The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 9, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1818
Page 3
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ThDublicl3rcpeclfullyinropmeJthftt ''u - mrtwriun in which the A LBINESS Za appear in New - York, will be on Wednes - - iL,r,l:.vaiid Friday, the Uth. Uth and 13th of February, which day will positively be the last of the exhibition, in consequence of . - . nurture fur Philadelphia. teo ol Jl V.1 tr.tLirmran. Socidu H Concert. rrr - The committee of (lie Euterpe an Society l.nvin? resolved (o give a second concert on the 24 th inst. at the City Hotel, each member will be entitled to six ticket, by applying to the sec - t.rv nt No. 206 Broadway, on or before the 21st instant. By order, Ieb9t24 JOSEPH KNIGHT, Sec'ry NOTICE. The co - partnership heretofore existing between me sunscrinera is uissoiveu vj uiwu consent. JAMES FOSTER, Janr. is duly u tliorued to settle the affairs or the concern. WM. D. TITUS, JAMES FOSTER, Jnnr. feb9 4t NOTICE. rr Wlf.MAM D. T1TU3 and WILLIAM OfAV ZANDT having formed a connection, will transact business at No. 165 Froot - street, nndcr the firm or Titus Van Zandt. WM. D. THUS WM. L. VAN ZAtfDT, feh 9 4t ' . Uy - jn, Young Men's Missionary Society of New - York, will meet this eveiMog, at T o'clock. at the school - room in Rose - street, near rean - si. M. WILBUR, Feb 9 It astUtant secretary. For LIVERPOOL, The ship DRAPER, Adams, master, Lhavinf her cargo all engaged, will posi tively sail oa Tuesday next, wind and weather permuting. Two cabin passeugers more can De accommodated. A pply to the captain on board, ,at Fly - Market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS ft CO. Feb 9 235 Pearl - st. ITVn QUICKSILVER, ke. JL eJ" lb quicksilver ' 4000 lb liquorice root; 5 cases manna flake 12 bales gum arabic 1 bale long pepper a few cases cassia i! cases containing castor oil in bottles - 4 cases rhubarb. For tale by ROGERS ft POST, Feb 9 lw 51 South - str ROGERS ft POST, No. 61 South - etreetof - (er lor sale 79 caries cut nails, a sorted sires, from 3J to 20d 200 bags juniper berries 66 reams medium paper 100 do foolscap, No. 2 do 150 do ledger, vellum cap, pot and letter paper ' ' 40 doc. scythes, of approved brands An invoice of screw angers do of batten trimmings, assorted Feb 9 lw ffOLTIXG CLOTHS. " JOHN M'CRACKAN has just received a large assortment of warranted Bolting Cloths - for sale at reduced prices feb 9 St at 82 12 Pkarl - stbixt. INTUUKY TOBACCO. - 70 hhde. prime Kentucky Tobacco, received ner briir i uvuiaa, aim lur sate oy WALSH & GALLAGHER, feb 9 66 South - street. W. I 11 W lUNIPEK B ER1UE& - 150 bags fresh ioiport - ea jumper eemes in lots to suit purchasers, For sale by BARBAR1N, STANTON ft CO. ftb9 lw 17 Fulton - slip. ni - OUR and RJCE. - 430 barrels Richmond superfine t lour 46 casks prime Rice. Landing from several vessels ana tor saieny kb TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. ONE hundred and forty bbls. sVs.ll Mackerel SO do Salmon 60 kits do 30 bote Shad. For sale by fcb9 3t O. COBB, 8 Coenties - slip. MOLASSES, tc The entire cargo of scbr, Calista, from flavaaa, consisting of 156 hhds. ) (8 tierces, New crop Mariel Molasses 4 bbU S 72000 Seears. and II bblsOrances. Commenred landing this moroiog, at Stevens vt nan, ana nr sate ny L. b C. D'FOREST, fcb9 4t 111 Front - street. JAMAICA RUM. 15 puncheons 4th and 5tb proof Jamaica Rem, of superior quality, received per sloop Jay. For sale by feb 9 R. CRUMP. 90 Pine - street. MOLASSEts, FLOUR, TOBACCO, c 611 Puncheons molasses, low landing from Martinique. 200 barrels Richmond flour, now landing fromjthe schooner Atlantic. And 15 hhds Richmond Tobacco, landing from the schooner Betsey, nt Coffee House - slip. For sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, feb 9 lit Front - street RICHMOND TOBACCO and FLOUR 45 hhds prime old Richmond Tobacco 50 do new do of very snperior quality 314 bbls. superfine Richmond Flour, of the ' best brands 855 do Patershorg do. received by sundry vessels, for sale by febj WALSH b GAALAGHER. RICHMOND TOBACCO," &c. - ?0"bhds. prime Richmond 1'obacco, aow landing from schrs. Logan and Thames, for sale by W. at 8. CRAIG, IN STORE, 65 bbls fine Richmond Flour 6 do fine Middling. feb 9 JAMAICA RUM b FLOUR 15 puncheons 4th aad 5th proof Jamaica rum, of superior quality, and 100 barrels superfine Baltimore laowara - aireei; uoor, landing and for sale by K. CRUMP, Feb 9 90 Pine - st. FOR SALE at the Uphelatery Warehouse, No. 43 Maiden - Lane : 450 Csatber beds ; bair, wool, most and flock "wrasses, ol all sue. 6 bales rose and point blankets. JUST OPENFn. Cheap elegant paper hanging, sattin paper and bordering. Rich white cottau fringe.., by the groce or . Tassels and cords for blinds 200 set of Window blinds 56 easy chairs at (15 each 52 Grecian sophas First quality stools and loot benches Loom seals for parlour chairs Rooms and cabtn fumuhtd . Chairs and soffas stuffed and repaired 4000 wt of feathers, bair and bum b h. 00 cot bedstead., with a large assortment of 2s7 gooue - Urders for the spring will be jkfully received and punctually attended to. Two journeymen tad two apprentices wanted Ins above business. 