The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1818
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it - ! . It 1 ST, JOHN'S HAIL, Ifo. 8 rranklort - ttfeei, . - . WILL be sold t public auction by Hoffman Si Glass, on Tuesday the 7th inst. at JTvlrlr in tho Cotleeliouse iniormaiioii J . life property, title and termi of sale may he had by applying to Cornelius Bogert, No. 14 Cedar - street. F.b7dU , .,. v TO LIC I', lt3 From the first Msy next, tlie store no. 7U touth - itrcet.. For terms, apply to LKFFERTS, .Tun. ' 23 William st reei. frajuportaiioii f i'ttUburgt, through the Hate mirv ...Kirhihrr. who lisa been enffnreil f X several years in forwarding merchandize .i:r. .,. nf the United States, offers hi sen - ices to tlie merchants and traders of the western states and territories, as agent to transport property of every decription from the on boara " - tub wbt" . - " Albany, can be delivered at Pittsburgh, it is believed, in as short a time, as by any oJwr route yet discovered, tbe price or iniisporu. lion for the wbolc dial"" dollars per ewt Proper care hns been taken to select gitlnen of respectability as agents .i ....mi routes communicatine with the Allegany river t and wliere extraordinary exertions are required, a confidential pers - n thorousrhly acquainted with the country, will accompany tue goons, mi umiiiiun v.. .1,:. ...(.;, - nost naid. will receive the earliest attention of the bubsciibcr, who for approved weiiritv wUI eive a credit ot six momus on a larce proportion of the account. b V CHARLES SMYTH. Albany, atate of New - York, 2d. February, nfiivnre to Messrs SatteileesS: Co. and Messrs. I. Hyer.aud H Rankin, New - York. feb 7 2aw ' i ' ; TUITION. H C. UFFORD respectfully eivrs notice that hi school at No. 53 John - itreet, is o - peo from 6 till 9 o'clock P. M. for the inslrur - tion of young gentlf m - 'fi, especially in Knaluti mmm:.T. ' hoi wno arp Qenrout lO oiiihiii a correct bnowMge of this in'portant bifnch of edacation in a thort time ana ht a nioii raie t peair, are requefted to avail thchuelvet of the i.refent oppirtuiiity. lntruttions will be given till tiic 1st of Apnl. ... Mr. U. hascoininfrcid with a Latin. class, lor the nccommoilatinn ol .ncli Vounz C ntlomeo a cannot attend tlurincjthrcl.iy. ttb 7 W I71N aTA'l K'.NAliY. rrcivtd by etitpiJo - diac and other vesilt Iroin London, lor sale, ivboloalt and retail, by P. CURTSF.LL, Corner Wall and I)it)iid - itrei;tF 100 reams Cue letter paper ; 20 narus bank pott (10 Drawing Papers, vit. an'iquarian, doublu elephant, imprritil, royal aud demy DriMol boards (or driwins ' Copying impcT and inkpowder SO grot, finjni;au ink, in hottlrs 13 gross Wink'leii't brtt ink - powdnr " 7 rollt fine ptirrl'mcnt, t'isiie very tare 50,000 qui ill ; uvun quills ' 40 pratt tine and extra hlaclc lead peucilt 200" lb h aliiig wax and wafers INKSTANUf?, wood and t la - s, pewter and lead, weilewood, and k!;is fountniu Mouth glu', indranglue, and sablv pencils - Cheit tueis , hack - gnmiuon boards : . Japanned and pape' fancy card racks Travelling casi; pocket hooks ; . Long - hturt ; silver pewil caes A large end elptiant awrlment of penknives, IMn the be - t tngluli makers Pavijrny'a i.tent ratom and peoknivet V Clhtk and Savitfny't rator straps GLOHKsi, 18 and 12 inch globes, complete to ; telescopes, fcc H(m Batroncfflical telescope, reflecting Djlon.)', ilay and night tvletcopet, for sea service Do military rlo land do - ' 60 cute - mathematical inttrnmrnts, some ve - ry fine Purnlol rule, all sites ; wantage rods MATS sum CHARTS, on a large scale and latest editions - The world on a large scale, on Mercator't plan no lour quariors Fnrope, with the present political divisioni Fjisl tnd and Wales, large Arr iH tmith's chart Pacitic Ocean, 9 tbeets . adto's - - do coast snath America' - - Sfeelt - 's 1 1 River Plate CliatU, tndiaa Ocean, - .1ian and Pacific do Chisa 3ai ; Coatt V. S. io'J largo charts , Wttt Indies and Gall Mexico : - Ifotth Sea and - rtnllic Pilot - Xorth and South Atlaalir, 2 charts Mediterranean, fpain and Portugal "' Holland, White bea, kc.iic. iic. ' . ' fcb7 ' . ' "St PAPEK. m & J. SWORDS having recently become X.axeou lor tlie l hird lirrer Caper IWUJ. - voeil and conducted by Messrs. Moras and finertland. respertfullv inform the nnhlicerneral - fir od the trade in particular, (hat (hey have now on hand a Quantity of the various ksads of paper manufactured ai litis mill, consisting or v Fine royal and medium coloured, . Fioe medium printing ami blotting, : Supertine writing derny and foolscap . - ' ' Superfine extra folio and quarto post, plain ud hot pressed. . The abnre barters are all of the first oua!ilv. and are offered at a reduced price, either for ta,n or approve - 1 