The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1913
Page 6
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THIS STOVE HAS BECOME FAMOUS for iti. heating quality with a small consumption of coal. la adu:tion to this, which is the essential reqiurerneat of any heater, it is especially noted for its ·attract ive appearance. We will easure in showing it and o£ its full merit at our \v hart- room.. HIS NARROW ESCAPE; By MARY POYNTER. "You certainly do look good to me this evening, Eleanor,"' said the young man with a sigh of satisfaction as Fa!e Blue Lobster. The latest fad in Berlin, ones noted for ·'j'iaiu German cooking," is to 1-ave the feast aglow ivith color. Pa-8 blue lobsters, rose colored consomme 2iid delicately tinted bread and pastry are set ou the table amid a profusion i of chemically colcred Ths 1 pale blue lobster is said to be the masterijieee of- a professor, Joseph, i take . - - i:.-ar.:«.:-5 irt-aJIn? frvMth: statiaii :" bull-'.;.:^ :or;ttr:v«ccop:e\i '.-yAra'-Vit Fhis savant discovered i her eves rested ^ ernoon--the afternoon, you telephoned ] ctner color that in:z^t ss FEED NEW CORN GRADUALLY Given in Moderation at the Stan Kegs VViU by Degrees Gat" to !*-, Domestic Gas Engines, Spraying Outfits May Tag Electric or Power W»« w Reading Standard Motorcycles ae of the :«i«x-hanic^i devices for \\l\lcli I b«-Wibe :i}S?=i:j- I thaS: Lo ·_·: to demonstrate any osie 01 them to pro=ptx-tive purchaser-. I am prepared to do any manner of Repair Work at my : Cabinet and Machine Shop, or all kinds of New Work made to order. in rather staccato tones, sitting upright with great suddenness. An expression of utmost surprise began to show oa his face. "Did you think I was referring to my grandfather or the president of jle^dco?" she Inquired, crushingly. "Who," began the young TMan with great indignation, "told you such a ridiculous story? I don't want to re- Sect on any of your friends, Eleanor, but there are unscrupulous persons ! who don't trouble to be sure of iden- I tiSeauons--" j "I've known you tv."O years," broke j i ; Origin of the jfejsJ: f,?sric Tks rrame o' hall j»zd Jy Degrees ^rk derives fro3! | aew f the ancient monopoly of Coldsniirii's | ' I (By R- G Danger iurss in feeii!is an abundance cf new core. Feeders should introduce new corn- gradually by cutting i£ up and feeding it with other feeds and witii the pasture crops. If fed moderately at the start cogs will consume both ears and stalks et accustomed to the Hai! in establishing she standard gold anl silver articles. In^tbe i?rcs- em lime the marks are isers cocaine::- ly kno-vi: as place marks. in four items, a mark de W. M. C United Telephone "Oh, then vcu saw me!" the voung . . . _ ,, man murmured unthinkingly. He put * a !ce **»«* ' s c up a protesting hand as she opened ' her lips. "Xow, Eleanor:"' he said, "don't he hasty: If you will stop to think, ycu'll remember that lives have been ruined on all sides of us jusc because people have jumped to conclusions! You're too broadsnindcd, I iy the ume tne stslks are nardeEec 'y will be in consiitioii to consume larger quantities of the grain with i saSety and profit. "Unless hogs have Those aro = plenty of grass and forage crops the ssigna'i--3 i change 01 feed must be gradual li standard or Quality, ens InasciinEg ti.o j they are to escape derangement of di- office at which the assay was mad-?, j g CS u oa £n( j disordered stomachs, the n-arit indicating the year of ass" j jr aeons s. little more work to feed ai.d the private mark of the manufac- · supplemental feeds and old corn with rarer. So important ".re- these!