The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 10, 1818
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IVl etched . .1 V - i NUMBER; 4881 TUESDAY,. FEPRUARY; 10, l;il8. NO. 42 PINL - STRKE'f. V4 "A T THE SHIPYARD OF V" rItK SUBSCRIBER, ...... , A SLOOP, now building of the best !JLL mtarialt, about 100 tons; timbers of live Voak, locust and cedar: bottom plank jersey white oak, built on purpose lor ine aim 1 f A SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for Sv any trade where dispatch, burthen, and ' JL&Heasy draft of water is required. - ,Vr A periagua SCHOONER, of 40 tons, 'tAtC will draw but little water, with a Ue - VMboard through the centre of her keel, ' fTTT - rigu tt anil vmrv tutL.' ' Also, a 6 HIP of 560 too, lculted wiiiIor a Liverpool or Looaoo imucr, t, - i . Xlt,r. hofinUhMl to suit the purchaser.) irSoars. Umber and plank. Also, timber aj(. t'rtietti or Charter, ifS. . .w otlot boat built 6CHOONER, - MiZaboat 150 too burthen, built iothe bet Suoer. copper fastened, la complete order to receive a cargo in every respect a good vessel. Anply on board at uuriing - snp, or to ". : N.L.&G. GRI3WOLD, "Jaa 19 - 88South - st. For tale. Freight er Charter, fv ' 1 new pilot boat built schooner, ISO ' yton burthen, built iu me oest manner, 'of good material, coppor fastened j a very fast exiling vessel j and may be tent to sea wilh small IDense Apply Oil ooaru at Duron wuy, t w . N.I..&G.GRlSWOLD, Jan 19 ' S6 Soulh - t tur freight or Charter, . The fast sailius: substantial schooner BETSEY, capL Turner, one year old, will stow about 800 bbls. is in complete order for any voyage caa be seen at Dover - st. wharf, ripply to GOODHUE & CO. jan22 44 South - st. tOR SALE, 4M The new and fast sailing brig FAME, built of the best seasoned timber? and taiihlully put together. Her rigging and sails are of excellent quality. This vessel is well calculated lor a, southern packet, having handsome accommodUion. Fur terms, aud a view of ber inventory, apply to C UlS WOLDS & COATES, Jan 23 63 South - st. . tORzALL, ' 4rffTb very fast railing sloop PARAGON, , A. - - bnrthen 00 too", built at Middlutown, Couuocticut, of the best materials ; has made one voyage to the West Indies, is one year old and can be seat to sea immediately For terms, ' aud a view of her inventory, apply to GRIS WOLDS COATES, Jan 23 68 Sonth - st. CALCUTTA GOOD;. ONE hundred bales consisting of Baflas, Luckipore, Chittabully, Callipatty andPutka - Cossahe, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and - Luckipore. ' fisnuahs Jellalpore and Mow. Check Gillahs, Romals, &e; for - nlehy CHS. L. OGDICN and ABRM OC DEST, jan 9 - Wahingtnnstreet. 25 SlKAIlis BRANDY. Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to debeo - turv, for sale by 'Cn.tS.L. OffDEN, and ABRM. OODEN, . ' Waihingtoo - strcct. Jsl7 OLDTOUACCO. 30 hhds. old Richmond tobacco, will be landed tomorrow from the Wioon Ifcrfrflg '..ti . 112 Front - street TR SALE, ttu cargo of the ship Cnne. cap - j taia Humphrey, irom Calcutta, and now tudinff at thf foot of Liberty - street, consisting of East India Sugar 1 ' Cottoa ' Ginger t Block Tin Gam Shellack ' ' . Gum Copal - Goat Skins of a large sue Seine Twine and Gonny Bags Also for sale, India Musli - is of almost every AIT?mall quantity of Rations, and a ju t R STnr m! A I V 4 in 7 FTIOBACCO. 20hbd.obocco, will be land - I rA tomorrow from the schooner r.u, from Petersburg Fnr by , BOBERT (.ILLESPIE, 6 112 Front - street. s - iit - I iN iew etoi. onnie. suitable tor J manufacturing, will be sold in parcels to ac tf.nmmn.lnti ourrhasers. AUo, a few balea of old crop. Enquire 148 reart - sirw; op iir. " FI1VVO cases changeable byochws, lor sale M.'f'i MARCH st L.JVV, , Jan 51 ' 210 Broadway. tLouit, oun ON, tec 250 bbls PhiU' delphia flour 21 bales uplaiWl cotton, new crop ' 8do New - Orleans do do .... , 5 tons lignutnvitse 15 tubs German sheet 2 pipes red port wine 11 liWds do do 5 hlids white do do . , 3 qr. casks do do do , 1 hhd Madeira wine 11 qr. casks do do v , . . 57 boxes superior claret (1 doz. each) An invoice of Uce veils, cotton lace. Etc. An invoice of Dutch tors for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, jsaT , . 112 Front street ' STRAITS BIAUY. rpWEJTY nv pipes Cetto Brandy, for sate A oy a fjiiAS. L. tKiuEN, and Xi i ,;; ABR, OGDEN, v Jan 9 . Washington - street. fXri.E,OlL, PAPER, kc 13(1 qr.. caks f V . and 200 half do dry Malaaa Wiu 5 qr cisks and 20 half do sweet do very old i ju ao oimeaar no - . 