The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 7, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1818
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r - rrfrrrTrrra ,TT,Tmiw 7$r Thirty irr .tt7istt UPLAND COTTON. - 15 c. prime Upland Cotton, landing and for tale by ' ' 6 A I'L ALLEY, , . 98 PineatreeL IN STORE, ' , ' 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, tor sale as above. jan 23 ij TftlaVc, Kc. - 4 bates Oeraihu filurtiox slnd I Sheetiui Linens, lor sale on reasonable terms, by G. G. H S. HOWL AND, ' Jan 27 . 77 Washrngtoa - stneC ST. CROIX SUGAR lit hhds. landing,' afid for sale at 65 Pine - street, by i . Jan 15 GEORGE W. TALBOTJ X CUT MILL SAWS, tic. A SMALL invoke of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, U. S. and C. 8. Jor tale bv - ANDERoON ft SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who have in Store, ... Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, biata a: d iron backs Cast Ste - I ChisseN and Gouges Mortice Chiuels and Drawing Knives fateut Carolina t Virjinia Hoe, fio. 12 3 4 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, tkl, lOd, 12, & 20d Brass and copper wire, of all sizes ... Rolled and Sheet Bras, Brass Pant ' . Londoo Pin, Not. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 .1 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted lb the country trade " ! , Engravers' Copper, in platet of all lizeal" jan IJ I 1 OPS. 4 bides Hops, just received for tade XX by CAMrJKfcLrlAiU 61 rLARsON, feb3 67 South - strat.' M U S 1 C. ALL the Songs, Duetts, as sung by Mr. Phi - lipps at the New - York Theatre, for sale at Wm. DUBOIS Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 128 Bsoadway. Behold m his soil expreive face' Tho love is warm awhile 'Tis but fancy's sketch Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joy i was thine Love's young dream This blooming rose at early dawo Robin Adair . Beautiful Maid Let lame sound the trumpet Had I a heart Evelecu't Bower' Dear maid 1 love (Lee Ah sure a pain was never mlu Said a smile to a tear t'ij;h not lor lore ' , My heart with lov? is beating The celebrated serenade of" Lilta come down Bird Duett . iu me" Flora's wreath. With a large assortment of new tnasic. dec 24 ... IN CHANCERY. , IN pursuance of an order of thia honorable court, bearing date the. nineteenth day of January init, 0'itirei hereby given to all the creditor of William Wells, deceaced, to come ia end prove (heir debts, before the subscriber, as one of the masters of thr court, at his office No. 3 Law buildings, on ot before the n nih day of i ebrua - ry next. Dated J hit. 28th, 1813. JAiTlc.9 A HA?11L I fehfttf Master in Chancery. o(m COHIKSOF WRIGHT k 1UWE1S. A TREATISE on, That being Born Again, without which no man can be laved t by Samuel WritthL D.D.i to which it added, (be Communicant's Spiritual Companion, or an evan gelical preparation for the Lord's Supper, by - tUe tieva. i oomat tiaweis. ouu comes oi imt wpri ia thr.ett, or by the single one, loun3, Tor sale by U. 1liAK.ltKS, Circulating Library, 138 Fulton street. Jan 15 lin r I L ST published, a new Man of the ttate of In - l diana, by the Hon. C. Harrison, to whicb i auuu, lira uumcj VI IIIV 1 li II Ul ICTIUUIJ, J Gen. Mansfield, price 2 dollars. For tale by PRIOR SL DUNNING, No. Ill Water - street. A few copies of Shelton and RenMtl't large Map ol Ue United states, mounted and varnished, or folded in a case ; price 15 dollars, to be bad as 31 2w VALUABLE, tliOHERTY FOR SALE. Will be sold at public auction on the VjUl25th Feb. if not previously disposed of at private tale, that well known and valuable pro perty, situated oa tho turnpike road, about 3 - 4 of a mil from Brooklyn ferry, commanding a beautiful view of the navy - yard and Wallabout bay. It contains about nine acres of hod, iu the highest state of cultivation, having asparagus beds which produce $500 pr anuum with be tween 50 and 60 English cherry trees in full bearing. 1 here are on the premises two bouses and a Mora. The house, at present occupied by the sutachber, is large and very commodious. and in sufficient good order tor the reception of any family. 1 he barn is conveniently sito - .tted, and in excellent repair. There are Ukewite se vered beautiful builJing lots. Persons desirous of purchasing are requested to call on the subscriber, when they can exam ine the condition of the property. Fb5 1w TF.l'NIS I. JOHNSON. 