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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, February 9, 1818
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'I 15 ! 'v. i : 1 r ' 't s 't: in IS r . t I ! W 16 :1 4 'tin it ' ! 1 i ...a 1 ' - i si From theAlbmwfJrgm pfFrida,. TVi How of Aasessbly ba - (or oc days enraged eoi - iAerJe portlo. of their trm. cm the btu ta repeal the act of 1t mwm. oiled tb rioeUmC fcwC - We stated U J i tka - eneabntr act bad beta deaden tm ti. arn6ve o Saturday. On lueiy , Mr. Duer inwve for rc - conuderatkB, which was carried, asdadabajaaf eaaar lavftbcnroed. OoWedites - day tb debate wa renewed, fa after the displays of Mack talent and higrauity, tha question was lekea co - omittee, oa the repealing act, and decided at the edaiwiauv Messrs. Duer, Uhhoefler. ' k . rnlAM mA Swmit. in favor of the bill, and fndil and William against it. The .' mmiioa oa it DtwR as taken yesterday ramm(, and decided again in the negative, ayes 67. now au. The Senate have been engaged some days, a por - tkBortheirtuae,asaeoiirtoferrors. A bill a i ,.. nmtmmA thi bona for Dardoouur Uavid i Limn, John Denny and rtosweU T. lrtVlhre of ..the live criminal lauav " v sentenced to be buag. A bill hai aba been reported by Mr anVech tea, prohibiting aU banking op - ratkms, and the issuing any proouatoir notes or bUb, at hankers, by iadmdaaU, associations er ei - r - tioo,esrept such as am specially aathorised by law : and also compelling banks to redseni their paper in lawful moneys the United States. The Senate aa IVedeesday adopted the follow, lag Answer to the Speech a tha fiowrnor deuv - " j .1 .hmiWiIu session : To Hit EseeZrTf bt Wat Clinton, Coterwirof the ofXevYark. In - neetmgyour txceiiency to hukj .l Mo, .urtioa to the hieh and responsible of - fie you new all, by the almost unanimous voice af the freeholders or the state, in De - sate cannot refrain from axvrastang their satis tact ion in an event so auspicious to tbe best hopes of tbe patriot and KttUanlliflinitL ' Thi nnctr and importance of tha subjects la . which your excellency has invited the atteution of Uia leewalure, evince your aevoiion w mm unci - " - nf ih ute i and. whilst tbev necessarily pre - - .rt.ut from this aajuoieatioa an expreswon of koaniAa of the Seaate oa tonics so a - omentous, ikMruui fail to command and encase their .. mA nnnmiued attention. We should however be unmindful of our duty, were we ta be entirely sues aa some oi mem. . lv. in tha nniaion ezDrassed hv Tour v ; CeDency, that 44 sericulture is the basis of our eliengtb and the foundation of our prosperity ;'' . end ws regret that aa occupation sa peaceful, so honorable and so essential to the subsistence and eotnfert af man, has hitherto been deprived of those lights which science has shed on subjects of tn ferior magnibtde. ... . '." '". Tbe enmetions which year Excellency has an tow important subject, shall receive our early and aaature coiisideratiosi ; and wa hope for haaira results from the adoption of mcb mcauirrt as will diffuse tbe earliest information of new and iiMiKnlsiH discoveries and insprovementt in rural economy and labor saving tnachioes j and also in the adoptioa of meatnres, which shall awaken a general attention to the best systems of agriculture, oH ih ttramotioaof aspirit of emulation. The depression of ear manufactures is an event inanspicioea o tbe best Interests of the country ; and their resoscitatiasi will depend prt - tpatly on the pabJic rpirit of the people. And the Senate cannot but hope, that an intelligent and patriotic communty will become sensible of the truths to justly aad M strongly presented by your Excellency, " that everr citlaea who adopts the fabrics of oth er nations is not only paying a tax for the support of foreign governments, but he narticipates in un dermining one of the main pillars of our produc tive industry. . ... The loarisfaing state of our seminaries of learn ing end common schools, affords a pleasing and exhiVerating subject for contemplation. W ben ed - wcatioa is thus brought home to almost every door, to the children of tbe poor, aa well as of the rich ; and when the rising feneration are thus instruct jxl k. ihM dtttv and ta their rtrhts. we anticipate tlwi ruOTwMuitv of lihertv and of the republic. Hie : Lancsiler'iaa'' method of instruction, has indeed, " created a new era in education, by combining mm wbether our common acnools can be usefully supplied wttA teachers or that description, is a subject that deserves and will receive our serious con - sideratioa. P n l. - l Jhtrjinnrtnr, of culture, ntanuiaclures auacomn tilt1, aim m mt cesstty or easy ana rapM conununications by wa ter courses, roads and canals ; these subjects will accordingly engage the deliberate attention of the aenate, t J Tea view which voar Ezcella - acv has D reseated f the finances f tue state, ani the means of ias - proving them, demands our utmost consideration. , A sacred regard to public credit, aixl a wise and just economy m public expenditure, enjoin it upon ' . m, as she faithful representatives of our constitu tients, Va make every practicable improvement in our system of finance, and to alleviate the public then as far a shall b compatible with the inierests of the state. The other interesting and important subjects, to which our attention has been called, shall receive that considers ion wuicn tneir rati. otic merits re .nuire. . . And we assure your Excellency of our ami out U cordial co - operation in all sneasurrs catculnled to promote the interest and welfare of our coikuIu - - , ants, and to secure the blessings of order and good govern meuc. Fro tht AlbJmt DoU Mttrtixr of Fib. 7. 