The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1913
Page 4
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GETTYSBURG TIMES Published Daily Except Sunday Times and News Publishing Company W. JAVEKE HAFER. Secretary- and Treasurer* PHILIP E. BIKLE. Presiden'c- PHILIP R- BIKLE. Editor. X Served bv carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. Mailed Sutside of Gettysburg- for 25 cents per month. EATES Single copies to r.on-subscrllHjrs^ ceaia MEXiO Believe IIS, Contemplates Step to Eliminate Boeria. 1 GENERAL' NAVARETE. Federal Commander Last Hope of Kueria In Northern Mexico. ;A!SEff TO PUNISH CHURCH NOTICES ST. JAilES LUTHERAN A I O S f l C ' Sucdav SchocL 9:15: preaching A L u A b t 10:3 °- subject" -The - Master Key"; « l t « w * i w « B Christian Endeavor. 6:00; preaching ; 7 . 00 sa bj ectj ^xhe C^II to AIT*. , 1904, at'jGfettjfebwg. Pa-, ^second-class matter. under! ***- S*nnir«k^ "\f ·!«- 3 _ * 1 S l 9 - i - r ' BELL PHOXE OiSce in North-west corner of Centre UNITED PHONE r_-- - --: Sccrctlv Left ,Vei»=o City on Ncv. 30 " ', tO TZ.r Cruz. wr RcSltfeRce !h vera I Ni GENERAL. OFFICES r.v VORK AND CHICAGO . V.'^i^.!i!jio:j, Tec. "J. -- Atliiees re-: "ccs'.e-s htrt :»J:c-_:t-3 t"'iut ceroia for-j ! ei^ii g^vt-ruffi.-i:;s t^.c- r^eaiiy reach- · !eI iS».- conclusion that ih United I ! Stilus Is agalu to^i.aipl-uus recugai-} I ti^n oi the ConstUui-caalisis as a stc-p ] ! to.,arJ a solution of the aiui eli2li!ui:ag Huerta. is some letison to believe i Id^a or o:hc-r imer- | ' i Orders Transfer of the Entire s^y _ faSfflSOPu PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs ef Kews Telling of I!IE Sapg2sifl§s in 2nd about TOJU* People Visiting Here and Ifaosi SeJ2!irnai§ Eisewhere. , , ,, 5i«. Roy \Ic3, 10:30; evening service, 7:00. ' PRESBYTERIAN . 2*j worship at 10:30, subject: j i of the Body". "Ta : , subject j 1 Dfi! STI^f PSftfS OPMIPR a - 7 P- n " wil1 ba J T«sap£.ii«!-. The.| J t U L i l i U A L bnlOlO , UCRICU. F ; jayor societies will hold a onion I rceetins 1 at C:45 at v.-hich Rev. 3ir, j Bo"«v:.;ii: cf the Seminary will snake · an ildrs*s. Subject "The Christian's C':.5«ceS:cr Has No intention of Ke ". :; c ..,-.-j. : ' Sunday School,. 9:30-a. ra." , COLLEGE LUTHERAN " --» Gtrrniaav, Dec. C---' A. S. \Vasrner D. D. D2.s«.or. 9:45 a. j ^ Y^ia^Tor-ered Uie transfer I n ,.. je;$^ S,hooi. Irvis L. Taylor sJ 8 ^' iS ?-^ U1 - _ . ,,, ^ ;n;,rv garrison uoru ZaSM.-ni.Jperi^er.dent. I«:45 a. m., morning risours wun ner son, Edgar Warren lor Government QiScisis Declare the and son, Hjirmon,;cf havs- gone to Chambers- irsorroxv in liev. H, A. Stouffer(s cliureh. · r ilrs. Edgar Warrea. of West High Cnr advertising colcmns are opes to all candidates of all psrtie*. , ._ ._ _ . -- _ _ ! - . - » » · , , - i i - i- " Marion, are ^sending 'the dav L me 3 a. t.'.^edstr,: swoid thrust. \\Iuie ii|solos by Mrs. Meiskey and a violin- ', - °_ 1 lemovw, "ice causer of further _con-!so! O oy V/. R. Sammel. Dr. Wafrner i f^J^;^ -a.-de.*, York street, ; with Rev. and to bfij fte ftijs jea aeea. I STEW EAGLE HOTE G»p»city 400 iii bzfh *» ilcCoBOiirr, Prop'm CHAS. S. 5IUMPES · --Fire Proof Storage-I Warehouse for Foraitcr* «nd I Hoaeehold Goods scorfed I any lengtii of tlm*- Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. ; I "While thev lastl Very special lot j 4f Ladies' collars. I W. H. TEPTON i The- result ass been a sort 01 :nm- | rect pressure on the adaisnistration to j do soiaethiag to Uasiea iaclre'-ily =t ' le^st to so:ve the uiiBeulty in Mexico, lir-cognition of the Consiitutionalists ! :.