of law. The movement of the troops and the active and general hostility of the Indian near the Florida line, will bave a stronr tendency to render this abomioabl traSc difficult and perilous; hence expect to be honored with the ill - will of everv I have the honor to be, very rerpectfully, your oocuieoi servanu EDMUND P. GAI5ES, Maj. GenT com'". Ilii (xccUenry William Rabun. SAVANNAH. Jan. 29. Fhm Amtlia filaruLWt bave accounts to Tuesday evenmr last, at which time, affairs re mained in tied ewe. lb American land and naval forces were still at Amelia. Aarv and bis follower bad not left the Island; and it is believed be will remain User until he hear of the Anal dedsirm of congress, raiativ to keeping pomatsian of Amelia, which be expect will be given ap to him. ImmsbaUly oa jnrrenderiog tht American ittwri!ie Aaerat his ae (rotary to WMbingtaa - City, with, drtpalchaf.1 remmttratmr to hh term against the proeoeov inn of the president, and statin - certa claims "hkh he basto the Island of Amelia, fcc Three vessels under the Jtfextean Dag were u . - ry looairing, in order to be ready to take the cominodore and hit Aemi away should they be . i a a. . have arrived at Tybee last nighl, from Liverpool , but we have not been able to learn any thing Bom Der wnea our yp w. r. PHlT.7l)ELPHlA. Feb. . fetiaofrurrteor - Mr. Benjamin 8. Burling, - .1 ,k ...narranrnM at the hlD DlOIuam, ot. Robert Wilton. 125 day from Samarang in the Island of Java, arrived ia town yesterday .n.Mnm, hin left tbe ship 12 mile eastward nr,n. Mv m Thursday last. She has on kMi .hu,t ftATLnoil lha coffee, and 130.000 lbs, .urnr. besides other article. We are omrto learn he kt 3 of her crew, and that capt W too was ia a weak state of health. "NEWARK. Feb. 10. r. AtvMit fi o'clock last eveninr. tbe alarm t Urm m sonnded. It proved to be at the house of Mr. Thomas Bruen the roof of which for a while was on a light blase, aod threatened total destruction to the building. By the activity of the citisenr, it was fortunately extmguied without serious loss. We are sorry to add, that a person fell from tbe root; and bad a leg disto - cated or orokcn. Paovinaacx, (. I ) Feb. y. On Thursday last, a couple of rash and fool ih rainc men. from Boston, arrived in Cum - berland, within the bounds of this btate, for the rximose of fahttnt e duel! They imme diately proceeded to execute their purpose, when, on the first fire, a ball struck one of the combatant on the elbow, glanced into hi tide rwl Wired near the back bone. ur. jonnson, r Piwtur.ket. was called, and extracted the ball, alter wnicu xne panics ci on u return home, hiehly eratified, no doubt, with the result of their expedition. Horns, (if. t) Jan. 24. RrmarkahU Prriervatum. A daughter of Deac. Noah Hitchcock, of thi town, aoout 4 1 - 2 years old, was on the 15th inst. found by a neighborins; woman, in the bottom of hi well, 18 feet deep. A the woman was going to the well to draw water, she heard the child cry, with an anxious tone, daddy daddy ! ' She (topped and listened, but could not tell where the child was. On going to the well she found, to her surprize, iu unhappy situa - tion. She immediately gave the alarm the Father flew to her relief. On coming to the ell's mouth his child cast up her wishful eve, and cried daddy do help me." He de scended the well, and found her standing on her feet in water, which, on measuring, wis found to be as high as her templet : from which situation he immediately relieved