1 Yesterday the honorable the Senate waited on his excellenry the Governor, in a body, and pre - , sente nun wiui uieir answer to tna excellency s apeecii. to write n nit excellency made tne louew ioe reply : - - GtMttmt am happy to observe a coincidence ' of opinion on subjects immediately and extensively connected with the public welware ; and 1 sio - - cereiy nope, tnai a sunuaniy oi views u an union of exertions, ha favour of tlie best interests of the state, may distinguish all our proceedings. In reciurocatmr vour favourable amuuieula. I perform an act oljuitice to my ewa fadings, and . in assuring you of my persuasion that tbe events , of the session will justify tbe high confidence reposed in you, I reader tribute due to your ac - Knewicui'cu wasuom uu pumtc spirrr. DEwrrr ctiiMTON Mam. Feb. 6. 1818. " By a hlessage from His Excelllenry the Gover . nor, laid on the table of the house of Assembly yes - ' teraay, we are informed that Gen. Lamb, who was ' deputed to Washington by his Excellency for that purpose, nas enectea a final adjustment witn tne war dVpartmerit foe ordnance, arms, and other mi Utarv stores furnished bv this state to the reneral govertmtewt during the hue war. This adjustment . h it asMleraaoed, restores to the state, upwards of tnirty pieces or caaoen, U twelve Inousand stands f arms, and other military stores, exceeding two hundred tbonland doUara ut value. The aeesion of the court of Errors commences each day at 1! o'clock, so that the Senate bas but little time aa present for tbe transact iou of legislative bnsinesa. ' The House of Assembly wasoa Friday nrinci - pslly occupied apon tbe answer reported by Mr Coklen, to the Governor's Speech. Air. Meigs, of .i - iew - iora, proposed by way of amesKhnent - a substitute for that part of the answer aa reported, which relates to tbe great canal, and in which the of iiis Excellencv ui. ii. eotanutlee reciprocate the feelings and senti - neats f Lt. at .11 - . . . . . . j mm oinMuuru an animated oebate, wtucn continued till the hour of adjournment. Mr. W ii - nams. ia the course of tbe debate, introduced a subsutute for tbe a hole report out the committee rose without taking tbe question. fEIV'YUHK ErEXUCQ POST. MOXDAT, FEB RU ART 9. Tfu Bananarthau claira. The merits of this case tie as a a at - shell. The claim it founded oo ed ranees aHe - ad to hava been made to congress in the rwvolutionary war, by Beaumarchais, eui Ail otm funit end thottef his frienlt. It appears by documentary evidence, that, though (me It It that the ad ranees were made as sJleg d, yet they were made, sot by Beaumarchais, bat by the king of franca, and that BeaumarM chait bad not a shadow of iaterest in these, bat was meraly the agent throojh whose hauls they ' passed ; It being aeceaary for political reasocj at (hat tima, to cooce - U from EqgUnJ tbe source wheooe they were ferniahed - Korean there b eat rp a ciaun est ths part of Fnac because it la so woof that fltaj war iprutly atot as free Shim Eltnk letter from Lcadon, dated the 19th December, b r t - twin - cnlatad by the erroneous information it con - taias, ta distress the friendi and relatioos of cap. Ui Wais - ia;of the aaip Electra, of Phila delphia. It states that m a gala oa tha coast of England the 7th and Bin uecemoer, ma ship Electra "wis likely top on tbe rocks in Guernsey Roads, when eapt. Williams ana on two sons left the ship in a boat, and there is every reason to believe that thav are lost, as ten days had elapsed and no account of them," Tbe London General Shipping and Commer cial List of Dec. ltd, received at this office, and three da vt later than the London letter, contains tbe following article, which is the latett informa tion from that drip, and no doubt is correct. ST. HALOES, Dec. II Came in. the American thin Electra, bonnd to London, totally dismasted, the captain (Wil liams) trie two sons, and one tailor, crushed I braised I by ths mast." Besides, if the information that cap t. Williams and hit two sees had been lost w the boat, had reached Loudon as early as the 19th December, it it not lingular that neither Lloyd's List, the Shipping List, oor the numerottt papers printed in Lcadon, op to the $4th of December, should van mention tha circumstance. J final adieu fe Jlfr. Lewi. Mr. Lewis hat brought forward in his Saturday evening's paper, several quotations ( rota former papers of itis own Tor the purpose of shewing, that at respects the capture of Amelia - Island he hat been always n - uiform and consistent, and that he intended to justify the conduct of the president only as it re spects Galreztoa; but in Una he only plunges deeper and deeper in difficulty. Let at tee. Hit irst quotation goes back to Dee. 24 ; but if the mgeanoat editor will tarn back a little farther to Dec. 8, bt will find that he hat adopted there an extract from tbe 5twnnaA Republican, and giren the Meet unequivocal proof that the sentiments are bit own, by inserting them in his leaded article, or York head ; which extract runt thus : "We have accounts from a source which leaves not a doubt on our minds, that the island of Amelia will be taken possession of, and Aury and his free - bootcra driven off in a few weeks, by order of our governmentpeaceably if practicable, forcibly il necessary. Tbe bland is to be held by the United States troops, until the meeting of congress, when we shall then know how matters stand between Spain and ourselves, and