1J LET, From tha first of May next, a front count ing room on the second door, together with the upper ions: enquire no. I0i reai I street, jan 24 tf - .. A COUSTISO ROOM Tit LF.T. A pleasant and convenient Counting uo no in ttoie mo. x soum - street, from n .Hay . . I r.l, ..rail. a aaanan next. Appiyio i uv.avc.ri a uAunic.9. fcb 3 . r . .. . - - rT"H. - AOf ALtL .lit By HorriH it Gust, on Tuesday February 10th, at 12 o'clock, at the Tontine CotTee - House, (if not previoiuly disposed of at private tale) the' following property belonging totne estate, oi Anarew i,arr, deceased. The 2 ory brick house and 8 year lease unexpired from the first of May next, of lot no. 66 Rutger street, near Cherry - atreeU The house is large and well built, and lias every convenience for the accommodation ol a geu - teel family. ... ALSO, A 2 aJory frame house and 4 years lease unexpired from the 1st of May next, of the lotim wnicn it. stands, on Fitzroy road, near Greenwich, 'adjoining the house occupied by M. Edward L. SchifTelm. The lot is 50 feet in front and rear ami 100 deep For terms, enquire of JACOB DRAKE, 167 Front - street, or ANIJWi S. GARB, . ftb3 6t , . 50 Pine - treet. . 'II BROWN, ston seal eograver andjewel - X . ler. No. 1G6 Broadway. . , , Coats of arms, crests, cy pliers, fcc. engraved on stooe. , A handsome assortment of fine gold ' aeala, chains, and other jewefiery. : I Ladies teal engraved with coats of arms, motto, and fancy devices. . . , . Diamonds, amethyst, crystals, tc bought in the rough or cat to any form. Book of heraldry kept with upward of 60,000 name. , Jam 7 3m - STOCK OF HARDWARE, fcc, RICHARDS Sl TAYLOR, ia order to close their hardware concern, offer for tale the remainder of their Hardware, Fancy and Military goods, ait very reduced prices, for cash or approved paper And, to let or lease, the lower part of then store and Cellar. . ; Jaa 27 lr KTtu suf.r. ilifl The two story frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Broome treet, the corner cfi Llizubetli - street, with a stable in the rear. ALSO, a modern three story brick 'louse and Lot handsomely situated within the vil lage ot iNewourgh the house large and commodious and well calculated from ita retired, healthy and elevated situation haviiitr a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) tor a family who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession gi'cn the first of May next ALsU lor Sale or to Lease. 5 avenue lota. situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - streets. ALSO to Lease for a number of year. 15 building lot fronting on the First Avenue and First - street For further particulars, apply to CORNS. UU UOIS, jan 20 lm 36 Front - street. FOH SALE AT dlCTlUsY, At the T. C. H. on the 1st dnv of March uexi, the FARM belonging to the estate of the late Dr. Isaac Ledvard. situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The v uiiainiourgh turnpike runt ttirougn the i arm, on one tided which it a new excellent stone wall. half a mile in length. The farm contains about 150 acres, 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, one old, the other just begin ning to bear well, and a suitable proportion of good salt meadow. '1 be MamiB House is large and convenient, four rooms ou each floor, with a god kitchen and cellars; attached it a large barn, crib, ben bouse, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, tVc. Pie court tard and garden con tain a variety of fruit frees and shrubbery, a large asparagus bed, rasplierries and currants Also A t ARM adioinine the above, contoin ine about sixtv acres : alta:hed to whirh is an e qual proportion pf Salt Meadow, and a lot of young wood, situated witlun les than a mile of the larro, containing ten acres, with a lairu boue. bnrru well, earden. &c. Liikewixe A Lot of Land, lying at bprinOeld, south of the village of Jamaica, containing between four and live acres, on which are about a dozen large chesnut trees, suitable foriencing. The above lauds wi I be all regularly surveyed, and maps of the tame exhibited some time previous to, and at the tale, and disposed of by the acre, witn tne omiuings thereon, inclusively. rostession given onihenritoi April. For further particulars, ujiply at 49 Dey - itraet. jnu tl Ids fVRSALEORiOLKAsE. ufjll - On accommodating terms, a number ef water and building lots, near and adjoining lite navy - yard, at Brook! o. For particular!, en quire ol SAMUEL EVANS, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. REAL ESTATE tOh SALE. The elegHut aud convenient three - story brick house and lot No. 28 Bowery, together with a coach house and stable fronting on Ba - ard - street, and joining the rear of the before meutioned lot. For further particulars enquire at 31 Wall, corner of William street. . Jan 29 tf TO Lt.T, 4.nil For one or more veais a two story brick bouse in Stuvvesant - strret, nearly opposite St. ni ark Church, contnini. eiatit rooms, a large kitchen, servants room, cellar, pantries, tec. in complete order fori he reception of a