The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1931 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

Not Serious If Bowels Get This Help ' AIDS POWER FIGHT ° ut of your r e , i a r t how bo «"» action is regular and complete. Cut Rate Grocery Saves You Money We^Quote Below Just a Few oi Our Many Bargains PHONE 112-113-114 FREE DELIVERY FRESH FKH-Give us your fish orders_ we will get you . any kind possible I 1 AND G. SOAP, , p 5 bars . . 1 5 C HONEY, *;** large cakes 15 C 15o CORN and PEAS, - - 20c CORN and PEAS, 2 cans 25c SANI FLUSH, per con CRACItEKS, 2-Ib. caddy I - ] Davies Special Service Held by Presbyterians Here Church; Year as Min enten Theme. Used - - - t --.^^«» UA u lc rlrS £ iresbvtprifln /Vi»i««i, ""^, upon the luurcn new pastoral year was marked by a caoacTtv ^T c ° m mencement of E*S y re ! U A ar wwhJp service of any ojf SP atten f. ance ' 'he^largest Easter.and Christmas Sot excepting.^ tte P rece dmg three years, The day was further marked by" _e membership of the East Side thP w£ f"^ * ureh combining with tfons to *""** terlana. Other addi- uons to the membership bv letter and bv confession of faith brot the new members entering the' BEUERMAN.SPEAKS AT EVANGELICAL aa The senate's fight on Georjie Otis Smith, chairman of the newly organized federal power .commission, is spurred on by the appointment of Alexander J. Groesbeck, above; three times' John W. Davis in the'prosecu- tion. The senate is seeking to remove Smith, whose appointment it approved, then reconsidered and rejected. -- . ·__ A cosmopolitan is one who boast of gomg_ to Europe 17 times and doesnt know whether the Grand Canyon is ta Alaska or Mexico _ Kessmger's Review. COFFFF £ cal)crr i-, ib. zee V U l l t i L i, lb. *·* «READ_A H l cl - ndsdari V- 3ZC or white, 1G oz. loaf. 5C BUTTERNUT "«,. COFFEE, l- ]b . Clln 35 C CAMPBELL'S TO- nr . MATO SOUP, 3 cans. 25C Z5c Red Pitted - _ Cherries,; per can . . . . 15c your eggs-^tney buy ,,,,' _ . mora here. 30 E. State O . E . Bu 8 h, Prop. c;-,rr,,,;r^.. F a y sword of the bamurai, presented Sunday eve- mng.under the auspices of the mis senary society. , was the annual service of that society, and the offering wen t for work of TM v3 ' on % f T ^rty d 0 l, ars wa °* Kr °: ceived. It was necessary to break S er , rc - cord by ""as** inS tional chairs to seat the audience crowding in to witness this pro- nexf° Sn ,',nrt VhiCh ' 3 t0 be "Pelted next Sunday evening. ^L P 1 ,^ ^/entered about' the ncirt» nf »A Nameless Subject" as .---y against the exclusion act Me immigration bill passed bv _--- United States congress in 1924 ine costumes were designed and nade by Mrs. J. j. Hawthorne, who las spent much time in Japan, anc nany of the properties were con tributed by her. . The cast included the Rev. Mr Davies, Galen Jleuwissen - ' Sargeant, Frances MacMillan, othy Fischbeck, Margaret He Birdella Dightbody, Safford Lock Mrs. Hawthorne and Sidney Stott Mrs. Arthur Krager directed the The characters in the play, which were Japanese with, the exception of two, were interestingly portrayed and the feeling of the people was well expressed by the players Suffering Christ " Tn f M ? he m bem S ^appreciated and forsak ^ SISTER APPEARS IN MURDER CASE Identifies Clothing Worn by Arlene Draves at Fatal Party. , ind., March 2 CP) was ,=- Scheef sang. The **f;~ j e ss had 10 ° P er c «nt in attendance at thc Sunday school. The total attendance was twice that of a year ago. Mrs; Fewins led the Junior league and Mrs. C. E Baker was m chnro-e O f the' intermediates - f _ -- ----~i led the senior society ihe orchestra played three special numbers during the evening services as well as accompanying in the gospel song service. The Rev P w. Pfaltzgraff preached the last sermon in. a group on Noah. His was "Noah and the New HAGGARD TALKS ON COMMISSION Ingrown Nail Turns Right Out! A few drops of "Outgro" in the crevice of the ingrowing nail reduces inflammation and pain and so toughens the tender, sensitive skin underneath the toe nail, that it cannot penetrate the flesh, and tho nail turns naturally . outward almost" ove"r-nrfht;;.:^;^: - - - · · . _ "Outgro" ^s a harmless antiseptic Manufactured for chiropodists MALL 7 SPEAKS ON CANAANITE WOMAN Coffee SELLING The Canaanite Woman, a Pattern for Our Faith," was the Rev Mr.. Mail's theme Sunday morning at St. James Lutheran church Jesus went to thc coasts of Tvre and Sidon," the pastor said, "but the people followed him. At this place the Canaanite woman camo to;Him for help. Her daugher was grieviously vexed with a devil and she cried to Jesus to help ' her Jesus^.did 'not help her at once but after'^ He-saw ; how-great her faith was He said'to her, 'O woman.'great is thy faith; be it unto thea eve healed° U WUt '' H ° r dau ^ hter wa The ladies quartet sang, "O Stain less One." The pastor announced that tho church council would meet Tuesday evening at the parsonage, and thai SM^ , Lenten services would be held Wednesday at 7:45 p. m. The Wartburg Luther league met ID the i( evenmg. Miss Evelyn Weber sang Calvary," a beautiful hymn tor the Lenten season. Miss Velma tisher read "Flowers o£ Gethsemane." Miss Ella Woisnak read an account of our foreign mission field in India and New Guinea. Tho Lenten Offering" envelopes for missions were given to the leaguo members. · BLlu -----,, on "The Great Comm|s- Dean A. M. Haggard of the h of Christ said, "In .Mathew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-16 we find what we call the great commission. Why 13 it great? Because of Him who gave it. By almost universal consent He who gave it is the greatest person ever clothed in human «esh, 'the lowliest among the mighty and the mightiest among th» owiy says Jean Paul Richter" Everything about Him astonishes me, 1 said Napoleon.,.'Whatever may · 5,, he sur P^ ise s of the future, Jesus will never b,e surpassed,' said Kenan. Me who hears the commission from Jesus ;hears it from God the Father, In France, as well us in America, there is great interest in murder trials. A company of Infantry was necessary TO preserve order as Ladv Owen, above, widow of an English baronet, went on trial at Versailles. She was charged with the attempted murder of IWme. Lconie Gastaud, physician's wife. I^idy Owen told the court that Dr. Gastaud had promised to divorce his wife and rnurry her, but failed to keep hfs promise. The shooting is behoved to have taken placl soon after the doctor told Funeral Services for Mrs. Drinkwater Held Funeral services for Mrs Clam Eveline Drinkwater, 616 °SS £?f Li?!;?f 2; 2 tal1 tins i^ Kirks Hard Water Soap'; 's'iVe 'bars'" Camay or Falmolivc Soip; 3 burs · ~ -- «"i»r M uui 3 . . ,j_ Carnation Milk; 3 tall or 6 small tins 25c Large Package, each Crisco; large 3 Ib. can K°* Ilershey's Cocoa; pound can MRS. CARTER RETURNS FROM NEW YORK WITH WAY TO DARKEN HAIR Gray Disappears Overnight "What shall,! do, my hair is getting- gray? I recommend only one preparation and I've tried them all It's an improved formula made from that wonderful old recipe of sage tea and sulphur. It is easy to use. Gray disappears overnight. And after two or three applications hair is restored to the exact shade you mt =^ evenly, so naturally, no- er know. Just pay your 75c for a large bottle of ...a Sage Sulphur and follow the simple directions. AVOID U G L Y P I M P L E S "It is great by reason of the greatness of those who first receive ft and marched under it and died fo it. After comparing. .the apostoli bnd with the greatest men Greec ever produced, and then with th greatest names in Roman history, A F. Schaufler hag written, 'Never before nor since has the world seen their equal.' And from the words of Jesus, Himself we know the world - D " V e r S6e their ellua1 morning The body was in state ol the Patterson funeral home until shortly before the services were X-RAY CANTS) CAUSE OF STOMACH GAS criH'o ', '" ^'""S 1111 with the girls murder and ravishment. The state intended to close its case today and the, defense indi- mill work^" W ° U - W give the steel rani worker an opportunity to tell or his professed love for the Prett? i^i^ 6 '!' HS 3 53mmers °n high schoo intimates called Miss Draves. Services for Former "Resident Held Here n , ' i v ' re ie it the Randall Funeral home ltonda\ v ' ' vatlon Army, was j n charge. Mr Here is a Remarkable VALUED, PLATES (Artificial Teeth) $10 Ready died at Iowa .City Friday. He was a former resident of Mason City. Fat Men's Club Suffers Slump in Members' List BOSTON, March 2.--The busines. depression has hit tho United States Fat Men's club. At the annual meeting here President Carl F Shaw reported a loss of approximately 3,600 pounds in membership dues he said,-to the reluctance o? super-plump ellgibles to spend money for dues. . . a i"="u White Canes Are Given to Paris' Blind Persons PARIS, March 2. (UP)--The municipal council distributed thousands of white canes to the blind of Paris. Police and pedestrians are ordered to he!p the men who carry the canes, which bear the seal of th» City of Paris. 