how they are to be adjusted. The president, in ordering the capture of Amelia, hat discharged hit duty.' Now let me ask any man who should read this extract, whether he would understand any thing else than that it wat Mr. Lewis' intention to de fend the measure of the expedition in oo, with. out any qualification ? And wat not the distinction that be afterwards made, a pitiful, dishonest Is ubterfege, unworthy any man of tease, honor integrity f I should not, however, proloeg the controvert ty, even by prodncing this piece of proof, but orfirL mm iiuiku . . - C hlS bitt asaue jeermg ana aoonve lmariu " rtligima character. " There is no small degree of malicious craA ia preferring this charge against me. The only possible pretence for ma king it, is, that I, in a previous paper, had said that a meek and quiet spirit made no part of tbe christian virtues tddeaem Zachariah Lewis." It would she w to great a want of common discre tion, and would ba so wantonly to give offence to the most respectable part of the society in which I lire, that I trust the public will, at once, be lieve I am incapable ol the gross outrage imput ed to me. Let me then appeal to any man of common seme, whether I can be accused of ieerin at hit M religious character or whether it does not strike every one at first jiht, that nothing more it meant than to express my opinion, that a man who bold so sacred an office in the church, diJ not conduct in a usmuer worthy the high station he occupied ; but that, by an auste rity of outward behavior, and greater pretences to piety than other men, he bad acquired a de gree of credit in the community to which he was sot justly entitled? It must give pain to every fair and honorable mind to lu - pect the appear ance of to much sanctity, but it it not my fault if a long course of disingenuous conduct for yean forces the conviction upon me which I bare ex pressed in the paragraph all u Jed ta. For the Evening Foil. Our citisent who are fond of music, will find a rich entertainment at Mr. Keene't concert to morrow evening. Jfr. Keene wat a member of the young rentletncu'i amateur music society in Dublin, where be was distingubhed for bis superior powers ia singing. The gentlemen of the Euterpean Pociety of this city have generously volunteered their services to perform at his coo cen ana tor nil benefit. AN AMATEUR. AOOITIOV. On word in addition. Mr. Moran performs a concerto and an air on the forte piano,and with out meaning any disparagement to any other pro fessor, it may be truly taid, for rapiditmof exe - cnt - o and for Iwflliancy, accent and perfect in - Conation, his touch has never been surpassed in this city. Those who wish to witness the advantages of the new Logexian system have now a fair opportunity in the performance of (hit gen tleman. W cannot avoid a word respecting Mrs. Moran. Her voice, without great com pass or power, powene a peculiar sweetness, and she introduces into her songs, with great taste, numerous graces. . Mr. Keene has a very pleasing voice, and tiogt with great correctness and in a very pleasing style. F rem tht h'alianal Intelligencer, Feb. 7. xoncE. A letter has been received by the Secretary of State from Benjamin C. Wilcocks, esq Consul of the United States at Canton, dated Sept 22, loir, of which the following is an extract : " On the 7th day of Julv I received an ad. dre fiom the Co - liong, who are the licenced Merchants for fore: en commerce, res - mnsible to the ffoveruuient for duties on exDorts. im ports and tonnage, at the same time they but nominally enjoy a monopoly of the trade. I have the honor to enclose a literal translation of this document, uhich you will perceive is J.J L. ttia rA - Hnnai tn Ka submitted tO his excellency the President of tbe United States, and made public tor Uie" . the American merchant trading w w country." . ' - Jliirtu fe Me swrtcan Consul, Jar. ' Mmi Aj lie hiffhln Biesmfee. WUr We approach to inform yoa that foreign O - prutri, the dirt uted in smoakinjr.liss long - been prohibited, by an oraer receivea t n i o - lowed to come to Canton if it be presumptu KmiiHit. the moment it it discovered, it 1..VI.. I . 1. . - ...... L,w m.rr - h.nt . and uicviiauiy involve u icvw - . - . . the crime of the said vetscl, bringing - the prohibited dirt, for stnoaking to canton, will also assuredly be examined into i and a prosecu tion be begun, which will impeue ner oepan - ure. The consequence are exceedingly important We being apprehensive that the for eign merchants ot ) our uonoraoie county, wi.u coma to Canton to trade, may not all fully know the hindrances truing irom onngniK to Canton, do therefore especially prepare a letter to inform you j and will trouoie you, ne nevolent brother, to write a letter immediately back to your country and tell these thingt to your honorable country's President, that all tbe ahipt which come to i,amon may w ;u to know that Opium, the dirt used in smoak - iug, is an article the celestial empire prohibits, bv an order received i and hereafter, most positively, they mnst not buy it, and bring it to Canton. If they bring it, the moment we examine into it, and find it out, certainly we will not dare to be security for the said ship , and moreover will assuredly report it fully to the great officers of government, who will, ac enrdino - to law. investigate and protccute. Decidedly we will Tiot dare to conceal the af fair for those (who import it) and thereby bring truilt uc - in ourselves. Hie trade of the said shin will assuredly be impeded by the smoking dirt, and