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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, February 7, 1818
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ywr.YCKK eveninq pnar; v SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7. ' ' - . .1 . - - II.. J . - in yesterday's paper, aadnolhin more it is pre turned will b d - d accessary to eitabfishThe unfounded and fraudulent nature of the claim of i tbeheirt ofCaAOBT Bxa.cmaacba.u. - . B . V , DOCUMENT No. I jitter irom .armor lmu uie comauiieo oi m - reign relations. '' - - - PARIS, Oct. 6, 177. . ; u Upon the subject of returns, 1 thiuk it my duty t state tome tacts relative to Jlortalex The gentleman who uses this" nam cimt to me ; tb.oat a yaar nod a half ago in Loodao el an gent from court, and wishing' to commonicat . eome intnjs to congress. Al ournrsi interview, ho mformed me that the court of FVstncf wished Huiulu aid to A merica of 200.000, id specie, ran auO aoununition, hod that all they wanted to know, to this through vhat island tha - re - ' mihtnc could bo made. Wo set Jed the Cape - .1 . 1 L . 1 ... hm n. auant frt mm miw piwvQ ,im m ' ft" emit rivior the earliest intelligence of it, with in formation that it would be remittal in the name tfUortalea. - At our next meeting ho desired , me to reqaeft that a tsnall q.uantity of tobacco, " or tome other productiop', might be cent to the ' Cape, togivekanairof a mercantile transac - tioa. repeating OTer and over again that it was for a cever ot?!y, and oof for payment, of the t vhole remittance tras rroluUout. ui all inn I in - ' formed Dr. Franklin by sundry opportunities, at the tametime I elated to Mr. Hortalex, that if his court would dispatch eight or tea uis of (he line to our aid, it would enable ns to destroy all the British Beet, and decide the qu&tioa at one - stroke. I repeated this to him in a letter after his return to Paris, to which the answer was, that there was not spirit enough in his court tor such an exertion, but that be was Iiasleuing the promised succour. Upon Mr. Dearie's arrival the buincss weut - . m . t into an nanus, ana ins aitis were ai lengio em Marked on board the Amphitrite,, Mercure, and Seine. . . The original went br captain Folger.. ; (Signed) ' . ARTHUR LEE. ' , DOCUMENT No. IL Letter from Ur. franklin, Silas eane, ana - Arthur Lee, to the committee of foreign affairs. ' ; r ''. - "' - " - PARIS, Sept 7, J777. u We hare lately presented an eame: memorial to both comts, (France and Spain), statin thf difficulties of our situation, and requesting that if they cannot Immediately make a diver - ; sioo in our favor, that they would five subsidy sufficient to continue the war without them, or afford the States - their advice and influence in making a good peace. ' Our present demand, to enable us to fulfil your orders, is for about 8,000,000 livres. Couriers, we undent and, are despatched with ' this memorial to Madrid, both by the ambassador of ipain, and the minister here, and we are desired to wait with patience, the answer, as the two courts must net together. In the mean time they give ns fresh assurance of their good will to oar cause, and we hare just received a further sum of 50,000. But we are continually, charged to keep the aids that are or may be afforded to us a dead secret, even from court tn, where they suppose England has some ' intelligence, and (hey wish she may have no certain proof to produce against them wih the Other powers of Europe. The apuareir'mecessily of your being inform' cd of the true state of your affair, obliges us to dispense) who iuii uuiignuuu. .out we rnirom that no part of it may transpire. Nor of the as - iwanet see Are rtetired that NO REPAY MENT WILL. EVER BE REQUIREDrom xuefuhal hat been already giten wf either in money or military ttoru. 1 fSigned) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, - 6ILAS DEANE, - ARTHUR LEJL? Thus wsxT"tBSoircial letter of Arthur - EeeT aeTTbe coofewioa of Beaamorchats himself, that it was not bo, bet 41 Me courts of France and Spain", who sent us the 200,000 in spe. cie, arms and ammunition " and that the vhtle remittance wat GRATUITOUS. And we hare, in the official letter of the three com - misunaers, the Assurance of both these courts, "who ; acted. together," that "no repayment Woe Id ever be required of us for what had been .given either in money or military stores." Lastly, we hare Beadmarchais' owu. receipt to the court of Vergennes, (introduced in our fbrmer remarSi,) admitting that the money had been re ' ceived from the minuter, and promising to nc count to him (or it, hut for which he never hs accounted, as appears by the receipt being not takes up i which is perfectly reconcileable with our riew of this (rautacUon, and not with any other. To conclude : What loop bole Is'no w left for the learned ad vocate of this dea sad of half a million, thou, backed by the French ambassador, to hang doubt upon f If government, possessing as Uiey do the very document above quoted, have not put these document into the hand of the learn ed advocate who bat reported in favor of the demand, what shall we think of them .' If they