£is appeared if sense European diplo- ] a:r.ust3 as :he nest likely move or ..President \\*i!sbn as luag as this government adheres to its policy of acting onl-. Indirectly upon IIueKa. Xo coniirrnarsos of the reported in' teiitson to recognise the Constituiioa- · aHsis could be obtained. It is · cJ as likely, however, that some step I \vili be taken to assist the revolutioa- 1 Ists, short of actual recognition. H i Advices to the state department re- · 11 ported that the situation in the Aca- 1 pulco district is grov.-ing worse. This i : has been a center of anti-Airierican- [ i isra. Merchants from outiyiag districts 3' are removing u the city of Acapulco. | i From i-adero it is reported that the |' excJus of refugees from Monterey au-J I - vicinity continues. ' ' - " ~i ~ .' * 1 BU"ERf A ? S' FkR/SLY QUITS'-CITY - - - { - - Sundav School, 9:30 a. Inspiration in Regret. The life without regret is the life ·night return to Zabera, if iusideavor meeting, 1:30 p. ?a.; Senior! without gain. Regret is but the light IBIS tiNulaye-i a proper temper i Christian Endeavor meeting-. C:00 p.: of fuller wisdom from our past, il- !f he fads! aittr the expected transfer to another].TM, j. Chas. Gardner, pastor. · laminating our future. It means that v.rTte" ea-| re-:ni.-=it c: Barest .vcnj CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN" _ » . _ » are today than we %vere yes- sis v.-as vlLh the L.T. von BetUrKasa-Hol'.veg Th^y cle- j cla~ed the had no intention o: jesign- f-S FS3ls Lft3 Wass Sting and SS^-Sk provable unless his authority e'i and protected aggressions 01 the null- Siia Faints From Pain, (;EICE PBODUCE COMPANY ]' C*«h Pricea Paid for all j | -? --FAEM PRODUCE-- : I £Jmd«r Time* OfSce, Gettysborg. I ·;.--A common Icv-ims, needle ra, tlK I'-e-t-jr box oc- ;ui'ied .by«^irs.-'2a.-..,r:e rl. GrafT, ti* ot-a't/es'.:, Is fc-j.isvei" to be tne · Vhc- consultation bewesn the emperor, the chancellor, the gover general and the general In COE lasted on'y about an hour. The emperor lei't shortly alter for Stuttgart, and specifiers at the railway station not-s3 that he was in thoroughly good *'· Lett Wids'cify Secretly tqTTakeiUp j ir^tiuineiE.thy.'se£is of which :.Irs- u! Quarters In Vera' c4fe.--' = *:!":'" | Gii't \va^ : iaocalaze.l T'ith_a suotle T l .-»*,TMiTM..ft--Lr.,...i.-wi--, »;__-rj-,4. famiiv OL : aeZ-an -.·lbs53.'caitsed I:er ro rail insea- Merfeo"i-tvBec-.' 6=--Tbe- family ot j po'.tOD. w! i Provisiosal Presiaent Huerta i^ said ' | ro'^a-e goie : sfecreriy-to Vera-Craz on' · Nov. 30. . ' ' - - - . t They are now living quietly in Tera «(· I:er ro fall tnsea- Ihss Uevelepefi \\l-^' ihe - "oFfa!ga- :eut or Ar^irLail Tvlegaro. a Cuban stu- .«_;; uliarn'acisi. the otisr OCX- Epworth League at G:15; preaching a tion and source of strength, to reaBze them, each other; as love increases 7:00. subject of sermon "Unhappy jj prudence.-- William C. Jordan. Homes". A welcome -to all services. L. j DO-.V Ott.. P^on ^ I Unvarnished Truth. REFORMED j There ivas a young man very vain Sunday School. 