boim, at a rrasoranic credit. Coottant sopplirs will be received, to furni - h Imall ot extensive order. GenlUmrn who h been in the habit of receiving paier from this mui ure mviiou lueummuu ineir pairomgeal me sewsgncr.. .eb 7 .NEW BOOKS TUSTfereired and for sale by ELIAVA J LENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door b:low rine - sireeir - i . - ? - Cote on fruit trees, with 200. erravinr,. pce J x - i mi rt - 1 " A narratire era tour of obervti'n, made du tins the summer of 1817. bv James Monroe, tire rident of (he U. Plates, (fir orli the nonh - e. t era and north - westum iVfpartmmte of ihr union, w it h a view tobe examioatidb of their several miliary defences. . . , unij ci neari, or woman as she s'tould be, an Qterrtting talc, by an old wife of 2() years. iurn ma rti i t.mbasj io China by Henry tl'is, Eto. LettenTrom flieCare nf Good 'Intv in rnli u u ... . ... . . . 1. i mHiT. naricru Willi rxirnrtt irnm Itnninirlf'i rt work, tosether with all Oie new and slan l s waras id me various ileparments or litera - W. A f. - o7 MAVOU'6 CUL'RP. Mathews , M. 'shn Cornell and Sa Io partition. rah bit wile. j m pursuance nj aa order of tlie court of com - s pleas, called the Mayor'sCourt, of the city Sew - York, made ia (he above cu. we in to sell at public vendue, u highest hitl - Jor bidden, at (he Tontite C fft - e I If ue, in ity of New - York, oi the 1 1th day of Mar h Jlt 12 o'clock at noon, til (hat ocrtv.i lwel - boae, mewuiice, tenement end lot of land, e, lyin and beior. in lh f urth ward nf the ofXesr - York, knowa siddittincuishei f a a thereof bv lot mnlarri fhtrcn : jrhirh m!J PrtnU!etand lot nfln.t la ImlinH. - 1 Stl u - illnu Jberly by Hanker - strtel, ratlerly by Rov - street, cortberly hy rt aumbt r tevinte' - ri, TrT,,"'T n u,e rear by land belonsing to Sa - TV Tbotnuion. rnatKinin in ltm - lb mi esch ftftr frt. ftiul in !ir4th in frt jit iind rrnr tveleet each : with all and sirzuhr the arrjw wn,or courses, lier - ditamests and ' Wteemwes tlrtn hrlnmir or in HIT wise ''"7;& - 'edCthFeb. ISIS. llsON COX 2 Jr!uiU rn - L - JB - Commi.siciKrs. oiPy P - DlErF.RICH bore proraiset nre (he comer of r 8 p.MLS0eTe','trf't,!' in th P"'"0" f 6 W. rCLLAX, Att'j. . . TICKETS FF.w Tii iels in the weaicai science - i.ct f frv now druwiwi way be had fit (he low price ft SIX by applying i "a. it vuuuiiiin - si. nut Ow;riy Review, No. 34, is ihn day A .published by KiRK fc.MERCELY, 22 Wall - treet.. Alw, Purity r.f Heart, or Woman as the should be, by au old wit ol twenty year Tlie President's (Monroe's) Tour ; Mandeville, bv Goo - iWiu, Slc. ret7 w AITES' Urlicial List of Prizes in the Me dical Science Lottery. ' 21 th nay s drawing. 16.C22, .41000; 14,0H, $100; 1(5,728, :t?,l 2"., 22,990, 10,402, $50 each. All fold at Waites'. . Feb 7 ALPINE fcOAP. f)2r The suhscnocrs offer the gentlemen of this . iL.r i ' c cny ineir mmie . u.ii', which only needs a trial to prove its excellent qualities, in rendering the operation of shaving easy , it is postesied with many good and useiui qunlitiuf ; it softens tlie beard, chopping, and givet that comfort and pleasine satis faction in shaving as not to fail to rf - commend it to general ute and to merit the approbation of a generous public. The subscribers do not wish to enter into a lone detail of this valuable soap, but (bey submit it to judges ol genuine soaps. Just received, an trtnitnt of the celebrated tmlent 1 enctrating Iluir UruMiet, fancy articles, tc. N. SMITH DAVIES CO. 1315 Broadway, nearly opposite City Hotel. Who atwav keen as emend and as sood an as snrtmrnt of articles in their line as any store in tins city. N It. Please to observe that all the articles made t y N. Smith Davies & Co. will have their name on in opperpmte or lype. ifo i 10.000 DOLLAKd. ' 4th Meilical Science Lottery. dy3 The next drawn nunber on Monday morain at 10 o'clock, wui be emiucu to a capi tal prize of $10,000. Have for rale a f - .w whnlo and parts of tickets, wliicb may be obtained uotil 9 o'clntk (hit cven - in, mil on .iiomi'iy moruiog, previous 10 me drawing, at. from which price a liberal de duction Lo made, if a number are purcha jed. r cl 7 " Kate's dark recesses vvc can never find. Hut Fortune, at some hours, to all is kind. Tbe lucky have whole days, which still they clmose The unluckvhave but hours, and those they loose." rilMK best way ofknowine whether Fo - tune J. will be propitious, is by purchasing - a rickct of ROBERT WAITF., Jun. provmu, to Mtuidny's drawinir, as the first drawn number at 10 o'clock in the morning of that day, will be entitled to the capital prize of Ten Thou sand 1) llars. KtlBEKT WAirE, Jun. again reminds his customers, that he has ao.d and paid more prize in the present LoUery, than any other office in Broadway. The urawintf is nearly half over, and the fol - lowiug prizes are in tlie wheel : 1 of 30,000 Dollars 2 of 3,000 Dollars . 