The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 19 mm 1936 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE AK A. \V. LEK NEWSPAPER Issued Every Wee* Day oy Uio MASON CUV GLOBE-GAZETTE COMPANY 121-123 Ea»t State Street Telephone No. 3800 LEB P. W. EARL HALL ENOCH A. NOREM LLOlD L. GEER Publisher Managing Editor City Editor Advertising Manager LOOK OUT ^BELOW * MEMBER. ASSOCIATED PRESS which Is delusively enUUcd to the use for publication of all news dlspatcfaes credited to It or oot otherwise credited in th!0 paper, and all local news. MEMBER, IOWA DALLY PRESS ASSOCIATION, wlU DCS Molnes news and business offices at 105 Shops Building. SUBSCRIPTION BATES ITason City and clear Lake. aaon city and Clear LaXc, by the jear 57.00 by the weeK s .10 OUTSIDE MASON C1IX AND CLCAIt LAKE Per year by carrier S7.00 By mall 6 months 5225 Per week by carrier $ .15 By mall 3 months S1.25 Per year by aiall S».00 By mall l month S .50 ODISIDE 100 SULB ZONE Per year. ...56.00 Six months....$3.25 Three months.. -J1.75 FERRET PLAN WRONG W E NEVER could see why the work done by so- called "tax ferrets,'' on- a contingent basis which inevitably would bring an odium to the job, shouldn't be carried on by the regularly constituted agencies of government. Surely there is nothing wrong with the general idea of bringing to light all property on which there should be a tax levy. The criticism has always been of the method which gives a citizen a partnership with the government in a purely governmental function, as all taxation is. Down in Oklahoma some interesting figures on the cost of tax ferreting have been produced. Regular assessors placed $957,976,316 worth of property on the tax rolls; tax ferrets accounted for an additional $20,000,000, or one forty-seventh of the total.- The work of the tax assessors was done for $365,902 and the "cut" of the ferrets amounted to $60,000. Obviously ferreting is inordinately expensive. Iowa is one of the states which still employs the ferret method of uncovering undeclared property. It would be interesting to know what the cost record is here. In Kentucky a "revenue agent" is appointed by the state tax commission to do the ferreting. His compensation is limited to 75 per cent of the 20 per cent penalty on taxes restored to the tax rolls. Her is the objectionable private commission plan in pubh affairs. We are inclined to agree with Albert W. Noonan technical director of the national association of as sessing officers, in his view that the duties now per formed by tax ferrets "should be done by the regularly elected or appointed assessors and their assistants or by the state tax commission." In far too many places, however, Mr. Noonan adds "the honest portion of the tax-paying public does not yet seem to appreciate the necessity of demanding competent assessors, selected on a basis of merit alone. This usually means spending more money to get the job done right, but the money spent would be more than repaid, not only in larger tax revenues, but in a Those Princeton collegians who have formed an organization known as "Veterans of Future Wars" are funny peculiar rather than funny ha ha. Evidence accumulates that there's quite a bit more politics than athletics in the Iowa State High School Athletic association. One of the most remarkable facts about the remarkable Venizelos is that he should have died a natural death. .Let's finish the query: "Would you like to go back to the days of Hoover--and his democratic congress?" France and Germany seem to have the idea there's a law compelling them to go to war every so often. When to tell Johnnie about the national debt is still causing many parents a lot of concern. Simile: Blind as the man who thinks war isn't a live possibility in our world today. The artist has done more work than the photographer in the average wirephoto. MM OBSERVING gWWWWWfflSSffifiiliniBfi^ The PROS and CONS MR. FRANKLIN OR MR. CARTER? Atlantic News-Telegraph: If reliable information is to be believed the name of this writer is not Jay Franklin, but John Franklin Carter and he is now assistant to Rexford Guy Tugwell, undersecretary of agriculture. This in itself is no crime. Certainly any man has the right to espouse, through the public prints, the cause in which he believes. But if Mr. Carter, or Franklin, claims that right the facts about him should be clearly stated to the readers of the Des Moines Register and all other papers printing his stuff. Quite naturally a writer who is a part of the new deal personnel could hardly be said to be a disinterested commentator. If the facts we have mentioned regarding this very entertaining writer are correct we believe it is entirely fair to insist that the publishers of the