The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 9, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1818
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" ' " ' I' Ik - 3 . - " v . ' ' " . ' WVJ,S'' " "'" - k - x " THE NEW - YORK EVENING PnOTr 'NUMBER 4886 ' ; MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1818. , NO 42 PINFS TKKFf j '.."' .I. , - .. .., ..., t . t . . . . ? ' r ' . , . : . - ' ' T" Vf 'II I I 1 T I WM "W - - - fc. f . IM . - 1 . , ' " WBBHHMBHHMHBB MAC ri SHIP - YARD OF . THE SUBSCRIBER. , . A SLOOP, iw buililiug of the best f materials, about iw ions; umoers 01 nv TMoak, locust and cedar; bottom plank jersey whits oak, built on purpose lor uie Aioa ' A CT ."nP f Sil lrn mlrilUled for any trad whert dispatch, burthen, and a rif - ni wetter i reouiroiL. .. t - n JVtlgHS ww.. - - - - - - . ' .M4wili drw bBt llU1 water, W,U1 board through the centre of her keel Ai.n . ship f S60 tout, calculated ' a Liverpool or London trader, (that , 5lcaa b finished to wit Uie ajunjiaser.) i, "rjSpart, Umber and plank. 'b? nwed to bills for boat - . no tf CHARLES BfcOWNNE 'jfv A new pilot boat built fcCHOONER, T 1 about 150 torn burthen, built in the Uet aiat - - i - 1 t . Butntr, copper - Iftsieucu, ra complete oruer u rrreivt a car;o lu every repert a good ve sel A luly on board at Burliiiz - tlip, or to " . i . . l. iT5. g ais WOLD, r Jan 1 9 " . S6South - Rt. . fr tale, Fcetght0r Charter, 'AY new pilot boat built ftthocaer, 120 :V - t burthen, built la we oen manner, l i ootl materiaU, copper fastened ; a rerjr fait uS vessel, and mar be tent I tea with email expeotc Apply on board at Bnrlinff lip, or to Jf. L.&G.CRiaWOLU, Jan 19 BO Soiith - t. e'er Freight or Charter, ' The Cut jailing ulstantial tchonner inKTSFY. caot: TurnK one year old - will ttow' hboul D00 bbli. h in complete order for any voyage t.aa beeeenat Dover - st. wharf, .ipply to , GOOOHUE it CO. J.nM ' ' 44 South - rt. The new and fast tailing brig FAME, buili of the bett teaaoued timber, and (luidilull put tojothcr. Her rigging and tail are of excellent quality. This veel it well (calculated lor a southern purnet, nauig ninu - tomo accommoditiuos. Kur terms, and a vi of her iuventory, apply to , GaiSWOLDSiCOATES, Jan 23 68 Sniith - t. FVR6.1LF, .The very fat sailing sloop f A R AGON, burthen CO ton, built at Middletowo, Connecticut, of Km bett materials ; hat made one voyage to the West todies, is one year old and can be sent to sea immediately For terms, nod a view of her invrntoKf, Apply to GRISWOLU9 tc COATF.S, Jn 23 6 onth - st. CALCUTTA liOOOs. OVE hundred bales coiMint;,ol Bsdas, Lucklpore, Cliittabully, Callipatty and I'utka. CoisaUt, Cbaudpore, Comocoiljr, Johanna and Lurkipore. ' ' Snniiahs Jel'aloore and Mow. - Checks Gillahi, Romals, : lor sale by ' CHS. L. .OGUk:.anJ ABltVI OGDK.N, ' .ian9 VVkihinston - tret. alRAUo B.R.Oy... M J Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to deben ture, for tale by CHA3.L. OGTlF.X.anJ ABRM. OGDHV, Waihinsjton - street. Jan 17 OLD TOUAUX). J0 hhdt Tld Kiclimond tobaeeoWitt t landed tnmnrwiw tmm theschoaier Hero, from Richmond Kortale hr UOI1ERT GILLESPIE, jan 15 112 Knmt - ttreet. FOR SALE, the carcool the shi( Cnne, captain Humphreys, from Calcutta, and now laadio: at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting of East India Sugar Cotton Ginger Block Tin Gum Shellack. . ! Gum Copal Goat Skios of a large size ' Seine Twine and Gunny Bag Also for tale, India Muslins of almost every description. ' Alto, a small quantity or Rattans, and Odor of Reset. . For tale j . ,r , m . ROBERT LENOX. TOBACCO. 2thlids.tobocci, will ed tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Petersburg For .le by ROQERT GILLESPIE, ' jn!6 112 Front - atreet COTTO.N iSew crop, prime, suitable lor manufacturing, will be told in parcels to accommodate purchaser. - Also, a few bales of old crop. Enquire 143 Pearl - itreet, up stair. inn 8 riVVU cases changeable vnchtwt. (ur sal ' X by MARCH & LOW, Jan 21' 210 Srnadway. FLOCK, OOl lO.t, kc 250 bblt Philadelphia flour 21 bales upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleans do do ; 5 tonslignumvitsa 15 tubs German steel 2 pipes red port wine 11 hhds do do ' 3 hhd white do .... do . , . . 3 qr. casks do do do 1 hhd Madeira wine . . : 11 qr.cask do do 37 boxe superior claret (ldoz. each) An invoice of lace veil, cotton lace, Le. ' An invoice of Dutch tovs for tale by ROBERT (ilLLESPlE, jan 7 .112 Front street. T STRAU S BKANHY. WEXTY live pipe Otte Brandy.. for by CIIA3. L. OG DEN, and sale Jan 9 Washinerfon - strrrt l7 - INE,OlL, PAPER, fcc 11 qr. casks f V and 200 half do dry Malaga Wine , Sn V cA,k an20 half do wet do very old I.18 do Colmeardo - - . 300 hair chests Sweet Oil, 30 bett ies each lOOhoxe do tSo 12 bottle each 50 bale Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gatette do large site 0 case Feit Hat 15 cases Liquorice Paste ' 1 box 0tnch Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats . 3 do Manna in (lake Marble Slabs, veined and statuary, assorted site, for pier table, ate. A lew boxes very superior Anchovies and Olive . 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to S4 inch 10 hbls For, consisting of Wild Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Mutkrat, and Otter Skins , Gunny Bsr, fcc For sale by CH AS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEf, ' J It Waihinirtrtn - treet. QUICKSILYEU 20,000 lb. Quicksilver iursaie ttj ... N.LtG. GRISWOLD, J R8 South - street W - r.., VV,Sr FILLIXO. 1LL1AM CAMPBELL, No. 197 Peari - lP Tsrirt and Filline;, from tit factory at Pat - ariinnl. t iur icriu. n I f - g T, taivej T,JB'n lfon 10 W 13 will be re "1. - Tt LYNCH. J UN TVTO. 40 William - street, has just received a i.1 few baskets (containing ooe dot. each) of superior White creaming Ubainpaigue, import ed la lie r actor, iron) navre. He hat alio in Store, Madeira, in casks, from 3 to 12 years old Po, from private stocks, from 3 to 20 years In bottles . 1 Const&ntta, Burgundy Claret and old Sauteme , Gran Juice, 8 years in bottles ;,' Dry Lisbon, Fort Wine in bottles ' Old Brandy and Rum f And a Table Wine, of excellent quality, and at a very low price. . ....... The above bar aty been selected by himself wtn particular care, ana - are of very superior quanty. ne oners inem lor sale, warrant pure at imported - ' feb Slw CtlUE.9 OL BWIO. i TUST received 40 package among which are u 3 cases Wellington Hoots ' 1 do Ladies do t do Mockasons 4 do Cork Sole Shoe 4 do iadies walking do 4 do Men's coarse 2 do Bovs do 1000 do Kid suitable fortbe southern or West India market ' 200 do women's Lrathcr , ' 1 hose, together with a general assortment o Ladie, Misses and Children's morocco, black ana colored Koatie, are offered for sale on real onable terms by THOa. WITT,. No. Ill Pearl - street. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fih. Jan IS 1m UPLAND CO I TON. - lj bales prime Lip land Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine street. . IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. jan 2.1 , LLMhiio, &c - 4 tiaiirs Utruiuii starting ami Sheeting Lineus, lor sale on reasonable terms, by G. G. & 9. HOWLAND, Jan 27 77 Vnington street. CT. CROIX SUAR 18 hhds. landing, and O for ule at 55 Pine - street, by Jan 15 GEORGE W. TALBOT. X CUT MILL SAW a, Ate. A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, ti. S. and C. S. for sale by ANUERsON & SHEARER, . 131 water - street. Who have in Store, Hand, tipping and dove tail Saws,' blast and iron backs Cat Sterl Chissel and Gouges Mortice Chine! and Draw ins Knives Patent Carolina ti Virginia Hm - s, No. 1234 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, Hd, 10d, 12, & 20d Bmss and coppor wire, ol hll kes Rolled and Sheet Bras, Brass Pans l - onil.m Pm, No. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japauued Ware, assorted fo the country tnde Engravers' Copper, in plates of all siiea. jan 13 H OPS. - 2 b iles Hopsrjut rtcnvcd fr ale by CAMBREL1NG& PEARSON, feb3 6t South street. ' kftijvK. TABLE CLOTHS, LINENS, MJ fcc. J ut opened at No. 61 Maiden - lan 3 cases I rub lineus, course to superfine ' 1 do long lawns, snorted 1 do 5 - 4 stoat Iritli sheetings, assorted 1 do diaper and damask table linens, at sorted, Irum h l40qnarters wide 1 do super wal double damask tablecloths, - ' - part very large site, with elegant small . and taree onpkin to match i cale noiula couuterpaacs tozeuier WitB a general assortment of Ilry Goods, for piece and retail sales, at very moderate prices. jiiiofor SaUtvine faekage. A few cases Irish linens and Ions lawns, assorted Stout 5 - 4 lrLhrhcetings, Drogheadt Blnr - b 7 - C Iioent glazed. White piauita Jan 23 If . U at i;. SUIOAW. AfARI'MKiVrS W AM TED. A SINGLE rentlcmah wishes to rent, in or near Wall street, in a rented urivate fami ly, a Bed Room and Parlour, without board ; . e 1 .1 . iurninei rooms wouia nepreierrea. ine quiet and neatness of the house, as well as the retime tahility of the occupants, are particularly required. A line directed to J. C. left at this office, mentioning term and situation, will be .duly at' tended to. Jan 28 1m f 'lUTTO.N. - 54 hale Prime Upland, for tale yj at oo oouta - ireet, ny Jan 57 WALSH h GALLAGHER. sfT"! TO Lt.T, 51 SlU The 3 story House, No, 44 Nassaa - st. 4o lei from 1st May next. Applv to GEO. UUMMER & CO. fe")4 tf 112 Broadway. JTX VALUjtBi.F. PROPERTY. . M - aV The followinz verv valuable property it offered for sale Tbat subitantial built and commodious 3 story brick HOUSE and LOT of GROUND, No. 3 (Joiiitland - street. calculated for a larre and con venient store in frout; said lot being 26 feet front and rear by 1U leet deep. ALSO. The 2 two storr brick HOUSES and LOTS ol GROUND next below a - Jioinins. bein; Nos. 5 and 7, well known as the oldet establishment of stage (ftkes