2 of 10,000 Dollars 4 of 1,000 Dollars lleside. several of g5O0, 200, kc. TickeU and Shares fur sale by R. WAITE, Jun. feb 7 136 Broadway. 1 O WATCH - MAKERS. 513 dozen Vntcb Snriics 46 dozen Watch Chains. For tale at II. VOS'3 ' . No. 74 Washington - street, feb 4 lw ;A l OLA - ibES 6i COFFEE - UOhhut. Havav 1V na i Molasses new crop 4 bhds. do CoCte Landingat Old - slip from Brig Caroline, and for sale bj . , JAMES D'vV OLr, Jr. fob? 57 Fron - street. IP At OUCK 60 tons St. Petertburuh clean Hemp liO h'llis first quali ly Rusfia Dock Fortale by JAMES D'W'OLF, Junr. jan !i 57. Front street 01 s.ANiJ COTTON o bales priimiVlaiKi Cotton, juet received per Khooner Laura, from SavaiuJi. and for sale by . : , OTI3 & SWAN, ', Jan 14 - 157 Pearl - slreet. MBAZETTS ti COTTON 4 bales Uombazelts . , , 34 bales .Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime 1'pland do. landing and for sale by SAUL M.LEY, 98 Pine - street. . Iw Store 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as abovg. . . .. - jan 24 RUSSIA GREY HARE SKINS. CEORGE ASTORofTeis for sale 10,000 Rus - J sia Grey Haw Skins. Jan 31 tw UL'M. 20 nhds. Molasses Rum, Oi'A proor, for tale by JACKSON WOOLLEY, - la.i 12 . 75 Wall - st. 150 UtL.1.l COJMA. bales very prime upland cotton,' in store, and for sale ia lots to suit purchasers, by GRIS WOLDS & COATES, . Jan 23 . 63 Poulh - rt b'LOUrl. - luo. bots .Vl - iyo's Mills lauding from Khr , at Perk - slip. IN STORE, f 100 bbls. Richmond Mills 3J4 do Petersburg!! (Stokes and Smith's brand) For sale by ' ' GRI3WOLD? COATES, an 12 flH South - street.' ERM AN STEEL, BRLMSTONEiic - 155 boiesSleel . .. 12:' boxes rol br mstone 1 case Leglioni hats 15 tl tuniblers 10 puckagei puper 3 buses choilrts SO boxes mou.d candles 80 do soap, entitlel to "debenture For fcale by , JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. j n 13 j7 Ki - ,.m - i..ieet. f'llOMACCO, FLOUR, Ax. 00 hhTTcTd A Rirhmond Torero, priacipally of prime q ialiiy, adapted to he Irish maiket 4' do new do., part very prime 29 do old Rappahannock do : 2o0 kegs liirhniond inauusactured do., sweet sonited and coaim - Mi i30 bbls Richmond superC'i'. flour 54 bales prime uplanl cotton - - lid pi.f Holland duck . JiOO ke - - D.ileh herrings . A) ctrks ailum , 50 dri dry while lead 2i do claret ' 40 crates eirthenware, assorted 21 ca - kt mmtanl 3 botls best (.o'wlon porter , I ' 5 puuebsous r.dibit tkins 500 reaart medium prmting - paper COO do cap, no. and 2 30 grots press papers, ,Vc. brle j WALSH U GAi.LAC.HER, Feb 6 66 rvjulh - stieet. LIGNU dVT i ..30 tout ou board the ship Corsair, Hvr.le by Jaa 29 TROK.ES, DAVIDSON i Co. wm mm ' a Sfl - r - n at y . ; - For Salt, Prtighl r Churttr, V A new pilot boat bui It SCHOONER. about 150 tons burthen, built in the best manner, copper fasten'fcd. in complete or der to receive a cargo in every respect a good vessel apply on board at Hurini slip, or to N. L. ft G. CKISWOLD, feb 6 80 South - Htreet. for Hale, freight or C'mrler, The good fast sailing brig NYMPH, Ij7 tons burthen, in complete ordo to receive a cargo, may be sent to sea without ueray. Apply on boaisl, east side Fly - mai ket, or to X. L. tL U. CUUWOLI), . feb 6 86 Southtrert for Halt, f 'reieht or Uiarler. The ship MIRROR, 320 tons bur then, is a pood vessel, 2 year old slows about 3 .'CO bbls. and sails fat applv on uoaru, west siue iiuniiig - snp, or to K. U C ti. (iRI flOI.D, feb 6 86 .S'oeii.street tor ante, t'niiht ur f'iurltr. f$Ut A new ?'xU b0t,built SCHR. alwut T" - uiinnen. ouut in me oesi maiiiitT. of good materials, and copper fastened, a very fast sailing vessel, and may be sent to sea Willi small expence. Apply on board at Burling - slip, or to HT. L. G. GRISWOLD, feb 6 86 South - street For Hale, freight or Lhartrr, The staunch khI hip BKILLI ANT, about 524 tout bui - thea, 2 years old, and in good onler to receive a cargo. Apply on board, at iiuriing - slip, or to JN. L. & G. GRI3WOLP, Feb 6 '06 5outh - st. I'I'I'V Uil Ik'.. Tbe brig EUNICE, captain How, will sail in a few days, and will take heavy freight at a low rate. A pply on board at riue - et. wharf, or to CAMBRLLENG i TEARSON, Feb 6 67 South - st. 458 SMOKKD, PICKLED, ke. Boxes N. S. herrings 209 do Digby io A few tons plajtcr A1m, pickled tnlmon, do. hernnga, do. codfish, bbls. mackerel, do. shad ! or calo by SMITH, BLANCH VRIi f CO.' No. 35 Burliug - slip. Schooner MAXAMILLA, V. Smith, nwtcr, will take freight for I'oriUndor hubec l.uquirc a nbove. Feb 6 lw . &s5 A BRIG of 140 ton - , now on the stocks .y - Mai I rovidence, ouilt ol good malerials, opjier l.iMcnc.l to liItt writer mark, and