hare what shall we think of Mr. attorney gnc ral ?, And should congress decide tn favor of the claim, what, will the nation think of Mem The dlowtD letter oo the tame subject I re - wmA rmm a imrMnMidi!nt of the Cnt renecta. bility, : ' .. ,',. - , . ' Ta tha Editor ef Ik Etening Put. Sir The Very able and judicious remarks mnrrrn'mv the' Drctended claim of Beaumar - chiii's heir on the United Slates, iiiJui.e me to trouble rou with the fcllowior That vouchers expended for mooey in secret services, were not destroyed tinder the eove - reigns of the bouse of Bourboo, " The Memoirs of UalrympU," shew beyond contradiction. Their content were entirely transcribed Irom originals found in French archives; They dis play is a satislacUiry manner, the hantmr aad diiitrfertite4ut$ of Engluh patriots ; aud relate, how a Rurel plotted with a Freuch ambassador j and how a Sidney was peniooed by a French tyrant, the - eaemy of England. The memoir f several ambassadors of Louis XIV, aad Louis XV, as those of a Barillon, of a D ArsJaux aad others, also mention the worth aud - . l il r I : i ' l . . ots, purchased and employed by them, under their reepectire missions. Tbey prore that io.t of these popular heroes, who were hailed as etr - , tutui patriotibj their countrymen, were in fact, traitors to their country, and dangerous instruments in the bands ef its lots and rivals. These ambassador all refar to vouchers depusited at the office of the torexa avnfetry. If TaBevrand's revolutiooarr diplomacy dif fers from What was f rraeriy prartised ; cogent reesoo have no doubt occasioned an alteration. whi'Ji conceal" from posterity every voucher of thj krmnJ miuirter's UIor. Witn reaara 10 the claim in question oo the light par of ear fellow cititens, I beard, when I lately left France, that Madeoaorselle Beaumarchai was eoty to e Geoeral Tarrraa tent a. not in I ROT, to the administration, insolently saying "tSe rrenett Ccrrmmerit kae rtUei tf vetre ia iror aH the chum.' ' ' s ' ha v on twelfth of the montr" which could M deluded or eatorted from the United ftatfs, apJ thiitthe remaining sum was to b diviled between A. B - C. to fmcrica ; ana A. i. a. s Tbebtter rjejSM.agea.Tou must remember, tri - A nnm bafnre. ten rear UO. to swindle 6cOU roue d'argmt from the American government, and Uieir oUtical honesty it JliresWe knowa t but as to A. B. C. la America, since the fashioo now is to destroy all vouchers, their names wifi be an everlasting secret, should not the malice and hatred of a military despot drag them from oblivion a evidence of the integrity aud fitn - tlmm aT American natriots. Before I Cnish, it may be useful to Inform Messrs. Jefferson, Madison, Rodney, tec of a general report at Taris last October", that a fresh demand of the repayment, with interetl of the three millions of livres given by Louis XVI to tha United States, would soon follow the decision of our government in favor of the present claim. I am, sir, ., AN AMERICAN TRAVELLER. January 9, 1808. . ' For the fevTork Evening Post. Mr. Coleman, ' SUl I regret that One of a JVumorr," should have taken oUuoce. that the rrand - jury of this city have presented the situation of poor anprirootd debtor. At a time, whra a pint ot benevolence and humanity - is extending its oe uijn influence, even to those who are guilty of (be highest crimes in society, is it to be endured that a man, because he, is unfortunate in busi - ness, - and unable to pay hit debts, shan be punched with greater m verity than the felon, who has bren guilty of burglary . Such is the situation of all thoj - ywho, unfortunately, are con - fined in our prisons for debt. Their .confinement is as rigorous ; and when destitute of money, (as is almoit always the situation of those 'who are confined for small sums,) they depend for their daily support upon the uncertain aid of charity, while the felou is warmly clad and well fed. : There are oi this description of debtors, constantly confined within the walls of the prison in this city, about 50 ; many of them worthy men, who have seen better day, and are reduced by unavoidable misfortunes. They bare left in penury, a wife and small children, who, deprived ef their natural prop and support, are also compelled to rely upon the miserable supplies of charity. This is not an imaginary case, but one that occur almost daily t the creditor calculating that he shall compel friend, to relieve a suffering family, by advancing the money to discharge the debt, looks with cold indifference' upon the misery he is inflicting. Upon a strict enquiry, it will be found, that a great proportion of the poor, who are confined in our prisons for debts, are imprisoned to gratify the worst passions of the human heart not uafre - quently with an avowed intention to punL - h. It u always easy to charge the debtor with soppos cd dishonesty' a an excuse for a cruel and oppressive course towards him. Iu Connecticut, it has always been a provision of their law, that a debtor, confined upon civil process, either in close confinement, or with the privilege of the liberties of the prison, if be take an oalh before a magistate, that he has not