and tavern in the city said lot being each front and rear 20 fett in width by 1 10 feet deep. For term, apply on the premiw, or to . JOHN L. DICKINSON. leb 4 1w rl'n lm 1 .1 I .... - A Hold iI The paciuus !i otory brick HOUSE, No. 129 Clumber - street, having ecrv conve nience tor a large family, and a well of excel, lent water in the yard. It proxin ity 'o the mutrt latriv openea, rives a view of Hudson - street from the rear of the house, and renders the situation airy and pleasant. For terms apr ply to JOHX B. MURRAY & SOX, Feb 6 113 Pearl - street. ?M m J. nr. brK - H bunwi.Nn.4QI iwl JQ4 (iwfiwich - itivet. with (or without) stable in the rear ; occupied t t . ri ... . ' 1 I preseni oy .nr. eor(je noggin ana mr. West Also, a smitll S stnrv hrirk house. No 118 Fly Market, nenr the corner of Pcat street Also, a coavenient dwelling house, (.occupied by n,jot. Aorain, uq i ana ttaoM, witn a very goon . . , . . i . i Enquire No. 496 Greenwich - street. leu 6 tl tfJSJl FOR SALE, (cheap,) 4ctll A piece of ground, on th ast aide of broadwav, near Jonei' - streef, all high ground, and, a handsome level spot improved as a rich garden, 25 feet fronting on Broadway and 289 feet deep. Also for tale, a larg lot of ground, with Uie building thereon, being large and convenient, No. 97 Broad - street, between Pearl and Water - streets. The lot 36 feet 6 inches fronting on Brovl - street. and about 70 feet deeru which buildings will readily rent to pay an interest of. leu per cent per annua on the purchase money. The greater part of th pnrchase money for either may remain on mortgage, if required. Apply at 97 Broad - st. or JOHN SH RP, Feh6 1w Brooklyn. TO LET, The 3 story 6re proof store. t54 Water - tt. paroy fronting on Peck - slip t baa been formerly occupied for hardware, and at present for a crockery, by Mott U BirdsalL Enquire of ftb 6 lt 6. NICHOLS, neitdoor. TO BE SOLD. THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPERTY, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES. eThe Dwelling House and premisesfiow in the possession of Mr. Margaret Jones, known as number 343 Broadway, being 30 feet 8 inches in width in front, and 32 feet 6 im he in lhe rear, and 140 fett in depth ; together wiih the brick stable, and lot on which it stands, in Uie rear ! the dwelling home, nMiu about 27 leet squareand the undivided hafci, a kit fronting on Leonard itreet, being 25 leet wide on Leonard - street, and 63 feel 10 inches in depth which undivided lot is held in common between William Denning, Esq. and the owner ot the property now ottered for rale, and i intended for a passage war to their liable andyard. Tbeabovrf property is situated in the most eligible part of the city, and Is, in every part, in the best repair and most complete order. e Three Lots of Ground, situated at the corner of Broadwnt and W a rren - street ; being known on the map of the lards belonging to Trinity Chuicb as Nos. 415,416 and 417, and contain, together, 75 leet in breadth on Broadway, and in the rear 87 feet 6 incite on Warren - street, and 89 feet 9 indies on Uie northerly side. These lots, with the buildings thereon, are now underlease to various tenants, for terms wbith will expire on the lit May, 18i0, and nt such rent as araotmt, in the whole, to 242S annually, beside all taxes. These three lots will be sold in one parcel, and subjtct to the unexpired Irate. s51 A Dwelling Hnute and Lot of G wind. "Jlnill known as No. 147 Water - streeL between i'in.. - itreet and the Fly Market, being 22 feet 10 in hes in width in front, and 21 feetl inches in the rear, and 100 feet 10 inches in length. This bouse and lot is under lease for a term ending 1st May, 1X19, at the annual rent of 550 dclUrs and nil use. fSTTl A Dwelling House and Lot of Grouud. iu known a No. 14.J Water street, adjoining .c imi nnoiei iciii( - m leei 4 inrne on water - street, 17 feet in the rear, and 84 feet 4 inches in length. 'i his house and lot are tinder lease for a frrm ending 1st May, 1S19, at the annual rent ol 250 aonar and ail taxes. A LOT OF GROUND, frontins the Broad way just ibov Jones - street, and i.ext hut one itftininin Ihp nmnrtif if Mr Vla.i;.. f rA.n.... . and the lot fronting on Mercer - street, in th rear oi tne Broadway lot. i nese two lots w ill iies..ld, t' gi ther.aiid are 25 feet U incites wide and 200 leet deep. , A i.ui or LA.MJ, known as nnmber 645 i.atnru's i.irm. Iroiituiaon Rvnders - street. and running from that street to Ortnc street Iteing invidth on Ryoders itreet 26 feet, nndon Orange itreet 25 feet 6inrhes.and in lensth on then rili - erly sde I45fet 6 inches, and on the southerly ride 151 fei Uirclivs. All tlu nbore mention dpraptrly is held in re nmpli. IhefoUowtPiuhtltt uwfrV a Irate from i uiauia viMicv - e, jitnri oj witci (ease teat ur. - 1 rtd on Ul i evteu:bi r laiu . . A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known as No. 217 Gre nwii h street. - now it'.iVr lease (or Uie aunual rent oi 2i0 dollars and all taxes ; leaw expim 1st Mav, 1821. ffj A. Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, iau known as No. 215 Greenwich street, now un. r tease for the yearly rt ntol 3) Holla nd d!i taxes i lease expire 1st May, mil. fSm. A Dwelling Hnue and Lot uf Ground. Vftil at the corner it Greenwich tirrnt tnri nr. cla street unoVr leae fur 450 dollars and taxes; two Dwelling IjAoset and Lot of iSll Ground, known at No 9 rt7l Rrr,v ticet, now uttder lease lor 600 dollar annually aM all taxes j leavj expires 1st V, - . iX r, The two houses being k4 icgether, win ve A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known a No. 67 Barclay street, now un kr leata for the annuiil rent 4 90 dollars and tales lease expires May 1st, 1819 fT A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, ls& known as No. 6 Bare I at street, now un derlease for thrxy early rent of 90 dollars and the taxes; leas expire nay 1st, llilj. I hi leasehold property caiiii"t conveniently be described Within the limits of an advertisement, but the size and extent oi each lot may be particularly seen on a map uiereoi, ul uie ouice oi Mr. J ONES, 44 Pine stieet. I ne title to all this property is unquestionable the greatest part of the property having been owned and nossessed Dy tne late ur. joues ana his representative for more than 25 years, now last ; and for such part as hat been purchased within that period tiie subscriber hold warranty deed from the grantors. 1 he liouse and premise first above described i oflered at private sale, and may be viewed after the fourth day of January next, any day be tween one and two o'clock in the afternoon. II not sold on or before the twentieth day of Janua ry next, that property, together with all the rest ol the above mentioned property will be exposed to sale by auction, at the Tontine Coffee House. by Messrs. HONES & TOWN, on Tuesday, the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in the lorenoon ot mat nay. - The terms of sale for the house and premi se No 343 Broadway, will be 10 per cent on the day of sale and one third of vie residue on the first of May next at wh'xh time a deed will be executed and possession given the remaining1 two thirds to be paid in 2 annual pay ments, with interest, from the hrst or May, e tired by a bond and mortgage on the premi ses. Term of sale for the rest of Uie property will be 10 per cent on the day of sale, 1 - 3 of the residue on the delivery of Uie deeds, which trill be about 10 days aAerUie sale, and Uie remaining two thirds in 2 equal annual payments, wiUi interest from Uie date of Uie deeds, secured by a bond and mortgage o.i the premises tne purchasers are to receive t' - e rents of such parts of the property as are under lease tron tne 1st or I ebruarv next For all other information and particularly in relation to the title of all the above property, applv to D. s. JONES, esq. at hi office 44 Pine - ' reet, where the title deeds, and map of Uie property may be ren. MARGAKKT JONE3. 1 ' MALTBY GELSTON, Exec'r. ' MARY dec 30 eodtd GELSTON. S 3D l.t.T, The House No. 215 Pearl - street, well calculated for a boarding bouse. Enquire at no. 175 reali st. fen 5 Iw ivi u i rv ieIii ' Two convenient rooms in the bssement oi No. 44 1'ine - streci, suitable tor office or count' log rooms. Inquire or U. 9., leb 5 tf 44 Pine - street. rfTt REAL ESTATE. ttjjj The subscriber offers for sale that elegant three story DnKlioue and lotto pleasantly situated in Murray - street, being the corner of Murray and Chapel - street The situation of the a - hove property is too well known to require a particular description. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and view for tbtmselves. The house stay be viewed any afternoon after three o'clock. The property at present rents for twelve hundred dollar per annum. Possession to be given 1st May, 1819. If not sold at prigate sale, will be rtfered for tale at auction, on the 1 6th init. Any furtherparticular may be kaowa by applying to JOHN LIVIBERGtR, Baker, Greenwich, corner of Herring and Am - street. feb 5 1 16, TO LET or LEASE, From the 1st Mav next, the three story bm k boe, No. 16 Cc - urtlandt - streeL Apply attbeofficeof ' N. LAWKEftCE, kb A lw No. 173 Fulton street, TLe two story frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Broome street, the corner of blizabeth - itrcet, with a stable in th. rear. ALSO, a modern three story brick House and Lot handsomely situated within the village of Newbureh the house is laree and commodious and well calculated from its retired, healthy and elevated situation (having a nne view ot tne river and the adjacent country) for a family who wish so desirable a situation on Uie North River. Price low and possession given the flrt of May next. ALSO for Sale or to lease, 5 avenue lots, iiuaieu. of uie i - irtt Avenue, between North and First - streets. ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 15 building qts fronting on the First Avenue and First - street. For further particulars, apply to COUNS. DU UOIS, jan 20 1m 36 Front - street 0 SJiLH AT AUVTlUJf, At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March next, th FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. lsarx Ledyard, situated one mile south ot the village of Newtown, Long Island. The wiUiamsburgh turnpike ruos through the Farm, on ooe side el which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length. The farm contain about 150 acre?. 15 of which is fine Wood Lot. with two apple drchards, one old, the other just begin ning to bear well, and a suitable proportion of goud salt meadow. The Mansion liouse i large and convenient, four room on each floor, with a co d kitchen and cellar ; attached is a large Barn, crih, ten house, smoke house, well, and a new cistern. Ac. The court yard and garden contain a variety of fruit tree and shrubbery, a large asparrgus tied, raspnernu nsa currants - . Also A ARM i.lroiniiie the above. contain - u abraf sixty acres ; attached to which is ane - qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated within Ies than a mile of the larrri, containing ten acres, with a farm - houe, barn, well, garden, Kc. Likewise A Lot of Land, Ivinz at Sprinfield, south ol the villu&e of Jamaica, containing be tween four and five acres, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable fnriencing. The above lands wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the same exhibited seme time previous to, aad at the sale, anddirposed of by the acne, with the buildings thereon, inclusively. roessiou given on the urtt o April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - street. jan 8 Ids rOR SALE UR I'D LLASE, On accommodating terms, a number of water and building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, enquire of SAMUEL EVANS, ' jan 22 tf Brooklyn. lit.AL ts.tTATL FOK H.lLt,. The clegaut and convenient three - story hoti and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with acoarhhoue and stable fronting: on Bat - ard - strcet, and joining th rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particular enquire at 3 1 Wall, corner of Wdliam - itreet. Jan 29 U . rFfii ' ; ' 1Xi L, T 5ill For one t mote year a two story brick hnue rs ttuytetaut - street, nearly opposite 8t. .tiuiK viiureu, coniiwiiug eiui rooms, a iarfe kilt hen, servants room, ellnr, pantries, ate. in complete order for the rereptionof a genteel familywith a pa i dm and yard of shout tw . and half acres ol land, containing a variety of Uie fittest fruit listen, asparagus and hot hed, fcc. &c. together with a wood house,' carnage house and stabler."' mtft will bV' reasonable, and, posses. CEiW2i clock, on h premiies, io Jan 24 3w r - FUR SAI.K, A . II - : L. 11 nr. JO aM A new two piorr irp'n fiuuiv iu. Chainher - street, will be finished m the modern and best style on or before the titst ol May next. The lot is 25 leet front and rear, 75 feet deep, on a lease from Trinity Church for 41 year at i 150 per annum. Enquire at 223 Duane street. ten 3 iw VAIAJABL. PROP LRTV FOR SALIC. ifH Will be sold at public auction on the trail 25Ui Feb. if not previously disposed of at (,nt at sale, tbat well known and valuable property, situated on the turnpik road, about 3 - 4 of a mile from Brooklyn ferry, commanding a beautiful view or tne navy - yard and waitaooui bay h contain about nine acres of land, in the highest state of cultivation, having asparagus beds which produce $500 per annum ; with between 50 and 60 English cherry tree in full bearinr. There are on the premises two bouses and a tor. The house, at present occupied by Uie subscriber, is larre and very commodious, and in sufficient good order for the reception of any family. The barn u conveniently situated, and in excellent repair. 1 ncro are lixewuse vera! beautiful building lots. Persons desirous of purchasing are requested to call on th subscriber, when they can exam in the condition of Uie property. Feb 5 1w TEUNIS I. JOHNSON, WAJTJEU li Mitt.. An elderly. Lady wishe to hire the 2d fl mr ofa House, south ot Chamber - street She would have no obi ect ions to loin with private famelv, and take a House from Uie 1st of Mar. line directed to l . w. ana icu at this office, will be attended to. feb 3 Iw FOK SALE. The frame liouse and lot No. 3 Alba - ! ny - batin. I erms oi payment wui ot roauc w suit purchasers, apply to JAMES SMITH, feb3 6t No. 6 Vesey - treei A CUUjVJUM HUOM TO LET. A nleaaant anil convenient Counting Room in store No. 29 Suth - ret, fmtsi 1st May next. Apply to TUCKER LAuni. feb 3 - - mi viri' )B1J - ; . v. I . iluk 1 A V .1 tli Tnntinr rv.ff'.o - llniia lfru ftiatMsed of St piivate sale) the following property belonging At - S .A" A .l.aMw AT?. A MMmatt Ul me travHic i . - tnurcw uii uvv The 2 vtorv brick house