5. B. The house and lot No. SI Rnse - afmat r sale 4 houses and lots in Co art - street, Al - 7'JT' 2 (arms in Goshen, Orange county MuputabU titles cm be given to the purchaa p . A. BROAD. Feb isr Pi STORE no DtFELLLVQ HOUSE. r and in f can this in as of the out and hve 1FSA?ZSZ raffi?? ei - shty - Hvendegree. a3d tlnr w'T05. d"y of May oextrth? ttev "T1 nr Miree from tide water bwii x ?2; uwcUing part of the WrL1? vv' - i near the Coffee a h j8 of r,1" with Cr P'ce nri s.S,jr ,"Tet kitchen Aprv to WUA cutem aad Manhattan water Us., P - SULLIVAN, l 131 Water street. . 1000 DOLLARS REWARD, MJ ILL be given for the return, or any infor - T T . mabon, ol a jiui, supposeu to have strayed with, or been lured away, (on the 2d of February, from Washington City, where he had been but eight tfays), by a lad 16 years of 3PB. r The child it nearly 8 years old, but has the ap pearance of 10, fair and pale complexion, light bair, which was very thick. Drown eyes, uncommonly lone eve - lashes, rather small strait nose. large mouth, the two upper front teeth far apart, fine chest andhoulders, carries himself remarka bly strait. fiad on very dark mixt stout cassimere clothes, with small plated buttons, uncertain whether he bad on a great coat, wnicn wouia ne onve green, with a cape. J necniid is very active acd natu rally spngnuy and talkative. His name is JOHN JACOB BENTZON, resident of New - York, and Grandson of John Jacob As tor. The above reward will be paid, and no questions asked on the delivery of said Boy by A re. Astor, 223 Broalwayr Benjamin Wilson, esq. Philadelphia. Henry Payson k Co. Baltimore John Jacob Astor, Washington, feb 9 tf . Printers throughout the country are re qucsicu o insert me aoove. TO LET. UniS Two neat, new, 2 - slory brick front build ings, situate in Allen - street, next to the ball - al - ley. They are finished in "handsome style with cittern; in ine yarns, ana every other conven, ence to reader them pleasant and desirable tene - ments. Adjoining the ground on which the buildings stand are several vacant lots which will also be let tor a garden to the person or per sons wna shall hire ins houses. Apply to JAMES KNOX, at the ball - alley ; or at his bouse, 30 Orchard - street. Feb 9 tf FIRE PROOF STORE. To let and possession 6 rot of May Beit, tne lour story nre prnoi store, No. Si Soutn - st, between Coenties and Old slips. Enquire of the subscriber, Wo. 1 Murray, or 43 Chamber - street fehytr b. utKAIU. t FOR SALE, lias) That valuable HOUSE and LOT 61 John - street. The lot is 27 feet front and rear. and 105 feet deep The whole is hi complete repair, and may justly be called one of the most convenient houses in this city. If not sold by Saturday next, it will on that day be sold at public auction at the T. C. H. For particulars, apply at 187 Peal si riet. feb 9 6t - . REiL ESTATE O TwoS lynrleiahts, I SO (All IV BBOOKLVN. 2 story new frame houses on 6 rook - having a view oi the citv and bav of New - York ; about 10 minutes walk from the steam boat ferry. The houses are well built, having scooo rooms on each n.ior wim lire places ; on the lower floor is a g - nxl kitchen, bed room and pantry. ' t o eacn oi the bouses are attached a l - z lots of ground, each containing 25 feet front and rear and iuu leet deen. handsomely laid out in ear - dens and grass plots, with a variety of shrubbery, fruit trees, Sec ; the whole em loied tvit'i a new and substantial fence. Near the premises is an excellent well of water. For further particu lars, applyto ANDREW MERC KIN, Corner of Washington and Nassau - streets, feb9tf Brooklyn. TO BE LET, From the first day of May next, that con veiuent three story house. No. 145 Fulton - s tret the M house irom Broadway, inquire feb 9 lie ' No. 84 W siren street, IIOAKD. An elderly lady wishes tooiiUin U permanent board in respecUble pnvaie family, where there are no boarders. A line ad dressed to A. B. and left nt this office, staling the terms and situation, will receive attention. feb94t ROB ROY. IIRKScMERCElN have just received and thoroFWaverIy,'Guy Matuiering, Tales of my Landlord, 6ic. Ac. lebv HIGHEST PRIZE 30.000 DOLDARS. THE first drawn number on Monday next will be entitled to the grand capital prise oi 30X100 dollars. Now is the time for all those Is procure chances who adventure for the highest prize, as the number of tickets in the wheel is . i . - i . . r i i. greatly uimimsnea. it lew mantes miy uu uo tained at the lucky lottery office of JUL AM ot liAaKUS, 74 Maiden - Lane. ' Where have been sold in former lotteries most ofthehiehest prices. Prises in former lotteries, foreign bank Botes, approved promissory notes, will be received payment lor tic Rets. A correct check book is kept at the lorkv lot tery office, which may be examined at all times iree oi ex pence. kq a n H7A1TES' Official List of Prizes in the Me - T dice! Science Lottery. 