fraudulently conveyed bis property, and has not at hi command property to the amount of $lj, except loch as is exempt from execution, he shall be discharged from his imprisoomeut, unless the cre ditor puy to him ,a given turn for hi weekly maintamance ; winch sum is allowed by order of the several county courtf. And there wo never hear any complaints that the indulgence of the law it abused. It is believed that there credits are as liberally given, and debts as rigidly discharged as in any state in the union. . Is it not true, that a great proportion of these debtors, who, in the opinion of your correspondent, are to be sufferers by a change m the laws, regard' ing confinement, are of that class of citizens who are easily led to contract debts with small grocers, who like the spider set and imperceptibly winds hi web around bis devoted victim. At length Ihry find themselrea unexpectedly in - . rob' eu an .txireHy - beyond thur mean. This class of citizens are necessary and useful tbey require and deserve the protecting aid of law. . Are they thoughtless and improvident, better, far better for them and (heir families, that they cannot command a credit, than by re ceiving a credit, to be under the slave of an unfeeling creditor. If the effect of a change in our system will be to prevent a credit to that class of our cititens, the sooner it il adopted the better. Is it not a subject of the highest inter - est .and worthy the first consideration of an enlightened Irgiilature, when we find that there are annually about 500 closely confined in the prisons oi this city lor debt, and when it is Well known lhat of this number not one ha one cent at hi command. The number iu the state must he more than 1000, who in this way are withdrawn from society, who won VI bat for this unreasonable and cruel punishment, be usefully employed in laborious pursuits, in earning support for themselves and rearing families, the & it am! highest source of wealth and prosperity to any nation. I say nothing of Xhe immoral habits that are almost arcetsarily contracted; the squalid filth in which you tea them, so painful and disgusting to the eye of (he huaime. I am ret to Irani, that to imprison for debt one who has not a cent with which to purchase a gill of milk, is "a measure of seventy warranted by the most imperative necessity.1' .. - .... - - . : s, From Me George toten Xuttngtr of Feb. 4. Unhappy occidrnl On Monday last the arm ol Mr. 1 ennisoa ol Washing on, accompanied by a youn; gentleman, went on the ice lor the pur pose oi skaiting. They were trace J to the place where they put oo their - kails. Neither of tbcm have since been heard of. Thus have the parents had snatched from them to a moment their children, that might have been the solace ol their decliniug years. e Master Brnlzon, granJoa of John Jacob As - tor, of this cKy, who is now at Washington on a vidt. From the Xorfolk Herald, Feb. 5. 77i snoir tlorm. We question whether a New - Eoglandcr, who witnessed, the weather we had here on Saturday, would venture to depre ciate it as inferior to what he hail btea used to at home. . It is certain that lhoe who have bad a Ions experience of our climate,; cannot it col lect a more inclement day. The snow commenced falling ou Triday afternoon, and did notceare until a late hour on Saturday nijnt. yunng we greater part of the time, the win. I blew with itsch violence, .and the air was so thickened by the fcil Urn sooW. that not a re?sel of any description dared to hoist sail. Erea tlie Hampton mail - boats, which bava braved the thnnderof a Bri tish squadron, as well a; the awful threatening of the storm, shrank from their accustomed du ties, and loft as at much la the dark with respect to awtcs, a w were o account ol the yeauser. The inclemency of the storm gives ns cause to apprehend some senous dttacten on in coast, but we ara happy to say that a yet we hare heard of none - , an I we hop) that, a the wind blew rather off the land, all vessels bound into the Cape were thereby prevented from being orove en shore. The snow drifted in backs wherever the wind blew hi a current ; many ef Ibew bank are 4 or 5 tt in dep'h, while the course swept by the wind are nearly bare. On a level, the moe woe Id probably average 13 or 0 inches ; a greater depth than has been knows her for 20 years past Tha streets, though they da eot wear a mnbrt appearance, are by no mens so gratify - in to contemplate as the inhabitant oouid wish; . . - V, A it it didimlt to crom them. . YtttM - dir. the wind shitted retrod from rr . tv i V; aud remained perfectly calm until alwul 2j o'clock, when it breezed up Irom e. ana a nam. ber ef vessels outward bound, cot under WAV and proceeded to sea ; among thtin those which had out in here for a harbor. UtoCbf uliT. Vnlarto. - I ne eciir. vnvario, Van Schaick. from Ocracock - bar for New - York, with naval stores, taken m al Washington, wiuie attempting to return during a soow - jtorm on r rulay, at 4 o'clock, and male naroorin Hamp ton Roads, struck on Willobv1 Toiot at 7 re mained by the - vessel until f . M. on Saturday, the sea makins a breach over her. Yesterday landed the cargo