when seeking to report, it will be a difficult tiling (for the persons concerned) to find it availinsr. Do not say, that we did not sneak aon enoueh. We pray you, benevolent brother, to write a letter immediately and tell treie things, lt will be fortunate if you do not view it as a common place affair, and so by delay, cause future impediments. The above is what we Darticularly beg : and write on purpose. To Mr. Wilcocks, Benevolent brother, for his nerussl. We, younger brothers, commonly called, raunuiyqua, Houqua, Mowqua, Cheonqua, Conseequa, Poonqua, Kinqua, Geoqua, Fatqua, Mauhop. Pacaua. Kai king, 22d year, 5th month,' 22d day - Canton. From the Canadian Courait, printed at Mon treal, Jan. 31. The following is a statement of a most altro ciout transaction which happened on Monday the 5th intt. while Mr. Le Clair was at the Salmon River with tome chitft of the St. Regis tribe of Indians, and a gentleman to assist bun in collecting tba rents for Islands and other reservations within tie limits of lower Canada.' Four men, citizens of tbe United States, decoyed him out of the bouse at 10 o'clock F. al. under pratence of making a bargain about some cord wood ; at soon as they had got him near the train which they had prepared lor the purpose, he received a violent blow across the loins by a large square stick oi wood, ana at the same instant another or tne ruth ana struck him on tbe breast and knocked him down. They then seised him and threw him en tbe train, lumped oa bis body, stuffed a mitten in his mouth, and drove off out of Lower Canada towards the French Mills m the state of News York, one of the men standing on hit neck all the while. In struggling to free himself from .? - ySSnng toiree minseiijrom airjJvtyt - Wtense, uuld they tnem, his cap fell arrived at the village of the French Mills ; when he was carried into & house where one af the men named Diggins, procured a warrant, telling nr. x.e isiair tnai ne was nit prisoner in tbe name or tbe commonwealth, for havine feloni ously taken a certain boat from the Salmon - Ri ver within tbe United States, in the month of April, m the year 1814. During the late war between Great Britain and the United States, Mr. Le Clair was a lieutenant, and held some other confidential appointments in the Indian department; he was often employed ia hasardous enterprises, ana when gen. Wilkinson and the ar my under bis commaud fled from their winter quarters, lient. Le Clair was ordered to take a party of Indians and bring away such boats or ..I A ' T . .... n . uiucr crait aa migm remain unournt in tne (Sal mon - Kiver, amongst which was the boat in ques Uon, and for the loss of which, one J. P. Andro of the state of New - York procured the warrant above mentioned. - Immediately after havirir entered the house Mr. Le Clair vomited a great quantity of blood, anu meaicai assistance tieing sent for, two sur geons attended and administered such relief as tha nature of the various injuries he had sustain ed could admit of. In the course of the "next day a juridical examination took place at the French Mills, at which jude - V;mn (who is also a medical practitioner of eminence) presided. After a long and deliberate investigation of the circumstance, Mr. Le Clair was liberated, but still remains dangerously ill from the several onuses which be received. iys of trier John M'CammM. Extract cf a later to Meun. Vasnmu Matron. L CUe - mm, of (hit cilij, doled .ireonnct, Eatttrn thare of I ' J .... . . I'.l - At the request of cant. Lartnnur. I ha - tm tn an - prise you of the disaster which hat befallen the brie John MTammon, of ii from Belfast, to your auumj. va tne mpm neiween awn 31st ult. that vessel, bavin? onboard 280 cases of linen, salt, po - luln. anil nuiMaMn. . . . .t.. 1.1 - - y.. - . - 1 CX fi.i UK ViiC t and of Assawauman, 10 miles below Imratmiaie The crew and paxseneera are all saved, and comfortably quartered. The linen may aUo be nsostlv saved, except about SO cases thrown over, but the residue of the cargo and tbe vessel will be chiefly IUBI. , . . Mo - menta, (Vermont) Jan. 27. Suypoced Murder. Since Friday morning, 9th itist. the inhabitants of Stew, have been much as - itated with the apprehension that a murder was committed in that tnun, the night preceeuing. l ne circumstances which gave rise to the suspicion, are these : In the centre of the woods, (about a mile long) between Stow mills, and the tavern of eapt. Hill, on the morning of the 9th inst. a large quantity of blood was discovered about nine feet from a sleigh path, apparently as much as .would proceed from the killins of a hog i the snow about the blood was considera bly beat down with men' tracks, presenting the appearance of considerable struggling; but no other track whatever, could be discovered. Hie track led from this place, to a hemlock tree, eight or ten feet distant about the tree, tracks were very thick, as if one person followed another here considerable blood was discovered, and in it locks of a man's hair. From the foot of the tree, about the length of. a man, aii impression was maae ul tne tnow, at it something had fallen and at the end of this impression, blood was found, which had penetrated tliroujrh the snow into the frozen ground. About this time a stranger passed thro towardvWaterbury, in a sleigh, and before entering the woods, at eight in the evening, eeavored to hire a neraou to accomoanv him through i a the person could not conve niently go, the stranger passed on alone. This stranger has not been heard of since, though much mouirr ha been