her and wonderful to relate, unhurt : SALEM. Feb. 8. Sdh Amrrim. We have a Valparaiso paper of tbe 9th of October, which mention tne arrival there of the bngantine bacle, prize io tne reari trie - ate. which sailed fromCadit the 6th of May, with asouadron of six tranports under convoy of the emerald rrigaie, oi eeiuns , mej were accused to Aries, ia Lima, having on board the fol lowing troops, vis : 800 infantry, SUO cavalry, and 200 artillerists. , From the violent snow storm oa Saturday, and the uncommonly heavy wind oa Tuesday night, many disasters to vessel oa tne coasi are apprehended. Io this town, several out building were Mown to piece, and ia Marblehead a chimney was blown down. Ma. lacLKDOH. Mr. Charles Incledon is a native of Saint Keveran. in Cornwall. He is de scended from a truly respectable family in the west of England, and studied music unoer nir. Jarbsnn. nfKieter. la the war. ( 17801 be en tered on hoard the Formidable man of war, of 98 mm. nnHer the command of captain, now rear admiral. Cleland. On tbe Weat India station be HI I .1 , lllllll. 111. ,'VBIH MHI JI1KIIU, - ness of character, endeared him to all tlie officers and men. In thi (hip lie attracted the notice of itamirai rrrot, commander incrner or the grand fleet, woo frequently tent for Mr. Incledoa on hoard the Formidable, ami ung catches and glee with him and admiral Hughes. He returned to England in 1763, when admiral firot. lord Mulgrave and lord Harvey, gave him letter of rccomnicuuauon io Mr. snenaanano air. cole - man. Hi first appearance on the stage was at Southampton in Alphonso, in the Castle of Andalusia in 1784. In 1785, he made hit entree on tbe Bath tinge, in Belleville, in Rosina, on which ni;ht Miss Bruntoa (formerly Mr. Merry) made ber 6rst dramatic essay in the Grecian daughter. COMMUNICATION. All such a are not possessed of the sense of feeling, will be able to discover from the news papers, if they are keen - sighted, that the wind blew from the N. W. yesterday, which drove the mercury in the ram's - horn in Broadway down to zero ; and what is very astonishing, all this took place iu the dead of winter. The next change of weather, it is altogether probable, will bnng u what the sailor call a levanier, and which we hope our editor will take especial care to apprize such of us a are not blessed with all the senses. A KNOWING ONE. The city Inspector report tbe death of 68 ner - koiii, irom ine oisi January, io uie itn day of i - eoruary, 1010, oi ue ronowing diseases : Apoplexy 3. burned 1. colic 1. consnmntinn .. . - - : 1 1. convulsions o. cramu in ine stomach - drnn sy J. dropsy in the chest 1 drousv in the henrf i, dysentery I, epilepsy 1, fever typhus 1, hives or croup z, tnuammauoa oi ine cues I 3, Inflammation of the stomach 1. insanity l.lkiiled h a nui i, ohi ace s. paitey i. peripneumonia 1. ii i i m i . ' . pleurisy I, pneumonia typhodea I, rheumatism I, small pox l.sprue 1. still born ft. sudden ucaiu i, uucs metenicnca i. Of whom were of the age of 1 year and under, 21 ; between 1 and f year 3 : between 2 and fi. between 5 and 10. I r between 10 and 9f. a bet weea 20 and 30, 4 ; between 30 aod 40, 10; between 40 and 50. 4 i between 60 and 0. 