9:15 a. m. Xo; O f his accomplishments as a. preach- morning church service. Church ser- j er, -who, after oSciating at a certain vice at 7 p. m., subject "Sin no More",; ser-,-ice for a Scottish minister -R-ho a discourse on tuberculosis. The pas-! occasionally had to avail himself ot " e assistance of» probationers, ivas met bj' the old gentleman v,-ith es- ; tended hands as he descended from · the pulpit- Expecting high praise, ie averno.-jtor «rm conduct service in St. Mark's- Eiaiaud church at 10 a. m.. -K"ith a talk on the j I their nreseace is linow to oi E .c OOT, on a cnarre of assault. Tee : ' oh-v a fe\v-of- r the'ir iatiHiate irieasiij are-ie subciitte. to a chemist. "I; ; 'The, denarture o£ .the K,uerta iamily-j vr. s round =ra.- txe 5:;»t where Mrs. h«Eicr astl apparently tunrqfrhlea by th'e.situauca. . . : '"; J£ Germany had a. parliamentary re- gfine Instead. ci,s. sesii-auiocratic gov- erEment, Dr..'von Eethmann-Hoitreg ai6i. his cabinet already would be a Thing c£ the past, for the motion of lac-Ki of ecufit-ence in the chancellor ^-as .passed by 29-3 to 54 votes, the 54 . n t e d "White Plague." SALEli U. B. | said: "Xo compliments, I pray." Sunday School. 9:00 a. m.; preach-- -*Ka~. nay, my young friend," said ing- 7:00 p. m.. sermon by Rev- S. H. · the parson, "nowadays I'm glado' any- Snei!. of Hagersto-.rn. There will be a . body." .- special serviee this Saturday evening-.4 ,^i_.^j^ri- r-rj- JR» ---.·** December G. at 7:00 p. m. The public f --. : ., :s mosc cordially invited to attend. J.! Chas. Gardner. r»astor. Nev/ Phonograph Clock. ' '= . phc~ograph ciocic has been.jjei;- AKENDTS\nLLE REFORilED . fectaci by ilax jlarcus, a German,-af- · vrorshio £t ten o'clock on i ter mzny years of labor. It not-only- Sunday, The-pastor will preach on i keeps time to, the second,, but tells for . £he i^,7;~-i~ ! the tloie in a clear bartitone. voice. "Four o'clock:;" and '.'Fonr-thirtyi*; BIGLEP-VILLE REFORMED i iARGAIN HARVEST to SHOES BUYERS 2-' K 11 § You .willfind on our Bargain Tables saoes of i! %weli known lines v/hicK we iiave cils-conlinued. W. H- Douglas $3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $!-.., Others reduced to 98 cents and SI .48. Ladies LaFrance $3 .50 Shoes, Now $1.98. \ Childreas Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts | and .48. C. B. Kitzmiller the kaissr, and remains sn oSce ssr-'s the clock in loud, distinct but Delaware Whipping Fos | ""Im.ngton. De!.. Dec. G---The Delai ware wh-nplns j-cst was once more in ^ I or.eratson to-lay. Three negroes hogged I ^ 1 tL? post for a total of forty lashes on I l i their bare backs. "Warjlen Crawford j ^- · the cat-o"-n:ne tals. ! -los-j'jh "Wilson, who held h:s vrife i to t:.e ~ i A : B R A N D : N E W · S T O C K : O F ] sfe Roor and be?i n^r, sot ten Jani'-S Plates, v.ho came to .gfn three weeks a»o from. Me!. and stole a aozen s'-i^rts sioxe. v.a=; similarly i/unlshed. vT::i:ain .Ta-tUson. a housebreaker at St Georges, aot twenty ia?hes- Jac::son will serve three years, Pistes vSH he incarcerated for six months a~(i :llscn vcill be imprisoned four Tnontiis. CARNESIE HERO SHOT Awaits your inspection here. ne uiat tie «-.ji-t.u«-= ··:" s;u-lj5£.r. ha\e :«jade ot^oli-tc. ..-,cr from fons:er ji=ir*--lui the i:Ue=-t designs izo::i Il - In'-aii Graf: v.