11 Bear Hunters in Russia Assured of Bagging Game PARIS,* March' 2. (UP)_\ ?,S"? ,ft uri , st 8Bency ln Paris K£ tributecf booklets inviting bear hunters to Russia, formally promising each hunter would kill one bea- whose shin he could take out oj the country free. DEPEND ON ZEMO TO STOP ITCHING r Use soothing, healing, invisible .emo for the tortune of Itching bkm. This clean, reliable family antiseptic helps bring relief in thousands of homes, stops itching and draws the heat and sting out of tho skm. ZEMO has been used for wenty years with remarkable success for all Arms of annoying, jtch- ng skm irritations. ,, "Relief . with irst application." thousands say. 5c, GOc and 51.00. 411 dealers Was dizzy. Unlike most remedies, Adlerika PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST, SAYS PASTOR "Confronted as we are today with a great many bewildering prob- ems, we are apt to let the little hmg-s of life crowd out what is ruly -important and worthwhile" vas the phrase used by the Rev. Ir. Redenbaugh in opening his ser- 8 '- J ° ha ' These plates are made of Comings" beautiful brown base and "Corhings" natural Jink gums. The teeth used on this plate are the famous "Nickle Pin" teeth -- a very fine looking and a very strong tooth. TM s nmU « s « very good plate and one that we can and will stand back of. , ONE DAY SERVICE CRAVENS ^··^^ ·**· , 1 o make friends with the family Budget VALUE Setting a HEW STANDARD orTHRIFT MARCH 6 Wait 9 til you see the price of this Stove! SEARS, ROEBUCK AND Co. EXCLUSIVE PLATE SHOPPES ^ s E - Mason St. 408 Locust DCS Mbincs PHONE 664 WRITE A POEM ABOUT "If from this pulpit I can in some ·miall way. lead you as members of this congregation t o ' put first things first, then I can say indeed that my ministry will not have been in vain. ' "If the life of Jesus tas won for us a better way of living. His death must also demand of us a better way of dying." "We become discouraged because | we still see thru a glass darkly Experience with the resurrected Christ makes inevitable a new relationship with the world, demands of Ufe*? d SiVeS US a new sta ndard In closing he 'said, "By the law °f the resurrected Christ, we build f '»·; will year by year statelier ions for our deathless souls." Cocoanut; f rcsh bullr pound Brown or Powdered Sugar; 3 nonndi ................. aite Sunta Clara Prunes; swet am) m f '; .............. 21c Macaroni; fancy fresh buM^I poun^*. P ° UndS Red Bag: Coffee; P. W. I 'i."""ij ^--""* Ta bleta. The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights i? you are like thousands of others ' He p cleanse the blood, bowels T«hT 1t ' V6rf ,r ith Dr ' Edwards Olive laoiets, the successful substitute ^i- Ca « mel; there ' s n " sickness or pain after taking them. I n- ^^.-^ OKve Tab]etg do NEW CLASS .AT TRINITY CHURCH ---. Carrots, Turnips, Beets; Ige. b"m c l,e's Grapefruit; cy . Jgc . Florfdas. 6 fo r ................ - Florida Orang-es; nice clean, r zden siz '21c ,· ' "* J Idaho Russet Potat 100 Ib. sack $1.40 15 Ib oes i effectively, but their'action"is ssi^a;?* instead of severe Thousands who take Olive Tablets are never cursed with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull n » f e S V n ° g °° d " 'Ml'nff. coSuJ fely f° ar c Peld UVer ' bad ^° aiti °"' ° live TaWets are a purely vege- te%o7or! POUnd knOWD b * *"' tmM^f EJW T d3 spent y ear3 a "iong parents afflicted .with liver and bowel complaints and Olive Tablets i Tako n fm . mensel y effective result. ' murh E M 1 y f01 ' a week " Sfle h °w so" eoc you feel and lock - 15 ^ The Sunday school enrolled the young married folk Bible class which held jts firat mMt| « «^» o Mr ^ S ° utheaSt at ^e-home or Mr. and Mrs. Sever Olson as there was not room for them at the church. With M. M. Finstad as teacher the c.ass made plans it £ At .the morning service Tenny TM S °\ · / financial secretary of tl a I' ef report on the finances ".' *« chl ' rc « which showed" a Wbntl nCreaS6 in the number two mo nf h S C T, Pared with the LWO months of last year. The morning service at THE FAMILY FAVORITE- P R I Z E For the Best Poem About "Big Sister" Buoox LES FORGHAVE WILL PRESENT THE WINNER WITH AN AUTOGRAPHED ORIGINAL DRAWING OP THE COMIO STRIP "IJIG SISTER" moth ^ oo end mothers as well as children The adult Bible class with Miss Paulson as teacher, reported a llrge attendance and the members of class are putting forth a The Sunday school expects to ave special music for the Lenten TM Monday night at 7JSS ^ Sh ; :s wt l ging a clea " ««ht a» off» i r? l '° in , e of Les Forgi-avo'a comicttrin best . IM * r J r submitted about this a.e ofteied. For details see story on page 2 ' Vn todlTMTM* daily in this paper ' P rizes IMPORTANT NOTICE _ V h n e '-r ist be wewSsSi^'rhSk Sni h 5, c ? iteit be considemi *« **· Mason City Globe-Gazette

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