The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 18, 1944 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1944
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Jan. It, 194* 9 ASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE · . : . Badger^' Patterson Tops Big Ten Scoring Parade HOSENRLUW The return of Frankie Frisch (rom a tour of the Aleutians, prob- ibly the first professional sports. to tour overseas, gives actual if, by the Fordham Flash's'own " 5, that our men in uniform on far-flung battlefronts are pager for sports news. Frisch toured with Dixie Walker Brooklyn, Stan Musial of the lardinais and Hank Boroivy of Yankees. Those boys will be ·k iu' a few days (o give added itlmonial. ; Time and again you've seen iries about what sports news beans to the servicemen. That lews, however, came from scat- pred reports here and 1 there by a Jian returning home on furlough, Irisch's report, however, 'is the |rst actual one we've heard from man who is closely connected lith the sports world and who Tiows. what he's talking about. tent Sports Frankie reported_ that the men j · all for the continuation of lartime athletics in the United es, and that interest abroad nounts to a hot-stove league. . the major league races were bllowed avidly is shown by the fpe of questions put to the vari- Tis members of the group. I They were quizzed as to "the |ilure of the Dodgers to win the ant, the flofe of the Cards in : world series and Rip Seivell's phus" ball, among a flock of her interrogations. ' [ Lippy Leo Durocner has already eparted with Danny Kaye to en- krtain the soldiers overseas. We he'll find the same attitude ,ong' the men, despit^ the fact hat the Lip is going to an entirely By BOB MEYER Chicago, (U.R) -- A long, lanky center, who is trying to fill the shoes of Wisconsin's f a m o u s Johnny Kotz, paced Big Ten scorers Tuesday with 60 points in 5 games. He is Hay Patterson, 6 foot, 3 inch veteran of 2 4 campaigns, who passed Michigan's Tom King for the individual scoring' lead last weekend as he sparked Wisconsin to 2 victories over the Wolverines by scoring 19 and 16 points. Patterson, who holds a medical discharge from the army, finished 3rd in conference scoring last year. After breaking into Big 10 competition as an understudy to Kotz, one of the finest shots in history, Patterson finally is getting his chance :it the spotlight as the key man in Coach Bud Foster's offense. King, Michigan's' sharpshooter who scored 24, 16 arid 13 points in his first 3 games, can blame Wisconsin's Russ Wendland for his slip to 2nd place this week. King scored 3 points Saturday night before Wendland came into the game to hold him scoreless during the remainder of play. Bill Lodge of Purdue, whp .had accumulated 40 points in 2 games, also had a bad night Saturday, getting only 1 · field goal. Lodge and King were tied for 3rd place in average-scoring with 14 points a game. Top man in average points was Don Grate, rangy Ohio State cap- lain, who warned the conference of the Buckeye potencies last weekend when he registered 48 points iu Z games against Indiana. Dave Danner of Iowa \vas 2nd in average scoring with 15.5, after collecting 31 points in Z starts. Stan Patrick- of Illinois 'and Charley Haag of Purdue were tied for. 3rd place in total points with 53 each and tied in average scoring with 13.2 points. The scoring table, including players totaling 30 points or more: Aver. Points Pts. GO 12 King, Michigan 56 14 . Patterson, Wisconsin [ifferent bably lurrna. theater of operations, to India, China and Actual Proof Patrick, Illinois . . 