com - lclclv furnished with a suit nf spars and blocks, with her f landing ri?ing all fitted. Apply to BAKBAKIN, STANTON ic CO. Feb 5 3t 17 Fultoa - slip. , The very fait sailing floop PARA - - r - nv . . .... i i i' . l. . . . i . ii. l . ,JL'.i, I'uriiiiHl uu loos, uuili Ul llir f'jri ..latcrul! j has made one voya je to the V cst - ln - ic! ; it one year old and can be sent to sea im - inedi.Melv. For terms and a view ol her inven - ry, apply to 1 GRIs vVOLDa 4: COATES, Feb 3 68 South - f t. for CH.1fiLK&r).; The f?t sailing schooner LOUISA, W earner, master, Deinsr nearly loaded, ill tail tho first wind for the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Burling - slip, or to S. Aul.Ki, Feb3 - 93 Pine tt. FOR iEVV - Ort.LEA.s, The brig MARY ANN, 175 tons, substantial fas', sailing vessel, one year oll ; will tail on Suuuay next, r or freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE & CO. ; Feb '2 44 South - st. For .VATAJtZAS, (Cvba.) The brig Caroline, G. Muiiro, mas ter, will take what freight may offer this weelc - tor terms applv to ; JAMES D'WOLF. Jun. $7 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CAARTEH, The brir SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur - i3t,then 15S tons, a staunch good vessel, lately repaired. Apply as above. feb 2 For OPORW, , Tli u - lip I1K.I SKV rmnt Tnnin f. - - ) V..lfaih"rlllpn Q tons, a substantial pood vessel, only one vear old, having a part of her cargo engaged. For freight of the remain der, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. jan 31 . 44 South - street. L' k.l. I.' - . L . i i ., ui kjuic, r rciKfu vr quarter, Thesliip DRUMMOND, R. Quarles, Is,, master. 300 tons; will carry upwards of 3000 this ; is a substantial vessel and well found. For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at go soum - ttrcet, to Jao 27 WALSH tc GALLAGHER, for Hale, freight or Charter, The substantial, fast sailing brig M A - RY AN N, capt. Lewis ; is 1 year old ; carries about 1600 bbls ; lies at pier no. 13, east river. Inquire of GOODHUE & Co. 44 South - street. Jan 27 tor LOMJUXUEKRi - jJtiY The hue tut sailing ship FOSTER, ( - V Martin. m - tr. liAvinir 7.nth nf hr cargo ready to go on board; will be despatched without delay. : For freight of 100 to 200 tierces seed, or passage, apply to the master on board pier no. 13, or to Janai ' ' ' W. S. CRAIG. BAIAHA CVsGO AT JtUCTluX. 0! H Tuesday, 10th Fcoruary. 1018. at eleven o'clock, at tlie south side of India Wharf, in Boston, will be sold at public auction The entire careo of the brisr New - Leader, earj - lain i ouiie, irom uam via, consisting Ol 250 BAGS COFFEE. Conditions at (lie tale. T. K. JONES I CO. Brxton, 30th Jan. 1818. Auctioneers.' (eb26tt TJ'RENCli GOODS PER. LATE AK.KI - r VALS. 2 rases plain black silk velvet 2 do color'd do I do very elegant ribbands in sets, No. 5 & 12 d plain satin end tauutas ' 1 box thread lace 1 do merino siiawls 1 rase fine Leghorn hats and crowns 1 do mock merino shawls 2 do levanline shawls, 5 - 4 and 6 - 4 2 do pins in boxes. " ALSO. Types, in founts, brass wire, &c. 9 For sale by A.'D. DURAND & BOURDEL. feb 5 St 30 Pine - street. fOTTO.M. - M hules Prime Upl ind, for saje .J at CO S'latli - street, hv JanS7 W .SH at GALLAGHER. 0 h hundred bins Bristol SpaiisU Brown, 20 do White Oa I, With a ceneral assortment of Paints, dry and ground, for talc iy lllt'L.t.T S WILD, 192 Front and corner of Fnlton - ttreet. Jan 2J . PLASTER OF TAiUS. A CONSTAN T supply of gr. und plaster ofi ZTi pans, in nanvis, suitable lor me souin - rn mirk't. Orders lcf wuh Walter "en. - 174 Front - stif, onier of Bnrlirr s ip, will be roraitlv attended to JOil V :ii r.rla, - r oot ot ilirrU - Uxeei, xierm - xuTer. Jaql9 tf i a 3 st. r6n HOLLOW WARE. . A I asMrtment of the above article consisting of pols, kettles bako pans, griddles, skillets, basons, spiders, tea kettles, 4ic. per ton or piece, lor sue uy CEBRA & CUMlJfGT 70 Pearl - it. Jan 30 MLlaU BACON. . ENGLISH Bacon, fc'plit Peas, Uerkley, Doe - ble Gioucetter and Cheshire Cheese, all of a very superior quality, imported lo the Ann Ala' ria, from Liverpool. A !so, a general assortment of Grst quality Teas anu urocenei, Fib Sauces, Olives, AdcIiovus Very old Jamaica Kuni Superior i'.h proof Irish Whiskey American Piue Apple Cheese English Porter, liuniijohui, and Bristol Ware, for ta'e cheap lor cash by E. BLACKFORD, 157 Gruenwich - elreet. V - For Sale or to JirrU, Imp, Two HOUSES and a STORE, situated in broad - street, Newark, (N.J.) opposite tlie E - piscopitl.Cliurch. Also, for sale, the HOUSE and LOT, 1 14 Fulton - st. , feb 4 lw .vlWiK TABLE CLOTHS, UXE.MS, Szc. Just opened at No. 61 Maiden - lane 3 ci? Iri - U linen?, course to superfine I do loii lawns, assorted . 