25th day's drawing. No. 20,439, (first drawn,) $10,000; 17,924, 25,134, 20,646. $50 each. Sold at Waites'. Feb 9 "THE STORY IS TOLD, WE PAY IN GOLD." micket. No. 2C.439. which drew the 10,000 JL on the 25th day's drawing, (the highest prize vet drawn,) in the 4'h class Medical Science Lottery, (now drawing,) was sold at Book - store and Lottery - office, No. 65 Cherry - street, in four quarter shares. 37s The fortunate holders are informed, they have the CASH as soon as presented, Feb 9 3t IN CHANCERY. Stftte of New - York. ss. Divie Bethune.J IN pursuance of an order of vs. r i mis nonorabie court maae George Srriba.f in this cause the nineteenth day 1 of January instant, will be sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House in the city of New - York, ander the di rectino of the subscriber as one of the masters of honorable court on Wednesday the twenty - fifth day of March next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, the mortgaged premises mentioned and described in the complainant's bill of complaint this cause, which said premises are described follows vis : all that certain tract or parcel land situate lying and being on the eastwardly side of the Oswego river in the town of Volney in county of Oneida, now the conoty of Oswego, and State of New - Yoik aioreiaid, being part of township number seventeen in Sriba's patent, and usually known bv the name of Fred - ericksburgh, as the same was surveyed sod laid utne year one thousand seven hundred and ninety - eight, by Benjamin Wri;ht, beginning at a stnke standing on the bank of the Oswego river, twenty links north of an Iron - wood tree, thence on a course north eighty - seven degrees snd thirty minutes, east one hundred and Uurty.five chains and ninety links to a stake tr - n links west ol a maple tree, thence north tw degrees and thirty minutes, west eight v chains and lioks to a Beach tree, thenr south e - eh'v I seven degrees and thirty minutes, west eighty chains aud seventy - five links to a - stake twelve links north Qf a Hemlock tree, thence north twenty - right degrees and thirty minute, west raurcaios and (hir r - thrte links to a Hemlock ty aiinutts. west tUBetr - aeven chain, to hv - 'tank OftheOsWeCOrlvar. - ! llunr, anulnrrl i n tlu, said river the several ov.n s thereof to the 'lnc w DeKioning, eoa'amitm me lli iusanl ihre hundred and thirty five dcr of land, be the same more or less, with the iippurteoaoces. Dati the twenty - fi nrth dy of January on tho itarr' eight bniidre1 and aighteeo. AARON II. FAI.MKO, . feb 9 law6 w Muter in Chancery. i lor sale nah, 1 3J. F rtigld Kttntti for Philadelphia, On board th jchr THREE RRO - THERS, Foster, master. AddIv on boaiUat Colfee - IIouse slip, west side, or to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 7 , No. 130 Water - st Fr Norfolk or tialiimore. The fine staunch new sloop REGULATOR. Wm. Bowie. ' master. For freight apply to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 7 130 Water - st. tor Alexandria, Georgetown and Washington M The schooner ADELINE, Edward r P - ge, apRv to the master on board, or to DIVIE BETHUXEt CO, Feb 7 92 Wall - st. tor CiH POIA'T, (Va.) The brig EUNICE, captain How, ill sail in a few davs. ami will tak neavy ireiglll at a low rate, pplyon board at nne - st. wharf, or to CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, 1 ePB 67 South - t. A ? O&Muk'k'n O tirvi - n ZTZu t. ""' oln on me map oi me lands belonging 458tDAlLtDtt HM.!EJK .41.5,416 and 4.7,V JU9 do Digby o A few tons plaster Also, pickled salmon, do. herrings, do. codfish, bbls. mackerel, do. shad For sale by SMITH, BLANCH ARD Si CO. No. 35 Burling - slip. i Schooner MAYA Mil 1 A r s;ii, Lubec - Enquire as above. Feb 6 1 w f'ti U ill VTVs AT 9W The fast sailing schooner LOUISA, W will sail the. first wind for the remainder, or .i :. i r '. . ' pnssage, appiy on Doanl, west side Burling - slip, or to Feb 3 98 Pine - st. For i'siXZ.IS. (CubaA I The briy Caroline, ti. Munro, mas - JSVJUfc'er, will take what fieiirht may oner iu wcck' ror terms apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. 57 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CAARfEfi. The briir SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. (then 156" tons, a staunch g;iod vessel, I lately repaired. Apply as above. . feb 2 For O FOR IV 'Iliearlir IIRTSI V .,n T burthen 97 tons, a substantial moil vessel, only one year old, having - a part of her ca, go engaged. For freight of the remain - er, which will be takui oil vcrv reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. 