300 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 bettics each . 100 boxes do do 12 bottles each 60 bales Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gaiett do large siie s 4 9 cases Felt Hats , . i..; 15 cases Liquorice Paste - . . I box Ottnch Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 t Manna in d;ikea MarlU Slabs, veined and statuary, assort ;.'ed sixes, for pier tables. &c. . '. A few boxes very superior Anchovies and , lllives 600 Marlile Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch ' 10 bbli Furs, rniwistinz of WildCat. Raccoon, Fox, Miwirat, and utter itms Gurniy Bar, ic For sale by '. ' CHAS. L. OGDEN, and , ABR. OGDE.V, Jaa 12 Wahrngton - treeL rVUlCKSlLVlIK. 20,000 lb. Qukksilver lor sale by N.L.tO.C.aiSWpLD, JuiJl . . . 113 South - street - twiut H m.f.ivri. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, No - 197 Pearl - , street, hs received luOO lb. of No 12 r st and I jlhnr, rrom his factory at rat mmo, w,iC(, be will sell on fair terras. A rein kr f "Wy yani from No. 10 o 18 will be re - '"wesirr. Jn ri! ' D LViVCn, JUN. ivTO. 40 William - street, hat just received LN few baskets (containing one dot. each) of! superior white Creaming Otiampaigne, import ed in the I actor, irom navre. He hat alto in Store, ' Madeira, in casks, from 3 to 12 year old Do. from private stocks, from 3 to 30 yean In . botuet - Consiantia, Burgundy . Claret and old Sauterne .' Grape Juice, 8 years in bottles " Dry Lisbon, Port Wine iu bottles Old Brandy and Rum And a Table Wiue, of excellent quality, and at a very low price. . . The above have all been selected by himself with particular rare, ana are oi very superior quality. He offers them Kir. sale, warranted purees imported. '. feb 5 lw . fcHOEb ii BUO J'b. I UST received 40 packages among which are O 3 cases Wellington Boots 2 do . Ladies .do t do Mockasons 4 do Cork Sole Shoes 4 do Ladies walking do 4fdo Men's coarse 2 do flnvs do 1000 do Kid suitable for the southern or West India whrket 2500 do wnmen's Leather Those, together with a eeneral assortment o Ladie, Misses and Children's morocco, black and colored Roane, are offered for sale on rear onable terms bj THOS. WITT,. cio. ttz reari - sireei. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fitb. Jan 15 1m UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Up land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLBT, 98 Pine street. IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. j..n23 I lir..o, eii - . 4 Dales ucruinn stiutiug Ami JLi cheetiiii; Linens, for sale on reawinMile terms, or G.G. US. HOWLAND, 77 Washington street Jao 27 1T.CKOIX SUGAR 18 hhds. landing, and for sale at 55 Pine - street, b v Jiin 15 GF.ORG K W. TALBOT. X CUT MILL SAW a. Sic. ASM ALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, U. S. and C. b. for sale by AMDtRaON SHEARER, 131 sVater - sUeet. Who have in Store, Hand, ripping aad dove tail Saws, brass and iron backs Cast 8te I CitisseW and Gouges Mortice Chi'sels and Drawing Knives Patent Carolina & Virginia Hoes, No. 12 34 Wrought nails, 4d, d, tkl. lOd, 12, & 20d Brass and cnper wire, of all sixes Rolled and Sheet Brats, Brass Pans Ixwdou Pin, Nob. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo the country trade Engravers' Copper, in plates of all sizes, jan 12 II UPS. 2 bitles Hops, jani received for sale liny JA .lUKbLliMti.V I'rJARbO.'M, fehU 67 South - streH. DWWil TABLE CLOTHS, LLNEi Ac. Just opened at No. 61 Maiilra - bne: 3cases Irish linens, rourte to lUjierflue " " ,' 1 : do long lawo, Assorted . , ' ' 1. do 5 - 4 stout Irish thetini, assorted ' 1 do diaper and damask table linens, assorted, from 5 to 10 quarters wide. " ' 1 do - super real double damask tablecloths, : part very large site, with elegant small . i and lares napkins to match ' JjfWUWKfiltmtWjnes Jogether with a retail tales, at very moderate prices. ( Alto for HaU by the rootage, few cases Irish linens and long lawns, assorted Stout 5 - 4 Irish sheetings, Drogheads Blacb7 - 81n.ens glazed. White platillas Jan2H f - l. Ic M. MJIIMii. APAtil'MKNTA VVANTKU. ... A SINGLE gentleman withes to rent, in or near Wa't street, in a renteel iwivate fami Iv. a Bed Room and Parlour, without board; furnished rooms would be preferred. Thr quiet and neatiirss of the ltoe, as well as the respec - lability o( the occupants, are particularly required. A line directed to J. C left at this office. meotiouing terms and situation, will he duly at tended to. Jan 28 tin T IGNUMVI liE. 30 tons on board the ship JLi Corsair, for sale by Jan 26 TROKF.S, DAVIDSON & Co. TfclCHMOND FLOUR. 