1 do 5 - 4 ttout Irish theetiogs, assorted 1 do diaper and dnmask table linens, assorted, from 5 to 10 quarters wido 1 do super real double daoinsk table cloths, part very large size, with elegant small and large napkins to match 1 case notied counterpanes together with a general assortment of Dry Goods, lor piece aud ctail sales, at very moderate prccs. AUo for Sale by tlie Package, A few" cases Irish linens and long lawns, assorted stout 5 - 4 Irish sheetings, Drogheads Blach 7 - 8 In ens glazed. White rlatillas Jau28ir lb & C. SUYUAM. I I Oi'b. iiO bales of Hoot, for sale hv LT STARR U SMITH, feb 5 Iw 190 Pearl treet. TVVlaT mid E1LL1.NG. W riLLIAM CAMPBELL No. 197 Ptarl - street. has received WOO lb. of No. 13 and 13 Twist and Pilling, from his factory at Pat lerton, which he will sell on lair terms. A reiru ar supply of yarn fioio No. 10 to 111 will lie ro om mI weekly. Jan H tf II LLLbi BOVViNE iiavejuvl received by (he il renin, irom i.onaon. 1 ixon's Antiiinus Pills Hickman's Pills forthe gravel, &c. Chinz's Worm Destroying Lozenges RoaJn's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham 3nlts. Ilayward's To!u Lozenges Hen'rv's Calcin'd Masnein, And a eeueral assortment of British Tutent Medicines of rtpute, not mentioned above ; warranted gr - nuiae, and for sale at Jan 24 lm 14'i reari - strect. noilU YARN. I he COMMISSION VJ COMPANY, 148 Tearl - street, have now for c. most IS os. of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 I 30. ian 8 1 LAaaWAKE 1 6 hints. Eng. Ulussware, UT ronsislins of Wines and fumtilers. fT sale by CI1AS. L. OGDEN ti A BR. OGDEN, .r!i Wnthington - st. i if .if LIJVWS ,1't Ur.T.ilL. UST received At No. 19 Maiden Lane, ft com plete assortment of 4 - 4 Irish Linens, ru'i ha ed at a reduced price, of a strotiir tahrick and lesrant bleach, wliicb will be sold by the piece a small advance. ten hot ClALS 150 chaldrons coarse Liverpool coals, on board ship bettor, at Murray's wnart lor tale by G. G. L S. HOWLAND, Feb 5 77 Washinirton - t. I) LYNCH, JUN. TVTO. 40 William - street, has just received J - l few baskets (containing one dor. each) of superior White Creaming Champaigne, import - ea in uie r acior. irom tiavre. lit 'hat alto in Store, ' Madeira, in casks, from 3 to 12 years old Do. from private storks, from 3 to iQ years in boiuet Cons an. ia, Burgundy Claret and old S.viterne Grape Juice, 0 years in bottles Dry Lisbon, Port Wine iu bottles Old Brandy and Rum And a Tau'le Wine, of excellent quality, and at a very low price. The above have rl! been selected by himself with particular care, and are of very superior quality. He offers them for tale, warranted pure as imported. feb 5 lw APARTMENTS WANTED. A SINGLE gentleman wishes to rent, in or near Wall street, in a genteel private, family, a Bed Room and Parlour, without board ; furnished rooms would be preferred. The quiet and neatiest of the house, as well as the respectability of the occupant, are particularly required. A line directed to J. C. left at this office, mentioning terms and situation, will be duly attended to. Jan 23 Im FEjYCIAU ACADEMY. M' ONSIEUR MAGLOIKE has the honor to inform the voutisr srenticmen of this city that he has opened a Fencing Academy at No. 5 Courtlaodt - ttreet, where he teaches (hat usc'iH and elegant accomplishment. Hours from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. and from 5 to 8 ia the eveniog. feh6 Iwt ' 10,000 DOLLARS WILL be a arded to tlie first drawn number on Monday neit. 30,000 DOLLARS To the first drawn number on Morday week. The wheel contains valuable priies, via. 1 prize of $30,000 I 1 do of $3,000 2 do of 10,000 4 do of 1,000 , - 1 do of 3,000 1 . And many of 500, 200, lOO.fcc. Price of Tie ki ts $13. A few warranted undrawn tickets for sale at . ALI.ENS Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway. Where have been sold thii week, No. 25493, prize of 5000, No. 6657, a prize of 2000, and where No. 33J0, which drew 100,000 was sold and paid, being the highest prize ever drawn in America. Feb 6 Ct FOR SALE, (en good r either Beds, with pillows, kt. Inquire at No. 8 Grand tr street. feb 2 lw AGEN l'LLMAN aoc hu ladv, with one child and servant, wishes to obtain board Irom 1st May next ia a respectable pri rate fami - 7, hciivi uiuuiwij, n line taarrnni iv 1.1. and left at this office, wiU meet wiOj attention. ' .Vtinthly Scientific Journal. JUST published, the Moulblv Scientific Journal," coutainio g diqniil ions in natu ral philosophy, chemitiry, and tbe arts. " Also, an extensive Mathematical Corrrsnori - deoce, price ti cents, by W. Mariat, A: M. and fellow of the New - York Philo - oobical ioci - ety ; selJ by the editor at his academy, hetwcei No. .Murray - street and Broadway, whre sub scribers names will be thankfully received. reb4 lw CORPORATION PROPERTY. 