made to ascer tain iiert he lodged that night. For three or four day preVtou to the 'discovery' of Uiese cn - cumstancea, a youns; man, - - tamed mtneneignDwrnoou, wiu. i busineas, spending hi. time principally m hunt i - r. . He was seen the morwng before thee circumstance, came to light, but ha not nf He suddenly disappear - kinc : - . . . , . - - i f ed, carry ing olf the gun tie nao wm" hunting. ai . . M relateo to u by an intelligent and respectable inhabitant of the town. It is hoped their pub i; - ;t will Drove a mean of more light being TJa7aaava tTis THIUI1C U1CBC CirCUIU Vt,tt V - v . saw thrown on the mysterious jubject Many res ..M a - entlemen have visited the place, and all concur in tbe opinion that a murder must have been committed, uiiugent searcu has been made ; but no body discovered. MONTREAL. Jan. 31 - t.iJlU.Vi believe this and yesterday have ben colder than any day remembered for - .nr. than SO veart rjast m tins city. I eataruay morning at 10 minutes past 7 o'clock, the ther - nt,r stood at 32. and this mornicr at the tame time at 29. Tbe wind due north. SAVA - rsA. Jan. 96 TrnAr of Savannah. From the 8th day of lie - ..mhpr 18 17. to the 26th day of January, 1818, A,VhMien ihotaand bales of upland cotton have arrived in our market of this amount thirty - three thousand bales came down from Augusta. The balance in waggons, tc. from diff erent narts of the state. We are not at this time en an lea in state uie exact nuniucr bales of sea - island cotton which have been sent to market it must, however, be considerable. The valuation of upland and sea - island cotton brought into our market for the time specified above, will fall very little short of live million of dollars. ' MiLAScaoiv AeciDeirr. Yesterday atter - noon, Jamea M'Donald fell down the stairs of .. . nis Doarainsr - nouse, anaaieatn uueen niniuin after, in consequence of a dislocation of bis neck it is understood he has left a wife and children in New - York he was a carpenter by trade, and is about 45 years or age. ' C4NANDA1GUA. Feb. 3. We are glad to observe a demand lor wheat, which enables our merchants to pay cash for it. This, with the present fine sleighing, bas much enlivened our villages with tbe bum ol business Wheat meets a ready sale at one dollar per bush el ; yet we know of no circumstance that can probably raise tnai price. NivrroBT, Feb. 4 On Saturday evening last, a very severe snow storm commenced from the northwest, during which the HrUtol packet, eapt. Bow. ler, run foul ol the schr. , eapt. Delano, from Savannah for Providence, and they both went ashore near the Lime Rocks. Tbev will be cot on without much damage. Captain Bowler, was bodly froaen, and Mr. John Dar. ley, of Bristol, was unfortunately lost over board, and drowned. On Friday evening last, the ferry - boat, on her passage from Conanmcutt to Newport, run ashore on the north point of Fort Wolcott. The passengers onboard were Com. Perry, and his brother, Lieut C. R Perry, who were com pelled to remain in that dangerous situation during the whole of the night, which was excessively cold. As soon as daylight permitted them to discern objects, the skipper jump ed overboard and reached the garrison, trom whence a boat was immediately sent to relieve the passengers. The ferry - boat was got off on Monday. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, nUIiT, rBBKUAET 6. On motion of Mr. Vorsvih. it waa Resolved, That the president of the United Jl - - juetUd (if in hit opinion 0f Spain, to which the letter of Geu! not incoa ofGeurre W. vine, the American Minister, near thai eourt. of me sain oi uc toner, lain, commantcated with his message of the J9lh January, 18l8,rek rs,and any subsequtnt correspondence between the two governments on tne same subject And a committee was appointed to by tbe said resolution before the president A message was received from the presiilent of uie uDiieu oiaies, oy mr.j. j. monroe, nts secretary, transmitting a report of the secretary of state, in compliance with a resolution of this house, requesting information respecting the rati ucBtion oy tne states oi an article which is printed in tome of Uie late copies of the constitution, but which it appears, has not yet officially received tbe sanction of three fourths of the states ia tne union. The amount of the report from the department of state it, that the 13th article of the a - mendmcnts to the constitution of the U. States has been Ratified by I Maryland, on 25 Dec. 1810. 2 Kentucky, 31 Jan. 1811. 3 Ohio, do. 4 Delaware, 2 Feb. 1811. 5 Pennsylvania, 6 Feb. 1811. 6 New - Jersey, 13 Feb. 1811. 7 Vermont, 24 Oct. 1811. 8 Tennessee, 21 Nov. 1811. 9 Georgia, 13 Dec. 1 II. 10 North - Carolina, 23 Dec 1811. 11 Massachusetts, 27 Feb. 1812. 12 N. Hampshire, 10 Dec. 1812. Rtjectedbytt New - York, l2Mar.l81l. 15 Rhode - Island, 15 Dec. 1814. 15 Connecticut Uncertain, 16 South Carolina. 17 Virginia. The secretary of state, in the couise of last month, addressed a letter to the governor of Virginia, and to the governor of South - Carolina, requesting information as to any final decisions by those states in relatioo to this amendment, but bad not received an answer thereto on the 3d in. slant. 