1 , ciwero no ana iu, 4 ; neiween till and iJ, 1 mn tr. . - .. .1 "F - MARRIED, On Thursday eveninr;. by the Revd. Mr Whelpley, Mr. James Meldrim. to Miss Sarah Sterling, both of this city. At Newark, on Wetlnesdav John W. Stout, of New - York, to Mis Elai uouniu. D1EU. On Monday 2J February. John Jacnh. r Dcujamia oeoixon. At Charleston, on tbe 28th Jan. of the con - sumption, Mr. WUliam D. ihaw, merchant aged 32 year and 8 month. - a i savannah, tbe Rev. George D. Sweet. At Augusta, Mr. Benfamia B. Stntifen merchant, aged 28, a aative of Waterford, (N. I .) At the ame place. Mr. John M. nu. chant, aged 50, a aaUve of Uallowell, district of is raevvTa trtALAU POUT JMHIf& UST. CLEARED. amp uraper, Adams, , Liverpool w Kngers c Co. MOARRirALSTHlS FORkxnnnr. The sloop Abeona. Knann.fram Primkn foe New - Yorlc, has arrived in the sound and was at mack Hock at last accounts. The ship Bingham. Wilson. 130 dan fW Batavia, with a carro of 930.000 lha rHV, i... touched at Lewtstown Roads, and proceeded for New - York consigned to MOea k kili.ii A large ship was in tbe ofnng on Sunday even - ing, which was probably the Bingham. - m I mox ouit coRRESPoyDiyr.' Office of tU Federal Republican, - ' , . Baltimore, Feb. 8. r" 5 - 1 Arrived, brig Maiy.Chandler.from Portland. Sch. Fox, Durkee, 18 days from Mayogues, (Porto Rico.) Left, sch Columbia, lor rnua - delpbia, next day, the only American vessel 1 . r..L.l.HjMtlk. SQlh lilt tnere. Uept u. maae uie mu - experienced a great deal of bad weather on the Coast. Came into tbe Bay on Tbursdsv - Spoke ofT the Capes, brig water nixen, Bunce, from Porto Bico for Philadelphia putting into the Bay ame day, saw a sch with tje lot of her foremast Ship Aldebaron, Borden, 63 day from U verpool. Dec 7th. Gay Head bearing N. E. 5 leaeties, spoke brig epos, of Boston lor u - verpool. Dec 10, lat 49 36, Ion 9 15, w. spoke (hip Marmion, of Baltimore, 30 lea, W. of Scil - lv. hlawmsr heavy could not unuemana psni - culars. 2Ulh, lat 29 10, Ion 29, spoke Dug Caroline, Wood, from Newport, R. I for Rio - JW ' S3 - Janeiro. PuiLAiLBii. Feb 9. Ship Bingham. Wil son, 12S day from Samarang, came into Lew. istown Roads, on Thursday 5th. Sch Mary Jane, Amuzeen, frfta St Tho ma, has arrived at tteeuy island. A thip and two tchr bound up, in sight at Newcastle, on Saturn y morning, names, .c. unknown. NEWPORT. Feb. 7 Arrived on Tuesday last, schr. True - American, Vessey, 4 day from New - York for Castine. Iu the gat of Saturday renin?, the tchr. lost her cablet and anchor at Block - Island, and was compelled to put into this nort. un l narsflay, cnr, rair jraoer, conn, oi Boston, 21 day from Turk - Islond, with call, bound to New - London. Sailed ia co. with tchr. Ebenezer, Cowina;, for Newport. Hnr t ame. rurkins. 1H davs irom Havana. Yesterday, ibip Rising States, Swinburne, of frovidence. 1 1 davs from snariesinn lor - ew York, having been blown off in tbe late gale, and compelled to put into thi port. We tbe underuened. nassensenin tbe Packed thip Riling State, from Charleston bound to N. I ore, ao leei ii our amy io express our grnuiuur to Almighty Gop for oar safe deliverance from a severe gale of wind experienced on our passage ; and at the same time leei it incumoent on us to return our thank to Capt Thomas Swioburnc, hi Mate and Crew, for their good conduct dur ing tbe severe weather, and to Capt. bwinburne io particular, for his kindness and attention to us while on board the Rising States. bile Luther, William It. Sheldon Henry Moffit, Nathaniel Clark, - L. Moorhouse, Christopher Doty. Newport Feb. 6. 1818. Brisr Twin. Nichols. 