101 barrels super - XV fine land inp fi - om the sloop Atlantic, for sale by - TROKEs, DAVulsON ei CU. Feb 7 ' 1 I A D KIR A WINE. - A uuaulity ot choice LtJ. L. P. Madeira Wine, for sale by II. & C. W. UAtVNrUrl I ii CV. Jan 19 rOUR thoukaud Gunny Bags, L.rtalo ty CEBRA CUMING, Jon 23 76 Pearl - street. F.NGLISU BACON, tic'. TTINGI.iaH Bacon. Split Peas. Berkley, Dnu JDj bie Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese, all rf a very superior quality, imported in tue Aon ma Also, a general assortment of first quality Teas and Uroccries, run Sauces, Utives, Ancnovies . Very old Jamaica Rum Superior 5th proof Irish Whiskey Anrririn Pine Annie Cheese Enclish Porter. l5mitohns.and Bristol Ware tor saw cheap lor cash by 157 Greenwich - street For Salt or to Kent, Imt, Two HOUSES and a STORE, situated in Kmn) - a'rHt. Newark. fN. J.I onDOSlt the E - oiscoiml Church. Also. lor sale, tne jiuuce. and LOT, 114 Fulton - st. feb 4 lw ONE hundred bhuv Hnslol SpanisU urowu, 20 do Whit. Lea I, With a general assortment ofPaiots, dry and ground, for saw ay 192 Front and corner of Faltoa - street. Jan 23 PLANTER OF PARIS. 4 CONS T A NT sunrtv of rroso - t planer oi 1. paris, in barrels, suiUhle for the southern market. - Orders left with Walter Nexscn, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burlmr - s ip, will be promptly attended to , JOHN RYER3. . r ooi oi tiarnson - streei, nuriu - jvuci. Jan 19 tf ' - ' IRON HOLLOW WARE. . N assortment of tbt above article comist'm: k, .of pots, kettles, bake pans, griddles, skil lets, basor. spiders, tea kettles &c. per ton or piece, be sate by ' , - CEBRA JZ CU .1I.U, Jan 30 "6 Peari - st, APIOALS laO cnaldroiu coarse Liverpool coals on board ship Nestor, at Murray wharf for sale bv G. G. St S. HOWLAND, Feb 5 ' V ' 77 Wahinon - t. GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, consisting of Winrs and Tunblers sale oy lH.U li, UVlUL.1 K Ann. vuviixi Jaa2i , Waihisgtoa - sL 20 MOLASSES. '., lihds molasses, goed quality, at Peck ilin. for sola b .. s ' Jan 31 . B. C. W. DAYESP0RT t CO. npO WATCH - MAKERS. 23 dozen Watch JL tpnngs . ... 46 doxta Watch Chains. For sale at - If. VOS'3 ' , , i No. 74 WasLibgton - street. feb 4 1w MOLASSES ti CO FEE 90 hhds. Hava na Molasses nw trnp" . - 24 bbdi. do Coffee Landing at Old - slip from Brig Caroline, and tor saie oj JAMU U'WULr, Jr. feb 2 ' 57 Fmnrtreet TJKMP DUCK 60 loos St. PviMrsbureh J. A ciean nemp 80 bolU first uaalitv RauiaDuck For sale by JAMES D' WOLF, Junr. janu 5T f ront street PLAN D COT'l O.N - 54 bales pnme upland Cotton, iust received per schooner Laura, irom aavaonan, aun ior sale ny OTI3 k SWA.V, Jan 14 . 157 Pearl st rtft "OMUAZtTlS & COTTON. 4 bales 3.3 BontbazeUs 34 bales .Vea Island Cotton, and . 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and for saie oy . , SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - street. It Stobx 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as above. . jan 24 RUM. 20 hhds. Malaxes Rum, first proof, (or sals by JACKSON WOOLLEY, jan 12 75Wall - st. 150 UtLANll COTWff. Dales very prime upland cotton, in store, anu lor sate in lot to suit purchasers, by uuiawuuus si uuvrKa, Jan 23 C8 Poiitb - t lLOUK. - 100. .ViHyo;s Mills, landing a. - irum senr. , ai reca - slip. . IN STORE, 100 blil. Richmond Mill 3J - I do Petershurgh (Stokes and Smith's braAd) r or saie rjy GRIS WOLDS & COATES, an 12 68 South - street. E It MAN STEEL, UK1MSTOXE tc 155 VJI boxes Steel ' . 129 boxes mil brimstone . 1 case Leghorn hats 15 do tumblers 10 pkckages paper - 3 bases chollns 50 boxes mould camlles 30 do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by JAMES D' WOLF, Jr. jan 13 - 57 Front - street. rpuiJACCU - , FLOUR, Ac. 10 hlieh. old JL Richmond Tobacco, principally of prime quality, RUaptrd to tbe lnn market ' . 40 do new (Io part very prima 20 do old Rapiuhannock do ' 230 kegs Richmond manufactured do., sweet ictmtsd and common 250 bbls Richmond superfine flour 64 bales prime upland cotton 126 pieces Holland duck . 200 kess Dutch herrings . 20 casks allum . . 60 do .dry while lead.,' .25 do claret . 40 crates earthenware, aswrtei 24 casks mustard 3 butts best London porter ' - 6' panchsons rabbit skint ' 600 reams medium printing - paper , ' POO do cap, no. 1 and 2 , 30 gross prei papers, kc for sale by WALSH & GALLAGHER, - rb g 66 Soutk - rt : A. JUlXEil . warrant Aacmu 'r.lLw Winship's factory, ChKrh - .tiir. man. tot sauc by RIPLEY I WELD, isrz rroni, corner oi r uuon - nreei. Jan 98 USt 'OVALU sLGAU. Ibi hhds. Hava naMuscov.ido rutar. of superior quality. landing from brig Boxer, irom Havana, at Joos wnan lor sals uy uuuunur. iu. jan Zl . 