Des Moines Register acquaint the public with the true situation. In this enlightened age it is impossible to fool the people very long. Who is this "Jay Franklin' anyhow? much higher degree of equality in the apportionment of.the tax burden." · . '·' It should be the assessor's function, he points out, to discover all the taxable property under his jurisdiction, list it accurately and appraise it competently. "This no assessor can do, however, unless he has sufficient ability, sufficient powers and sufficient assistance in the way of equipment and personnel." FREEDOM OF SPEECH rpHIS little excerpt out of a supreme court decision, ·*· Milwaukee Publishing company versus Burleson, 255 U. S. 407, seems to us to express in, the fewest possible words the thought which was in our mind recently when we suggested that a communist--committed by pledge to the revolutionary overthrow of our government--had no rights on the radio as a matter of free speech: . "Freedom of the press may protect criticism and agitation for modification of repeal of laws. But it does not extend'to protection of him who counsels and encourages the violation of the law as it exists. The constitution was adopted to preserve our government, not to serve as a protecting screen for those who, while claiming its privileges, seek to destroy it." While the specific application here -is to "freedom of the press," it would apply with the same force and in the same way to the broader field, freedom of speech. Incidentally, the common assumption that this incident was a complete exeemplification of "free speech" is badly based. The fact of the matter is that the communist speaker--committed to the overthrow of the American form of government, through force if needs be--was not permitted to advocate this at all. His speech, a rather innocuous thing, was submitted in advance and he was apprised that in de part from the text in any way would mean a pulling of the switch against him by radio engineers. Th most that can be said is that being a communist didn 1 prevent him from discussing the non-vital portions o his party's program over the air. RADIO SETUP IS WRONG Allison Tribune: Putting the management of the nation's broadcasting in the hands of a political radio commission, which has power to put any station out of business has resulted in a situation where broadcasting companies are afraid to allow anyone to criticize the administration in power over the air. HE'S PROBABLY A CUTE THING . Lake Mills Graphic: There's one radio announcer on the air in particular we would like to give a punch on the nose. He's the fellow who gets an effeminate pitch and expression to his voice wnen telling the women the advantages of using a particular brand of soap powder for washing dishes. YOU CAN'T HAVE THE LOVE OF KVERYBODV. often made the state- myself but I suspect it's false that anybody ever died without an enemy. Robert Quillen insists that nobody ever lived who was loved by everybody. "The best man known in history was hated by the leading citizens and finally lynched by a fickle crowd," the Aunt Het creator recalls in a letter purportedly written to his daughter. "No matter how well you behave or how carefully you attend to your own business or how nicely you treat your fellow creatures a certain number of people will dislike you or hate you and nothing you can do or say will change their feeling. "There's an old story about a politician who was told that a certain man was telling mean lies about him. 'That -is strange,' said he. 'I wonder why he hates me; I never did anything for him.' "People are like that. They will hate you because you placed them under obligation by doing them a favor. They will hate you because of your relatives or friends, or because of your beliefs and standards, or because your appearance or laugh or tone of voice displeases them, or simply because they can't bear a person like you. Enemies are born, as friends are. "You can pick your enemies to some extent, for people dislike those who aren't like themselves. The more respectable you are, the less respectable your enemies will be. And it's a great comfort and a compliment to be disliked by the vile because you aren't like them. "But some nice people will dislike you, too, .for no particular reason, and you must reconcile yourself to it and not let it worry you." A FEW KDLES UEIIE TO GUIDE PEDESTRIANS - _ ^ a m repeating some rules for CTBSi? pedestrians conceived and ^S^put into effect by one Frank A. Garbutt of San Diego, Cal., for the purpose of protecting his own safety and well being: "Never cross a street, alley, intersection or roadway, day or night, without looking carefully in all directions. "At night never take it for granted