44 South street. jan ol tor t.OAUuOERRV. The, fine last sailing ship FOS TER, .V. Moran, master, having 7 - Cihs of her I cargo ready to go n board, will be defpfctched r.iuiom deny. J - or freight or 100 to 2tMJ tierco eed, or passage, apply to tlie master oa board iier no. I J, or to Jr - S0 ' W.&S.CRAIG. .L hundred biiis. Uiistol Siinuisb Biown, 20 du White Lea l. Willi a general assortment of Pa in t. rlnrnn,! ivuiU lur aaic ojr RIPLEY & WELD, 192 Front and corner ol Fulton - street. Jan 2J , k PLASTER OF PARI Au..u..w .u.(iijr ui cruona piaster oi paris, in barrels, suitable for the southern niarnet. pt. Ilnlera Inft wilh Wilt., N... M 1 Orders left with Walter Nexsen. No. 174 Fnnt street, corner of Burline - slin. will be lirumpuy anenuea to ;un 5, Foot of Harrison - street. North. River. JanlQtr f IKON HOLLOW WAltE. . is MwnmeDi oi ine auove articio u a . , ... . . - a. saii - lets, basons, spiders,' tea kettles, Lc. jier ton or piece, lor sale oy CECRA & CUMING, Jan 30 76 Pearl - st. ENGLISH liACO.V. Sic TNGLISH Bacon. Split Peas. Perkier. Don Ej ble Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese, all of a very superior quality, imported in the Ann Ma ns, iroin Liverpool. Also, a eeneral assortment of first quality Teas I and Groceries, I run bau es, Ulives, Ancbavie s I Very old Jamaica Rum SuDeriorolh proof Irish Whiskev I American Pine Apple Cheese I Eotrliih Porter, Demijohns, and Bristol Ware. I sae cheap Ibr cash by ' I ts. BLiAiKr UKU, I 157 Grtenwich - street. I For Salt or to Rent, Imc. I Two HOUSES and a STORE, situated road - street. Newark. (N.J.I opposite the E - piscopal Church. Also, . : . . 'A f l? I lor sale, the HUUstloy and LOT, 1 14 Fulton st. w punciicons Jamaica ngo. jusi amveo l and lanJing from the brig Dvid R.chard from Falmouth, (Jam.) and for sale by ' . n .w mw I UJ pi , , n , . , I A. D. uur t , 69 Washington - street. Who has for sale in store. L. P.Teneriffe Wine, (Pasley brand) in quar ter casus, imported July, ltilb Do do in hhds. and qr. casks, do August do Do do in pipes, hhds. and qr. casks, do September do 30 pips, 100 hhds and 280 qr. casks do enti tled to debenture 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, sliip'd in 1813, iromtne iape ouooa nope, ana euu - 1 tied to debenture I Port and old Lisbon wines, in assorted cask 59 boxes of claret wine 132 do grave wine and one cask cardwire. ten 7 ,tt 37 ViRUiMA WBACCO b FLOUR. hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do 66 bbls fine flour 15 do middliu? do. For sale by V ASQUE4, MEURON b CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. 72 Washington - st. fQQ FLOUR. UOij bblssuperf. 1 86 half bbls do Flour, landing this day tt DDIs line 1 From schr Adeliue from Alexandria, and Mar garet - Ann from Petersburg, lor sale by DlVlfc bbl tlUAt; ti tu. Feb 7 92 Coffee House slip. rjHJUMOND FLOUR. 200 barrels Rich - XV mohd superfine Flour fur sale by N. LWREtE, 172 Pulton - st. or 27 Old - slip. TVEER KIN'S 6 bales first quality for sale XJ y SAUL, AL.Ut.1, feb 7 . VU nee - street. NOIGO, BKANUY, Ac 10 cacs Bengal ledigo, enn'ld to deoemnre ii piiies Gray's Brandy 120 ioxes Hill's Botoa Chocolate, No. 1 ft IjU kegs mi'iMlelplua Starch 70 bags rare Umger (entitled to debenture) in kn.u c... V U All, WBUU. 1 i - .u n,i r Hnw fln.,.s fir I by JACKSON k W lOLLEY, U (op 7 75 Wall r. e. COTTON. I. JJ Bales prime upland cotton, just rece'.red i icor. ieu. Andrew Jiacxson, irom oat ao - 1 and ior J by OTIi ft SWAN, 157 Peirl - s. Ft') 7 lw',',', K.N Th - i Ck.WMItS10N . , - ,.', I VV l.lll P,il.iTn,L liar IM fi iNdi. of Cotton Yam, from No. 4 t the J I I I I all iu all day inaic an,' - . 1 der mn mr. the his iasi " ter not ry ol to the " 4 v Ik the will ses, of the the the pine of pe till the Five side - - , on. n - l preseut . AT AUCTION, BY HONES k TOAVN, Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, at iLeT.C H. TO BE SOLD. THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPERTY, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES, iSjgl The' Dwelling House and premises now siflii in the possession of Mrs. Margaret Jones. Lnriun it xi.ml1.. - JI'JU u i. , a i inches in width in front, and S3 feet 6 iuches in me rear, ana lw leet in depth; together with the brick stable, and lot on which it stands, in the mM on beonard street, being 25 fret wide on Leonard - street, and 63 feet 10 im hes in depth ; which undivided lot is held in common hetwetn William Dinning, Esq. and the owners ol the property now oflered for sale, and is intended ibr a passage wa? to their it !! nnH varrl. fl K,ble part of the city, and is, in every part, in the uesi icjmir ana most complete order. three Lots of Ground, situated at the