The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1937 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1937
Page 20
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f. --* ·' ·*y-"* f ' - as^aa -4if. ml^.^g.. JLttttftCpdpOOMOyflMnui.*. ajg^i^t^-^^ .i ^ TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 11 H 1937 STRIKE END LIFTS STOCK PRICES : HOGS STEADY TO 10 GENTS AHEAD [Top Rises Dime to $10.35; Bids on Lambs 25 to 50 Cents Off. CHICAGO. 6P)--The movement ol prices in the livestock yards Thursday indicated the market responds to supply conditions more readily than to any other factor in the trade. Traders said receipts apparently - dictated Thursday's modest advance in hogs and rather sharp break in lambs. Bearish influences of the Lenten season and already slow movement of meat at some distributing points added some ot the pressure to the market, however, they said. Another decline in wholesale pork loin Quotations accompanied assertions that the condition ot the wholesale market reflected sluggish movement in retail channels. Some observers expressed hope settlement of the motor strike would stimulate trade to'some ex- lent. Hogs were unchanged to 10 cents higher. The top rose a dime lo 510.35. The market's action opposite to the trend of wholesale pork values was based largely, traders said, oh the fact that receipts were 2,000 head below expectations and 14,000 below a week ago. Lamb traders were deadlocked lor a time because of the wide difference in asking and offering prices. Some bids were 25 to 50 cents lower and prospects were that the bulk of the best lamb would sell around $10.50.- : Most killing cattle moved at un changed prices. Shippers got th Tmlk of the small supply of bes steers, paying a $14.40 top for 1, 207 pound averages. YEARLY POTATO CROP IN UNITED STATES WITH AVERAGE WHOLESALE PRICES AT NEW YORK S O U R C E - U S OEP1HTUEMT Of DOLLARS PER IOO LBS 5 200- 100 - 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1933 1934 1935 1936 Hog Markets Local Livestock IH.ASON CITY--For Thursday HOGS Five cents higher. Good light JigMs - . - 140-150 37.^0-1-70 Good Jight lights ... 150-1GO S 7.UU- 8.20 Good lights 1CO-170 5 8.50- 8,CO Good lights 170-180 S 3.03- 0.3j Good Jtsl't butchers 1CO-2DO 5 9,3a- 9.G5 Good light butchers 200-220 S 0.55- 9.85 Good me. wt, butch, 220-250 S 9-nn- 9.0; Good inc. wt. butch. 230-270 5 3,53- U.fij Good inc. Wt. butch. 270-230 S 9.!in- £ Good heavy butctiers 200-325 5 a.firi- 9.85 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9,40- 9.70 Good, heavy butchers 350-400 S 9.20- 9.50 Good packing sows . 275-330 $ 9.0,]-' If.35 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 S H.75- 9.15 Good big heavy sows 42J-5QO $ H.G3- 8.95 Good big heavy sows 5QD-05Q 5 8.4a- 0.75 IThP above is a.lfl:3fl truck, hog market ior good and choice hOfiE- The difference in price is Xor short and. long haul hogs.) - UATTLt i-^Cholcc'to priirlQ -sleers ..:.. $10,00-11.00 Good In 'choice steers ...... 5 7.50- 9.50 Fair to fibod 'Steers ,.^..'...'.'' S-5..1D- 7.00 Low grade steers "..,..:.. ..V 5 4.00-5.00 Ctioice to prtmo yearlings .. S G.flfl-lO.QO Good to choice yearlings ... S 7.00- S.OO Fair to good vcarlines S 5.00- T.Ott Common to fair yearlings ... S 4.00-5.00 Good lo choice heiCers ..... S 7.UU- B.5u Fair lo ood :heifrcs' S 5.00- G.50 Common to fair heifers .... 5 3.30- ft.OO Choice lo prime cows ...... SD.OO-5.7S G o o d - t o choice cows .'..... 5 4,50- S.OO Fair to i'ootl cows .,,,.,.,,,-,, £ 4.00- 4,.iu Fair lo good cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to talr cutters "....." s 3.00- P.50 Fair "to good canncrs S 2.75- 3.00 Common lo fair canncra .... 3 2.50- 2.1: Good to choice bulls £ 4.50- 5.50 Xlcht bulls S 4.00- 4.50 Calves, gd, to choice 130-100 5 7.00-' 6.00 Calves, mod. to. good 130-190 S 4.30- 7-00 Calves, infer, to good 130-190 $ 4.50 down U A M B S Lambs, gd. lo choice 10-90 5 B.2S- 9.50 Lambs, med. to good" 70-flo 5 7.2H- R.25 3-ambs, -fair to' me'd. .. 70-90 5 4.25- 7.25 T-amtas, common 5 4.25 down yearlings, eel. lo du 70-90 s S.uu* H.OO Yearlings, medium lo Good S 4.0Q- S.OO Ycarlinfis, fair to medium S 3.00. 4.00 Yearlings, culla * 1MJQ- 2.50 N a t i v e ewes, good to choEco S 2,00- 3.00 Culls, ewes S 1.00. 1.SO Bucks 3 1.00- \Veiuers, 2 year olds 4 5.00- B.oO VTQltiers. Old 9 3,00- S.OQ Buck tambs Si Lows. No dock on lamba. Quotations luhjczt to market fluctua-, Uons. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ( T h u r s d a y Market) CHICAGO, (j?j-- U. S. department of BSricuHurc-- HOGS 17,000. Including 6.000 direct; steady to lOc higher than Wednesday's average: heavy butchers up most; top 510,35; bulk good and choice IRQ to 32J5 3bs., 5lO.20glO.30; comparable 140 to 170 3bs.. mostly $9,35 !