on the beach, and left it iu charge of tha mate and crew. The vessel will be lost. The captain came to town yestcruay. Crt.' Baxter, of the British brie Robert, flora Jamaica, reports, that a very severe pale had been experienced on flie north sideol that island, in which several vessels had been drove on shore and some lives lost. . From the National Intelligencer, Feb 5. But little business of any important nature has been done in Congress during the last month ; not from the want of industry in either House, for their session hare been unusually laborious, but from the nature of the subjects on which they have been employed, particu larly in the House of Representatives. The case of Jno. Anderson occupied more than a week, and resulted in no legislative act The bill lespectingjudicial records was discussed several days, and rejected, after occasioning a display of unusual ability and eloquence. The commutation bill shared the same fate, after occupying as much time. The bill respecting tugitivetirom lustiee, having passed one house after several day's debate, is now before the other. The subject of extra pay to officers of the army of brevetted rand, when holding se parate commands, occupied two days, two weeks ago and yesterday, (after a' diffuse but quite eloquent debate lor the two preced ing days on the claim of gen. St. Clair.) the House again found itself debating the que. sion of brevet par, brought before it br an a - niendment or the senate to the Military Ap propriation bill. Thus the annual appropna tion bill for the .military service, for 1818, hangs between the two houses, on this ques tion i on which il neither Douse gives wav, the appropriation bill will be rejected. From the Philadelphia True American of Feb 5. ' 77ie are We went to the theatre lasterefting to see Air. rbiupp Count behno, and never did we expenence more real t a tui action from theatrical amusement. Mr. Philippe was in fine roice, and gave his songs with great sweetness and powerful effect. Indeed the . anry sketch I bo' Love is warm awhile, Is there a heart,1 The Trum pet of Victory, and the Duett with Rotalvina, was given in such exquisite stile, that drew forth the unanimous - plaudit of hi enraptured audience. The house was crowded with beauty and fashion, which fairly proves when the managers take such trouble (as they have heretofore done) to procue rational and elegant entertainment the citizens of Philadelphia very well know bow to duly appreciate it. From the RuJinumd Enquirtr. It is melancholy, that such a man as Mr. Giles cannot abstain from sarcasms upon such a man a Mr. Jefferson; the friend and benefactor of I the human race I say Mr. Giles for a Peters burg paper says it is no secret lhat he is the au thor of the CONSTITUENT, k is melancholy that in discussing a great bstract question, the propriety of public education, he should go to tar out of bis way, as to attack Tbomns Jefferson, James Monroe, and others. It is in vain, Mr. Giles tells me in his Explanatory Curd, be meant no disrespect t he intended no sarcasms against Mr. Jefferson. Credat Jud&ut ApptlLa ! The irony which is exhibited in his two first Nos. ; and to go no farther, his coupling Thomas Jeffer son and Dr. Mitchell, togethV, as two of the greatest philosophers of the age, contradicts all bis explanations, and show a premeditated design to ridicule the character of a man, who ii placed beyond his reach. : Why this weakness ou the part of Mr. Giles.' Why does the sore ami disappointed politician continually peep forth? These out - of - the - way attacks, these forced rpisodr of political resentment, have no other effect than to weaken the force of his argument, and expose their author to reluctant retaliation. - . STICK TO THE POINT. Mercy on me ! Do tlie Virginians think it derogatory to Jefferson to couple bim with our Dr. Mitchell ? Arrogance unoflcrable I, Hear this ye Prairie dog ; listen to it, ye monnisins of salt ; find O ! give ear to the injustice,' ye dry docks, and y gunboats J. . PotL From the .ilbany Daily AdrtrtUer. We ngret that the delicate date of wi. Ste phen Van Kenseiaer's health has hitherto pre - vented his taking hi seat as a member of the hou;e of assembly ; and w fear that his indispo sition will deprive the people of the benofit of his service during the whole cession. , Hi intimate knowledge the important question which will come before the legislature, particularly with regard to the great canal which have been com menced, the navigation of the Hudson, aod other subjects of internal improvement, would have rendered him a highly valuable manner. We were happy to learn, however, yesterday, that the health of this gentleman has somewhat improved. . From a late London paper. Mr. Reuben Phillips, Jim. of Exeter, che - mist, has obtained a pa'.ent for a .method of purrfy rg oils for the purpose of illumination i it is eff ected by passing the gas through bed of dry lime ; by which all offensive exhala tion are prevented. A young man ofKeadqy, in Lincolnshire, navmg oecn in a poor auie ol neaiui toe a con siderable time, and nothing that he took ap pearing to relieve him, stated his ease to one Msthias Pepper, of Crowle, a furrier of some note i the latter advised him to drink in tlie morning, a quantity of rate dyke - water, s. e: water wherein green flax has undrrrnne the putrefying process, lor the space or about ten days ; he did so, and in a short time passed a tape worm, which measured 8 1 - 2 feet in length. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEXT. Office of the Baltimore Federal Gazette, I February 5. Arrived, schr. Resolve, Walroos, from New - York, long passage. ' fichr. Comet, Smith, from Martiniqa and St Eustatia Both the above vessels have been detained a long time in the bay by head winds and calms. Several others have been in a similar situation, may now be looked for, as the heavy northwest blow of last night ha completely cleared the river of ice it is now opened to the Point again. . Below, thin Mary, Otis, 60 days from Amster dam. Sailed in c. ship London Packet, Dun - kin, of and for Baltimore, and Eagle, Wbetner rtrand, of do. forN. Orleanj Iti Hope, Snow, of and for Boston; ship Rufu King, of N York for Batar a ; I air American, of do for do. Passed iu Hampton Roads, a brig bound op ; aa hermaphrodite brig and a number of trhrs. bound oat ; a car. ashore an WJVurhuy i'otat ; 2 brig, S ships, off he Middle Groua - l, bo and oat ; a brig oT Poplar Island, bound up. We hare received New - Orleans papers Jo the 4 h January.. Great preparation were making to cclcbntc the 8U tf January. Wi are informed that the cargo of tha ehip iv:tn,m from Hull, father e on Red Bank,) has becn'safcly landed. - The'sliip' lies high on the beach, with a bole knocked through her bottom ; but it it believed the will be got off. Th carzo of the brig Randolph, from Marti nique, consisting of molasses, tugar, &c. bat been entirely tared ; the brig lie in aiioai nar bor, high and dry on the beach. ' Thabri? Harmony, from St. Mary's, is a ground at Amboy, where she will have to un load, when she will probably Boat ; sne nas ion her rudder, - cable and anchors, and part of her keel. BELOW, Ship Cotton - Plant, Fash, from Savannah, with cotton, to II K. Toler & Co. British brig Amethyst, 85 day from Demara - ra. to Mr. Radclio. Schr Pacific, 28 days from New - Orleant, to Bunco & Woodhull. Sloop Jane - Ann, from Richmond. A dismasted sloop from the Delaware. 1 brig and 3 schooners, unknown. From a late wark of Fessenden. THE COQUETTE Dresses to neatly for a ball, In truth, she's hardly dress'd at all ; A thing to Yankee quite distressing, It leaves so little room for guesting A how th' angelic little dragon - Would look without a single rag on." MARRIED, hv tha Revd. Dr. Romevn. Ebenezer J. White, (of the house of W liite, Brother & Co.) to Mr. Clara Porter, all of thiscity. DIED, Last evening, after a short illness, Mr. Eliza beth M'Kay, aged 41 years, consort of John arKar. ihe mentis ana acquaintance oi me family are requested to atteud her funeral, to morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from No. 58 Chatham, corner of Duane - ttreet, without fur ther invitation. iLf EJflXG POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Abigail, Brown, Liverpool John Johnson Brig M aries, Judali, Rappahanock W Si J Porter Schr James Monroe, Hopkins, Norfolk Rnsc - in - filoom, Wbeaton, . Savannah Sloop Harriot, Comstock, Darien jiK.Hirt.lJ J HIS fUCT - WOA. Scb. Two Brothers, Foster, 1J days from Baltimore, with flovr, brandy and flaxseed, to G M Wilson: Sailed in co. sloop . Foster, for N lork. Left at Norfolk, scbs. Highland, Hand Betser, Robinson ; and Logan, Holmes, forN York. Scb. Union, Dennelt,12days from Wilming ton, NC. with wheat, flaxseed, cotton and tar, to Jones k Magrath, G Gibbt, and others Sailed iu co, with sch. Tom Bowling, for New York. In the gale, off the mouth of tlie Che - sapeak, spoke sch. Alert, of and for N York, in want of provision, could not supply her in consequence of the gale. Sloop Regulator, aoule, 1 1 days from Balti more, with flour, to G M Wilson. ' Sloop Adeline, Romney, 16 days from Alex andria, and 2 from tlie capes, with flour, tn It S Nelson Co. Robertson & Kelso, and D He - tliune it Co. failed from the capes in co. with about 20 sail of vessels, principally for New - York! On Wednesday last, at Sowl's Point, saw a large topsail sch. ashore men employed getting out her cargo i also, a small sch. apparently descrtfd. Sloop William, fears, from Philadelphia, and 2 days from the Capes, illi flour, to J. Arnold. Sloop Margaret Ann, Colliston, 3 days fi - om Richmond, with flour, to Boorman & Jol - nston, Dakins& Bootwright, A Frasier, and Wilson St Thomson. iloop Protector, Smith, 15 davs from Wil mington, .YC. with cotton and tobacco Last Mondny, lat 36 6, spoke sch Cere, of Norfolk bound to Charleston, in adeaky condition, lost her foresail, fly ing jib, and jib boom in the gale, and was trying to get to Abrfolk. failed in co. with ch Blakelr, CoHin, for A York. Sloop Hoie, Tierce, from I hOadclphia, with floor, to W. Gailagher. ARRIVED LAST EVEXim. fell. Margaret - Ann. Disosway, from Peters, burg, 3 day from the Koads, with flour and tobacco, to Wilson Sc Thomson, D Bethune & Co. and