and 8 jeart tt . m a j r Mf A MA Ct Dis4n.M cfsf ntit PKi - v - atrt Th r. nuigi j - - - . bouse is large and veil built, ' and has ercry COIlTrTllCTlCC lUr UIC HWV'JIIIUHJUmUVJH VI vrw - teel family. If CO A O tttAiwar Ca mat KAtltls nA A VflN A a. J awuv - - J lav... ainaavriltsswl frwtm th 1t fif 1lT nltL of . l.av It. la, Aa ,1 - (EV M1 MflH - U1C Mi on wiutii m aniiuai v" hij Ka.. sT, - . - n - la - - k ailtA.n.rtfl tK ttfUl ritTril tilled nwruitnmiviif mijuunTig - . ( by Mr. Edward L. SchlrTilin. Vbe lot is 50 feet in front and rear and 1 00 deep for terms, enquire oi jwn unnn., 167 Front - treet. or ANDW; S. GARR, feb 3 6t ,50 Pioe - iureet. TO LET, A lsr r nrtrvnlent modem built hOUSC, coato hoee anri improvements, (sritli or without an eXtCCSITn tmurn b;., 1 1 icu - - i.. , aT m Mvt ' aiiaaleti oa the corner ol the fnt A venae and FSrs4 - fret,ear the corner of North aod Alien - streets, and a boat one mile from the lily 1 1 all. The itatioe elevated ...itiit,.. .i i - Mitwct am La ble lor a anu iiti"j! " : . , renteel family. Oa tbe premises u a well of most M A - - . - at t exceiie water. DVB0 ; 'febJir .vo. SO I rvBi - surry. For Sale. Leate. or Let. That pleasantly situated place, on Uie road leading to KmgVbndge, by way of llarlxm lane, known as Rosa - Hill. The avenue to Ma comb's bridge runs a few rods iu th rear of it, rendering the premise very desirable, as the nous, in consequence, shews two Trent. - The garden, and about two acre of meadow, are well stocked with fruit and shrubbery, asparagus beds, currants, kc. Th house and coach - bouse tra in good condition, and with small expense can ds mad a vry genteel country retreat. i u term will made easy. AL5U, That very genteel two - rtorv house, stable and two lots of ground, situated in Bank - sL, Gren - wicn , as present occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway j or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street. A rJlLUAbLt. FARM, iott: To be told or exchanged for nrnnerl in NewYork. ' " The subscriber beine in a verv low state of neauti, and having very little hopes of recovery, offers for rale his farm at Barbadoes neck, conn ty of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty bve acre ol arable, meadow and wood - i i TI r i: . i , . mnu. a mi inriu ire on ine main roaa oetween New - York and Newark, about half a mile this side of Newark Bridge. It i in a very high.iate oi cuiiivmion, ttnu is uoi surpassea iy any oinei iu the vicinity oi New - York, as a valuable and agreeable residence, eitber for the farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling house, thoueh small, is nat and well finished, and the fences, gates, barns, ttables, and other ont - houtes, are in excellent order and well planned. In front oi tne nouse, Doraenng on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked carder., and on tl,e premises is a young and thriving orchard, con taining a choice selection olthe lies gralted truit tree. A more particular descrintionof the nro. perty i thought unnecessary, ns those dispost d to purchase will view the premises. The title is in - uiiuiaiir. ir uanicuiurs, apply to tne sud - scriher, No. lfltt Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew J: L. I - l.' . i i . .i . smitn, near uie premises. nov 14 tf ROBERT STUART. TO LET,' J And immediate possession riven, the house ixn. I'earl - street, together wiih the sto ble and Coach Houte in the rear on ISridee - st. - . The premises are in ccmplete repair and have every convenience necesaiy lor tne accommo dation ofa family. For particular npply to oct SH L. BRAI A DISH. real estate for sale. Two 2 - storv brick houses and lots, sitna. ted tio. 37 k 39 Vesey - street. AI?o, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. For particulars apply nt No. 332 Greenwlch - st. jan 15 tf U UATRl SLAJ 0 ZAt.E, AT Jama ca, on Long Island, Queen County, late the resides ce of John Troup, Esq. deceased. On the premises are a good two story frame house, bam, and other out - buildings, 2a acres of land in a good sta' e for cultivation t 28 acres of wood land, ofa fine thrif ty growth for fencing and timber i and a lot of 7 acre salt meadow. On tins property are two apple orchards, and a variety of other fruit trees. Jamaica beintr one of the most nourish ing villages on the Inland, renders this proper ty aesiranie lor a gentleman reunntr trem ii siness. For particulars apply to ;' , ; M. DU MIS, 148 Pearl - st. i or to JOHN tc BOBT. TROUP, . jan 9 tf " on the premises. sTt WAitHbout Point, Loog - lslaad, late the V nsjo r Laaibtwt SoWKk, deceased. On the premises is a large spacious dwelling - house and out - buildinga in proiiortinn 24 acres of land in the highest state of cultivation ; (10 or 20 acres of wood - land iT required by tne purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Bleecker, 37 Wall - st. ) Martin Schenk, jun'r. New - York :, v. . 