£ 10.25; bulk good sows $3.25 'ire, 60. CATTLE fi.OOO: calves I.IOO; generally steady market on all killmR classes; shippers furnishing principal outlet for limited supply choice and prime steers: Top S14.40. average 1207 Ihs.: few other loads SI3.G5(iJ14.23; kinds at Inside price averaged 3594 Ibs., most heifers §7*38.50; upward to $9.25 paid for low-good heiTors 1o small killers, kinds below $7.23 active: most cutter grade cows $4^4.75; practical top sausage bulls · $6.50; vealcrs ?10.50 downward. SHEEP 14,000. Including 1.20(1 direct practically no early trading on fat lamb.^ indications 23?i50c lower; some bids o: SI0.35 made for sorted lambs held around SI0.75; prospects N bcst lambs selling around S 10.50; shipping orders comparatively licht; fat sheen strong to 2,1 hiehcr; few llnishcl lightweight ewes 56.25. M i l l WEST H O G S . Hog prices at midwest markets Thurs day: CKDAH RAPIDS--Good hogs HO to IS Ibs. $7.ooft7.S5; J30 to 1GO Ibs. $11,101$ 8 35 ICO to 170 Ibs. S8.55S.B5; 170 lo lBtt }b; $EU5$! 9.-4.T; ISO lo 200 )bs. 55,45^ 0 7S 200 to 225 Ibs, S9,60frQ.80; 325 to 350 lls 59.43^9,75; sood packers 275 to 350 Ib $9.053! 9.35; 330 lo -125 Ibs. 58.90^9 20' 4 f) to 500 Jbs. $8.75ig9.05; SCO to 530 Ibs $8.60 8.QQ. WATERLOO--Hogs lOc higher. Good t choice 140 to ISO Ibs. S7.45ritf.75; 150 t IliO Ibs. $7.9all.«.25; ICO to 170 Ibs. $8,5:(' H.Ca; 170 to 180 Ibs. 39.20^ 9.50; ICQ to 20 Ibs. $9.50$?9.BQ: 200 tq 325 Ibs. 59.GU!? 3.90; 325 to 350 Ibs. $9.40fii'9.70; pacfdn sows 275 to 350 Ibs. S3.lOft9.40; 350 lo 42 lus. $8.93«7fl.25; 425 to 550 Ibs. 58.80^9.10 OTTUailVA--Ho«s 5c higher; 140 to T) Ibs. $7."3fiiT(,7.75; 150 lo ICO Ibs. $7.95^8.^5 1KO to 170 Ibs. Sa.45ft8.75; 170 to 180 Ibs 59.05?! 9.35; 180 to 200 Ibs. $9,3Ofi 3.6Q; lo 23(1 Ibs. $fl.50if9.80; 290 to 32j~Ibs. S9. V 4 flf3.70; 323 to 350 Ibs. $9.30tfi9.fiO: 350 t 400 Ibs. 53.10^9.40; packers 275 to 250 Ibf S9fT(9.30; 350 to 425 Ibs. SB.30£f9.20; 425 ti 550 Ibs. $8.75«f» 9.03. AUSTIN'--HOKs lOc l i l g h e r ; good I, choice 1BO tn 200 Ibs. S9.45'(ifl.75; 200 ti 290 Ibs, $3.G5fiR.S5 t . 230 to 325 Ibs. $3,550 OJ!5; 32, to 350 Ibs. $9.4.)Ti 9.7;: packing ;ows good 273 lo 550 Jus. §8.jG£).yO. COMBINED HOG 'RECEIPTS. DCS MOINES, (!Pt~U. S. department oJ igrtcultiirc-- Combined Jiog receipts at 22 concentra- ion yards nnd D packing p l a n t s 1 oca led iti nlcrior Iowa and southern Minnesota for he 24 hour period ended nt R .T. m. 'hursday were 20,800 compared with 31,00 a wee I: ORO and 24,000 ji year ngo. Mostly 5-lOc h i q h e r t h a n Wednesday's vcrage, spots slcat)y early; Rcncrnl itti- ertone fairly strong; loading indicated cayier. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 60 Ibs. Rood and chcycc Sfl.10Ttfl.90; light vclphts 1GQ to IRO Ibs. S8.75fii9.7r; 180 (o 00 Ibs. S9.05ff 9.SS: medium weights ^00 D 220 Ibs. 53.75^10,15; 220 to 250 Ib.T.; heavy wdehts 250 1o 290 Ib.-s. 0.75^10,15: 280 io 350 · Ibs. S3,GOffi 10,15; aekJnfi sows 27.1 to 3.10 Ibs. fiaod H $9.3."»fi G3; 350 fo 425 Ibs. 59.10^9.40; 425 to 530 SIOU'X CITY LIVESTOCK. ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, (/TJ--U. S. deparhnent t agriculture-CATTLE 2.500; calves 200; slaughter cers and yearlings firm; /at she stoL-k Itie changed; , stackers and feeders carcc. steady; car choice I.J40 )b, beeves 2; few sale, 1 ? around $11; liberal quota lort feds $7.507.1 3.50; car Jots choice 9."iO 3. heifers $10G 10.10; few $10.50; bulk: eef cows 54.75610.25; few $7; cutter -ades $3.50(fi4.50; lew common "and me- iiim slock steers S4.505i.B. Current stock- r nnd feed cattle quotations: Stccr.s S50 o BOO Ibs. Rood and choice ?6,25'TTS,23; ommon and medium $4^ C.25; 800 ID 050 Ib. good and choice $6.25/f.R.25; ommon a n d medium $4.25[i.6.25; heifers ood and choice S5.25-fIG.50; common and icdium $4'i7 : 3,tt3; cows Rood 54^4,SO; ommon. and medium S3.5Q(f?4; calves «ilcer) pood and choice $6.2388-35* ine- ium 54.30 fJ fi.25. HOGS fi.OOO; mostly steady to lOc hlsh- r; weights under 190 Ibs. up most; Rood nd choice IflO to 300 ]b. butchers $9.5(1 ft G5; early packer top ^9.G5; Tow S9.70; ip to shippers 59.75; 1GO to 180 Ib, lights 0.2.iff9.SO; WO io 160 Ib. licht lights ff^afilO.^; slrmslitcr pigs S7.25«E.7.T: uhl weights down to S6 a n d ; n e l o w ; sows ".2~t~ stags 59.25 down; feeder pigs up to SHEEP 3,inn; nn early fat lamb bids; ndcrtonc . a b o u t steady with AVedncs- ay's close; buyers talking lower; choice ed wooled lambs held nhove St0.2ri: ajk- aroitnd $3.G3 for fed ewes; feeder.', carce. Reorcsenfative Soles (Thiiraditj- STarkct) CHICAGO. l.Vt-- U, S. department of griculture-- Rcprenentative ealcs: HOGS. feavy 201 2V. l odiums-- 248 22:* 205 1 Lights-- lo.^oian is* 10.25145 1RG 10.20[Br 172 10..TOJ37 Ifi5 J Light Lights-- 1(1 ·'o 10.10 9 80 SOUTir ST. rAUEf LIVESTOCK. (Thtirtiliy M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL. W~U. S. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2.700; slow, slnuchter steers ami she stock weak to 25c lower: mnsl ^Tauchter steers salable around STfti ft. medium sr^cte licifcrs mostly $7.73 rtown; beef cou'.