- s · ,»,£ ne v. j)v, c t jj e advantages are so on oio p!ate that there has arisen 2.! ^r-eat that the careful and intelligent kuavjsh industry cf cutting out olJ j feeder will not; neglect that \vliich is marks from insignlacan' old piec-vSi g^feg. £;l ^ promises the best results, a^d eaibedJing them L-- Jily In modern j Hogs relish new corn and we are fabrications. The mar:; recent Y:O: i s tnany times tempted to feed them too uch at the start. At least one :o Ha-1 Slarks on ~ " " Cor. Middle and Stratton Streets Breathe Freeley! Open Nostrils And Stuffed Head --End Catarrh · AYi-pn Vo«e and Head .'dissolves by the heat of the nostrils; .r ~ " f* i j cf ««c:«nenerrat^s and heals the inflamed, t- CatarrharD5c-S4 S SSj£TMfien membrane which lines the : Hea t dach ( ?^its Pt - C ° -- fcead a « d **°^ *^ S "^ ** ~ Trv "£1^3 Cream Balm." -~ ,- , - GeX a «mall bortie anywav, just to conies immediately, trv it--Amlv a little in" the nostrils \ Don't lay awake to-nignt struggling ^--- ---- - j -nd I f or breath, with head stuued; nostrils catarrnal sore throat will be gone. |needless.. . . . . . End s^ch TMI=erv row! Get the small j Put your laiea--jusr once^-m "£.ly x. bottle of "EIv's Cream Balm" at any j Cream Bairn" and yosr.coid or catarrc drugstore. This sweet, fsS^r^nfc-'balnaLwiil.surely disappear. . Nev/ Foods. I/ery nor.- and then government e:t- know, to do anything like that! Yv'hy, W wax enthusiastic over sew foods just thint--'" "I suppose that's all true," admitted the pretty girL "But incidentally, who was she, Albert?" The young man regarded her with a. heautiful expression o£ reproach. ^nvcr j iscnth's-tnae should be taken to bring Piate." which makes It auite easy \i, ho^s- from pasture to a full feed of read the record ciphered in. ihet?! ne ^- corn _ s=£^is. . i »-t requires more bushels of new :-- · -{ corn to make the same gain that i sound com will produce, hence i'. is advantageous from both the standee health and profit to feed He sighed as he shook his head. "I can';: tell you. how disappointed I am," potnt or health ana pro-it to some old corn while bringing the to a iull feed of the new corn. -ia'. are to lower the cost of livia;-- urornote health, postpone old age SE 1 otherwise work . .wonders w-iils v, j ; gome severe losses can be avoided by T;alt. Heading these g!owisg repc-i"?, j , be exercise of care and judgment one is almost persuaded that a. revc- j i n feeding no matter whether large or soiall or where locatc-.i. lT^siite, call or. or a^lress Or :f o H a Real Estate Agents isher 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg ?a. 13. - I'-ttics in eating is at how, household bills Co so; sn.r : :?r; and oid-fashicned meat, broad, vegetables and fruits loom UD in it".o accounts as of yore. Tlie trut i is t-ist e\-ea a radical age is ccase-- v'stivc- in zhe basic habits of life---nJi eating is one of these. People rsisel or. potatoes wHi not abandon th;; foo'l for the "'dasheeti." People wills a fondness for asparagus tips are slo".' converts to the use cf uie "uco." Xs'-v fcods.EIUSC-wait,on 2. rew generation · o ecirre to the fullness cf popaiarit;--. COMPEL HORSE TO EAT SLOW Fead Manger Arranged So That Ani- tnat Must Chei« its Focd Prop- sriy--How 't !s I have a horse which when fed in au open manger, eats his feed so rapidly thai it is not properly chewed and therefore does him little good. Tha accompanying cut shows a device v;hteh I employ- to' make him eat slowly, Trrites Monroe Conkiin. Jr., of Allsghaay county, K.