The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 29, 1934 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

TWENTY-TWO ADAMS DRUG CO. WVFCH OUR SEVEN WINDOWS FRIDAY'S SPECIALS f Grove's Laxative Brorao Quinine, laic- Jad Salts, 39c; Vick's Vapo' Rub 23c: Listerine, 23c, 39c, 09c; * Gly-Cas, 79c; Anacin, 15c, 50's, 49c; i Ex-Lax, 7c; 6 oz. Steam's Pine Tar ' and Honey, 29c; Prep, 17c; Modess, I ISc; Kleenex, 15c; Kotex, 15c; Cig- «arettes--Chesterfield, Old Gold, "-Camel, Lucky Strike, 14c. ifcead the Want Ads MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 29 1934 CutRateGrocery SAVES YOtf MONEY We Give You Real Value for Ready Money'.'No Exchange of Hot 'Air Here. Our stores are" as close as your telephone. We deliver orders ot 50c or over. Prices below good for Friday and Saturday. 30 E. State St.--Phone 112-113 508 1st. St. S. W.--Phone 114 45c $4.55 CANE -SUGAK, 10 pounds. BEET SUGAK, 100-lb. sack. Milk. 4 large.:/.-.-.:.-.-.-.-25° Brrioms 39c, .4Sc, 59c Vanilla Flavor, 8 oz. bottle 19e 10o Pumpkin,' 3 cans... 3oc JOo Sal Soda', "S pkgs 25c lOo Baking Soda,'3 pkgs. 2oc Raisins; per pkg 1?° Boneless Codfish, 1-lb. box 2oc Mackerel, tall can 10c lOc Kidney Beans, 4 cans 2oc Stock up with pur specials be- for Monday and'save 3% tax. ! Gelatine Powder, (all flavors) 6 pkgs.,. 25c VEGETABLES Radishes, 3 large bunches lOo Carrots, large bunches So Corn, 5 cans .; 2»o Corn, 3 cans.-... - 25o Corn, 2 cans 25o Peas, can 10 ° 15c Mayflower Peas, 2 cans 2»c Peas, No. Z size, per can.. 15c Lima Beans, 6 cans..... 25o Lima Beans, large can;.. lOc Kidney Beans, 2'cans. 1 ... 13o Rutabagas, 3 Ibs..-........ lOo iBteaaJ-ettuce, solid, 5c, lOc Celery, lafRe "sfSKM, lOc, ISc ^l5p'; Spinach, 3 cans . 25c " Tomatoes, large cans.... lOc Green String Beans 10n Wax String Beans lOc Beets, per can l" c lOc Carrots, Z cans..... lac Factory Soap Demonstration Here Saturday CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 5 Large Size Bars, (with coupon) lOc SUPER SUDS, O(Wife corpon) 2 pfegs... OV. Mop Sticks (best) each.. 15c Pure Sugar Candy, 10 Sticks 5° 106 Kit. Cleanser, 4 cans 2oo 15c Bab-O, 2 cans: 2oc Macaroni, 8 Ibs. 25c Spaghetti, 8 Ibs. 2oc Choc. Cream Coffee, Ib. can Sic 'Mac. or Spag.,. 5 pkgs.... 25c .Dill Pickles, pint Jars... lOc Ripe Olives, Targe can... 15c Toilet Paper,- 8,- 4, 5 rolls 2ac 25c Pure Vanilla, Bottle . 19o Mazola, quart......,.... - · 25c Catsup, large bottles, 2 for 2nc Crystal White Soap, . 10 small size bars 2oc --FLOCK-Jersey Cream, t Ib. sic. $1.59 Triumph, 49-lb. «ack.. §1.79 Sunbeam, 49-lb.. sack.... $l-§9 Crushed Wheat, 5 Ib. sack 2oc White Flour,'5 tb. sack.. 24c Whole Wheat, 5' Ibs..\ ... 25c Graham, 5 Ib.- sack 25c Whole Wheat, .10. Ib. sack 45c Dark Bye, 10 Ib. sack.... S9c PEANUT BUTTER Pint Jars 15c; Quart Jars 25c Pancake Flour, 4-lb. sack 21c Maple.Syrup, bottle Farmers Attention! Bring us your eggs. We pay 15c in trade FRESH EGGS, dozen... 15c Best in Town Mustard, quart jars luc Fey. Lemons, large, dozen 29c Fey. Pink Salmon, U. can lac Dried Peaches, 2. Ibs . 25c Peaches, No. 10 cans 45c Apricots, No." 10 can's... 43c 15c Shrimp, 2 1 cans 2Sc Pears, No. 10 «ans .. 36c Egg Noodles, 5 pkgs 25c Oranges, dozen 19c, 2Sc, Sac Lima Beans, 3 Ibs 25c Shredded COCOANUT,' 1 C - ound ..'.'.'.:.'.'.'