«s S-if?C.25; low cutters and cul- Irr. 1 ! $3.7J^7.4,50 or more; bulls wenfc; bulk 53.7. ! » down: stockcrs steady to. weak: calves 2,000; vcater* mnslly .'iflc lower: Rood and choice S8.50fi9,50; snlectiDn? ?1C OP more; medium rrades down lo $6.50, H O G S 7.500; weights 230 Ibs. lip an packing so\vs about steady; other weights wrak; ti mostly lOc Jowcr: jpood to choice 230 to 300 Ibs. Sin; ton ?10; IfiO to 220 Ib.s. Jarrrelv S9.75W9.fKr 14f» to Ifin ihs. S9.251? fl.7S: 120 lo 140 Ibs. Sa.75^D.75: bulk Pond sows S9.fiO; average cost Wednesday S9.93; wrlRhi 215 Ibs. STIEEJ* 7.000: hulk slauphtor lanibs: nn early- action lambs; u n d e r t o n e lower; one short deck choice US I b s . - f e d ewes about sl^dv At S5.0Q: htilTc good tn choice Jambs Wodnnstiav S10.23; nne 'load to shippers $10.35^10.40. OMAHA LIVRSTOCK. (Thursdav flfarket) OMAHA, C/TO-- U. S. department of ac- rlciiTture-- HOGS 5,1(10; stcfldy tn I0c Tower: Ion 5f).80: 200 tn 300 ]b.T. S9.30f?9.flO; 170 tn 190 ]h«. $9.23'??9.fin: 1W In Ififl Ihs. (ff.a.S'Bi 8.35; 100 to ISO Jhs.-J7lR8.fi5,* pigs $6,^5^ S.2-i: n\vn $5.2-". OATTI.H 2,flfin; calves 4nn: sfc.itly *o higher; 5 leers 11.25; h e i f - . . S9.50 down : cmvs Sfi^ 7.23 : cut I S; bulJs 55.75^:5.25; top vealers S.lflO; lambs steady to 25c low Kr; lambs bulk 5I0.10JO.C5; lop $10.50. 10.351 lO.LJOJ CATTLE. | Heifers H ^ G j H'u ]2.Po;i2 J2.IO;Co\VS-- 10.50|4 1221 9.231.1 1 7 1-1 |9 Frd Range Lambs--ICnlorados-- 210 fit); 3so no B4 94 1207 lie-* l i n R 1242 1IR2 1123 730 117-1 firm 832 P4 97 1 0.301 G2i 10.40:42.- PROFIT TAKING SEEN IN WHEAT Late Dealings See Traders Cautious on Eve of Holiday. CHICAGO, (/P)--Pre-holicla profit taking distinguished lat dealings in wheat Thursday and a times loreed price setbacks o more than l\' cents Irom th day's top. Caution,was displayed by Chi cago wheat traders inasmuch a while American exchanges will b closed Friday, Winnipeg and Liv erpool will be open as usual. Som of the selling of wheat future here was regarded as spreadin against other markets. At the close, wheat was Ve to VL under Wednesday's finish, May $1.35% to 51.35',!., July $1.17'/i to $1.17%, corn % to r :k down, Ma' $1.09 to $1.09is, July ?1.03-J4 to 51.03%, oats % lo -'la off, and pro- -'isions unchanged to 15 cents ad- 'ance. Stock List CHICAGO CASH GRA1.V (TJmr.siUy Market) CHICAGO, /PJ--Cash wheat: No. 2 Ixecl 51.12. Corn: No. 3 mixed Sl.imi; mainly vhita; No. 3 yellow Sl.ia'.i: No. 4 yellow 1.0a«V.1.12ii; No. S yellow 51.07!iE1.03!i- Vo. 4 w h i t e S1.12=isjl.131-1. Oais: Kc. 1 white SaVic; No. 2 -wl 4',2c; No. 3 while 53(it.53 l ,ac; No. 3 white ereal 53l^c; sample grade 5Q3iM uisly. " Buckwheat: .Sample grade 32.55. Soybeans: No.- 3 and 4 yellow $1.58!i Barley feed 80cS5l nom; mailing Slfij 4R nonj. Timolhy seed 5CK6.25; new S5.75SS Clover seed $28rS3.S cwl. l.nni lierces $12.52; loose $11.92; tellies Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday 3. 3 yellow shelled corn $1.06?^ ·Jo. 4 yellow shelled corn $1.04'.-" !ar corn 97c Vhite oats No.- 3 48c Parley · 60-aUu Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ..-..$1.45 THURSDAY GRAIN CLOSE CHICAGO, W)-- VHEAT-- May Uly 'cpt CORN-lay new . lay old .. uly new . uly old .. iopt OATS-lay lily icpt iOYBEAKS- il.iy Illy WE-lay uly iept BARLEY-lay .ARE -- lar. lay uly ept. ...'... BELLIES-lay Uly High l.lO'.i Lo\\ . J.n J.13 1.03H .50' .44' ..12.62 . .1.1.011 . ..13.22 ..13.45, 13.0.1 13.25 i.on J.07 1.03 ' J.SR 1,07 13.12 13.32 16.63 JILVN'EAPOLIS GItAIN'. (Thuriday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. m-Whcat 61 cars; n-o = .c higher; No. 1 heavy d a r k north- rn spring CO Ibs. $1.56!!1.G3: No 1 dark Ortliem sprin c 53 Ibs. $1.55® 1.62; 58 Ihs ^Sjl.el,- fancy No. 1 hard Montana protein 51.4761.40: crade of No. 1 dark ard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 51.41 1.43; hard amber durum No. 1 $149!iihj 07!i; No. 1 red $1.34'A(i.l.35.S. Corn: No. 3 yellow 51.183 1.20- He to lie hlEher. Oats: No. 3 n-Jlilc -iajiasi-ic. fin !2B 11 124 H2 159 fi.2;J (T.QO 5.02 Hides (jaotatlnnx Famished by Wolf Broi n Inc., 3d» F l f l h Street Sooth .vol. HorsehldM . S4 O o · G R E E N DEEP (HUES up to 25 Ibs : ai!, c 25 to 45 Iqs '" 7 c More thnn GO Ibs. ...... 7 « Bull hides "." 5»,c ·Cured hides hall cent nuWii'pound. (On above prfccj o cent hfgher io wholesale dealers In wnoleiale lotj.) WOOI/ MARKET. BOSTON, m--U. S. department of «g- rjctiltnre-- Business In spot domestic wooTs was very slow Thursday and only · few small ranuctionx look place. Prices hcTd ahout steady on Ihe limited quantities sold, belnu mostly on Ihe low idc bf ranees prevailing during the pasl wo to llircc weeks. . As R result of the sT.ickenlne demand, h e . recent extreme srIJInff prices were ot bcins realized In current trading. KANSAS CITY G R A I N (Thnr.idaj- M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. (,p,_wheat 53 ears; c IllB»er lo Hie Imver; No. 1 dartc liard Sl.30'5; Ko. 3. . 