corner of Broadway and Warren - strcet ; way, and in the rear 87 feet6 on Warren - street, and U9 let! 9 inches on the nnrlhrrlv These lots, with the buildings thereon, are now under lease to various tenants, for terras which wl" exP,re 00 " 1,1 my nt such IJ.H """'l .in ,he hole to 2.4 n - 7' i ncse uiree lots wj ' n ii: a t ttM.ZS bfiAiin n rV 1 Al s a U.a Pine - street and the Fly Market, being 22 feet 10 Ihn rea. and 1IW1 r - in j - i ,i. nk:. the rear, and 100 feet 10 iuches in length. This House and lot is under lease for a term ending 1st May, 1819, at the annual rent of 650 dollars and taxes. A Dwelling Hnnup nnil T .nt nt Hi - mml tuJ known as No. 14i VVatpr , Hinini., Iheiast above ; being 18 fiet 4 inches on Water u "ie rear, ano o i net 4 inches in 1 Us house and lot are undnr lpn I7ir a (prm ending nt May, 1H19, at the annual rent of 250 dohars and all taxes. A LOT OF GROUND, frontin? thn Broad way just above Jones - street, and next but one adjoining Uie property of Mr. aH Ihe lot fronting on Mercer - street, in the rear Martin Hoffman i Drohaway '" bese two lot will be sold, ir7. V "J mt - ncs wiue and A i.iir nr I ivn 1, - Bayard's farm, fronting oh Rynders - strret, and running from that street to Orange street ; being iuiii im nynuers street so left, and on urarge treet 25 feet 6 inches, and in length on f l,r n rth, rly side 145 feet Cinches, and on the southerly ide 151 feel 3 inches. .HU the abort mrnlionid provtrlv it held in fee ample, 'theollwineithela under a leaie from Co'timfiw CWp, 54 yean oftehich lease vai imer ntred on ill Hevtemhnlmit. ISMl, A Uwclllng House and Lot of Ground, UmJ known as No. 217 Greenu irh ir,.i. under lease for tlie annual rent of 260 dollars and untaxes ; lease expires 1st May, 1821. "Ml , A 'el'ing Honse and Lot of Ground, nii'koowo as No. 215 Grecnwich - atm - r. nnu unucr loaiir luruie veariv rent ol (Sii riniinr. anH taxes j lease expires 1st May, 1821. A Dwelling House and Lot or Ground, at the corner of Grponivirli trat n.. street, under lease for 450 dollars and (axes; empires in may, icxl. street, now under lease for filin ..i; jut urouna. Known as o. 69 and 71 Barclav nil .... . l. : . 7 .. . " . J , nrei isi may, mxi. hcia I wo houses being leased togetlicr. will be ma 'wgeuier. A Dwellinr House and Lot of Ground: known as No. 67 Barclay street, now un lease for tlie annual rent o'f VO dollars and 3 ATJwYituC?IaJ ut 18,9 known as No. 65 Barclav 'street.' now un deritase for tlie yearly rent of 90 dollars and the - ; lease expires uiay Ikl, W'J. This leasehold property cannot conveniently ueuescnoea wuiun ine nmus oi an advertise incnt, but the sise and extent of each - lot mav be particulorly seen on a map thereof, at the office of junco, 4 fine sirtei. be title to all (Ins Drcnertv is unoueationable greatest part of the property having been owned and nossessed by the late Dr. Jones and representatives for more than 25 years, now i ana lor sucn ran as nas oeen purchased within that period the subscribers hold warranty deeds from the crantors. I he house and premises first above described tuered at private sale, and may be viewed af - tlie fourth day of January next, any day be - iween one ano two o - ciock in the aitcrnoon. II i sold on or before the twentieth day of Janua next, fiat property, together with all the rest the above mentioned property will be exposed sale by auction, at the lontine Coffee House, , . - v. - a.xl . a.l.T m . mesrrs. hu.ils at lunr, on luesuay, tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in Th mmm r.r.1m. A.. . V. . 1 I ' n.litr.. ,:n i in ' , JV. KT T Ti Jj r?i,P ,e aml one third of the residue or. A hur AeT Use newt - m - .1 J iiiv wi un ui mi tut uic iiu u, c auu I i Cl 11 1 first of May next at wh;ch time a deed be executed and possesion given the re mnining two thirds to be paid in 2 annual pay ments, with interest, from the first of May, se. eurcd by n bond and mortgage on the premi i erms ot sale tor the rest otuie property will he 10 per cent on the tlay of sale, 1 - 3 the residue on the delivery of the deeds, which will be about 10 day after the sale, and remaining two thirds in 2 equal annual payments, wiui interest irom tne uate ot uie deedi. secured bv a bond and mortiraee on premises the purchasers are to receive rents of such parts of the property as are under lease from the 1st of February nest. For all other information and pa. Ocularly in relation to the title of all the above property. applv to RS, JONES, esq. at his office 44 - street, where the title deeds, and maps the property may be seen. MAKUAKrrr JO.VES, ) MALTBY GELSTON,Exec'rs. M ARY GELS I ON. S dec 30 eodtds TL'I HON. Hlhi UFFORD rettiectfullv rives notice that bis school at No. 53 John - street, is o - from 6 till 9 o'clock P. M. for the insl rue tionof young gentlemen, especially in English