.; AJv EARL BUSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. IV. C. E. BUSH, Mgr. 30 East State Street SULLIVAN SUING FOR $21,108 FOR RUTH'S ESTATE Alleges Ruppert Was Under Influence of Liquor While Driving. J. A. Sullivan, administrator of the estate of Ruth Sullivan, filed suit Thursday' for $21,108 against the estate of V. H. Ruppert. Three separate counts in the petition alleged that Ruppert, with, whom Miss Sullivan was riding when his car collided with a truck en TJ. S. highway No. 65 near Manly Feb. 1, instantly killing both Miss Sullivan and Ruppert, was under the influence of intoxicating liquor and was driving the car in a "reckless, wanton manner," and that Miss Sullivan was free from any contributory negligence. Allan F. Beck was named in the petition as administrator of the Ruppert estate. mm 10 n- 19 Z3 ST 3i 3T" '"·· s 46 ·· *· 1 : ·/ ·I"* Z.O mm A 16 ^ sr A ·: f «. ·· * il s; · sr 4V mm s / se ·· S 6 ·4 ' 1 5T · mm 7 jS~ mm e i ; mm \t .,....;. ¥ ' mm f - -. 46 mm ,: mm Legion's National Commander Hails Veto's Overriding MANSFIELD, O., March 29. (Jf-Edward A. Hayes, national commander of the, American Legion, today hailed the overriding of the president's veto on the independent offices appropriation bill as a victory for the first three points in the legion program. The remaining point is for aid for widows and orphans of war veterans. A Clear Complexion Ruddy cheeks--sparkling eyes-most women can have. Dr. F. M. Edwards for 20 years treated scores ?* women for liver and bowel ailments. During these years he gave his patients a substitute for calomel made of a few' well-known vegetable ingredients, naming them Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets. Know them by their olive color. These tablets are wonder-workers on the liver and bowels, causing a normal action, carrying off the waste and poisonous matter in one's system. If you have a pale face, sallow look, dull eyes, pimples, coated tongue, headaches, a listless, no-good feeling, all out of sorts, inactive bowels, take one of Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets nightly for a time and note the pleasing results. Thousands of women and men take Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets-now and then to keep fit. 15c, 30c and 60c. ACROSS I--Talk Idly 6--The leaf of a grass H--Declare to be true 12--Combinations of a number of molecules with electrons 14--Prefix meaning not 16--Wandering IS--A degree 19--Reformation .(abbr.) 21--One who sows 22--An age of the unlverst 23--One who feels °5--To turn Inside out ".---A duet (It) 2S--Observe 30--Suffix, of diminutive vaiue 31--A river In Siberia 33--Fiery horses 36--In law a thing · 37--A native earth varying from light yellow to deep orange or brawn 40--Decay 41--Suffix used to form the plural 42--Secures 44--Female parent 45--Transaction 46--To.get sight of 48--Consisting of oats 40--To acquire knowledge DOWN 2--Sun god 3--Salutation 4--Forcibly concise 6--To seize with the teeth 7--The longest river In Francs S--Ancient (abbr.) 9--Days' sight (abbr.) 10--A grass plot 13--Desire 15--Sewing implements IT--Articles of war (abbr.) 18--The realm of bores 20--Fiefs 22--One «;ho catches eels 24--A river In north Chile 26--A small bay (Orkneys) 29--A biblical character 31--Any open space 32--High in excellence 34--Drawn tightly 35--Celestial body 38--Combining form meaning comb 39--An exclamation 42--A cereal grass 43--Watering spot 45--A continent (abbr.) 47--Year (abbr.) Aniwer to pre»iou» pu«U ALL CREAMERIES GIVEN VOICE ON BRANDS" BOARD 200 Attend Annual Meeting of Organization at Local Plant. More than 200 dairymen and creamery operators attended the quarterly meeting of the Iowa State 3rands, Inc., held in the company iffices Thursday. One of the first moves of the stockholders was to amend the by- aws making it possible to elect members of the board of directors Tom among creameries not operating under the Iowa State Brands trade mark. About 50 North Iowa creameries were represented at the meeting. The belance sheet of the company as of Feb. 28, 1934, was distributed :o members. This showed a net profit for the six months ending Nov. 30, 1933, as $5,023.10, and for the quarter ending Feb. 28 as $2,248.80, making a total of $7,271.90 for the nine months. Dividends Paid. Out of this $792 was allocated dividend on preferred stock and $2,685 as dividend on the common, leaving a net increase of $3,794.9C for the period and putting the total surplus as $30,859.61. Current assets were given as . H B HHH BOH WAS DISGUSTED WITH ALL OF THE OTHER MEDICINES Everything Failed to Help Him Until He Began the Gly-Cas; Now Enjoys Best Health in 15 Years, Indigestion, Rheumatism Entirely Ended. There have been many medicines introduced here in Mason City In past years, some that gave results for awhile--to the majority, others that didn't have the merit the people expected--BUT more people in Mason City today agree that never before has a medicine the equal of Gly-Cas, been introduced here. Hundreds right here in Mason City are enjoying good health because of Rising Interest in Horses Brings Colt Club Into Existence Several recommendations for future club programs brought up at a meeting of the county 4-H club committee have resulted in the planning of new "projects, according to an announcement .made Thursday from the county agent's office. A rising interest in horses, especially prevalent among young farmers, led to plans for organizing a colt club and 11 entries have already been accepted, according to Earl Dean, chairman of the county 4-H committee. In order to increase local competition, a special achievement show for Cerro Gordo county entries is planned the Saturday before the first day. of the North Iowa fair and prize money will be paid on that day to winners. Adjoining counties which compete in the North Iowa fair already have these local shows preceding the fair here. Efforts will be'made soon to arrange a market pig contest in which the feeding period will be extended until sometime In October, thus enabling the contestants to feed their entries up to a more marketable weight. The committee heartily indorsed the 4-H com club and the beneficial and instructive studies which are taken up by'its members. Chief among the subjects considered is hybridization. Tiing materials raised in the community gardens. The office may b reached by phoning 2140. FOB YOUR OLD CAB NO WAITING--NO DELAY Lapiner Motor Co. 5316,307.38 and current liabilities at 1297,788.47. Fixed assets were set at $155,735.46 less 512,491.38, set aside for depreciation. Godfrey Speaker. The* program of addresses included talks by George Godfrey, assistant to the president of Iowa State college, Ames; Joe Anderson, Thompson, member of the state board of education; R. C. Willey, member of the Iowa State college dairy extension service; R. O. Stor- vick, manager, and R. C. Willey, assistant manager of the company. Producers were urged to exercise every care from the standpoint of sanitation and the handling of their oroducU. A boiled dinner was serv- d in the cafeteria of the institution at noon. CITYDEFENDANT IN TWO ACTIONS Damages Claimed as Result of Injuries Suffered in Fall. Two damage actions were filed Thursday in district court against the city of Mason City, one for COAL If you need coal, buy it before April 1st and save the tax. Only two days left. WAGNER COAL CO. Phone 986 $3,000 and the other for $1,000, both as a result of injuries received in falls on icy sidewalks, according to the petitions. Edward O. Hegtvedt, plaintiff in the $3,000 suit, alleged that he received a fracture of his right leg in a fall opposite the residence at 1607 Washington avenue northwest. The accident occurred, according to his petition, about 4 o'clock the morning of Dec. 31 while he was on hia way from his regular employment at Decker's packing plant to his home at 1611 Washington