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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Monday, December 8, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VOL. XIJL Xo 58. Gettysburg, Pa^ 3Iouday, December 8th. 1313. Price C h r i s t m a s N e c k t i e s BRIEF SERVICE TOWN MERCHANT SHEELY BROTHERS I FOR MR. REBERT TAKEN BY DEATH BARN DESTROYED V 'v j : Funeral from Morning Trail. Brfei J. Lawrence Shick, Retired Business Loss Estimated at between Eight and Burial Service at the Cemetery ] Man of Gettysburg, Dies at his Ten Thousand Dollars. Large Many Curious People Await! Coming of the Body. Home. Was Identified with Various Town Interests. Amount of Stock Saved by Quick and Energetic Action. With simply the brief burial ser- | j. Lawrence Schick. one of Gettys- | Or.e of the largest barn Sre» that LODGE OF SORROW HELD ON SUNDAY Elks Hold Memorial Services. Two LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Correspondents send in Many Item Members [Died since their Last] of Interesting News from few Public Meeting. Two Addresses! Respective Towns, and Special Musical Numbers, j and Many Brief .terns. The annual lodge of sorrow was I IDAVILLE \ vice of the Reformed church, the body \ burg's oldest and most representative : Adams County has seen for many f held by Gettysburg Lodge of Elks ! Idaville--The third educational eo " I cl'iizens, died at his home on Centre years occurred early Suni ECKERT'S STORE, -on a* s qu ar e place in Evergreen j Square about half pat six o'c ning-. A few rela- 1 Sauirdav evening after a brief illr :t -^- i *v- *- -J 9 asGSti i/^k VITLtJl ^i*iAZ^. t-V/U^SJ i/i £^:£l sunday morning, Sunday afternoon in Walter's Theatre six o'clock j \\-hen the barn, annex and wagon shed' while the other lodges of the same or- meeting of the teachers of Huntington townshio will be held at 0 S jof Mervin F. Rebert was committed I to its final resting i Cemetery "this morning. A few rela- I Saturday evening after a brief illness. J o f Sheely Brothers in Franklin town- J der, all over the country, were j tives and close friends accompanied | Had he lived until Christmas day he i ship were destroyed with all the crops J ing similar services. 'the body to the cemetery but did not; xvould have been 91 years of age. a large amount of farming rna-jj Since the last public service of this ] recitations is being well prepared by Plank's De- hold- I school house on Friday evening, · cember 12th. A program of songs and WALTER'S THEATRE BlOtiRAI'l! PATHEPLAY THE RANCHERS FAILING The! p'ans to : ts him to it ana win.' a wife to boot. SELIG ^ larmmg ma- _ _ ,, .,,.,, ,,_ _....j - ,, *** heave their carriages and few beside | Mr. Schick was an active business | chinery entailing- a loss estimated at; sort in Gettysburg two members have j she pupils of the school. f^Sjg minister, Dr. T. J. Barklev. and'. man during his entire life but he ; between SSQOO and 510,000. Insurance J died, Guyon H. Buehler and Dr. J. W.' Mrs. Wilson Heller and son, Fred, Ithe nail bearers stood above the grave" found time for many other interests..of S4000 was carried. The stock xvas'c. O'Neal, and the eulogy on the lives «and Mrs. Grace Heller spen't Saturday ; as the coffin was lowered. Mrs. Rebert 1 He was 2. devoted member of the local | all saved through the well directed of "these two men was pronounced by ! »n Carlisle. ! was in "coo prostrated a condition to! Methodist church and for over fifty efforts of the' three brothers living on \ S. S. Neely Esq. "There are not in j Charles W Seli- I attend the funeral. | years was its treasurer, sen-ing in : besetting sin of George Graham is dranfcennes and a scheming adventurer: · lake advantage of Iiis weakness to secure hi= property. A clever cowbo y _______ A crowd of morbidly curious people j that capacity at the time of his deatn. cowboy garnered at the Reading station this i He was a member of Gettys lodge of ACOSS THE CHASM Patheplay Dangling in the snid air the Indian and th Baby [moved across the chasm You eimplv must see it Psihe Western. TIIE STOLEN TREATY Biograph Whereby die detective averts an International scandal. MUSIC BY THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA SACK EVENING "Come and hear them." Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. Coming "THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS" December lt». One Ni^ht Only to 9. : morning to see the body of the dead j Odd Fellows for almost his entire life I produce merchant brought in- but 1 and was one of the oldest Odd Fellows ! there was 1-Ule to satisfy them. The I in " £ he State. He v.