eraoiinsr. J hose who are desirous to obtain a correct knowledge of this important blanch of education in a snort time and at n moderate ex -, are requesied to avail tiieaclve of the present opportunity. Instructions will be snvea the lit of April. Mi. U. has commenced with a Latin class, for accommodation of uch vouua srefitkrrsti as cannot aiterm during the day. leo 7 iiv LOTS FJR SALE A C ALCTIO.S'. order of the last will of Peter f tuyver, .nt. Era. deceased, will be sold at auction Tuetlay Ihe l7th inst. at the T. C. H. at 12 o'clock, BY ULEECKEK S 151 bl) I, ralui.bie kls of groul frootiug the east of Bowery - ljue, adjoining Uie south side of Urfeucy - Flreet - rVe lots oa the v ritsiaeoi Cbr.Ue - treet auJ adjninmr th ton in tuw oi - ..... . .laacej - street I ire lots on the soutn sioe oi Delancey - street, between the Bowery - lane nua Chistie - street. 1 he terms of sale are lilt usi - on ,.ch lot. to be paid on the day of sale : mird of the reaidue on Uie 1st of May; the lln ie, if r - ouireoV in two eaual annua; ray - nts, w:ih mtcrest annually f map oi tne preaiijes may he reeo. at the auctioneers offics, oniiue ione iioue. rtV" The buildiess are to be removed by Uie tenanu by the IQth of May nxt, w'an parrb - wUHiave peuewion Feb 7 8V 1 1 Org. 20 bales of Hons, for sale Lv XI STARR b SMITH. feb 5 lw 190 Pearl street. LIVERPOOL COAL. A CARGO of Liverpool new pit Coal, on board the ship Zodiac. Pier No. 9 East Ri ver, will commence discharging next week ; for aie in lois 10 suit pun nasers, uy LA1NU U RANDOLPH, , feb 7 4t 98 Vesey - street. Ci LASSWARE, tic A boxes assorted glusc, I consisting of Liargesized Window ulass Decanters, Tumblers, Inkstands Watch Glasses, lie. 3 boxes Fowling Pieces, Jutt received per Winifred, from Amsterdam ow HAND. A quantity of muskets, entitled to debenture a ceroons nrst quality Indigo, and 2 hbls V hite Lead For sale by ,uw. J.C.ZIMMERMAN, feh 7 lm 72 Wbshinrton - street HULL tt BOWNE have just received by the Lorenso, from London, "nuu i numinous in la Hickman's Pills fur the gravel, Sz Citing's Worm Destroying Loz Roatli's Embrocation uiion's Antihilions fills Sic. Lozenges Thompson's Cheltenham Salts nay ward's Tolu Lozenges Hen'ry's Calcin'd Magnesia, And a eeneral niorlmrnt i.fRniUh Puipnt Medicines of repute, not mentioned above t war ranted genuine, and for sale at Jan Si4 lm 146 Pearl - street. AT. JOHN'S HALL, No. 0 Frankfort - street. WILL be sold at public auction by Hoff man & G)a, on Tuesday the 17th insl. at 12 o'clock in the CofTeellouse Information as to the property, title and terms of sale may be had oy applying to Cornelius Boeert, No. 14 Cedar street. Keh 7 ril. TO LET. From the first May next, the store no, 79 outh - strcct. tor terms, spnlv to I.. LEFFKItTS, Jun. feb 7 28 William street to LET. House 18 Heed, next to the corner of Elm - street, very commodious for a boarding house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, four rooms on the lirst floor, five on the second, and four on the third, all in pood repair, l or particulars, apply to EZRA LUDLOW, feb 7 tf 34 Beaver - street. TO LET, From the fust of May next, that spa nous House no. 37 t hern' - street, the resi dence of the late Archibald Kerly, Kn. The lot is large with an excellent pump ot water For particulars,enquire at no. 27 Roasevelt st, feb 7 lw tCTl TO BE LET, itUiiti From lt May next, that spacious fire - pttiof store in Slotc - lane, No. 1, next to the cor ner of William - street, now occupied by N. & S. Delonguemare. NIf;lI. LOW, feb 7 tf No. 109 Pearl - street. FOR SALE, fhat large two - story house occunieJ by the subscriber, situate on Front - street between the upper and lower ferries at Brooklyn, with Ine ground attached thereto well calculated for a private family or a large genteel Hotel Also, several lots adjoining said bouse, beautiful ly situated and convenient to build on, for ren tie men who do buswea in the city of New - York. being near to the ferries Also eleven lots in the rear fronting Water - street, about half way be, tween the two ferries ( part of which is now no up4 lur lumber - yard For further particulars appiy to : JOSHUA SANDJ. Feb 7 2w w BI.KKCHER BIHBY. iy next, linn inst. at twerve o'clock, at the o'clock, at the T.C. 11. That 2 story brick front dwelling lioue anil lot ol ground, on the southeastesiy side oi sum van - street, Uie 4th house southwest from Broome street. Also, that 2 story brick front dwelling bfluse and lot of ground, adjoining the above, on the southwesterly side thereof. . And also that other Z story brick front dwelling house and lot of ground adjoining the latter, on the southwesterly side thereof. The above houses nre each 21 feet 4 inches wide in front and rear, and 3U leet deep, about i years built, are genteely finished ; the fronts are cut stone up to the water table ; the frames