2 hard S1.44H; Kr. .1 nom. 4- No . Corn 37 cars; lie to Ic lower: No. 2 white nom. _Sl.2W4fl 1.53; No. 3 nom. Oats 2 cars; Uc hlclier to !ic lower; No 2 white nom. 55',i(a58c; No. 3 nom. ' O M A H A GRAIN" (Thurjda)' Marlict) OMAHA. MV-Wheat: Dark Jiard No. . Corn: Yellow N'o. 4, SI. 20 Oats; White No. 2, 56','jc. COVErt.V.IIENT BONDS. (Tlmrjd»y quoUlliin» ·NEW YORK, W)-u. s. bonds closed: Treasury 4Us 47-52 120.4. Treasury 4s 44-54 114.1!). Treasury 40-43 June 107.J. Treasury .Ills 43-47 103.8. Treasury 3lls 4»-49 los.3. Treasury 3s 51-53 IOG.20. Given Prenuplial Shower. MANLY --.Mrs. Leo Finnegan entertajncd at a postnuptial shower honoring Mrs. Lewis Reindl. NEW Y O R K STOCKS. (Thursday Tiaal Q u o t a t i o n s ) "..- Dye 23S!!i Ki-esj!e 27? Lib O F Gl 771 Maylag 14^ UlciC *: Rob W Mid Cont Pet 31', Montg Ward (II 1 . Nash Kelvin 22^ Nat Biscuit .11 Nat Cash n 3C Nat Dairy Pr Nat Distill Nat Pow Lt l:;': N Y Central -Northern Pac Oliver Farm Packard Mot Param Pict Penney Penn II R Phillips Pet Hadio Rey Tob B Sears Rocsb Shell Union Soc Vacuum Son Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Sid Oil Ind Sid Oil N J Stewart Warn Studebaker Swift «.- Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sill Un Carbide 108} Un Pac 134 Unit Air Corp 3HJ United Corp 7',' Unit Drug l:U'« U s Ind Alco 40?; U S Rubber r.T'i U S Steel lil!)'i Warner Pict Iti'A West Uii Tel ?7%4 West El M Ifill Woolworth 58!4 Al Cl Am Can ' 109'A Am Sm A: RcZ !i:t Am Sugar Eei .i^li A T T 1 8 3 Am Tob B uli',1 Am Wat Wks 2G',i Awaconda 57^i A T S F 751, Auburn Auto 33^4 Aviation Corp K":a Ball Ohio 2ii Barnsdall 531ii Bendix Aviat 23'.'« Belli Sll BI!'« Bordeii 21\'\ Burs Warner B:'. Can D G Ale air, Canad Pac Case Chi Jt N W Clli Gt West C M SI P (t : C II 1 S: P Chrysler Col G El Com Sou Con Edison. Con Oil Con Can Cont Oil Del 44V« Corn Prod G9% Curtiss Wrlghl 7»i Deere Co 123 D're Co pfd 'MH DuPonl de N ITri^i Ceil Elec 02 Gen Toods 4;i?!i :cn Mot 7n»l :illeltc l«',i ood'r T fc H 41'i -Tildson Mot 2"'z Illinois Cent 26'J, nt Harvest lUE'k nt Nick Call Ki'.ii T i; T 13'i, rohns Martv 147* 17Li!i 4','i IG' 27- fro! 11';: 20 v; 100',' «v 56! 50 13 27=4 4I'.' {Thursday Fi lilies Service 4^Ji {cilmann Tire Iflla Calz Dnijf IS'.a Cellogp Swite 10 .ibby JtcNeil 13!1 lid west Corp 15 »Jatl Leather 2 STOCKS Katl Standard 35 N W Bancorp 15 3 *i Qtlalccr O^ts 121 S w i f l A: Co 27!S Swift I n t l 3Z'i Util ff Ind Hb Zenith 37 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason City Ol'ficc In BaEley-Beck Bids. Telephone No. 7. DOW JONES AVERAGES lulls. Hails mill. Close 1S0.29 58.01 Total Sales 2,920000 CUICAGO STOCKS Bnllcr Bros 15U Marsh'l Fields 21 1 !! Cord Corp 5',3 Walgreen Co 4S NEW YORK CURB Am Gas El 42!'a Ford M ot Eng 7V* Hum Oil Co 86 Lockheed 13^ Nias Hu Pow IG Pcnnroad Corp 4^1i S O Ky Co l!0'.i Un Gas Co Un Li P Co S*i Ulil P S: Li Co 111 Am Cyan B 33 1 , Am Su Po Co 2'/a \rk Nat G A ll-T. As G «; El A 4U Can Ind Alk (i a jt Can Marconi '2}ii lisler Elec :\*,t El Bd S: Sll 2-11* ^ III ot Ca ^D NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Jim 14',j Hudson Mol Allegheny S Allied Sirs !.)'« \m For Po ll^ii Am Cr Su Co 31','* \m C F Co BT,i \m Pow Li I.l'/a Am Roll Mills 33'.!i m U it S Co 28'.« Amer Tob Co afi'.i Armour Co l l ^ a \rm 3c Co p£ 04U As Dry Gds 22 Ml ReC 34?a Baldwin I.oco !M,a Brigcs Mfg Co S3 Build Mfg Co K^« Bttrr ArJrt 35 1 ,* Bycrs A M Co 30 Cat Tractor 90!^ Cer de Pasco 71 !i Chcs Sz Ohio G6',i Clli Gt W phi 1S'.'« CMSPP pTd SVi ·oca Cola Co l^a om Solvents 19% 'ont Motor 3!i tidahv Pad: 41'^ url-Wr Co A 21 1st C Seae 24»4 'otigli. 1 ; Airc fi9V* astman 174^4 Eaton Mf Co 35',', I A u t o Lite 44% I Pow i: Li ' ric R R Ca 'ne Ti t ost-Whee! rccport Tex: en A Trans H2'/* 1 Kid en Co -l.i'j lobcl II 1 ; nla Dust I4?i t Nor'n Ore 20 A 4 raliarn Paige 4 ^ 4 t Nor pfrl Aft~'n ouston Oil 15 J ,« 221 ', S0= Hupp Mot 2V« Intl Carriers fi Indust K a y o n 37. Nash Kelv Co 2-TM,\ Lambert Co 22% Leli Port Co 4 D T » LIci Carb Cp 48^11 Lorillard 27 Mack Truck SB^i Mathicson .Al 41) JIcLcllnn Sirs in Rlin. Mol Imp 14', M K T a Mo Pac 3',* Motor Prod Wo Antcr No Am AvI Otis Stool. Co 2Hi Owen III Gla 171 Packard IMot 11^1 Park Ot Cop Plymouth Proc Gam P S of N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bak R K O Rr-:ii Kanri Reo Motors St Joscpli Lc su Simmons Co M So Cal Edison 29U Spcrry Corp 22Ti, St G E 12*/4 Ti Wa As Oil 21 U S Ind Alch 4K1 TJ S Smeller 80'^ U t i l P LI A 3^ anadium 33"j Union O Cal 26j Un Gas i I 15J. Warren Bros fi^a Western Atyld Western Uii Wor'n P u m p Yellow Trk Y'j-s s T 3t',» 5U 2G 51)14 G!) 2S'.i SV, MANY LEADERS HIT NEW HIGHS Profit Selling Not Long in Making Appearance;' Gains Slashed. NEW YORK, (IP)--The General Motors strike truce stimulated a burst of buying in Thursday's stock' market that lilted leaders 1 to 3 or more points, many to peaks for the past several years. Profit selling was not long in making its appearances, however, and extreme advances were reduced or canceled. In the exciting sprint of tlie first hour, the ticker tape for a while was 5 minutes behind. The volume dwindled later nnd, near the final hour, dealings were exceptionally quiet. Transfers were around 