avenue northwest. The $1,000 action was filed by Mrs. Evelyn Carroll, 1643 President avenue northwest. Her petition stated that about 7:30 o'clock the evening of Jan. 20 she fell on the sidewalk in front of a residence at 1637 President avenue northwest, receiving a fractured arm. Both petitions alleged that the ce- ment sidewalks were rough and uneven at the respective points of the accidents, and that they were covered unevenly with ice and snow which the city had made no effort to clear away. The city was declared in the actions to be further negligent in not covering the slippery surface with sand or gravel. _ FUEL PUMP and CARBURETOR SERVICE Central Battery Electric Company Lewie Olson's Music AT THE ARMORY SATURDAY, MARCH 31 A New One in the Variety Series to Please Everyone Next Week-Cliff Kyes-15c INDEPENDENT GROCER Easter Specials! FOB A WONDERFUL EASIER DINNER Also Wishing You the Joys That Go With It! Stop t Shop Food Market FRIDAY AND SATURDAY WIMOWW PHONE 2727 BUTTER IGA Churned Ife Fresh 1D » Daily CITY BRIEFS MR. C. F. MIX Gly-Cas. Read what Mr. C. F. Mix, well known local man residing at Britt, Iowa (near here) said recently at the Michael Drug Co., this city: "1 was thoroughly disgusted with all medicines before I began this new Gly-Cas," said Mr. Mix. "I had tried them all it seemed and could not find a one to help me. Indigestion and bloating had made me miserable after most every meal for the past 15 years and the terrible rheumatism over my body kept me in constant pain. I was in such, a miserable condition and had been fooled by so many medicines before that when I heard of Gly-Cas and even my wife began taking it I really made fun of it. But finally gave in and tried it myself. The results this new remedy have given me were far beyond my fondest hopes, for today I feel I am entirely well. Rheumatism has been driven from my body, stomach and bowels regulated and it is wonderful to be able to eat and sleep good and feel as fine as I do. Anyone wishing .further information about Gly-Cas can call on us for our whole family knows from experience of Gly-Cas' wonderful work." Gly-Cas is sold in Mason City by Michael Drug Co., D South Federal Ave., Mason City, Iowa. SUGAR BEET 10-LB. CLOTH BAG FOR CONVENIENCE CAROL SALAD DRESSING 19 C Quart Jar EASTER BREAKFAST COMBINATION 1 Pound No. 1 Bacon, 1 Dozen Strictly Fresh Eggs ..... COFFEE Red A Ib. 19c Red A, 3 Ibs 56c Peak TM Ib. 27c air. and Mrs. C. H. Johnson, 24 Virginia avenue southeast, returned to Mason City Thursday from Waterloo, where they were called by the death of Mrs. Johnson's aunt, Miss. Maira Cain, Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. May Leland, Waterloo, accompanied the body to Buda', 111., where burial services were conducted. Nathan B. Riley returned Wednesday to his home in Manoa, Pa., after spending several weeks here with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Riley, 409 Thirteenth street southeast. The 5500,000 mark for Cerro Gordo county corn loans was passed late Wednesday, according to County Recorder Nelle Huntley. Evron M. Karges, directors of Y. M. C. A. boys' work, spoke Wednesday night to the Hi-Y club, using for his subject, "Passion Week." He pointed out several incidents in the life of Christ in Passion week and emphasized their significance. Birth certificates have been filed for Bruce Bernard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Holland, 732 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, born March 14; Marie James, child of Mr. and Mrs. James Woonas, 1316 Pennsylvania avenue southeast, born March 9. and Bonnie Lou, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lampe, 420 Fourth street northwest, born March 11. Confirmation classes