genteel fam ily with a gulden and yard ol about tw and half acre olland, containing a variety of the finest fruit trees, asparagus and hot beds. Sic. &.C. together with a wood house, carriage house and stables. Rest will be reasonable, and possession can be had the first dny of April. Apply uetwaen iu ann z o'clock, on tne premise, to NICHOLAS WM. ST U YVES ANT. Jan 24 3w - FOR saLf, A new (wo story Brick Houe No. 243 Charaner - strret, will he finished in the modern and best style on or before Ihe first ol May next. The lot is 25 feet front and rear, 75 feet deep, on a lease from Trinity Church for 41 year at $ 160 per annum, enquire ai uuane - sireei. ten 3 iw FOR SALE, '. " The fire - proof store. No. 5. in Gouver nour's - lane, the third from South - street. The lot on which it stands ia under an advantageous lervse, 11 years of which are unexpired. It is three stones, with nre - plaoes ; being in front on Geuvsrneur's lane 40 feet and in depth 25. An improved machine for pressing of goods for ex portation has been erected on the premise, and heretofore profitably employed in pressing cotton, furs, skins, hay, tic. From the fitness of the building, and the convenience which it affords for working the machine, and its nearness to the river, it may be an object to purchase them to rether. ' - s sjrnuJ The lease (two years of which are on expired) of Ihe three story house No. 93 Front - street, third from Gouverneur'l lane. Besides a large store and cellar iu front, it affords every convenience for a large tamuy. Alt FOH SALE or TO LET, kiiill The house No. 26 H'aU tlrrel, opposite the Merchants' end next loth Phoenix Banks It has been recently built of the bet materials, and besides three rooms which have occasionally been occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's offices, affords every accommodation for a private family. If not disposed of before the 10th February, the above will be offered for sale at auction, of which notice will be given by Bleecker tl Bibby For particular apply to R. THURMAN, Jan 31 tf . No. 26 Wall - sL . eflTI FOR SALE. - iir3 ' Three year unexpired kae, from first ot CViay next, of that eligible situation No. 154 Ureenwich, corner of Coartlaud - street, being well calculated for a respectable boarding house. and has been occu pied as such for sejrerat jrear ; is a three story well fiuithed building. Enquire at the premises, or of ... lAMta nursu.v, feh2 1w No. 24 Vandewattr - vireet. tt". waj - eo to mur.. daiil An elderly Lady withe to hire the 2d flHrofa House, aouth of Chamber - atreet. She would have no objection to join with a private famely - , and take a House from the 1st ofM - iy. A line directed to T. W. and left at . 1 IE.'. . "II 1 1 . . - I . . una finite, in ur aurntiea 10. rcu nr V) LET. A Un. tKaaaaa - f aaaa.ll mt.kmi ' i.i i line. r,wi j innnv, . tea (or a boarding house, or for two families, ti - taated at the cornef of Murray aad waahiiisiott - alreet. Apply to NATHANIEL ft HARVEY WEED, Corner of Broadway aad Cortlandt street. feb3w a FOR SALE. Si!! The frame bouse and lot No. 3 Alba - ny - basin. Term of payment wUI be made to suit purchasers, apply to . ' JAMES SMITH, febS 6t No. 6 Vesej - atreeL t FOR SALE, State - street, oo accommodating term, tf aot old by middle of February neat, the premises Will MIHWU, , I Vt 14UBU, "IT'T " .. ,. 39 Borhng - shp. ALSO FOR SALE, . An elegant Lot, fronting Bowling Greeae, aad tl.. .nr Is At rrmnklin.llrML. Title tO th foretjoaf irjdiipvtabte. Eaqeif u above. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7,1818.. NUMBER. 4885 NO. 42 PINE - STREET. rnk' SALE AT TIfESWP - YARD OF . A 8LOQP ww buiidiufc of the best Immaterial., about 100 tout; timber ol'liy 9yjlt, loturt 4 cedar, bottom plank jjhiU oak,, bain oa purpot for the Alba - . D M9 - . A gjQp 5o Iosa, calculaUi (o Xn iytratU where aUpatcb, burthen, awl ;Nleasy draft of water it required, ""v Aperiagua SCHOOLER, of 40 tons, ; 4fitni draw but litlle water, with a lee - through the centre of her keel, and is expected to sail very fast. ' . i,. Alae, SHIP of 3C0 tow, xcia?AtA ' ftJlfor a Liverpool or Londoo trader, (that be fiaivhed to init the purchaser.) jr Span, timber and plank. .. Also, Umber . far bait, freight or Charter, 4.rfv"A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, " "abot.t 156 too burthen, built in the best ZsloImt, wpper - fa.tenccL ia complete order to receive a cargo in every respect a good , vestcL Apply outdard at Burling dip, orto Jan 10. CO South - tt. For tale, Freight or Charter, A new Pilot boat built schooner, 130 Ltnai burthen, built in the beat uianuer, I'.ltxl materials copper fastened : a very fast tailing vetsel, and may be tent to tea with amall expense Apply oo board