3,000,000 shares. Holding sizable portions of their best gains were U. S. Steel, Crucible, National Steel, American Rolling Mill, Briggs Manufacturing, Bendix, Yellow Truck, Goodrich, Sears Roebuck, Macy, Anaconda, Kennecott, American Can, American Telephone, Continental Can, du Pont, General Electric, Lima Locomotive, Westinghouse Airbrake, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Lackawanna, Montgomery Ward and Westinghouse. Chrysler ran up 3 at the beginning, but dropped back to below its Wednesday's close. The majority of the rails were a shade improved. Utilities were reactionary. In the backward column were Western Union, Consolidated Edison, North American, Electric Power and Light, American Water Works, Columbia Gas, Standard Oil of N. J., J. I. Case, Douglas Aircraft, Standard Oil of N. J., and Texas Corp. Curb Market NEW YORK, IIP)--The curb market responded 1o a bullish demonstration on t h e big board Thursday wElh a sizable list of gains ranging from fractions to around 3 points, embracing most of the leaders and a number of i n a c t i v e specialties. Peace in tbe General Motors strike appeared to b e , t h e signal for heavy buying n steels, pjass shares and others identified -with the automobile i n d u s t r y . Among tiie largest gainers were Jones nnd Laughlin Steel. National Gypsum A. Detroit steel Products, Dow Chem- Qal. Pittsburch Plate Glass. W a y n e Pump and Safely Cnr .Healing and Lighting. American and Electric pushed .,,, T b o l t t J points, but most other utilities 1MYTMJFORGET SSI : READ THIS In Hollywood following an ingenious maneuver on the part of his young wife, Janet, Joel Payn- tcr, second-rate Broadway actor, begins work under a short term contract. Meanwhile Janet makes a point of cultivating the right people, joins a tennis club and meets Vernon Chester, an important director. Chester asks her to play tennis and have lunch with him. Chester likes Janet and learns inadvertently that she and Joel have been reading: a bestseller about to be screened by Chester. Chester selects Joel for an important character role in his new picture and Janet virtually dielalcs Hie terms of an attaetivo new . contract and option. Joel makes screen history in "The Dance Was Long" and the Fayn- ters find fame anil fortune at their feet within eight months. Janet has everything that money can buy yet happiness eludes her because she finds she has nothing more to do. Then Joel confronts her with an Item he has read in a Hollywood gossip column. Now Go on With the Story: Bond Market NEW YORK, fiPi--The bond market vos an even-tempered aflair Thursday vilh issues sliding along in a narrow orice r u t . In tile corporate division limited Rains vere scored by International Paper iK i n t e r n a t i o n a l Hydro Electric fis. Illinois -cntral 4»Ss, SI. Paul 3s, American and orejgn Power V 5s. McKesson and Roubins las anil Missouri Pacific .Is. Studebakcr Convertible 6s rose Z points r so In response to higher prices for I n c hares. Higher prices /or Youniislown heel and Tube shares- stimulated the ;i!i er cent convertible loan aboul 2 polnls. Paramount Pictures Os met resistance Her Wednesday's sharp r u n u p of 4^« and ropped bach; more than a point on I7.ablc volume. Issues f r a c t i o n a l l y lower were Belhle- lem Slccl 3%s, Santa Fe 4s, Baltimore nd Ohio 4!'as, Paeific Gas S^s. U s lubber 5s and Utilities Power and Li G ht U. S. treasury loans were mixed with mall uains in the 2^1s ot 1334 and ly-,1 nd the .Ills or 1S14G contrasting with lim- tert declines in the 2*is and the 2',ls of O.'S. Up a little in the loreicn division were Uruguay Cs. German 7s. Polish Rs nnd Argentine fis. Rome fi'.is were a b o u t a ·^oint higher. . Milan S'.is were down a rifle. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quotations by E. G. fllorse 3ggs, current receipts i I6c leavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Jnder 5 Ibs g c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over 13o Springs, under 5 Jbs lOc ·eghorn springs ..'.".'.'.'.".'." i c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Sggs, in trade 18-lQc* , . . . . . . . . . . - c 23gs, cash ............... 17-18c* Gutter, Iowa State Brand. 3utter, Corn Country ... Butter, Kenyon's Sutler, Very Best Sutler, Brookfield ..'..'.', ^otatoes, russels, peck . "otatoes, cobblers, peck 3 / c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These rep- Jsentative quotations were ob- ained by calling several grocery tores. ' 4flc 3p c gg c 40c ag c 7g c 77 INVESTMENT TnUSTS. (By The Associated Prta) Bid and asked Thursday: orporale Tr Sh, 3.15 orporatc Tr Sh AA Mod 3.84 orporate Tr Sh Ac Scr 2.39 orporatc Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.84 ivldend SH 2.09 aryland Fund .'....1067 allonwide Sec 4.54 ationwldc Sec Vie 2.26 or Amer Tr Sh 2.0R or Amer Tr Sh 1533 ... 3.93 uarterly Inc Sh lfl,3{l elected Am Sh Inc 1(7,35 u p e r Corp Am Tr A .. 