81 days from Havre and 72 day from Falmouth, (Eng.) where the pu' ia in distress, bound to New - York ; has experienced severe gale, and lost ber jib - boom sum) figure head; ha been on the coast IS day, and being unable to reach her port of destination, put in here for tupplie. Arrived last evening, ship Albion, Conway, of Boston, loUdays from Calcutta, witn a valuable cargo of cotton, sugar, ginger, tec. bound to N York ha experienced severe gale on the coast and was off the Hook 10 dais since. Not being able to get into New - York, was obliged to proceed to thi port. Veesels left at Calcutta not so late a before reported. Jan 29th, lat 38, long 74, (poke a ship 112 dayt from Balavia, for Philadelphia, blowing heavy, could not leaiaber name. BOSTON, Feb. 7. Arrived, Brig Caravan, cant. Patv. 56 dav from Havre. Cant. Lord, of the schr. Go. Brooks, from tbe Vineyard, inform us, that 5 brigs weat into the Vineyard on Friday morning last on them from the Coast of Africa. - - Nobtolk, Feb. 4. Arrived sch Mary, Nich olson. Provincetown. fMe.l 6 day a Expe rienced a very heavy gale on Saturday last, off Chincoteasroe, accompanied with rain. r - i . . " . . I t j r f acu nana, Aiarocrrr, wi aim iruin mojivp town, (Col.) bound to Madeira, to Samuel Robertson, in distress, having sprung aleak On Friday last, at 8 A. M. the Maria being about 80 miles to the eastward of Cape - Henry, en countered a tremendous gale from NNE. with heavy rain, which caused her to leak very much. and kept tbe pump constantly at work - the tea. at timU M&rKWrntjM. w.L'.lT aa waaueu avty, ana oeing compelled to throw over part of her wood, water, and nearly every thing on dock, with about 60 fa. thomaaf cable was preparing to throw overboard part of the cargo, when the gale abated, and the Maria bore away for this port to refit. in narrptnn ttoads, bound to ew - York, her mapnroane Dng leopard, Herbert, waiting a W 1IH1. February 5. The loop Protection. Smith. 12 davs from Wilminirton. X.C. with a cariro of cot ion ant tobaeco, bound to JV York, nut in here in the gale oin uesday evening, and sailed again yes - iauj. i ne rroiecuon was exposed to the whole fury of the late gales, by which the was driven from the Capeaof Deleware, to the Capes of Virginia, between Friday and Mm. uay.iasi, oui fortunately sustained no other j i r . . . . J . . damage man the splitting of her jib and carrying away her bowsprit shrouds. Capt imith tates, that on Monday last about 8 o'clock, A. M. in lat 36 20, long 75 30, he fell in with the sch Ceres, of this port, bound to Charleston, in a most distressed situation, having carried a - wayber jib - boom, flying - jib - boom, and with nothing but the bolt - rope of the foresail standing indeed nearly all her sails torn to tatter and very leaky. The Protection kept in company, by tbe request of the captaiu, all Mon - day but apprehensive for her own saf ety, as severe weather was threatening, she parted company in the night and the next mornine - 1 aaw uie lucres on uumtucK, standing to the praiwini, tnuinjr ror uie nearest una. mere is no doubt that this sch is the Ceres, eantain Mills, owned in Dart bv Mr. Thomas Glenn, nt wis piece, wnicn cleared at xcn k, for Charleston on the 26th ult Arrived British brie Britannia. Watann. fin uay. rroro ewry. i ne Untanoia was bound to KYork, but put into this Bort Jsn. 14. lat long oo, spoae scnooner oerpentj Andrews, from Baltimore, bound to Porto Rico. - out 14 n A I y a . . " day. Latitude 35, longitude 71, ipoke dir. American Hero, from N Bedford, bound to N ui leant, out 3 day. Jan 31, lat 37, long 7J, spoke