others. On Thursday morning, this mcie uramDerry inlet, saw a small sloop ashore, Sch Calista, Patten, 26 days from Havana, via Cape May, with molasses, honey and 'se - gars, to G L Lewis, L & C De Forest, and o - thers. Reports that the brigs Roderick, from Savannah for N York, and Gen. Scott, from Port - au - Prince, which were ashore at Cape Henlopen had bilged. Ship Alpha, from Dublin, was ashore at do. Left at Havana, brig baien, ot roruand, lor N York, in 10 days. Sell. Polly Ac Sallv, 52 hours from Little York, Va. with oysters, to tlie captain. Sloop Jar, Thompson, 10 davs from Nor folk, with rum, flour, fcc. te Robertson & Kel so, Walsh Sc Gallagher, C R Duffie, A G Phelps and others. On Thursday night, spoke sloop William, irom rnuaaeiptiia tor fork. Sioop Ann, Fox, 27 days from Philadelphia. ana 14 hours trom the uapes, with flour and gin, to P Care, jr. and M. Gulliver. Yesterday, saw a sloop ashore at Cape May, with the loss of her mast. Capt 1 arrived off Sandy hook s aavs ago, ana was obliged to return to t.ape Miv tor a harbour. .Sloop Eliza, Hutchinson, from Philadelphia. 30 hours from the capes, with flour, to order. Sloop Atalanta. Woglom, from Richmond. and 3 days from Norfolk, with flour and tobacco, to Walsh ti Gallagher, Trokes, Davidson & Co. Vandewater, Wheeler Ac Co. R Gillespie, Byrnes, Trimble Ac Co. B001 man Ac John - stor, and Dak ins & Bootwright bloop Alligator, llart, 2 days from Norfolk. with shingles, to J Ac C Scrume. On Wed - nesday, oil Cape Henry, spoke a sch. from Richmond for y lork. Came out of the capes in co. with a brig and sch. and sloop Mary Ann. all forN York. Left scb, Thames, for N York, same dar. ' BOSTON, Feb. 4 Arrived, Eosliih bri - O mmcrce, Homer, 4 days from Halifax. Brig Allirdor, Umlson, II days from Norfolk, and schr. William, Rundle, 9 from New - York, Bad arrived at Halifax. Sloop Alert, Anow, 7 days from Sew - Tortr, for St. Johns (N F) with provisions, ice. as a donation to the disln - t sed inhabitants at that place, put into Pope's Harbour, 15 leagues) E. of llilifax, 6th Jaa. is distress main sail split to pieces, loss of jib, and one man overboard, one mm frozen, and leaky : she remained there on the ".0th The matejias arrived in the Commerce The Alert bad spoken in the Bar of FaoJy, Jan. 3d, an hermaphrodite brig, nngni sKievaou ouiet neaa understood she was from Boston, for Newfoundland probably the Monenear, hence for St. Johos.l NEW - ORLEANS, Dec. tJ. - Vetelt at the tarn Satur Jay, ship Annisquum, loot, from N. York ; ship Paragon, UaLiead, do. do. ; chr. Uadiusted, do. da. ,. , CaitLxiTosr, Jan. 27 Arrived, brir Coh - bosse Congee, Hall, Boston 10 days. JJelow scb. New - Orleans. Smith. 10 dv from a. rork.; ' . - Sanaata, Jan 24. Armed, sch Emily, jThite, a yyfc Tjhrs. - t lilliA JLXVxUJ. t: Fourth Night of Mr. locledon' Engagement. Oa Saturday Erening Feb. 7,. Will be presented, the musical en(ertainment 01 THE QUAKER. Steady, Mr lnclrdon To which will be added, the melo' drama of tlie INN - KEEPER'S DAUGHTER. Richard, - Mr. Simwon The whole to conclude with the entertainment of Tllfc VVAltUMAi.1. Tm Tnir. ' Mr. Incledon LOST, (fj SUPPOSED to have been taken by mis 4 - w o li ( I'artv. on Thuasday even :n. u.t nn R - . White Merino SHAWL, with mantle border. The person having the same, will please inform by r.ote, addressed to S. at this ofhee, Where u may oe naa. icu t A CARD. ' rtT Mr. WHALE respectfully makes known to the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that iii coo sequence of Mr. Keene's concert taking n ac on Tuesdar the iutn insi. nir. w nexi public will be on Monday the 9th iustaut . Fb7 2t irn io. 19,002, which drew a prize ot $1000 last weuoesaay, ami soiu j i. 1 j"u was vestenlar presented to hibi, and immediate ly pai J. Th first dmwn number 00 Monday will be entitled to $10,000. which Robt. Waite, jun. will pay n uemauti, wnemerii is unujm 01 1 1 . 1 - . 1 Li r him or not. ' BOOK - KEEPING. rry The subscribers to Bennett's 5th public course of lectures, on Dooic - accping, are respectfully requested to attend at his residence, no. 4ft Fulton - street, on Monday evening next at 7 o' clock precisely, as the introductory lecture will be delivered on t.iat evening. Genlleoicu will please to observe, that after acquiring, by the lectures, a competent Knowledge of tlie science, each ' person applies it to practice at in the counting - house, by writing the original entry, journalising, posting and balancing the ledger under ineiouscriDer - tiuspecuoo. Those gentlemen who intend to join the class, - will pleass to call as above Detore Monday even - " . . 1 t l - t r wi ing. Terms 01 inepuDiic course, $u. fmaie lectures, $20. . Feb 7 It J. BENNETT, Accountant. 