that cars carry lights. Never NEW NAMES GIVE OUK MAPS A QUEER LOOK ^BK. have to include myself CREDIT TO CHARLIE HEARST Newton News: A goodly portion of the credit for the way Iowa has organized her farm resources to meet the present situations must go to Charles Hearst who had a very definite part in formulating the groundwork some years ago. NO PHEASANT HUNTING THIS YEAR Clear Lake Reporter: There will be no pheasant lunting this fall, that is a foregone conclusion. About iO per cent of the pheasants in this locality met death this winter, due to the cold weather. FRIGID ERRORS Gani«r Leader: Lots of car accidents blamed on ice should be attributed to the cracked kind served in "taU ones," rather than to the seasonal kind that glazes highways. ABUNDANT LIFE REFLECTED? Manly Signal: Hospitals of the country reported the birth of more twins and triplets in 1935 than ever before. Maybe this is one phase of the abundant life. WORTH A MILLION TOO Emmons, Minn., Leader: Headline: "Snow in Iowa Costs Millions." Well, probably Iowa will find-it was worth millions when the_crops are harvested. SLOGANS WON'T DO IT Algona Upper Des Moiues: While safety slogans SSS^ among those who experience Ss^" difficulty in keeping abreast on matters of geographical nomenclature. I can't get used to calling Constantinople by its new handle, Istanbul. Just as hard too it is for me to think of ancient Persia as Iran, a word which is easy to. confuse with Iraq, a country in the same Asia Minor neighborhood. Incidentally nearly every use by our paper of a map containing the new nomenclature results in a letter or telephone call pointing out some error. A fellow just has to be on the job all the while to keep abreast. cause an automobile to slow down or change its course. Never take it for granted that a car will not suddenly change its course or speed. It can knock you just as dead at seven miles an hour as at seventy--I have seen it. "Never be sure that the driver sees you, or gives a cuss if he does --he may be drunk. Don't assume he will or can stop. '.'When crossing a street or road make that your sole business until safely over. The right of way will not do you any good if you are dead. Always give it to the auto." Thank you, Frank Foster for passing this along. --o-118 MDLES AN HOUK TOP SPEED IN A FALL --... venture R. A. Jorgenson, ed- gSgJitor of the Klemme Times, ^S' will get an argument out o£ his editorial contention last week that "if one should fall from an airplane or balloon at a height however great, his velocity would never exceed US miles an "hour at any point before reaching the earth " "This," the article added, "is contrary to the belief formerly held by most persons that a body continually increased its speed when falling from any distance. The fact is that this rapidly increasing speed in the case of a body similar to that of a man continues only until it has fallen about 1,200 feet, after which it maintains a constant rate, due to the resistance of the air. "This discovery also explodes the theory that a person falling from a great height would lose conscious- cess and perhaps be dead before striking the ground, for it is well knqwn that aviators have driven their planes at speeds of more than 350 miles an hour on a straightaway course, and at much greater velocity when diving to make an 'outside loop.' "The knowledge that falling speed is limited is not of much practical benefit to one who falls from a great height, however, for the 118 miles an hour possible of attainment is quite sufficient to put him out of business when he strikes the earth." will help in making our streets and roads safer, we're going to have to go mucn faster than that. ONE THING IS CERTAIN Forest City Republican: It's difficult to say what is in store for the next generation, but whatever it is it surely will carry a tax. NO SHORTAGE OF DOLLARS Cedar Falls Record: It is reported there are 25 billion dollars in the national banks, so it is apparent somebody has money. SHOULD TRY IT ON SELF Decorah Public Opinion: The government might regulate its own business by some of the standards it imposes on others. EDITOR'S MAIL BAG COOKING SCHOOL DAYS ALONG WITH housecleaning and getting the chil- *""· dren ready to go back to school after spring vacation, March has come to mean something else in the minds of Mason City housewives. It's cooking school time and the high school auditorium is filled this week--not with students of algebra, music and basketball, but with homemakers. There are all kinds of them, young brides and women long experienced in keeping house, but they are linked with the progressive idea of improving the business of homemaking. The Globe-Gazette cooking school brings annually