Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 18, 1944 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1944
Page 7
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. . . . ' . . · - . . - ' *. "etailers Jam Cecil Theater for Bond Drive Kickoff Tuesday, Jan. IS, 1341 7 -IASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTB IEETING QUOTAS 100STS MORALE IN WAR FRONTS ['·Back the Attack" Is Theme of Meeting and '-Nationwide Campaign I j Employes/of Mason City's retail jammed the ground floor 'Cecil theater at a meeting ay morning signaling the iart of the 4th war loan drive in Jason City, [Theme 'of the meeting as' well the entire campaign was "BicSc Attack" and speakers stressed obUcatkm of the home front set Its bond quotas as evi- to the boys on the fighting nts.that civilians, too, are try- j to do their share. |News of successful bond drives :a pronounced effect on the its of the men in the foxholes, Icording to one who has been |ere. A. E. Smith, a veteran oE orld war 1, declared that during e year he -was in France he ped" the boost' given morale the soldiers got hometown telling results of the Lib- loan drives. the Mason City youngster who turned into a man when he home in uniform on fur- CD is now lyins in a foxhole in ly wondering if the home folks, backing- himyup, declared Dan |empnauer, another speaker. itrs. Alice Johnson asked that : sales people of Mason City do ir job thoroughly and well and A. Websce/, chairman -of the [ison City war finance commit' declared that there has never pn a more important period in history ol the United States |in now. . le complimented the retailers the organization they have per- hted and asked that the em- pyes keep up the enthusiasm rough the drive which they dis- ayed at the opening meeting. John Vance, Cerro Gordo coun- retail chairman, was in charge the meeting and asked the in- inal businesses to meet their of $200 in bond sales for employe, a total of $200,008 nrity value for the 1,000 re- employes in Mason City. {Doctor Roy C. Helfenstein, pas- lr - of the First Congregational lurch, gave a prayer for success j.the campaign. IA sound-motion picture erapha- hzed the importance of each |les person asking every custom"How many war stamps would like with your change?" "Don't worry about the person says 'No,'". was one admqni- . "Worry about the person.'.who light have said 'Yes' if you had Teed." * * * * ORGANIZATION COMPLETED--The organization of * Mason City's 4th'Avar loan drive has been completed. Chairman B. A. Webster of the local war finance committee is shown above with the chart of his committees. "We believe we have a setup which will assure that every person in Mason City will be asked to buy, bonds and stamps. From there on, it's up to the people--and they have never yet let down a worthwhile cause," declared the chairman. (iock photo; Kayenay engraving.) * · # * * * Officials of 2nd Highway ; District to Meet Thursday v White Speaker on All Day Program of Postwar Planning- _ Jap Boys in Hawaii Dress, Buy Bonds Like Americans Cpl. George Arnold Says Men Overseas Keep "Democracy in Action" tforthwood -- Howard Bakken, i of Mr. and Mrs. Ole O. Bakken, for:San Diego, Cal., to begin rig with- the marines. Howard member of the Northwocd L school senior class. [INCOME TAX service Bureau 1213 FIRST BANK NATIONAL BLDG. TELEPHONE 10Z6 FRED K. WHITE Gives Holiday Cheer Salem, Ore., (U.R--State institution inmates received 3,000 pounds of mixed nuts, 400 cases of oranges and 3.tons of candy during-.the holiday period, the state purchasing department reported. Fred K. White, chief engineer of the Iowa State Highway Commission, will be the chief speaker at an all day program of postwar planning for streets and highways to be held at the' Hotel Hanford Thursday. The program wil start about 10 o'clock and there will be a luncheon at the hotel at noon, according to the committee in charge oE the meeting. '. All county and city officials of the 2nd highway district have been invited, but the meeting is open to anyone interested in postwar planning of this nature, according to those in charge. The meeting will he in charge of HoymondZack, district engineer of the highway commission. Les*ter Milligan, secretary of Mason ty Chamber of Commerce, and at McGuire, superintendent ol ,e county farm. , Japanese boys in Hawaii not 'only dress like American boys, they also act like Americans- even to buying bonds; according to Cpl. George Arnold, Jr., on leave with the U. S. army from the KGLO staff. In a letter to his former employer, he writes: j "I'm prompted to write a letter which I felt should be of interest to/ the folks at home. In view of the racial arguments which apparently have been kindled at home, I believe something I saw today is noteworty of 'Democracy in Action' overseas. "While buying some airmail stamps at the local pos toff ice today, 2 small Japanese boys stepped up to the window next To the People . of this Community DAY OF RESOLUTION This is * day of icsolutioa for you aad