4.4EJ S El L P A 20,2* S El L P B 324 S El L P Vtc 21.62 2.24 5.04 2.42 20.75 3.34 23.68 Serve Chicken, LuCcffsk. KANAWHA -- A chicken and itefisk dinner will be served Fri- ay noon by the women of the Canawha Lutheran church. A irge crowd is always in atlen- ance at these dinners. CI1ICAGO P R O D U C E . ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (If!--Butter 7,24.1 easier- reamery specials 103 scorcl 33'i1i.14i JC ' , t r a « 1 D2) , 0 ?' /1C: " lrn ""«* SO-9I) Ic; firsts rB8-B3l 31i«J32.,',c; standards 00 centralized carlots) 33',',c. EgRs B.11.1, steady: prices u n c h a n g e d Poultry: Live, I car. 37 trucks, steady; hens over a Ibs. 17c; a Ibs. and less IBc- Leghorn hens I3c; colored sprines IBc- Plymouth and White Hock 20c: colored broilers 2l'.ic: While Rock 22',i'c' Piv inoulh nock 2c; bareback 16c: Leghorn er'J'rSc" lurk rooslc " 13c: Le S h °TM roost- IVc; old He; No. 2 turkeys I4c: ducks v,i Ibs. up white and colored 19c: small white and colored IG'.bc: ccese 15c: capons 7 Ibs. up 22c; less t h a n 7 Ibs. 21c. NEW YORK PRODUCE. (Thursday ftfcrket) NEW YORK, m--Eggs 10,195, firmer- mixed colors: Special packs 23lie"41',/ standards 2.?«23'/4c; firsts 22S22«c-" o'lh cr mixed colors unchanged ? ult ?J, I1030 ' stcad y: Prices unchanged- extra (32 seorc) 34Hc. ' Cheese H2.2S4, firm and unchanged Live poultry dull and weak; by freicht fowls: Colored J7S20c; other Jrciahl prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. (,PI--Butter future* closed- Storage standards. February ai^ic- March 3L 3 ie; November 2fl7ic. ESK futures: Fresh graded firsts, February 2I»;c: storage packed firsts, March JHjc; refrigerator standards, October Polalo futures: Idaho Russels. March .«"w ' * M1; Eraclc A * 3 M: AprU Krn1! A CHAPTER 18 THE NEWSPAPER that Joel handed to his wife was folded no that Harriet Casey's gossip column was face up. She read nonchalantly. "Oh, the Tracys have bought Nell's" house," she said, reading down the column. "Go on," Joel said. She read that Joe Clinker, the comedian, had presented his baby- faced leading lady with a diamond ring, and that Myrnita Deland was planing cast for the opening of her picture. Then she saw the item. "The Joel Paynters are going to have a baby! We heard the news from Janet at the charity bridge held yesterday at the home of Christine Doolittle." Janet had to reread the Hem three times before she was sure of what she read. "I'll be darned," she said incredulously. "You'll be darned? What about me?" Janet didn't answer him immediately; she was trying to remember something. Harriet Casey did not often make mistakes and she certainly didn't manufacture her news Hems. Something was beginning to buzz around in the bnck of Janet's mind. What was it that she had been saying when Harriet came over to the table? She remembered Harriet asking her a question rather breathlessly when she was playing her last hand. She had a guilty feeling that she had said something that might have led Harriet to surmise but when she looked up to tell Joel about it, she had time only to whisper, "It isn't true, darling." She might have said more and she might have spared herself the pain she felt stab her quickly when she saw the relief on Joel's face. It was the entrance of Tony Menone and Larry Kelton, two oE Joel's cronies, that interrupted anything else she might have said. She and Joel were not alone again until late that night. Tony insisted on taking them along to a little movie theater twelve miles out of Hollywood where his latest picture was having a sneak preview--that is the preview to see how the public likes the picture before it is released. After that they had lo stop at somebody's house for a night-cap and after that Joel had forgotten Ihe incident once his fears had been dispelled. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City Bid and asked Thursday. Cent St El 6 pet pfd (S25 par) If) Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par) 11 Cent SI P Ac L 7 pet pfd 1F1 Champlin Rcf la 7 pel pfd .. 101) Creamery Package com 24 Hearst Cons A 23 Geo A Hormcl A pfd 104 Geo A Ilormel coin 21 Interstate Pou-er fi pet pfd .. 15 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .. IB Iowa Electric Co 6Vi pet pfd 53 Towa Zlectric Co 7 pet pfd .. 54 Ta Elec Lt Pow C pet pfd .. 73 Ta Elec J.i Pow G'a pet pM 74 la Elec Lt Pow T pet ptd . . 78 ta Power : Light G pet pfd 102 la Power : Limit 7 pel pfd 103 [a Public Serv C pet pfd 9!) la Public Scrv 6'.3 pel pfd .. TOO la Public Serv 7 pet ptd 101 la South Util G pet pfd 73 la Soulb U t i l Ky 3 pet pfd 7P a South Ulil 7 pet pfd 84 Minnesota P it L K pet pfd .. 94 Minnesota P L 7 pel pfd .. ino Northern St Power (! pet pfd on Northern St Power 7 pet pfd ns N W Bell Tel C!i pet pfd .. 105 ^ W St Portland Cement com 2Ti lath Packing fi pet pfd loo talh Packing 7 pet pfd i n n ^ath Packing com 31 Sioux- City G El 7 pet pfd !!!) Jnilctl Lt Rys fi pet pfd - B7 Jnilcd Lt n v s f!.3B pet pfd R i 1 ^ Jnitcd Lt Hys 7 pet pfd .. 