1 be report lies on the table. The following is the letter referred to : Mr. Erring to Mr. Cetallos. MADRID, Oct 25th, 1816. To his excellency Don Pedro Cevallos, . first secretary of state, tc. Sir By your excellency's note of the 17lh uisi. in reply to mine or .September 26th. re tpecting tbe proclamation blockade of gen. Mo nuo, anu me ravages on tne American commerce which are committing onder it, I am told that hit majesty has ordered that information shall be taken (se pida informe) of the tribunal of admiralty. That general Monllo has issued such a Drocla mation as I have described in my note of Sept. 26th, is a fact of universal notoriety : vour ex cellency hat had before you lone since, the cor respondence between the American aecietary of state anu jur. vuu on the subject, and I have transmitted to you a copy of the letter of Don t ranctsco Montalvp, vice roy of Santa Fe, to the American commissioner, ,Vr. Huzhes. in which the existence of the blockade is admitted, and in which the - American government is referred for redress to hit catholic majesty. It was therefore that, by the orders of my government, I wrote to you on the subject With the fact which I have above stated before you, I aa wholly at a loss to imagine what kind of information the tribunal of admiralty can afford, which may regulate the decision of his majesty on the subject The tribunal cannot deny the existence of tbe proclamation ; it cannot show that the rjroclama - tioo is legal ; it cannot deny that American ves sels nave been taken under the proclamation : it cannot coolest the right of the American tro - vernment to demand the restitution of such v ca ll. . In fine, sir, it is my duty to assure von. that any demur or delay ia aflordinr the sabtfaetion deajaaded in a case of this principal imporUuce, cannot bnt be Very sensibly felt by tha forer - ment of the United States. ' renew to yoa assurances os wm j u - guished cctuiJeratio. with which Urn, your, The harbour this morning from Castle Williams to Bedlows Wand wat completely blocked p with solid ice. At sun - riso there wat en Herma phrodite brig at anchor about one mile below Fort Diamond in Gravei - end - oay. rrj Persons desirous of purchasing real estate, renting elegant and comfortable tenements, stores or offices, will please turn to our advertising columns in the first page. To - morrow morning, at 10 o'clock, the sale or the valuable property belonging to the estate ol the late Dr. Thomas Jones, takes place. See advertisement ' MARrUKU, n. - nit - - . - mnin - r. bv the Revd. Mr. Chase, Mr. Robt Harris, of New London to Miss juua wmi. w a ' J . ..' Ann G. Chase, of this city. - DIED, At Savannah, on the 23d inst Mr. Richard Kemble,aged about 35 years he arrived there about six weeks ago in the brig Hero, from Philadelphia it is understood, that he was there m the employ of Dr. Jackson, and that hi narenta reside in. or near New - umaon, (Conn.) It may ne graiuying u rxiwt. and friends to know, that ne was auenueu u in his sickness, and his remain decently inter red by a fellow passenger. EFENlJfQ POST . V.I Rl.E LIST. CLEARED. Srhr Arabella. Godfrey. West Indies K ni.aioran HO ARRIVALS THIS FOREXOOtf. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. British Packet Grace, Capt. Vivian, 47 days from Falmouth, via Bermuda, 11 days from the iotr nlM - e. with the December mail. Sailed Dec. 20. Jan. 21, lat. 31, 30, long bu, ao, spone brig Dove, 9 days from Norwich, O. for Marti nique. . Shin riiaaheth. Adams, from Bremen, via St f Th. 77 da va. with salt and fruit to D. &. H. Piatt, and others of Philadelphia, where she was bound, having sprung aleak put in Here. uec. l , leu ai Sl Ubes. shin Constitution, for Norfolk, Jan. 1 rw. 1Q. lat. 37. 32. Ion. 13. scoke brie Jas. Mon roe, from Alexandria, for Cadia. Jan. 4, lat. 33, 2, (on. 47, 39, experienced a severe gale and sprung aleak On the 16th was obliged to heave over part of the cargo. Shin Cotton Plant. Fash. 17 davs from Savan aah. with eotinn. to H. K. Toler Co. and others Brig Galen, Keating, of Portland, 10 days from Havana, sugar, molasses and coffee, to L. L C. De t orrest. t . tL A. Brunei, a. nener, Dievena . Martirr.Cunninpham il Bailies, aud L. Goudaio Left, brig Maria, just ar from iew York ; ship Jewel, 44 days from Portland, just ar. ; ship Neutrality, Nevis, for Portland, just ar. ; brig Argo, Hubbs, from Portland, do. ; brig , Havs, from Philadelphia, do. Passengers, Dr. J. Scheiffelin jr. of Mew York, and L Irving. Spoke nothing. Brig Adams, Adams, from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to Wilton ii Thomson, and others Br. brig Amethyst, Graig, 38 days from Dtma - rara. with molasses and rum, f . nauuin, anu Boorman b Johnston. Spoke, Jan. 16, lat. J8.30, long. 69, schr. Goldfinch, of riymoutb, 14 unys trom Boston, tor pcwn - ara. r ru. o, in,, oj, long. 73, schr. Columbia, 2 days from New - York for Charleston, with loss of sails, kc. Brig Thames, White, S4 days from N. Orleans, with tobacco, iron, flour, cotton, tc. to Laidlaw, Girault U Co. G.G. k S. llowlund, Walsh (i Gal - rber, Dunham U Auchincloss, J . W etmore, H. tv . Field, N. it D. Talcott, J. X . Leverick, R. M. fc J. Russell, Mara U Linsley, John VVilcoa.E.k H. Averill, and Ripley, Center ii Co. Passengers, Messrs. iuUioc, aamuei.sinnicKson, srvy, oaucj, and 6 in the steerage. In the River, Jan. 5, spoke brig Thorp, Porter, bound up. Left, schr. Pacific, l - ewua - o, 10 sail on uie ran i ih - iji jmi. , a.,. son, from Havana ; schr. Borneo, from Mobile, Jan. 6 ; brig Otive, Havana, bound ap . with coffee, molasses, wine and demijohns, to A. P. Gibson, Ship - ana U Lord. Left, Jan 14, schr Reuown, Eldridge, for St Thotnas, in 2 ds ; sloop Haeard, Starbrook. for Charleston in 5 ; brie Cor poral Trim. Davis, for Gloucester iu 10 ; schr Ann and Mary, Davis, do uucer ; ship Rolla ; schr Mary Washington, for Folly - Landing