-ab treasurer of the ' casket was not opened either at the j local lodge for the past forty two I train or the grave and it was borne j years. He was one of the charter { auickly to the hearse and from there | members of the Gettysburg Battle\ to the cemetery with as Hale osten- | field Memorial Association and served tation as possible- The bitter winter 1 as its treasurer from 1879 to the time winds which swept over town doubt- j when its work was taken over by the less kept down the size of 'he crowd i National Government. In 1855 and were few j 1858 he was treasurer of Adams Coun- and at the cemetery there i but the funeral party. The origins! plan to have the oody ilr. Schick was born in Lancaster. JL lie v*i ;^iiicii uiti'i «-»_» iio. » ^ , b . » u u v u » t _ brought here Saturdav evening and December Z,, 1822 a son of J L. and i taken to his late home on Carlisle! Susan (Holtzwortn) Schick. His zath- | street was changed because it was j er was a native of Rhenish Bavaria, a SELIG | realized that the grief stricken family province on the Rhine. Germany, and Vitazrapb. i would likelv be annoved all day Sun- his mother was born in \ or,: county. Western spirit from ' | dav bv unwelcome visitors, and in. Both were of German descent. His ' ' ition an(i parents moved to Gettysburg in 182b where his father died two years later. He received a common school education and at the age of twelve vras put tailors trade, serving an ap- Later, arcl while still a P H O T O P L A Y VITAGRAPH E?SANAY OLD MODDES'GTOX'-S DAUGHTERS He has six of them. alT -laz/iler? and fall "£ the zrne which Statss spring up. They hani!e a gun as well as the soldiers who capture j view of Mrs. Rebert's conaitio them. _ I that of her sister it was deemed better SUNLIGHT E£sanar i to carrv out the arrangements which The lad mn= a«Ay froi» the farm to the city and is beinendea bv a little , ^ btiriai from the ;nrt srorn Uic =iup.s. Later fiia is caujrnt steaims and is sent oy the jucure i- to the countrv. Yea's lattrr tfaev meet asaia in.the countrv. X HL'-liMAN an-i P.ElvnKIA" BAYNE :n the leading parts." train I NAN OF THE TO--IOKRO SON, OR Til Tho It it= : an i for the- ·vro!i Show starts 6.30 With FRANCIS ! morning. The change of plans did not j TO Tn ^ j become known Saturday evening and i prenriceship. Selig ; scores of idle people thronged 0 the 'W :-', oun S man, he engaged in a small war in the dry goods business irom XV NiafTT. Tri;-,DAY SPECIAL IN TWO REEIJS '-FATHER AND [Reading station when the 9:05 train } va y m tne ^ S OMS Dds ' nesS IE Cn:-E OF THE GOLDEN LAND" YJTAGRAFH came in. which he developea an extensive Store. f-'- it- his family, hat before it is too late a:oncs o'i^ thsni. Admission 5c to all. | When. Mrs- Refaert's prostrated condition became known to her son it occupying the site which now houses the Dougherty and Hartley store. He i - ontinued in the_dry goods and jner- , _ *. | UiiL114UCA » i i fc.ii^.jtfcA.j £ vvw *~ was suggested tnat the mtennent L hand5ss business Tinlil 1889 when he should be made in Harrlsbnrg but she \ was · would not consent to "this and i For Your Christmas| acco y d ^; j ; aTra! :? ed to ^.^ s fn i neral head here tms morning. /"*! _. A.!__^ · The body of tne murdered woman V^-rC? LliCo . · il _ s k eer taken to the home of her · sold out to ilr. Gettier. who later moved to Litrfestown. Since then Mr. Schick had been more or less actively engaged in 'che Insurance husiness. | On December 25. .1844. his twenty second birthday. Ivr. ScSicfc married , -a daughter of o .- children · were Iiss Mary Kereter. Hereter. Ts SSLIOIAN. the leadinir U-^orl will j parents. Mr. and Mrs. John rLiTorc Von the most saiisfsc-c .1." Oar'; er ' at Vicksbnrg. Union Count;-. ~rom stock of Wilder fabrics Js -cTosption- |^ere -he funeral will be held Tuesdaj | _ _ ^ -srs^ds of j afternoon, at two o'clock. Edgaz War- ! ? _ udoiph ^ Sch jck a Phfladelphia at- reava^. | ren accompanied the body. Mr. Rebert Mrrev no%v be j ng . one o f t h s surviv- OH3 CI tr- ally fina In clianots- and inos^ Baking' patterns and ihe Quality Shop WILL M. SEUG.MAX The Cash Tailor I was 59 years old. the murdered-v.