'pO be sold at public auction on Friday the J 20.h int. t OhJ City - Hall, at llo'cl k - 9 Ixkts of Grnvnd on the westerly side of Col lect - st. bet een Aath - nv and Leonard - st. 12 Lots on the easterly tide of Coilect - tt. be tween Antnoay and Lieooard - sts. 7 Lotion the easterly tide of Collecl - st. Ie - tween Leonard and Franklin (ts. 1 Lot on Ihc westerly sjile of Leonard - st. I e - (weea Collect and 0 - an5e - (. ALSO, S Cellars under Catbiriae saarket, for years iioni 1st May next. I ne ipjr fan oi enr arcrin - e in u - :d'. late Third - i. for 3 years from 1st Mai. Tl.e iHr p irt of the Wafchhoue in Spring - for t year ir .m the (it M y. Thet" rv j; Msnhattaoviile fof I Tear. A m - if tlx; C.'llecl kits may be o and par - ticu'iirs feuowa at the CotfcptrofWs "(ricj.'i'y I 1 I P for n s. - i . V KVKHT EVKRISO TBI! WKK. MR. STANISLAS, ever wishful to grali. a liberal public, bat devoted some time in hringir.g forward for (bote evenings one of the greuietl pieces of human invention ver prevented Iwfure an enlightened audit - ace, called the TeiL - ple of Mnrj. Thit astonishing and incomprcbi n - tibU' niece of rucchaniiiu. at the command of Hit exhibitor opent its doors and displa) s io the back ground llic oust oi uie iiiusxriou nsuniun . the tcrr.nle rhnnires and discovers the Godd - tft ol Liberty and Fame defending from the clottl' with a wreath of laurels, ahil Pl3ciiur it on his head, disulaviri! (he motto ' llomate to the Im mortal Wnsljugton," For further jiurficulansee - uiiis oi tiiuiiay. - ren v gw 7U l.r. T. The House No. 215 Pearl - street, well calculated for a board in ir house. Enquire at no 175 Peail st. . feb 5 lw HE LET, Two convenient rooms in the bascmenf ol iNo.4t Pinc - Mrr ct, suitable for ojicct or rount ing n - 'iiK. Imjuireof D. 'P. JUNKS, h'bStf 44 Pinr - sir. et. s1 heal estate. iaisj The tubsenher olTert for sale that eleRnnt Unee story brick hou' anil loso plensantly i - tuated in Murray - street, bemgthe corner of Mur ray ana cnatl - 8treels l lie situation of the a - hove property it too well known lo require a particular description. Person wishing to purci.mse are invited to call and view for thein - elves. The house may be viewed anv n fur noon af ter three o'clock. The property at present rentt for twelve hundred dollars per annum. Possession tobeeiven 1st May, 11119. If not told at private sale, will he offered .r sale at auction, on the ltitb inst. 1 Anv further oartirulais mav be known bv applying to JOHN 'LIMBERUER, Baker, Uieenwich, corner ot tlerrmg and Am i streets. ' feb a t 16 ' TH t IT Two adioining rooms in Wall - strc - j?, convenient tor orhces. Apply to prime, Ward k ands, feb 2 tf 4i! WalUtreet. 7U l,r t The 3 story House, No. 44 Nnsinu - st to let from 1st May next. Apnlv to . CiEO. HUMMER !z CO. feb 4 tf .112 Krodwav. JO LET or l.&AzE, From the 1st May next, (he three itory hrnUh'Uie, No. IS Courllnntft - stieet. Apply at tiiuoiin e of . - i. i. vv tt.i.iur., fi b 4 hv ' No. 12 F rlton street. S.sLK A I' AUCTION BY ItUFF.VA.y and GLASS. (RZA On Snturdiiu, Itliin't. tii5J The Il'iise and Lot No. IC Wall - street, 3u ii el front and 10!) feel deep mom or less, with a rieht of 'partition wall with the Mechanic's Binu, built by slay a work. Possession ol the zreab r riirt of (lie pieinitts mny be hafLimme - dintely if rentiired Tcimt made easy hiiiI known at time of sale. feh 4 3t iff y.HLUAHl.E I'tiOPtlUi'. HfitS The following very valunhle properly is ofl. ied fur sale That snhMantial built nnd romaiO'lioiis 3tory brie!; HOU?E and LOT of GROUND, No. 3 Courtlund - ttirft, call uhitcd for a Inre and convenient store in front t raid M beins VO Itet front and rear by 1 10 feet diW p. The 2 two story brick IfOUFF.S and LOTS cf HOUND next below adjoitiini;, hrinz Not. 5 and 7, well known as the oldest est abliihml'nt of slate ( fliers and tavern in the city said lots be ing each front and renr 20 le t in width by 110 feel deep. For terms, apply on tbe premiss, or to - JOHN L. DICKINSON. feb41w Lrateii, or Sold. The apacioue story brick HOUSE, No. 129 Chamber - street, having e cry conve niencefor a large family, and a Well of excel lent water in the yard. Its proximity to Me Square lately opened, gives a view of Hudson - ttrect from the rear of the house, and renders the situation airy a"d pleasant. For terms ap ply to JOHN" U. MURRAY Si SON, 'feb 6 113 Pearl - street. ffiX iO LET, ltASll From 1st of May, two genteel 3 story brica houei. No. 491 and492Greenwieh - sln - et, with (or without) stables in tbe rear ; occupied af present by Mr. George Cnfrgill nnd Mr. Joel West. Alto, a small 3 story In ick house, No. 113 Fly Market, near the corner of Pearl