which were scheduled for Saturday will not meet until after Easter, the Rev. O. L. N. Wigdahl, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran church, announced Thursday. Glenn Mitchell, manager of the office for the city's unemployed, has asked that housewives save tin cans, which will be collected and reconditioned, for future use in can- FRESH TENDER MEATS EASTER HAM SALE We can promise you the finest Easter Dinner you've ever served if you will order a, Hormel's Dairy Ham iU7c BEEF ROAST VEAL ROASTS ib.12ic PORK ROAST -ss ib.13c Lamb Shld. Roast ib.15c Smoked Ham,, 1 ^-, ib. 20c Garden Fresh Vegetables' Hew Cabbage ib2jc ORANGES doz.29c Stalk CELERY sas Large No. 1 New Potatoes 4 23c Head Lettuce Solid and Crisp 5c Fresh Rhubarb Fine for Sauce £ for I tJU We will have Fresh Strawberries, Green Onions, Radishes, Cauliflower FLOUR OUR RELIABLE CAROL BRAND Guaranteed 24*/2 Ibs. 89C 49 Ibs. $1.69 Candy Easter Eggs ·m ^ A. «« 12C Ib. "IGA" Grape Juice PINT BOTTLE No. 10 Cans Fruit Apricots 47c Blackberries 45c Red Cherries 49c Peaches, SI. or Half 47c Crushed Pineapple..57c DRIED PRUNES 50-60 Size GINGERALE AND LIME RICKEY 24 Oz. Bottles, OCc 2 for MV No Bottle Charge FANCY DRIED PEACHES ^ * ISc 2 Ibs. 21c Ib. 16C blood will tell- O NE of the mysteries of life is how much care a man will take of thoroughbred animals-noting when they are "or 1 ... and toning them back to the "pink of condition" to increase their daily usefulness... yet will shamefully neglect his own run-down condition. Yet some people just hope when "run-down" that they will "come around." S S S is not just a so-called tonic but a tonic specially designed to stimulate gastric secretions, and also having the mineral elements so verr, very necessary in restoring deficient Ted- blood-cells and a low hemo-glo-bin content it your condition suggests a blood tonic of this kind try S.SS. Unless your case is exceptional, you should soon notice a. pick-up in your appetite ... your color and skin should improve with increased strength and energy. S.S.S. is sold at all drug stores in two slues... the larger size is more economical.© Tot s.S.S. Co. There is a pardonable pride in being healthy and strong. Does your condition suggest the need of a tonic? S.S.S. Blood Tonic is time-tested. "Vitamin D" Bread Looks the same... tastes the same... Smells the same... But one essential element makes it amazingly better BOTHERS! LOOK at a lost ·*" of "Vitamin D" Bread . rich, golden crust, even texture, creamy white slices. TASTE it ... um-m, it's good! S M E L L its fresh, wholesome aroma . . . But there is one thing you can't see, or taste or smel!. Yet it's there! That's "Vitamin D"--the natural vitamin of cod liver oil--the vitamin without which your children cannot develop sturdy bones, straight legs, nicely-shaped heads and chests, and sound teeth. "Vitamin D" is lacking in everyday foods--that's why growing children are given cod liver oil. Now every loaf of our ·'VITAMIN D" BREAD con' tains the "Vitamin D" equivalent of two teaspoonsful of standard cod liver oil--the tasteless odorless, vital element, without the oil itself. The "Vitamin D" incorporated in "VITAMIN D" BREAD is extraoted directly from cod liver oil by a process developed by Dr. Zucker of Columbia University. No other bread in this community contains the natural "Vitamin D" of cod liver oil, as we are exclusive licensees of this process in this territory- Buy "VITAMIN D"' BREAD and enjoy the gratifying knowledge that no other daily food can. supply your family with a more adequate and pleasant source of "Vitamin D". On sale everywhere. "Vitamin D" Bread PFAFF BAKING CO. ~T yf Copy. 1923 Nat'l OH Pro.

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