Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 29, 1934 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON C1TV GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 29 1934 ROOSEVELT MAY ; ASK NEW TAXES Has to Meet Expenditures Caused by Passage of : BUT Over Veto. " WASHINGTON, March 29. UF-- » Representative Byrns, the demo" critic leader, told newspapermen - today it was "entirely possible" - that President Roosevelt would ask 'I new taxes to meet expenditures ,, caused by passage of the independ- - «nt offices bill over his veto. '" The measure, providing additional . appropriations for war veterans and - government employes, was enacted ~ into law last night when the senate I joined the house in overriding Pres- ident Roosevelt's wishes. 238 Millions More. It-was estimated by the president . In his veto message that the expenditures authorized by the legislation - would exceed budget estimates by ~ $228,000,000. ~. "lo do not know the president's - plans," Byrns added, "but in view of ;" the position he expressed in his veto ', message, it is entirely possible that · he will ask congress to provide ad;; ditlonai revenue. "If the congress wants to help the - president balance the budget, it ·' would look as though it would have '· to raise additional taxes." Add New Taxes. '. It was pointed, out, however, that - new. taxes or increased rates might - be added to the tax bill already ·'; passed by the house and now pending in the senate. Byrna laughed at republican ;. Statements that President Roosevelt - has. suffered the "worst, defeat in - recent years" oh the independent offices bill. "Why," he assarted, "only four years ago last June, the house passed 290 to 14 a Spanish war veterans pension bill over President Hoover's veto. "President Hoover got only 14 Votes; President Roosevelt got 72." Bonus BUI Next. Now that congress has gone contrary to the president on disability compensation, leaders of the veter- ans bloc hope to push to a senate decision the house approved bill to pay the $2,200,000,000 soldiers' bonus with new currency. The measure is before the senate finance committee. Chairman Harrison, who has been busy getting out the new tax bill, has given no indication when the committee might take up the bonus proposal. SUPREME COURT TO HEAR APPEALS Griffin and Brewer Seek to Escape Hanging for Murder. \ i WATERLOO, March' 29. CT)--The j full bench of the supreme court of | Iowa next Tuesday will hear the appeals of Patrick Griffin, 35, and i Elmer Brewer, 39, from the verdicts of guilty of first degree murder, returned by Black Hawk county juries, it was announced here to oday by John L. McCartney, attor ney for the two men. Griffin and Brewer were sentence) to be hanged Jan. 26 of this year fo the murder of Deputy Sheriff W. F Dilworth here Dec. 16, 1932, but ex ecution of sentence was automat! caly stayed pending hearing of ap peals. The men have been in death row at Fort Madison penitentiary since January, 1933. Former Teacher Visitor. KANAWHA--Miss Helen K. Mil. leson, algebra teacher in Newton high school, is spending a few days with friends here. . Miss Milleson taught in Kanawha high school the first semester of this year. BUTLER EXPECTS NO RESENTMENT Believes Veterans Will Not Hold Feeling Against Roosevelt. DES MOINBS, March 29. (-Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler, the famous fighting general of the U. S. marine corps, declared here to- day that he foresaw no resentment in the ranks of United States war veterans toward President Roosevelt because of his veto of the vet erana' compensation bill. "The veto's overridden," he said, "the soldiers got something of what they were deserving. I don't think now there can be any resentment against any individual." Major General Butler arrived here this morning from Sioux City, to address a meeting tonight sponsored by the Des Molnes post of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Of the senate's vote yesterday to Quickly rtlitvc the torment and soothe the itriuted skin by simply applying safe, comforting FERNDELL FOOD STORE 1ANVILIEB PHONE 834"QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES" BUTTER, ^SUGAR, ? 10 pounds COFFEE, All Brands, Regular., Red Boy SALMON, pound cans, each.. Beanhole BEANS, 3 cans Powdered SUGAR, 3 uounds GOOD FOODS THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOU 25c ..49c 32c 18c 20c 18c Berries, Peas, Beans, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Celery, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Spinach 24c lOc 39c 15c Northfield MILK, 4 large cans -Libby's No. 2 SPINACH, can.. Clark's MAYONNAISE, quart... Fresh, Fluffy Marshmallows.. COBBLER POTATOES 100-pound bag $1.15 Peck, 15 Ibs 22c QUALITY MEATS Fish, Veal, Lamb, Select Beef, Pork. 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This headquarters will be' used by the Young Democrats club, the Jef- fersonlan association and the county central committee, Mr. Schanke stated. Nearly 13,000 acres of farm land owned by Indians of the Kiowa reservation in Oklahoma have been terraced in a soil conservation program !i ON FOODS ABOVE PAR TUNE IN FRIDAY Now on Sale at All Dealers Mason City Baking Co, "WHERE THRIFT BEGINS" DIAMOND BROS. 205 NORTH FEDERAL AVENUE PEARS, Bartletts, 2 No. 2'/ 2 cans 27' CHOCOLATE, Baking, !/ 2 lb. bar ROLLED OATS, Quick, small box 06 CHOICE RICE, 4 pounds 17' COCOA, Breakfast, 2 pound can 18 Try this New Cereal Yeasties Yeast hidden in «· delicious cereal. Nutritious whole wheat flakes blended with active yetst, 17e GRAPENUTS, per package.......... 16 MINUTE TAPIOCA, per package 11 M. J. B. 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