44 souin - street. T'LOUR RICE. ISO bbls. eiuperane Flour, j and 100 tierces of Prime New Rice, now landing from the Ceres, from Richmond, and 1 eleerapb, Irom i riRiieton, lor sale ry Jan 15 0i Coffee - House - slip HIDI - s FOUR hundred Hides landing this day from Perscverunce, and will be sold low from, the wharf. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, Jan 9 28 South - street. i RIoH MARKET IOBACCO - 68 hhds. of fine quality, landing from schooners Hero and sally Ann, I rum tuenmonu, tor snie ny I). BETH UN E K CO. Jan 16 92 C. H. slip. TVTlCARAGUA WOOD fe L1GNUMV1T. J.1 18 Nicaragua Wood of very good ,. - quality , 10 do Liznumvitx For sale by TUCKER & LAURIE9, Jan 19 - 29 South - street. , GLASSES 29 hinls. Molasses, of superior Ivx quality, lying at unver - street wnart t sale by & C. W. DAVENPORT it CO. Jan 26 741 HERRINGS. - . . . 171 rin J d,. C . - i51 "" - ": limn im ri, f I, : i. j iog and for sale by Jon 22 ' ... 67 iooUvstreet FUH H.1LE. lehear,) A piece of - round,' on the east side of Broadway, near Joues' - street, all high ground, and a handsome level spot improved as a rich garden, 25 feet, fruutiug on Broadway and 2I9 feet deep. ... . - : , Also for sale, a lar?e lot of ground, with the buildings thereou, being large and convenient. NO. 97 Broad - street, bclwcrn Pearl anil Water - streets. The lot 3ti feet C inches fronting on ftroad - street, and about 70 feet deep, which buildings will readily rent to pay an interest of ten per cent per annum on the purchase money Tbt groater part ol the purchase money for either may remain on mortgajr, if required. Ap ply at k7 BroaJ - st. or . JOHN SH AKI , Feb 6 lw Brooklyn UX BE LET, Two convenient rooms in tbe barement ol No. 44 Pine - street, suitable for others or count mg rooms. iDquireof ' li. a. JOArJs, Ieb5tf. 44 Pine - streeL . . REAL ESTATE. VUllil The sohscntNir odurs for sale that eVezan thtev storv brick houte and hit so pleasantly t'tateiT in lurray .street, being the comer of Mur - roy aiidUliaiet - strects . i he situation oiina bot e property i too well known to require a pnr - licular lrTiptiofi.v Persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and view for thtinel - es. The house may be viewed any afternoon after Uweeo'clock. The property at present rents for twelve hundred dollars per annum. Possession to be given 1st May, IUI9. It n - t sold at private saie, will he ohered for sale at auction, on the 16th inst. Any further particulars nny bn known by applying to JOHN LIMBERGEfl, Baker, Gieeuwicb, corner of Ilerringond Am s - strrels. - - feb 5 t 16 fhil ' From tho 1st May next. Hie three story brnkhe, Nj. IS Courtlaadt - street. Apply lat tbeoffire of , N. LAKEALU Cb 4 lw - No. 172 Faltoa - ttreet, FOn sale." . 5jfj The two story frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Broome street, the corner of' fclizaheth - street, with a stable in thr rear. ALSO, a modern three storv brick House and Lot handsomely situated within the vil lage oi AewDiirgii; tne house is large and commodious and well calculated from its retired, healthy and elevated situation rhavinv a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession given the first of May next. ALSO Sale or to Lease, 5 avenue lots, situated oil the First Avenue, between North and First - skreets. ALSO to Lease for a number of vears. 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and First - street. For further particulars, spply to . CORNS. DC BOlS, jan 20 Im 36 Front - street 5. J - OH SALE AT AUCTIOjV, Sif.lH At The T. C. H. on the I st dav of March nexu the FARM belonging to the estate of tbe late Dr. Isaac Ledvard. situated one mile south of t he village of Newtown, Long Island. Tbe wiiiiamsntrgn turnpike runs through the r arm, on one side oi which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile, in length The farm contains about 150 acres, 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot, with two apple Orchards, one old. Die other just bxin - ning to heir well, and a suitable proportion of giKxi salt meadow. 