53 No Expulsion for Fouls in Coming Cage Game PURSUING AAee i Mouse- tA North Iowa Basketball Now those who cry for the Ibatadonmcnt of athletics for the Juratibri can be answered with actual proof of the soldiers' desires, here is no more" guesswork at- iched to it. And those men who plight for ^ the continuation of ' orts, i n c l u d i n g professional ball and college football can ow be given a good resounding at on the back for their efforts. Test I Iowa's -basketball team will get i first real test of the season this weekend w h e n D o u g Illinois quintet invades City for a pair of games on ay, and Saturday 'nights. As pn undoubtedly know, the Hawk- i are the only unbeaten club in ke Big Ten, have won Z confer- ice games from Minnesota. I However, the margins of victory er the Gophers were not im- L-essive, and the remainder of competition was not of · high caliber. As a measuring :k, look at Purdue's wins over Minneapolis quintet. The Go- srs scored only 17 points and 4 fcld goals in their last meeting, |d were generally ineffective linst the Boilermakers. idicator |Whether Pops Harrison's team go to town on the fieldhquse or is still a matter of tonjec- . The 2 Minnesota games were ested in Minneapolis in the games away from home, u'll be better able to judge va's final standing in the Big by the outcome oE the 2 ange and Blue games. |Looking over the circuit on the nes played so far, Northwestern st be given the inside track for championship with Purdue '. Wisconsin close behind. Third looks like a good scrap ong Michigan, Illinois and Ohio possibly Iowa. ise clubs not given a look-see the title are Indiana, Chicago Minnesota. The year is still yet,' and as they say in eball, the game .isn't over until last out is made. Haag, Purdue 53 Grate, Ohio State .... 48 Smith, Wisconsin ,.... 45 Hoffman, Purdue . ... , 43 Wendland, Wisconsin . 43 Lodge, Purdue .-, 42 Kirk, Illinois 40 De Graw, Chicago 39 Strack, Michigan 37 Judson, Illinois 34 Horn, Purdue 34 Graham, Northwestern 30 Danner, Iowa 31 Ward, Northwestern .. 30 13.2 13.2 24 9 10.7 8.6 14 10 13 9.2 8.5 8.5 10.3 15.5 10 6 Dick, Wisconsin 30 County Cage Meet to Be Next Week Eleven Cerro Gordo county basketball teams will take time out from their regular schedules to stage the county tournament at Rockwell .Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of next week. The girls teams will hojd their meet at Thornton on Mon- clay and Thursday. The 2 final contests will be held at Rockwell on -Saturday evening. Boys' teams competing include Holy Family, St. Joseph's and the high school sophomores from Mason City, Rockwell, Swaledalc, Thornton, Ventura, Meservey, Clear Lake Seconds, Plymouth and Rock Falls. Three 'games will be played Tuesday, and will pair Holy Family against the Mason City sophomores, Rockwell against Swale- dale and Thornton against Ventura. Wednesday 4 games will be staged, with Meservey facing the Clear Lake reserves, Plymouth against the winner* of Tuesday's Rorkwell-Swaledale g a m e , the winner of the Thornton-Ventura contest against the victor of the Holy Family-Mason City tilt and St. Joe's against Rock Falls. The semi-finals of the meet will be held Friday'. Starting times of Tuesday's session will be 7 o'clock. Wednesday's 6 o'clock and Friday's 7:30 o'clock. The championship games Saturday will see 'the girls get the proceedings under way at 1:30, with the boys game starting at 8:40. Eligibility lists must be sent to tournament sites 5 days before the meet is scheduled to begin. Boys lists should be sent to Supt. J. FXIohnson at Rockwell and the girls to Supt. E. C. Mason of Thornton. Elkader Tops Upper Iowa Loop Waukon--The league scramble is fast settling down into a race between Elkader and West Union. West Union , was able to stay among the.- leaders with a 26-25 win over Surriner. Postville, an early contender, was practically eliminated in a tight game at Waukon which Waukon won 17-15. Maynard continued its winning streak by defeating Arlington, 19-18. It is handicapped by the loss of its star, Buenneke. Elkader revenged an early defeat by defeating McGregor 29-19 at. El- kaSer.