your family, It is Grand Assault D»7 for the home ftonc. However, thtce will be no anxious moments ia a landing boat, DO cry of anguish as an enemy bullet sears your flesh, no sight and smell of death, no scream, to God for swift, never- ending sleep. Ic is for other Americans to undergo these ttills. These "other Americans" happen to be your sons and brothers and fathers and husbands and uncles and cousins and (leu: friends. Today you measure your sacrifices against theirs, whether you will fote- go whit is youis by right in ordinary times, to place your resources--little or big--back of your fighting boys. Buying Extia War Bonds may mean temporary hardship to some Individ-* 1 uals in this community. You can be certain of one thing--that if your purchase of Extra War Bonds does not entail a true sacrifice on the part of you and your family, you have not fully mec the challenge of the 4th War Loan. Battle dress for your home, beginning today, will include a red, white and blue emblem--the Treasury 4th War Loan shield which proudly proclaims: "We bought extra, war bonds." , "Let's all Back the Attack" with Extra War Bonds. THE EDITOR. Cerro Gordo's Chairman Says: 'Every home in this county hould have the shield in its window: 'We bought extra war bonds.' It will be given to every purchaser of bonds during the 4th var loan drive. Be sure to get his shield and put it in your window." FIRE DAMAGES HOME Garner--Fire of unknown origin badly damaged", the home of Mr. and Mrs. Casper Pannhoff 2 miles east of Miller Friday forenoon. The fire burned away a large part of the rp.o£ before the Garner volunteer fire company brought the blaze under control. Damage to the house was estimated to be $1,000 and much damage was done to contents. The loss was covered by insurance. POLITICAL ADVEBTISKMENT FRIDAY ror Economy Efficiency and City- Manager form! of Government 214 SO. FED MARKET PHONE 916 NORTH IOWAS LARGEST MARKET Pound Box PROCESSED CHEESE Ste CORN COUNTRY Swift's BROOKFIELD BUTTER , b 45c BULK SAUERKRAUT . 9c MEATY NECK BONES 5c . CPL. GEORGE ARNOLD. JE. Clean, hair well groomed, can-F vas cloth bags in which they car- I I 11 * ried their school books slung over JOnn WlE their, shoulders and typical Ameri- DONT JUST ASK FOR ASPIRIN --always asfc by name for St. Joseph Aspirin. You can't buy aspirin that can do more for yon. There's nona , 3. Get genuine fit. Joaeph Aspirin. KEEP 'EM FOR THE DURATION They will continue to give you good service if treated with consideration. Proper handling, cleaning and oiling will greatly increase their life and add to the quality of the service provided. Should serious trouble develop--calKyour appliance dealer before it's too late. Far Longer Service * Don't drop appliances or knock them around. Treat them with care. an electric appliance * Never submerge In water. * Treat cords carefully. Grasp pi or instead of cord when disconnecting »n appliance. ,' * Turn off electricity before leaving iron --even for a moment. * Tighten nvte, bolts and screws. J PEOPLES: GAS ELECTRIC COMPANY Jin £stt*tifl InJttlry Giaixf You Fntnily, DtptndtHt Strvlcc Charles E. Lembke 'ites Held; Burial t Memorial Park Funeral services for Charles Edard Lembke, 2, son of Mr. and Irs. Harold Lembke, Dougherty, rere held at the Patterson funeral ome Monday afternoon, with the ev. Alvin N. Rogness, pastor of rinity Lutheran church, ofliciat- ng. Mrs. Harold Wolfe sang "Safe n the Arms of Jesus" and "Softly nd Tenderly." Pallbearers were Harold \Vorey, Arvid Carlson, Pat Bielefeld nd Jimmy Hansen. Burial was at lemorial Park cemetery. The '·tterson funeral home in charge. Agent Aids Passenger n Catching His Train Joice--A passenger · on the rain going north got off the irain' at Joice, thinking he -was n Blue Earth, Minn. Ray Over- ;urf, local depot agent, had the :rain stopped at Lake Mills. He :ook the traveler in hi* car to e Mills where he boarded the train again after reimbursing Mr. Dverturf with 50 cents for his trouble. can schoolboy clothes made them seem very real public school children to me. "The window at which they were standing, barely able to reach over the counter under the little grill over the marble top, was for the purchase of U. S.: war bonds and stamps. "I bought my air mail stamps and was rollinjr them-up when I noted their excited chatter. Turning, expecting to see a small book being filled with more stamps, I saw something which should make some people at home feel sorry. Here were 2 small Japanese boys with great pride, excitedly poring over every detail of a $25 war bond. "It made me think o£ another experience. A dance for service men and civilians on-this island is held each Saturday night. As I sat in the bleachers watching the dancing on the floor below it was impressed upon me how American it all was. .; "Here were Japanese, Hawaiians, Portuguese, Filipinos along with soldiers of all races and creeds from the United States and sailors, seabees and marines (officers and enlisted men.) "Music was being furnished by an unsually