76 itouUi - street, ) - Martin Scbeuk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m tO SALE, The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty - st. Deuth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ol the lot lin feet. Those who may wish to purchase proper - r nf this diarrintion. can at any time view the premises, ' anu terms oi s&ie may oe r;ieeu uu, oy application uj IUI a f si iumim dec 31 - 56 South - street. FOR SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY TK - ,nK,rnh.F Aff.pc for aal hta hotlSA and a - bout H acre of Land in Flushing on Long Hand, I I n.;in. frnn. 8Uf. Vnrlf 'l'l, hnUM I hUCe and very convenient for a genteel fnmily and com mand an extensive ana ueauinui pni.tmi. i uk stable, carriage bouse, wood house, poultry house, . .1 . ..II. It nnA fm tfm oic recently imiit. inc iuiitiiiB - are in excellent repair, and lately painted. The gaiden l large anu wen sigi aeu wini """.i of fruit, and the orchard with the best kinds of apple pears, c. Near the house are two wells of excellent water and a new cistern, all with good pumps this pUce is very conveniently sit uated, mere oeiOR convevmitr, "j rw" or nacki ts to and from "New - York every day, except Sundays. For further particulars and terms oi sale appiy ti ' JOHN ASPINWALL, Jan 26 lm No. 123 Pearl street. - Hmae, Stable, Garden, tie. at Greetwith, TO'LF.T ' tjBfl The nbcriber will let or lease, for a r...n t.,ft hnuM nl flwnwifh. ltisolea - ICIIH' - " " - - - ntiw aitnalMtnn tU hanks of the Hudson, and calculated to eccoiniuooaie n isrj it.' r wr termapplylo DiviL r.i nuivi, Jan3t - 92. Wall afreet. puh. - sjH.Il. UnlS The two houses. No. 43 end 50 Broadway, to Pa completely finiihed and delivered on Ui 15th April next. Apply to JOHN SLIDELL & CO. . Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadwsy. Q STORE TO LET. The fire proof store No. 2 Gouvemeur's Lane, (near Water street) i to Jet from 1st Maf . ' a. . - - . ' j ll - r next, unas lour stones, oesiuo ij and a very commodious earret. rem; "' " from otlier buildings there is no risk from PoMesiofl ny probebly he hart, if required, be - fore thm 1st Mav. AlP 1 at 29 South street,, t febt 'l'UCKEK I LAUKIs.3. Q TO LET, From trie - first of May oxt. the spaeion .l .. s r - r UaNo. 166 Grenwick - t. UUW w, ' . . . , . corner of Dey - street, Enquire at UlWab. rtootreet qw JO LET. The store aod cellar otvler the mam kmiitiine - of the house No. 223 Pearl - etreet, and a Ihrae story fire - pronf rtore in tbe rear, now occinied hv th sobscriberi possession te be gi. en on the 1st of May next. Also, his stable and roach - hoose, sitoated oa Gold - street, in the rear of bis aforesaid premise, possession of which can be Md immediately. Fb 2 tf JOII""? I. GLOVER. i Js i.ET. A , - - At . . M , ill n taree uree srorv iwsrse, w.i ran - aim ted lor a boarding now, or for two famine, si - teated at the corner or M array aad yvasingtoe street. Aprtly t - NATHA.VEL C JLlRVEY W EED, O - Tter of Broadway aad CortJandt UL . . f3tw . . . i ic"V 'lfPAre.liK 111, i t.x - ... i - .i im. A - " ,h. Cw,n, ' Kerry, Ireland, in the year IH03. wiH transmit Mn Yi, - r - t. u hit afdress, it witl be a parttcalnt advantage its both parties." Tratee, tctober, 1816. . uumi h inirnea W reqoett or Mr. Dillon friend. ; ; v Aiiy (ommuoicbtion ori the " subject will b thanklully received and traiistnitie.i I v ' - ' dec It! BENJ'N. W. ROGERS hi O. NO Itt f - ... rrj The ubw nber.m behalf ef himself aad his associate', give notice, that un tippbratioa will be made to the bonoiable th tr gblaturi of this elate, at its next icsi.iod, for an At '. to incor porate n Bank wib a capital stock of Fit Hun dred Thousand Dollars, and with leav ta increase it to One Million ( to be located north east of rteek man - street, in the rity of New - rork', and to tie called M I he I raokhn fJaok or die rity of Nw - York.M Dated New - York, ICth Dec. 1C17. By order ol th Arsociatet, . ' . decMtf NOAH BROWN. SecVr. Mil 'ii k nii 'si nv OyT1 The Btockholtlers are informed that si Dividend of four and and a half per cent will be paid on tbe first day of February nexL By order of the President and Directors, Janl 1m W. FISH, Cashier - NOIICt. 07 All person having demnnd against the estate of the late Thomas Cooper, deceased, are requested to present the tnme. . AadaWy on indebted to the said suture' ere reque sted to make payment to the tibscriber. ' ALICE ANN SWARTWOUT, ' Jan 10 tm - " Administratrix.1 i JO LET OH LEA St, . t. That VPf - V IMrinui kffhH nnvmrmi IIimm ... I :L. l . ' p ... ".ijr urn ihiuw, nuae comer ei v ss ted Courtland streets, adjoining the' Steam - Boat Wharf. - It is one of the roost eligible situations for a respectable hotel in rhi citv, and in point ol prospect and health is hardly excelled by any situation. To a rood tenon! tbe rent will be moderate. For particular arplv to '" VV. "VAN HOOK, feb t tf - ' ajc. s8 yvall street.' ,, 'AO LL J; .; HSaii Two new (wo story brick houses, finished in i lie modem style, situated in Greenwich - !, a little above Spriog - itrert market. 