-'· " " ' "-- '"' '" : " · "~ To date conference schools have won 18 and lost 2 non-conference games. . '. · Scores for the Week Postville 47; Clermont 24. Elkader 29: JIcGrceor 19. Maynard 19; Arlington 18. Waukon 17; Postville 15. West Union 26: Sumncr 2.x Conference Standing W, Elfcadcr 3 West Union 6 Maynard - 2 Postville 2 Waukon 2 Sumner t 1 Fayette o I.. 0 1 1 t 2 3 4 Pel. 1.000 ^GITI .501) .400 .200 .000 Ventura Plans- War Bond Tilts · Ventura--A special pair of basketball games are being scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 2. The Red Raiders of Hamilton will play, and an outstanding boy's game will be arranged. This game will be used as part of a bond drive with a bond or stamp purchase -required for admission. · Mitchell 38, Marble Rock 27 Mitchell--The Mitchell basketball team won a hot, closely con- Little Guys Better Than Cage Giants By TED MEIER New York, (IP)--What with all these big boys playing basketball these days, good little cagers are scarce, but the few who are around can jlay rings around the giants. Speed in cutting for the basket, accurate shooting and general all- round floor work stamp the slippery little fellows on the hai'd- wqod. A! Ingcrroan, 150 pound 5:07 star for Josh Cody's Temple Owls, is one of the best. This little fellow, coaches and veteran cage writers are agreed, is one of the best-shots to show up in years. lie played high school basketball only last season but so faf this winter he has b«en a pain in the neck to such teams as Oklahoma Aggies, Western^Kentucky, Havana, Penn State, Muhlenberg and St. John's of Brooklyn. Little Hy Gotkin, 5:08, is the star for St. John's, beaten in only 1 game. In Maryland, Gen O'Conor of the Baltimore Loyola Quintet, is outstanding. He stands 5:08 and tips the scales at 150 pounds. He is the son of Maryland's governor, Herbert R. O'Conor. Then there is Gene O'Brien, 150 pounder who led New York university to a' 1-point victory over Connecticut; Chuck Eadcs, the 5:08 midget of the Valpariso, Ind., team that upset mighty DePaul; Harry Bushkar, of Logan, W. Va., high scoring 5:08 guard for Virginia Tech; and Speedy Harry Kiggs, 5:08 University of Virginia forward. Perhaps the tiniest player ot all is Mai Bramble, of the high scoring Rhode Island stale quintet. He weighs only I2G pounds and stands 5:04. ^ A Chk'HKO, U.P.)--A revolutionary experiment that may portend drastic changes in the game of basketball will be hatched Friday night when DePaul and Marquette players do battle without the customary expulsion for personal fouls. The whole thing is the brainchild ot Bill Chandler, Marquette coach, who thinks a player should be banished to the bench for 3 minutes after commiting his 4th foul. \ substitute may be inserted into the game for the exiled player, who may return to action after the timekeeper notifies his coach that his 3-minute sentence has elapsed. The player must serve an additional 3-minute term for each foil! .committed after his 4th pcr.sonaU Chandler created n furor around the iKition's basketball circles last year when he first proposed his "penalty box" rule. Chandler created another furor at a meeting of the Chicago basketball writers Monday over" the term "penalty box." "It's not a penalty box, so I wish the papers would stop calling it that," Chandler said. He prefers to call it an "enforced substitution."" Coach Hay Meyer of DePaul agreed to a suggestion that the DePauI-Marquette game at the Chicago' stadium be the guinea pig, purely for the sake of experi- mental'research. So, at long last, Chandler will have the chance to see his "dream game" come true. "I think my rule will have to be adopted sooner or later," he said. The officials