-om- ian was C2. I The cab in which the murder and suicide occurred was destroyed by the ' Harrisburg: City Transfer Company. children. I.Irs. Schick died in 1351. Wesley Miller was taken, the farm. j Gettysburg to-day", Mr. Neely said.! suddenly ill at his home Saturday The blaze was nrst discovered short- | -two betler known or two more uni- } noon with pneumonia. !y after two o'clock by Miss Alice J \ rsally loved and esteemed men than ] Misses Clara and Mary Gardner re- Sheely and the flames were then Sssa- j were those in whose memorv we are j turned home from Baltimore Satur- iug from Ihe roof. She roused her j here met." j daj- after visiting friends there for brothers and they, without taking time i He called particular attention 'to Mr. \ two weeks. to put on any clothing, made a dash, Buehler's great heart, to his wonder- i Messrs. Guy E. Miller, of Rutherfor the building where they found the ] ful kindness to all in need or distress, j ford. Parker Miller, of Y or fc, Brotn Sames rapidly gaining great headway, j whether or nor his personal friends. Miller and Mrs. Cora Boswell, of Waynesboro, were called home Saturday night on account of the illness of stock they devoted ail their efforts ia j O'Neal's long and successful life he | 'cheir father. C. Wesley Miller. Mrs. A. R. Group and sister, Miss Clara Gardner, were visitors to Carlisle Saturday. Arthur P. Myers, of Harrisburg. is home. Realizing that the only possible thing' and of the qualities that endeared him they could do was the rescue of the to all who knew him. In telling of Dr. that direction and in the space or -a. spoke especially of his skill as a ohv- few minutes had gotten out eight ^ sician and of his personal interest in i mules, two horses, thirty two head of every one of his patients, whom he re- cattle and twenty two hogs. When all garded not simply people with an ill- these were gotten to places of safety ' ness to be cured but rather as friends che heat from the blazing building hao , to be relieved. The affection in which become so intense that the men had to j Dr. O'Neal was held was shown by all. give up the Sghc and watch the strue- . said Mr. Neely. who were wont to rare bum. ! speak of him. whenever his name was In the building were stored 1600 bu- [ mentioned, as the ''dear old doc'cor"'. shels of wheat and rye and 1200 bu- j The general address was made b\ shels of oats, all the grain from che ' George J. Benner Esq. who spoke of Three Sheely farms being stored in ; the principles of the order and called this one large bam. There also burned . attention to the need of men to-dav a full equipment of farming machin- will follow out the life that such ery. a threshing machine, two mowers, principles should teach. "We are living two rakes, two buggies, spreader, in an age when the cry is rather that wagon beds, cultivator, harrows, plows one should do something rather thar and many other pieces of machinery. '. that one should be something", he said together with harness and numerous and urged the cultivation of the high- other articles. Among the things de-' er character. srroved was a new S200 tree soraver! The musical numbers on the purchased only a few days ago. pro- '-granxrwereigrFen^by'Mrs". W. 'F. Meis- i he on'y theory as to the cause of key. of Lancaster, and by the college the nre holds that some one mast have., quartet. "~3Irs. Meiskey sang -most been in the granary during the night, beautifully "I Do not Ask. O Lord". intending to steal Jjrain. . and that he "In My J'ath'erj's%:Kouse are Many caused the fire. There is no trace of Mansions", and "Prayer of Penitence". an;- such person having been -about. The quartet sang "The Vacant Chair' howe-ier, and the actual cause of the several other selections. The oro- Mrs. Groupe and Mrs. W. H. Kochenower spent Friday with William Weidaer and lamfly of Bl D- 1. Rev. S. E. Smith made a business rrip to Gettysburg Thursday. W. H. Kochenower spent Saturday afternoon in Carlisle. Curtis Miller, of York, is visiting friends in town. Mrs. Harry Cronise, of Biglerville, :s visiting her parents, A. W. Delp and wife. PRESENTED BOOKS Dr. Graaville Gives Books and Pictures to Sieling Library. Dr. W. A. Granville on Friday donated . several hundred volumes of oooks'to'the Sieling library in 1 Bowman's schooOiouse, Hopewell ^ township, York County. Among--the books ^re works on. nctipn. and-cofiege Htera- ;ure. Dr_Granville'also, donated, sev- blaze may never be established defin- gr 2 ^ included the usual opening and sra l large pictures^ deglctmjjrscenes of itely. ; closing services of the lodge and the The main barn r was a two story af- ' prayer and benediction by Dr. T. C. fair. 100 by 50 feet, and the blaze or- Biilheimer. iginated in the upper floor. The build- i The members of Gettysburg Lodge i Persons who are superstitions would ..' be afraid to use the cab and to remod- " i el it would have cost as much as a i new one. ;i f! V* K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer onr entire stock is of the standard E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of films. Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E | J. H. HUP.ER. Drnggiri. ·iiun'n»"»Hnniiiini»niiii»i"ii"n!iuniniiiniliininiiliunilullii!iUiniilHll"UUHHmtini!r; The interior of the cab was literally ~ | covered with blood from this tragedy and there was hardly a square inch on either the floor, sides or roof thac was not splashed with the red fluid which streamed from the wour.ds which were = ' inflicted by Rebert. 5: j A thorough investigation into the ind in IS53 Mr. Schick vras married i :"s '- va s erected in 1S9S and was one v -"' no have died since its institution are to Miss Sarah -J. TVeity. whose grand- of the largest barns in the county. It Harry Melville Sheely. 3Iervi!le E. _ _ _ * * _ _ . * 3 - TTV « n ^ r _ T i ·* *7»v%* *V",ft ··*««*. ~» "C* "!.-_,, L T_ /"·_ i - . father was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Four children of this second union survive. Mrs. Charles S. Trump, of Martinsburg. West Virginia: Charles W. Schick. of Chicago; John L. Schick Jr.. of Catasauqua; and David W. Schick. of San Diego. Cali- lorni The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning at ten o'clock from his late residence and will be conducted by Rev. L- Dow Ore. the pastor, and Dr. M. L- Ganoe, of Chambersburg:. a former pascor of whom Mr. Schick was E I case was made on Saturday by Acting j Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These, ilic underlying feature which radiate visibly through all onr doths ar.3 characterize thenj smart- J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. ·BaMMPMBB .For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. = i Coroner Spicer. who is now satisfied = j that Rebert committed the crime --. ' while the woman was under the in^ jfiuence of some drug, which he had = ! placed in the whiskey she drank. Al= ! though no inquest was found neces- = ! sary. and no post mortem examina- ! tion made of either body, the acting i coroner said thac Rebert evidently cut ', the woman's throat while she was . sittir.g in the cab in a stupor. '"Had she not been under the influence of some drug", the acting] ' coroner said "the woman would have | ; surely made some outcry, or at least 'made some kind of a noise which v-ery fond. Interment will be made in Evergreen Cemetery. NOAH FROUNFELTER Xoah Frounfelter, of Barney, died on Tuesday morniBg'- He was aged 66 years. 10 months. 11 days. He leaves one daughter. Mrs- Cleveland Starnbaugh, and one son, Joseph Frounfeiter. Funeral services were conducted or. Thursday morning at the house by Rev. P. E. Stockslager, after which the remains were taken to Winter's Church seen for t ' had an annex 50 x 40 feet and closely Zinn. Norman F. Bumbaugh, Calvin P. adjoining was a buggy shed IS s: 20 Krise. W. Clarence Sheely. James T. feet. All burned, making a blaze the Long. Guyon H. Buehler. and Dr. J. reflection of which could be manv miles. i The S4000 insurance was divided. [ S3000 on the barn and S1000 on the crops. Of the insurance S2000 was in. "the Muinmasburg Comnanv. S1500 in WANTS TOO MUCH New Oxford Council Asked to Pay for Dead Horse. the Gettysburg Mutual and S-500 in the j Peter Long presented a bill lo the Liberty and Independent. J Xew Oxford council, "demanding §200 - I for his horse that fell into the ditch j about ten days ago. The horse may she anterior and exxerlor-or^J thel" col- "ege buildings, and several large vie'ws if the battlefield. The library, which was dedicated several months ago through the efforts 3f Dr. J. H. Sieling. of York, has rap- : dly grown in popularity and is at present being patronized by not only the school children, but their parents as well. Residents as far as Shrewsbury have also become patrons of the little library. Colle: 18th ANNIVERSARY ; ge Church Christian Endeavor Celebrates Anniversary. The eighteenth anniversary of the founding of the Christian Endeavor j have been a very good one. says the | Society of the College Lutheran church. Heavy Electrical Storm on the Moun- | New Oxford Item, bu; the town au- j was held Sunday evening- Special THUNDER STORM tain Sunda3~ Ni;ht- Shortly after six evening a heavy electrical s'corm broke claim other than to lav it over until ; over the western section of the county next meeting, but the council does not MARRIAGE LICENSE jthondes think it is rather steep when j musical numbers were two solos by j very fine ones can be purchased for Mrs. W. F. Meiskey, of Lancaster, o'clock Sunday ' jess. No action was taken upon the I and a violin solo by W. E, SammeL'of college. The services were conducted by members of the society and the ser- and. while it lasted, is said to hax-e