are of substantial seasoned oak, and the stories rather higher than usual. The lots are each 21 leet 4 inches wide in front and rear, and the first lot is 90 feet, and the other t are each 1:6 feet long on each side l with an alley way or passage way sufficient for carts, leading irom the rearinto bui livan - strett and 1 hompson street. This and the contiguous property is, by agreement, to he kept clear of all daneerous or offen sive establishments: to be sold in fee simple, and the title clear and indisputable. The situation is agreeable, and the neighborhood improving, with almost unexampled rapidity, with brick fronted houses. Terms 10 per cent, down en day of sale, 2000 dollars on each house and lot may ne on mortgage on the premises for three years, interest half yearly, and the residue in 10 days, when the deed shall be delivered. r . .r i . - N.B. Attend mce will be riven to show the premises between 1Z and x o'clock, eacn day. previous to sale. no t xi '1 ICKETS. A FEW Tickets in (he Medical Science Lot r trrv now drawing - nr. v he bad at the low price of 1 12 by applying at No. 11 Chathnm - st eo i ji - L INE STATIONARY, received by sliipZo - V diac and other vessels from Liondon, ior sa;e wholesale and retail, by r. uun.iat.L.ij, Comer Wall and Broad - slreett, 100 reams Cne letter paper 20 reams bank post do Drawing Papers, viz. antiquarian, double elc plmit, imperial, royal and demy Bri - tol boards (or drawing Copying paper and inkpowder 20 gross fine japan ink, in bottles 12 frors Waikden's best ink - powder 7 rolls fine parchtsout, some very large 50,000 quills ; swan quills 40 gross fine and extra black lead pencils 200 lbs sealing wax and wafers INKSTANDS, wood and glass, pewter and lead, wedge wood, and glass louuiam Mouth glue, Indian glue, and sable pencils Chess men ; back - gammon boards Japanned and paper fancy card racks Travelling cases ; ocket books Long shears ; silver pencil cases . A large and elegant assortment of penknives, from the best English makers Savigny't patent mors and peoknites Clark aod Sovigny's rasor straps GLOBES, 18 and 12 inch globes, complete to 1817 ; telescopes, ftc . Bates' astronomical telescope, reflecting Dollood'sday and night telescopes, for sea service Do military do land do 60 case - mathematical instruments, some very fine Taralel rules, all si wantage rods MAPS and CHAR I S, on a large scale and latest editions The world on a large scale, on Mercator's plan Do f"ur quarters Europe, with the present political divisions Erglmd and Wales, large Arrnwsmith's chart Pai ihe Ocean, 9 (beets Faden's do coiti South America Steele's d'i River P'ate Charts, Indian Ocean, Indiao and Pacific do China Seas ; t' - c - at 17. S. in 3 large charts West ladit't and Gulf Mexico NoUVSenatd Baltic Pilot North aod Sulh Atlantic, 2 charts Mediterranean, fpein and Portugal Holland, White Sea, lr. ftc. frb7 3t on Cah aud b'6 aed I I PUBLIC SALES. BY J. P. DIETERICH ft CO. AT PRIVATE SALE, 5000 acres of and. in Wocd County. (VO within 10 miles efMarietts, and 5 miles from IU Ohio River. I2S0 do in the town of Plattsbergh, Clmton County, New - York. 400 do. in Pike County, Pennsylvania, aid un excellent Improved larm or 200 acres, on Ihe Coubclton turnpike road. I he two last will he exchanged for property in the citv of New - York, or for inerchan - J. APP'y nt the auction room. . OTt. KEENE, respectfully aniMiuiices' to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New - York, that his GRAND CONCERT, will take place at the CITY HOTEL, (we'ather permitting) cl 1 uesday, Feb 10. ACT 1st. ?ver,r5t u - r, Fnll Ore he.trn fcong, " Cahin Boy" Mr. Keeoe, Reeve Sons;, (ly desire) " Fly swife je Zephyr" Mrs. Moran BisAop Duette, " If thou canst live on humble fare," Mr. Keene and Mrs. Moran Virln. Concerto, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran P. A. Corri Song, " Henry's farewell" Mr, Keene Irish Duett, (by desire) " Rest weary Travel - lei" Mr Keene and Mrs. Moran Braham Air, with variations, Flute, Mr. Kiusela Weidnur ACT 2nd . Overture, Full Orchestra sons, " 1 hough love is warm a while" Mr. Keene Braham Duette, Tyrolese" Mr. Keene and Mrs. "iorn Moore Air, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran F. Hoffman Seng, Tiie rose bed of Summer" Mrs. Moran Stevenson tZf' " m ,h.loon,jn8 RoJf lMr - Kece Philips Song, My Henry's gone" Mrs. e Moran at. .. Song, (by desire) Home, Love and i.i oeriy - Mh K.eene Bi.hon Finale, Full Orchestra "f - Ven,,' - f ,a.n Frte, Mr. Moraa J ickets to ha hsd at Messrs. Weyman's No 30, and G. & R. Waite, Ne. 54 Maiden - Lane - G,00t,rlcn No - 188 ttn' Mr - R Waite, inn. 136 Broadway, at the Music Stores, of "Mr. Keene, No. 101 Greenwich - street, and of W. 11. Creagh, Printer, No. 71 Maiden - Lane. feb 3 0t notice: T 0 - The subscribers having entered into part - nersr.ip, the