nowadays don't call half the fouls committed because they know theyjd be putting men out of the same right and left if they did. But if a man is only temporarily expelled after 4 personals, officials won't hesitate to call all the violations. This rule will help the officials." "And a player is not going to do any more fouling than normal, because no kid wants to be out of action for 3 minutes," Chandler added. Nick Kearns, veteran official who, incidentally, is going to work the great experiment Friday, disagreed emphatically with Chandler. "You watch," warned Kearns, "it'll be the 'foulest' game in history. When a kid knows he-won't be expelled permanently from the game, he'll pour on the rough stuff. "In the first place, an official can't call all the fouls in basketball. It would take 3 officials to do it and, besides, it would slow down the frame. You can't call all the fouls when the coaches are COLLEGE BASKETBALL By The Associated Press) East St. Joseph's 53; La Sallo 37. Arms Corp. 45: Floyd Bennett Field 38 Ursinus 53; Phlladel. Marine Depot 30. - Camp Thcmas Scabees 55; Mass, Inslt tute of Tech. 44. Virginia 63; Virginia Tech 53. Montclair Teachers 53; Upsala 34. Midwest Morehead (Ky.) T e a c h e r s 77; RIc Grande 2G. St. Thomas 53; Concordia (Moorhead Minn.) 36. Iowa Prc-Flight 33; Town state 27. Oklahoma 45; Nebraska 35. Norm.-ni N;tvy Zcotners 23; Oktnhom A. mid M. -2-1. OInllie N a v a l Air Base 48: Mo. U. r. Forl Rilcy CKTC 56; Toijck.i Army A Base 41. Rowland New President of Pacific Loop Sacrameuto, Cal., (/!')--Clarence Pants) Rowland, for years with he Chicago Cubs System, is the lew president of the Pacific Coast Jaseball league, elected Monday for a 10 year term at a salary of $12,500 a year. Wilbur Tuttle, who resigned the _ob last November, was reported .o have received only a little bet- .er than half that salary. Rowland managed the Chicago White Sox to a world championship in 1917. He was a scout for the Chicago Cubs for 10 years before taking over the presidency o the Los Angeles club in 1942, a position he has relinquished. Rowland commented that hi wanted to see every club get a "square deal," and "if any of them gets shaky, I'j'l try to help them even it it comes to pulling earn! vals on the field." Washington--Nick Lntios. H8, Alcs'a): dria. Va., dccisioned Charlie Bennett, 14! Washington, 110). Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. REVEAL MOHAWK GRID SCHEDULE Seven Games Carded; Four to Be at Home 'Completion of the Mason Citj ligh school's 1944 football schedule was announced Tuesday by school officials. The card will pik the Mohawks against 7 opponents, 5 of them Big Seven cow ference foes. Four of the games will be played at home, and the remaining 3 on opposition fields. The season opens at home Sept. 22 against Dowling high of Des Moines. The following Saturday, Sept. 29, the Cardinal and Black will travel to Waterloo to face West high. Oct. 6 will find the team at home against North high of Des Moines. Oct. 13 East will be played on the latter's field at Des Moines, with the games ol Oct. 20 and 27 scheduled on the Roosevelt field against E a s t Waterloo and Charles City. The campaign will wind up away against Fort Dodge. IWMWWWWWWWWI ***** teaching the players how to do it. Most coaches teach blocking--but I don't say much about that anymore-because the.coaches .get. mad at me." t\t any rate, the basketball sports scientists have their eyes 'on the DePaul-Marquette game as an example of basketball with no holds barred. DOES YOUR OLD BATTERY N E E D A P U S H ? A SEARS CROSS COUNTRY CAN HELP YOU START! And Keep You Going on a Guaranteed Service Basis! ECONOMICAL POWER MAX LIST PRICE 6.95 / 0 H In the lobby of the HOTEL HANFORD MAY OPERATE New York. (U.R)--Joe Rosentover, president of the American