-erc -" c^thln;; HXe such a great major. ,rj T~r-\- -.ven'- t j j i t 1 ' and it ^fc believed that the fact ..: "cwr.r"'. 'Vl.'I' j that t-ie ra.ser mier\ene;l persona.ij - G'C.'r -n:errd a j afic tae debate is proof that he tn.nKs ,:.s'?'^"^ ihe^erihss l:anr^ljr"s treaimeat of the Za- »a ! irdeit. A fe-sr j beni question 2:s:Irscti:. -weak. * i -o-r I - ' - " . J.-jv 1 r-t^-to-i" V's "o-"S i . v.a:ch h«n~ cvcr| .. .a:r. slipped to *he | r ' e Z down for It- In a scream, sharp pain in ' tas Penasyivasia rai- r 3d at Aberdeen, zs 'ivii;^ .ii tii*r .ilercy iiospi*.ai, three buliet Trounds ' Man (some years later)--"Gonsatn it ~ - , - - , , r~ T I - i all: From momins till night, and Sunday Sc.ico! at i o clock, lae-pub.ic! ~^ .^ mornill ^ hea rm at home, is cordially invited to attend. ,-- D. | . bear noth5ng - Dtrt taigg about the Shi-dney. pastor. j ssr .- ailtSr the butcher, the butler, the j bster, the candletsickmaker^ and all Dam-y ljrecs : nr; Seek. Dainty find comfortable ai.d easy to make U this dressing sack. The mate rial used is -white albatross, and the I Gets r.ree Z^-'-sts In Body In I Fight. · _ c =,^ ITavre r ie Grace. ri-=. Dec. 6---Carlo ° r !r® ! C!_. :..pieri. s. Carneg:- hero, eaapiojed' ·· - ----- ~ , th e crossiiis o£ 1 5fe h 1 S WSLSOK HAS THE GRIP Ordered is Ksrr.aln !r. Bee- But His I c ~ Speedy Recovery is Predicted. - c .s in e am 3 , t'.irc-ir. a::i'. "...= ioys.' ; an Car;. T. Gra' B -)a. C. S. X.. Las o-- -i. dc. O3yaip!eri had r-hlki ^ under the rnd 5n January o have been reward d a Cr..r.esie raedas. 1)^.1 AI^.! a ne Umbrellas Scarf Pins Bracelets Mesh Bags WATCHES DIAMONDS i able Silver Lockets Chains Manicure Sets K -. '. I e r^nflncii to i -.'.3 room pos?. ./:;.- to-,.orrov. Xo en- s g :Ser::ep.ts x --er« rc.a ie ;or earlijr than j The president" ~ se'rei?r". Josenh P. i T:". -:Ity. =~. = -C i-.i:. '..c:^.-: tne prcsi- ! .:. r.T "..a 1 n '.'.- ' 'e.%.r. h' :"lrc35 "'is I -...slin-c to -"ca:-;T,i. RH: he v.ould be 1 uut asa:^ :a a fe~ da: s. A^AL D:^CER is DEAD ;\2\v BIcsd Fails to ' sve Man. -f. !nt-j whose '. a pint ci 3 .-_. , /^ 10 '-r» tT* *"" .j .r« .tii \-^.*i«" .^.- -^ Imported Chime Clocks in Maaogany Cases Man}* other articles that and please we show them Compare our prices with others. ^w*^. I Sight of CofTris Caused Suicide. 1 ··.oyertoxn, Ts. Co. ·'--The con- i start sight of ccfTss at his place o, · e-j-*" A j ---^nt -S l.-ehe.-t,c: TO have ! pr-nptc-i Pavla Mcn'.r. farf-'-nve yvars j o"-3. io ··· :r.s r.?e by hanging .im- I scs. in h:s -""am Hs 'n-ns · m^:re3 -v \ tre T?-jfrt«^'»n Cas'^^t -"-.n 1 .: cr.y anc5 ' nr-ci charge o'~ it.e sLippins: 01 caskots. ' T."!s \"~1 is :;el'e\ed to ha~-e cause-: i K;;!od by Fa'.! From Bridgo. ] S- rantor.. Pa. D ·-. 0 -- C"-ar:e- 1 Broun, o: S.:nbr.-r. '.xas ki"' d T.- -or re :-. '.-on t"ie top girder c." i"..c ··"; liii"! «y the I^i 1 i-iv. am:. oa the r.e.v "cut-off' at X trhere l.e v. a? employed as wor^rpr. ITIr. ·o-iuow and five »urv:\o h ::·:. Gr' : :='3. "Ictsd Army Ef!2i- j ocr. pheT. %ras Jran.-rr . "''.ct'-- of OverAork- to czve h:=; K f ^- ^3 t! -c~. ;: . . -- Lieutenant Colo-j s -- ?k::;ne.-"c 0 -T:' ncl 3r.!- or.e GI tuo ;.- r o f j;-.-!r.- PaTiaroi c=.Tii;. 1 l/.-cd KT S»'J to a:: L" --· G- .--: -r.i Lc=.._ ,,,-. - bra C"t. v. face o. ^:: rsar-t For Ecr_- " Ci.Sca"o. Dec. 0.