93 Western Grocer pfd 97 Western Grocer com IG z Called 4-15-37 ii Called 3-1-37 12 is la 2(1 55 SS 75 7G fio 104 lor. 1(H 102 10.1 SO 111 86 36 ID2 !)2 ;)3 101 Bfl B!) !).-, 100 13 Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. IThnrsilay Market) CHICAGO, (JV-U, S. department of agnculuire-- Potatoes 62: on track 237; total U S shipments 786: old stock firm; slichtly stronger undertone for best slock, supplies moderate; demand light; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No 1 |3.«fi3.75; U. S. Wo. 2. S303.IO; Colorado led McClures U. s. No. 1, 53.10G3 32'i- Wisconsln Round Whites U. s. No I S2.50; U. s. No. 2, $1.45: new stock, about steady; supplies moderate, demand slow carlot track sales, bushel crates. Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, S2 less than carlots f2«?2.03 a crate. N K W V O R K SUCJAR ( T h u r s d a y Markel) NEW YORK, (ifi--Raw siicar unchanged at n.55 for spots. Fnlnres: March Io. .1. 2,6.1; Sept. 2.67. or 4 poinls hlrjhcr; lo. 4, May 1.15','a; March lfl.16. 1.27, or * t o IVi points net hichcr. Refined unchanged at 5.00 for line granulated. But Janet had not forgotten, anc in her breast her heart beat will things it had stirred up. Later ; cold fury, a sick disappointmen and a deep resentment was ti cause her lo rebel but never ti speak, for Janet had learned ti school herself against anythin; that would threaten her happines. and the smooth continuity of hei life with Joel. She meant lha conlinuily to continue in spite o all the odds against her. All of he chances were based' on the on slim thing that was Joel's love fo her. And Janet knew that love wa something lhat is not given and left in keeping at will. She sat there in the 'darkened movie, theater with her eyes o: Ihe screen watching Ihe antics n Tony Menone which convulsed the audience, but she couldn't have told you a single thing she saw. She was thinking. If I were going to have a baby, 1 would be so happy that nothing in the work would be real to me but lhat one thing. All of her senses responded to the desire thai filled her. She Ihought of the indescribably delicate texlure of a lillle baby's hand, and her fingers tingled. She thought of the sweet smell of a baby's body and her throat ached with longing. She heard the sigh of a baby and it was a sound so soft it might have been the rustle ot an angel's wing that she alone heard. There in that darkened theater she experienced things she hac never known. Little things that time had passed on to her from generalions she had never known. They were memories lhat had been born in Felicity Burns and in every woman because every woman was once the baby of another woman. M e m o r i e s that make a woman catch her breath as she looks at a sleeping baby because lhat baby is far away from her, so close to the infinity from which it came. In them there was tenderness, oh, the kind of tenderness that be she a poet, she can never put in words. And there was fear and the .ultimate in fulfillment. There was wonder at the past, at her part in the present, nnd the timeless hope of the future. Janet thought of the things she had seen in" the children's shops. The tiny, tiny garments, the soft flannels, the coats and bonnets too beautiful for a doll, but never quite good enough for the miracle a woman's own baby is. In those passing few minutes she had furnished a nursery in blue. It would be in blue because, if course, her baby would be a :oy. He would look exactly like Joel. He'd have long legs for a Jaby because Joel had long legs. He'd have a play yard and none of those with too low fences be- :ause nothing must ever happen :o him. He would have no dangerous toys. Oh, dear, babyhood loomed as a difficult time! Then, when he was big enough to ride a horse, he'd have a lillle riding habit like Joel's. He'd swim and play tennis. Probably he'd play football when he went to college. Joel would want him lo go to college in the east. She and Joel must save their money because there might be another depression and she wasn't going to have her son experience Ihe lean years as her Joel had. Supposing there were a depression and young Joel had a wife? And Janet and Joel were not there to help them? Janet had herself an orgy of thinking there in the theater. In a briefer time than it look to show the Menone picture, Janet had lived the babyhood, childhood and youth of a son she didn't have. A child who wasn't yet, one who had appeared merely in the gossip column of a newspaper. She was worrying over die childhood ills and dangers of a baby she wasn't even having. She laughed a little. Out loud dryly. Menone was sitting at her left. He bent toward her pleased ,;md whispered, "Did you like that gag? I was afraid it didn't go over." She whispered back, "It was a very funny gag, Tony, but I don't think your audience would appreciate it." That night, for the first lime in the two and a half years of her marriage, Janet was thinging of what she wanted and not what was best for Joel. She couldn't remember when she had first considered her wants. Every move, every party, every