1 he Mannon House is large and rontetient, four rooms on tach floor, wilh a ijO' d kitchen end cellars; attached is a large barn, crib, ben borne, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, ic. The court yard and garden con tain a variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagus l ed, raspberries and currants. . '.. . i - . i. i . nu n r mv.ti uujuimug uie utve, contain - ; ubout sixty acres : attached to which is une qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within less than a mile of tne liirm, containing ten acres, with a faim - house, barn, well, garden, fcc. Likewise A Lot of Land. Ivine at Sprinfleld. south r( the village of Jamaica, containing be - tweeu four and five acres, on which are about a dozen huge thesnut trees, suitable foriencing. The atiove lands wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the same exhibited some time previous to, and at the sale, nud deposed of by the acre, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. roiHision given onint ortt oi April. For turtlicr particulars, apply at 49 Dev - itr:et. fan 8 Ids . Tbe elegant and convenient three - story brick bouse and lot No. 20 Bowery, together with a coach bouse and stable frontier on Pav arj - strcet, and joining the rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particulars enquire at 31 Wall, corner of Willium - strtet. Jan 29 tf . TO Lt.T, For one or more i ears a two story brik uumi in Sturvesant - street, nearly opposite St. MarksChurcb. containine eitht rooms, a large kitchen, se.rvants room, cellar, pantries, kc. in complete ordtrfnrthe reception of a genteel fam - ly wiui a garden and yard of about tw and mil acres ol land, containing a variety of the fi nest fruit trees, asparagus and lint beds, &c. &c. together with a wood house, carriage house and stables. Rent will be reasonable, and possession ensj be had the first day nf April. Apply between iu and z o'ciotk, on the premises, to NICHOLAS Wftl - STUYVESANT. Jon 94 3w VAIAlABLt. rHOHEHTY t)R SALE. f "IS Will, be sold at public auction on the It - ii&th Feb. if not previously disposed of at prwaleale, that well known and valuable property, situated ou the turnDike road, about 3 - 4 oi aity from Brooklyn forry, commanding a Highest state of cultivution, having asparagus beds which produce $500 per annum ; with between 50 and 60 English cherry trees in full bearing. There are on the premises two houses and a store. The house, at present occupied by the subscriber, is large and very commodious, and in sufficient good order lor uie reception oi any family. The barn is conveniently situated, and in excellent repair. There arc likewise se veral beautiful budding lots. Persons desirous of purchasing are requested. to call on the subscriber, when they can examine the condition of the property. Feb 5 lw TEUNIS I. JOIINMJN. A COlliSTlXU HOOJd TO LLT. A nlensant and convenient Coantinc k(Kuin store No. 29 South - street, from 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER fit LAUKlEs. feb 3 TO LET. A lanre convenient modern built house, coach house and improvements (with or without an eitertive kitchen earrten and naca lot! irom the first of Mar next ; situated on the corner of the Frit Avenue and First - street, near the corner of North and A Hen - streets and about one mile from die t itv Hall. The situation is elevated ml healthv. aad in every respect suitable for a gcnlrel family. On the premises it a well of most excellent water. Appivm . CURNrXlUb. uutsuis, Feh2tf , No. 36 Front - street. IX) LET Tbe 3 story House, No. 44 Natsao - t. tt from lit May next. Apply to GEO. UUM.Mr.K S M. feb 4 tf 112 Broadway. FALUABLk tHOPKHTt. Zh - The Nlowinx very valuable property is ofiered 6irsale That substantial bailtand comm'Hiioiis j story brick HOUSE and LOT or UROUJU, e,: i :niirtlnd.stieet. calculated for a larse and cod. von tent store in frmt ; said lot being xb leet iront and rear by 110 feet deep. ALSO. The 2 two story brick HOUSES and LOTS, of GROUND next below adjoining, heme Nos. nH 7. well known as the oldest establishment of ttage oflkes and tavern in the ciry said lots he - iue escb front and rear SO (mI in widUv by 1 10 I US I fk - et deep. For terms, apply ou the peemws cr to feb 4 lw JOUN U. Ult - KlAOU.l Job Let. Leased, or bold. The spscious story brick HOUSE, No. 129 Chamber - street, having every conve nience for a lanre family, and a well of excel lent water in the yard. Iu proximity to the Somrt latela events), rives a view of Hudson - street from tbe. rear of the house, and renders the situation airy and pleasant. For terms ap ply to . JOHN B. MURRAY & SON, febO 113 Venrl - street lO LET, From 1st of Mar. two rontcel 3 story hnr a house. Nn.191 and 491 Greenwich - street with (or