10,000 dollars will be awarded to the 1st drawn number on Monday morning at ten o'clock. Those who wish chances for this rich prize ought to apply this day at Allen's truly lu' kr olncc, No, 124 Broadway where was sold the first drawn number last Monday, which was entitled to a pnze of $a000, also the lloatin, prize of $2000, and where the great capital prize or IU0,UUU was sold and paid, Dcing the highest prize ever diawn in America. Feb 7 r rrigtit wanted for Philadelphia, On lard the schr THREE BROTHERS, Foster, master. Apply on board at Coffee - Houee slip, west side, or to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 7 No. 130 Water - it. For Norfolk or Baltimore, The fine staunch new iloop REGULATOR, Wm. Sowle, master. For height apply to GEO. M. WILSON, j eb 7 YJO Water - st . tor A lexatidria, Ueorgtloun and W atlixngion Litu, Th schooner ADELINE, Edward Rummay, master, lying in Coffee - House slip t or fright or passage, apply to the master on board, or to DIVIE BETHUNE Ac CO. Feb 7 92 Wall - st. EJsOHatl, CALVLTlA bOOIJS, Qh Packages English Goods, consisting of - J Hcrnug bones, white jeanuets, Wellington fancies, huckaback and damnk towels aud title cloths, buff, Ate. checked and striped ginghams, 9 8 jaconets, Holland tapes, white iucles. shirt moulds, callicoe and gingham itnfiirellas, furniture, red and pl.tin dimity, shirtings, blue and red pocket handkfs. plain cotton toilaueU, sarsnet, cambric, cotton lick, Madrass and Bala - sore hdkfs. cambrics, 4 - 4 ginghams, drab chintz furniture, black and white cambrics, lirown linens and sheetings, rupcrCne cloths and cassi - meres, Sc. 40 bales callipatly, fine, chitta - ) V Jt r - - - ij - o - - v. . . company doo sooty ) ' 15 do. Calcutta chintz, elrgant patterns 2 do. bluemamoody 1 S do. do. gurrah " ' 2 do. custcrs 2 do. sooty romalls ' ' 5 packs checked' aad striped eecftuck - crs ' - 0 bales Madras: goat skint 16 cases Bengal indigo ! nullv Inrlrituirj. iu m ami xhaflaa I 20 caseimtukcts aud fowling pieces 150 tons Swede iron 30 'do. English bolt iron, 6 do. do. nail rod 3 hhds. ivory black, 400 cask nails 50 casks dry white lead 60 tons - iron (kentledge! 430 hampers and 100 crates briitol wine and porter bottles ' 20 boxes superior quality wax candles 200 do fresh Turkey figs. Ace. for sale by TETER REMSEN Ac CO. Feb 7 28 South - street. DOMESTIC Ac OTHER WARES rrHE tuhscribcr keep constantly on hand an a. extensive assortment 01 tlie loilowing good, viz : i Datch and Enelish Gunny Bags, kc. Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Broom ' Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Bellows, fancy aod common cy and common Do for Blacksmiths Heart do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do bhe ii Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Hall and Entry MaU raus ana 1 uo Wheel - Barrow Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrap - p'ng, baleing and ball l'rcine Fiih Line Slioe k Jiadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan - cc Sash Tools Clamps 4, 7, .8 row : Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords. Cbtlics Llies ash Cords. Trarc Ropo . wrought aod - Cut Nail and Brads Which they will sell w holesale or retail on 11 - beral term. CEBRA A - CUMING. feb 7 , . 76 Pearl - street. 50 RUM, Ac. J puncheons Jamaica Rum. inst arrired and landing irom the hrig David Richards from t aiBootn, tJam.; and lor tale by A. 1). HUFF, 69 Washington - street. Who hat for ante in strre, L. P.TeneriiTe Wiu, (tj.'ey brand) inquar - ter casks imported July, 116 Do do in hhds. and or. cat us do Aisgmt do - Do do in pis fehds. and qr. casks do September do ' 30 pipe, 100 hhds and 280 qr. cask doeoti - lled tndobentare - ' 45 pipes Cape Madeira Wine, ship'd ia 1313, (1 001 1 be Cape ol Good Hope, and entitled (o debenture ' Portland old Libon wines, in assorted casks Also boxes of cUret wine Do. grave wine and one cask cardwire. feb 7 tf . ' VIRGINIA TOBACCO Ac FLOUR. tJ bhdj old Virginia tobacco . - 55 do new crop do do ' . 66 bbls fine flour ' 15 do middling do. For sal by VASqUEt; MEVRON Ac CLEEMAN, Teb 7 tf . 72 W'itnp - ft. rv!. FLOUR. UOO bUs tuperf.' tuperf. J ' bls do Flour, landing Ibis day ' Sne,.. ' ) . - . . - . - . S half bhls .52 bbUfin From schr Adeline from Alexandria, and Margaret - Ann from Petersburg. For sale by " ' D1V1E BETMUNE Ac CO. ' Feb7 ' - - - qg Coffee llonse slip." - ' ICH.MUNI) FLOUR. 200 barrels, Rich", moral superfine Flour for sale bv ' N. LAWRENCE, . : '' ' - ': - 172 Fulton - st. or 27 Old - slip." rEER L.UjS - 6 bales first quality lor sale,": L ny cAut AL.L -, Ieb7 Sit I'ine - itreet IAiWIUU, UllAJMJY, Ac 10 case prime. 1 Bengal Indigo , entitled to debenture 35 pipej Gray' Brandy . " '' 120 boxes Hiil's Boston Chocolate, No. 1 & 2 l iO kegs Philadelphia Starch - ' 70 bags race Ginger (entitled to debenture) r 10 boxe Sugar Candy 300 half and qr. boxes Spanish Segnn, for sale by JACKSON Ac - WOOLLEY, t feb "7 ' 75 Wall - ttrteL : RICHMOND FLOUR. 