at Burling slip, or to . ., Jan 19 ' 86South - tt. for Freight or Charter, Tha fast tailing substantial achooner ,BETSEY, capt. Turner, one year old, Wilt atOW about SUU bDIS. IS in compieieirurr for any voyage caa be seen at Dover - st. wharf. Jan 44 Soulh - at. fOH Th new and &st aailioebriz FAME, LbuU. of the best aeaaaaed timber, and fcutniuUy pwt together. Her rising and sails are "of excelleut quality. This vessel is well calculated lor a southern packet, ha inj huid - some accom mod nions. For terms, aud a vie w of her iiivtntory, apply to . GRISWOLDS Si COATES, jsn3 63South - t X. .The very fast sailing aloop PARAGON, burthen 6d tons built at Middletowo, CiOiicclicut, of the best materials ; has made one voya$a to tha U'eH Indies, is one year old and caa be sent to so immediately For Urcn, and a view of her iuveutuay, apply to GRISWOLDS it COATES, Jan M 6B soutli - st. CALCUTTA GOODS. ONE hundred bales cooiisting of Baftaf, Luckipore, ChiUabuHy, Callipntty an.l l'ntlin. Coasaria, Chaadpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Luckipore. Siiouahs JelUlpore and Mow. Checks Gillhs, RociikI. he. lor sale by CHS. L. OGUtN ami A B RM OGUKN, j(,nj - Washington. street. OPi 6 TIL All's BKANDV. MJ Pipes Cette Brandy, entitled to debenture, for sale by . CH AS.L. OGDES, and ABR..M. OGDEN, Jan 17 . Wahin5ton - stret. OLU TOU.UXO. JO hhd. old Uiclin.ond tubacco. will be landed tomorrow from the schooner Hero, from Richmond. Kor tale by . UOUERT. tUM.ESPlE, jan 15 . 112 Vront - atreet FOR SALE, the caroof the ship Crine, cap iaia lluniDlirevs. irom Calcutta, and bow landing at the foot of Liberty - street, consisting of Kat India sugar Cotton . Ginger j Block Tia Gum Shellack Gam Copal Goat Skint of a large tize Seine Twine and Runny Bngt ' Alto for aide, India Muslins of almost every 4ijcription. - - . . Also, a vudl quantity of Rattans, and Odor of Roses. For sale r - T pujl ROBERT LESOX. TOU ACLO. 20 hhdi. ol)ocC(), will be land - ed tomorrow from the schooner Eliii, from Petersburg For tale by ROBERT tilLLESPIE, jan IS 112 Front - etreet COTTON New crot prune, miialjle lor maoufacturing1, will be sold ia parcel to accommodate purrtusert. Also, a lew bale of old crop. Loqidre 143 Fearl - stret - t, up stair. in 8 Til VVO caet changeable yochews, lor sale JL by MARCH K WW, Jan 21 210 Broadway. ILOUR, UDTTO.t', tc 250 bbl Philadelphia flour 21 bale upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - Orleans do do 5 tons lignumvitas 15 tub German seel ' . 2 pipe red port wine 11 hhds do do 5 hhdi white do do 3 qr. cask do do do 1 hhd Madeira wine - ' ' , : 11 qr. cask do - do 57 boxe superior claret (ldoz. each) ' An invoice of lac rail, cotton lace, ic Ao invoice of Dik'toy for tale by . KOTJeRT GILLESPIE, , .JT ' 112 Front street MUSKETS, TAPES, tic. WU0 MusaeU entitled to Debenture 13 botes well aborted Tapes. No 1 1 to 25 7 cerooos lit quality Flotant Indigo 4 boxe Flaxen Linoen 2 bbl. White lead, for sile by , .m J.C. ZIMMERMAN, Jan 8 1m No. 72 Washington - street1. ; CrTrUlTS BRANDY. WENT! five pipes Cette Brandy, for aale b ' V'3 L - OGDEN, and ABR. OGDE.V, . . jn J Washington - atreet. WINE, OIL, PAPER, fcc i:tO qr.'caskt and 200 half do dry Malaga WuU . S qr eaek and 20 half do tweet do verr old 150 doColmeoardo 00 half chests Sweet Oil, 30 hettiet each 100 boxes do do 12 bottles tach &0 bale Italian foolscap and letUr Paper aOttoGatetiedolarreaiM 9 case Felt Hats IS easel Liquorice Paste. . 1 box Otnch Feather, 1 do Chip Hatt . 3 do. Manna ia flake , Marhl! Stabs, veined and statuary, aisort - ed sins, for pier table, tc. V A few boxe very tnperior Anchovies and Olint Marble Mortar, from 10 to 21 inch 10 M.ta Furs, roasHiing nf Wildcat, Raccoon, rx, Muskrat, and OttetSkio. Gunny Ears, Atr. Foe sale by CM VS. L. (KJ DEN. aad Wathiogton - straet. QUV ER - - 20,000 lb. Qaickutver for aJ by la 21 n. t. & a; GRJSWOLD " 88 SouUi - etreeL ... shoes & BOOTS. JUST received 40 package among which an 3 ee Wellington Bool . ; 2 do JalJe4 ... . t dot Mockason - - 4 do' Cork Sole Shoe . A do Ladiet walking do , 4 do Men'l coarse ' 2 jdo Boy' .do 1000 do' - Kidfottablefortheiouthernor West - . - . " . India market 2S00 - do women' Leather 'i'l a. tAll. .llK k a.a. - r.t ......fa aT Lauiei MiMca anJ Cbifd:en' morocco, blacK and colored Roane, are offered Tor ale on re a onable termt by THOS. WITT, . - iso. TiX reari - tireei. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fish. Jan Ii 1m ; 1 0 LEArt, Far one or more yeart, " The Farm and .Mansion House belonging to the subscriber, situated ea the banks of the Hudson, on mile south of the village of Poaghkeepsio I he farm ia suitably divided into meadow, or. chard, and arable laud. The fruits are abun dant, aud of the best kiuds I he mansion house is commodious and large, eighty feet long, with a piazza in front The situation has loot; been admired, and the lofty locust - trees by which it is decorateJ,' render it the most desirable residence between New - York aud Albany The rent will be moderate, as the care and attention of the tenant will be taken into consideration For par ticular apply to Hie propietor, either personally or by letter. nliNni A. I Visual U.K. Poujhkceppie, January 20, 1813. Jan 21 2aw4w FOR SALE, for a term of years, a healthy, active and very capable aero wench will be disposed of cheap, as it is her own de sire Enquire at Mo. 23 North Moore - street. Feb t IT COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE. rwn . 1 I . I. - .fn i - iiic w vui tnuwn uy wc unfile ui tie Howard Farm, handsomely situated 1 1 - 2 miles from Princeton, boundwl in front bv the main tnrnpik road from Philadelphia toS'ew - York, and in the rear by Millstone Creek, it contain 145 acres, 30 acre of which ia woodland, 20 acres, lying 2 miles from the farm, and a beautiful let of 10 acres within about 200 yard of the right wing of the house. . Besides ornamental trees, it contains a va riety of fruit tree , consisting of grafied pears, ot the best quality, 17 different kinds; onei rics, 10 different kinds, the most ot tnem graf ted and an orchard ortli'best apples, besides a young aud thriving orchard of crab apples, for rrmkintr the cider so celebrated, also, one of sweet apples for fatting hogs. The house ia pleasant and commodious with an excellent gai den, the out - houses and fences all in good coiidkion. The ubove is a delightful summer or winter residence. For further particulars enquire at So. 127 Pearl - st, Npw - York, or to the subscriber, on the premises, who will give an indisputable title for the ssme. Z. AlORFORD. jan 5 tawlf 'ANTED. A white girt aioat 16 years TT ofase, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, i:c. may hear of a good and permanent place, - by applying immediately at No. 61 Ureenwich - st. jan 3d .... 4 EAGLE TAVERN, Ao. 9 IVARRESC - STflREET, (Receutly kept by James L. Hed nburgh) WILL f'irnish boef - rtcakes, oysters, 6ic. at the shortest notice. HOT COFFEE, with or without relLhes, it kept constantly in readiness.' Jan 7 . eodlm B. CARPENTER. By authority f the ml u let of jeie - Jerieji and ' A'ew - York. THE MILFORD U OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY, for mutilating the intercourse between the western parts oi the - State ol New - York and the City of New - York, through the btatet ol reunsyivania an - - i new - Jersey. SCHEME, , 1 priie of 70,0i W DOLLARS 1 33,0(10 DOLLARS 2 10.000 DOLLARS 2 5.0T.0 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS . . 3) aOO DO i. LARS 140 10 DOLLARS 3200 30 DOLLARS 3386 Prize not two Blank to a Trize : 10.000 Tirket Partot Uie - Prues will he determined as follows: First 10U0 Blmiks. Thirty Dollars each. t lrst drawn jo. 1st day. will be entitled to do do do do do do do do do do do! do do do 2d 3d 4th , 5th 0th 7th ' 8th - 0th 10h" 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17lh 18th 19th do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do .do 600 1OO0 .500 5000 600 10000 600 1000 600 36000 600 1000 600 70000 do do do do do 50w 1000 600 1000 do do 20th 600 This Lottery will commence drawinr at - the city of Jersey, on the first Tuesday in May next, and will be completed in twenty drawings. The prizes win do paid at the Union Bank, in me cl It of New York, siity days after the drawing will be finished, subiect to a deduction of li per CHAS. KIN3EY, ) D. STUART, Commissioner 'JNO. LINN. S Tickets 30 dollars each. Advaaturer and Dealer cad be supplied oa application to ISAAC G. OtiDEN, JanSOeorftf . 48 Wall - street IRON, TALLOW.. 4c. - : . FIFTY ton Guerifljnew sabht Iron, Russia Yellow GaudU Tallow Duck, white and brown Sheeting, for sale by .. UOYT Si TOM, Jan30eod 1w - 4o SouUi - streei. ! - FOR V A Lb, The lease which ha IS Tear to ran of tli oae and lot at present occupied by tiw Doctor Mason. The Hone coutaiot 15 Rev. rooms with fire places, and two without, besides store - room, wine - room, vaults, smoke boue and ouer accommodationi. war ren - sireeu jan neoaireo NOTICE. - ftr - The creditors of Clayton k Fanshaw are requested to prevent their accounts to the nhcri - ber, regnlaii jr proved, on or before the 10th Feb. next All accounts that are not presented by u4u uow win nfi exciooea ine nenent U4 uivi deod. A LEX R. BREMNEK. Assignee, Jaa2leodt10 131 Froot - sireet A YOUNG man. a native of France, wishes 4 - X for a situation at assistant in an academy in the city, or private tutor in a reportable family in tbt vicinity He teaches the French, Latin and Greek languages, the mathematics and music, and tpeak Enelish. The most satisfactory rqereoce as to character aad abilities can be given. Application to b made t . MR - BANC EL, - (eb5tedSw So. S2 Proroat - treet. iJIIil That pleasantly situated place, on the road leading to RingVbridge, by way of Ilarhem - lane, knowu as Rote - Ilill. The aveuue to Macomb's bridge runs a few rods in tha rear vf it, rendering the premmes very desirable, as tlie bouse, in consequence, thews two frartts. The garden, and athout two acre of meadow, are well ttocked with fruit aud shrubbery, asnaragui oeoa, currants, tvc. 