to them the newest ideas in conducting a home. Now the the days when husbands will be pleasantly startled out of the monotonous routine which meals, no matter how well prepared, can be, with a new recipe which was learned at cooking school. Now are the days when children will sweetly eat a new dish, only to find out that they have enjoyed something that was good for them. Nuw are the days when Mrs. Smith will set the members of her bridge club to marveling, like the lady in the ads, when she offers them a delicious new salad or- an unusually attractive dessert. , Now are cooking school days. About the only half-way reasonable argument for communism we've ever heard is a Ham Fish speech against communism. BUREAUCRATS AND GRASSHOPPERS MESERVEY--Will the American people insist that their government obey their constitution? Will they demand that the government continue to serve, no': dominate, its citizens? Or are they willing to be transformed into subjects--slaves to government as practiced by those who presume to exercise unconstitutional powers? A few misguided people denounce the "capitalistic system" as if it was the source of all evil and oppression. It is true that "big business" has not universally adopted the golden rule as its standard of conduct --neither have the communists! Where on the face of this earth "do people living under any other system enjoy freedom, or a standard of living, comnarable with that under our capitalistic system? "Production for use, not for profit" is a fine slogan. It is just that--nothing more. We have heard some prattle about "nine old men in black rbbes running this country." We also have heard something about "horse and buggy" days and "a legalized steal." It is evident that those who in. dulge in such nonsense lack an appreciation of the fundamentals of American democracy. Some may be mistaken idealists who really believe they know what they are talking about--others, perhaps, are seeking powers denied them under our form of government. 'S such hybrid-Americans had their way, our constitution would become cull and void, and as a result our constitutional rights--freedom of religion, free speech, a free press, the right to trial by jury, and other priceless rights--would disappear like dew be- ore the morning sun. If we must be directed and dominated, let it be ly productive leaders. Government is non-productive, ts greatest contribution has been more taxes and ess liberty. If we must choose, (between "big bus- ness" cr "brain (?) trusters" to run our country) let is try to choose men who have enough common sense o run a wheelbarrow without trying to wreck it. After all, "big business" has contributed to our high taudard of living. The government cannot feed its elief clients unless it first takes the food away from hose who are in the producing class. Bureaucrats ave the same values as grasshoppers. They help to onsume the "surplus!" Producers are the "ants" of uman society. Yours very truly. K. CLARENCE RUIGH. Answei-s to Questions By FBEDERIO 3. KASK1K PLEASE NOTE--4 reader can get the answer to any question ot fact by writing Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskln, Director, Washington. D. C. Please Inclose three (3) cents for reply. In what denominations were bills paid in the Lindbergh kidnaping case? J, D. Ransom paid with $25,000 in 20 dollar bills; $15,000 in 10 dollar bills and $10,000 in 5 dollar bills. Who was Thalia ? E. M. One of the nine Muses who presided over comedy pastoral poetry and banquets. She was also one of the Graces. What is distemper with relation to art? E. J. A method of coloring surfaces such as walls or panels. The colors for the process are mixed with a solution of water and size, or for small surfaces, of water and gum or the albuminous matter of eggs. Who preached to the fish? H. G. According to legend, St. Anthony of Padua preached to the fish when men refused to listen to him. How large is the Klondike? T. S. The region covers an area of about 800 square miles in the Yukon territory near the center of the Alaskan boundary. How many now riding bicycles in V. S.? T. YV. About three million. They ride for pleasure, health and some use them for business reasons. What woman in U. .S. first received a medical degree? H. R. Elizabeth Blackwell entered the medical school at Geneva, N. Y., in 1847 and was the first. How many college and high school graduates in tJ. S.? J. B. Estimated that in 1930 there were 1,694,000 living college graduates and 7,437,000 high school graduates. What is the highest note possible for a trumpet player to reach? J. R, Book of tlie Symphony says the range of the trumpet is about two and one-half octaves. The topmost note is the same high C of