101 barrels superfinelanding fi - om the - sloop Atlantic, for sale by Feb T TROKES, DAY1D50N & CO. C f. COTI ON. JU Bales prime upland cotton, just received per schr. Gen. Andrew Jackson, from 6'avan - nah, and for sale by . OTIS Ac SWAN, Feb 7 1w 157 Pearl st. BHA1ND1, r'LOUR, FLAXSEED Ac RAN SINS 20 pipes brandy, best Bordeaux 850 bbls. Baltimore Howard - ttreet flour ' f 54 ca; - ks rough flaxseed, and - 400 boxes fresh blom raisins, for sale Apply to GEO. M. WILSON, Feb 7 130 Water - street. Ci LASaiV ARE, .Vc 4 boxes assorted glass, I comiitinp; of Largu sizi - d Winilmv Gltss Detanters, Tumblers, Inkstand Watch Glasses, Ale. V 2 boxes Fowliuir Pieces. Juit received per Winii'red, from Amsterdam. OS HASD, A quantity of muskets, entitled to debeature & ceroons first quality Indigo, and 2 hbls White Lead For sa!o by J. C. ZIMMKRMAN, . feh7 1m 72 Vasliin(tonkstreet. . " LIVERPOOL COAL. - A CARGO of Liverpool new pit Coal, on board the ship Zodiac, Pier No. 9 East River, will commence discharging next week; for tale in toll to suit pur - haseri, by LA1NO tl RANDOLPH, fob 7 4t 9a Vesfy - slrcer. JO LET, fIJJsi Houte 18 Reed, next to the corner of Elm - street, "very commodious for a boarding - house or a large family, having two cellar kitchens, four rooms on the first floor, five on the second, tnd four on the third, all in good repair. For particulars, apply to EZRA LUUIAIW,. feb T tf 34 Beavcr - street.' - Cull TO LET, , , From tlie fust of May next, that spa. ciou House no. sr t.nerrv - ireci, me resi dence of the late Archibald Kei ly, Esq. The lot is large with an excellent pump ot water. For particlars,enquire at no. 27 Roosevelt - st. feb 7 lw TUBE LET, From Ut Mar next, that spacious hre - ' proot' store in Slote - lane, No. 1, next to the cor - ner of William - stn et, now occupied by N. fc ' 4 Dclonguemare. . NICH. LOW, feb 7 tf No. 10a Pearl - treet. yjm COUNTRY SLAT. 1I2B TO from the 1st May next. genteel rmmtry residence, pleasantly situated on the 8tl Avenue (late Fitzroy road) about 3 miles from the city. Il comprizes a neat and commodious dwelling house, a well stocked garden, and 3 acres excellent meadow. Apply at no. 28 South - st feb 7 lw mil saif. ' Ssl That large two - itory hour occupied by the subscriber, situate on Front - street Ietweea . the upper and lower femes at Brooklyn, with . the ground attached (hereto well calculated for a private family or a large genteel Hotel Also, several lots adjoining said house,baanlifolo I i - tuated and oonvanisnt to build on. for rcn - tiemen who do bosinen in the city of New - being near to t!r irrrici Also eleven lots in tha rear fronting Water - etreet, about half way be - ' tweea tho two ferries ; part of which is now oc - copied for a lumber - jard tor further particu - Urs apply to jusuua baus. Feb 7 2w iJ?l The brick store No. 84 Maiden - lane, - r - i r rr and immediate possession given. Apply at No. . 86 Wasliington - sU ' Feb 7 tf TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION. .,, Bt BLKKCKBK tl SIB1T. On Tuesdar next, 10th inst. at twelre o'clock, at the T.C.H. ... l?OD i v That 2 story brick front dwelling bouse and 'j lot of ground, on the soutbtasteily side of Sulli - 1 van - street, the 4th bouse southwest from Broom - street. Alto, that 2 itory brick front dwelling haus and lot of ground, adjoining the above, on the ' southwesterly side thereof. And alio that other 2 story brick front dwelling houte and lot of ground adjoining the latter, oa the southwesterly side thertof. ' The above house are each 21 feet 4 inches . wide in front and rear, and 38 feet deep, aboat 2 years built, are gentcely finished ; tie fronts ara , cut stose up to the water table ', the frames ara of lut.itantial teasoned oak, and tlie tUries rath - . er higher than usual. The each 21 feet '. 4 inobVt wide in front aod rcai.' and the firit lot is 90 feet, and the other 2 are each 86 feet kg . on each tide 1 with an aller war or nanaee war - tuffrirat for carts, lending firm the reiristo Sol - , . livan - itrect and Thompicn itrtct. , 7. i lui and the contiiTBoui proptrty 11. by agree ment, to be kept clear of all daneeront or olTea - sive establishments ; to be told in fee simple, and ine tuieciear ono inuispuiaoie. 1 be tituaiios agreeable, and the neighborhood impror 'ng, with almoit unexampled raridity. wita brick ironic d ,, houses. . . " . ' . - - Terras 10 per cent, down on dar of tale. 2000 dollar on each honse aad lot may lie oa snort - ' caee on tha Dresniac fur three war, interetl haifreatly, and tlie residue in 10 days, w beetle deed shall be deliveref1. ' . N. u. Attendince will be tiven to ahow th prrmisci between 12 aad 2 o'clock, earn dty, - , previou to tale. . . feb 7 St ' rp HE FORUM. The person who, by mis - X take, gave a large note in payment Car a Ticket at tlie Forum last evening, may obtain ' it again, by applying to the Treasurer, 59 Wil - liam - street lei7 11 LOTS FOR SALE AT AUCTIONS BY order of the last will of Pater Stoyrer - san Esq. deceased, will be" sold at Snctoa on Tuesday the 17th iait. at the T. C. IL at H o'clock, . - BY UL.bECa.Elb tl CloBT, Fiva ralnabl lots of eround fraotlur the cart tde of Bowery - lane, adjoining the oulh sula of Drlance - etfect Five lots on tha west ride ot Christie - street aad adjoining the south aide Delancey - etrwet, between the Bowery - Una and Christie - street. The terms of tale are fifty dollar on tach lot, to be paid so the day ot tale ; one third of the residua on the 1st of May 1 the - remainder, if required, in two equal annual pT - ments wi!h bterest annually A map ot the premise may be seen at the auctioneers office, Jc.'f - t&TiJl'' v DtUj V.

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