-Yi ra the Parm and Home. The bos Bis'isade of four lUJZLLLUH JL « ii-i »v^, i, ·-» i Sy tT 5^r=y ! TBS Mill M i f Incidentally, Who' Was She?' 5 he breathed in'tones- that hinted of a' stricken heart, "Heally. 1 can't. I ttic-ught taa' in you I had found the one girl who understood me, and v-Iioia i could t--ast. I did, Eleanor. And now. this!" "i don't ses now that's got anything to do with it,"' persisted the pretty girL "Tou. break an engagement with me in order to keep one with another girl and then try to make out that you are the injured person!" 'Tin not injured." the young man told her. 'Tin just disillusioned. At your lack of trust, you know." ''I want to know who that girl was." · -- -.. ·-Capped the Lo-i. . ; It. happened, at a. dinner in honor, cl a. number of famous artists. Frlvclit" boards IS inch«s"long"and eight inches prevailed?: and soon^Ce conversation j tamed to 'art. "SoM one of them: "Ths other "day I r.£i~ J .ed a little dea" board In- imitation ct marble .witli into the waier. it ipruediatGiy sar.:-t to tee tioitcia.* VFacgfa.!.".' sale, -at. other. "Yesteraaj I hung my tier-1 nioireter ca'the ersil supportijig m; cnco 'SO degrsas baler.- freezing poiai:. "All that Is nothing-" remarfcod tc~ tsira artist, tn conclusion, "My pcc- ·tssitr of a promlscn!: laiiiionairs war so lifelilee that It had to bs shaven twice a week." TO S ' store. ,. ».. ii. u.. o. -- s Jrad-of Optics,29PorniertSt.,Carlisie.i ~ · said the pretty girl, decidedly, "and what you meant by putting me off S-5G 4. JL Daily Escept Sunday for j to go with, her! You needn't ten me, j Baltimore.'Hanover. York anc ei * e -- Tjiat S " Q ® ~ iras ^~ coosm 01 . . ' . _ , , . ' the head of tae firm ana ne aaa asked intermeaiate Points. ,, .. - e=cor* he~ to the -a'irosd sta- 10:23 A.M. Daily for Hagerstown, :'= n " %,,,; ^t she ^s a'frtead -'. - Decries Naticssi Spcrt. Br. Sargent. t.c Harvard pltysicc.:. culture ezpert. is said to regard at tendance at baseball games as a barn; ful pastirr.e. beca 1 ^-; it stimulates to carves without t'urrishisg a "mftc: outlet;'"--tiiat is, s^^aking psycliolog- ically, and not rsJarnsg to a ;oy ride Hs says that zfca cs.33 is the same as that of the overstimuiated ?la;- gaar. Apparenlly he thinks "3:a there v.-as less ianr. in the game c" baseball as playa in the leisurelv days cf old. wiser, tv^-o and iv-c auo a half iicurs e:apsecl between tae me ment the umpire called "PlayI" asr the tirna the last man was out. THE SMART ; EPARATE COAT A FASHION DEMAND Straight. s: coats. Othirs cress c. co^r ot : --."illrar .rd «~':ffs if scarlet. M r.-.;=: r»s S*t yards of 42 :.: -i-.:;. *^ yard of controst- rc::- :u! =jftf-r^oon dress for --:-i.'..r tiirl is sho^-n Jn k:n -« -i ptii-rop an5 the - .··---·- i nattr little SS3^*- Ti-.." :~ay be r r - '..- -- _ f * e with 4% yards --;«. : -T!d 13. "5 17 ane !8. Thursday DecemoSr II. Slow Feed Manger- ^.·^e, naiied together, so as to form, a th";e having no IOP or bottom- The chc:e is 16 inches high and GsS inches | It is set upright is. the comer of j the rannger farthest Srcni the horse. j ana nailed securely in place after be- ,,_ . ing lifted one to three inches from j ~ Base-hoar far.-n. th^ foilo'vir.s: SEv HEAD OF HORSES ~ { Xr..'l. Black mare. 1-5 yeare'o: t-.jsi to HoiTnTaJi's -Jack v c.