'J he house and coach - bouse are in good condition, aud with small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. i ne terms wui be made ensy. ALSO, That very genteel two - storv house, stable and two lots of ground, situated iu Bank - t., Green - wicn j at present occupied by George Lindtuy, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway ; or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street. A r JiL.UA is Lt, FARM, Hmmi To be told or exchanged for property is New - York. The subscriber being in a very low state ol neann, ana naving very little hopes of recovery, offers for tale hit farm at Barbadoet neck, county of Bergen, containing about on hundred and thirty live acres Of arable, meadow and wood land. This farm lict on the niain road between New - York and Newark, about half a mile thit tide of Newark Bridge. It it in a very highitate of cultivation, and it not surpassed by auy other iu the vicinity of New - York, as u valuable aurl agreeable residence, either lor the farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, is Beat and well finish d, and the fences, gates, barns, stables, and other otit - houns, arc in exceueni uroerauu wen planned, iu iroatoi tne house, rjoroemig on the public road, as a handsome and well stocked gaidea, and on the premises is a young and thriving orchard, con taining a choice selection of the Ut grafted fruit trees. A mote particular description of the property is thought unnecessary, as those disposed to purchase will view the preouses. The titie is in - aisputanie. ror particulars, apply to the subscriber, No, 188 Pearl - strel. or to Mr. Audrey Smith, near the premises, nov 14 tf ROBERT STUAP.T. TO LE J. And immediate possession riven, tht house nn.a renri street, together witn the sta hie and Coach House in the rear on Bridge - st. The premises are ih complete repair and have every convenience neresmy for the accommo duticn of a family. For particulars apply to oer sti i,. r.n AUi?r.. HEAL EsTA'i E FOR S.aLE. Ij Two 2 - l cry brick houses and lots, tit ua ted Nos. 37 i 39 Vesey - strcet. A 1ml, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, Bear Chatham - equare, 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating terms. ' For particular ap ply at Ivo. Xli itreenwich - st. jan 15 It coUJvra Seat for sale. AT Jarnaxa, on 1 - ong Island. Queens CoiinU , late the residence of John Troup, Esq. deceased. On the premises arc a good two story frame house, barn, and other out - builil - iiifrs; 28 acret ot land in airoodataiehirciil - tivation i 28 acret of wood land, of a fine thrif ty growth for fencing and timber and a lot of 7 acret salt meadow. Uu this property are two ancle orchards, and a variety ot other unit trees. Jamaica being one of the most flourish - uitr villarrvs on the Island, render Uus proper ty desirable for a gentleman retiring from bu - suiest. ror particulars tpply to - M. DITMIS, 143 Prarl - tt. ; or to JOHN ti ROBT. TROUP, . jan 9 tf on Oie premiaca. COUNTRV fcEAT FUR bALK. StSlt Wallabout Point, Long - Island, late the retioence of capt. Lambert fcehenck, dccased. On the premises it rr svarious dwelling house and outrbuildings in proportion 24 acres of land in the highest slate of cultivation j (10 or 20 acret of wood - lnnd if required by the pur chaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Uleecker, 37 v all - it. J - Martin Scheuk, jun'r. New - York 76 Aouth - strtet, ) Martin Schenk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m tvR SALE, The house and lot of ground No. 18 Rose street : the lot is 25 feet front and rear and 100 feet deep ; the honse a brick front, sides and rear filled th with brick, and built in tlx most sun staotial manner. For further particulars en. quire of A. STEENfiACK"., Jan 28 w . Wo. 334 Broadway. i OR SALE, The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty st. Depth 34 feef, breadth 25. Depth ol the lot 107 feet. Those w ho may wish to purchase proper - ty of thjsdiscription, can at any time view the premises, and terms or tale may be agrcea ou, by application to POTT ft M'KINNE. dec 31 66 