cultivated friendship in Ihe picture colony-and even back in those six months in New York--had been made for Joel's comfort and Joel's advancement. He hadn't been selfish accepting them. In his way, and his way had been sweet, he had repaid her over and over again with his immediate acceptance of whatever she suggested, with his little devotions and his expensive gifts. Joel would noS now deny her what she wanted more than anything else -in the world. "Darling," she said. "I think I remember now where Harriet got the idea. I did say something about all of us---the girls I mean--having children some day. I didn't mean that I was, but .1 want to. Please, Joel, let's have a baby! We can afford it now!" Joel flung his collar arid tie on her chaise lounge. "That's what you think! We can't! Wertiem sent for me as soon as I got in this morning and flung that column in my face. He laid down the law. No babies for the lime being. He's grooming me for the biggest box office draw in picture history. Your husband, Mrs. Paynter, is the popular American lover. No. domestic notes at this time, please!" (To Be Continued.)' Buffalo Police Press Hunt for Lackawanna Man m Girl's Slaying BUFFALO, N. Y., (ff) -- Police threading a slow way through a maze o[ "lips" and false leads in their search for the knife-slayer of 18 year old Mary Ellen Babcock pressed the hunt for a 24 year old Lackawanna man Thurs- . day. Detectives said the unnamed Lackawanna man had been identified as a steel worker. He was believed they said, to have been with a girl a short time before hev stabbed body was found in a south side field Saturday morning. At the South Park slalion scores of Mary Ellen's young men acquaintances were questioned but police said none had been detained. Ernest Carmany, 16, Plymouth, Succumbs. Ernest Carmany, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Carmany o£ Plymouth, died at a Mason City hos- . pital about 5 o'clock Wednesday" afternoon following a brief illness. The boy had been at the liospital since Sunday. Heads Mink Breeders. CHICAGO, (/P)--Frank C. Go- liier of Anthon, Iowa, was elected president of the National Mink Breeders association, a trade irciip seeking lo stabilize the mink pelt market, at a convention lere. Instructor al S. U I _ IOWA CITY, (/PJ-President ·ugene A. Gilmore announced he appointment of Philip Man- jold, Rochester. N. Y., as instructor in the University of Iowa music department. He will succeed *ihe late Prof. Harry K. Thatcher who died recently. Sirs. Lancaster Buried OSAGE--Funeral services were «!ld Thursday afternoon at the Champion funeral home in charse if the Hev. Stiles Lessly of the Jsage Congregational church for Wrs. James W. Lancaster, 65 Gold Star mother, who died at her lome here Tuesday morning. Lamson Brothers Market Letter MAItKET lital--Diving to I --..and for wheat, Liverpool prices were el"TM , T w', rSd . ay "' Ornin « a n d "« "'"- ol and Winnipeg opened sharply liiclicr n consequence. Rather heavy selling by -irgc commission bouses came in im t h e dvance nnd selling of this nature con- mued olf and on during the enlire scs- lon. pr e« closlnr; not far from tne low oml of Ihe day. .The selling seemed to nmc from commission )ini«,s tiK-me ocSu i tFou° t auont S l bu n ! ' 1 ' pl "' n " s - Wo "M irns. on s I a r p u p " Corn--TUB early firmness In corn prices as n£ short duration Thursday n n t l a ,_ lough t h e amount ol selling was not ot -rgc proportions, pressure continued in nis market during Ihe remainder of (he » SS lh"' , r " CrC WaS scllin ? ° f May corn bases of Seplcmber. There "vcrc^O cats l corn received Thursday. Prices were c lo 2c lower, limits steady, Industrie., «crc principa buyers although ole 1 -a! 0 r onc6rns bought a few cars. Some of Die ash people look for lower corn remiums. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Thurniliy Market) MINNEAPOLIS, an -- Flour: Carload ots a barrel in 9« Ib. collon sacks: rams' patents unchanged. S7.70«n.30: stand- rd patenls unchanged, $7.45(37.65. Shipments IS,8;iH. Pure bran 831.50(532. Sland.ird middlings ,M2O32.50. Market Day Sale! Kanawha Sales Pavilion At Kanawha, Iowa, Located 12 Miles South of Britt on Highway No. Ill Friday, February 12 STARTING AT 12:30 P. M. 20 HEAD OF HORSES-A11 ages and weights. Some good work horses, and some yearling: and 2-ycar-old colls. 150 HEAD OF CATTLE-Consislinjr of some eootl milk cows anil heavy springers. All kinds of slock and feeder cattlp and a goad listing: of bulchcr stock. 50 head O f these cattle' are consigned oy one farmer, and in this lot are 15 cows some arc milking; anil some will soon be fresh anrl llirl balance are cattle that are on fecu, and some slock caltleT 109 HEAD OF FEEDING I-IGS-- Wcidiinir from 75 (o 150 Ibs' Get your slocli in early nnrl don't he afraid l o consign vonr slock to this sale as you will find Ihis markel amone (lie best. rhonc 118, Kanawha H. B R U M M U N D , Auctioneer and Manager

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