'Also, a two story brick front house, comer of Washington and Hmoierley streets. Inquire of JOHN HAGGERTy, Jan 29 2w 167 Penrl - sireet.' The lutifcnber will lease or sell the lot and hue io which be now live ki Iia - reus - ntret It is a pretty cotiforiable bouse tar a small moderate family, bavin? a stooe kitchen and cellar, two room on each floor arid a bedchamber in Ihe garret. Across the rear of the house ther is a pleasant piara.' built start elr ' three years sgo It ha a neat lilUc garden about CO feet deep, tnd a small (table, teatkng to which mere i a gangway from the street - Apply to A. D. Duff, No. 69 Washington4treet 1 ' Feb 2 tf J AMES TILL A RY. . r ok bALE . , ,i rkax jBorr.KTy in tri citv or hkw - iohk. G"t A BRICK HOUSE and Lot. No. U J, Bowery STABLE in the rear together with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 test rear, aad 125 feet on tacb ide. . r ' . i. . HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Veiey - street j and House and Lot No 39 Vrsev - street. ' - A BOiD and MORTGAGE lor I2C0 dollar, do - - .'i and - de ' for. 75J - M dp do and do for 450 ,?"do' On valuable property in the city rf New - fork. The in. J - - - r. - 2"rk'nr7::' , Tbe i Blr.riil.r r, Minunt, - ; No.' 27 WnlMfvet. dr 10 tf O JOi.f.i .H I m.uOJtlMiliALIL, The house and r round belnnrinr te the estate of John Shaw, situated on theeieflth ave nue. On the premise are tin excellent enable house, stable, coach and ice bouse, with every thine else requisite for such ne establishment. ' ft is presumed any other description is unnecessary, a thoe inclined to rent will view the place. .Also, the In ree Cre proof (tore in the Tearof house 1 1 and 13 Pearl - street where there is for sale some old Madera wine, by tbe Demijohn. f or rurther particular, apply io - i f , . ai - ;v IH - SDAO, ,. Jan tO" - "1 ' ' ' 11 Peart - street. tOH SALE OR TO LEASE, ViJttS LotsiaUie5,6, 8, and lOWardstmany ol which are on regulated and paved street. No money will be required tinder ten yean, if sold, - interest excepted. "' ' - ' " HOUSES. i Several twosnd three story houses, on which great part of the money remain on mortgage. . . LANDING AT RED HOOK" An excellent stand for business, with ten acre of land, pleessntly situated, with a wharf, (tore - house and barn. - COTTON nd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40acrecfland,anda never failing stream, upon which 21) nails roaj be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at . . Sto. 1 Greenwich ttrtet., jan 13 tf ' . " . ., , . - . - r ... . , .'in i.s. r ilit From the 1st May next, the three - story brick honse No. 18 Courtland - street, with or without Uie stabl in the rear Ape'y to . ,. . J. 4 R. REN WlCa, Feb 2 ' ' ID Courtlnnd - rf. fT FIRE PROOF SlVRE. . sllrlil To let, that foar tory brick 6r proof stoie, So. 8 Governeijr' Lace, near, to Suato - stree . Apply to, . . ,' ... GARRITT STORM, . feb 3 tf ' ' ' ' Jio, 9 Coentio - slip." " bTOHAGE ' nn n h hatt nn the first fl OCT of tbo store No.' 29 South - trct, which will sr the expene oi nowuns;. ii'.m A - 4.A. The nPlf'w,JV!".?0BLe.'" neur's - lane, me miru . lot on whkh it stands it under an advantageous lease, II years of which are unexpired. - It is three stores, with fire - place; being in front on GouvortMeH lane 40 feet aad in depth 85. An improved machine for pressing of good fores - tnrtatioo has heea erected or the premises, and heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton. Airs, skins, hsy, kc. From tbe fitness of Use building, and lb cotvaniDce which it affords for working tbs machine, and its nearness to the river, it may be am object to purchase them lo - rether. ' ' ' ' U?lS The lease (two year of which are un expired) of the three story house No. 93 Front - street, third from Gouverneur't lane. Besides a large store and cellar ia front, it affords every convenience for a large laauly. - - - gr7 - Al FOR SALE or TO LET, tUi The house No. 26 IFaT rreef, opposite the Merchants' and next to tbe Phcenix Banks - It has been recratty built ef Ihe best material, and betide three rooms which have occasionally beti orcopied as insurance, broker and attorney' ouV, sJbrds every xcmiaodatioa for ft private family. If not disposed ef before the 10th Febmary, Uie above win be offered for sale at auction, of which notice will be given by Bleecker fc Bibby. For particulars apply to l " , rr R. THURMAN, JaoSf ' tf No. 26 WtJl - st. , r - n x n. i rJ lli.Tt a fmnt ennnt. V, j r I UJU V T i r . " I iist rete oe the secoed fiuor, terether with the) urm r lorts. Eacuir No, 16 FiaU etmL . - - , jaa4 tf.' . 1 'fib in: rY. .' !:. k i V. j ; m .f.i - i M - . 1 r i; .i it t i! hi' hi - f t . t - tr 1 1 1 ft . t ' i. '

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