brig Calypso, of Boston, from Barbadoes. Dounaio iN iork. THEATJiE. Last NightofMr.locledoo't Engagement P Wednedi,y Evening Feb. 10, Will be presented the Cwnic Opera of tbe WOODMAN. ' ' All. af A IU f Ae AB s airlop,the Woodman, Mr. Incledoa " - " - 1 - rvM Te i oe wuoie to eonciufle with the entertainment ol I M . Wl Tl Tom Tug, Mf. Incledo. Notice. (T The public are cautioned not to rn'it or naroor my ton, Lewis Vultee, as I will not nay any debts he may contract, as mv aid son has behaved in an undutiAJ manner tnwsnti FRED'K. U VULTEE. feb 10 3t . L.MiOM HAiC mil. Ii - .k - . ..u .OCT Ine itockholder are requested to attend - ""uauis noo?e, no. I i vvau - ttreet oo f hursday, the 12th day of March next, to elect ..... A . Mm . . r i . " - - " fir uw caroms; year. 1 he poll wrn at ten o'clock and skit at two. rMl"M book, wiu ll"1 t oUl Jin March. , ,B7 orderof the board of director. - feb 10 1m JOHN LOW. CM.. JACKSON WOOLLEY. feb 10 - . 75 WaJI - etrrct. "VI fl " (y At a meeting of tfcs Trustee of the Co, lee of Pbjstciaas and 8urgeoos of the state of New - York, held at tbe College Hall, oa Safer, day, Jan. 31. 1818 Oa motion, Htwriteivmmmmay, That this College have received with deep regret the intelligence of the death of Dr. Caspar Wistar, professor of aneto - my in tbe enivenity of Pennsylvania ; and as testimonial of their r - - ct for his great private worth, and of hit distinguished talent as a teacher and practitioner of medicine, that the profe. tors and trustee of thi university wear the env ternary mourning for thirty day. - Huolvti, That a copy of thi resolution be transmitted to tbe provost and trustee el the university of Pennsylvania. , . .,.,. .; By order, ' - JOHN W. FRANCIS, M. D. feb 10 Register of the College. Freight H unted for Philadelphia, On board of the schr. THREE BROTHERS, FoMer, master, to sail dosL tively on Sundty or Monday, (weather permit. ting.) Apply on board, at Cofu - e house - tlip, west side, or to ' GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 10 No. 130 Water - st Ft H thimglon, A'. C. The schr UNION, Ephraim Dennett, master, will he ready to take in to - mne. row. . For freigbt or passage, apply on board, ' west tide Fly - market wharf, or to JONES &MEGRATH, Feb 10 . 83 South - street CANTON CRAPES. r"" LU C. SUYDAM, havejlust opened, title - . rant assortment of white, black, and co. ored Canton Crapes, of excellent quality, for sal at No. 61 Maiden - lane, fob 10 5t WHITE LEAD GROUND IN OljJ - Zl 400 kets. ol 2Clb. each. White LmH J ground in oil, just received per ship Willi. m, or sale by i uuaLK ez L.AUKIES, feb 10 29 Sonth - straet. JAMES D'W OLF, jr. 67 Front - street, offers for sale 60 tons clean St Petersburg hemp Russia duck 16000 lbs. green coffee in hhds. entitled to drawback Roll brimstone, German tteel do Writing and sn apping paper do ' 15 cases half - pint tumblers do Castile soap and mould candle do ' 1 cue Leglioru hats . do 2 case cbolet do , ' 1 case platillas Feb 10 BOMb.ilKTlS. A FEW bale black bombaett, just received per ship Nestor, and for sale by DANIEL OA KEY, Feb 10 lw No.l William - tt A GREAT BARGAIN TO CAKTMF.N. A TA VCTIOyBX BLEECKER & BIB BY, Oa Friday tbe 13th mrtant, AT the Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, eleven lot of e round, that renuire filuaa ia. on Laurens - street, Lisjieuard,( meadow. ' If p iu m f t'uH MLlLr.VLk.l, T" kiiS That large and comm odious home tad lotol ground No. 79 John - trect, calculated for a boarding house, or the accommodation of a large family. Ennui re of - ' WM. W COWAN, fetHOIwt ' 87 Fulton rreet a TO LKT, Tlie house No. 60 Wall - street, at pre - sent occupied by R. II. Ne vim. Also. The House, No. 56 Wail - street, occupied by the Firemen Insurance Company. Apply i. - i r DL - Wlll h - TOII SO Wall - storto JONES b CLINCH, feb 10 tf Coffee House slip. Q 'iO LET, The two new and elecantly naiahed three story bouse No. 10 aad 12 Broad - treet. These house are built ia the modem tvle sad finished ia the very best manner, and from the very desirable situation, both a to pleasantness and for bnsiuess, it is thoo;ht that they ? - ' ii,.". t . v.iiwl bv let tm uiis city. The apartments for stores ia those beildiags are so constructed a to be entirely distinct from the dwelling apartment, which eon - tain eerrn room aad pantries, kitchen, ftcti. eluded. Every convenience for families of rtr pectabilitf is afforded io them. Persons desi rous ofsucn situations are invited to view them at any hour, from 7 to 5 o'clock, except Sunday. Tbe dwel'.ie aod stores will be let teoarale or together. Apply at 55 Broadway, or to CHA9. OAKXEY, 141 Frootttnet ALSO TOXET, That new (wo story brick house No. B New - street, nigh to Wall - street potseseioa 1st May. , Also, house 27 Courtla wit - street, in good order and fit for a genteel family t it being now ia pot session of D. G. Hubbard, Esq . foe session 1st May. Also, a rood two story house at Greet wkh. now io occupancy of Geo. Lindsay, Eso. aiso, nouse no. o unerry - street, saiteo lora boarding house, aad the lower front room for a store. And House aad two acres of rrotuvt. near Maahktp tanville, having garden, be. Apply as above. lU 111 II , EblCAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 4, iTl. now drawing 5 times a week. 146JBroatiway: CORRECT LIST OF PRIZES, f6th drawing - No. 19473, f 100 ;.2134, 20355, 25201, 5095, First drawn number to - morrow morning entitled to $1000, and on Monday morning next the first drawn number will be entitled to the highest prize, $30,000. Ticket will advance to 20 oa Friday mon - wg. Feb 10 Get R. WAITE'5 list of pruet, drawn last week, ia Medical 8cieace Lottery No. 4 26tb day drawing. 19,47s, flOOi 5WS, tS) 20,355, J50. Sold at WaiU'. ! I FeVlO PRIZE LIST, Jfedical Science LotUry, No. 4 2o today's drawint;! ' No. 20439, 110.0001 9832, 17924,25134, and 20646, $60 each. seuioay. No, 19473, 100; 21343, 0355. 25201, and 5095, 50 each. ' Sold at AUens. The first drawn no. to - morrow will be entitled to flOOO. I irst drawn no. on Monday mornmr will be enUUed to $30,000. 1 ickets and shares lor sale at AUens' truly lucky r - ffice, no. 122 Broadway. . Feb 10 30,000 Dollars, 10.000 do. 3,000 do. 1 3,000 do. 1,000 Dollars, 1,000 do. ,y 1,000 do. 1,000 do. Several of 500. 200. 100. fcc. tc. THE above rich prires, are now in tie wheel of the Medical Science Lottery, and will all be drawn in a few day. On Monday next the first drawn number will be entitle ! to the capital prise of $30,000 The 10,000 doll, prise it floating, end may be drawn thi day. ' Adventurer are advised to apply at AL LEN'S Truly Luck j Office, nos I2i Broadwty. Where as told laa week's, no. 24,493 a prixe of 5,000 1 6,657 a prise of tVOOO. Where No.3JrO, whfeb drew the great prise of HiO.COO, wa sWJ aod ioMtsediatelv paid, be urn the tiigheij prise eser dravn ia America, feb 10 . ! If

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