seem disposed to pay that price- been alir.ost as severe as the second. Had Mr. Long- presented the claim I heavy storm which visited Gettys- with a more reasonable price, the Item burg last summer. The s'torm was thinks he would have had no trouble followed by a rapid drop in tempera- rure and this morning thermometers registered about fifteen above. ; i iion was preached by Wagner whose subject Phiiosoohv of Service." in making a settlement. Some that since he has such a that the council find what the Dr. A. E. was "The high ONE MORE CASE s assesesd for and settle sis. HORSE RETURNED value ] horse i Stolen Horse Recovered near Waynes- on tha 1 boro. 3Iinus Thief- clerk of the Courts Oiinger has is-| ; would have attracted the attention of j Ithe driver. Charles Harbold, of Worm- j ^^ a marriage license to leysburg. J have no theory whatever j c Rohrbaugh. of- Mount , of what might have prompted Rebert ^jj) to commit such a crime, but even if I they would have decided to die to) gether. which I do not think was the j Daughter of Frank Schriver Has Diphtheria- Schools Closed. i UNCLAIMED LETTERS' Emanuel j ;case. she would have fough'c enough ~ : to warn the driver that there was sometning unust going on in Fresh Daily... CHOCOLATE COATED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c lb- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N ia cab, while Rebert was hacking at [her throat xriih the little knife if she | was not stupified-'" i The weapon used is said to have _been the knife with which Mr. Rebert 1 was accustomed to kill turkeys at his ' poultry house. i The real cause of the murder and ! suicide will never be known. The be- ·lief of some who investigated is that · Rebert was insanely jealous of the ( woman; others think that it was caus- , ed by remorse on the part of Rebert, and still others are of the opinion that RobeiV murdered her after she refused and Alberta Littlestown. Ore more case of diphthena Joy town- ^ beep repor ted. The patient is Elizabeth ; [Mail A-Wailing Call at the Gettysburg t OfSce. E. Spangler of to leave Warren for him. Asi Schriver. daughter of Frank Schriver. ! The following unclaimed letters re- tion. evidence showed that the two had a right about 10 o'clock on the right of the crime, and that Rebert knocked the woman down by a blow in the face while they were in the Bess Keffrer j PAIR of the f.nest young niulcs in house at II Grace avenue, none of the j Adams county will be sold ·Rmaies know \vhafcthe argument was jper's sale on Thursday. of York street. On account of this case ( main in the Gettysburg post ofnce. the roonic on 'the second floor of the, Mr. Brace Breazeale. F. George, j ie Building -will be dosed until Chas. W. Hartwig, Mr. Waiter Hamer.; | The horse which was stolen from j vhe barn of Oliver Stall in Ctsnber- | 'and township on Friday night was ! found wandering in the vicinity of ] Waynesboro Saturday. The horse was Tiinus the bridle which was taken at the same time but still carried the saddle. GETTYSBURG WON Wednesday morning to allow fumiga- ' Lee Co.. Mr. Joe McEnroe. Richley j about. Every possible effort on the part of the coroner -was made to solve the riddle and give some motive for the crime, but 'they could give no satisfactory explanation. Harbold, the driver of the cab. was very nervous over the discovery he made in his cab, and since that time he has been unable to perform his duties, it is said, but will report for work in n few days. llth.--advertisement at Mum- December 1 Bixler. -Local High School Boys Won from Persors calling for same should 1 Hanover Quintet. state thac thev were advertised. { _. . _. , ~, , - « V, ,, .,, ,,, i The Hign School casket ball team. : defeated the Hanover High School ' ".ve at the Garden Auditorium Satur| day afternoon by the score of 22 to 20. COMING EVENTS BIG reductions in a fine Hr.e of ladies' and girls' coats. SOct. aluminum Happenings Scheduled in Gettysburi for Coming Weeks. sauce pans SO cts. Thomas Brothers.; Dec. 12--Bazaar. St. James Lutheran church. Bigler-viHe.--advertisement 1 j Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas 1 A fine lot of Holstein cows wili be sold at Mumper's sale on Thursday, December llth.--advertisement 1 recess. REDUCTION sale. ^ hats and fancies. Miss off trimmed Hollebaugh. ! SEE ad of Harry Miller's sale on Baltimore street.--advertisement 1 another page.--acherti^ement 1 1EWSP4PERS SANDERS house at 18 East Middle street for rent from Jan. 1st to April Isu Apply to A. S. Mills or to H. C. Sanders, Biglerville.--advertisement NF'WSPAPFEJ

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