street. Also, a convenient dwelling; house, (occupied by Robt. Arirain, Esq ) nnd stable, with a very :roo:1 g irden, fronting Love Lane, Bloiuingdale road Ijiquire No. 49C Greenwich - street. leb b 11 fttfi SALE, (sheup.) A piece of ground, on the east tide of Uruadway, near JoncV - ttrcet, all high ground, aud a baudsnme level spot improved as a rieh garden, 25 feet fronting on Broadway and 2U9 leetdeep. Also for sale, a large lot of ground, with tho buildings thereon, being lare and convenient. No. 97 Bmtd - stree t, between Pearl and Waler - st reels. The lot 3i feet 6 inches froolinz on Broad - strcrt, and about 70 feet deep, which buildings will readily rent lo pay an interest of ten per cent per annum on the purchase money. The greater part ol the purchase money tor cither may remain on mortirrisre, if required. Ap ply at 97 Broad tt. or JOHN SHARP, Feb 6 Iw Brooklyn. Pott The 3 story fire proof ttor'e. 254 Watcr - s. partly fronting on Peck - slip ; baa been formerly ocruoied for hardware, and nt present for a crockery, by Mutt k Birdsall, Enquire of febtf iwT . NlGtlOl 3. next door. TAKE NO I ICE. fCT - I he nrsl drawn number on Monday next will be entitled to $10,000; and on tbe Monday fellow ing to 30,000 dollar?.' A few 'iekett for ae atlh lucky lot tery office of JCDAH it. ASA a US, 74 viHiilen lane. ' Where have been fT'old in ibrmer Mte - iei mostofUie high tStl'lU.t Prize in former lotteries, foreign bank notes, and apptovrd promissory notes, will be received ia pay iu nt l r (m kets. A corievt rhecfc book is kept at the lurky lot tery o Awe, which may be examined at f II times irw ol ti ence - ten o xi lil.rKW l)Oi.L.4Ui OJf MO.VUAY, r Mir: first drawo nurtherthat lomes on of (he I whet - Ion Monday mornire; will be enlitii - d to (he tatimary prise oi l en rnou - iou wmin, and the firt drawn number on the" Xondny fol - Irtwios to 30,003 doPan. . T he following prires yetremaia in the wbecf, nt : of of ol I 1 of $1,ooo lo,oo I I Of ".w 10,000 I 4 of Init mist Dl SlO.tOO. lOO. tC. IC. And the lottery oea'y hair done drawing. A rrj lew tickets remain unsold at Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden - L.ane. Wliere the biehest priae vet drawn has been old. U: 16397, 50 0 doNs drawn on I barsdav Ut, he - xfet many other raiu able prim in the saote IMtrrj ; vid tea thousand dollar prisr, ia shares o( rickets in the Imi Mistical g ieoce Lot - teiy. 1 he hilft fnse,(2j.O00 dollan) toey r tii' .ocKitd day tUier beitiK drawa - O. R. WAIVE will also advance (be cash alt to prii io this el iss, as eooa as draara. MECHANIC HALL, i . loo at 1 4W?4V,'' - - r..Mf I POBLIO SALES. BY J. P. DIETERICH fcCO. ' AT PRIVATE SALE, . 5000 acres of land, in Wood County. (Ve. within 10 miles of Marietta, end 5 miles from tl e Ohio Kir.r. litiO doin the town of Pittsburgh, iit.ion vr.untjv Aew - 1 orfc 400 do. in Pikv f ' m . , I Par.... I. . . . .1 II . . ' . w. ...... j , riiu.j d.iiu,., mm an eiteiieui unjiru - ved farm of SOU atre, ta the Coshfcfon turnpike rond. 1 ho tn Inst mil be "xchirgrd (or pro - f triy in the city of New York, cr for icerchac d'zej Apply at the auction room: O - jvlr. KEr.NE, restwei fully niMMinces to the!ie anil (JHtulemr n cf New - York - that his GRAND CONCERT, will take piece, at Ihn CITY HOTEL, (weather pencilling) ca Tuesday, Feb 13. ' - . . ACT ltt. Ovcrtnrp, Full Orchestra Soni;, " Ciin l!tiy" Mr. Kcene, ileeva .Soon, (hy )eift) " Fly swijc ye . - Zephyrs" Mrs. .. ' . Bishop Ductte, If thou ratiit live on bumble ' fiire,"Mr. Ken e and Mrs. Moran ' Virtue Concerto, 1' Forte, Mr. nlorxn' P. A. Cord Sonij, " Ilenrv's farewell" Mr, Keene ; Irish Duett, (by ilcsirr) " Rest weary Travel - ; - ler" Mr Kcenc and Mrs. Moran Rraham Air, witli variations. Flnfc, Mr. Kinscla Weidcer ACT 2ml Overture, . Fell Orchestra ion?, " I bou.'h love it warm a while" Mr. Keene Braham Duette, " '1 yroieto" Mr. Keene and Mrs. loran r Moore Air, Piano Forie, Mr. Moran ' F. Hoffman Sore, The rose bed of cummer" Mrs. Monn - Stevenson Song, " Tbe bloomin" Pvose" Mr. Keene, Philips Sopc, My Henry's gone" Mrs. r Moran , . Stevensba Song, (by desire) ' Home, Love and . Liberty" Mr. Keene ' ' Bithop Final", Full Orchestra Leadei, Mr. Gcnti! - Piana Forte, Mr. Moran Tickets to Iw had at Messrs. Weyraan's No. 33, and G. ic R. Waite, Nu. 54 Maii'.cn - Lano Mr. CVmdricb, No. 128, and Mr. R. Waite. un. lll'i Urondway, nt the Music J - lores, of Mr. Keene, No. J'jl Greenwich - strcel, and of V. 11. C'reab, Printer, No. 71 Maiden - Lcue. feb 3 3t NOJ1CE. Thesiibscrihrts bavin; enlered into partnership, (he STOCK & EXCHANGE BUSI - bt'.m hiTptofnre conducted by R. II. N EVIN'8, will be continued under Ihc lirm of NEV1NS it 1 11 iv asi'.a 11. . . RUSSELL II. NF.VINS, fob 3 EI.IUU TOWNSEND. NOTICE. Qr The partnership heretofore existing be twee 11 the subscribers under th? firm of Read ami Pine, is dissolved by mutual consent The settlement of (he concerns of the firm is committed to Samuel Read, who continurt the zrocerv hn eir.e?s ut the same place, corner of Front anu Fu ton - stieels. New - York, Fi b. 3d. 1B18. SAMUEL HEAD, feh3 Iwt JA3. I PINE. rLr" If' Mri 'Ihomas i'yke, musnn, ol Loudon, is in tins city, he is requested (o cill on John B. IJa. - li ,; tii, No. 147 Broadway, where ho will i'.ifornu - d of loniclbmr to Ins ailiaatsje or if a he ot, any infoinialbn respecting him com - inunicalrda above, willbelbuukfully received. 