~\5TM;~ -heayv. 1 :i.nrs.-uood leader ?n«l i:r.- Srdrkier^^dl e^/eld.'JrpB Cias -isoiSe will 2. DzYk Br.y Hor-^j. woiikl rii-r.k bTe wa-r !'» ! \re;cU 12;.-O l T r-=r- a 5\f- worker. Xo. 0. pair f-f 3aj ^ II vear-; old, one s I.P? !»-: J .di i Ti anit" the f-cir-! a ::r.e o6-sid-* worker, ac extra S-'O'i :;;::r. Xo. 4. Pa:r of Y^ M-.ile 5 " pcir GETTYSBUKG SIASKETS Per Bl. -Brr "Wheat - e«r Ear Cora RETAIL PRICES tion, nor that she -sras a frteafl cf Wayr.esboro. Chambersburg. yGUr sisl;er ^i O TJ^Q j- as t conie to town Cumberland, Pitts- an! j i ost h er Tray, or--"' burgh and Chicago also Elkias, i '-Hold cti!" broke in the young man. fv"_ \r z \ --if you. take away all the excuses, you Ighneld and Interme- ] know, there wouldn't be anything to 1 say! I'm quite -willing to tell you B , ltirio _ e __ d I ail about her. Eleanor, and how I hap- i ;*'i: 3 /" :: -", *'np;= tfaramo^e az,c ; _ e _ , , Q fce ^^^^ vllh - ner ^1,^ T V inks ani crsn .Intermediate Points. j pho3ed you j T - a3 Trorkiag--I'm will- the landlord final: Got Back the V.'ror.g Watch. A licensed vict-js The bottom. The feed is poured into it cad works down into the manger as =he horse eats it away frocj below. "iVbat fsed the horse cannot reach steroid be scraped out before the nest feefl is poured in. otherwise it would become sour and moldy. RIDDING THE HOGS OF LiCE of fjiiii'-nvy ninlf-s. ' EIGHT HEAD OF CATTLE a-? H -! c teia ard ii ·»·- r-»»y, = of tLe^i will !:i \e -.!-. -c-s hy ils.-ir .-vkt=' sy -liiy ·-·! .-ale yo. 3. Hjl.--(in Crw v.ith her c,th 'all r.y l:c-r s'qe. :i fine nis'kni cow an- 1 a crjod one. ^"o- "- Very lar^- HoL-teir. Cov v.I,; 2ml L-ai: by hor = : :e- Xo. -5- pj.rt J t -r=»-y and :-an Darham »\Itb her NV.VY" will :-e Tr i.^-r 2nd (-.".;; br her «--i*', o'-v carrji:!r li'-r 2r!: calf i P:rst Thing !s to Disinfect Pens, Bed-.' t^trs "' -J2:°r wco on thai racecourse ^n.i siertlosec ihi -act scve-?!y so :"r.;t ererrlsody knev.- A few nights af*j--ard a ntar: cam, into the bar o: the ";3tc! ana put cowr- a stpai! parcel o~ :" ,-j costlier In frcn" Oi the landlord. ' '.-"e tlidti't kse-w i ing and V/auovv--^Then Use Powdered Stspbisagria. 3T E- . the .sse I. Auc -h? Data Badger Dairy Fted Coarse Spring Bran , Hand Packed Braii Corn asd Oas Ch'-p Shoesjoker Stc-ck Foe-: White Mid-iikrsa Timothy H».y" Bye Chop Baled Per IOC !^| ~j-.ZQ P. M. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Points 1C HighficJd. also Hagerstown, Waynesboro. Chainbersburg ar.d ing. because ray conscience is clear. ce ihe watch war worth thirty lim^s the va-ue of hit o~u lest iiTnepI"" 0 and had arrnorie: currfsrs uon It. -- :.on.ion Chronicle. and intermediate stations. Wo--.=n Bs\~ Leader. ?.rt-s Sollcr Is 3. youag Swedish and all that! By the way--what were you. dcing down town? You said over the phone thai; you were going to stay j at home and practice!" G:I3 Xew* Oxford! Har.over, York,} Tbe pretty girl looked pink. "IT j sbe munntirea. T\"hy, I went by you m i ! Bob's Taachine. Ke dropped in right; __ ^ ^ ^ _ ^ I afier vou ptosed and invited me to j f " c -?