which sopranos boast. Some trumpeters can force the instrument even higher. How old is Stanley Walker, author of Mrs. Astor's Horse, and other books? T. M. He is 37. How is Moscow pronounced? M. W. As though spelled Mog ko, with a long o. Is the widow of President Cleveland living? C. 51. Frances Folsom Cleveland married Thomas J. Preston in 1913. Mrs. Preston is living and is about 72. What is the Bayem tapestry? M. T. A roll of canvass more than 70 yards long and more "than half a yard wide on which is embroidered a representation of the conquest of England by the Normans. It is in the public library of Bayeux, Normandy, France. Tradition ascribes the work to Matilda, the queen of William the Conquerer, who is said j to have presented it to the Cathedral of Bayeux. Of the people who have been sterilized in U. S., what proportion was criminal? J. S. Of 20,000 who have been sterilized, only 5 per cent had been criminals. Most sterilizations were of insane and feeble-minded. A few more than half the number were women. What is the food value of honev" M. T. The bureau of chemistry says the food value of honey lies principally in its being a source of energy or calories. The quantities of other'food factors, namely, protein, fat, mineral salts and vitamins, are so small in honey as to be practically negligible in the general diet of man/ One pound of honey has a fuel value of 1,520 calories. The low caloric value of honey is to be accounted for chiefly because of its water content, honey having on the average of about 18 per cent of water. Honey contains little, if any, vitamins. How long did it take the glass for the 200-inch telescope to cool ? M. P. A full year. It is estimated grinding and polishing the disc would take 2 to 3 years. How much Arabia is desert? S. T. About half. The area covered Would correspond to the land between California and the Mississippi river and from Texas to the Canadian border. What city has highest literacy? E. F. Among the 75 chief cities of U. S., Salt Lake City, Utah, is first in literacy. Plan Your Garden Successful gardeners do not wait until actual planting;, time to perfect their plans. Have everything ready when the time conies to begin work. Write today for a fine package that gives complete instructions about Vegetable Gardens, Annual Flowering Plants, Small Fruits. Diseases and Insects of Garden Vegetables and Control of Weeds. You can't go wrong if you have the right instructions. This fat package contains five complete illustrated booklets. All for 25 cents in coin including postage. Use this coupon: Mason City Globe-Gazette Information bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, director, Washington, D. C. I inclose 25 cents in coinf carefully wrapped) for the Garden Package. Name Street City State (Mail to Washington, D. C.) DRUG S T O R E Mail Orders Filled Same Day Received. Orders Amounting to $2.00 or Less, Add lOc For Postage. 13 North Federal Ave. Phone 909. JERCENS LOTION IT'S CHEAPER TO KEEP WELL Let your doctor help you keep on the .payroll. Do not take chances with loss of income through not being able to work. Your doctor will help to keep you on the payroll by checking the illness at the start. When he 3ives you a prescription bring it to your nearest Fore/Hopkins store where you may be sure that it will be accurately compounded by s registered pharmacist. Extra Values for j Friday And Saturday. 100^ 5 Grain ASPIRIN TABLETS 8c Full Pint M I N E R A L O I L Full Pound H O S P I T A L C O T T O N 27c wmm 60c R E M Cough Syrup Full Pint W I T C H H A Z E L Full Pound Chemically Pure G L Y C E R I N ^ N A C M T a b l e t s 60c O R O M O S E L T Z E R 5 Yards S t e r i l i s e d G A U Z E 75c L I S T E B I N E A n t i s e p t i c Right to Limit Quantities. · ^^ sj^jjjwdfj/. n DEEP-LUSTRE C H R O M I U M P L A T E Ladies - do not pass up this opportunity. Guaranteed against all acidi. ^ ^^ Certified 1.25 1 QC value. 5Qc Admiraeion Shampoo 34c 29c 25c Hill's Cascara Quinine 15c Genuine CASTORIA 23c 25c Wildroot Hot Oil Sham. 19c PROPHYLACTIC DENTOR1S COMBINATION 50c Genuine PROPHYLACTIC TOOTH BRUSH and Ur S e D E N T O R J S TOOTH PASTE CREMO CIGARS 3 LA PALINA, Excellent* Size GARCIA GRANDE KWIKLITE FLUID OILED SILK POUCH WINDPROOF LIGHTER MIDGET LIGHTER 1000 MATCHES, 50 Boob GRANGER TOBACCO, 16 oz for 10c 5c 5c 8c 23c 49c 9c 8c 69c UNION LEADER, 16 ounces 59 C K I N G E D W A R D C I G A R S 2 for SC 50 for 1.07 V E L V E T T o b a c c o 16 ounces 73c Salted S PA N I S H P E A N U T S Full Pound Fresh C H E R R V CORDIALS Full Pound Superfine Peppermint PATTIES Full Pound You com rely $ on this Safe Quick Remedy for Coughs SIZE SI2£ $1.35 49c i »

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