STOCK ft EXCHANGE BUSINESS heretofore conducted by R. H. NF.VINS, TOW NSEND4 Wliet firm f ' RL'SSFLL H. NEVINS, feh 3 ELIHU TOWN SEND. NOTICE. lO The partnership heretofore evialinvk.. tween the subscribers under the firm of Read and i. uiunru ny iiiuiuDi consent, ine settlement of the concerns of Ihn firm i. to Samuel Head, who continues the erocerv hu - iness at the same place, corner of Front and Fu - ton - streets. New - York, Feb. 3d. 1818. SAMUEL READ, fib3lwt JAS. I. PINE. ILr" If Mr. Thomas 1'yke, maon. of iondon. is in this city, be is requested to cull on John B. Danh ft Son, No. 147 Broadway, where he will he informed of something to his advantage or if absent, any information respecting him com municated as above, will be thaukfully received. r en j i w FOR ENGLAND, DIRECT. KJ Letters for His Britannic Majesty's Pack et PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will be received at Uie Post - Oflke till Weduenlay afternoon, the 9th day of February. Jan 24 T. W. MOORE. Arenl. 0C7 Theaasignees of theestateof Mrs Sidney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her creditor to come in and participate in the funds provided for them,) do hereby extrp'1 the time ot rendering' .. 10 Mr. Blake, at No 3 l - aw Buildings, until the 1st of March ensuing ...,, v. Feb 2 lm Q7 All of rsnns having demands against, and those indebted to. the estate of William Rrj?rrS deceased, are requested to call upon THOMAS MASTERS, Esquire, No. 92 Wall - street. Dated Jan. 19, 1318. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim NEW - YOH K SLATE COM PAN Y. T3 The Stockholders are hereby requested to attend an annual election for nine directors, to be held at the house of Joseph Baker, No. 4 Wall - street, on Monday 9th ebruary next The poll will open at 1 1 and close at 1 o'clock. j on i ai uuivii), Beery. Jan 29 , NOTtiK. rjy'The citizens are requested to be parlicu - ! lar in causing the snow and ice on the liJe walks aud gutters lo be cleared eff, and when it cannot be done without injury to the pavement, to be strewed with sand or athes, in conformity to an ordinance of the corporation in such case made and provided As their safety and comibrt materially depends upon their attention in ttrii particular, it is presumed that the law n this subject will be strictly complied with,, - JNO. ftrcuMB, street lAunmusioner. Street Com. Office I Feb 4 3d Feb. 1318. MERINO ItOuL, COT 1 Off YARN, SAT - TISEITS, be. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, cotton yarn, particularly low numbers. Proposals will also be received for makiug Jfeat - tinetts. The manufacturer to be supplied with, the materials, and the' business to be tendered, - pio'bly, permaneut. A contract is also wanted, Ibr the running ol a cotton mill, of from I to 4000 spindles ; the rot - ton to be supplied, and the yarn to be received at stipulated price. at 1 48 Pearl - street, up stairs. oct 23 Pftll A CARD. fX7 Mr. WHALE lessee fully makes known to the ladies and srentlemen of Nvw - York, that in cooscquence of Mr. Keene's coi'iert taking place on Tuesday the 1 Uth nut. mr. vr sueaa . public will be on Monday the 9Ui instant. Feb 7 St MECHANIC HALL. vert nvn - jnwo this wet. - . MR. STANISLAS, ever wisnful to gratify e, liberal public, has devoted some time la k.i.. r..r,.ard for those evenings, one of Ihe creates! pieces ol human invention ever presented btlore an enlightened audience, caljed the Tem ple of Mars. This astonisiung ana incomprmen - KL. nitHe of mechanism, at the command of the .hii,itnronens its doors and displays in the hack the bust of the illustrious Washineiont Ihe temple changes aod ducov rs I be Unddes of l.ihertv and Fame descending f,om tlie clouds with a wreath of laurels, and piscine it on hi hed, dipiayi' - g Uie motto " llornai;e to the Im mortal Washington," tof further particular see bills of the day. Fei.X tw COUN1RY SEAT. 1 TO LET, from the 1st May next, a geiitcel rountry residence, ph asantly situated tlie ttih Avenue (late Fiuroy road) abunt 9 miles from the city. L compi ize a and commodious dwelling notice, a well stocked garden, and 3 acres exce'lent meadow. Apply at no. 28 South - si. feb 7 Tw TO LH.T. t!ii Two ailioinincr Moro in Wall - strCita t - nicnt for o'ncs. Apply to PR1 ME, VXRHbSK NDS, fcb 2 tf 42 WalUtreet. TxJ i ti; 1 he brick store No 84 MaiJen - Iane, Apply at No. Feb 7 tf imsn liate po - ei"a)n given. Washii'gton - . i ufaV IA.YE.YS AT RkTAIL. 7 JUST receive! .i No. 19 Maiden Lai e, a complete awrtment oi 4 - 4 Insh Linens, per. Un - at a reduced pth - , of a strong lab kK lid elecaot bleacb, which will be soiU by the - piec . a small advance. tie nil . t! it, .' iv" - : f i : ! 1,1 ' t flu Jr. ' ,v? - , .i IS .'! i .1 , V.'l. i i it Si, t. - , 1 1 . i m m 'I; r. A I .1 V . t V (

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