next day ; brig Chauncey, Snow, for river Amazon, next day ; chrs Harriot, Brown, for Savannah ; Venus, Vul - lou, for New York, loading ; brie Pilgrim, Delano, Georgetown ; schr Aurora, Paddock, Freetown ; brig James, Perkins, Hartford, waiting cargo ; schr FaunV, Andrews, Salem : sloop Active, Hart - r - j . - .uj kf . XT, il l .... c. tv. brig Richard, Elliot, for St. Eustatia : schrs Enterprise, Boston j Traveller, Portland ;brig Grcv - hound, treat, for X. Islaud, uncer; Irumbull, Toilet, New Haven ; Diamond. Hubbard, Mid - dlctowo; schr Rover, Harvev, for Salem : Syren, rcarson, or Boston, Irom CapedeVerds; bng Acteon, Bath. Iviheoff: Connecticut, Blinn. Hurt - ford and schr Vigilant, Grimes, of do. both from Wilmineton, N. C. : brie Raven. Williams. Mid - dletown, touched at Dominico, and proceeded to leward. the schr Olive Branch, Wadsworth, for Portland, sailed 2 days before; John and Adeline, Folger, of Norfolk, for St. Lucie, sailed day be fore. At Movant Bay, brig Washington, Uaymru, oi niiauietown. Olarkets Bcel 17 ; bsn b to 7 flour 11 to 11 J and dull ; sugar 8 to 9 ; molases scarce. In lat 38, spoke schr John, from iMew bu ry portl lor savannah, t.leven sail of Am. vessels arrived tbe morning the Calypso tailed. D t ....I.I u t . iVj e Al ung i.tiv,u, 111:1 uci l, si unv, II UU1 i - ;s - in - dria, with flour, flaxseed, and sugar, to liver & Rankin, VI. H.lmlar.and Fitch k Good ia. Br. brig Friendship, Rogers, 20 days from Bar badoes. with molasses and specie, to Robertson, Llixon al tjrav. l.av under th I arw of Viriritiia durins; the gale, and sustained considerable damage bulwarks stove in one man broke his arm, kc. Schr. South Carolina. Allen. 6 davs from Char leston, with rice, kc. to Barker Si Hopkins, J. B Durand, J. B. Lafonta ir. J. M'Leod, A. G. Phelps. jones si niegratn, n. trowing, w arc! s. Bishop, Tricon fc Mivnllkr, Jr. L. Parsons Ik. Co. J. Mill er, W. A. rrmce, Irokes, Davidson bCo. Banks k street. fasen?ers. Miss sherbum. caDt. Koble. Messrs. Fairlamb, Quirk, Smith, Pavne, Palmer, York, sailed day before. woren, imiKr u rnra. ensr vtiuiaui.ior r sch Konico. Little. 10 dnvs from Richmond, with flour aud tobacco, to G. Mumford, Trokes, Davidson, Strong k Havens, D. Betbune &i Co. Wilion Si Thomson, Walsh k Gallagher, and Dakina k I . ! L. C II I - ' . 1 I . r . . uuuiwrigni. dwiea in co. wiui ecnr jane, Smith, lur i,. a ui m. Sehr. Thames. Win ant. from Riehmonil. and 9 days from Norfolk, with flour and tobacco, to vvaisn aiuauagner, K. &t s.JNeiUon k Co Boor - man It Johnston, T. Irvin, W. k S. Craisf, W. 11 Inlay, and Shipman k Lord. Schr. Native, Cole, unu nr. in nampiou noaas, in t Hours irom INew iotk. Schr Eleanor, Tunis, 6 dayt from Norfolk, w tth oyttert. Schr. Betsev. Rohemnn. IK Am with flour and tobacco, to sundries. ' schr. Keirulator, isoule. 11 dava from Baltimnr. Willi uuur, iu KM. in. lison. l.L. ja . . ii ... ' schr. Dodee - Healv. Davis. 14 dava from P. tersburr, with wheat, flour and tobacco, ta Ro. bertson fa Kelso, and others. On Wednesday morning, saw a large schr. and a sloop ashore on ll'Ill Ll ,1 . " n uiougiiuy roint. Schr. Loean, Holmes. 8 davs from Richmond. and 3 from Norfolk, with floor and tobacco, to C. R.Duffie, R.kS. NeilsoufaCo P. H. Schenck fa 1,0. jacoo and Williams, W. k S. Craig, I). G. Hubbard, W. Burress, Stron k Haveiu. IW man fa John - ton, and Walsh fa Gallagher. iuo, neeue, 13 oays trom Savannah, with rice, cotton, deer skin, kr in U,m - Mrt X. V 1 1 fl r . . . - ... e nucciaiiu, n. i uuuiiu, i. xniuou, tv . uonoven, i. Brown, and others. rvhr. Jane, Seaman, 55 days from Port au Prince, with coffee and tobacco, to C. R. DuiBe. owner, A. Cranston fa Co. Mara fa Limlcv. SI. Bathunt, Stevens k Mactier, and W. Do - son k Co. Left same as reported by the Gertrude. No new arrivals. Spoke nothinr. Schr. Triumnh. at !. Vsl frrtmwm, Q IV - n.nini . s . r 1 j w wns a - ,. avrvBtaiisE v City, with logwood, mahogany aud fruit, to R. Hewitt, aud the captain Uft, Jan. 10, brig Ann, Stone, of Neburv port. discharrin uhr l.w - curgus, to sail for the coast in IS days : schr. Little sarah, last from St. Thomaa rhr Pn. Varani. for Loatnn. in t a (.. f. io .. 25, long. 71, U, tioke brig Argo, Hobbi, 6 days from Portland for Havana. (The new rovernor had arrived from Havana about Sd Jan. Tbe ex - governor was to sail for the Spanish Main in the schr. Adventure, in 4 or 6 days' Schr Pacific. . 23 davs from New Orleans. with sugar, fae. to Bunco fa Woodhull and others, Tbe following vessels were at English Turn, Jau. 3d, bound up : brigs Golden Grove, Hero, Washington, schrs Freetown, and L'rchin, and ship A - jax, all from Boston - ships Annisquam and Par agon, brig Hope, and schr unnnunteu, irom Jew York ; schr Syren, Bracket, from Havana; brig Reaper, Bowers, Middietown ; ship Thos. Gordon, Portsmouth, N. H. ; thip Missouri, Hurt, from Baltimore, with 122 passengers: brig Commerce, Daggett, of Providence, from Mobile - ; Fr. brig Desire, N'ants : Br. thip Rhode, from Liverpool ; Br. brie Sarah, Kincrston Jam. : Dutch ship Nieu - Haven. Holland ; Fr. ship Adolp Frederick, and another from Bordeaux ; Jeune Clrmneti, Marseilles : L'A - merica, Nantx ; Br. bng Barton, Jamaica. Brig Brittannia, of Boston, from Isle of May, and a brig from Portsmouth, with loss of anchors and cables, arrived at the Baliee Jan 9. Off Cape Henry, Jan S6, spoke schr Quaker, Irom Boston, lor Noriolk. Schr. Fair - Play, Clark, V days from Baltiinor e to Beekman, Bray fa Co. Schr. Tom Bowline, Williams, 16 days from Wilmington, N.C. with