Sotifh - ttrort. fOH SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY J RESIDENCE. The tubscr.oer offert for tale hit bouse aud a - bout 8 acres of Land in flushing on Long Island, II miles from New - York. The house is large and very convenient for a genteel family and com mands an extensive ana neautuui prospect, j ni stable. carriage bouse, wood house, iHiuttry house, iic. 4 receutly built The buildings and fences are in excellent repair, and lately pointed. Tlie rraiden is I arte and well slocked with a variety of fruit, and the orchard with the best kiuds of apple pears, ic. neartr.e house arc two wens ol excellent water and a new cistern, all with good pump (hi placcis very conveniently situated, Uiere being conveyances, by good stage or packets to and from New York every day, except Sundays. For further particular and terms of sale apply to JOHN ASPINWALL, Jan 26 1m - No. 123 Pearl street. Haute, Stable, Gardrn,tk.e. at Oretnitirh, IV LF.T The tubtrriber will let or lease, for a term oi years, mi nouse ai urernwicn. ii is pirn - saatly titu.itd on th - banks ofllie Hadaoo - and . a. . l calculated to accommodate a large family. For terms, apply to DIME BETH U NR. Jan3u 92 Wa l street, Tti4.tKnluiiMe. n 4ll rut',0 RroaJwar. to be completely fimihed and delivered on the I5U. April next. Apply to . JOHN SLIDELL k CO. Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadway. Q STORK TO LET. The fire proof store IVo. S Gouvrrneur's l r Wt4ritreef1is tt let front 1st May next It has four stories, besides a large cellar and a very eoromodiousgarrvt Being dctarhed from other bujlduigs, there it no risk froro fire. Possession may probably be had, if required, before the 1st May. . App'j at 29 South street, to Ieb2 I DC ;KKR ft LAUR1KS. a - TO LET, if f r - 4M Ik first oi Mav aext. tha amiciaas dim ta - ick hfitta No. ItlS Gr4MUiJ - st. career of Dey - trt Foquiro at 152 Wash - iogtoa - street - . - Jaw 29 3w O JO LET, The rtnre and cellar under the maio ba.ldur of tha boose Ne. 223 Pearl - street, and a thro story hr - pronl iter in the rear, now occupied by the subscriber pomession to be given on the 1st of May next Also, bis stable and coai h - boose, aituated on OolJ - strtst, in the rear of his afbrctaid preause, possession of which caa be hadimaiedittcty. ' I vbZ U JVUX I. bLUi r.iv. ir7 - "If PA'l UlCIf nil i t ' - JZ - - - - 4 4wtW4MUPt evajvaasa Jl f m lee, iu the County ol Kerry, Ireland, in the year lliCu. will transmit Mrs. Vitui hi udditss, it will be a particular advantage t Wn,l. a...... It I'. - l. - ft . 1 ...a. O yaiiici. i laice, iciouer, loli. - The above is i rise Hud at the leuucst' of Mr". " Dillon' friend. Any roumiuuiralion on the subject wilt b, thankfully rectuved nnd traiismiUed by . . dec 16 CENJ'N. W. RtXiERS fc CO. ' ' AOIlCn ; - CCr The raciOc liuurunce Company of New - ' Yurli hay this dav declared a Dividend of twelve percent, on tl:u capital Stock, pavahttr at their otlke, No. 42t Wall - street, on the 19th, instant. ' By order of Ihe Board ef Director. JHliO ini . WAL.l, 11. JUI NO liCE. - a 1 (ty The bubscriter, in behalf ef bimttlaivL. his associates, gives notice, that - aa applicatiou ' win be mad to the honorable the legislator of this stale, at it next session, for an Act to inceiV' ) porata a Hank with a capital stork of Five Hundred Tboucand Dollar, aad with leave to in - crea tt to One Million to be located north east oi Ueekman - sireet, in the cily of New - ' 1 ork, aad to be called " The Franklin Bank OS the ehy of New - York.1 . "' Dated New - York, tClh Dec. 1817, By order of the Associates, 4 dec30tf NOAH BROWN. Pecr. NEW - YORK FIRtMCN INSURANCE" ' j - tUAI r AA I . (XT The Capital Slot k of the Company having uy a new subu riptiou'liern n instMtfl to the' full sum U Fire hundred thouiavd Doltart which. ' is amply secured, are m - w ready to n ceive ap ' plications lor r ire end JUorvie lusureuee at their Office No. 6 Wall - street. The Office solicits tho patronage of the public in the coHtideiice that adequate protection vri.l be nffoidedto the assured and all losses be promptly adjusted. By ot der of the board of Directors, . Jnn6 lm W M. M'NEAU Pec'rr. . htl lltMI'1,1 II AN.! - n'i.vjjji - iwu wnifn . The fciockhoUiers are inlormed that a Dividend of four and and a ball per rent will be paid ou the first day of February next. - Jan ! a - J vioiii V4 UiC , icaiiirnt rfMI tllCt a,irt, ingl lm . W. I1SH, Cahier. HOI ICK. 07 .Ml persons having demands against the ettute of tlie late Th"n.aa Cooper, deceased. ' are requested fo present the sonic And all per - , tout indebted to tie taid estate are lequettid let make payment to tho subscriber. ALICE ANN SWARTWOUTj. Jan 10 lm Administratrix. IrTitV ' A R USE. " it2tK