without) stables in the rear j oceimied at naent h Mr. CtMrre Cortill and Mr. Joel Vet. AN, a small 3 story irrir.k lioese. No 1 13 Fly Market, near the corner oi PeaI streeL Also, a convenient dwellin house, (neewned I'T llobt. Adrain, E - q ) and stable, w it'.a very good garden, frontina Lve Lane. Bloomuig'ialc ruad Enquire No. 4&C Greenwich - street A - hfltf CUS The 3 story fire ,imof store, 254 Watcr st. parior fluting on Peck - slip ; ha beta forsperly orcnpfc'l for hardware, ard t prrent for a crocke' Mottft BirdwH, 'nmrt.' feni IwT r. .iiiiioi - s "r Tri 7l lkt, . ' ruit.n 215 l'eri - stret. wed cUled for a boardin - boese. require 'at no. 175 Feart ft: f''J s,w . for Salt, Lease, or Let That pleasantly situated place, on the roaU trading to King's - bridge, by wayof Harlaem lane, knowu as Rose - (Jill. Tot avenue to .Via comb's bridge runs a few rods in tbe rear of it, rruiienng. the premises very desirable, as the house, in consequence, shews two fronts. The garden, and about two acres of meadow, are well stocked with fruit and shrubbery, asparagus Deds, currauts, sc. 1 he house and coacb - bouse are in good condition, and with small expense can te made a very genteel country retreat. i ne terms will as made easy. ALSO, That very genteel lwo - tory house, stable and two lots of ground, situated iu Bauk - t., Greenwich 5 at present occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway t or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - streeL m tMLVAULt. iviOM, Tobesoldorexchaneed for umoertv in New - York. ' w I he subscriber being in a very low state of health, and having very little hopes of recovery, oners lor saie nis larmat Barbadoes neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty rive acres of arahir , meadow and wood land. Tins farm lies on the main road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile this side of Newark Bridge. It is in a very hish ktale of cultivation, and is not surpassed by aiiy other iu me vicinity oimw - xora, as a vaiunaie and agreeable residence, either for the farmer or pri vate gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, i' neat and well finished, nnd the fences, gates, barns, stables, and other out - bouses, are in excellent order and well planned. In front of the house, bordering on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked gftrden, and on the premises is a young nnd thriving orchard, containing a choice selection ol the he - it graited fruit trees, A more particular descriDtinn of the pro perty is thought unnecessary, as those disposed to purchase win view tne premises. 1 be tit le is indisputable. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, No. 188 Pearl - street, or toMr. Andiew Smith, near the premises, nov 14 tf ROBERT STUAT.T TO LET, v And immediate possession civen. the noue .o. y rean - sireet, together witn tne sta tie and loocb rouc in the rear on Bridee - st. The premises are in complete repair and have every convenience necessary tor the acconinio datn.n of a family. For particulars apply to - ortfifl.' L. RkADfeH. eKEAL Es J'A I E FOR SALE. Two ' - stnry brick houses aud lots, situs Nnl. ft? X - m t'oi.v - .lroot Aim, a house and lot No. 1 1 Dowcry, near - , - - . j, . . . . l .a - I .1, , 1 s on accommodating terms. For particulars ap inii nmn - FQUsre. 4 leci mmi dv iu ueen. ah ply at No. 32 Cirecnwirh - ft. jan 15 tf CUU.XTIil StAT HiH SALE, AT Jamaica, on. Loner Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. deceased. On the premises arc a good, two story frame house, barn, and other out - build - ines; 28 acres of land in a good sta' e for cul tivation 23 acres of wood land, of a fine thrif ty growth for ftni ing and timber i and a lot of 7 acres salt meadow, un.tlns property are t"o apple orchards, and a., variety ot other fruit trees. Jamaica being one of the most flouriali - mg - villages on tbe Island, renders this proper ty desirable tor a gentleman retiring Irom bu siness. 'For particulars apply to , ' M. DITMIS, 148 Piarl - st. i or to JOHN & ROBT. TROUP, jan9 tf on the premises. i:m i u v Mi iii'iiH sai l i SIJltWallabout Point, Long - Island, late tbe residence of capt. Lamirart Schenck, docrared. of land in the hirhesf state of cultivation jr (10 or 20 acres of wood - land if required by tnt purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard blescner, a. an - iu i MartiaSchenk,jun'r. New - York 76 6'outh - street, ) Martin Schenk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m ' tOK SALE. ! TI uth 34 I The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty - st. 4 feet, breadth 25. Depth ol the lot 107 Dept leet. Those who mv wish to Durchas proper ty of thisdiscription, can af any time view the premises ana terms oi saw way w byapptscat.on.0 , ,w,r. . foc ?tj . 