good service dance band of some 25 pieces playing ballads, swing swaltzes and rhum- bas. · ·' i "There are other evidences in a steady stream, such as great sports fields spreading the doctrine of American sports and good sportsmanship; also the local volunteer organizations which actually operate without thinking of whether they'll be highly publicized; too, the local volunteer guards consisting of Japanese, Hawaiian*, Portuguese and Filipinos: and, of coarse, most of all r news bulletins of loyal Japanese volunteers dying in action for the allies. "Here is something with which Americans must keep faith. Eight now keeping faith can find no expression greater than those 2 small Japanese school boys buying bonds today. Keep buying bonds and keep. 'Democracy in Action' at home as the service men are practicing it overseas." anon Miller, 65, Succumbs; Rites to Be Held Thursday ' John Marion Miller, 65, died at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. E. H. Strait, 625 3rd N. E., Monday afternoon, following an illness. He had resided in Mason City since last October. Mr. Miller was born Jan. 3, 1879, in DeWitte county, 111. He was preceded in death by his wife, Sadie, May 10, 1943. The body will be taken to Waterloo for services at the Kearns funeral home Thursday afternoon. Burial will be at Waterloo. The Patterson funeral home in charge. How Doctor's Formula Peps Up Bile Howl KglitWayTaRclewCMftipatiaa To Fed Tip-Top' Tomorrow! H liver bile doesn't flow every day In 1 to your Intestines--constipation with. Its upset stomacn. dull eyes, lack of pep, and mental dullness often result. So take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets tonight. Olive Tablets--being purely regefabZe--are wonderful to pep up bile flow and insure gentle yet thorough bowel movements. Used success- lully for years by Dr. P. M. Edwards for relieving his patients with constipation and sluggish bile flow. Test their goodness tonight. Inexpensive. All drugstores. Follow label directions. Dr. Idwords OLIVE TABLETS FRESH GROUND BEEF AND '^SAUSAGE 18 Ib. SPARE R1BLETS. ,, 10c| LARGE CAN MILK 3 for 25C SMOKED SALT PORK , b . 15c SWIFT'S BLAND LARD Ib. 17c SWEET CREAM CORN .. lOc Ration Free! Women's Oxfords, Straps and Pumps Sizes 3 to 9 Sister-in-Law of Mrs.W,B.PedeIty Succumbs in Texas Word.was received Monday by Mrs.' \V. B. Fedelty of the death of Mrs. E. L. Hill at Mercedes, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Hill had been spending the winter at ' Hot Springs, Ark., and in Texas. Mr. Hill is enroute. to their home in Hayward, Wis., with the body and will pass through Mason City Thursday on the Rocket. Mrs. Pedclty. who is a sister of Mr. Hill, will join him at this time to attend the services at Hayward Saturday. O. P. A. Release Women's Low Priced Shoes Jan. 17th Thru the 29th About 200 pairs to choose from. Many of fhis lot are high grade shoes purchased from the Dayton Co. of Minneapolis, formerly sold as high as $10 per pair. Widths E to AAA. NOW BEING CLOSED OUT IN OUR BASEMENT ON TABLES Your Precrauf CREDIT A* Low A* 9 1.00 A Week ALL PRICES Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazelle carrier boy. Pull the Trigger on Lazy "Innards" DR. G: T. FAILOK, Opt. 19'/2 N*. A. W. Dunlap Dies at Home in Denver Word has heen received here of the death of A. W. Dunlap, 85, former implement dealer oj Mason City, who died at his home in Denver. Surviving are a son, Basil, and a daughter, Gail, of Denver. He was preceded in death by his wife several years ago. Mr. Dunlap had resided in Mason City most of his life, but had moved to Denver about 15 years ago. UNRATIONED SALES GOOD DCS Mofnes, (JP) --Several Des Moines shoe stores reported Monday night that the bulk of the temporarily unrationed shoes had been sold out during the day. One store, offering 3,500 pair of shoes, had only about 500 left. ' 98 $ 1 98 COME IN AND LOOK THEM OVER-- WE ARE SURE YOU WILL BUY SEVERAL PAIRS WHEN CONSTIPATION miku you feel punk t the tfickeas, brings an itomtch uptet, four tavte, K'Bsy discomfort, take Dr. Ctldwell'ft famou* medicine to quickly fan th* trilier on Itzy "iouirdi". and k«ip Jon feel bright aad chipper if tin. OIL CMOTKLL'S is the wonderful mat Uutir* cmUfaud in good old Syrup P«p- u to make it to tuj to tak*. MANY POCTOm OM ptptia prtpmticiu ia ptucrtptioBS to make tte m*diti» more ptliuble aad agrwabl* la tak*. So b* «· you laxatirt U contained ia Syra» Pvpcia. MttT Ml MLCALOWIUL'S-lk* fcnfiU oi Bittowfor 50 jtm, ad t Ml thatwhaU- M*M relit* from conttipttioa. Era fiakkj ckBdrn tare it. CAimOMi Ue* oalj a* directed, SEMN A LAXATIVE JUST RECEIVED A Large Shipment of MEN'S 4-BUCKLE ALL-RUBBER OVERSHOES for Work or Dress . . . and boys' 3-buck!e overshoes, in fact, we now have A COMPLETE LINE OF RUBBER FOOTWEAR for the entire family. SAVE at RAIZES Plenty of Merchandise at Low Prices SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE 301 Sovth Federal Right to Limit Phone 434

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