1 eo . 17 CO - PARTN EKpII I P. AUSTIN Si ANDREWS haTihr taken Gud Taylor into partnership, (he business will be transacted under the firm 01 Austin, Andrews le Co. . AUSTIN ANDREWS,' GAD TAYLOR. leb g w , : - roll EM. LAND. DIUr.CT. . $y Letters for His Britannic Majesty's Patk - ctPRINCF.S3 ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will bo received at the Pnst - Oflice till Wednesday afternoon, (he 9lh dny of February. Jan 24 T. W. MOORE, Agent. NOTICE. The copartnership exisf ins: bet ween William Ross and John E. Ross, of (lie City of New - York. Coachmaker's, is this dy dissolved bj inuiuiil consent. Jan. 31, 1818. iht isr WILLIAM ROsS. rr'r The assignees of tlie estate ot Mrs. sit). nr - y Hewitt, (in order to give time (or all her Ci editors to come in and participate in the funds provided for thrm.) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of March ensuing Feb 2 lm BUSBV'a W A I Eli. WHEEL. t ft7" The public are retiiectfully ioforraed that the patent water wheel invented by tlte subscriber is oow fixed, aud is in nction on board the steam Boat " York." The York has heretofore been a slower boat than the Jkrset, working on the same ferry. On Wednesday last the two boats' started side by side from Powlet Hook (having the committee of Directors on board) and crossed the Hudson together, when the York arrived first in the slip on this side. This wheel lilts no back - water, and has been working several days among the ice, which is trundled beneath the . npg, and mashed by the perpendicular paddles. The wheel is left open for the inspection of the public, who arc requested to consider it as tijirit txpr intent establishing a new principle, in the practical construction of which like all other new invention!) improvements are contemplated., C. A. BUSBY, ..' tVh21w 2 Law Buildings. - TAKE NOTICE. fV7 - All persons haviig demands against, nnd it.2z :. i..i,. . 1 1. ii.. ..i.i. r iv;ii:. i Iinw; llllliTi'U u lu uir cnv vi iiaiu i.i Li ir. deceased, are requosted to call npa THOM A3 M As I LKS, r.sqmre.o. n tvaii - strcet. waled Jan. 19, ltnO. ' - ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim ' NEW - YORK PLATE COMPANY. rrj7 The StockhnlJert are hereby requested . to attend an annual election for nine directors, to be held at the house of Joseph Baker, No. 4 Wall - street, on Monday 9th Fbrusry next The poll will oi en at 1 1 and cloe nt 1 o'clock. JOHN M'COMB, Sec'ry. Jan 23 . NOTICE. ;. ' I7The citircniare requested lobe partica1 - lar in causing the snow and ice on tlio tide walk I and gutters to be cleared eff. - and hen it cannot hi, dona without injury to tbe paremrnt, to ba ', strewed with sand ora. - hes, inconforBtily to an ordinance of the con'oration in such case made and provided As their sifely and cpmfort oia - , lerially depends ujoa their atleutioa iu this par - - liculnr. it is prcruuud that the law on this sub - . ject a ill be strictly compliel with. ; . j.w. i 'tu.'iU street commissioner. - Slreet Com. Office i i . 3,1 Feb. 1313. i . . - - NOTICE. PUBLIC notice is hereby Riven, that the snbT cribersiatetxt to apply lithe Keiilatareof the state of New - York, atU:ir present session, lursnsctol incori0Tatio. - i, ioroi peratire theni i and their asocintes by tbe name and stv w of tbe r UlaTCrl uww.' - Oflraivi," wittiaca - ; pital of one hundred ihuusao l doliais, fur the pur - rrt" of monufacturing glass, in the town of Wood - . stock, Lister tcunty. F. LDAD HOLMES, G. B. ABEEIa JARED PECK. 1 r. K9d1wcwSw XERIXQ B OO - , C077X).Vl'.Jt,V,5:r - TiXETTS,kc. WA TF.D, a qnaality of merino wool j also, crtlon yarn, particalariy low aumbers. Proposal - will also be received for making of tat - ' tineits. The tnanufacturtr to be supplied with the materials and the botiowa to ba rendered, probably, permanent. .. . . - A contract is also wanted, fcr the rwnainjol coiton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spb5e4; the Cot - . to be uf - pli and the yarn to be received . a stipulated price. Apy7t 143 Pearl - street,

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