56 South - streeL (JK SAL. A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. Tk .nhtrrilier nfferi (or sale his bouse and a - bout 8 acres or Land in t lushing on L,ong i mbuu, 1 1 milos from New - York. The house is large - . .. . , ,. J and very convenient for a genteel family and commands an extensive aud beautiful propect. 1 he . - i.i r.fn.ulwiiu ivnnil hniise. nouftrv house. ii , - - i 4:c. recently limit. 1 ne nuinimgs an are in excellent repair, and lately painteo. i ne nrf well storked with a variety nf fruit, anil the orchard with the best kiudsoil apples pears, AC. cteartne nous" men. i . - lLnt water and a new cistern, all with rood pumps this pi jce s very conveniently sit - . . k. nnA mttttmrn or packets to and from New York every day. except Sundays. For further particulars and imi. f nere neins ronveviuic'., i't h - 'v.. .k - terms of sale apply to JOHN ASPINWALV No. 123 Pearl street. Jan 56 1m House, Habit, Garden, Ke. at Vrienvtch, Th siibseriber will let or leae. for a teroi of years his house at Greenwich. Itis pleasantly silunM on the. banks of the Hudson, nnd r.lrnlotcd In accommodate a larse family. I or terms, apply to , DIHE BETHU E. tOH SALE, The two homes No 43 and 50 Broadway, to l completely fiuMied and delivertil othe 151b April next. Apply to JOHN SLIDELT.'fc CO. Jn 29 tf No. 50 Broadway, J STORK TO LET. ' iXriH The fire proof store No. OourerpiMjr's Lane, (near Water ttreetl is to ret from isx .1 p next. It has four stories, besides a rargf cellar and a very commodious carrel. Bern ntiw from oUicr building, there is oo risk Irom nre Possession may probably he had, it requited, M - ,i. i.. ul. in.,. .194 South street. 10 ,hj ll - 'CKKK LAURlr.o. vw . I OLE If Oil first ot May aexs the tnacioot thrTe story bnck lute No. 168 - st. comer of Dey - streeL - Foquir. at 152 iVash - IIR 'ITM - w ww tu LKT. The store and celbr under the main ku.ldm of the bodse .lo. Xi reari - nrri, a three story fire - prof store in the rear, now ....1 hw iIm subscriber t possession to Iks giv. en on the 1st of May next. AIo, his stable and coarb - hovte, situ - UdVn Gold - ttreet, isi tne rear of bis aforesaid permits, poisesMoa of which can lie had immadiaUly. F.b2 tf J0TW 1. GLOYF - R. T I.KT, A birr Ibree story howe, well calculated for a bearding hon, or for two families. i - . .. - 1 - .1.. KrM. W.Kln.trtiw eutet. Am4yt NATHANIEL A HARVEY WKl.O, .Coraer of D read wry ss i Cortaudt s'reet flb32w 7 - "If PA 1 KICK DILLON, wbole.l Tra - ..Z'J" County ol Keiry, Irelaad, in the year 1803, will Mrs. t itiheiry, or Trak - e, Ins ac'dress, it will be a particular advantage to both parties." Tialec, October, 1815. . I he above is inserted at the request of Mr. Dillon's friends. , , Ar.y communication on tlie subject will bo thankfully received and trmsmitted by . dec 16 BENJN. W. ROGERS It CO. NOilO.. ' I" The fcubscriber, in behall of himself anil his &tsociatei, gives notice, that an application will be made to the honorable the legislature of this state, at its next session, for an Act to incor porate a Bank wi'h a capital stock of Fivt Hon dred Thousand Dollars, and witb Uave to increase it to One .Villioo ; to be located north east of Bec - koian - rfreet, in the city of New - York, and to he called The Franklin Bank of the city of New - York " Dated New - York, 16th Dec. 1817. By order of the Associates dec30tf NOA H BROWS. gecry. MLCHANICV BANK. (ttr" The btoe lihi hters are intormed tliat a Dividend of four and snd a half per rent will be paid on the first day of February next, r By order of the President nnd Directors, Jnl 1m W FISH, Cashier. " ju if. VH L.kASt., That very suacious and cnnvmirni iKm story brick house, situate corner of West and Courtland streets, adjoiiiiog the Btecm - Boat Wharf. It is one of the most eligible situations for a respectable hotel in this citv, , and in point of prospect and health is hardly excelled by any situation. To a good trnnnt tbe lent will be moderate, For particulars apply to 1 . , W. VAN HOOK, feb 2 tf No. 56 Wall street. TO LET, , Two new two stcir brick houses, finished in the modern style, situated in Greeuwich - st. a little abovH Spring - street market. Also, a two story brick front house, cornerof Washington and Hnminenlry - strerts. Inquire of JOHN HAGGERTiVi Jan29 2w 167 Penrt - streef. sen' kjinssland lifii?c in whith he now lives iu Lan - reus - street It is a pretty comfortably house for a !mali moderate family, having a stone kitthea and cellar, two rooms on each floor and a bedchamber in the garret. Across th rear of tha house there is a pleas aU piara, built scarcely three yean ago It has a neat little garden abtut 60 feet deep, nd a small stable, leading to which there is a gangway from the street Apply to A 1). Duff, No. 69 Washington - street. . , Feb 2 if , JAVE9 TILLARYi OU fcALL. RIAL MOrERVY IN TOR tlTX OV XCW - 10R1. A BRICK HOUrE and Lot No. 11 Bowery STABLE in the rear tour - tri er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and l.a reel no earn sioe. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesev - street : and House and Lot No 39 Vesev - strcet. ... A BOND and MORTGAGE for 12C0 dollars. , do , and ' do - ' for'' 750 . do , do and - Aw f - for 450 '' do On valuable property in the city of New - York. i ne imerest has, always tietn punctually j.aiu - Fas particuiart intiHiieat the oflice of " ' STEPHEN P. LAMOIXE. dfClOlf f . ; No. ti Warltrt. Q l O LET A I BLOUMlMt I WILL, The house and croucds beloru - ine In tho estate oi jonn anaw, situated on the eiuhth avenue. 'On the premises are an excellent double house, stable, coach and let house, with evlry thing else requisite far su. h no estsblishoient. ft - is presumed any other description is unnecessary, as those inclined to rent will view the nlnce. For further particulars, apply to . ANN M. 8HAW, . Jan 29 II Peart - streets arc vidiso whs wmf tmh j p If - . lOH SALE jH JOi.LAAt,. .. 1;:1D Lotsinthe5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards; many ol which are ou regulated and peved streets. No money will bu required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. . : ItUUSU. Several two and three story houses, on which a treat part of the money remain on mortgage. . An excellent stand for business with ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, will) a wharf, storehouse, nnd barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich; street jan 13 tf T O LE T, From the 1st May. next, tho three - story brick house No. 18 Court Und - slreet, with or without tbt stable in the rear Api - y to ! . . J.AR.RENWICi', - Feb 2 , . 18CourtlandHit, FIHE PHOOF SlOHL. ,. ijjij To let, that four story brick fire proof store, No. 8 Governor's Lane, near to South - strue . Apply to 'GARRITT 'STORM, ' - No. 9 Coenties - slip. fob 3 tf tilORAGE. Mora't may be had on Use first floor of the . . 1 ' t ,, .L. store No. xv touiii - street, wnicn win save iu expense of hoisting. - : I dec 20 FOR SALE, "The Cre - prbof store, No. 5, In Gouver - neur's - iane,ne tniru,. irom oouui - airnt. lot on which it stands it under aa advantageous lease, 11 years of which are expired, iiw Oiree stories with fire - places ; being ia froot en Gouveresur's lane 40 tset and ia depth 25. An improved misebme for pressing of good ornZ portation bas been erected oo the premise, awl heretofore profitably employed ia pressing cottoo, furs, skins, hay, tic. From lbs . fitneM of the bqildiog, and the convenience which it affords for working the ma. hine, and its nearness tq tU river, a may be an object to purchase thesa fc - . mi nut ,. k : The lease (two years el which art tn - S.1JU Clll 1,10 'lrrw axkn Wiwwm ..v. v . street, third from GouverneurV lane. Besides a larestore and cillar m front, it affords every conveniens for a hrge family. iv ' Also, FOR SALF.orTOLLTt The house No. t3 rFe - srrr,'opposilo the Merchants' anJ next to the Phoenix Banks - It hat been recently built of the best materials and besides three room which hare occasionally been occupied s insurance, broker's knd sttor - ey's oiTk , a Cords every accommodation for a private family. - " - If not dusneed of hetore the luth remarr, the above will be offered for sale at ear ion, f Iticb, ttotire will be given by Bleecker t Biiby. For particulars atyly to ' " ' ' - R. THURMA!?, . Jaa31 tf No. 20 Wan st. )U Lt.f, Tmm the Urst of May next, a froet rouat - in rvose o the second floor, rogttber with the upper foils. EiiOMire No. 167 Peal trt. ' Xnt4 tf , . f OR SALE OK TOLEASF, .. , Oa amMnmodalin: term, a number ef nut ai.J budJiog lots near aad edjoioiag the aavy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particular, an. quuea. ,' .. SAJJUE1;EvAN""' jaa5tf . rook!y

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