be told and possession given before tlie 1st of May next, if required, a mcdero built ' substantial brsck house, three stories high, (with ,' several acccAimodntiont and convenience! which ,., make it an agreeable dwelling for a genteel ' fa - ' ! milr) situated in (he most wholesome part of thia ' city, and baving a pump of excellent water' - within the let the propel ty a fee timple, and free from all incurebrauce. If not toid at pri - - vate tale hcuue the 15th of Ft bruary nextn it . will then be told at auction ou the 16ih and lol - , following day. Also, ucomMdo set of cur,ts, eleuaut lurniturrs. I.nutrhold ulcns is and vnriou t U' i ts, psrtiinlitrly a choice collection or bocks, ', T by V.. Cs. FONTA1N F, towhf.m arpji' for P fol I Oculars, at his auction room, No, 135 Water ' . ; ') ' street, corner of Pine jan 7 1m 'ii r k - n m i rvi tnlsl That very spacious and conenient tlireer sioiy brick iHJUi - e, iiuae corner ol West and - Courlland streets, adjoining the Sfeam - Boat W harf. Itisoneof Ihe mort eligible situation for a respectable hnfi. - l in this city, and in point of prospect and health is hntdly excelled ty any situation Toa gx.d tenant (be rent will be moderate. Forpaiticuluft arplv to Vf. VtN.ltOOK', fcbsJtf ' No. f6 Wall .treet. iss, iunrr, - einaai Two new two story brick house, Cnisherr - in the modem style, - situated ia Greeowicb - st. - a little above Sprtng - sfn - et niatket. Alto, a t - roitory brick i rout house, corner oi Washington aad ljammersley.ttre'tt. Inquire , of - JOHN HAUGERTY, Jan29 2w . 167 Pearlwtreet. - The subscriber will, lease or sell the lot"1 and house in which be now lives in. Lau rei - stret It is a pretty comfortable house for a small moderate family, having a stone kitchen and cellar, two moms on each floor and a bedchamber ia the garret. Across the rear of th house there it a pleasant piara, buut scarcely three years ago It bas a neat little garden about 60 feet deep, and a small stable, leading to which there is a gangway fitttn the ttret - rAppy to. A. I): Duff, No. 69 Washington - street. - - Feb2f JAMES TILLARY.' r OR SALE, RAX, rROriBTY IU TUX CITT Or lKW - XOHT. A BRiCK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bnwerv ST A HI. K. in the tear togeth er wilh - the LOT, 44 feet trout, 42 feet rear, and 1x6 leet on ach tide. . .. - ' , HOUSE nnd LOT No. 37 Vesey - street , and, House and Lof No 39 Vesey - street " A BOND aad MORTGAGE lor 1200 dollar, do and . do , for 760 6i do and ' do " ' for 460 do - , On valuable property ia the city of New. - York. The interest has alwayt been punctually paid. For particulars inqulie at the office of - Bi triitn iviiamuim, declOtf No. 27 Wall - ttrert - JOC.kfAJ ULUOMLMiOA LE, ' The houe and cround be lone ins to the estnto of John Shaw, situated en theeishth avenue. Oa'lie I'lemiM" are an excellcflf double house, stable, coach and ire house, wib every i thing else requisite tor such an establishment. It is presumed any other description is unnecessary, as those inclined to rent will view the place. Also, the large hie proof store in the rear of houtet II and 13 Pearl - street ; where there is for sale omeold Mndera Wine, by the Deioijohav ' ' For further partic ulars, SH AVV 1 Jun 29 II Pearl - street. tWX. rOK S.1LE VR TO EE.1SL, .: 6i2yj Lotsinthe5.. 8, and li) Wards; manr ol m iiit'h ate on regulated and pet ed streets. N i money will br required under ten years, if sold interest excepted. .' .... ., - ., HOUSES. r - . Several two and (lute ttory hofstct. on which a," , great part of the money remain on mortgage. . LANDING AT RED HOOK. ' " Aa excellent stnnd' for business, with ten acre of land, pieman! If situatud, wiUi a vbarf, tore - boue and bam. - COTTON ami WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - llavem, with 40 acres of laruL and t never faiuitg stream, upon which 20 ruillt ran b erected, with a sullicieoty of water for each. , ; A rsnl. a. , - . X! 44. . . A ms 13 tf ' '' ' . .. fTT . For Salt l Let,. 4X.U1 The Hotite No. 23 Piusatreet. En - ? quir wxi door. M No. 25. . . tab 2 lw Q - - TO LET,' .... . , From lb 1st Mar - aext the three - story brick Jmos No. 18 Crortltiid street, with ot witaQoot th ttahla ta the rear Apply to . J. ft R. REN WICK, ' Feb 2 , ' . 18 Courtland - eL. r FIRE PROOF STORE. To let Ikat four tforv brick Ire proof I Um., o. 8 Croveraear't Lae, Mar to souio rew. Apply to qpjjt STORM. . MtStt - ' No. 9 C.ewtie - Jip. Q' STORAGE Storage may be had oa the first ftocf ef th ttora No. 29 Souih - street, which will tave rpeoe of hoisting. ' lltcti, . i Hi i i .:kU - a I VI, . I 'Si ; ... ii 1 1 1 1 " .V.1 in ' (tl m m .i 1 i) ; I' ' i . i ' i i. D is V It - i ..

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