wheat, cotton and naval stores, to JUndoipn at savage, u. uiods, and others. - j, . Schr. Monroe, Daluns, lb aays irom retersburr. with flour and tobacco, to W ilson b Ibomson, fa W. Burgess. Schr. Anu & Rebecca, 3 days from Rappahannock, with oysters. SYhr. Jefferson, Job noon, w nays from Baltimore, with copper, to Palmer fa Hamilton. Srhr Roval Dak. Smith, Iz days from New born. N. C. with molasses and naval stores, to Waring It Kimoeny. Schr. Fairplay, Clark, 15 days from galtiniore. to Beekmac,Bra fa Co. Sloop Lady wasDinaton, uiuet, iu aays from Washington, N. C. with naval stores fac. Sloop Packet, Leach, 14 days from Newbem, N. C. with naval stores, to Hyer, Bmnner fa Co. D. fa J. S. Broinerd. Seven days since, off Cape Henlopen, spoke achooner Virginia, Hallack, from Bermuda for N ew - York 3 dayt since, lut. 36. Ion. 74, spoke him again, had, been hove down, twice in the gHle, and considerably damaged, intended to put into Norfolk. SIood Elite. Bennett, from fetertbunr. 4 davs from the Road, with flour, wheat and tobacco, to Walsh fa Gallagher, Hay fa Wood, Quinby (i Wood, V aques, Meurcn faCleeman, Robertson k Kelso, and others. Sloop Hetu, Wrigh,t, from Petersburg, with flour and tobacco, to Robertson fa Keba, T. Irvin, Filch fa Gool in, and Walsh fa Gallagher. Sloop Huron, Lampliear, 20 days from Bostos, with merchandise, to sundries. NORFOLK, Feb. t. Came up, British srhr. Perseverance, Rowland, S5 days irom Kingitoa, (Jam.) reported, in our last, ashore on Cranev. Island Spit The P. gol off with the loss of part of her sheathing. Spoke, Jan. 16, lat. S3, lot, C2, bris Sarah - Ann, of Philadelphia, from Rio Janeiro, bouad to Havana blowing fresh, did not learn how long ont. Jan. JO, lat. J4, long. b3, spoke brig Atlas, Potter, from New - York, bound to New - Orleans out 10 (Says all well. Tbe ship Mary, Otis, 60 days from Amster. dam, of aud for Baltimore, got under weigh from Hampton - Roads yesterday and proceeded up the Bay The Mary was reported in our Wit, from Smyrna, by the mi - take of the pilot who pars us the wforinatioo blowing fresh at the time he bailed her, could not distincdy undentaad whence the came. A large topsail schooner was seen yesterday on shore high and dry, in Lynnhayen Inlet She appeared to have passengers, as many persons were seen near her on the beach. Savaaasa, Jan. 26. Arrived sch. Fenelon, Mayhew, Boston 10 days. ' Brig Aurilla, Hitch, NYork 9 days. Sch EUxa b Nancy, Ames, N. York U days. Sloop ArWtes, Hoyt, NYork 9 days. Cleared, ship Edwin Bolton, Gardner, Liverpool i bris; Sally - Ann, Saunders, Rotterdam. " BiLTixoat, Feb 7. Arrived sch. Comet, Straine, trom Porto Rico, (long passsge.; Ship North America, Child, 100 days fiom Bremen. Dec 18, put into St, Michaels, was informed by the American consul at that place, th an turn BthlXsec, a Portuguese ch. in attempting to run into Fsyal in the night, was fired opon by the Fort, and sunk, supposed her a privateer. On the 21st Dec, sailed from St. Michaels there had not been any Americans at that place for three weeks before. Sell Tassel, Porter, Havana, (long - passage.) Sch Trenton, Beuslry, from Madeira via St, Thomas. Eboabtowk, Eeb. 4. Arrived sloop Messenger, Porter, 10 days from N. York for Bos. ton. The gale lastmht was very severe s the wharves are broken up, and several small vessels are on shore. Ship Elizabeth, Wilson, il safe. THEATRE. Fourth Night or Mr. Incledoo's Engagement. OnMondav Evening Feb. 9, Will be presented, the musical entertainment of ROSIBA, OK THK REArCaS. Belleville, Mr.lncledon To which will be added, the petit comedy of ths! roLun or a say, , ' Or, tha Marriage of Figaro Figaro, Mr. Pritchtnl The w hole to conclude with the entertaisunealsf THE QUAKER. Steady, , Mr. lnclcta Y SCHOOL COACERT. Zr On Wednesday, the 11th inst. will bt performed at St. George's Church, a Concert of Sacred Music, lor the benefit of the Sunday A'chcol Union Societies, under the directioesl E. W. MORSE, II. SAGE, and S. EARLS, assisted by Mr. S. P. TAYLOR on theorjan. PART FIRST. 1 Sunday School Hymn, set to music by 'Haadd 3 Trio and Chorus, Plung'J in a gulf of dark despair, Dr. Msisa 3 Full Chorus, Now begin the hea - ' venly theme Milgrot Do Lore divine all love excelling Lock Hospital Full jfothem, Bleed be thou, Lord God, Kent 6 Air, Lord what is man, Handsl 7 Full Chorus, Jesus, lover of my soul. Dr. Mads 8 Full anthem, Arise fhine, O Zion, Willia Coronation Hymn, . Shrubwls rAKT SECOJTD. Denmark 1, Mads X Recitative aad air. He measured the waters 3 Sound the loud timbrel 4 Sinful Mary's tears 5 Ode, Beyond the gutl'nng starry tuy, J , Husband Stnistsr Braulst IUadel BrsiQat Prieg Die Basdel 6 Trio, The Mariner's Prayer, Chorus, Sinner, U wby so thoughtless grown 8 Air, He shall feed his flock. ' 9 Full Chorus, O for a closer walk with God, 10 Trio and Chora?, The Dying Christian, 11 Fall piece, Soon shall the trum pet sound, 12 Finale. Grand Halleluiah. I erformance to commence at precisely a i - " ter before seveo, P. M. The last rehearsal will take rlv - e in in w" church on Mon Jay tbe 9th inst. at six P. M'." which the clergy generally are reipecuuuj vited, that thev may judi of the character the performance. ' ' .' 1 irkets, at one dollar each, may o oau - Eastburn il Co. laterary Rooms ; A. T. lr. rich & Co. Broadway; P. W. Gsllsudet, svi water ft, ; at the t emale Ouuday Bcnow sitory, 142 WUliam - st. ; and of J.C. Bowery. ieo - v. SIX hhds. by Phiiadelpnia live W hiskey. J 1 CORNS. DUBOIS. torse f - J9 31 fl

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