--~ --«" : - -- daugntei o: \ saa- : -o for a ride, witli supper afterward, i :n::r *c.:er.jj-." o; the leading banc' So ' west!" ·' -s^ 0 " of i^rore. o.u she insists ci: , aT1 1 z-.:-. i"I.:2g bT cv- first sane. Sh" aiy zivo n^-rs .1 her ba^d and i- ;--.. -^ a r-3m 32 FES. PUBLIC SALE ·s- -tial p-jr:.t-r:y «f Hnrry L. ! "I like that!" said the young I ir a rising tide of indignation. "When -^ca.y^wo rr-n i-Ou promised me that you wouldn't i s -- f -°. c ! * s "-" r3 =d aiscjp.iaar! i. Veterinarian. I3aho _^ _^ e --* Stat.on.) A pig weighing 150 pounds vrill have approximately 12 pints of blood, each pint containing 7,CSO crops, or a little over S2.0GO drops of blood. If a louse abstracts a drop a day, and the pig is boarding several thousand lice, it is easy to see where the profit goes ~hen ' begs don't pay." It is worse tfcan useless to "cope" tne Tig with "lice killer" without disinfecting pens, bedding and, in the spring, the wallow. First, burn aH the loose, dry s H .I.-tein l^r.".'.. :"t :'.;r scr.-Jc' jr he will m iV a ve'j 'p.-~»- animal. Xo.S. ool=tein Htfif-,T» i; on Iss ='I-i- 3EVEX HEAD OF HOGS - brco'i sov.s v.-jll iicve p;ir= :y HK'.T sdes. one with Jst litter, the ~.t::er i\:th ^c-"£; -were' p.uzzrea:a»#ut rue cliil- $ firfetiji^hrisnnsi-, lor a!i the vs and £}3e -Js5"tr; - --lic-H feia^i^. A" tvere cocaiaij writer -in after; ILesortrc d- sitton -rf«Eie we cJs:!U«.-=st! np'-n ibS-cscelieat one ofj .-: S;:nt--: C"~us jw;-er c!we. : Early in the ::nerajon :-.i: the ClJii-= (li - e!: \vertigat5iprec! to^eliior. uni. much: to their bpwsidfrKicat. e^cli was baud c-J :::i ciajJtv tr:i:a ^ack, Tlicy were, the^ to:d ih'.r Sauta C!a:is was a n - nsu::I!r wary tliat yeur and that n^t ten minuses before- be hatt beei; tpied] out of floor-s disappenriug wttb bis; paci. He WHS dressed, ns in other; veurs. in r-_-d with white trimmings .°.nd: seerjed to be- dropping i)its of red and- grec-:j puper behind Jnm. VChere bej droppe-i "«t!i red and creen at tbei same t::ue Micro vr::s snrc-iy a snft nid-| ceti. arrl tb:it pince must uot be passed; uati! li'.e gift l:nd been found and giv-" ca to the one whose aame was upon it-: The chiUIrcu could scarcely wait to; fo? b^^d'c^I ino tbcir outer garnients nr.a s=ct off ;rfter elusive Santr in bigb iee. It -F.ou'.d e useless to te!! the; na-^s onewit.1 Butter. u«eot:*r «:t_a \ ~ «MPCe '.Kccs to which they : it*-** * * ^ j T v - ji"~~^7" · · Of°""l** i ^T*3, iO'*** * t * "**·*--,,' - «..".»-c^- » .*»-w- ·· -- ^^vic^tsnoai w^irweiSh about GO! ^ere led by U:s pnper trail and where £iffs were excavated. The hayloft, hoi-. FiRTu -IACHIXEEY of ALL EIXDS I lo " trec ^ur.ks. crcn the mouth of a" - mn S kr a .:- s ftorleWccl5t ra Dffei«*ei e,- sir-McComrick rr^o-l as .. McCorn,Jck Slower. 2 Wiani "low,. 1 a new one X". SO and ^o.i-. -«»" n n m p j 3Icf.rmiek Kay tUiko, Su.Tcrior cra;:i fOrn ri-.5tn.-r- if-priti^ tontr. harrows. 2 J tV.rrn -,vr·_-·-·:;? for 2 sr.d 4 J5ore-. 2 set? ;traw. jj. a T la^.Iyrs 3^ ft. l»nr. wi'0e!bsrr.-w, At Jength a!! sacks were well filled,and Ssnta CJaus -svns overtaken just- i iti tiuse to prevent ii:s concealment or toothsome bores of homemade toffee.. gmndnaa's contribution. Dragging Saa-; ta Clau?, who was none other than one; of tbc uncles in appropriate disguise, into the:r midst,'tbc children bounded; hcans" more fun sbaa an indoor Chrsst- u=el ihree -wesson?, say half a I'int to a iarge wallow. Then dast on eacb pig powdered *»·! ,^ j ^^ ^ T , _ - » _ _ . fineuei Cora ^ewXtets , 1 .'. For - " t " : i t-,r" h^^ t ..... " | -.1 .ar.«--. 21 in .u i ,,,-·-, J" 'jp or vn mower. carpvr;t*r t"0i5 · ··;, c~.r ! "f ~awed \\o-Vi. ! T ow-heis car c^ri 1 . 175 j ·v tbem pullets of ^ ·.·! j wacon 3:i-i 3na:iy ar % ;c!