Association Professional football circuit, said there was a possibility that it would operate next fall if enough players can be obtained to fill the rosters. tested game from Marble Rock here Monday night, 38-27, in a non-conference encounter. Marble Rock grabbed a first-quarter lead, but Mitchell came back late in the stanza to erase the margin and go ahead to stay^ The outcome was never definite^ ly settled until late in the 4th- quarter, however. Mitchell held a 16-10 halftime lead. Edwin Larsen scored 26 points for the winners, but credit for the FIGHT RESULTS Scranloci, Pa.--Joe Rcddick, ICO. Paterson. N. J., stopped Freddie Wilson, 158. New York. (31. San Francisco--Willie Joyce. 139, I.os Angeles. TKO'd Vic Grupico, I35t;!, San Francisco. (5j. \ victory was given to the team's piay as a unit. Ewald notched II points for Marble Rock. In a curtain-raiser, the Marble Rock girls defeated the Mitchell lassies, 39-13. FIGHT RESULTS Newark. N. J--Mike Bclioisc. 1.11. Newark, defeated Frankie Bove, 128. Newark. (8). Baltimore -- Joe Baksi. 213. Oakmont, Pa., knocked out Danny Mcrritt, 2011j. Canton, Ohio. (6). RECTAL COLON PROSTATE RHEUMATISM (ARTHRITIS) (Octozone Therapy) SINUS DT.R.W.SHULTZ,D.O. 218-219-220 First National Bank Bldg. HW.'YWStGKT CHALLENSER ·ftiOUSHT HE WAS ONLY TWO ROUNDS AWAY FROM THE TITIE WHlfJ US FOLJ6Hf joe LOUIS- tor Ke WOiWD UPAS JUST ^ANOTHER ICO VtCT/Mf AOff KSS COBfVRM. KU.V UP KO WCTJ'.IS TriKHlGH 01 BMNS WAR BONDS V. S. Trtftarr Dmrimnt BYRON NELSON CAPTURES OPEN By RUSS NEWtrAND San Francisco, (^P)--Byron Nelson, often described as the best golfer in the country, was back in the winner's circle Tuesday with 52,400 worth of war bonds in his pocket and the title of 1944 champion of the San Francisco Victory Open tournament. The Toledo, Ohio, crackshot, former National Open and Professional Goiters' association kingpin, knocked out a 13-under par 275 to win the 72-hole tournament which concluded Monday. He teed off as the favorite, led every round and polished off the long, flat Hardintr park public links, par 3G-3G--72, with scores of 68-fi9-68-70. He finished 6 strokes ahead of Harold "Jug" McSpaden of Philadelphia who racked up 3 successive rounds of 70 and fired a final 71 for a total of 281--seven under par for-the route. McSpaden won the recent Los Angeles Open with a 278, carrying with it 54,375. and his 31,600 Monday gave him 2-tournament earnings of S5.975. Nelson tied for 3rd place with 2 others in the southern event and now has won a total of 53,525. Tied for 3rd spot behind Nelson and McSpaden. Monday were Sam Byrd. the ex-New York Yankee baseball player, now representing a Detroit golf club, and Lloyd Manerum of Monterey Park. Cal. They carded 72-hole totals of 283, 5 strokes under par. Each received SI.062.50. The only other player successfully to cope successfully with par was George Fazio, from Pine Valley, N. J., who finished with an even par 288--70-72-73-73--and took S675 in bonds as his share. Johnny Bulla of Chicago, 2nd in Los Angeles with 281, ended in a tie at 289 with Art Bell. San Francisco, and M a r k ' F r y , Oakland, each winning $450. YOU PAY ONLY i Large 45 plate size i Finest quality Port- Orford Cedar Separators AND YOUR OLD BATTERY · 12 month guarantee · "No-Spill" safety vent · 90 Amp. Hr. capacity .-' CROSS COUNTRY BATTERY! LIST PRICE 7.95 Schoolboy Rowe in Navy; Definite Date for Leaving Not Set Little Rock, Ark., (fP)--Thirty- two year old Lynwood (Schoolboy) Rowe of the Philadelphia Phillies has passed his pre-induction physical examination and has been assigned to the navy. The veteran major l e a g u e pitcher, look the examination Saturday at El Dorado. Ark., his home in off seasons. When lie will report for duty was not announced. 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