--An i:ng hunted by the · -.iTght c-. it :s said, | H::lva vras c -^s ^ J^ stove and eatea. Tvo aer. a ?:^ ;n an erfo-; only a rnat- tse r.;nt G: ;;e and sna. , bwrgiar z the rest of "em-"--Xew. Tork 'Weekly. CO^IING EVENTS Happenings Scheduled In Gettysburg for Coming Weeks. j Dee. G--Concert. Weatherwax Broth- ! ers Quartet. Brua Chapel. Dec. 12--Bazaar. St. James Lutheran church. Dec. IS--College closes for Christmas recess. FAEM fer rent: 150 acre farm near 3arlo\v, gw! land- Almost all clear. Want good farmer v.-ith stock, on shares- Inquire Sunk Peckman.-advertisement WANTED: assistant Spirella Cor- sstierre. Call Wednesday afternoon. 1 York street.--advertisement MILK for sale, also delivered, at 1-51 i York street- M. H. Baker, dairyman.-advertisement ·S AiBATBOSS. FOE SALE: three hives and bees. | Ca:3 or address H. A. Sell---advertise- 3$ and the embroidery arej raen t -!^t throusj 12 tne, " of Lester sday n:ght JX1 »,«3tJ ^jU* -hes and a ' revolver vrere a:^ ! . . . Stone Thrown ./ S£x-:;sicn Kills. White :. 4 s-, ?r.a r.ecro Die in Chsir. « Xorristo ^ n . p a . 1.^^-. 6. -- Calvin Kicnr.-.or.'. \V . Dec. ?. -- Xe-els ^ " -- years old. was ng , i: ;j le(1 -srhe;! he -sras hit over the heart on- . , , w rse stone t j, at ;, a( j - thrown iOQ yards by an explosion carrittl out in pink ernhroiderj- silks. The t-e is of pink wasfc ribbon. Presents Made From Net. Surely some one who is a bit puz- zleii over Chrfstnias things will be giai to kaofv -rrbnt attractive Sifts cas be fashioned out of rcmiisnts of net- Tbese reianants can be picked Tip nt the curtain goods counter as we2! a.= nt fee department of laces, where nets are likely to be higher. Co5!ar i^r Days to Christmas tec-tors, to keep the blonse collar from j being soiled by coat or furs, are made i of a strin of net or nil over lace nbor.t 1 his v.-ne. ar : . --; Archer, negro, ?·· victctl of atto V r g a -white wonsan. " ^" we;e put to dea-; a the electric chair ^ .^ quarry \vhen his companioar j n t -.,; rd o " f a -^^ or e ven less in \vidfb " ere - I reached him he -was dead. j al3( } almost a y«ird Ion?. A narrow i j hem is run in on both sides r:nn each Murray Boston Postmaster. ] 28.000.000 Bibles Printed Last Year, ^ «-uhe-e«1 «" cioselv and finished \Vashington. FT . 5.--Representative! Toronto, Ont., Dec. 6. -- Twenty-! w5;1 , =anv " k!n(i of tassel, black silk. "William r. M'i:r.:r. of Massachusetts,' e igi»i million copies of the Bible and t CHAMBERSBURG ST. f -^ ^^T^v-^v^vr^^y-v-Ttrv.^v^yry^v^v ^r^r''*. 11 "^- 1 '-''^^^^-'!!'*'* ^z^i'^Z'Z r'^z^r^r^z^ Ai! Depends. "How are v.-e fixed for war?" "Well, in the newspapers we look pretty good, but in the magazines \\e look rather bad." cotton, gilt or a small crocheted Remarkable. Frost--"Sometimes one runs across , When She Starts to Wonder. Many a young wife is discouraged his friends in the most unexpected ' by observing how much easier it -was places." Snow--"True. Yesterday I to get a §200 engagement ring than it found Agnes at home." - 1 is to vet a check for the grocery til!. · ceal u tiny \voit;!it ·where 1I;e end tassel te put on. A bit of oo'or may K- l«Ml. but it i 5 ; wisest to tnako U'.c- lectors so that they niaj be l.iun I Another Week Gone- Don't Delay Your I Christmas Shopping. IV ®

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