-*- t l :ncni:on. ' said tba young inglj-. "i- getting to nis feet with great dignity, j "I ana going now--aud v, hen you are ._ ir.ent c: urop-ar arriculture 3n re'^ ^ Tsougat and in ny is ai'rba:^ to sou stimula- rorn oecl cul-urc. Fro^ the readv to explain what you neant bv ! *!o " bosks cf o;^n? fc?.f-r-d estates whero ,avc bt'on grown 'or sugar. Dr. ir.i ;ir:t:s a:i increase in the- ch conduct you can send for me: - A good 6 room house, a nice · summer house, good barn, l o t j 45 ft. front, iBo ft. deep. A Kandyand comfortable home, good location. Come and see for yourself at 46 Stev T ens St. Gettysburg, P | KWSPAPLRflRCHIVE® --.. Anjiuistrator. ', Gutta Percha. \ Gutta percha. now obtained from the j leaves of ire caoutchouc tree, is said ! to be u'ore curable than tbat obtained ' by tapping the truck, and is coming --into use in France for insulating £uLniar.i^c cb!t±s. An engaged girl acting Good night!" tha W2 "Gee!" murmured the young n:an a rainuts later as he hastened down the ; front steps. ''That was a narrow es- ] cape!"--Chicago Daily News. . the r.e. i -. -. ,. or r-.5 bushels per i " -: : b'.r'.ev-. 6.E1. and cats. _· h a v j been increased, and ·m.j i:as been raised by as per cent. Experience. Getting the East of the Grouch. Brown--"You seem more satisfied ' Herbert Casson says "The way to your wife's cooking than forr.ier- ; get the better of a grouch is to let ly. Has she learned with time?" Smith ' him talk himself v. ill Jtot ba rail of noxious weed seeds; to bo carried to tfce field with the mr.- j r. .sre. ·« here they propagate countless i numbers of weed pests nest season. ! Long Sentences. For the longest sentence on record I we must go to the French. In "Les j Miserables'' Victor Hugo has one sentence tbat russ through a hundred j lines, and earlier in the book^n one of j the chapters descriptive of Waterloo. : fl-'PT-o KT-O nvpr Sftv lines -BritIlOUt.aLfull.-i. 1'. A. Miilvr. there are over fifty lines without. ; stop. "England's record ~fest£"~taiaer i ofucial patronage, for it would appear to be the seventh section of the for- Warming the Caif. ; If the comes on a cold day and · YOU did not give the cow liberty to Eusi-ess. Not Friendship. i sign enlistment act, which-does not The friendship that Keeps a ledger · stop until it. has very nearly reacneo. balancing accounts is ; its six hundredth word. I-not friendship at all. The fear that! ' _ through. Get hay or follow until it quits shivering. - ! , , , ,, « . «.,,,^ · he receives from him, that-must have ; hay or clot as ana blanket the IKUe , eTery fayor returned as tho -. gll i t j The Almost Saves Them. "American women,'' observes M. Poirec, "are «o well constructed that · Not Her Fault. "Ellen, Fin tired of your neglect and , s.^,»., *. -- .~7~~r~ " j /x nr(5 i| f s«;c'ri'="5 Tust look at all that were a loan, every gift, v.sil, invite-, ^jf^tWt oa the furniture. - It's ! tion. even expression of affectwa, paid « st ^ ^* £ the very ,«,,»_» back in kind--that may be a pleas- S1X we^-s O.Q a. ant business propcstion, but it has no ,, m ... T . , -- - - claim to be called friendship.--Great . imseli out. Try it, I hare the y eould.wcar anything." Yet many Tholl g bts . , -- .o, 1 have. ---\, Oman's Home Com- tad it -works.--Exchange. - · 0 ^ them almost don't.---Xevr Y o r k . . Panlon. { _ ..T - .^'iM.n * i the very least.',' "Then it's no fault of mine. You know very well, ma'am, that I've been with you only four weeks."--Harper's Magazine. iWSPAPLRl

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